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    BRB to post!

    OK. I'm back. :)

    (Bringing foot-warmers to the porch, as it's colder than it should be, this time of year!)

    Hot cider, hot cocoa, hot coffee, & hot tea, await all Porch-Ka-Teers!

    Elaine: Oh yeah! I do remember you telling about that.
    It was heartbreaking & inspirational at the same time.

    I think I need to be sure I stay in a position of trust, with my friend.
    That way, if things become urgent, I'll know & can take action.

    Being around someone who is in his situation, isn't dangerous to me, as I'm not considering any such action myself, & won't be influenced to think that way.

    The only reason I was trying to avoid saying the "S" word, is cuz I've seen peeps get slammed for it on other boards, & didn't want to upset anyone.

    I was just trying to be extra careful, yet let y'all know what was happening.

    I'm just trying to do the right thing, by my friend, & by my board-buddies.

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    Elaine, I'm ready! I hate this cold weather, and would love it if we could all be together, so I'm more than ready to head to ROCK's area of the woods! Great idea....besides, I remember him saying they have a porch, and the empty building next door has one also, so we should be all set and if we send Jerome ahead of us it'll be ready to go.

    So good to see you back here again. We miss you and your extra zest for life that you always add. Even when you're feeling bad you always cheer the rest of us up. You and Rock have that in common! The best of luck to you, sweetie...hate to hear your in so much back pain.

    I would move your post over, but unfortunately, I tried and can't seem to get it done........no brain power tonight.

    Pippi, I just saw a post on the FM board earlier today about the "S" word, so I wouldn't worry about it...titled a sad story (it's on page 2 already), or something like that. I think Elaine's right, it's okay as long as it's not giving anybody ideas.....

    Please do whatever it takes for your health. Does taking mega vitamins not work for you? I realize some people can't tolerate iron, and some people simply don't retain nutrients. Are you getting blood transfusions? Whatever, I hope you make the right decision for you, and all goes well. Wishing you good health! Along with Elaine..

    Gordon, thank you for letting us know about the computer. I can understand Rock's frustration. I'm lost without mine. It's my lifeline to everyone I hold dear.......

    Georgia, be kind to yourself and rest up so your body can heal itself. Hope things are going well on the homefront. Work is enough stress for you right now.

    Joan, it's good to see you back again. Sounds like several of us are in the same boat. I used to be a good cook...no I'm not bragging...my kids after they were married loved to come home and eat all their favorite foods, and their spouses loved it. Now....my grandson says, "Nana, you make the best grilled cheese sandwiches in the whole world"! What a step down...lol...

    I still make fairly big meals when they're all home, but can't clean up the kitchen afterwards, and they help before hand also. Just can't keep my concentration going and can mess up a meal really easily, not to mention the energy/balance issues. And yes, we eat tv dinners here too when I'm really tired or in lots of pain. Some of them aren't that bad!!

    Mickey, Teacher (wish you had been my teacher!), Linda, Spring, Granni, everyone get packed! I think the train pulls out of the station soon. As a matter of fact, if Elaine gets her permission slip signed early Mon. morning we might be to Rock's before his computer is fixed! See ya all soon......................Jole
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    I should be there in just a minute. It takes me a bit longer to travel because I don't fly well. I had to hook up the oxen to the covered wagon. That's very tiring doncha know!

    But I have more room to bring stuff this way!

    I threw a country band in the back. They're gonna set up a square dance for us.

    I'm also bringing a library with a nice librarian for Rock. He can go to the library any time he wants to read without having to worry about mean people.

    I stuffed a freezer in the back also. Why waste a perfectly good opportunity for us to sample Gordon's cooking?!

    Wait! What's that ahead?

    Oh! I see the spotlight!

    Elaine, love your outfit. Where did you get it?

    Thank you, Jerome. The band should be very comfortable on the porch. They'll be able to see the dancers down in the street much better that way.

    Everything else can go where ever you think it should go.

    C'mon Elaine. I think the band is ready. Let's do a line dance while we wait for Rock to come out and play with us.

    Do ya wanna do the "Mexican Hat Dance" or "The Chicken Dance"?

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  4. jole

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    Teacher, since you took your covered wagon, I thought about bringing my tractors....did you all see the video about the tractor square dance? I tell ya, it was pretty cool!!

    But, those things are really, really slow, and I doubt with the hot air incident on the news I could hook them up and get them there by balloon...and they're a tad bit expensive to be shot down as UFO's.

    So I'm flying into the airport now...and Jerome has so graciously volunteered to pick me up and deliver me. Everyone knows I can get lost in my own kitchen!

    Wow, a freezer, library, country band...how can I beat that?? I do know ROCK'S new computer we all bought him is set up with facebook, and his picture is on his profile page, so we'll all recognize him!

    Gordon's pic is on there too. Can't wait to meet them both! Oh, and I found a new species of orchid to bring just for Gordon. One more for ya to water, Rock!

    OMG, there's ELAINE in her glorious pink long johns! Boy, do you look HOT, girl!!! lol

    TEACHER, your clothes actually match...did Elaine dress you after you arrived?

    ROCK, your house is still intact, so I guess that means Elaine hasn't done anything too drastic to get you out of there....oh wait, there you are, hiding behind the drummer!

    A couple more people and it's do-si-do, here we go!.....................

    PS.....I set up a trampoline in the middle of the blocked off street. It has the netting around it for safety purposes....who can do the most flips????? Remember, Rock's house is magical and we have ENERGY!!!

    PPS...My hubby is really, really jealous I went without him....hahahaha
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  5. Pippi1313

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    A LAUGH riot!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha!!!!

    And our Porch Party at Rock & Gordons' has turned into a full blown block party!!! YAY!!!!!

    (Hey! Is it at least WARM out there???)

    Happy Saturday, Everydobby!!!!!

    For all of us east of the Pacific, I have 1 word for ya: Silk long johns!
    Wait, that's 2 words - possibly 3.....
    Anyway! I "discovered" silk long johns a few years ago.
    I invested in 1 good pair, & haven't regretted it!
    They keep me warm, fit under my jeans comfortably, don't add any bulk, AND I don't burn up when I go back indoors!
    They're WAY better than the bulky LJ's I used to wear!
    And the big plus: It feels like I'm going around in my jammies all day! LOL! Sooooo comfy!!!!!!!!

    Elaine: I thought of you yesterday when I was at my hemo appointment. We were "discussing" how sick I get from the IV treatments, & he said it's not as bad as chemo.
    I had to seriously bite my toungue, to avoid saying:
    Oh well, gee, golly, darn, heck! That's a raving endorsement!!!

    But I did think of you when he said that, & sent ya a little extra boost of positive vibes!!!!! :)

    I'm gonna come back later & address everydobby individually.
    Right now, I'm gonna go find Mr. Rudy & see how he's doing today.
    (That's my elder-friend I've been referring too).

    Love 2 All!!!!!!
  6. Granniluvsu

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    I am still at my DD and using their computer. DS picked up our computer and is going to see if he can get it to working again. He left us an old laptop he had for emergencies. DH will probably be buying a new laptop sooner rather than later - if he cannot get the old one to function at all.

    We might have gotten a virus for one thing, it and by accidemnt I turned it on while perhaps it was updating. it looked like it was OFF to me.

    PIPPI - So GLAD to see you back again on the Porch sweetie. I do not have time to check all the back volumes. I did sort of but don't remember much. Just glad you are back with us and sorry that you and friend are having some terribble problems that cannot be talked about on the boards. Hope all gets resolved soon positively.

    Sorry I haven't been here to tuck you, Mickey or anyone else, in. Hope to have this computer problem taken care of real soon.

    Elaine - so glad to see you back to for a visit and hope that your chemo will be done and over with real SOON and your tests turning out all clear for you. Can't rememaber what you and everydobby else has said over the last few volumes.

    *****Went out for SIL's birthday and mine last night at a nice winery that have fantastic meals. My birthday is the 18th, either tommrow or monday. I an not sure. With all that has been going on I an not sure what date it is today :) !!

    I have missed you AWL. Hope to be back sometime on monday. However, between being really busy and lots to do, and the diffeent type of a computer, etc. Who knows when I will be back. However, I will try to be back on monday, maybe even sunday, if we get home early and I have some free time.

    BIG HUGS TO EVERYDOBBY esp Pippi, Georgia, and Elaine.


    Hugs to everydobby on the Porch inc Porch peekers and luckers.((((GROUP SMOOCHES))))
  7. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I have been trying to get here all day but between customers and the internet haven't been able.

    So am just going to say a quick hello and hope our Rock returns soon, you keep the party going and I will try to get back when I can- darn it-just got disconnected again- ok back on so better post- have fun -save me some goodies-Carla
  8. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I had a gosh-awful computer virus a few weeks ago, too.
    I had to reformat the machine. (And reinstall ALL my programs, games, etc... durn it!)

    Now I can't prove my high score on Bejeweled is over 1 million, cuz I lost my high score record...

    I keep all my start-up discs, game discs, program discs for my digital camera, digital recorder, printer, MP3 player, telescope program, etc, all in 1 box on the closet shelf. That way, if I hafta reformat, I know where everything is. And nothing goes in that box except for that stuff & the USB cables I need for my gadgets & gizmos. Each USB cable is labeled with a piece of masking tape, with the name of the matching gadget on it.

    I also keep a notebook in the box. It has all my various usernames, passwords, etc. written in it.

    That way, if I hafta reformat, it's a pain in the arse, but I have everything I need to do it.

    Hey... I just got back from running an errand on the bus, & saw something curious - from a psychological point of view - (no, not as curious as that weird, reappearing cabbie guy I saw before, LOL).

    There was a couple on the bus.
    I don't know if they're married, or just living together, but they argued for the whole 45 minutes I was on the bus.
    They never said a cuss word. They never insulted each other. But I mean, seriously! It was pick, nag, pick, nag, pick, all the way into town! & all over petty stuff.
    Whenever one said anything, the other had something pick-ish or nag-ish to say about it.
    I don't think those two even liked each other!
    (I only know they're a couple, cuz everybody on the bus was privvy to their business.)

    It just struck me as a very odd interpersonal dynamic.

    But, as my Mom pointed out to me a long time ago: People stay in a relationship, cuz they're "getting something out of it".

    So, I reckon these two just enjoy constantly picking & fussing.

    I guess, in the grand scheme of things, it's good they're together, or else they might be irritating two normal people...

    I know this is a minor & very unimportant thing.
    It's just strange to me, watching people interact that way.

    Well, Peeps, I think I might attempt to actually cook something!
    I got a package of maple bacon while I was at the store.

    I LOOOOVE maple bacon!!!!!

    I probably better open the door & windows first, so I don't accidentally summon the fire dept.

    Hey! Speaking of eating: My hemo asked me a REALLY strange question yesterday!
    He asked if I ever crave dirt, chalk, clay, & a whole buncha other weird stuff. He had a whole long list of it.
    I began to wonder if he was nuts, or if he was checking to see if I was nuts. LOL!
    But he explained that sometimes, peeps with severe anemia crave these odd things!

    I never knew that! Strange, huh?
    Have y'all ever heard of a medical condition causing someone to crave non-food items???

    I knew a kid in 3rd grade who loved to eat paste, but I think he was just a tad "touched"....

    I'll check back in later. & don't worry, I won't bring any paste or dirt to the block party!


    Jesse called.... (grin!)

    I saw Mr. Rudy earlier, but just for a minute. He seems ok-ish, but he seemed ok-ish when we were discussing the Serious Stuff, too....

  9. teacher

    teacher New Member

    in someone wiith blood illnesses. I'm surprised you haven't been asked this before.

    I had a kindergartener several years ago that was licking my chalkboard erasers. I made him stand by the door, away from everyone else and noticed that he was licking my wall!

    Needless to say, I had a cow. His classroom teacher got mad at me for calling him on his odd behavior as he had lead poisoning.

    Nobody told me!

    After I fussed about getting chewed out on info that hadn't been given, I suddenly got a list of people with problems that I should have been told about on the first day of school.

    I gave him a special seat so I could keep an eye on him.

    I don't know who watched him at recess.

    Speaking of cows.

    I think i'm gonna take a break from dancing at Rock's party. I've been up since dawn trying to get to CA and I need a rest.

    Party on y'all!

    Jerome, a lemonade if you please!

    P.S. Children eating paste in elementary school is normal. Children explore things by touch, smell and taste. That's why glue is non-toxic.

    The old paste jars have been phased out. There's glue in a squeeze bottle and glue sticks now. A little harder to taste this way.

    Paste used to be very sweet smelling. Anything that smelled that good should taste good, right? Anyone who tried got a serious surprise!

    Rest easy. The smell has been changed also.

    Now-a-days, we chew on our collars and sleeves. When we get them soaking wet, we want to hug you.

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  10. jole

    jole Member

    Now what's a party without the guest of honor? I guess we're all gonna have to stay over a few days and continue this on Monday when he gets back, right? Besides, we'll probably have a bigger crowd then also.

    Speaking of licking, my little grandson licked things from the time he was born. He was sooo cute. They'd be giving him a bath and he'd turn his head and lick the side of his little tub. Just one quick lick! Or his high chair. Or the wall. Or anything. No reason except he could.

    Most kids feel textures with their hands...he used his tongue. Thankfully, he's nearly 3 and way out of that stage. Could be disasterous with the flu going around now.

    My nephew would smell things. When they went shopping, his mom would find him a new shirt. He'd smell it...then decide if he wanted it or not! She hated to take him shopping! lol...

    Pippi, enjoy your bacon. I like bacon and toast sandwiches for breakfast with juice. My hubby was a really good guy and went after pizza for supper tonight. Should be home soon. I've had such a darn headache he went for pizza in self-defense..haha.

    Yes, I know a couple exactly like you described. My BIL and SIL are that way. It's so bad he sleeps downstairs and she sleeps upstairs. When they go anywhere they take two vehicles. None of us know why they stay together, but I too think they both like to argue and it fits them for the most part.

    Teacher, you may not have kids, but you sure have kids!!!! You know them better than most parents. Hearing you talk about them brings back so many memories....chewing on sleeves...how about eating and hugs while they wipe their face on your clothes??

    You know, speaking about things not getting passed on at school, my one grandson (Who was born so early he weighed 1 1/2 pounds) has a major LD. Each year my daughter had to go to school and fight for him because they wouldn't follow his IEP. Each year they claimed they didn't know.

    And it's a very small school. They just didn't want to be bothered with it. I wanted her to threaten to call the State, but she wouldn't. Their teachers were tenored (sp) and very lazy. For a small school those kids never stood a chance. He's a freshman this year and they FINALLY figured out he has problems! Well, when a freshman can barely read you'd think they'd notice.....

    My one daughter is a teacher, and loves her job. She's like you...very creative in methods to keep the class motivated and learning. If she didn't live out of state she would home-school her nephew. She'd love to home-school her own two, but her hubby doesn't want her to. At least two days a week she takes them to the park, museum, play groups, library, zoo, etc.

    Georgia, get your walk in? It's good to hear you're feeling better. I'm sure your down spell seemed like forever to you. Hopefully you've been on your AD long enough to be evened out now, and will continue doing well.

    Carla, that was a short stay for you, but good to hear from you. Computers! We need our own IT man on this porch. Wonder if Jerome is any good at that?

    Elaine, get a quick snooze in. I'm sure Rock's kitten's will snuggle up with you so you're ready to PAARRRTTTYYY again soon.

    Joan, Mickey, Linda, Springwater, etc. you need to get your buns back so we can finish the party at Rock's. See ya all soon................Jole

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  11. ckball

    ckball New Member

    but not for long, I had to work 2 days in a row and the signal I "surf" on at the hotel a block away was being a pain today. We only have dial up at the shop and it ties the phone line up.

    After I came home I was greeted by two lonely but happy mommie is home girls. I have had to give them more attention this week with trying to keep Missy down. SHe really wants to run and play with Twy and they get rowdy and I have to break it up and cuddle awhile or play games, treats, ect.

    So my puter time has been taken up, plus my Haley has been calling me a lot this week, which I love but cuts into my "social life"-lol.

    I took my meds a while ago so better go before I write something that when I wake up and read it I would say WTF? excuse the french-lol.

    Sounds like you have the party under control and hope our guest of honor will arrive soon-Carla
  12. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Elaine: I didn't have a book handy - just a magazine, & I don't think that would have made enough of an "impression".

    It WAS a stoopit thing for a doc to say, but I'm kinda used to docs saying stoopit things, so I wasn't surprised.

    When he said that, I had two simultaneous thoughts:
    First, he was dismissing me & my valid concerns.
    & second, he was disrespecting peeps on chemo.
    (And the kicker is that this place IS a chemo center, too!!!)

    Teacher: Hey! You're right! Bear in mind, I was only 7 when I thought the paste-eating kid was kinda nutty. BUT! I did love the smell of the paste. That & crayons. Not just any ol' crayons. They hafta be Crayolas! In fact, I STILL love the smell of a fresh box of Crayolas! It just never occured to me to eat one...
    But I had my own little quirk, too. I've always had a food aversion.
    I often refused to eat, when I was little. I wasn't being bratty. I just couldn't stand the sensation of having food in my stomach. It was uncomfortable at best, & made me upchuck frequently.
    I didn't have the understanding or vocabulary to explain that to the grown-ups, so naturally they thought I was just being intentionally obstinate.

    OMG! I just remembered something else!
    When I was a baby (literally around age 2 & under), I loved to snuggle into my "safe place" - a narrow spot behind a couch, below a large window. While I was under there, I liked to chew on the long draperies that hung nearly to the floor. I remember enjoying the feeling of the strangely-textured fabric between my teeth.

    A few years ago, I mentioned that to Mom, & she exclaimed:
    That was YOU???!!!

    She cracked up laughing.
    Unbeknownst to me at the time, Mom thought we had MICE gnawing on the draperies & couldn't figure out why she never caught one in the traps she bought! LOL!!!

    But seriously, I didn't know that blood illnesses can cause cravings for non-food items.
    And, you're right! One would think somebody would have asked me that before now!

    Love 2 ALL!!!!!
    Hope everydobby is having a great day on Rock-o's porch!
    (It's always "great" on the porch. On the Porch, we don't hafta settle for "good-enough"!)


    Of course I was DRIVING the train!
  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Just logged in and found it is Grannis birthday on 18th. So opened a
    Birthday thread for her. My FB is still out of order so I couldn’t see
    There and im glad I logged in and didn’t miss it.

    Theres been a party going on at Rocks too! Lol and even Elaine
    Has joined in. Is it as noisy and crazy as the last one where someone
    Ended up swinging on the chandeliers? I hope Rock himself is ablt to join
    us soon.

    Pippi – that bit about your mum thinking it was the mice who
    Chewed the drapes was so funny! I have heard of pregnant
    Women who craved things like kerosene (yes, really). But I
    Can believe people crave those other things..i know enough to
    Know this human body is capable of strange strange things.

    Elaine – hope you had a good good sleep on the hammock.
    I was in stitches reading your account of the party…I hope the
    Shots the press got of the revelry were good and flattering
    Ones. Sometimes I cannot believe you are ill!

    Julie – oh dear I hope Keira is better soon. I haven’t been
    Hearing of the flu around here too much so thought it was
    On the downswing. I hate when those alarms go off when
    Car doors are opened..it happens sometimes with the DH’s
    Car when he sends me downstairs to retrieve something he
    Has forgotten and I feel all the neighbourhood is watching
    To see who’s breaking into what.

    Carla – nice to hear Haley has been calling a lot. My daughter
    Hasn’t even sent me a mail so Im guessing she’s in the middle
    Of something..exams or Indian festival week or something.
    Hope Missy is back to perfect health soon..my own Keechu is
    Still nursing his ear, and I had to douse all the dogs with flea
    Powder yet again this morning.

    Jole – whats this I hear from Elaine about you doing springy
    Things on the trampoline in a snazzy aerobics suit? Lol.
    All those grandkids/nephews of yours keeps you on your
    Toes I think with the antics they get upto…how do you keep
    Up with them all? I guess with FB you will be even more
    Uptodate on your extended and interesting family.

    Teacher – thanks for the entertaining Chicken dance.
    Funny what kids will get up to..licking chalk erasers.
    I taught nursery school for a year…and it was a lively
    Exhausting experience. I hope you are rested. You
    Seemed exhausted yourself.

    I have one more day of festival to go and its done. I have
    Been just laying down all day because I was so exhausted.
    This Hindu festival Diwali went off better than I expected
    Because I didn’t put pressure on myself to get everything
    Perfect. Just did what I could.

    Also we went and had dinner outside so there was no
    Extensive cooking to do.

    Not looking forward to tomorrow, because I have
    To haul this whole load of fruits and other items
    Over to ma in laws and set up the prayer function
    There. Theres these marigold garlands, and nuts
    And threads and so many things…I wouldn’t mind
    But the body has let me down and ive been feeling
    Depleted. Hope I perk up tomorrow.

    Had my daughter been here there would have been
    Yet another day of festivity where sisters worship
    Their brothers..but this year I don’t have to do that

    The singing carollers have been at it from early
    Evening till late at night all yesterday and today.
    And its almost 12 mid night now! Im fed up. They
    Go about houses with all their instruments and all
    Making quite a racket. I came to this room because
    There was this group out on the street outside bedroom
    singing and playing and now another group is playing
    at someone else’s house outside this window too…grrr.
    Im just an ole scrooge woman whining and fuming.
    Well two more days and its done for this year.

    Hugs all

    God Bless
  14. jole

    jole Member

    Hey everybody!

    Happy birthday, Granni! I'm sure you're having a great day at your DD's and they made it special for you! You deserve it after all the sweet and caring things you do for others. Spring left you a wonderful message on another post. Hope to see you and Spring on FB soon.

    Springwater, you did wonderfully well with all the festivals...very impressive! I remember the sisters worship brothers day from last year that you talked about..and isn't there a day for some animal also? Is their singing not good that you're not enjoying it, or just too much of a good thing? At any rate, I'm sure "normal" will seem good again.

    Julie, I'm sorry I didn't even mention you in my last post.....hope everything is going well for you. You must be very busy these days, and we miss not seeing more of you here. Do you have time to stop in at Rock's for a few minutes of party time??

    Elaine, I really slept in today...those back flips wore me totally out! And I really didn't "throw" my dance partner into the air, he'd just finished the "catch a greased possum" contest and hadn't wiped his hands off yet, thus was a little "slime" helping the situation.

    I do think the media got some good shots of you climbing the outside of the train, going through the window, and pulling Pippi out though. Unfortunately, it was a shot of your "best side" going through the window.....oh well, we'll recognize you, even if no one else will!!!

    Pippi, causing the traffic jam was a fantastic idea! Bet Rock never had a party that size before EVER....that he missed! lol... Hope he returns soon before everyone leaves! By the way, it's great to see you on a pogo stick instead of the Brat Mobile!

    Teacher, you created quite a stir when you pulled up with your wagon and oxen. Those city folks just didn't know what to think of your transportation. Know Rock will be thrilled to see how Jerome set up his new library.

    Georgia, your goat was the hit of the day...people just never learn they can't turn their back to one! Hahahaha.......got 'em rolling like bowling pins!!

    Carla, get your work done and hit the road, girl! We can't party without you!>

    Are the rest of you still traveling? Rock should be back home tomorrow......we can still be there to suprise him............

    Hope I didn't miss anyone......just one window today. I need to do a few things here, and then tomorrow start on some cleaning. My one daughter will be here with her two little ones from Nebraska next weekend for my other daughter's baby's baptism. I sure hope the weather isn't too cold.

    It takes me a week to get the house in order...a room or so a day...so I need to start early. A smaller house would be easier, but don't know where the kids would go when they come home. It's not like we have a motel down the road when living in the country...lol...and it's too cold to pitch tents.....

    See ya all later...........have a great day..........Jole

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  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    My daughter gave this to me before leaving today. I thought of you all my dear Porchies too.

    You are the constant ,
    the comfort,
    the Porch Light that stays on>
    and I love you from here to forever.

    It was so simple and sweet.. it was nice to spend my birthday weekend with my youngest daughter and family.

    Went out to dinner with my daughter and SIL and grandson. Got a siter for the winery restaurant . It would not be the place for the quiet :) !! little :) grandson who is 5 years old. We had a great time even if grandson was in trouble part of the time. He was dxed as mildly autistic and now they think it might be aspergers which is not so severe. So we will see He is vey impulsive and sometimes doesn't think and so gets in trouble pushing, trying to take a toy, etc. Some of the behaviors are sort of normal for a 5 year old BOY but he still has to learn when out in social situations. he also does have some austic behavoirs however like the flapping and spinning but not as much as he used to . He started speaking late and now we we wish he woud be quiet once in awhile :) !! It is good to see some improvement.

    SIL was getting over a touch of the flu. BTW, speaking of Swine Flu Julie, our other 16 year old grandson has it I think he is alos over it nw though.

    Sorry but I had to zoom past all the posts said and did not remember what I read.

    Hi to everydobby. I love and missed u al. I may have this cmputer till the end of the week. After that wh knows. DH wasnts to get a new laptop.

    Elaine - thinking of yu my dear. Oh,so you spottedme in the crowd did you trying to get to youall?? You even found out my MM disquise :) !! Hope you do not feel to badly my dear with your treatments. I surely wish I had your vim and vinegar in yur situation

    .Hi to everydobby -Julie, Elaine, Jole, Pippi, Sweet SW, Georgia. I guess our Rock is still MIA. Hope he is OK. Was it his computer.??? Srry if I missed your post or forgot to name you.

    Thanks again to all who wished me a happy birthday.You really do not want to know my age :) !!

    Love to everydobby,
    [This Message was Edited on 10/18/2009]
  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Did I read somewhere it is Joans birthday on Monday? If so, I would like to
    Wish Joan too a wonderful birthday…isn’t that a nice co incidence? Grannis
    And Joans birthday coming one day after another.. Joan, hope you have a
    Wonderful time, with your extended family members either coming or calling
    Up. Its such a pity you are having problems with the Mozilla page and unable
    To log in here….please those Porchies who are able to, please wish dear Joan
    Happy birthday from me, too on FB and send her a bunch of beautiful flowers
    From me also?

    Granni – that message from your daughter was really heartwarming.
    Your dinner out sounded nice even tho the lil grandkid gave some
    Trouble. I remember going out to eat with my toddler kids, someone
    Has to be on the move looking after them all the time.

    Julie – seems like Keira and you all catch so much cold…its not Keiras
    Mattress is it? I remember reading how some mattresses contain
    Formaldehyde and my daughter was allergic to it I think, she kept
    Catching colds and fever when she was a baby…then I switched to
    A completely natural cotton mattress and the non stop colds stopped.

    Jole – I hope you have a good time with your daughter and grandkids.
    The carolers are all right; some of them sing and dance well, but really
    An overdose is what we are getting..especially me with my sound
    Sensitivity. We kept our gates locked this year, but they are visiting
    All the houses around us…

    Georgia – I didn’t know you had brought your goat to the party! Lol.
    Good luck for the docs appointment. Also, it looks like you and
    Grandpa were put on earth to look after each other doesn’t it? Both
    Your families not being around to do that.

  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    well, Im all geared up for the last festivity today. the DH told me he would hang around and
    help load all the stuff we need into the car. I think he got scared because i had a meltdown
    the other day and shouted at him, because he was haranguing over a small detail while i was
    suffering a nauseous headache after going shopping in the hot sun. I didnt want to seem fussy
    so didnt tell him and lost my cool when i was trying to get things done and he interfered too

    I knew i would be having a few difficult days because i dreamt that a ghost was haunting me
    and i was petrified...the dream didnt even get resolved properly as i like them to. I was wondering
    what would go wrong because everytime i dream a dream about ghosts and being scared, somethng bad happens. I normally go to the monastery and get some prayers done but with
    the festival right the next day there was no time. So while the big day of festival went better
    than i expected, I got two very bad days after that where the depression and fatigue hit
    big time. And trouble is when youre deep in depression, it seems you will never get better, even
    tho your logical brain tells you, you have come out of it in the past.

    Oh and Pippi - your experience with seeing that man and then not seeing him isnt all that
    implausible. I swear I had one experience like that when i was travelling in a tempo (public scooter car)....six people can go in one..and i know i saw two people once besides myself
    and when we reached another stop and i looked around, there was only one person. I got such
    a shock! I asked the other person, wasnt there another old man right next to you right now?
    And he said "no, its only been me and you this stretch of road. I remember because the old
    man had such piercing deep eyes and he looked straight into my eyes when i looked at him.
    Probably one of those paranormal experiences..too many of them to discount it now.

    I got a letter at long last and will share it with you...will give an idea about festival..
    because she was reminiscing....


    Hi Family,

    I hope Tihar was a lot of fun. Are patekas (firecrackers) still banned in Nepal? I don't think tihar is a lot of fun without them. And did you guys have candles leading up to the deuta kotha(prayer room)? That would never be allowed here because of the fire hazard risks. What did you guys do? What kind of sweets did you buy? I think that's one of the big things that changed when we moved to bishalnagar from kamaladi. In kamaladi i remember there were 10 sweets on every plate all different colors like pink and green and only two tasted good. In bishalnagar, we would have four sweets but they would all be really good.

    Sigh............ I don't have anything like that here. Well there is the eid diwali dinner that's taking place in a couple of weeks but that's only one night. I don't know what to wear since I've already worn my saree and kurta. I think i'll wear the blue kurta mom sent me. we're doing two dances for that event and I have to meet, shweta, the other choreographer today at 5 to finalise everything. a lot of people want to dance, which is nice but the stage we're using is very small because we're doing it in tilton, which is the banquet room rather than the auditorium because we also have to serve dinner.

    I am very busy this week because of midterms. This tuesday i have an exam for development economics which is a difficult subject. I'm going to study hard and hopefully, I will do well. and you guys will never believe how cold it is here. It's -3degrees celsius. It's only october and i'm already wearing the big mountain hardware jacket.
    Anyway will try and call soon.

    I love you all.
    and the pictures in flickr are so cute.
    write back with details of tihar

    much love from the sorceress of wisdom.....................................................

    God Bless

  18. jole

    jole Member

    Wow, I thought I'd be the first one to say that, but Spring beat me to it! Hope you have a wonderful day, full of sweet suprises.......Yes, you and Granni can celebrate together if one of you has to be alone ever!

    ROCK, we're still outside your door waaaiitttingggggggg. Come out and play..........................

    Julie, praying Kiera is better and the rest of you stay well. I hope they can get out of that house so "we" can eliminate that as the problem.......lol.......since we've all "adopted" her by now. But really, I can't think it's an allergy situation since you and Amy seem to get sick also.

    Granni, hope you have time to recouperate before getting so busy again.

    Springwater, that was a wonderful letter. It seems all of you write so beautifully! And your festivals have a lot of wonderful tradition to them......even though busy, I'm sure it's fun when a person is well.

    Georgia, good luck with your tests......

    Well, I didn't sleep last night. Was outside at 3 am and the wind was blowing really hard still. This morning I went out early and sat with two jackets on plus a rug over my legs and drank a cup of coffee. It was totally wind still and beautiful. The sun had just come up...still pink in the sky.

    I could hear someone's cows at least 2 miles away mooing. They didn't sound happy....like perhaps their water tank was empty. Made me sad. Then suddenly a pheasant called out and another pheasant two fields away answered. And soon I saw one running across the newly growing wheatfield to join the other. I smiled. Nature is so wonderful!

    Even our doggies we're keeping this week for our BIL are being good. They go back home today, which will make our dog happy. Our Aussie is wonderful. She's very good about having them here, but it's obvious she's trying very hard to keep her cool.....wants her territory back to herself! She sits beside me when I'm outside and needs lots of petting, rolls over and offers me her belly to rub. Whenever I quit, she nudges me with her nose.

    Our country road is busy this time of the morning...farmers off to work....either in their fields or to second jobs. Many small farmers have another job to bring in enough money to actually live on, since most of their farm income goes directly to the bank for payments. My hubby leaves home for work each day by 6, gets home around 11, then starts his farm day. Has for years now. He will be 70 this year.......

    It really worries me that they're giving no cost of living raise for SS, yet taking more money out for the insurance.....and talking of more cuts/raises/taxes...I'm not sure if we (as many others) can make it just on SS, and not sure how much longer he will be able to work. I hope when everything gets resolved, it's what's best for everyone!

    Yes, I re-read....I can definitely tell I need to go back to bed......lol.....thoughts are pouring out now with not much substance, so will close for now. Wishing everyone a good day, and Rock, I hope you can make it back sooonnn! We miss you! Love to all...........Jo-lee
  19. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I'm a bit confused! My buddy, Sam had a TIA. I could tell something was wrong & took the stubborn mule to the ER. (I can call him that, cuz we're good friends, & I'm one too).
    He was my upstairs neighbor at my old apt complex at the time.

    Sam had never heard of TIA, but the ER doc told him he was having one, & that the x-ray showed it wasn't his first.
    Apparently, they do leave evidence! Some kinda little mark, or scar, or something, on an x-ray.

    It concerns me that your doc says he can't tell if you've had 1 before...

    Other than that:

    Hi Ya, Porch Peeps!

    I just managed to salvage my birthday...

    Remember those IV treatments I was talking about? The ones that make he horribly ill (& I'm not convinced I need then right now anyway)?

    Well... The hemo-staff called this morning to tell me when they're scheduled to begin..... Next Monday.... The 26th.... MY FREAKIN BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm supposed to spend my birthday first in the hospital for the treatment, then at home, sick in bed for the next 3 - 4 days.

    I called the hospital to reschedule the first one.
    It'll be the day AFTER my birthday, anyway....

    IF i go.

    I still haven't decided...

    I don't think I'm sick enough to need them yet. And I sure as heck AM NOT ready to feel so horribly sick because of the treatments.

    Especially now, cuz I have a secondary health-issue going on, & hafta deal with that specialist this week.
    That's the issue everyone is concerned about. My new hemo even called in a favor, to get this doc to see me this week.

    I do NOT want to be in severe pain, & barfing my guts up, while I'm trying to deal with the other issue & a new doc.

    If I decide to skip the treatments, I'll be curteous & call the hospital to cancel, so they can give my room & my time slot to someone else.

    But, then I'll be "noncompliant" & my hemo will drop me.

    I don't care if the hemo drops me, I just don't want ALL my docs to drop me - especially my primary doc, who is really good.

    Well, at least I salvaged my birthday...
    So far....
    I don't know what or when the new specialist will wanna start torturing me....

    I wish I could end this message on some cheerful or funny note, but today just sucks....

  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, speaking of bad days Pippi and anyne else having one - GRRRR!!

    Woke up this morning to the tune of phones ringing to tell us that someone had had stolen and used my credit card number. Last week we thought perhaps someone might be getting ready to use DH's as I think we thought we got spammed on line - another long story. Well. we cancelled that card thinking that someone might be wanting to use it. Got two phone calls this morning saying that our (Mine) had been used. it was my name and not DH's whose card we had already cancelled.

    At least one of the people called verified that it was my number they used. The other one they didnt know the number or what kind of card. So we canceled them all that we had, not that we had that many really. I had three but use 1 most of he time and usually eave the others home.

    I am stil ocnfused. I think someone was trying to either buy or sell a Harely Davidson amongst other things. They had or were trying to put ads in the paper. I think most of the things were caught before getting on the card. However, there were a few things that were on the card I am not sure about. We will have to watch our statements as they come in. I think we caught it before much damage was done.

    We finally figured out that my identity or card # was taken when we charged some meals at McDonalds on our trip.That was the first tie we have ever charged anything to Micky D's.

    SOOOO, please be very careful you Porch ka teers !! I am so aggravated !!

    After all that I went out and did some weeding. Just now trying to get back to normal from our company and our trip.

    Georgia - Let us know all about your dr. visit. Hpe they get to the bottom of your problem really SOON !!

    PIP - So sorry you were scheduled to have your treatment on your b-day but am glad that it is or wil be rescheduled (if you plan on going through with it). Sorry they make you so sick when you are trying to get to eeling better, not worse !

    Julie - Hope Keira is feeling better and that you and the household stays well. Yu are such a busy gal. Hope your job is goig well with somuch going on in your homelife. is that teaacher still there that was moved from Keira's class.?

    Jole - So sorry that your hubby has to work so hard as he gets older. He is just a bit younger than my DH. Are you close to the sae age? Farming is such hard work I know. My om worked on one when she was a child and had to work all te time when she came to the US from CZ living with realatives and she hated it but she never had any childhood and she became a very hard worker all her life.

    Did you say that you are on FB now? What is your UN? I haven't checked mine lately.

    Sorry I missed most of Rocks party and hope he and the compueter are OK.

    Love to AWL, Linda, Gordon, Mickey, Teacher, Elaine, dear Joan, Rockand everydobby else !