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    Come on in one and all
    we can sing we can dance and have a ball

    Snuggies in all colors with belts to hold them on
    and we will stay warm from dusk to dawn

    ok that's all I got for now so better post this before if goes pow- Carla
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    and saw it was close so swept it all up nice and fresh, chairs and snuggies await awl

    Rock I saw them at the Dollar General store the other day for $8.00- Wow yours in CA are rather pricey. I knew things out there were more-so I think I will stay here for now. I saw all the rain that was hitting the left coast, so all the critters in, except for the one with the white stripe down it's back or the one with a tail like a rat? Hope you get back up to full steam soon or as close to as you can-have missed you.

    Georgia got my fingers crossed for your ct results and the rain lets up so Urs can take you for a walk ;-)

    SW how are things in your part of the world, hope your day was good for you and you enjoyed rather than endured.

    Julie have you found your head yet? I know you are liking your new position and you will get threw it like you always do, one day at time

    Mickey it is good to see you back too, but understand if you don't make it everyday, you still have a lot going on and I do understand how you feel about taking care of a parent when things weren't always great. You are doing the right thing and glad the family is helping too.

    Elaine really thinking of you and hope the next few weeks fly by for you and you wake up cancer free and the nighmare is a distant memory with hope for a new and improved life. We grow so much during the hardest of times. So glad you have JS now and remembered how scared you were when the mere thought of talking to him let alone go on a date with him made you run and hide in your room?

    Jole is it going to snow out there? They are calling for snow here on Fri. I know you hate to see the winter come, hope you recover from the gks visits but they are worth it aren't they.

    Well I know there are others but I am surprised I made it this far-lol- I worked on my shed ramp, took the girls out, Missy rode and was not happy, saw some deer, horses and such.

    Then my computer cwapped out, kept asking me for my password and it had been on all day. Then it wouldn't let me do it, after and hour i did a re-store and it fixed it. So now I have a warm tub waiting for me

    Hello to Carla-NL, SJ,1sweetie I am thinking of you, Pip,Lynncat you here, MSS where you been, Joan, Granni, Barry and that's all i got for now- So pull a chair up and grab a warm beverage and enjoy the night-Carla

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    Thinking of Granni....hope she's having a good time with her company. There's nobody here to read or tuck anyone in, so she'll be welcome whenever she gets back.

    Rock, I do hope you get rested up and get your pep back. Do you ever get so tired you have to remind yourself to take a breath? I do........hate that kind of exhaustion, don't you? Glad your kitties are keeping you company. Those furry critters sure do help on a bad day. They just seem to "know" when they're needed somehow.

    Carla, nope, no snow yet, but still rainy 'n cold through tomorrow. Hey, I saw a dog on the news yesterday (or the day before) that could read!!! It had been taught to recognize I think four words...on flashcards..like drop, pencil..forgot the others. He is used in the classroom for LD kids. Wow! Such a coinkidink (Rock) since you were just talking about teaching your girl the other day. Sure had to chuckle when I saw that.

    Teacher, see...an old dog CAN learn new tricks, even if you don't have a pet!! Hope you're tolerating those 6th graders okay today.

    Julie, it's great to hear things are going better with Kiera. What a difference one person can make! And Happy Birthday to your little sweetie!!!

    Which reminded me....once again, I'm late...yesterday was one daughter's hubby's B-day, and today was anothers. Brother, some MIL I am! So the cards and money will be in the mail tomorrow, with an apology. If I remembered anything on time these days my kids would know I was WELL!!

    Georgia, we played cards this past weekend with our daughter/SIL for the first time in ages. I thought about you and grandpa. We were playing Gin....and the guys were drinking burbon (okay, that's not spelled right...I don't drink). I have a hard time concentrating on playing, so didn't last long.

    Pippi, whatcha up to?? How's your brother doing? Hope everything's fine and he's holding off with his surgery.

    Mickey, will get to your FB yet tonight. I'm still on shaky ground with it, 'cause nothing was explained to me......my daughter just entered everything and said, "There you go". Well, not so much, 'cause I'm still a little jittery about who's seeing what, ya know? It'll get better.

    Okay, will check and see if I can get there from here, then go to bed and read awhile. Talk to you all tomorrow. Joan, hope you're back here soon. Hugs to all...........Jole

    Edited to say I can't get you through that site, Mickey....tried it three times. Not sure what I'm doing wrong...........
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    Well, we've had a light rain here for the last several hours.
    ("Here" is Los Angeles.) Nothing like the gully washer Georgia
    has had farther North.

    I have two kitties napping on towels. Despite the
    lovely, soft carpet, they like to have something
    else to lie on. Even it it's just a sheet of paper
    or a plastic bag.

    Tried to put more medicine on Blackie last night.
    Picked him up, which I've done many times, and
    he panicked. Dug his claws in when he leaped
    outta my arms.

    I didn't tell Gordon. He is programed to say, "I
    told you not to pick up those wild cats." Haha!

    After so many years, one knows all the lines of
    a conversation w/o a word being spoken.

    Jole, thanks for the compliment on my verse. I
    was once a "professional" versifier. Meaning
    in my misspent yute (as my Uncle used to say),
    I sold a few greeting card ideas to the makers.

    I made enough money to buy a desk. (Used
    and cheap.) I think my ex wife still has it. Was
    my ex wife cheap? No, a very nice person. And
    rich by my standards. She retired at age 59 and
    has a $60,000 annual pension.

    Well, I don't care. No matter how much she begs,
    I'm not going back. Just a joke. She is very
    contents w/ the status quo. Loves to travel and
    now has time and money.

    W/ regard to missing birthdays, I sent 3 b-day
    cards earlier this month. Oct. is b-day month in our family.
    I sent them all early. Otherwise I will
    forget to send them in a timely manner.

    Oh, yeah. "Long Johns." You're right. They are not
    just underwear. They are donuts too. Friends, if you go
    here, you can see pictures.


    Teacher, how big is that doggy in the stroller?
    Reminds me of the song, but I think I posted
    about that recently.

    I was at a family reunion about ten years ago.
    We had 3 teachers there. They didn't say anything about
    6th graders, but they all agreed. 8th graders are the worst!

    Georgia, the rain stopped yet? Maybe you can
    take Ellen's tip. Get a wizard or witch's hat and
    wear it w/ your Snuggie for a stunning Halloween

    Mickey, don't exhaustenize yourself. I'm glad
    to hear your siblings are helpings.

    Which reminds me. When I was a freshman in
    college, I didn't have to take the beginning English
    course. But my roommate did. He told me their
    first assignment was to create a new word.

    He was very pleased that he had invented the
    word "Bristers" which meant brothers or sisters.
    He was quite disappointed when I told him we
    already had such a word.

    Don't know what happened to him. He never came
    back for the sophomore year.

    He's probably rich too. Maybe he'll meet my ex
    on a cruise and...Nah! Not even in a soap opera.

    Pippi, good to see you. What do you mean that
    you love flying, but have never landed in an
    airplane? Are you flying on a broom? Another
    good trick for Halloween.

    Well, this is gettin' pretty long. Will have to come
    back later.

  5. rockgor

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    Light rain still falling. Went back to bed; put the
    cats out. Of course they were reluctant to go.
    I reminded them there is a lovely dry porch on this
    building. And the place next door has been vacant for ten
    years. They could sleep on the porch there too.

    Anyway, mama is back and happily napping on
    a towel. I gave her some roast chicken. She
    ignored it. Prefers dry food, I guess.

    Julie, were the firetruck cookies red? Did you
    frost them? I bet the little ones loved them. When
    my son was small we used to make pancakes.
    He liked to pour the batter and make snowmen, etc.

    Good luck to Amy w/ the house sale.

    Linda, I wrote "titanium jewelry" by your name.
    Have no idea why. Good work getting us started.
    I know. It was a volume or two back. Oh well...
    Some of us are a little behind.

    Joan, you get all those shirts ironed? I notice
    women have been using the word "shirt" instead
    of "blouse" in the last few decades. Is there
    any distinction?

    Springwater, did you know a group of crows is
    called a murder? There are at least two mysteries named
    "A Murder of Crows". I think
    I read one of them many years ago.

    I am going to try that supplement call ribose.
    Supposed to give one energy. Will let you know
    what happens.

    Pippi, one of my aunts used to live in Chicago.
    I sent her a postcard of the John L. Sullivan
    and Jake Kilrain fight in Chicago in 1889.

    The fight started when John threw his white felt
    hat into the ring. Jake responded by throwing in
    his straw hat.

    The fight was over when Kilrain's manager tossed
    the sponge he was using into the ring. So there
    we have the origin of two colorful expressions.

    Elaine, do you see a chiropractor for your back?
    There was a recent thread about the efficacy
    of using chiros. Think it was on the CFS/FM
    board. As usual, there were conflicting opinions.

    Monthly rent on the porch? Don't think that topic
    has ever come up before. How bout a big smile
    or a plate of virtual treats?

    Well, that's about it for now. Barry, you getting
    wet up there too? Hugs to all.

  6. rockgor

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    10/14/09 9:50 AM Hello Everydobby

    Carla – great song you made up there! Lol. Thanks for the start up!
    I went to your photo site of the house and saw the pics….i just
    Love where you live..the great outdoors just outside your window
    And the beautiful fall colours..I wish I had a bed like yours, it
    Looks so comfy. That pic of Twy and Missy in the bath tub was
    Too too cute. My computer too started behaving a bit wobbly
    But I got it to behave in the end.

    Julie – that’s wonderful to hear about Keira..what a difference
    I remember you mentioned Keira behaving a bit cranky in the past
    Poor lil kid. I just hope that teacher is removed for good or re thinks
    Her behaviour because its scary to think of such a teacher being on
    the loose with other kids too. I was so relieved when
    my son finished his grade 10 in his previous school and could leave
    behind one or two teachers….I just got such a bad feeling about them
    ..my son was no model student and nothing but a model student would
    do for them. As a mother, I would worry they would mistreat him.

    Jole – forgetting birthdays…lol..Im guilty too. But with a large family
    Like yours, that’s understandable. I cant remember the last time played
    Cards..prob when I was a little girl and there were lots of children living
    In the house. I hope youre feeling better and that you get thru this winter
    All right.

    Rock – your post was a pleasure to read..you impart so much
    Information….interesting bits of this and that. I never knew there
    Were so many kinds of donuts until I saw on tv and that there
    Could be so many types of pies until I saw the movie “Waitress”.
    Here we have only two kinds of donuts, plain, and chocolate.
    And only one kind of pie…apple. Well, that’s the only kind they
    Sell in the pastry shops. I mean to make and have steak and kidney
    Pie..it keeps popping up in so many books I read and I don’t
    Want to die without knowing what one tastes like. That and
    shepherds pie too, but with the kind of energy Im having these
    past few days, something tells me, its going to be some time.

    Today was majorly unproductive, except in the evening when
    I got up and went and had a nice piping hot sweet coffee in an Indian
    Sweet shop, and then went and did some grocery shopping.
    The DH’s dinner was out and my son ate up all the five potato
    Parathas (fried bread) the help had made for dinner. I told him I
    Would eat rice. But surprised at his ravenous appetite. He is
    Practicing with some friends for festival when groups of people
    Go about singing…outside houses, like your carollers do during
    Christmas. This festival is called Festival of Lights and lasts five
    Days. Then sons school reopens.

    My Keechu doggie has to be taken to the animal hospital every
    Day for five days for an injection. He came back yesterday with
    His little head bandaged and all woozy..the poor lil thing. Soon
    As he came back, I put him on a mat inside the storeroom so the
    Other dogs wouldn’t nudge his sore ear accidentally. Today he’s
    Much perkier.

    Well, hugs to all

    God Bless
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    Pennies from Heaven.

    Hi All! Just a quick step onto the porch; I usually am lurking in the yard doing your weeding!

    I am very tired today and am taking total rest time, between cups of various teas. I spent my energy the last two days harvesting my herbs before the rains -- I'm growing chamomile, lemon balm, many mints, oregano, thyme, etc. My arms and legs are aching! The house sure smells nice, with the herbs hanging up -- especially the lavenders.

    Rock: Yes, it has been pouring down here in the redwood empire. At bloody last! Our well had just run dry; it's a cistern well at creekside. Oh the joys of living in the country!!!!!
    Hey Rock, how many cats do you care for? I really thank you for this my friend. There is
    far too much animal neglect don't you think? Of course the problem with cats is they
    breed like rabbits.

    Oh this keyboard is driving me nuts today, I've just gotta rest.

    Springwater: Love the pics. of Nepal through your own eyes. Thank you so much my dear. And send me some curried wild boar please!

    To All Else: Thanks for being here; sorry I lurk so much, I guess. So to Jole, Pippi, Granni, Teacher, Lydia, Sacaj., C-Cate, Elaine, and all else, (including lurkers) gentle hugs.

  8. ckball

    ckball New Member

    but near as bad as the left coast.

    Rock the titainum note was about Linda saying she is held together at the neck and hip with titainum. Oh poor kitties, I am sure they are gratful to have you give them a dry, warm place to sleep, sorry one scratched you but please be careful as a bite can turn really bad, I have experienced that one twice, not fun.

    I had had a busy day, skyped with Haley for 2 hours this morning, she has a little laptop and carried me from room to room as she cleaned.

    Then off to Wallies AGAIN, they finally got my meds right, then a minor crisis with my best freinds grandaughter, she was missing for 3 days-she is 14 and dad is out of town and she told her grandma and her mom, who don't really speak two different things, so they thought that she was with the other one and then they figured out she was staying at freinds house-the grandma called my GF today looking for Tori and that is when they figured out she wasn't were she said she would be. TEENSSSSSSSSS.

    Then caught up with another freind on the phone so haven't been here much today.

    Julie I can't believe Keira is two already, time goes by too fast. I hope things are better at day care now.

    Spring- you have a beautiful home, but I do like my country cozy look and the views, my house is critter freindly as someone else has said about thier house and design on that great thread. I do love that it is all in one floor, no more stairs for me. I hope things are calmer now that the holidays, festivals and family are gone.

    Teacher did you survive the day? How is baby? I fixed you a warm beverage and snuggie is waiting for you to curl up in and escape for a while.

    Barry good to see you back, thanks for taking care of the weeds and such, I hope you aren't smoking any of those things you have been growing.

    Geez my mind is bad I thought I could remember what else was said but nope and I didn't open the other window and need to eat.

    Jole i did buy 2 long john donuts today- I have been thing about them since the day you mentioned them and they were so good, that was my lunch. Did you get your fluff??

    Granni you have been quiet lately-you ok?

    It has been quiet here today, I bet most are curled up under the covers, winter has arrived way too soon- Well need to eat din-din- hope everyone is having a good day-Carla
  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock – thanks for moving my post to the right place; I must have
    Been surfing the last porch to see who to reply to and hit the reply
    Button there…lol..and this shows how lethargic my brain is right
    Now..fibro fog?depression?..or both.

    Every morning and evening a murder of crows sits on the tree top
    Outside our house and creates an awful ruckus. That’s when I feel
    Murderous. Absolutely murderous.

    Carla – I actually am not too fond of this house being as how
    It wasn’t planned properly and there are really awkward spaces
    And some horrendous mistakes while building. The furniture
    Too is a mish mash with DH bringing in whatever he thought
    Was useful. Steel cupboards! I prefer lovely wooden ones. But
    Agree its not safe around here. I actually have my microwave
    Oven sitting on a layer of bricks put together..and covered over
    With a big sheet. However, I never forget it is my haven and
    Rereat from the outside world and the place I escaped to from
    A hell called inlaws place. And I love that I have a place to
    Garden and a nice view from the terrace.

    I think your relationship with Haley is so sweet. Must be
    Exciting to actually sort of ‘be’ there thru skype. I can imagine
    How proud her young DH must be,showing off his lovely little
    Wife to his friends and the German people.

    Barry – glad you liked the pics. I only have two rosemary bushes
    But I do put those to good use..put the spikes in chicken. I was
    Toying with the idea of growing some mint in a pot outside the
    Kitchen window…easier for me not to have to walk all the way
    Down..but the pigeons usually come to nest whenever they
    See a pot anywheres. I had to sacrifice my ornamental grass
    I had growing because they laid an egg in it, and I had to let
    It go. Trouble is,they also make an unholy mess on the window
    Pane which doesn’t look nice when visitors come.

    Mickey – got your message and will look for Jole and add her.

    On my list of to do things for today…clean the bathrooms.
    Iron..I better because, alas, the power cuts are on again…we don’t
    Know when the lights wil go off and they stay off for about two
    Hours at a time. I wont add more because that wil be getting too
    Optimistic…tho theres a pile of stuff I need to wash also.

    Hugs All

    God Bless

  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Think I lost my post. Our computer died and may not have it for awhile. We will be gone for the weekend. Had fun with the company and am typing on their laptop. Not sure when I will have a computer. If DS fixes it while we are gone I will let you know next week, If you do not hear from me by then I may not have one for another week or longer. It is a long story.

    Off to see DD this weekend. Enjoyed our company very much. They leave tomorrow. Bye for now.

    Hope all is well with everydobby.

    Love you all,

  11. jole

    jole Member

    Short 'n sweet this morning........hopefully more later after the sun comes out...haha.

    Good to see everybody in good spirits. I'm getting a whiff of those herbs and lavender all the way here, and it's just what I need today! Thanks Barry and all....
  12. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    but only half here! Sorry I have been gone so long but "things" keep coming up!!!

    i have no idea where I left off. My potty is fixed-----my e-mail is fixed -----I couldn't get my home page on internet---son got it going on Sun.---ghad to hirer someone to come light our backroom furnace----had a tooth pulled. I guess i left out nothing.

    Sun. Jeff was certain he had the wall furnace going. He left to go home and I realized it wasn't on. I am rather ignorant about some of these thingt and I didn't know that the pilot goes off automatically8 when the fire goes out. So what did I do? It is behind Harley's chair and in a vfery tiny spot (ignore typos too tired to fix) Anyway, i got back there and got on hands and knees and got it turned to off. Crawled back and had to crawl over tile which hurt knees so much. Managed to get up by Harley's chair and I just half lay there for a bit.

    Mon. I thought I could light it----LOL!!! Again on hands and knees but had to turn and sit as it wowuld take 2 hands. One tyo push the metal button on and the other to try to light it with one of those torches (for candles) Nope. i couldn't do it. So I backed out again.
    Finally called the guy8 that turned it on last yr! Smart thinking!!~ it was 63 in there Sat.and Sun. I will not ever, ever, try that again!!!!! Too old and hurt ing and all that stuff!

    On Tues., my good friend and neighbor took me to Laf, to dental surgeon to take out half a tooth and all of the roots. I took pain
    Rx when I got home and am on penicillin ( You can figure out that word!) I tried to watch "Dancing" and keep myu eyes open. My oh my--that was a chore.

    Doesn;t hurt now but have to hunt for something soft to eat. And that penicillin makes my mouth taste just like a garbage can (I guess--never tried thatLOL)

    But I am sooooo tired. Everything on my body hurts. Guess it threw me ingto a flare. Don't want that as kids, spouses and 3 grandkids coming Sat. to dedicate the things we got for the church in memory of Harley and for me BD on Mon.

    i read the vol. but my mind just went blank while reading it.!!!

    Jole!!! Look me up on FB. Am just Joan Clark. love to have you as friend.

    Mickey: Hope I didn't scare you off FB with my notes to you!! Will miss you but can talk here on the porch.

    What awful weather!! It is not like CA but gthe last 18 days have been below normal, it is cold and rainy and cloudy most of trhe time. Where did out autumn go??? Out leaves will just turn brown and drop.

    i can't think and and I can not type. i will be back on the porch when my mind and fingers are working. Right now I just feel crumby!f

    love you all and missed all of you. I just couild not concentrate to read this vol. You are sio dear andI wish you spme happy days.

    God Bless,

    Gentle hugs.

  13. jole

    jole Member

    Hi Georgia, sorry you're having such bad storms there. It seems like there's plenty of rain, etc. to go around all the sudden. Did you have any damage to your home/property, or just the electrical? Hope all is back and running before long. I'd be lost without my computer.

    I hope your appointment goes well....and it's not MS. They thought that of me also, but it turned out not to be. The balance issues are very scary though, and I understand that. Falling is no fun, especially if you have osteoporosis with the double worry of breaking a hip, etc. Mine is terrible and I can't take any of the statins...good luck to you! Will say a prayer that all goes well!

    Granni, hope you have a good time at your DD's home, and it's good to hear you were able to enjoy all your company. Been thinking of you! Computer troubles at your house too? Gosh, I hope it doesn't hit here...I have 'way too many pictures on mine that I'd hate to lose.

    Spring, your "murder of crows" had me laughing! That Rock knows way too much info! hahaha I tried to get onto your site to see your pictures and can't get there. Mickey was going to see if we could connect through FB so I can see them that way, if that's okay with you? I'd love to see your home and surrounding countryside!

    Carla, yes, I did get my MMC, and have already had a couple sandwiches with peanut butter...well, not today...but they were just as good as I remembered..yum! I ususally only get it a Christmas time to make fudge with, and don't know why that didn't jog my memory then. Glad you enjoyed your donuts!

    How's your doggy doing in "time out"? Taught her to read yet? I guess you and Spring could get your ailing friends together to keep each other company.

    Barry, it's good to see you back, and hope you feel up to staying longer next time. Thanks for the scents this morning. I really needed that! Glad you got all the herbs in but I understand how much it can take out of a person, and how hard it is to stop once you get started on a task like that.

    Rock, loved your posts. You made up for being gone for awhile. And as always, had me chuckling and looking things up. You make me use my mind, which is good. But I meant to look up "bristers" and forgot, so will still have to do that.

    Teacher, we need some school stories....

    Pippi, where are you? I miss you!

    Mickey, wonderful pics of your family...and home. I love your kitchen...not to mention your pool! But I also like our wide open spaces....too bad we can't all travel and visit each other. We'd have a nice variety of locations and interesting things going on, wouldn't we? But then, I guess that's what the porch is all about!

    Julie, I wish you could have a tad more free time, although you do sound happy with your life. I too think things work out the way they should if we just give them a little time. Hope the sale of Amy's home goes smoothly, she gets what she needs, and can move on with her life with her sweet little one.

    Will post.

  14. jole

    jole Member

    Like everyone else, I wish there were more time on this board. I type fairly fast, but by the time a person flips back 'n forth between windows it doesn't take long to use up the time.

    This morning I was really in pain...couldn't sit, stand, lay down...so walked aimlessly around the house doing nothing. Finally, the pills kicked in...about the same time as the sun came out (coincidence??). I sat out on the porch with my winter coat on soaking up some of that warm sunshine, and do feel better now.

    Thankfully, our rainy weather has ended. We really didn't get that much...just a constant drizzle for days on end with the 30's temps. Today is actually up to 60, after the fog finally burned itself off this morning! Yea!!

    We're keeping my hubby's brother's two labs for the week, and every time we open the door they start barking. I swear they're going to drive me (and our dog) crazy before they go back home. I wonder how the neighbor's in town can stand to listen to them....told hubby they're probably enjoying the peace for a week..lol....

    I went out and pulled a few dead flowers this afternoon. Didn't last long though. I guess most of them will still be there in the spring. Now I think I'll try to do a little scrapbooking, which I haven't done in months. I make such a mess, scattering things all over the table, so try to do it when I know no one's going to be around for a week or so. Do enjoy it when I'm able to concentrate long enough to finish a page.

    Did I say I learned to text and be on facebook both within the past week? What an accomplishment for me! Although I doubt that I'll do either one a lot. It is nice to send a quick message to the kids just to let them know I'm thinking about them though.

    Elaine, as always, thinking of you!

    Everyone else, wishing you a great day with hugs and smiles!........Jole
  15. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Thanks for asking about me.

    I'm still around, just going thru a very hard time.

    I won't bore anyone with the details. Mostly, because there's a part of it we're not supposed to talk about here anyway. There's no point telling half of a story, so there's really no point in starting at all.

    Thanks again for asking. I really do appreciate it.
  16. Sacajawea2

    Sacajawea2 Member

    Love yourself, no matter what...

    repeat that a few times if you can...and know others are thinking of you! I meant to tell you my brother collected smurfs...had the tiny resin ones, dozens of them, and I think he still has them and he's almost 40! Hope you find a stuffed one!

    I already took my night meds (very early for me but a rough day) and thought I could peek in but am ready to close my eyes...hello to everyone and keep holding tight!

  17. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Spent some time with the girls grooming and massages, aww a dogs life huh? Then crashed in the whirlpool for long time, nice to have a tv in there :)

    I had a busy day dealing with a septic system issue and have to be at the shop Fri and Sat so may not be able to see ya- Hope everyone has a good day. Took night meds a long time ago :) Nity-nite don't let the bedbegs bite-Carla
  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Its morning here and a day of shopping and cooking and stuff and cleaning before me...doesnt
    help I started the curse today...

    Mickey - I got your FB message about adding Jole yesterday, but when I went to add her, its
    not working...neither can i get my inbox messages to open and the upload photo thing isnt working, i was trying from the other day to try and upload the pics on to FB because i know not all of you can access the other page...

    Jole - you can see the photos from Mickey, I dont know how that works but go ahead...

    I think my FB has been the victim of a malicious virus attack...so dont know when i can return there....God help people who dont have anything to do than attack peoples computers and be
    happy in that sort of thing.

    So Facebookers, I will be on there when i can get the page to start working

    Anyways i gotta run....

    hugs to all of you

    God Bless
  19. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Nope, not at school today. Supposed to be getting professionally developed but I'm home sick instead.

    Nothing major. Just really tired. In a flare and finally finished the anitbiotic. Feel really heavy inside. I'll be OK though.


    School days, school days,
    Dear old golden rule days.
    'Readin' and 'ritin' and 'rithmetic,
    Taught to the tune of a hick'ry stick.
    You were my queen in calico,
    I was your bashful barefoot beau,
    And you wrote on my slate,
    'I love you, Joe,'
    When we were a couple of kids.

    I didn't like anyone too well this week. They were all nuts. From what I could tell, it wasn't just me. They were driving everyone nuts.

    I finally had a chance to talk to some of the 5th and 6th Graders yesterday. They acknowledged that everyone was off and had been all week.

    Said that it was so bad that two of the best behaved girls in the 6th got into a fight. Slapping each other.

    Mom said it was a full moon this week. I didn't notice because I've been tired, but I believe her!

    2nd/3rd Grade Recorder Ensemble was excited yesterday. They finally got to take their instruments home! Whoo hoo!

    Their parents won't be too excited though. They only know how to play two notes! I have a feeling they's gonna be REAL glad to send them back to school next Thursday so they can learn something new! LOL!

    Posting. Be right back!

    I'm back.

    Was getting really angry and frustrated so I decided that I needed to do something to relieve the stress FOR ME because I didn't want to have to hurt somebody 'cause I don't do jail.

    I wore the following outfit to school yesterday:
    - s tan tennis shoe with a black sock
    - a black tennis shoe with a brown sock
    - a maroon, pink, brown, green, purple flowerd skirt
    - a blue and white striped blouse
    - my tiara

    I told everyone that my mommy didn't lay out my clothes so I had to do myself. (Usiing the appropriate proud of myself two-year-old voice)

    The younger kids were properly impressed.

    The older ones were appropriately skeptial.

    The assitant principal wanted to know how old I was. I told her I was 7. She said that we couldn't have children here. (Implying that childeren were not eligible to be teachers. I deliberately missunderstood her.)

    I asked if this wasn't an elementary school. She said yes. I then stated that this was where children were supposed to be.

    The principal had been listening to this exchange. She broke in to say that she had decided that I was a unique individual, but what was she supposed to do when the other children started laughing at me.

    I said they already were. Then I turned and left the office. They were shaking their heads.

    The secretary said that she didn't want to know and she hoped I would do better on Monday.

    Corny, but it served it's purpose. You can't have horrid behavior when you're chuckling because your teacher has on a really bad outfit.

    I went to Mom's after school. Her first words? "I can't believe you went to school looking like that and them blamed me!"

    She fed me dinner anyway. Must mean she loves me.

    So that was the week. I hope the weekend gives everyone a chance to get back on the right foot. Having to be cranky wears me out!


    This changing of the seasons is hard on us, body, mind, and soul. Everyone take extra care of yourselves right now. We will make it through this rough period. We always do.

    Jerome has Snuggies, lavender pillows, long johns (the underwear and the donuts), pumpkin muffins, hot chocolate, and hot apple cider for everyone. A tripod with a pot of chili hangs over one end of a bonfire.

    There are plenty of rockers around that bonfire. A stuffed Smurf awaits Pippi in her chair.

    Enjoy the twilight and the smell of wood in the air. The stars are starting to peek through.

    We are warm, we are safe, we are with friends, we are loved.
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  20. jole

    jole Member

    The days seem to be flying by and I have absolutely NOTHING to show for them! So depressing.

    Teacher, loved your story..hahahaha. And yes, you are so right about the changing of the seasons...especially to winter. It really, really does a number on me! You are also right about us having each other, and there are days I honestly don't know how I survived without the porch!!

    So...as I sit here by the fireside sipping my hot chocolate and eating a long john..yummy, I want to say again how much I appreciate each and every one of you, my very dear "other family".

    GEORGIA, when I was tested by the neurologists, they did the scan, MRI, and lots of balance testing (which I failed miserably) such as standing on one foot, walking a line, raising arms while walking, picking up objects like money from a table, closing eyes and holding arms straight out in front of me (my left arm always ended up about 2 inches below my right), and all the reflex tests. My reflexes are all very, very hyper. Those are the ones I can remember, but it's been 7 years ago and I can hardly remember yesterday! lol...

    I too tried the cane for awhile. I simply couldn't use it. At that time my cognitive problems were so bad I couldn't keep the sequence right and kept tripping myself with it. So I understand completely your using grandpa as your crutch. I did that also. And held onto every wall and peice of furniture I could find.

    Do you have problems with driving? That was another bad, bad problem for me...I couldn't keep on the road, and was in the ditch three times. Started having kaleidescope (sp) effects with things, especially lights. Was finally diagnosed with mini seizures and put on meds for that, which helped, but I still can't drive.

    BUT the good news is, for some reason totally unknown, part of this has subsided in the past couple years and I do much better now. Never did get an answer to all this except for the hyper reflexes and miniseizures. I really hope you find out what's causing your problems, and I empathize with you. It not only is no fun, but it's scary as heck!!! Good luck to you, Georgia...

    Joan, oh I can just see you trying to start your furnace...lol...sounds like something I'd do! This getting old(er) stuff is for the birds! Wanting to and doing is surely not the same anymore. I keep thinking I can still do things 'cause I could a few years ago, then am amazed that I can't. I'm glad you can get back on the computer!!!

    Will try again...