PORCHLIGHT # 431!!!! :D

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  1. Pippi1313

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    Good Saturday mornin' Porch Peeps!!!

    I saw there were 28 posts at the old porch, & thought I'd better come over here, or else get caught in the door!

    I brought a big glass of cocolate milk for everydobby, to get the day started.

    I'll post this & BRB!!!

  2. Pippi1313

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    WOW! #430 sure was a BUSY porch!!!

    Georgia: I can just imagine myself wrapped up in a big, cozy, comfy sweater, like the ones you talked about.

    I watch knitting & sewing shows on PBS (even though I can do neither!). They're simply fascinating!

    I'm currently working on 2 paintings, my book illustrations, & awaiting a collection of pix of "Gordy", the subject of my first doggie-portrait.

    The major painting I'm working on, is 7 feet long X 2 1/2 feet high.
    It's a sorta interpretation of the skyline of my city.
    Looking at the beginnings of it, I already know what the title will be. (Some painting name themselves.) It'll be called "City of Ghosts".

    It's not realism, but it's not impressionism, ... I don't know what style to call it... I guess it's just Pipism! LOL!
    So far, I've done everything in shades of blue/grey, so it's looking like it will be monochromatic, too. (Unless,of course, I change my mind. My artistic license says I can do that.)

    Last night, I glanced at it & started laughing when I thought it would be downright hilarious to paint the frame red, attach a white soda-cap "knob" to each lower corner, & paint the etch-a-sketch logo on the top of the frame! hahahaha!!!!
    Gotta admit, that'd be original!

    Well, dear Peeps, gotta run for now.
    It's feeling like a good-enough day!

    Love 2 Everydobby!!!!!
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  3. jole

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    You're right, Pip, everyone is busy again it seems! The last porch was a fun one with lots of remeniscing (sp). I like those!

    Julie, what a trying time you're having! It's so sad about Tierra...I can't imagine watching a child suffer through so much. But also, I'm sure Keira is suffering also with being shuffled, no matter how loving all of you are.......Not to mention the added stress in your life! A lot to deal with.....I'm praying all will be back to "normal" soon.

    Granni, it sounds like it's fall cleaning outdoors at your house. I would love to get that going here also, cleaning out my flower beds, but the energy just isn't there. Not sure how it's going to get done..........but then come to think of it, I remember a year or so back I did it in the spring....lol...it survived!

    Joan's right about removing the wallpaper. There's no easy way that I know of either. You might check the internet and see if there's something else, but that's the way I took off my borders. Spray water, get it wet, and use a putty knife to get it off, then wash it down good with water to remove what's left. It's quite an undertaking!

    Mickey, I used to love to paint! It was such a good feeling to see a room totally change it's look......but the last time I painted (after this DD) I worked on the room for over 2 weeks, a little bit a day, and finally my hubby had to finish it. He wasn't very happy with me........I too have a bedroom I'd love to do, but guess it'll not get done.

    Ashley is going to love it! Texturing the walls will be a wonderful look.......just what I'd love! You know, the kind they had in the grand old haciendas on tv....lol...

  4. jole

    jole Member

    I got interrupted, and decided to submit instead of losing it...lol...

    Pippi, your dream sounds wonderful, and I don't blame you for wanting to return to it. The ruins of any civilization is totally facinating in itself, but to feel you've actually been there must be even better. I wish I'd had time to travel and see things. Don't get me wrong, I love the farm, but there's certainly a lot more to life than this!

    Georgia, I too would love a sweater you knit. I freeze all winter, and they sound so comforting and warm. Ha, that Rock...catching the meaning in Zimmer...can't get a thing past him!

    I had to laugh at "Aunt Flo" also. I'd completely forgotten! (Along with so many other things). It was soooo fitting, wasn't it..hahahaha. Glad you're doing a bit better, and hope it continues for you, dear.

    Rock, I love hearing stories of your past. You've seen amazing places and people. You remind me of my brother. He's been so many places and can go states away and run into someone he knows all the time.

    In my family growing up, he's the only one of us kids that ever did anything "right" and was constantly told how smart he was. The rest of us were totally worthless, and worse. I love him, and we're really close now, but it definitely shows what a good self-esteme will do for a person in their lifetime.

    Joan, hope your plumbing problems are resolved and your house is cleaned and back to normal. What a job! I don't envy you any, that's for sure. Fortunately, I've never had to deal with that YET.

    Do you remember out-house days? When I was growing up we had running water, but after I got married we didn't.......so my life was a little backwards. I hated that out-house with a passion, and was thrilled to finally get running water.

    There simply isn't any water good enough for house use here.........we're on the Rural Water District now, as so many others are, and pay monthly for our water just like people in town do. It's rather costly by the time we supply water for all the cattle, etc. But at least the out-house is gone. YEA!!!!!

    We're really not as backwards as it sounds....honestly....our home (now) is nice and big, probably 70-80 years old, and we've done a lot of remodeling inside....wood floors in the basement, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths. And when we bought it, moved it out here, put in the basement, plumbing, electricity, etc. it cost $35,000. That's been a few years ago....lol....

    That's one of the reasons we don't move....it's paid for, and where else could we find a home for that price? Or rent for that price?? I wonder how my kids do it, and one planning on building a new home within the next few years. I'm not sure that's going to happen with the economy the way it is.......

    Now, how did I get onto that subject? Don't know. I can't seem to keep my mind where it belongs any more. Is that old age or this DD????

    Anyway, love to all here and those not here..............Jole
  5. Granniluvsu

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    Don't forget to check the last volume for posts by Ju.ie, Georgia and myself. They were towards the end. Nothing really different for me I know.

    Pippi - Glad you are having a agood enough day today. All your art work sounds neat. I and others I am sure would like to see something you are doing some day.

    Jole - I am getting excited that DH mentioned to me the he is in the mode for some minor rennovations - mainly the kitchen countertop and appliances, probably a new oven. The bathroom will come next although everytime to go into the bathroom I wish it was already done. I just can't stand that wallpaper. It was from the original owmer and we have been here about 12 years I am guessing. I don't know exactly how long the original owners had it. They had it built and so the house has no wasteful space. I am so anxious to get started He didn't way when were going to do this.

    I think you had mentioned the old method which is what you mentioned with steam and a putty knife. I checked on line and found a coupe of ways. There is even one that is not cheep but you wet these sheets in the kiit (put them in bucket of water). Forget how long, but I am thinking it was for as long as it takes to get it really wet. Then you hang it up on the walls so it soaks into the WP. You wait for a certain amt of time, it really isn't tpo long. The when you caome back you start peeling the WP off, of course from top to bottom. There maytbe one small step in between but I cannot remember.

    DH also spoke to a neighbor who does a lot of home fixing things or used to. He menetioned possibly painting over the wallpaper. I think you paint with a primer or something like that first. I would love to be able to do the sponge painting too but with my luck it would come out awful. It will probably take me forever to pick the NEW paper. Not sure if I want to paper the whole thing or not. Decisions, Decisions !! That kit however costs $50 plus. I also copied off some info on other ways. We are probably going to start with the kitchen.
    Julie - Hope you are feeling well and able to get everything you plan on doing. Tey to rest some !!

    Elaine - let us know how you are doing. Guess you start back again on your chemo tomorrorw. Hope you had a nice week and felt well enough to get out and do some fun things,

    Well everydobby I have to run and fix DH's lunch.

    Love to AWL,

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  6. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I couldn't believe it!

    After 3 1/2 years here in the sky-cave, I've never seen a bug, or even a sign of a bug. But there it was!

    I was stretched out on my futon/bed/couch thingie, relaxing & looking at the tv.
    (Remember, I'm in a one-room, studio apartment.)
    I glanced toward the kitchen area, & there IT was!
    A thing. A small, dark, THING on the floor!!!

    GASP! Not THAT!!! It must have been carried in, in one of my shopping bags!

    I got up, sat on the seat of my rolling walker, & slooooowly stalked IT...

    I got closer...

    It didn't see me...

    It didn't get a chance to escape...

    I picked up a heavy book... Raised it above my head... Took aim... and:


    The book came down with a mighty THUMP!!!


    That raisin will never terrorize anybody again!


  7. jole

    jole Member

    (Giggle) You silly goose! hahaha.....had me going there! I guessed it to be a cockroach, the worst of the worst!! A raisin....geez.........................
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Pippi - You little scamp, that was really cute about the mean horrifying RAISIN. That was just to funny. You had Jole going there :) !!

    Georgia - Glad that you are feeling a bit better and that you have an EAP appointment sooner rather than later. I am sure that will make you feel even better. Have you strted any more knitting yet or are you going to wait till you get all those Norwegian sweaters to work on ??

    Elaine - So glad to hear from you and that you seem to be doing pretty well all things considered. That is wonderful that you have not lost any weight. It must be all those PB and J sandwiches :) !!

    Yep, I think if you are not around and somebody causes problems for any of us we will have to cal PIPPI. She can run em down with her Bratmobile or smash them with a big book or something :) !! Glad you have a few more days of freedom before starting up again. Enjoy and do whatever makes you happy.

    Wow, you sure have done a lot of sewing this year, You have saved so much money doing it all yourself. Gee, I could use you to let out a few of my pants :) !!. I can hem pants, take a tuck in my pants but letting out is something else.

    Jole - How are you doing? Boy, that Pip really got you with the horrible, creepy, raisin joke. (te he).

    Well all, I guess I had better take off for ow. Need to get ready for beddy by and mayabe cleck to see if anyone is still here on the weekend. I will try and go to church tomorrow and sing in the choir. So, thjat is my first real outing since the surgery.

    Love to everydobbyl,
  9. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    The raisin thing really happened!!!
    I really thought it was a BUG! LOL!!!

    I got so tickled at myself, I had to come straight to the Porch & tell it exactly like it happened!


    I felt like such a GOOF!

    G'Nite Everydobby! Sweet Dreams!!!

  10. teacher

    teacher New Member


    You saved us all from that dreadful beast!

    We can all rest easier in our beds tonight knowing that you're on guard and will take care of all the nasty raisins that try to creep into our homes!

    You're our very own Warrior Woman!

    I will say a special prayer of thanks for you this evening.

    Your humble servant,

  11. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Not going to be long on here this evening. Will try to post more tomorrow.

    Have been hurting for three days and thought I was just going from one flare to the next. Started coughing last night and it was a bit worse this morning, so off to Urgent Care.

    Yep, just as I suspected. Bronchitis.

    So started an antibiotic today. Am feeling a bit odd, but I'll be OK since I managed to catch on quickly this time.

    I've had it before and was so slow in figuring out what was going on that I ended up with a terrible case.


    Have a lovely evening. Will chat tomorrow.
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I guess everyone has gone to beddy bye and I am coming along too.

    Teacher - sorry about the bronchitis. I have the same problem. It uwually can hit me hard and fast . If I am not watchful I could very easily go into pneumonia. It almost did a year or so ago. I did get a quick case a couple of months ago but I know the signs as I am sure you do too. Hope you feel a little better tomorrow. All I can say is thank God for antibiotics. People died from what we get a lot along with alot of other maladys. Take care and try to rest tomorrow before school starts again.

    Glad to hear that PIPPI is on guard at all times even in the dead of night, against the creepy and very evil RAISIN !!! YIKES !!

    Night All everydobby !

    Love n big hugs to all,'
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Computer has been on the blink for the last
    couple days. This morning Gordon took it to
    a co-worker who lives in the San Fernando

    Soon as he plugged it in, it worked. Just shows
    what I've said for years. This location has mal-ectrica, i.e.,
    bad electrons.

    Speaking of Italian, did you know malaria means
    bad air? On the other hand, the City of Buenos
    Aires was thought to have good air.

    Had one of those "first time in my life" experiences Friday.
    I was fired by my chiropractor. It turns out we were in perfect
    agreement as I was thinking it would be my last
    visit anyway.

    I don't have the energy to type all the details and
    nuances of the story here. I did conclude two
    things though.

    1) What the chiropractor needs to adjust most
    is his attitude.

    2) It is a lot easier for a patient to find a new
    chiro than for the chiro to find a new patient.

    Pippi, thanks for the chocolate milk. On days that
    I wake up feeling terrible, my symptoms include
    a raspy throat. Chocolate milk provides a soothing elixir.

    Loved your raisin story. I read a similar account
    decades ago. Author said it had passed into the
    family folk lore. His wife once stalked and stomped a
    vicious watermelon seed.

    Jole, your brother sounds like an interesting guy.
    Bring him along to the porch for a visit sometime.

    On the subject of self-esteem, I've heard of it but
    never had any. My father did not talk to his children.
    My mother never stopped nagging and criticizing.

    When I was 63 and she was on her death bed, she
    told me she loved me. That was the first time.

    It seemed a little late in the drama for me. I mean,
    the curtain was practically down. I went back to CA,
    and she died 2 weeks later. I never shed a tear.

    Back later, Kids

  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Ok, I'm reporting big change in the kitchen news.
    Gordon threw out the cream sherry. It has been
    sitting on the kitchen counter for the last 4 or 5 years.

    Really? Had the bottle been opened? Oh, yes.
    And it just sat there for years? You got it. And
    nobody was drinking it? That's right. Our annual
    drinking budget wouldn't buy a bag of groceries.

    I asked Gordon a couple times if he wanted to do
    something with it. Like put it in the refrigerator
    or throw it out. He always said he didn't. Well,
    now it's gone.

    Thank goodness. We now have more room in
    the kitchen.

    Micky, I'd hate to see what a textured wall would
    look like after I got through with it. Be worse than
    when Lucy and Ethel redecorated.

    I did read a fascinating book a few years ago w/
    lots of examples of trompe l'oeil which I am told
    is French for "fool the eye" and is pronounced to
    rhyme with stomp joy.

    So, instead of having an area rug on your floor,
    you paint one. Or maybe liven up the hall by
    painting a window. Cheaper than installing the
    real thing. For those porchkateers w/ talent, it
    would be great. For most of us, we would end up
    being the fools.

    So under the circumstances, Granni, you will be
    much better off if I don't come and help you
    remove wallpaper.

    What's this business about granite table counter
    tops in the last decade or so? Aren't they terribly
    heavy? Are they non porous? Do they look like
    tombstones lying down? I have the impression
    they are very expensive. Is that right?

    Georgia, I agree. Hobbies can be very therapeutic.
    Apparently the most popular hobby
    for the modern woman is shopping. For teenagers
    it seems to be hanging out at the mall.
    Which also includes some shopping.

    I bet a lot of people have had to change their
    hobbies in the last couple years. Sorry, Kids.
    You can no longer have a hundred bucks for the
    mall every weekend.

    I read the Lorax book a long time ago, Elaine. Don't
    remember a thing about it. Kinda sounds like a medical term,
    doncha think?

    Yes, I'm worried I might have to have my lorax
    removed if this new drug doesn't do the trick.

    Sorry to hear about the bronchitis, Teacher.
    Have you tried the homeopathic spelling bee
    cure? Eat lots of foods that start w/ BR. For
    example: brown bread, broccoli, bran, brats, and

    In the event of tummy upset, take lots of Bromo Seltser.
    This regimen is sure to BRing you around.

    And now, it's time for this post to be BRought to
    an end.

    Hugs all round
  15. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Georgia - I'm sorry you're going through such an emotional time right now. I can help you with ideas for something to keep you busy while you recuperate. I can come live with you for a while and you can teach me how to knit! That will chase the doldrums straight away as I tend to have the attention span of a 5-year-old when I'm learning something new.

    OK. My brain ain'ta werkin too good today. So please forgive.

    Somebody was peeling wallpaper and then everyone started painting. I've gotten lost! But that's a good thing. You don't want me doing any of that stuff. I'm all thumbs. I hope it comes out purty though.

    Rock - I'm sorry to hear that your computer doesn't like where it lives. We had a radio a long time ago that didn't like our house. Very frustrating when you're in the middle of a basketball game and then STATIC.

    The BR diet sound very clogging. I think I'll stick with chicken and cranberry grape juice!

    Elaine - I'm glad you've made it to your break. I'm sorry about the tiredness. That's got to be a drag. I love that you still have your positve attitude though. That has got to help a lot.

    You sat in a bar known for hookers?! Sounds like the sort of thing I would do. You crack me up!

    All you folks with the energy for Spring cleaning in the Fall? Get yourselves on over here. I got my place clean before school started and but is shore don' look lak it now!

    Springwater - I hope you're ejoying your festival and your company. Don't forget to pace yourself so you can get the most out of the occasion.
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  16. jole

    jole Member

    Hey Rock, it's so good to have you back! Your post could have been written by me...if I could write that well...haha. We have a lot in common, that's for sure, when it comes to families....

    You know, I never was fired......but I did quit a job once. We had a witch of a boss when I was working in HIM (Health Information Management, which was formerly Medical Records).

    One of the other transcriptionists was 69 and still working, 'cause she couldn't live on her SS.
    She was also very hard of hearing, but an excellent transcriptionist 'cause we wore headsets and she could turn her volume up as much as she wanted.

    The boss took a dislike to her and constantly found things to criticize her for that were not true... like taking an extra 2-3 minutes for break time, talking too much if she came in and said "Good morning", etc. Two of us stood up for her......the other 5 of course did not, too worried about themselves.

    The boss finally announced someone in our department was getting "laid off" because she was told to cut costs, and as she said it, she looked directly at the older lady.

    When the meeting was over, I marched into her office, asked if I could talk to her in private and she said "No", so I told her exactly what I thought about the entire discrimination segment she was promoting, and said if we needed to cut costs I quit. Gathered up my stuff and left.

    Of course there was some crying in the workspace, but I never to this day regretted that move. That boss was one of those cute little hypocrites that (sorry, being judgmental here) would do anything for a raise herself...tromp on people, she didn't bat an eye.

    I then started working from home doing transcription for 2 1/2 years. Loved it...problem was, I never had a single day off in that time unless I worked around the clock to get one, which I would do whenever the kids came home.

    LORAX~ what is that??? I assume it's some kinda book, but about what? Guess I could look it up. Like you, Rock, I thought it sounded like a body part, even though I knew it wasn't. haha

    ELAINE~~ It was great to hear from you again! Wish your energy could have been higher, but it sounds like you're getting a lot accomplished! And getting some clothes at the same time, wow! Are they all yours, or are you doing alterations for others now too? I know you mentioned something about it once.

    Praying your second round of chemo goes better than the first for you! And really, really hoping when it's over that the results are great! I'm sure they will be.....hang in there. We love hearing from you........and we love you lots.........

    Everyone else, I'm hoping I get to go see my littlest granddaughter today. My daughter asked me to go with her if she gets to take some time off, so I'm going back to bed for awhile just in case! Got my fingers crossed.....haha.....Happy Sunday to all.................Jole
  17. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Baby called this morning. She had three asthma attacks in two days. She had spoken to the nurse on duty. She's on vocal rest for two days and needs to follow up with her doc within the next two weeks. Arragining THAT is going to be interesting. But there you are.

    On with the fun stuff!

    Friday, my school went on an extended nature hike. Er... I mean, we had a Crisis Evacuation Drill. This drill done so we could practice how we're going to leave school property if we have a major boo boo like a gas leak or a bomb threat or whatever.

    I say extended because we had to go .78 of a mile to get to our "safe place". That's .78 of a mile ONE WAY.

    Our safe place used to be right across the street, but they closed. The bank and the grocery store can't accomodate 600 people. So, the prinipal kept looking until she found this church.

    She was insisting that everyone walk. Which of course makes sense. But I knew I wasn't going to be any good if I had to walk that far and then be alert enough to assist with catastrophes.

    Last year, the plan was for me to drive and then I would take anyone that was mobally-challenged. (We had two kids on cruches and one in a wheelchair at that time.) I would also cruise the route and pick up those that were in trouble on the way there. (We have serveral with severe asthama.)

    Nope. She decided that she didn't want that this year.

    I don't know what finally happened, but I'm thanking the Lord for changing her mind. She finally decided that our assistant principal would drive me. I couldn't take my own car. Whatever.

    So anyway.

    Somebody timed it. From the time the first group left the parking lot until the last group was seated in the church, it took us 49 minutes. We sat for a bit and ihen started the reverse process.

    Everyone was tired when we got back. Our pre-schoolers were the last ones back and everyone on the plalyground cheered when they saw them.

    We didn't have any problems going. Coming back, though, was a different story. Somebody's dog was loose and was checking out our kiddies. A parent happend along and managed to chase it off.

    The fun never stops when you're in elementary school!

    Gonna go rest now. And drink something.

    P.S. I forgot to add that I was appropriately attired for the event. I left my tirara at school and wore my red fireman's hat instead. After all, it was a Crisis Drill! LOL

    The kids were amused. Next time, I will have to remember my Mickey Mouse hands.
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  18. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Hi Ya, Porch-Ka-Teers!

    I'm happy to report no more sightings of evil vegitation!

    Rock: Oh! A watermellon seed! Yep. I can picture myself stalking one of those. Porbably wouldn't be so sticky on the cover of my book, either!

    I think you may have a point about those granite counter tops, looking quite tomb-stonish... Of course, one could pre-engrave their own epithet... um, I mean epitaph... haha... & save some money when they kick the ol' bucket.
    I mean heck, the new peeps in the house will probably replace the counter-tops anyway, right??? ;P

    Jole: The Lorax was one of my fave books in elemetary school!
    The Lorax tried to warn everyone not to cut down all the truffula trees.

    Now that I think about it, it's a wonder the book was allowed in my school. I'm sure some nut-job parent would insist it was propoganda, designed to turn us all into a buncha little eco-terrorists!

    I highly reccomend the book!!!

    Georgia / Elaine / Granni / & all who are suffering, recovering, and / or healing: Big ol' warm fuzzy sweater hugs to all of you!!!!!!!

    Dang! I lost track of who has bronchitis! I've had p-monia a gadzillion times. I'd be so repeatedly dead, if I lived in any other time in history!!!
    I get p-monia "at the drop of a hat", as one of my docs says.

    Hey Rock! You're the official wordsmith, here on the Porch.
    Where do the 2 phrases "at the drop of a hat" & "toss your hat in the ring" come from???
    What's up with hurling hats?

    Love & Hugz 2 EVERYDOBBY!

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Went to church and sang in the choir which made me feel good. Then thought would actually check on evrydobby here on the Porch. Gl;d to see that all is well and that PIPPI was on guard last night in case any evil creepy crawly RAISINS or watermelon seeds try to get here on the Porch :) !

    I think it was Teacher who has Bronchitis and was mentioning how I get it quickly too as she does. Someone else mentioned it too I guess. That is to bad that you straight into Pneumonia. Oh, I have had pneumonia too. Geez, I remember way back when all the kids were very young and we lived in LA. I ended up in the hospital with IV antibiotics for aboaut a week. I had had 104 fever. Nowadays, they don't keep anyone in the hospital for a week, except for MAYBE an Open Heart patient or something. that is also probabaly if he had some complications or so. A friend we knew had O H Surgery (at the time he was 55 and in pretty good shape. I think he was in 4 days or so.

    I am lucky they let me stay in the hospital over night for my surgery. Gee, but I do not want to see the bill for that one and we have insurance besides Medicare

    Jole - good for you walking out on that job where you had such a terrible boss who was being so mean to that older worker. Some are just in anything for whatever it gets THEM and don't care about anyone else !

    Hope you get to see your little granddaughter. I think it was you that mentioned that. I only have one granddaughter and she is almost 16, going on 35. We only have one grand daughters and the other 7 are boys - geez !!

    Georgia - Glad you get some time to yourself today.. I am aguessing you will be doinng some knitting. Of course, you can do whatever you want to do -yay !!

    Teacher - that was cute of you to think of wearing a firemans hat on the drill :) Your MM hands would be nice too. Do you have the ears to match ?? Hope you are feeling a little better today.

    Rock - Sorry you have been having such computer problems. That is really weird when it works someplace else and doesn't work at home. These dumb computers. Ypu can't live with or without them. Hope it stays working for you. You know that we worry about you if you dont show up ! I like that FR diet, eating everything that starts with BR. I forgot what it supposedly for :) !!

    Mickey - Hope Ashley had fun at her HOmecoiming and tht she finally got her hair done for the occasion. How are you coming with all the painting of Ashley's room?

    Well, Porchies it is time for lunch. So, I had better get out there and fix it. I actually even put a wash in the machine. Glad I didnlt have a scrub board. I remember my mom did and used it alot plus the wash line. I did like to hang out sheets and some clothese even when I had a drier. Can't anymore and it also takes a lot more NRG to do so. Yes, the sheets smell so fresh when you hang them outside.

    Hugs all around to all you deara Porchies,
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  20. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    It makes pefect sense (on an intellectual level), that the loss of your friendship is "hitting you" just now.

    When things first happen to us, we naturally think it could still work out, or get resolved.
    And many times, things can be worked out & overcome.

    You've gone from wait-&-see mode, to loss mode.

    You want your friend back.
    I know I would.
    But instead, you're dealing with the full impact of betrayal...
    Unconcerned, self centered, heartless, cold betrayal...

    I know it doesn't make it any easier, knowing that feeling miserable (combined with all the other associated emotions) about it is normal.

    When I've been betrayed, I felt like a fool, blaming myself for not having seen the situation clearly.
    Again, I know on an intellectual level that's what "deceit" is - deceiving me - hiding the truth - concealment of the very things I needed to know - and I was in no way at fault.
    But what we know intellectually, has little to do with what we feel emotionally...

    Please remember to aim you (justifiable) anger at the proper person - the offender, not the offended.

    I wouldn't dare suggest ways for you to deal with it, cuz we all have to do that in our own way & in our own time.
    And, "dealing with it" has no time limit!
    I have never understood why people think we're supposed to "deal" with stuff on some predetermined schedule...
    That makes no sense whatsoever...

    Whenever I hear anyone make comments like: "She should be over that by now" (or "after all this time" or "since it has been x-amount-of-time") - I always want to simply reply: "oh shut up! you're too stupid to speak aloud!"

    I'd rather explain things to them, but they're too stupid to comprehend it, so I don't bother.

    Well... Anyway....
    You know we understand here.

    Gentle hugz!!!!!