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    Help yourself to pumpkin pie and whipped cream. We also have pumpkin cheescake, pumpkin ice cream and pumpkin donuts.

    Crisp, cruchy apples are here. Eat them plain or slice them up and dip them in the caramel sauce.

    Warm apple cider is here to quench your thirst.

    Relax and enjoy the perfect temperatures and the beautiful double rainbow.
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    Starting to come out of my flare a bit. Is always tough the first month of school.

    The last two weeks have been full of remembering. It was a year ago that I was told that I had cancer and I would have to have surgery. What a devestating time.

    School had just started for me and I was preparing to take Baby to college. My parents were engaging in their usual drama and my sister had reappeared on the scene.

    I had to shove it to the back of my mind or I would have gone crazy.

    BUT! one year later, I'm fine. Isn't it amazing how perspective changes?

    (I'm not sure I'm getting out what I want to say in the best way to say it, but I'm trying.)

    Something tells me that I'm going to be reflecting and comparing a lot this year. I think that's OK. It will remind me to be thankful for all the Lord has done.

    Still playing with the Synthroid dosage, but I think we're getting close. I have an appointment with the endo the end of October. We shall see what we see.


    ROCK - R.A. stands for Resident Assistant. Baby is in charge of 30 females in her dorm.

    Speaking of girls, I don't know what their majors are, but the majority of them are on a sports team and the rest are in marching band and dance ensembles. Baby is shaking her head because of all the girls, it seems she's the tomboy! They all call her to kill insects and stuff. AND most of them like pink and purple! LOL

    My kiddies at school are well. Not driving me too crazy. Choir, Band, Strings, and Recorder start next week. By next Friday I'll be fully settled into my schedule. Yippee!

    Open House next week also. <sigh> I know parents like it, but it sure makes for a long day. Gotta be at school 8:30 - 3:45 and Open House is 6:00 -7:30.

    I don't like to go home because I live 25 minutes away. If I go home I won't come back.

    Also, I don't like talking to parents because, believe it or not, I'm shy. I do better wtih the kids in unstructued situations.

    My concerts are different. I'm talking to parents as a group about what the children are doing. It's easier because I'm busy.

    So anyway.

    Hang in there everydobby! I'll check in later this weekend.

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    I'm all worn out for some reason, so I'm hitting the hay early tonight.

    I'm gonna pop in my DVD of the old original, B&W version of Night of the Living Dead, & fall asleep watching that.

    I didn't do jack today, but dang I'm tired!

    G'Nite Peeps!!!!
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    Guess I do not have to ready you a story tonight. You are out on your own I see :) !! ZZZ

    Teacher - nice to see you again and glad things are going pretty well for you at school It must be fun with all those kiddies doing music. That is my love of course, even if I don;t have much formal musical training , other than some violin lessons in elementary school.

    Thanks so much for starting us up again. I see you are all orn out too. Just curl up next to PIP OK ? Thanks for all the yummy pumpkin desserts.

    Jole and Georgia - I left you a note onthe other side, and some others to but I can't remember.

    Gotta go get ready for beddy bye and thenw will praobably come back on the computer. Not much on the TV for me. It is the same old channels. There is so so much junk on (with sooo many channels) - geez !

    See you all later.

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    Teacher, it's good to hear you're coming out of your flare...just in time for the open house and another one...lol...

    I remember those long drives to work. The adrenaline kept me going all day, but by the last few miles home I was totally drained! I always envied those nurses that lived right across the street from the hospital, and thought that if I lived that close I could probably get a few things accomplished after getting home. They said not. Done is done.

    You suprised me by saying you're shy! That was totally unexpected. But then I know a lot of shy people are really great at writing, and you are. Wow, you've had an eventful year! I'm praying this one is a bit more relaxing for you.

    Granni, I'll bet you really enjoyed getting out of the house today. For someone who's usually up 'n going this being down has to be hard. It sounds like that antibiotic is doing the trick for you. Bet your bed feels really good, doesn't it? On my bad pain nights I sleep in the guest room so I don't disturb hubby, and boy that bed just isn't the same! If I weren't already in pain I probably would be...haha. The sad thing is we just got that mattress (guest room) less than a year ago. I still think they gave us the wrong one, but the store denies it.

    Pippi, your day was just as productive as mine...I unloaded the dishwasher and made dinner. That's it, folks!

    Joan, I've been thinking about your "itchies". Did you go to the doctor? Can't remember if you said they were all in one area or not, but I thought about shingles........ hope that's not what it is.

    I was impressed by the fact that you got all those pictures on the computer...or disc...that had to be quite a chore! I need to go through mine that are on the computer and delete some, crop and re-size some, then send off to get developed. That kind of thing really is hard for me to concentrate enough to finish.

    Georgia, I hope you get some help with your depression. I've been there, and it certainly isn't any fun. Still go through it sometimes, even on meds. Just want to be left alone and keep the world away. Are you able to make it to work? I hope so. Take care of yourself, please!

    Elaine, hope you're enjoying the heck out of your week!!!

    It's dreary and drizzly here today, not to mention cool. Amazing that some of you are still talking about 100 degree weather. Wish we were all in that perfect spot...Oh wait! We are!! I keep forgetting that's what the Porch is all about....silly me! ................Jole
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    so I am here to baring you all some yummy snacks. Therse are all the crunchy salty stuff I love, with dips too. Of course they are also non fattning :) !! I do love sweets but salty things and real food is more up my alley than sweets. However, TEACHER, those pumplin desserts were really yummy. Thanks so much !

    Georgia - I would send you all the stuff for you to finsih the baby sweater . However, right now I have now babaies to clothe. The youngest one is 5. My girls I know are pretty much finished with their babies ( I think). Our son and DIL have been trying to get pregnant but haven't had success. The few times she did they lost the baby or it had to be removed (what there was of it cause it hadn't developed as it should). It is so heartbreaking. They had also hoped to Foster to adopt but so much is going on with them, plus not sure of DS job and her father living with them who is rather demanding and spoiled. So, when they decide the time is right I guess they will have to apply all over again. Hey, would the yarn that old still be good??

    Jole - Yes, it was nice to get out this afternoon for a bit but it was chilly, can you believe it ?? I brought a sweater which I did need. There was no sun and in the low 70's I would guess. Yes, fall is in the air. However, in the next few days it will probably be in the 80's-90's. That's TX for you.

    Joan - I do not know if Shingles itch at all but I know they can be very painful !! I missed your post on it so don;t need the details. Could be allergies, dry skin, eczema. I do not know how big the area is that are so itchy. Have you tried putting anything on it yet? If it continues you might go and ask the doc about it, if it is really bothering you. Is it scaley and dry or what?

    Rock - Hope you are OK my frienad. Missed you here today on the Porch, YOu TOO- SWEET SPRING WATER !! Hope you both are more up than down !

    Good night to everdobby. I think I will grab some crunches on my way out !


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    Popping in for a breather..its 7:30 am and just boiledand fed the doggies their milk.

    DH and son havent woken up as yet. Son is having his hols.

    Bit rushed for time but wanted to say

    Georgia - understand about the depression..and prayng it will soon let up..
    too much stress overload past couple of weeks for you. Since mine is also
    chemical, i seem to move in and out of those without warning, tho of course
    stressful events immediately bring it on. However, been managing till now.
    I do have a couple of good things going on so i guess that balances things out.
    Everytime the brothers phone, I get low and tired. Then i think of my daughter
    and that cheers me up. I worry about my son who is at that rebellious teenage
    age, and wonder how he will do in his exams and SATs and what kind of college
    wil he get into, and become tense, and then compare my present sort of
    peaceful marrriage to the battering and infidelity my parents marriage went
    thru and heave a sigh of relief. So, its not all good and not all bad.

    Mickey - so good to see you coming on again....we all have missed your
    presence. Thats sad about your mums shoulder being pretty serious, but at least
    she is getting the medical attention she needs and the help from all her kids around
    the house.

    Granni - hope you continue to improve and get back to A1 condition.

    Thinking of all you guys, forgive me for not addressing everyone right now...very
    rushed for time, and yes, tired too. I just started the curse...stupid timing, but
    better now than when the guests come and when i have to go visiting the
    relatives. Suffered DMS terribly yesterday.

    Teacher - thanks for opening up..good to hear you are coming out of your flare

    Julie - Im sad to hear of the little girl being taken to hospital like
    that...i wish the young ones would be spared sickness and trauma...saying
    prayers for her..

    Jole - I used to be shy, unbelievably so when i was young, shy and scared,
    but lifes knocks have made me more assertive...Im hoping i can get some chores
    done myself today, yesterday was spent laying down because of no energy

    Pippi - Night of the living dead, golly, arent u scared of bad dreams drifting
    off to bed with that kind of movie playing on?

    Joan - how are you? do you watch any telly...I keep meaning to upload my own
    batch of photos onto Facebook and others but...jsut havent got around to it..
    and probably wont for some days now

    God Bless

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  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Gee, Peeps must still be sleeping or working :) ! Feel fairly good but I had gotten up a few times to go to the potty. Maybe I shoudl try not napping this afternoon and then maybe I will fall asleep faster also.

    Sweet Spring Water - Sorry you are so rushed and have got the curse. There is never a good time for this. However, therre is';t much you can do about that but does make you feel yucky and makes it worse when you are under stress about other things too. Luckily, I am way past the years when I had to worry about "the curse". However, now I have other medical worries. So, what can you do. Unfortunatly, it is very NORMAL !! Hope you get to feeling more up and less stressed really doon.

    Pippi - I cannot believe you sent to sleep with the video of "The Night Of The Living Dead" playing - yikes !! I could never watch that kind of stuff to spooky for me. Some of the really old spooky movies were sort of funny but I never was a horror film buff. All I can say is, if you likem keep watching them. Just hope they don;t help in making you have dreadful dreams. What drawings or art work ar you working oin now?

    Julie - Hope all is going well for you. Please drop by when you can and let us know how you are doing. Missing you !

    Geprgoia - Hope you are feeling a bity more up today. Hope your weather is cooperating today. It is dreary, rainly and yucky todday which makes for dreary feeling sometimg. Hope it is sunny at your place but not so HOT as it was for you the other day. Can you believe like 62 this mornig here in TX? That may go up again in the next day or two. You can never taell around her.

    Mickey - Hope you are doing OK at work and at home, without to much stress. I know you have enough of that with your mon;s condition, even eith others ehlping you. I was going to ask you to come by and clean my house, however, since you have been doing double duty I won't ask you too (-: !!

    Jole - Yes, I too used to be very quiet growing up and sort of shy but ot really introverted. However, I have gotten more extroverted and opinionated as time has gone by. However, due to FM, hi b/p etc I just cannot take much stress. Therefore, I usually stay out of stressful situations, if I can, even on the message boards, if I can see a problem or what might be a problem for me, I usually avoid it. I do the same at home too. However, I do speak my mind more often..

    Rock -where are thou dear Rock. We are missing you today. Hope you are feeling OK ! I think you posted yesterday but I can't remember to well.

    Carla - My dear what have you been up to, still working hard? Hope youare feeling OK? How are Missy and Twy, have you been able to give them their fun time on the cart?

    Well, I had better finsih this and try and submit beforre it gets stuck and won't fp. I don't know why the give you so little time to post.

    Love to everydobby,
  9. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Well, the good news is, I fell asleep before I got around to putting "Night of the Living Dead" in the DVD player. LOL!!!

    (All squeamish males skip this next part:)
    SweetSpringWater & Granni: Y'all mentioned "the curse" (which I always thought was, frankly, a quite silly name for it! haha).
    The one & ONLY advantage to being as sick as I am, especially the anemia stuff, is that I'm too sick to have "the curse"! Yay, me!!! LOL!!!
    I love not having to deal with it! I never have to be prepared for it, or be surprised by it, at an inopportune time.
    It's actually a very liberating sense of freedom!

    OK! Males can begin reading from this point!!!

    I got a really nice eMail from one of my fellow FreeCycle members today.
    A lady had posted a "want" for Legos.
    She explained that her son had just started kindergarten in special-ed, & had his first no-bad-behavior-reports week.
    The little guy LOVES Lego blocks, & the mom wanted to use Legos as a reward & motivator for good school performance.
    Of course, Legos (even the very small sets) are getting quite expensive.

    Weeelllll..... As it turns out, I have (now "had") a pretty good collection of Legos, put away in my closet.
    I had collected them for mere pennies, at thrift stores over time.
    I had them just for fiddling around with, when I was too sick to get outta bed for long periods of time, but was also too sick to feel creative enough to draw or anything.

    I hadn't even taken them outta the closet in a long time, so naturally I responded to her request.

    Today, I received a really nice eMail, telling me how happy & excited the little guy was to get the Legos.
    He was showing his mom every block (there were a few hundred, including the little tiny ones) & telling her what each piece was for.

    The mom was so thrilled at how happy he was, of course, & how mentally engaging the Legos are, but was even more thrilled at the level of positive interaction they were having, as the little guy got to explain how stuff worked.

    It felt SO good to be able to help the kid out! And with something so simple as my old Lego blocks! (Especially in these times when parents can't afford to buy new toys).

    Anyhow... I just wanted to tell everydobby about that, cuz it gave me a real smile. :)

    I'll be back later to check on everydobby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Well my bell is full and is really making me so so sleepy. Like Jole's weather it is the same here, drizzling, dreary and cloudy and that doesn't help the fact that i am so tired.

    Teacher thanks for starting us up and adam and for all the goodies. The rainbow is beautiful!!!!

    I am so glad that in a years time things have gotten better for you, you are so right about perspective changes. I understand what you were trying to say, LOL.

    You know what is funny, i was so so shy growing up it was almost a problem. When my my left us when i was 8 i think that made my self esteem drop to a zero and then when my bro and sis moved in with her and i hardly had any contact at all with her it really plummeted. I don't think i really grew out of it until probably the last couple years of high school. I was pretty much a geek back then. I didn't really "come out" until 16 or 17. Elementary School and 1st couple of years of high school were really hard for me.

    Anyway, your Baby sounds like my girl, total tomboy, spider killer, hunter, etc.... LOL, although she does like to primp when going somewhere special. I always felt sorry for teachers that had to do open houses, boy that does call for a long day. Luckily you only have 2 of those, is that right????

    Pippi - I love love scary, gory movies, LOL. Boy we could really have a hay day pocorn movie night together. I have a ton of those kind of movies. I wish we lived closer because i would be there in a heartbeat for movie nights with you. No one else really in my family likes those kind of movies. Well Lindsay does, but she is out all the time with friends.

    Granni - Thanks for giving me a break on cleaning your house, LOL, I don't think i could find the energy for that right now. I am trying to get up enough courage to paint this weekend. I bought Ashley bedding, and decorations for her room for her birthday in June and told her when the weather gets cooler and we can have the windows open that i would redo her whole room. Well i think the time has come and i really need to get that done. Uggggghhh Right now her room is still little girly, purple and bright colors so she has definetly outgrown that. I am hoping to surprise her and get it all done before she comes home next weekend.

    Be right back..................

    I am back, had to go do something for the "boss".

    Anyway, where was I:

    Jole, yes the last 1/2 hour of work is so draining for me and the longest part of the day.... sometimes. Other times, it goes by so fast i wish there was more time. But boy when 5:00 hits, i am out that door. I remember when i first started this job a long long time ago. I would work late hours, skip lunches and come in on the weekends all the time to get everything caught up. However, my boss took me in his office and told me to stop doing that because everthing will be there "tomorrow" and that i would never get caught up. Well, he was right, no matter how many hours i work, the work load will always be there.

    Not many bosses would get mad at you for working too much, LOL. But he is the best boss i have ever had. LOL (he is only the 2nd boss i have ever had, LOL).

    Georgia - i am so sorry you are in this slump, please give yourself a big tight hug from me to make yourself feel better, (are you doing it right now, I am waiting), ok, did that help, i hope so. XXXXOOOO

    Julie - gosh you are dealing with so much too, same thing for you, give yourself a big hug from me. Poor Tierra, she is just going through so much for such a little girl, it is not fair. My prayers are with her and your family.

    Springwater - I love it on the weekends when i am the only one up in the morning and hubby and linny are still asleep. It is so nice and peaceful at that time of the day. I love to go sit out on my deck and listen to the birdies chirp in the morning and read the paper and sit with Jack.

    Well everyboddy, this is a very long post, so hopefully it didn't bore you all too much.

    Rock, Linda, Elaine, Carla, etc........miss you all and hope you are all doing ok. Catch you all later.


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  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - You must have been posting at the same time I was before. I didnt bypass you !So sorry to hear about little Tierra. Hope she will be OK. Thinking about and praying for her and the family.

    Mickey - Hoew in the world ae you going to wrk and paint your daughters room and get it all ready for her for next week I think you said. OK, Miss Wonder woman don't hurt yourself working so fast. I am guessing yiu will be doing the whole thing. I am sure it will look great when you are done. You can even take a pic of it and show it to us, if it is no problem for you that is. You ae being puilled in all directions to with JULIE.

    Sweet SW - I saw your post but zoomed by so fast again. Hugs to you my dear.

    Well, ALL I have to run now, no time for a story tonight, PIPPI.. Sorry Sweetie !

  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Had another one of those "was awake all night
    and slept all day" days. Good thing I don't have
    to go to work anymore.

    Had a pleasant chat w/ my cousin in Virginia.
    Last time I saw him was 10-20 years ago. We
    had a drink in a hotel in Little Tokyo, right next
    to the civic center in LA.

    Can't remember the name of the hotel, but it
    was Japanese. It's something different now. I
    worked next door to it for 2 years as a law clerk
    for the firm of Mori and Katayama. Think it's
    gone now too.

    Two years in Little Tokyo, and I never learned to
    use chopsticks. Another missed opportunity.
    Gordon can pick up a single grain of rice.

    On the wild animal front, I have not seen a skunk
    or a raccoon for weeks. I did see a possum last
    night. Sometimes they are gray, but sometimes
    their fur is a mottled blend of yellow, white, gray
    and brown. Good camaflouge, I suppose.

    Teacher, thanks for the cider. The best apple
    cider I ever had was fresh. Went to a "pick your
    own" orchard. The place has an old-fashioned
    press made outta wood. The cider was squeezed
    right before your eyes. Fresh and
    delicious. Bursting w/ flavor!

    "Cider" used to mean it was fermented and contained
    alcohol, but nowadays you can buy
    cider or apple juice at the supermarket. They
    are both apple juice. Maybe they sell "hard
    cider" at liquor stores. Don't really know.

    Georgia, here's a bi-lingual pun for you. Mrs.
    Zimmerman says, "Make room in your life for
    knitting." "Zimmer" is one of the few words I
    remember from German class. Means "room".

    Granni, I'm fine. Thanks for asking. Just been
    sleeping a lot during the day lately. My chiropractor
    is only open M-W-F. Was hoping to
    see him on Wed., but couldn't do it. Have to
    try tomorrow.

    And speaking or raccoons, here they are. Mama
    and the 4 kits. I put out some more kibble for
    them. I think raccoons, skunks, possums and
    people are all omnivorous.

    I've never tried kibble, but I have tasted canned
    dog food. Would make a good sandwich spread if
    it didn't have all the ground up bone in it.

    One of the dogs had a special diet, and the prescribed
    canned food had a lot of egg in it. I didn't much care for
    the taste, but it didn't matter.
    Chester didn't like it either, so we had to go back
    to his regular diet.

    Anyway, Granni, hope your healing continues
    and you are soon back to singing, dancing and
    doing your acrobatic act.

    Julie, that is so sad about Tierra. I suppose she
    will be in the hospital a few more days. Happy
    Birthday to mom. She is only some months older
    than I.

    Better post this and come back later.

  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, so far the raccoons haven't been back. I
    wonder if the youngsters are on their own. Mama
    wasn't the least bit shy. She'd just back up a few
    feet when I opened the door and put out kibble.

    Teacher, Mickey and Pippi, you have all mentioned
    perspective or rainbows or both
    lately. A friend of mine taught at a religious
    elementary school.

    He explained to the kids that a rainbow is formed
    when sunlight shines through water vapor. Plus
    you need to be located at the proper angle to
    see the prism effect.

    Shortly thereafter he was advised by a school
    administrator to stop teaching same. Rainbows
    were cause by a miracle and had nothing to do
    with science.

    Did this happen in the Dark Ages? No, about
    15 years ago. Pippi, yes, I have seen lots of
    double rainbows. Very common in Minnesota.
    Usually the one on top is the brighter.

    Had some pics of some taken in the 50s. They
    were color slides. Don't even know if the slides
    still exist. I have seen the really old slides over
    the years. They were spotted w/ mold.

    It's possible they are still in my brother's garage.
    When my mother died, he cleaned out her apt. and
    put everything in his garage. Been there untouched for
    the last 6 years.

    One Christmas my mother had a bunch of old slides put
    on a video. I watched it with her when
    she gave it to me. Said, "Gee, thanks a lot."
    Never looked at it again. Who wants to be reminded of
    a rotten childhood?

    Pippi, your story about the Legos was wonderful.
    That's great that you could bring some happiness
    to mama and son. And nice that the youngster
    could have a chance to "explain" something to mama
    instead of the other way around for a change.

    Mickey, I like scary movies too. But those modern slasher movies
    are awful, to me anyway. Most of them have no character
    development or plot. Just continual, mindless

    My idea of scary is Psycho or Rear Window. When my son
    was about 11 or so we saw the 3D version of Creature From
    the Black Lagoon. That was lottsa fun.

    I think Richard Carlson was in it. I liked him, but he always seemed
    to be stuck in B movies.

    Have you been able to get any rest? Sometimes
    you have to stand back and let others take a turn
    at doing good works. Don't wear yourself out,

    Springwater, sounds like you are doing an awful
    lot too. Why do you boil the dogs milk? Is'nt the
    milk pasteurized in Nepal?

    We had a thread about milk for cats a while back.
    I give the feral cats a little milk now and then. Some
    posters said it can cause diaherria in
    cats. Some said it didn't with their cat.

    Is your son studying for his SAT? Does he study
    a lot or just report he does? Haha!

    Jole, a good mattress is a wonderful thing. Mine
    must be 15 or 20 years old, but it still feels great to me.

    Sometime back I got locked outta the house. Tried to
    lie down on the concrete. It felt even
    harder than it looked. I don't know how homeless
    people can sleep on it.

    Is there a small claims court where you live? Can
    you pursue a remedy there re: the defective

    Well, hope I got everydobby: Linda, Barry, Carla,
    Elaine, etc.

  14. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    WOW! They're teaching kids that rainbows are miracles?
    I sure hope none of those kids are planning a career in science!

    It's great to teach kids about all of the rainbow mythology & legend, as it's a fascinating topic, but GEEZ!

    Yes, the upper (outer?) rainbow in a double rainbow is the brighter one.
    I'm always fascinated by the difference in the color of the sky between rainbow-layers, too.

    About your old, moldy slides: I bet a good restoration expert can still salvage them... If ya wanna ever see them again, of course, which is doubtful considering the comment about the video...

    Also: I was also wondering why SpringWater had to boil milk.
    My dad never drinks milk, cuz when he was a kid he had to drink "real" milk. He absolutely hated it! He swears it tastes like you're sucking on a dirty old cow. YUK!

    Speaking of your "critters" - I saw a PBS show the other day about the serious decline of red squirrels in England. The culprit (they claim) is American grey squirrels, who were allegedly imported as a novelty during the victorian era. The American squirrels then pretty much took over, & ran the red squirrels outta their habitat.
    It's a pretty big deal over there...

    Well, peeps, I'll come back later when I'm actually awake, to visit with everydobby!
    My sleep schedule is SO messed up, I'm in a constant state of confusiation about what time it is!!!

    C Ya!
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Nothing much happening here today. DH went out and blew the lieaves and pineneedles and picked them up for garbage pickup today. I went out and just puttered around since I cannot do alot of pulling, or lifting. I sleep fair last night but at least did better than I did the first few days after surgery. Thata might have been the hydrocordone . Now, it might be the Bactrim - who knows. I will be of it in another week anyway.

    Georgia - Glad you had athat dream about your old knitting teacher. Yes, get back to knitting. That will probably be the best medicine for you. Speical hugs for you ((( Georgia ))).

    Pippi - No, I never called the monthly menstrual cycle as "The Curse" but had heard of it being used by some in older generations. Joan is a bit older so they may have called it that. We used other terms but not that one.

    Speaking of old moldy slides. We had many of the kids growing up and Dad would show them all the time tiill people got tired of seeing thme. However, ouyr DS was wonderfiul and put them on a CD or whatever you call it. DH probably got rid of the slides or theyare at DS's home still. DH didn;t want to fuss with them any more. So, DS may have thrown them out, finally.

    Sweet Water - Yes, why do they have to boil the milk? I read that question from someone else to but I also had that question. I am guessing the milk isn't pasteurized. I cannot think of any other reasons but there might be.

    Rock - Glad you could visit today or was it yesterday? Sorry your days have become confusiated. I love that word. Don't feel badly cause I get confusiated a lot too lately. Is see you have been busy feeling the critters. That is good for you and the critters too. You're a sweetie too. Not to sure if I would want to eat doggie or kitty food but I guess if I was starving and there was little around I would have to eat it !!

    Mickey - Don't kill yourself painting. I am guessing you are doing it all. God bless you sweetie.

    I may be stuck soon taking off all the wallpaper in the bathroom by myself. Then we will get someone else to hang the wallpaper and if some panting is needed DH wi;; probably do that. We need to save the money they will charge on removal. I just hate the wallpaper that was here when we bought the house. It is soft of tanish/ almondy background with , trees house, with some brown, green , brown, a bit of grey and pink. So, right now I am trying to pick up the pink with a sort of rasberry pink. When I change papers I will probably need to by new accessories, rugs, etc.

    Do you or ANYBODDY know an easy way of taking off wallpaper?? Any tips or stuff to use. I may put this later on in the main Chit Chat Board.

    We will not even try and wallpaper cause we would both kill each other. DH is not to patient if things don;t go right the first time and neither of us is that good at it. We did it once - remember the oneerful aluminum paper many years ago. DH and I almost got divorced with that project - no fun at all.

    Thinking about ll of you, even not mentioned.. I had better get up & do a little something

    Speical hugs t Elaine - Enjoy your week sweetie.!!

  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni – I wish we could have wall paper here. Its too expensive.
    I love flowery prints in a pastel shade. Maybe some day. How
    Exciting for you to have the refurbishing project…matching rugs
    And stuff to the wall paper.

    Pippi – we boil the milk because otherwise it would go sour. It comes
    From the dairy in plastic bags. And soon as we get them, we put into
    A container and boil.

    Rock – Ive seen a double rainbow maybe once or twice in my life.
    And once this beautiful rainbow ring around the sun..many many
    Moons ago. Did you see the Sydney red duststorm on tv? It looked
    Like Armageddon. Everything just red.

    Georgia – funny. Do you think Mrs Z actually came and tried to
    Tell you to stop being depressed? I heard they do keep an eye
    On us from the other side.

    Mickey – that’s going to be fun re doing Ashleys room..of course
    Not the labour part of it, the choosing colour schemes etc. I love
    Ghost movies…and I remember seeing one really scary one
    Called The Changeling in the 80s. I looked it up and saw many
    People found that movie really really scary. Eerie scary. Not
    Gory icky scary.

    Im all done out…and still piles to do..stuff to wash, bathrooms
    To clean…some dishes in the sink…a pile of clothes to put
    Away ..yu get the idea and its almost 10pm.

    However, I accomplished some things. And didn’t sit idle much
    So that’s a consolation. Made my son do the prayer ceremony.
    Changing water, lighting butter lamp, lighting incense, etc.
    And husband the other prayer ceremony where we put rice grains,
    Vermilion red colour, coins, flower petals in a copper tray with
    Clean water and do worship. Part of the festival.

    I cooked buffalo meat, chicken sesame, potato chilli, and okra.
    I had promised a maternal cousin some of my sesame chicken
    And feeling food I cooked and went and reached her portion
    To her before she left for her inlaws place in India. Also a former
    Employee of my husbands came to wish him Happy Festival in
    The evening and I served them the stuff I had cooked and they
    Really liked it so that lifted my spirits.

    God Bless
  17. jole

    jole Member

    What a beautiful day it is....the sun is actually shining for the first time in days, and so far no wind. What a rare day indeed! It's amazing how much better I feel on a day like this, so maybe I can actually get a few things done.

    Rock, it's great having you back....we missed you! Talking about your critters, I think possums are one of the ugliest creatures there are. I just can't like them much, although they are very talented at playing dead. But I think raccoons are beautiful, as are skunks if they're healthy.
    and those babies...oh, what darlings!

    Dog food?? What made you decide to taste it? I've heard of the elderly poor eating dog/cat food (mostly cat food) to survive. How sad. I do have to say I've had a few grandsons who got down with the cats and ate out of their bowl before...a few pieces of dry food before they were caught. They didn't seem to complain..lol...

    Rainbows....I still love them, and we have lots of double rainbows here too. I probably see 2-3 each summer. Never sure where to head for that pot 'o gold...lol... Can't understand why anyone would get upset over teaching about a rainbow, that's just plain silly..or ignorant.

    Pippi, you said your dad didn't like fresh milk...well, I've never liked ANY milk. Don't know if it has anything to do with being raised on a farm and having fresh milk, though. We used a seperator (sp) machine that seperated the cream out of the milk, and sold the cream. So the milk wasn't nearly as rich as many drank back then. More like the whole milk today, I suppose. But I never thought it tasted like "cow" at all...just milk, which I didn't like. Turns out I'm lactose intolerant.

    I also never, never ate eggs when I was a kid. My mom tried her best to get me to, 'cause I was always sick and didn't like meat either. Then when I was about 16 I started eating eggs...and every time got sicker than a dog! I'm allergic to them.

    Amazing how we know at such an early age what our bodies are trying to tell us......but we somehow get "smart" enough to think we know better. Doesn't happen.

    "The curse", I remember that. Also, one time my friend was telling a group of us that "granny came to visit". Well, I said, "Oh, how long is she going to stay? You must have plans for the weekend". They all burst out laughing...and I felt pretty stupid when they had to explain to me what was going on.

    Not only was I shy, I was also very backward because of the way we were raised. Was pretty darn "stupid" when it came to social skills, for sure. Maybe that's one reason why I've never liked being in crowds, ya think?

    Better quit......Jole
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  18. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I keep trying to convince people that consuming milk is completely illogical!

    I mean, heck! It was invented for BABY COWS!!!!!
    I'm no baby cow! LOL!!!

    Nobody will agree with me, even though they absolutely cannot refute my logic!!!

    (It does taste pretty good with chocolate syrup, though.....)

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Jole - I knoe what you mean bout eggs. I didn;t particularly eat many of them growing up either. I was not an early morning eating anyway. So, I was giving my mom fits fixing my hot cereal and to this day I cannot eat it. I will eat eggs if the eggs are VERY fresh. That is the only thing I can think of. Our eggs sit forever in the refrig. I usded to get the trots and stomch ache when I ate them. However, then sometimes when they were very fresh I knew it wasn't me so much as the eggs. However, maybe someone else would have eaten them and they would hae been fine. I had had something similar to IBS years ago - not good. DH would eat athe same eggs and be fine and I would get sick. So that is my weird body for you.

    I did like milk growing up cause that is all we were allowed to drink other than juices and very occasionally sodas when we had company. Today some people drink so much soda and it is not good for them , and that inclused our son who lives on Dr., Pepper.

    Pip - Yes, I do like chocolate milk . Now I do not drink plain milk very much but know that I should. I put it in cereal and cooking.

    I am glad you told us that you are not a baby cow ( : Now that is logic for you - really cute.

    Jole - glad you have a nice day and feel better so you can get chores done. I know what you mean. Lately it has been cloudy and rainy and then you feeel like sleeping all day and not getting anything done. Not that I can do a whole lot anyway after surgery - heavy stuff anyway live vacuuming,, etc.

    Mickey - Have fun painting my dear. Have you ever taken down wallpaper? If you have let e know how you did it please. I'll be Ashley will be so happy when she sees the beauritul rooom. You know that we expect a picture when you are done :)!!

    Georgia - are you knitting away now. What are you working on?

    Well everydobby, have a great weekend if I don;t see you. We will be here, tonight going out to dinner for a friends birthday but is the big plans for the whole weekend.

    Love to everydobby, inc those not mentioned !
  20. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Yeah, it is Friday, boy am i ready for the weekend and this day to be overwith.

    Talking about milk, boy we go through 3 gallons a week between the 4 of us. I drink it morning, noon and night. However, it has to be in a frozen glass. If it is even a little bit warm i will not drink it. Sometimes i crave it so much if we are out, i don't care what time it is i will go to the store and get some.

    Well on my lunch break I went to get paint at Home Depot. Springwater, I have already chosen the color scheme and everything. I just love decorating. I bought the bedding, and decorations for her room a few months ago and just have been waiting for the weather to get cooler to paint with the windows open. Well it is finally that time.

    I can't wait, i will take a picture when i am all done with her room and put it on facebook. It is going to be so cool. You know how Ashley is into hunting, and country stuff. Well that is how her room is going to be. Not really country, but rustic looking. The paint treatment i am going to do is called Old World Parchment. It is really easy.

    You do the base coat in a light color (which i am using tan) and then you go over it with a chinese brush and wipe it with a rag with a darker color (i am using like a mocha chocoloate). It won't be dark, but it will look rustic or kind of like tuscan. I am so excited, this is the first time i have ever done this, but it looks so easy. I am going to start in her walk in closet, that way if i mess up it won't be so bad, LOL.

    Ewwwwww Rock you ate dog food, LOL, figures you would of done something like that, you silly boy.

    Lindsay has Homecoming tomorrow so that will be exciting. She has already gotten her dress and nails done. She is getting her hair done tomorrow and i can't wait to get pictures. I will post them on facebook. Oh, to be young again. Although when i was that age, we never got to get our hair and nails done. What is up with that. Well she has a job and makes money, so i think that is nice that she can spend a little on herself ( i bought the dress of course). She already had the shoes, jewelry and purse to go with the dress, so we didn't have to buy any of that.

    Well gang, i am rambling on and on. I need to get a few things done here before i take off for the day, so everyone have a great weekend if i don't talk to you over the weekend.

    Love you all.