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    Looks like it's me again!

    BRB after I post!

    OK. I'm back, & turning on the Porchlight again!

    I brought Moon Pies & RC. Anything fancier will hafta come from those of ya who can cook!


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    Pippi - Thanks so much for starting us up again and the Moonpies. Geez, I haven''t had one of them in ions !!

    Everydobby please do not forget to check the end of the old volume. Julie, Pip, Teacher, Georgia popped in, also Rocky 76, and myself. There are a couple of long posts.

    I just got back from eating out with DH at a local Mexican restaurant. I am soooo full !!

    Hope some of you all drop by tomorrow.

    Mickey - I am worried about you. Hope all is well with you and your family, including your mom.

    Well, I am getting tired and have to start getting ready for beddy bye. Where's the book Pip ?

    Hugs to everydobby,
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    Granni, you and Pippi just didn't wait for me, did you? Sorry I was late...again...

    Teacher, as usual I'm probably wrong, but isn't Baby really your niece? I've thought that all along for some reason.? Wow, she's being a little stinker, isn't she? No wonder you were ready for a good vent!!

    Hopefully she will "get" it some day and feel remorseful, but meanwhile, what a lot of stress for you and your mother! I'm so sorry...that's a lot of money for her to feel entitled to with you on a teacher's wages. Not to mention being ungreatful. I hope things get better between you. "Well, I never felt more like singin' the blues...."

    Georgia, I am truly happy to hear you sounding better. Hope you and grandpa can have some enjoyable time together this weekend. It's good your Zoloft level is down so your energy can be up! That should help you feel better also.

    Julie, I feel badly for your parents. Winter for me is very much indoors...housebound, and I know how hard that is on anyone, but for them to live in such a small home must make it even harder. I'm sure their spirits get very low in the winter......easy for me to relate with.

    My daughter is excited....her ex is moving out of state...yea!! They have to go back to court for changes...he'll be paying less in child support, but will also probably get her less.

    At least they're hoping it'll turn out that way, since he doesn't take her part of the time when he should and she has proof of it. He also was to have 3 weeks this summer, and he didn't want her...his little girl cramped his love life too much!

    Well, no I guess I can't say that, 'cause he'd have the girlfriend over on the weekends his daughter was there, and they'd all sleep in the same bedroom!! How sick!! My daughter called her attorney and he said she couldn't do anything about it...??..

    Poor little kids. It's no wonder us grandma's love them so much, huh? But my daughter has been very blessed to find a good hubby who loves them both very much, and is truly her "daddy".

    Rock, you can talk about your past anytime. I can't imagine your family not being interested in your family history! I wish I knew more about mine, but by the time I was really interested in knowing, all my grandparents were gone. No aunts or uncles left either that are lucid enough to remember anything.

    The only thing I know is that I'm a direct descendent of Sam Houston. My one aunt was proud of that fact...the other, not so much! Wouldn't even admit it was true unless cornered.
    I also know that my Grandpa's brother was to be on the Titanic, but gave up his ticket to person who wanted to go with their spouse.

    Other than that, all I have is the geneology report from the internet...which is only names and dates. Too bad. That doesn't tell you anything but which country you originated from, if checked back far enough. Better than nothing, I guess.

    Spring, come back and see us when you have time.

    Mickey, Joan, Elaine, everyone.............sleep well..................Jole

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    Just wanted to pop in and say say Hey- so Hey. I had a really busy day at the shop on Fri and paid for it yesterday, so had a slug on the couch day. I feel better today and need to get some outside work done while the weather is nice, a little cool but that is ok. Rain is coming Mon and Tue and a freind is coming to my house for the first time on Wed for dinner and a painting session. So trying to get my house cleaned too.

    I don't think Mickey would mind if I tell you I looked at her Facebook and her step-dad has swine flu, her mom had rectal surgery and a lung thing going on but tested neg for swine but they are going to treat her for swine anyway. So that is why she hasn't been here. We miss you Mickey and hope you can come back soon.

    Teacher- wow you have your hands full too with Baby. So she is in touch with her BM? Has she been tested for ADD or other mental disorders like Bi-Polar? My grandaughter really put my daughter threw the wringer too and she did have ADD and was better after she went on meds.

    But teens are going to be teens and I am a firm believer if you give them everything dont expect to get anything, including respect back. I know many here were raised without cells phones, laptops, pricey clothes and a credit card and we turned out pretty good, other than the dds.

    To quote Dr Phil- we teach people how to treat us. I have found this to be very true, the more bad behavior you accept the more you will get, sometimes "tough love" is what we have to do for THEM. They will not learn any other way, if we continue to "recuse" them they will continue to behave badly as mommy, GM will always be there to clean up.

    My grandaughter had to learn that the hard way and now she is fine and a responsible young adult, but when she was 14-15-16 we were very worried about her. I know it is hard to be hard on them, we don't want to damage them more than they already are, but by allowing them to manipulate us into giving them anything does more harm than good as they go out into the world and expect the world to give everything too.

    I have just seen this first hand with a GF who died 2 years ago, she was a single mom of 3, they were 21-19-14 when she died. She had a bad mother so gave her kids everything and then some, then she laid in her house for almost 2 days in the LR floor in her own vomit and body fluids before her kids came by to check on her or ask her to babysit her 1 year old grandson and found her in a coma, she died 7 days later. They didn't even call me and tell me. I had been trying to reach her, she was suppose to move in with a freind because she was going to lose her house so assumed that is where she was but I finally went to her house and left a note and her kids called me a week later to tell me she died.

    We were HS buds for 30 years and her kids were brats, her second husband died when the youngest was 8, he was the father of 14 yo, then six months before she died her first husband was killed in a car wreck, he is the father of the 2 "adult" kids. She had been a nurse for 30 years in the cancer unit and got Hep C and had been sick for over a year and died waiting for disablilty and her kids used her, stole from her and never offered any help, so I am a little prejuidice about kids being spolied. Ok off my soap box now. But wish you luck with Baby.

    Pip wow what a experince with the cabbie, I don't know what I would think either. How is the painting coming?

    Jole and Granni I don't charge for my "services" and hope one day it will come back to me in another way- I believe in karma :) Hope your puters are fixed now. Granni creating a new eamil for you is a simple thing you do threw your ISP, then you have to set it up in Molliza, I can't help you there. But it is not as hard as you think it would be. You can do it. Just takes patiences.

    Georgia hope you are feeling better and just do it one day at a time.

    ROck hope you and Gordon are enjoying your weekend.

    Elaine good luck on round 2- I admire you so much.

    Well shoulders are already hurting from sitting here and need to get busy-and better post this before I time out, didn't mean to go into a rant about spoiled teens :) just happened-lol

    Hello to Joan, Spring, and everydobby else-Carla

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    Well, Kids, it's been a busy stretch. Gordon took
    the week off, and we have done all kinds of
    errands. He went to 3 drs; I went to one. We've
    been to the library a couple times.

    He cut my hair and had his own done at a beauty
    school. And yesterday I was able to go to my
    Emotions Anonymous meeting. First time I've
    been able to get there in months!

    And, of course, Gordon has been cooking. Last
    night's treat was shrimp stir fry. In the morning
    he made beef-vegetable soup.

    He has some excursion planned for today, but
    I can't remember what it is. Oh, he says it's
    the Farmers' Market.

    Pippi, thanks for the moon pies. I didn't know
    what a moon pie was. Thought maybe it was those
    little pies they used to sell at the market.
    Sort of oblong, about the size of your palm.
    Not very good.

    Anyhoo, I had forgotten all about them. Haven't
    seen them in decades. So I looked up Moon
    Pies on the net. Seems to have been a turnover
    or pasty originally. A small pie filled w/ meat or
    fruit and deep fried.

    Now they have cookies called moon pies. Well,
    like a lot of things, the more you look into it, the
    more complicated it becomes.

    Yes, your wild-looking man at 5 intersections does
    sound like the Twilight Zone. Or multiple haluthinathions.

    Micky, where are you? Are you running yourself
    ragged working and taking care of mom and
    holding down the fort? Please let us know you
    are OK.

    Oh, Carla, just gave us an update. So sorry to
    the folks are having serious medical problems.

    Teacher, the story of Baby is depressing. I won't
    say much. I probably don't understand the

    In our little village there was only one kid known
    to be adopted. As far as I know, there was never
    any stigma or problem. He was an ordinary kid
    w/ no personality difficulties.

    Jole, Sam Houston?! A guy who was a President,
    Governor and Senator. You should
    move to Texas. On second thought, probably
    a lotta folks in Texas claim to be his descendant.
    Remember the c-w singer David Houston? Used
    to sing w/ Tammy Wynette.

    Anyway he was supposed to be a Sam Houston
    descendant, but of course, it might have been a
    Public Relations stunt.

    You ever read about Temple Houston, Sam's
    son? The kind of character always described by
    words like colorful, flamboyant, etc.

    Just missed the Titanic! Wow! Gordon
    got a catalog wherein you can buy a photo
    of the Titanic. Attached to the frame is a pea-
    sized piece of coal, alleged brought up from
    the sunken ship. Price is $139.

    Granni, it didn't cost anything to get the car
    repaired. The mechanic said everything looked
    ok. Couldn't find anything that needed fixing.
    All very frustrating.

    Georgia, seems like you are improving. The
    good thing is you know what to do, where to get
    help. A lot of folks on the depression board seem to be
    confused, without much idea of what
    to do to get better.

    Julie, what do you mean "Only taking deviled
    eggs". Deviled eggs are a lot of work. I made
    some one time. Only it was too much trouble
    to pipe the filling. I just mashed them all up in a
    bowl. Well, I wasn't taking them anywhere.

    Elaine, even w/ chemo, you are still spunky and
    full of mischief. Hope this session is easier than
    the first.

    Springwater, what is the festival ju jour? Why
    don't you tell your relatives there is a new festival?
    Everybody comes and helps Springwater for a day while
    she rests and meditates.

    Carla, your glasswork is so beautiful. Do you have a
    lot hanging in your house just for your
    own enjoyment? If any Porch-ka-teers haven't
    seen it, just search for Carla Ball.

    Oh, there you are, Carla. You posted while I was
    typing. (Keyboarding; newing) Sorry to hear you
    had a slug on your couch. Hope it didn't bite you.
    Haha. Just being silly.

    We have garden slugs. If they get a chance they will
    try and eat the cat kibble. Don't know if they can
    actually do it or not. I mean, who has time to stand
    around and monitor a slug.

    Sometimes I put a piece of kibble in front of a slug.
    It "races" right over to it. I don't even know if
    they have eyes.

    Well, I's better get ready to go shopping for
    fruits and veggies.

    Regards to Barry, Joan, Linda, et. al.

  6. Pippi1313

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    Good after-mornin' everydobby!

    I just slept til almost NOON! I musta been more exhausted than I realized!

    Rock: I don't understand your relatives' lack of interest in their family history.
    I'm always tremendously excited to learn something new about my family history. Even as a hyper little kid, I'd sit in rapt amazement, whenever an older relative would tell me about our ancestors!!!

    Being the youngest of the youngest, I lost my old peeps early in life.
    Now that I have more questions, I WISH they were here, so I could ask them even more!!!

    (From what I do know, I come from some very colorful peeps!)

    About ungrateful brats:

    I wasn't an "ungrateful brat" as much as I was the "Evil Spawn of Satan"! LOL! Yes, I really was that bad!!!

    I recently told Mom, I don't know why she didn't just sign me over to a foster home, or even have me put in Maryhurst (the juvenile delinquent facility - aka "treatment center" for girls with "issues").
    She honestly would have been justified in doing so.

    My junior year in high school, I went to live with a lady I worked for.
    The lady, Margie, was about 10 years older than Mom, & had been a single mother to 3 grown sons.
    I was the one who asked if I could stay for awhile. Mom didn't put me out or anything.
    The amazing thing was how much I grew emotionally during that time. It's amazing cuz Margie was actually pretty strict & didn't take any crap from me! And she never ever let me bad-mouth Mom.

    I did eventually return home, & although things weren't all rosy, that was the beginning of things turning around for Mom & me.

    A few years ago, Margie became seriously ill & had to go into a nursing home. (The same home her dad was at.)
    Of course, Mom & I went to see her.
    We talked about that time when I lived with her (she brought it up).
    Margie said (to Mom) she hadn't been sure at the time, if she was doing the right thing or not - letting me stay with her.
    She knew my mom my whole life, & thought maybe Mom would resent her for "interfering".

    Mom & I both assured her it had been the right thing. Mom said I had needed the time to "get myself together".
    I even laughed & said: "Heck! Mom really needed a break from me, by then!"

    Margie visibly relaxed as we talked about it, the 3 of us together, & me & Mom being so obviously close now.
    It was like a burden of doubt had been lifted from her.

    Margie was "settling up" the things in her life that were still issues for her. And this was obviously something important.
    Mom & I both assured her that without her help during that time, we wouldn't be close today.

    That was one of the last times I saw Margie smile.....

    (gotta post B4 I time out. BRB)
  7. Pippi1313

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    OK. I'm back!

    Rock: I hear ya about the depression board.
    I went there, when I first discovered this place, but the more I read, the more depressed I got!
    I tried to figure it out & participate for the first few days, but I haven't been back since.

    Ah! Moon Pies! As with all my junk-food faves, my dad introduced me to them. The "RC" too! (My friend in Oregon didn't know what RC was! Or Big Red, either!)

    But the best treat, by far, my pop showed me how to make, is also the messiest & stickiest.

    Take 2 cinnamon graham crackers, put a BIG glob of marshmallow fluff between them, & squish it together sandwich-style! YUMMMMMM!!!!!!

    When I was just a baby, he'd make one for me, & I wound up all sticky from head to toe, and happy as a little piggy!!! LOL!!!

    Gotta go now, Dear Peeps!
    Since I already slept away half the day, I reckon I oughtta do something productive.... Or not..... I already received my 1st B-Day present. My friend, James burned copies of a whole buncha horror movies, & several discs of 3-Stooges. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!!!!!
    Will I have a good-enough day? Soitenly!!!!!!!

  8. ckball

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    Wow two posts on the porch in one day but had to come back to tell Pippi I just had a marshmellow fuff and peanut buttter samich while I read the posts and there was Pippi talking about marshmellow fluff-lol. I love it with PB and with my hot coco too.

    Did you ever have a smore? It is a toasted marshmellow betweeen graham crackers and a piece of hershey candy bars-oh soooooo good that you have to have smore!

    You know when I was 10 my mom "rented" me out to babysit a 60 yo woman. Her husband worked swing shift at the steel mill and she didn't like being alone in the evening or all night. So she paid my mom for me to stay with her, she lived across the street from us, then she moved a few miles away and I stayed with her for 3 years, then he retired.

    It ended up to be a good experiance for me as they were a "normal" family, unlike mine so I think it really helped me escape things at home. I even stayed when her hubby was home too. MOm didn't care, she didn't have do anything for me. So I understand, she was like the grandmother I did have.

    Hey Rock sounds like you and Gordon are staying busy and you feel like getting out. Cars aren't they pain, never make that noise when a mechanic is standing there.

    Teacher I hope you didn't take what I said about spoiled brats personally, I was guilty too as worked hard at giving my own daughter a better life than I had with my mom and now she doesn't even talk to me, it started when my mom got sick, then got worse when I got sick, she wasn't there for me. We had a great relationship up until then. Now she has spent herself into near bankruptcy to stay in the life to which she became accustomed to.

    Well better get back to work, need to cut grass- Carla

  9. Granniluvsu

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    gooey marshmallow and graham cracker samiches is making me hungry !!!! MMMM- sticky. I do not know about the PB but who knows I might like it.

    I didn't finallly make the chuck roast in the crock pot this morning after church. I always forget about it and have to defrost the meat and then chop all the veggies to put in there to do it right. It takes a lot of time to do all the chopping but it tastes good in the end. I do love crockpot recipes though cause you can throw them together in the morning and then leav them till dinner. I go in spirts with the crockpot but I do love it. You have to think ahead and I do not always do that :) !!

    Gee, I almost feel weird with everydobby talking about their childhoods and how they were either not the sweetest chldren when they were growing up or had problems with their parents in one way or the other. My house was loving and I guess rather boring but at that time I almost think it was an easier time, certainly a lot simpler. We weren't spoiled cause we didn't have that much but loving and caring parents. Of course, that does not mean that I always agreed with my parents or didn't have disaagreements-that is for sure.

    I also wasn;t the complete ANGEL when I went away from home to nursing school either. Of course, I didn't tell my mom and dad about any of that. It was nothing really bad more like mischievous stuff. Nowadays we have coed dorms. Then they had house mothers and some of them were pretty strict and mean :) !!! HE HE !! All part of growing up. I wasn't allowed to get my way much either or my brother, but they did listen.

    Georgia - Glad you are getting used to your meds. I am sure all of that will take time. Those walks with Ursula sound great.

    Carla- I like that "slug" on the couch too. I never heard that one either. Hope you are getting rested. Glad you got to stay with that lady across the street. I am glad it helped you a lot !!

    Mickey - sorry to hear that your step dad is s sick and mom not so well either. Just thinking about you. Drop by when you can. We are thinking about you hon. Try not to wear yourself out.

    PIp - How nice that you stayed with that lady for awhile Glad that it helped to set you straight sweetie. We all have a different learning experiences.

    Well, I am afraid that I had better sign off as I wasnt this to go where it is supposed to and not into outer space. Pleass excuse me if I didn't mention everydobby !.

    Hi also to Julie, Jole, Rock, Joan and everyone else. (((HUGS to awl inc. Elaine and Mickey)

    Thinking of you AWL.

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    I see a theme running here:

    It's not until we're away from our families, that we get the full picture of how great, or terrible, or honestly good-enough, our families really are.

    For some of us, that time away also gave our families some perspective on OUR good points, since they didn't hafta view us through a constant cloud of emotional turmoil.

    I know I'm one of the lucky few.
    Mom was able to relax enough, during my absence, to see her own role in the drama, & admit that her anger caused her to mis-handle her part in it, too.

    She no longer saw everything as being all my fault.
    I was gone, & guess what! The family still had problems!
    Before then, every problem anybody had, was twisted around until I was to blame. I didn't even have to be there or know about it - it would be my fault in the end.
    That would enrage me, of course, & the family could sit back & say: "Yep! See? The problem IS her!"

    But, who is to blame, when the scapegoat is gone?

    Mom began to grow in understanding, & realized the whole family dynamic was screwed up, & needed to change.

    Sure, I was all messed up. I acted out. I did bad things on purpose (& enjoyed it!)

    But she finally, FINALLY, saw that my behaviour could be a result of family problems, & not the cause of them.

    I give Mom a LOT of credit for that.
    Some people never "get it", but she did.
    Then she began the process of getting our family on the right track.
    It wasn't an easy thing to do, but she never gave up...

    And now, we're a close family.
    We support each other, depend on each other, & value our individual talents.

    We could have just as easily been fractured beyond redemption, spending our lives playing our assigned role & being bitter & resentful.

    There was a point when our family could have gone either way.
    Mom is the first to admit she's made a lot of mistakes.
    But I'm the first to admit it's Mom who fixed things.
    I was still too young & angry to have fixed anything.
    Mom guided us all through a rough time.

    I guess most screwed-up families have a pivotal moment - that time when things could go either way.

    People in adult families that are still dysfunctional, can probably look back & even know when that time was.
    There are so many real obstacles, preventing a family from getting on the right track. It's amazing that it can happen at all.

  11. teacher

    teacher New Member

    I know I've been going on and on lately, but just let me go a bit more and then I'll stop.

    I'm with you Rock, it's a depressing story, but only because she chose to make it that way. I've done all I could.

    Baby is my niece. Her BM is my oldest sister. Her grandparents are my parents.

    BM was shacking up with some dude and when he found out she was in the family way, literally dumped her and her belongings back at home in the middle of the night.

    He is now in jail for murder.

    BM kept Baby until the welfare benefits ran out. You're only allowed five years. She disappeared after that. Baby was left with my parents.

    I could not officially adopt her because I was making less than $20k a year and had college loans.

    My father provided food and shelter. My mom and I did the rest.

    BM showed up at the beginning of each school year to sign paperwork and off she went again. My parents finally had to apply for custody because BM was getting harder and harder to reach.

    I was living at home when Baby was born. I did not move out until about five years ago. I couldn't take my father anymore. I was still around alot because I was still helping with Baby.

    When I left home, Baby acquired two addresses! LOL

    When Baby was in high school, BM got a new boyfriend. When he found out that he had a "daughter" he was delighted. He began making my sister spend more time with her child. You should have seen how HE put himself out for her. Treated Baby just like she was his own.

    He's no longer with us. He had a heart attack. We miss him.



    Through all of this, Baby has had her moments of anger and frustration. Mom and I have done lots of talking and holding and taking her to different counselors. We've tried music lessons and art classes both as an outlet and because she has talent.

    We've kept her in church. Everyone there knows her story. No one treates her as anythng less than my daughter. Sometimes they even tease me and tell me that I have another sister. LOL

    There are three or four adults at church that Baby trusts with her heart. She has had converstations with them over the years.

    Teachers at school have been amazing also. Baby has had close relationships with at least two per school she's been in. She's been able to go to these people also.

    Everyone that she has spoken to has come back to the same theme. Yes, your birth father is a mess. Yes, your birth mother is a mess. But, you have a grandmother and an aunt in your corner.

    You have a right to be angry. Just be sure you're not angry with the wrong people.

    Baby has chosen to be a rude, self-centered, ungrateful brat. It's not that I want her kissing my feet or anything like that. Just realize that we ALL were dealt a bad hand. Who needs to be trying to raise an 5-year-old when you're 60 and medically frail? When you're $40k in the hole for college?

    Baby was family. You do what you have to do to help family. Especially when it's a small defensless child. You make lemonade out of your lemons and be thankful you have something to drink.

    No, I haven't always done everything Baby has wanted. My sisters left me holding the bag. My younger sister left the state shortly after Baby was born and hasn't looked back. My older sister dumped her off-spring on ill, elderly parents.

    I have had to juggle three other peoples lives mixed in with my own. It ain't been easy. Especially when my father constantly made it clear that my best wasn't good enough for him.

    Many times I wanted to run, but my concience wouldn't let me. So I stayed.

    I know I did my best.

    Baby has chosen to be unthankful.

    I have to choose to live with that.

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  12. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Oh Teacher: You know what saying just came t6o mind? '"Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we decide to deceive!" I hope that doesn't make you feel bad but it just came to my mind after reading all of your story. i am so sorry. She just can't realize what you have done for her, can she? Please don'gt feel that yopu ever have to "stop" Whenever you want to talk. That's what we are able to do - LISTEN". That is what is so wonderful about the porch - we are all good listeners.

    I was luckty. I had caring parents! My dad idolized me, his only child and the feeling was mutual. He never spoke of it though. My parents were not demonstrative at all but I know what they felt for me. i was very lucky. i lost my dad when I was only 33 and I felt that lose for so long.

    Georgia: So sorry you are having a tough time now. Is Rottie you dog? Isn't a pet so dear when you are having a rough time? Hang in there. We love you.

    Grannie: that is my problem with the crockpot. Either i don't have everything for it or the time isn't right. I have my so-called dinner at noon. (I have supper in the p.m.) Well, I guess I nee3d to put it on and going before I go to bed. But then whatever energy I had is gone! Guess I could eat it in the evening! Don't need to be such a creature of habit!!

    I had been on Face Book last eve and read about Mickey's problems. She is facing a double whammy! So sorry for her. I wrote for her to not get too tired!

    Carla: Where do you live? You seem to always be getting ready to go out and mow!!~ Our lawn is rather dry and I don't think that it will get another mowing. Days are too cool - sometimes just plain cold./ And I am so sorry that there were problems with your family also.

    Oh Pip; Your treats sounded so very good. I love marshmallows anyway - just out of the bag too. But getting them warm really peps them up. It is so good and messy! that's what makes them good.

    And you too had family problems in the past! I feel so very l;ucky to have had what I had.

    Rock: I am having horrid comp. problems!! E-mail is not functing correctly, in fact it is a mess! When I got home from my little outing, I tried to get the ones that came while I was gone. Well, whatever I tried came up with error! Each e-mail came in 4 times! Then none would delete! I think that there are almost 300 unread e-mails on it.

    Going to submit.

    Here I am again!

    Our #1 son tried to fix that when he was here 1 wk. ago but it just didn't work. One guy at church told me it was my server. then I was talking to another guy who is having the same trouble and he has a different server than I do! I just saw that Norton had gone over things and all were OK. Now what! i can get Explorer, Face Book and Pro-Health fine. I have a friend who has worked on my comp. before I will see ifr I can catch him tomorrow. He's at the church hotdog roast right now. I could have been there but it is too cold for me. Besides, we were to play games at 5, then eat at 6:30. I don't like to play games!

    OK~~~~about my most wonderful short vacation "girls time" together. My D picked me up (had driven 345 mi. from MI). Then she drove 3 hrs. to the Amish villages of Middlebury and Shipshewana. We stayed in the gorgeous hotel there in Middlebury, and ate at the family style dinner. D and SIL had purchased a transport chair for me and D pushed me around. Her good, good friend came from Clevland,OH and brought her wheelchair MIL. I had the most wonderful time. We went into shop after shop and looked. (I a bought a little) ((Now why did it do that??))

    We went to Shipshewana which is very Amish. It has a most wonderful restaurant also. The food is all very Amish and good. And oh the pies!!!! I had fresh peach with whipped cream on top (REAL), sugar cream, and butterscotch with whipped cream. i also bought a jar of something that is on all tables. Peanut butter mixed with syrup, and marshmallow cream.

    I realized on night in bed that this was the very first time that I had ever had a "Ladies time-out) I always said I couldn't go because I would not leave Harley alone all night. But anyway, I had a gtreat time.

    i don't know what this thing is doing now. After the word "now", it went down a line. Then as I type, it goes back up where it belongs. COMPUTERS!!! They are so contrary but how lucky we all are that they were invented!!!!

    I do believe that this is enough for one time.

    I love you all and gentle hugs,

    [This Message was Edited on 10/04/2009]
  13. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Aww I just want to give you a great big hug. Your story brought tears to my eyes and you have sarificed your whole life for Baby and to be honest, nothing will make her happy. She will probably never get over the situation she was brought into. A BM who just ran away and a dad in jail for murder no less.

    I see why you have made this sacrifice and commend you as not everyone would have or could have done the same thing. My heart breaks for her and it would take a lot of work from her in therapy along with your unwavering support to get her to a "normal" state of mind with self esteem.

    She does these things to test you, to make sure you are there for her, unlike BM. Bless you and may your god be with you and your family-Carla
  14. jole

    jole Member

    I have to agree with the peanut butter and marshmallow sandwiches....my hubby got me started on those years ago...yummy! Also haven't had one in a long, long time. Guess I'll have to put marshmallow creame on my grocery list.

    Smores is a given for our family in the summer for cookouts. They now have graham crackers specifically made for Smores...just the right size, and a little stronger so they don't crumble as easily when you eat them. Worth the extra few cents, 'cause there's less waste. Hahaha...who would have thought that would be my "intelligent" conversation for the evening?

    Moon Pies...you know, I never really did care for those. How can that be???

    I have a favor to ask of one of you FB gals....when you're on next, would you please tell Mickey "HI" from the rest of us, and let her know she's in our thoughts and prayers? What a trying time she's been having! I hope her FIL gets along okay with that flu. I forgot what was wrong with him, but he's in a wheelchair, right? So this can't be good. Then her mother...oh my goodness! Wish we could help her out............

    Crockpot food sounds good. I've been wanting to make beef stew lately, but need to get some cabbage first. Have the stew meat in the freezer...add the potatoes, cabbage, carrots, and I like some corn in it also. It's a good winter food with homemade bread.

    I just made a huge pot of chilli the other day and have a bunch of that in the freezer also. Sometimes I wonder why I worry about how my chilli tastes...my hubby is one of those guys who puts so many crackers in it that I can't imagine he tastes the soup anyway!...lol... Anyway, that's the way I like to cook, do a lot and freeze it, 'cause I don't do it very often anymore. The days with enough energy are too far between it seems.

    To all of you working on family, health, money, (well, I guess that about covers all of us)..I wish everyone whatever they need to make their life better. We'll just hang in there together and it won't seem so bad, okay? Love to all.............Jole

  15. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Hi Ya, Peeps!!!

    It's after 4:00 pm, & I'm just getting to the computer. Busy day of errands & paperwork stuff.

    So, now I'm here relaxing, & see I've created a marshmallow monster! LOL!!!
    (Note to self: Marshmallow fluff on the grocery list!)

    Teacher: I really do think Baby will understand things at some point.
    She just really can't be expected to have emotional-growth on the "normal" schedule.
    I know it's tough to deal with someone who is an emotional 8-yr-old, but whose actions have permanent & life altering consequences.

    I told about my familys' troubles, in our early days, to kinda make that point.
    I know I brag about my wonderful family, & my wise mom (probably way too much). But we didn't start out all loving & close. & Mom didn't start out wise. She had to grow into her wisdom. Life is a learn-as-you-go proposition. Thank God, Mom was paying attention & learning! Not everyone does...
    And as she learned, she taught us what she knew.
    She taught through example, action & words.

    I think, it's because we had such a rough start, that I cherish the loving, supportive, closeness we have now.
    Our bond is actually deeper BECAUSE it didn't come easily.

    Mom & Pop both had tough lives themselves.
    They had to learn "loving family" from scratch, with no prior experience or information. Pretty amazing accomplishment, huh? I sure think so.

    Georgia: Wishin' I could give ya big ol' hug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Please pray (in your own way) for my brother, Jess.
    He's in the hospital & will have to have surgery.
    We don't know yet, if it'll be a fairly simple surgery, or a MASSIVE major big deal surgery.
    Jess is the one who has the baby (my niece, Rachel) who just had her first birthday
    He actually did things the old fashioned way & got married & THEN got pregnant! LOL! It's the 1st baby for either of them.

    Please, please, please, please, pray for the easier surgery!!!!!!!!

    The surgery (of some sort) can't be avoided, but it'll eliminate a serious recurrent health problem for him, so that's ok-ish.

    Gotta go for now... I haven't even had time to think about touching food yet today...

    I'll be back B4 bed time, to check on everydobby!!!!!

    LOVE 2 ALL!
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to let you kow that I am thinking of you AWL ! Sorry this will be a generic post. This week is going to be the week from H - - - ! There is something to do almost every dy and night and tomorrow there are three things . Have a county chorale performance with a dress rehearsal tonight. Choir practice on Wed. evening. There are also all kinds of stuff going on on the weekend. After this week then i will have company for a few days and then go to our daughters in the Ft Worath area. We will be home on sunday, the one after this week.

    I am even getting aconfused.

    How nice to see you awl - Jole, Georgia, Joan, Teacher, Carla and whoever else if I missed you it is not intentional.

    If you haven't esp ROCK - please check out the cute Flu Square Dance call that was sent to me today. Sorry it is a bit graphic but I had to send it. :) !! It is on the Chit Chat board.

    Talk to you later.

  17. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I just re-read "me" and I talked way too much. I am known for that! i am tooooo tired to write much now. Comp. isn't workiing right.

    See you AWL

  18. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Joan: Why do you say you talked way too much???

    Don't ya know we want to hear all about you & all about your life?
    You CAN'T "talk too much"! It isn't possible!!!

    We care way too much about you, to want to hear LESS from you (or about you!).

    Please don't shut us out. Not even a little bit!

    Society has always told us, we're not supposed to talk about ourselves.
    But one thing all Porch-Ka-Teers know, is that society is wrong about a LOT of things!!!!

    I, for one, want you to tell us MORE, not LESS!!!!!!!!

    Love & Huggles 2 U!!!!!!!!

  19. teacher

    teacher New Member

    I can spill the beans now.

    Greg Mortenson came to our school. He wrote the book "Three Cups of Tea" and founded the "Pennies for Peace" organization.

    I hadn't heard of him until this summer. But I've learned that he is amazing.


    The above is the website. It will tell you lots about him and his organization.

    He was out mountain climbing in Pakistan, got lost and fell ill. He wandered into this village and they took care of him until he could go on his way.

    He was struck by the fact that there were over 80 children gathered in this one area writing in the dirt with sticks. After asking questions, he found out that there wasn't a building and the teacher only came three days a week.

    When he left, he promised to return and bring a school with him. He's done that and more.

    We were'nt allowed to discuss this openly because he's so popular that he's absolutely mobbed. He brought his own security guard.

    He's up for a Nobel Peace Prize. Those winners are to be annouced this week.

    We've been collecting pennies and so far, we've amassed $1,000.00 all in pennies. We're going to collect for one more month and then we'll see what happens.

    That's what we've been working on since day one. We've been doing math, reading, and social studies lessons around this theme. The students have created art and we learned an original song to sing to him today.

    Lots of work and the lady that organized it all was totally pleased with the outcome today. I think it's safe to say that we done good!

    I'se tard now. I think I'll get some hot chocolate and hit the hay. Too much excitement in one day overwhelms the oldsters!

  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Did I post about Blackie? Can't member nutin'
    these days. He's getting tamer. Is resting on
    the carpet. Probably the first soft surface he's
    ever be able to lie on.

    I put some medicine on him. He tolerated the
    procedure. The other med has sulfur in it. He
    really hates that one. I am hoping to get rid of
    the mange before the other cats get it.

    All this talk about marshmallows reminds me of
    fudge. My mother was a wonderful candy maker.
    She also made divinity and penuche (aka brown
    sugar fudge) and some sort of something w/
    no name. I think it was basically chocolate poured over
    chow mein noodles. Better than it sounds.

    Anyway it took a strong person to make fudge
    when I was a kid. You had to beat it for 15 min
    or so. Later the recipe w/ marshmallow creme came
    along, and the process was not only simpler, but no longer
    prone to failure.

    Pippi, does "RC" stand for Royal Crown Cola?
    Haven't had one of those for a coon's age.
    Better than Dr. Pepper as I recall.

    Teacher, the story of Baby is just tragic. Your
    sister wrecked havoc w/ Baby's life and yours. I wouldn't
    have anywhere near the compassion you do.

    Never heard about Greg Mortenson before. I
    visited his site. So many ignorant kids in this
    country hate school. Since they don't know any
    history, they are not aware that historically only
    the wealthy were educated.

    We have free schools because we are a democracy
    and need an educated public. Too
    many of our kids just want to hang out at the
    mall. W/o an education, I 'spect they'll end up
    working there; at the food court.

    Joan, your computer is almost as ornery as
    Baby. Is it still stuck w/ all those e mails? No,
    you didn't post too much. Glad to hear you had
    nice mini-vacation.

    Linda, cocoa w/ marshmallows sounds good.
    Haven't had that for ages. Never heard the term
    "staycation" before. Did you coin it?

    Is your hip still improving, or has it reached a
    plateau? Is it unsteady or achy; not both
    I hope.

    Granni, sounds like you're extra busy. Hope you
    have a wonderful trip to the Ft. Worth area.

    Later, Kids