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    Turning on the light! BRB to post!

    OK. I'm back. Every time I turn on the porchlight, I'm afraid someone else will be doing the same. LOL!

    Sweet SpringWater: Yes, I'm SO fortunate to have such a peaceful retreat place! I haven't been there recently. There's a new "mother superior" as they used to be called (it's known by a different title now, but I don't keep up with religion enough to remember what it is). Although I'm still welcome there, I don't really know this new lady very well. (The previous boss-nun was a good friend, but she has moved away to do mission work.)

    I already forgot who asked about mowing grass...
    Not ME! I love not having a yard to tend to, up here in the sky-cave!!!

    I spent the past 2 days busily working on a flier for one of my commercial clients. They're practically doing back flips, they love it so much!

    I gotta admit, it does feel good when people think my work is brilliant.
    Everybody needs kudos for doing a job well, IMO.

    Yeah, I know... We're taught early that we should do our work for the sake of the work - & I do that. But it's SO cool when compliments are genuine.
    Mostly, I dismiss compliments as being insincere. & mostly, they are. I guess that's why I'm so appreciative of the real ones.

    Well, Dear Peeps... It's getting late here in the east. Time for me to stretch out & vegitate!


    Love 2 All!
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    Julie, just wanted to say I'm thinking about you and wish I could help make things easier for you right now. I can imagine how hard this is for you, not only with the Amy situation, but with keeping Keira and trying to do so much for the parents as well. Not to mention your job.

    I understanding you wanting to do everything for everyone, be the glue that holds the family together, etc. That's the way I always was too. But I did find out when I could no longer work, or even take care of myself, that my grown kids actually did pretty darn good without me!...lol...

    The reason I say this is not to put you down in any way (for if I were, I'd also be putting myself down for the way I was), but just to let you know that it's okay to give yourself permission to stand back sometimes and let your children deal with their problems and their children.

    It worries me that if you don't, one of these days you won't have anything else to give, having totally exhausted yourself (and I would love to be able to do more with my grandkids now). That's not saying that you WILL get worse and not be able to....it's just that I worry it could happen.

    I hope you don't take this the wrong way....I admire you for all you do...yet at the same time, if Chris doesn't work that much is it not possible for him to take more care of Keira, ie picking her up after daycare, etc.? It's got to be somewhat confusing to Keira also, not knowing where she's going when.

    My granddaughter hated weekends, because she never knew if she' was going to daddy's or staying with mommy, and she acted out for quite awhile. This year she's finally doing better, but I attribute that to having more stability in her life since her mom is remarried to a really great guy.

    I know I'm wrong in trying to compare your life to mine...we all have to do what's best for us...and no, you didn't ask for my advice......but I worry about you. Does that give me a right to say anything? (Probably not...)

    Anyway, I wish you the best, and wish I could help. Please take care of yourself, okay? I miss seeing you here more, but understand how busy you are. Oh, and after preparing menus, working in the kitchen, etc., have you taught Den how to cook supper for you yet???? Hahaha. (Wouldn't work here, unless it was fried eggs and bacon) :)

    Pippi, thanks for the start up, and hope you sleep well. Think I'm going to try reading a bit and seeing if that'll put me out tonight. I see Granni didn't offer and stories.............

    Georgia, thinking good thoughts for you, along with a prayer :)

    Elaine, good wishes and prayers for this next go-round. I'm so proud of your determined spirit!

    Hey Rock, Mickey, Teacher, Carla, Joan and all..........hope to see you tomorrow!
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    Jole: I hafta talk to you first...
    Sharing your experience & the wisdom that comes from experience, is NOT "comparing my life to yours" (as you put it).
    You asked if you have the right to do this, & answered yourself: "Probably not".

    Seeing things from my own, completely different perspective, may I comment?

    Sharing your experience & wisdom, because you're concerned about a friend, is a GOOD thing! It's what we're supposed to do. Sadly, most peeps hesitate to say anything, because they're afraid the other person will think we're "meddling".

    If that's the case, this should be the "Meddlers' Board" not the chit chat board!!! LOL!!!

    Even if we don't get the words out right (and we often don't), I think it's wrong to not try to help each other.

    I knew a little kid once. I met her when she was 3, & knew her until she was 9.
    Her parents were divorced, & both remarried, & there was an extended family who also took care of the kid, when all the parents & steps were "busy".
    The poor kid was shuttled around all over the place. She had her own bedroom in 4 different houses. Yet, she had no concept of "home".

    The phrase: "Let's go home" meant so many different things. So many different places, with so many different people... ALL of whom did genuinely care about the child!

    I remember how this little kid was always so upset & unsettled.
    When she was little, she'd burst into tears, but not be able to explain why. Around 6 years old, she got very quiet & withdrawn.
    I think she gave up on the hope that anyone would ever understand her...

    This little kid was surrounded with people who loved her & wanted the best for her. And yet, she was so lost.....

    You are SO right about children needing stability!!!

    Please don't stop sharing your experience & wisdom.
    You may be speaking to one person, but you never know who else is reading your words. You might help someone turn a life around & never even know about it!


    Georgia: I can't do anything but send you a GREAT BIG HUG!!!!!!!
    I hope you can go away on a retreat & concentrate on YOU for awhile!!!

    Hope everydobby has a good-enough day!!!!!!

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    Just dropping by to say hello. I was sick Tues and then yesterday was errands and Wally's that pretty much did me in for the day.

    I just took the girls for a ride then we walked too, there is a quaint one lane road I ride the cart to and then I get out and walk them, I NEED to walk more as the one side effect from cymbalta is weight gain, so Dr's orders, she also said it will help with the fibro.

    So am just taking a break after lunch and need to go outside and do some yard work and clean my shed up.

    Jole I agree with Pippi, we show people we care by sharing our similar experiences. I have to ask you - are you serious that the only place on line you can go is here??? What is up with your browser? Can you tell me when you turn your computer on how do you get online and here. I would like to try to help you and figure it out, it is probably a setting turned off or on.

    Pippi thanks for getting us started and congrats on a job well done, yes it does feel good to be appreciated for doing a good job.

    Georgia I am sorry you are still treading water, I know how you feel and everyday is a struggle just to get threw it. Have you tried cymbalta? I have to say it has help me greatly and have been on it about 6 weeks now, I noticed a difference in a matter of days and it helps the fibro too. Hang in there girl.

    Julie you know I always worry about you, I don't see how you do all you do, I would be flat on my back if I had to deal with so many people and responsibilties. While I can do a lot of things, it is always on my schedule and timeline.

    I am sorry Amy has to sell her house, doesn't she know anyone that she could get as a roomate? Maybe this is a blessing too, as it seems like all of you have been sick since she moved in, losts of colds and stuff, I remember you talking about the mold when you took the paneling down. I hope she at least gets her money back and doesn't have to take a loss.

    Hang in there and glad Den is helping with the mowing and you love your new job, it sounds as if it fits you well.

    Springwater wow girl you have been the social buttterfly just fliting and fluttering here there and everywhere. I know you must be exhausted with the company coming and all your goings.

    Well better get out there while I still feel like it, I sit for too long and then don't want to get back up-lol Hello to Rock, and everydobby else-C U Laters- Carla
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    We're having winds of 40 mph with gusts of 50 mph, and my body does NOT like it at all. So it's a 'puter day to keep my mind occupied and off the body.

    Carla, yes I'm serious. When I get on the 'net, my home page comes up. I can then go to my favorites and get on here just fine. But if I go to look something up and click on "search", the list of sites will come up..then if I click on one of them, my 'puter freezes up...every time, no matter what it is I'm searching for. I have to do the ctrl/alt delete thing and log off in order to even shut down. But if I get on this site...or my other saved "favorites" that doesn't happen. Very weird, and I can't explain it...........

    If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate it!

    Glad you and your doggie girls are enjoying the outdoors with rides and walks! Are your trees pretty there? The leaves are simply blowing off our trees like crazy in this wind. We aren't going to have a pretty fall at all here. As a matter of fact, I think we're going to skip fall and just go to winter...lol...

    Georgia, it's great that you're feeling better! Yes, a good therapist makes a lot of difference, and it sounds like you found one. Especially since she understands both sides of your situation. I hope you still can take a breather this weekend to uplift yourself in mind, body and spirit. You deserve some "me" time! And your welcome for the friendship, any time!!

    Pippi, thanks. When growing up, we weren't allowed to speak. Seriously. Not when dad was in the house, and most of the rest of the time we were working, so sometimes I now have a tendency to come across as too "abrupt". It's still hard for me to share feelings, especially, and even though I do care deeply about people I never know how far is too far to go with my thoughts.

    I took a College English Comp class a long time ago, and that was the best thing I've ever done...that and the speech class. It brought me out of my shell some...but now I have the anxiety/panic attacks, so am back in the same ole place pretty much. It's easier to "speak" on the computer though.

    Julie, wishing you a good day.

    Elaine, hugs 'n prayers to you!

    Mickey girl, are you 'way busy, or giving up on us???...haha We need ya here, girl!!

    Rock, Joan, Teacher, everyone, miss ya. Later........Jole
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    Gee awl, I have been so busy today. Went to the doctor, with alot of waiting at my ob/gyn's, ;ots pf pregnant ladies and babiies around - busy busy !! Oh, I remember those days (5 times). The doc checked and said all was well which is what I suspected esp. after he sent me some antibiotics. for my slight UTI. To far, the surgery seems to have worked - no more leaking - yay !! Hope it continues.

    The doc said that I could start to do more normal things (not that I wasn't already except for moving furniture and moving heaving things or picking them up). I go back i 3 more weeks. To bad, I can vacuum !! I hacae company coming the week of the 12th and so have lots of cleaning to do.

    Mickey ahd Julie - you can help me clean :) !! Just kidding as I know both of you are having more than your share of work and family responsibilities.

    Then, after lunch I fough with the computer forever. I had to call Lifelock to answer some questions and then it just took me FOREVER to get into the system and get my official permanent PW. I thought I was going to pull my hair out, esp the parata where you try and figure out what your permanent PW will be. It has to be between so many letters and numbers, no more than 14 and something that no one else had already taken. It just took forever. Well, I finally found one -- - - -grrrr !! Thank God that is at least done.

    Georgia - I am so glad you are doing better on your medication. That is wonderful.

    Jole - Don't feel bad sweetie with your fighting the - - - -computer. I know more than DH but there is still much I do not know. DH has no patience with the whole thing - it is call our son. However, he doesns;t live very close so it is hard for him to come over and fix the problem. Sorry you are feelin so achey today. Hope the weather clears up so you feel better soon.

    Pip - Great job on starting us up again. You always do a great job !! Hope you are feeling OK today. What artwork are you working on.

    Sweet SW- You are such a busy girl with all these relatives and all your festivals. I would be worn out but they do sound like fun, at least most of them. If people stop by and expect food and you don;t know if they are coming or not that might be a problem. Keep smiling and enjoy my dear !!

    Mickey ad Rock - where are you. Hope you are doing OK !!

    Gotta run for now. I am going to go get ready for beddy bye so anyone that wants a story come and hurry sit by Pippi and we can read a story. It had better be a short one . I am pooped , don;t ask me from what ! I really do not have to do much.

    Love to everydobby !!
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    Just another quickie to say hi to AWL of you. Typing fast again before DH comes home and needs the puter. This afternoon we are going to see our granddaughter dance at her HS football game. It should be a wild game with Memorial vs, Stratford (they are big rivals). I am anxious to see the Dance Team that used to be called the Drill Team when 2 or my girls were in it. They did love it. Doesn't seem like that long ago when our girls were dancing at the football games, and all that comes with being on the team, and being the parents of one.

    Georgia - So sorry to hear that your friend will be closing her shop. Is that the one where you teach the classes? That is awful but if it is, you can probably give lessons anyway, at a school, or your home. You have so much skill you would be a benefit to anyone wanting to learn, probably no matter what there experience level. Glad you are doing better.

    Elaine - hang in there sweetie and hope you aren't feeling to bad.

    Big HUGS to EVERYDOBBY - inc Pip, Jole, Julie, Carla t SW and those not mentioned.

    Mickey, Rock where are you ?? Gotta run for now.

  8. jole

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    The wind is blowing and the dirt is flying! Poor hubby....I hope the newly planted wheat stays in the ground where it belongs...lol....praying for some moisture. The wind is to finally die down this evening, thank goodness. It's been in the 40 mph range for the past 4 days now! My furniture sure needs dusting...

    Julie, it's good to see you're still going. I'm wondering also if that house has anything to do with all the illnesses in your family. Although I know daycares, etc. are a definite spreading spot. My grands were constantly catching colds there. I was fortunate my kids never had to go, since at that time I worked mostly nights. Boy, did I hate working that shift!

    When I worked in the nursing home, before the hospital, my shifts were 2 days 7-3, 2 days 3-11, 2 days 11-7, then 2 days off. What a mess! My body never knew when it was to do what...and neither did I. It was not only horrible for me, but also for my kids, so I do understand doing what you have to do!

    I loved working with the elderly. They were so appreciative of every small gesture of kindness, and we became family....the only family a lot of them had, unfortunately. It was sooo hard to quit there, but I had to for the sake of my kids. Those 3 years were heaven and hell all wraped up in one.

    Georgia, it's great that you're doing better! Wishing you continued emotional/mental recovery. It sounds like you know well how to fight it. I wish I could see your sweater! I'm sure it's lovely..... Hope you can get some quiet, relaxing time in this weekend. The visit with your friend sounds good, but take some time just to rest also. Glad your weather is cooler and treating you better!!

    Granni, happy to hear your doc appointment went well and the surgery helped. You went through a lot to get to where you are now, so thank goodness it worked, huh? Now back to work....ugggg....knew it wouldn't keep you down for long, though.

    Pippi, I forgot to comment on your dreams. I'm not a dreamer anymore, but in my 20-30's had really vivid dreams, and a couple of them actually came true. Not in the exact same manner, but true just the same. The rest of them, of course, did not...and I have no idea what (if anything) they meant.

    Where is everyone?? Granni, have you seen Mickey on FB? Is she okay? She's so seldom here anymore. This ProHealth board seems to have lost a lot of people within the last year......it just seems so slow on all the boards anymore compared to a year ago. I sure hate to see that....or is it just me???

    Rock, are you still around?? Missing you, my friend!

    Well, I've sat long enough for my back. Gotta move around awhile. Take care everyone, and there's fresh homemade apple and cherry turnovers sitting on the table...help yourselves! Jole
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Jole, Georgia, et al,

    I to have wondered where the "regulars" have gone. However, there could be lots of reasons I supposed. Some people like MICKEYand JULIE work at least part time and so when they come home there is so much to do with family, including extended families.

    Sweet Spring Water is busy with her festivals. I thought she also mentioned that there will be another festival soon again . That sounds like fun but also a lot of responsibilities for someone who has any of these DD's and medical issues. ROCK has his computer issues and all too.

    Sometimes to some it may just seem like a hard task to just have to post and think of what you are going to say, read what others have had to say. At times posting can be a very welcome diversion from aches and pains but other times it is probably hard for them esp with so many OTHER things they have to do , along with dealing with their pain level as well as their family responsibilities and all. .

    I am guessing priorities may be the answer. Self and family first. THEN, if you have any time leftover do you really want to get on the computer and post. I know for me most times it is theraputic but other times I am lucky to just skim through all the posts. It also seems overwhelming when you have let it go for awhile and thee are a lot of posts to catch up on.

    However, I hoping that everydobby will come back soon, at least to the Porch where there is no bickering. Some people perhaps have had a bad experieince on other boards and hesitate to come back. Hope our MIA's will all feel well enough and have enough time to come visit with us all VERY SOON.

    Love to ALL,

  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Ive been peeking in to see what everybody has been upto but too tired and a bit rushed
    for time to post...the festival hasnt properly ended and my guests came...four of them.
    Aunt (moms only sister), her daughter, daughters husband, and a nephew.

    Ive so far managed okay...my elder bro came and helped me clean up the rooms they gonna
    stay in and the rest of the house...and son pitched in by cleaning my bedroom. Probelm is
    since i wasnt the one to put away stuff, i cant seem to find so many things...like the remote
    control to the tv in the living room..(its so old and we hardly used it,) and some spices i
    know i bought. And a part of the mixer..hahaha. But ive managed.

    Made some proper meals...which they seem to have enjoyed...today, they went off to
    the monasteries and temples and shops so i had a nice several hours break where i tried
    to sleep.

    Tomorrow, my DH said we could take them out of town, somewhere in the hills and feed
    them lunch...

    I havent been feeling too down, and as yet nothing of an unpleasant nature has come up,
    re tension with my cousin sis, she has been behaving pretty well, and im trying to be pleasant
    which doesnt seem to be too hard when the other person behaves nice.

    Hope it lasts. Today while clearing up after dinner, my cousin sis was asking me whether
    i thought it was a good idea thet they should adopt a child. I told her i simply didnt know.
    She should look at the situation and see. She cant have a child. And she's about 2years
    older than me. I know her main reason is so that her husbands family wont get his property.
    But then there could be concerns like who wil look after them when they are old. So Im just
    going to keep mum. In her husbands tribal custom the property goes to his relatives if there
    is no heir and not to the wife. But i honestly feel the main reason for wanting to adiopt a
    child should be because they love and want a child. And years ago when they came here,
    her husband simply wouldnt think of adopting.

    JUlie - I pray LIndseys situation is settled soon...and she can be away from her ex bf for good.
    I know this must be so trying on top of yor trying to juggle a new job and all the new things]
    taht entails.

    Granni - so good to hear the surgery has been successful and you are doing good. Good luck withthe guests.

    Jole - I hope people come back to post soon, but yes, it is difficult sometimes..when one is
    not feeling up to the mark...and also when one is very rushed for time.

    Georgia - it seems you have improved a bit, i am so happy to hear that..yes, we needto
    be fighters against this thing called depression ...give it an inch and it will try to sink its fangs
    into one and drag one down.

    Pippi - how is the artwork coming on? thanks for opening up the new porch

    well, i didnt tack on the porch page and this is al i can remember...its 1:10am and i just got
    up because i excused myself and came to bed at 9:30pm because exhausted but woke up now and felt more refreshed..so decided to post and then go back to sleep.

    I can feel my eyelids closing now..lol.

    All of you , including MIAs , lurkers, peekers hugs and waves

    God Bless

  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    HaHa! These crazy computers. Someone or
    something is always updating and improving them.
    If I want to write an e mail, I no longer click on "Compose".
    I click on "New".

    So as my brother in Oregon says, "I am no longer
    composing, I am "newing".

    Granni, I also saw my surgeon yesterday. The
    eye surgeon. He previously removed two cysts, but
    did not touch the third one because it was shrinking.

    He suggested I come back in February just to
    see what was going on.

    We had a full day yesterday: Dr's office, market,
    library, music store. Then the car wouldn't start
    so we got a jump and drove to the mechanic.

    The car is starting to act like a computer. Gordon
    has had trouble getting it started for almost a
    year. We have a wonderful mechanic. He has
    tried various strategies including a new battery
    and a new starter. And still we have problems.

    The obvious answer is to buy a new car. Gordon's is
    19 years old. Mine is a couple years older. Got me into
    trouble today.

    The parking authorities came down our street
    today and put a notice on all old cars. "Move this
    within 24 hours or it will be towed." So once again
    we have the govt. oppressing the poor.

    Springwater, that's a good idea. Put your guests
    to work. Regarding the moon, the article said
    numerous studies over the years have shown the
    moon has no effect on human behavior.

    But I have read several times over the years that statistics
    show more emergency visits and arrests during a full moon.
    Hard to know what to believe.

    Elaine, I don't know much about computers, but
    I called computer service in Delhi. I was told
    the "E" in E drive stands for eggzasperation.

    Pippi, re: the elephant man, I have never been
    able to find out anything about his ancestry, but
    the research my aunt and I have done indicates
    all the Merricks came from Wales. So that would
    mean he was a relative.

    The elephant man's first name was Joseph, but
    the dr. who wrote about him used the name John,
    for some reason. Looking on the net again, I
    found reference to two plays about the elephant man
    as well as the David Lynch movie.

    Jole, 40-50 mph winds! Yikes! In Minnesota we
    would say, "Yumping yimminy, dat's vindy, yah,

    Carla, glad you and the girls could resume your
    rides. When you walk them, are they on a leash
    or free range?

    Julie, your use of "cohabiting reminds me of
    a coworker in my social worker days. He was a
    very quiet, polite and religious fellow. But the
    Director was constantly reminding him to use
    the term "cohabiting". "You cannot say the client
    is "shacking up!"

    He was kinda stubborn for such a mild-mannered
    fellow. Had a nice voice. Sang tenor in the choir.

  12. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Hi Everydobby!!!

    I had a long day & am just now getting to the porch.

    The wind here is blowing like crazy, too & I hafta almost shut the windows, just to keep it from knocking stuff over.
    There's a lamp, atop a high bookshelf, betwixt the window & me. I learned a long time ago, that when the wind is this strong, that lamp will end up in my lap, or crashed onto my keyboard. So I super-glued it to the shelf. Problem solved!!!

    I'm glad you'll still be able to teach at a community center. I bet a class or 2 at a senior center would be cool, too!
    BTW: I wasn't disagreeing with your therapist about leaving a note. I simply meant ya don't have to leave a note of EXPLANATION. Just say "I'm gone. I'll be back." so you don't get reported as a missing person! LOL!

    Several have asked about my artwork.
    Still working on several projects all at the same time.
    The extra large painting "City of Ghosts" is taking a lot of my time.
    But I'm also painting comical monkey faces on a set of boxes. haha!

    I'm sending a few books to a friend, & she always gets a big kick outta my painted boxes. (I wrap them in brown paper B4 mailing them.)
    I'm also tucking a matching, monkey-face canvas shopping bag into one of the boxes for her.

    Hey Rock!
    I've heard the same yes-it-does / no-it-doesn't argument about the full moon.
    The only thing I know for sure, is I can't sleep during the 3 days of a full moon. It's not the brightness of the night sky, interfering with my sleep. In fact, even when the sky is cloudy, or even when it's raining, if I don't sleep for a few days, I always look at the calendar, & YEP! Full moon!!!

    Maybe there's more trouble, police-wise & ER-wise during a full moon, simply because the extra light entices peeps to be outdoors at night.
    Not a lot of good things happen, when peeps are wandering about aimlessly at night...

    Hey Y'all!!! Something REALLY weird happened today! It was like twilight-zone weird!

    But I gotta go & meet somebody & can't tell about it just now. No time... But I WILL come back & tell about it B4 I go to bed 2nite!!!!!

    It's REALLY weird!!!

    B back later!!!!

  13. teacher

    teacher New Member

    The week is finally over! I've wanted to post several times, but didn't have the mental capacity.

    The bronchitis is getting better. Not completely gone yet, but my nose is starting to drip. It'll be leaving soon.

    Baby is better physically.

    I shall keep it short about THAT situation. Let's leave it at Baby came home and was totally rude to the entire family the whole time she was recuperating. To the point that I almost returned her to school before her time was up.

    I had a few prime things to say to her before helping her take her things back in the dorm.

    Cried all the way home.

    I know you have to let them go and do what they will, but when you see them headed for nothing but pain........ <sigh>

    Anyway. I let her know that I wasn't playing her game anymore. I'm too old and too tired.

    Will post. Be right back.

    Ok, I'm back.

    What she doesn't know she's missing out on because I hadn't told her yet:
    - tickets to the Symphony whenever she wanted - I have a friend that has season tickets and she was willing to give them up for her - Baby has to attend a certain number of off-campus events and write a paper about it

    - my mom was planning on taking a bit from her Social Security check every month and put it in a checking account for her - big sacrifice since the lady has been in the "donut hole" since May

    - I had been thinking that it was time to teach her to drive - was planning on spending the winter looking for a beater and giving her the keys, keeping it in my name because the insurance would be more affordable

    Why should we keep doing for an ungrateful, rude, self-centered brat?

    So, that's been my week.

    I need a vacation. [This Message was Edited on 10/02/2009]
  14. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Hi again!

    Dang! I just went to do one little thing, & it turned into one of those "little" things that winds up being 3 hours of work!
    (But I did manage to kill a dust bunny the size of a basketball. Well, almost that big, anyway...)

    OK. Here's the really weird thing that happened today:

    I was on the city bus, returning home from running errands.
    (Which, as a collective experience, could fill an entire Book-of-the-Weird.)

    I enjoy riding the bus, & I sincerely pity those in our society who think such a mode of transport is "beneath their status & dignity".

    But the weirdness I saw today, I saw FROM the bus, not ON the bus.

    The wheelchair-securement thingies are on the front row of seats (1 on either side of the aisle). Naturally, that's where I was riding.
    We were traveling a north/west route, headed back downtown, on a route I've traveled hundreds of times, & with a bus driver I knew well.

    It was a calm, quiet trip, & I was quite relaxed as we rolled along.
    I was looking absentmindedly out the window, just letting my mind wander, when something caught my attention.

    At an intersection, I glanced at the side-street to my right.
    A Yellow cab pulled up to the intersection from that side street.
    The drivers' window was rolled down (as it was a perfect, beauteous day) & the cabbie looked in my direction.
    Of course, he had to look to his left (my direction) to check traffic before pulling out into the major street.

    But this guy!!! He's what caught my attention!

    He had looooong white straggly stiff hair, & a beard & 'stach to match.
    And all of that hair was sticking out in every direction!
    He had a very odd expression on his face, & I swear he looked like a deranged-lunatic-character from a movie!

    I wondered why Yellow cab would let somebody work for them, looking like that. Surely, as a business, they have some sorta code about having a professional appearance. He really did look THAT outta place, driving the cab!

    But wait! That's not the weird part!

    As the bus approached the NEXT side street.....
    There he was AGAIN! Pulling up to the intersection, from the right of the bus, & looking right at us again!

    How the heck???

    There's no way anybody could have merged into traffic behind my bus, turned right again, made a loop, & been coming back out of the next side street ahead of us!

    OK. I thought that was pretty strange, but there must be some logical explanation...

    THEN! At the next 3 intersections - THERE HE WAS!!!
    Always pulling up to the intersection in that Yellow cab, & looking right at us (at ME?).

    It would be logical for y'all to assume the bus was making stops, & the guy was driving loops, & coming out ahead of us somehow.

    Not so!

    As the bus traveled this very short stretch of road, we didn't make any stops, except for once at a red light!

    The bus wasn't crowded, & nobody rang the bell, to call for the driver to stop.

    I saw this same psycho-looking wild man, driving that Yellow cab, doing the exact same thing, in the ecact same way, for FIVE streets in a row!!!!

    2 of the streets were major intersections, with traffic lights, but 3 of them were minor side streets, with no traffic signal.

    I couldn't even believe I was seeing this!

    I thought about asking the bus driver if he was seeing it. But I just kept it to myself instead.

    After those 5 sightings (which were like re-running a video clip, in their similarity), I never saw the guy again...

    So... I'm left wondering what the heck happened.

    Did I really see that?
    Did some lobe of my brain record then replay a visual experience?
    (If so, why did I see him at different streets?)
    Have I finally lost my mind?
    Did I go through some weird, parallel time-warp thingie?
    Does the boogie-man drive a Yellow cab as his day job???

    Did I doze off, & dream the whole thing & never know I had fallen asleep for a few seconds?
    Or did I ALMOST doze off, & was in a half-waking dream state?

    Have any of you ever experienced anything so weird?????


    Oh well....

    Nothin left to say but:
    G'Nite, dear peeps!

    See y'all in the after-mornin!!!!!!!!!!

  15. teacher

    teacher New Member

  16. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I have NO idea what that was all about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Obviously, the only thing that makes any sense, is that I was so relaxed, I drifted into a semi-asleep dream state, while still being aware of where I was.

    Well... It's either that, or I've lost my mind. So, I'm going with the dream-state theory!!!

    [This Message was Edited on 10/02/2009]
  17. jole

    jole Member

    The wind is nearly gone! What a relief, to say the least. Now when hubby gets a little free time he has to tighten the gutters back up and replace some shingles. Too much wind for too long! I'm hoping even I will be feeling better tomorrow :)

    Good to see the return of the Three Amigos..Rock, Spring, Teacher! Missed you guys...now if we can get that Mickey back, and Joan, Carla, Elaine, etc. we'd be ready to rock!

    Spring, you sound so busy there. It's good you had a few hours of reprieve while your guests were out and about. Also good you had some help with the cleaning, but it must be frustrating to not be able to find things. Heck, I misplace my own stuff all the time anymore, and it's so upsetting to want to use something and not be able to find it. What's even worse is the fact that I have no one to blame but me...lol...

    What are you cooking exciting? Your meals there are different and intriguing. Some of the things you mention I don't even know what it is, so enjoy hearing about the different things.

    Rock, gee I haven't heard the expression "shacking up" in years. Another one I'd forgotten. Use to be used a lot. So many things tell our age, don't they?

    Your car sounds a lot like our last one. It was really old, and very tempermental. Practically had to sing, beg, plead...then get down to a good cussin and bangin with the fist. That usually worked. Oh, my computer now has "new" instead of "compose" also. It really caused me some stress until I figured that out. Thought I couldn't send messages anymore...lol...

    Teacher, TGIF for you!!! Well, I don't know exactly what Baby did, but I do know the feeling of wanting to ban kids for life! And just about the time you do, they seem to straighten up and fly right.......so don't give up quite yet!

    I've forgotten which year in college this is for her? Is it just a gaining independence thing, or truly a disrespect issue? Just remember, in a few years you will be so much smarter in her eyes! Happens every time...once they're really out on their own!

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy your weekend, get some rest, and do something fun before Monday rolls around again. Those weekends are never long enough, are they?

    Pippi, you never cease to astound me. I think it's all that artistic talent coming out in weird forms........another picture for you to paint re: Cabby Guy.

    As for the full moon theory, anyone who's ever worked in a nursing home or hospital can tell you it's true. The only time some of those poor little people would ever be caught naked is during a full moon, and they have no problem whatsoever toodling down the hallways stark naked, and totally happy! And if anyone is going to escape, that's when they'll do it.

    Had a guy once banging on the door to the hospital at 2 am...but not the ER door, the one unlit about 20 feet from it. He'd walked 2 blocks, after shooting his foot nearly off. Why? He was hungry, got up in the night and fixed himself some eggs. Saw a mouse, decided to shoot it, and got his foot. 'Course, needless to say, he was higher than a kite....yep, full moon. (Okay, so that one didn't count..hahaha)

    Hi Georgia, Granni, Julie........see ya all tomorrow!......................Jole

  18. teacher

    teacher New Member

    I woke up in a panic because I thought I was late for school! (hee hee) Imagine my relief wihen I realized it was Saturday! (hee hee) I promptly rolled over and went back to sleep only to dream about school. Oh well. You win some, you lose some!

    Baby is in her second year of college. Her status is still listed as Freshman because she did not complete enough credits last year. THAT'S a long story also. I'll post more on that later. I don't want to get mad before I've had my breakfast.

    I'm glad everyone on the board is starting to feel better. Isn't it interesting how when one falls apart, several others fall also? I guess that gives us another meaning for Porchkateers. One for all and all for one! (hee hee)

    OK, I'm getting silly. I think it's time for breakfast. See youse all later!
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Went to see our only granddaughter dance in her H.S. half time show. The girls did such a good job as the band. Our team was losing 3-0. We had to leave early but did find out that they did come back and win in the second half. So, I am sure they all are very happy today. GD had two friends wpend the night and then havd to be back at the school at 4:15 a.m. or something like that to take the bus downtown to hand out roses to the participants (or winners)of the Susan Komen Race for a Cure for breast caner. Those girls will be mighty worn out.

    Sweet SW - glad that you are doing wel in spiste of all you company and cleaning you have had to do in prep. However, that is great that you did have some help. Yep, when others put things away you cannot always find them.

    Teacher - Sorry you have been having these problems with your daughter. I know at that age many of them think they know everything and as you know they surely don't. If she doesn't listen to you that is her own fault . They have to learn the hard way, through their own mistakes if they are going to do or say foolish and or mean things to othees, sep those in the family, that it will not do her in good stead. Besides the fact that is hjust being plain rude. Glad you told her off so to speak, but I know it hurts alot. I had one daughter sort of like your daughter but she wasn't mean and fresh to us. She just did what she wanted, even if she knew we wouldn't approv.) and then was stuck with the conequences. Hope this makes sense to you. Now she admits she should have listened to us more.

    Gotta run for now since DH NEEDS the pputer.

    Luv to everdobby,
  20. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    It's so true, what you said about letting "the kids" make their own mistakes.

    My mom always said she wished she could make all of our mistakes for us, so we'd gain wisdom, without the pain.
    But knowing that's impossible, she let us make our mistakes.
    She knew we'd figure things out eventually.
    Although it hurt her, seeing us suffer from our mistakes, she was always there waiting for us when the dust cleared.

    And as for doing things the parents wished we wouldn't do:

    Whenever I announced my plan to do something they thought to be a bit extreme (the kinda thing they'd like to talk me out of), my pop would just look at Mom & say: "It's no use". (trying to talk me out of it) "You know how she is, when gets her mind made up!"
    The thing is - he always sounds just a little bit proud of me, when he says that. LOL!

    I learned from my parents, to allow my friends & others in my life, to make mistakes.
    I won't help them make a mistake.
    I don't condone outright bad behaviour or disrespect.
    But I'm still there when the dust settles...

    (Of course, I'm not talking about abuse, crime, or other not-allowed-under-any-circumstance activity. I'm talking about mistakes - even the big ones.)

    It's amazing, how many times I've heard: "You mean you still wanna be my friend???!!!"

    I guess the thing I've learned, is that if I expect people to allow me to be human & make mistakes, I have to do the same with others.

    Sometimes, things that seem like a Major Big Deal, are things that will become a non-issue, in time... Or something we'll laugh at... Or be amazed we got through it... Or realize how deep a relationship really is, cuz I was forgiven for it... Or was able to forgive it.. Or I'm just grateful the person came to their senses without too many scars...

    It's all just life....

    Everydobby have a Great, or good-enough weekend!!!!!

    Love 2 All!!!!