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    A nice evening to sit out on Rock's porch and wait on him.....drinks on the side bar...snacks nearby......help yourselves, and pull up a chair. He should be back shortly....or not! At any rate, we can keep on visiting 'till he or Gordon shows up, right?

    Love to all...........Jole

    Whoops! Joan got caught on the other side, and I can't bring her over...can someone help me PLEASE???? Thanks!!
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    I had to say happy birthday to dear Joan !! Hope you had a nice birthday. TYL birthday girl :) !! More later . Night all !!

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    Jole - Thanks for the goodies you left on the NEW porch volume. Yummy !! I guess I will wait around also for Rock and Gordon ot show up. Hope all is well with them both.

    I fel so sorry for your DH and other people like farmers who hae to do so much physical work, especially as they get older. He sounds like he is a few years younger than my DH.

    Joan - How nice that you had such a wonderful birthday. It all sounded great. That little bird surely might have been a sign from dear Harley. Didn't do a thing on my actual birthday. However, did go out to dinner with D#4 and family on friday when we were visiting.

    Georgia - Glad you are having everything checked out by your doctors thru tests and all. It is great they are ordering those tests fr you to see for sure what is what. BTW, I also started or will be in a few days after I run out of my synthroid. I am trying to take more generic meds and things that just cost alot less.. I did eliminated one high cost brand drug through generics and only now have one brand name for my b/p. Unfortunatley I do not think there is a generic for the Diovan. There may be but the drug stores do nt have it it seems . It could be alot worse though since our insurance charges $90 for a 3 months a supply. That is still expensive but without insurance I know it is alot higher. When you add the mall together it can get really high, as I am sure you know. Right now I take 3 pills to control my hi b/p. Before, I took 2 but but they were both brand names. Both of them are diuretics.

    I alaready know two ladies, one pretty yung that has MS. One is on a special meds which is really helpful. However, I know it is expensive but sometimes yu can get help with it. I think that she got some help, perhaps through the company that makes it. Hope they can get your knitting back i gear or shuld i say the way you wuld like it to be.

    You did mention that you were having some problems with your fingers doig the right thing at times. Is it painful or do they just not want to work right at times (your fingers)? If it is painful, maybe that is sme arthritis. God luck with yur therapist this afternoon and your class too. The class must be so much fun for you. That is most likely yur therapy or alot f it like singing is mine. It helps to keep your mind off everythig else going on in your life, including PAIN.

    Julie - Glad to hear that Keira is doing better after her flu bug. One of our grandsons who lives in NC had the swine flu bug. He was sick about a week I think and will probably go back to school monday. Hope things are going better fr Amy. Did you say they were still together in the same house. Just before our daughter #3 divorced she and husband were till living together. However, I think nothing was happening there it was just that she had no place else to go at that time. Who owns that house they are now trying to sell?? Hope ALL of your family is doing better which also makes things alot better for YOU. TRY and rest some will you.

    I was just curious abut Keira's x teacher since she sounds to me like she really shouldn't be teaching children at all esp young ones . Wonder how she is doing with the other class. Someone should SPY :) on her class to see what she does when no one else is around besides those little inocent children.

    Pippi - Hope you are doing better today sweetie. Have you changed your appointment for your procedure and do you know if you are going to take it YET ?? It seems terrible to have to take a procedure that will make you worse for a time anyway. Of ourse sometimes like in Elaine's case or dealig with cancer you have little choice if it can be life saving.

    To all our MIA's I still love you -Mickey, Sweetie, Rock, Mr Dad, Linda and to AWL others I cannot rememaber. Also am in a rush to send this before it goes swoosch !!!

    Geez- I didn't tag on to the volume so I cannot remember who also else may have posted.

    Love to everydobby,
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    Hi Ya, Peeps!!!

    I'm in a much better emotional state today.

    Although I changed the first treatment until the day after my B-Day, I've made a firm decision to "postpone" them althogether, until after my "urgent" issue has been addressed & dealt with.

    I talked it over with Mom (as she's familiar with my entire med-condition & all my docs), & she agrees with me on this one.

    The doc can't drop me for being "noncompliant" if I'm merely postponing the treatments....

    Even if I did spend my B-Day having the treatment & being horribly ill for days afterward, it still wouldn't rate as my worst B-Day ever.

    That was about 4 years ago.

    I was in a paralysis-phase & had been trapped in a hospital bed (literally!) for the entire month of October.
    Nobody had the time to be "goofing off" by getting me into a wheelchair (which they claimed not to have any, anyway) & rolling me to a window - much less outdoors for a minute.

    Did I mention that my hospital room didn't even have a WINDOW?????

    They were in the midst of a long-term construction/addition plan, & every window in the whole building was covered & boarded up, from the outside!!!!!

    Now, THAT sucked!!!

    But, whatever happens in the future, I know one thing for certain:

    If I'm ever rolled into a hospital room with no window, I'll DEMAND to be transferred to another facility immediately!!!
    I'll refuse to get off the stretcher.
    Once they got'cha in the bed, they can do whatever they want (or don't want) to do to ya!

    Being encased in that building, made the staff horrid. And peoples' visitors dropped off so as to be almost nonexistent.

    Mom came a few times. Like me, Mom strikes up conversations with total strangers, & she said the other visitors were commenting about how depressing the place was, & how they were cutting their visits short, cuz THEY couldn't stand being in there!!!!!

    Soooo... Point being: It could be (& has been) much worse!

    BUT! Today (& I can only speak for today) things are good-enough!!!

    Tomorrow... Eh! Who knows! I still have that urgent issue to deal with... But, I'm not even gonna give it a thought til tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

    Love to EVERYDOBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey! Is anydobby left on Rocks' porch? I think I see feet! I'm down here, curled up & napping under the table with the big fern on it! Part the fronds & you'll find me. Somebody help me up!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Gosh, I just can't seem to keep getting caught up. Next think i know i am missing 5 days of the porch and so much happenings. Busy as usual around here. Poor Lindsay, she is having a really bad day today. First she forgot her homework so Russ had to drive it up to school for her, then she found out she is failing chemistry even with getting tutoring. I am going to call her counselor tomorrow and talk to her about Lindsay may be transferring to a different class. She just doesn't get it. She has tried everything so i guess i can't blame her for wanting to get out of that class. All her other courses she is getting A's on.

    Then about an hour ago, she called me crying her eyes out that she got pulled over. I finally got that out of her, i could barely understand her. She said she had just pulled out onto the street when the police officer clocked her at 45 in a 35. I don't know if she is fibbing or maybe the policeman clocked the person going the other way in the other lane, which has happened to me and Russ before, so that is easy for them to do. She swears that she had just pulled out. I guess since this is her 1st ticket that i have to give her the benefit of the doubt. But she is still responsible for paying Traffic Law Hotline to get it removed off of her record, which will be about $150. Uggggh, luckily she has a job.

    Anyway, she has had a bummer day and really needs her Mommy and I am going to give her a big hug when i get home. Oh and she has also said that she has talked to her counselor about chemistry about a month ago and the counselor talked her into staying in chemistry. I just don't think that is a good idea especially since she probably won't need that for what she wants to do when she is older. She wants to be a Dental Hygeniest (sp????).

    Well i hope all my dear porchies are doing well, I miss you guys so much with the daily posts. It is so hard to keep up lately, I don't know why, i am sure i have always been this busy.

    Well, i need to print out the last couple of volumes and bring them home to read so i can be caught up.

    Love you all!!!!!!!!!

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    Pippi, nope you're not alone....I see ya under the ferns!
    Elaine's still napping away in the hammock in between shennangins, you know her!
    Georgia's goat just went running up the street, so I'm sure she's right behind trying to get him in her stew pot! (Hope she doesn't tell the cousins about the event!!)
    Teacher's oxen have eaten off the neighbor's grass and are starting on their bushes.
    Granni said she'll help pay for the food, but won't use any credit cards. It's okay though, 'cause Jerome already brought the food supply with him.
    Linda's busy writing another wonderful verse to post on Rock's door.
    Springwater is meditating by the orchids, getting her energy back.
    Julie is napping in the back of the covered wagon.
    Mickey is giving her Lindsey a quick hug before heading this way.
    Joan is catching a ride with Mickey and still enjoying that B-day glow.

    Everyone else is peekin' around the corner, still waiting for ROCK to show up!!!

    At any rate, wishing you all well. Went to the dentist today, and darn it...I need three teeth pulled. The past few weeks have been really miserable, but I thought it was only one! So I guess I'll be gumming my food like Rock. Trying to decide whether to get a bridge made. The dentist said it's my choice, but they can now add to them if necessary, and even incorporate them into a denture when the time comes....so it won't be a total waste of money. Just have to figure how to pay for it all. Nothing is cheap!!!

    Otherwise, I'm hoping the pain will let up. He gave me some pain pills to help until next week when they get pulled. I'm going to be a nervous wreck by then....lol....did I say I really, really dislike dentists???? (Even though he is a very nice guy!) Later.........Jole
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    just a quick update on our computer problem.

    brought a new video card and my tech try to install it. he called and said there was something else wrong as he couldn't bring up the screen. he's taken the computer home tonight. hopefully it'll get resolved soon.

    rock seems lost without his friends from this group. he's coping and has been quite about the situation but i'm sure he'd feel better after he's gotten in touch with all and able vent about this newest glich. there's nothing better than a good crisis.

    all for now.

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    ... for the update. Rock's gonna be sorry though! He's missin' a mighty good party!

    I'm surprised you haven't heard us. We're on your front porch!

  9. teacher

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    Wanted to tell you all that I'm thinking about you.

    Can't post right now.

    Between the party at Rockgor's and adding another class to my schedule, I'm pretty wiped out.

    I'm now up to:

    ------- 4 kindergartens

    -------3 first grades

    -------3 second grades

    -------3 third grades

    -------4 fourth grades

    -------3 fifth grades

    -------2 sixth grades

    -------3 recorder ensembles


    Plus an hour of duty every day.

    Did I see a whirlpool spa out behind Rock's place? If I did, that's where I'll be.

    Come get me when Gordon fixes one of his yummy dishses!

    Elaine, don't you dare pull the plug and let all the water out! I'll sic Granni after you![This Message was Edited on 10/20/2009]
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    That was a song, popular in my yute. Stephen Foster has almost the same words
    written on a paper that was found in his pocket after he died. Possible the title
    or idea for another song.

    I am here at the library, struggling with this strange computer. The font is so small it
    is a strain to read. Don't know how to look anything up on the net. Don't know how
    to sign off. (Patrons are given strict instruction about the importance of signing off,
    but try and find somebody to show you how to do it. The fellow who is supposed to
    be the resident computer expert seems to be passive agressive.

    Anyhoo, have to sign off as the library is closing in a few minutes.

    Here's a little riddle for you that I found in a thriller.

    What do you get when you turn an elephant into a fish.

    Hope to be back on the home computer shortly.



    Ps: It's not MY porch. It belongs to everydobby.

    What? The riddle. Oh yeah, the answer is: a fish.
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    Rock - I think we all moved to your porch and were partying there, lol. Awaiting you to
    turn up at your own party. I hope the computer gets fixed pretty soon. My FaceBook
    function is still out of order and i dont think i will get the computer man this month; too
    many expenses already. Bleh.

    Granni - really awful about the credit card fraud; is there a way to get the person behind
    this or prevent a re occurence?

    Mickey - good to see you again...hope Lindseys days go better after this, poor girl.
    But i guess we have all had days like this when nothing seems to go right, and then suddenly
    again its okay and everythings fine. Loved that photo of her homecoming, what a pretty girl.

    Jole - laughed at your summarization of the party update.

    Well, seems like this is all i can remember....

    we had our festival at ma in laws, and it went pretty smoothly, except one time when
    we were sitting out on lawn and ma in law again started haranguing about expenses and
    how difficult it was without a husband to earn and what not..but i deflected the conversation
    away...I know she gets some rent which she doesnt tell us about. Besides the other income
    she has. Enough to live like a queen and maintain a huge garden in tip top condition but of
    course no, its not enough....it never is enough is it...this joint family system for expenses
    is one bad idea.

    Anyways, festival is finally over. Last night my sons school friends who have a band came
    over and set up their music system and sang as part of the 'deusi' carollers. Unfortunately
    they seem to be heavily into heavy metal and hard rock and i could see neighbours hurriedly
    close their windows after a while...lol..I was longing to run away too but courtesy demands
    the host remains there and listens until they finish off with the festival wishing song in nepali.

    My son sang the last song although he was not part of the band, and i thought he wasnt
    too bad. It was "Smells like teen spirit," from Nirvana so there wasnt much singing, but slurring
    and shouting and a lot of guitars moaning and groaning and drums going loud enough to pierce the ear drums. The few other kids who werent singing or playing at that particular time,moved
    into a corner of the garden and started doing this head banging dance in a group and i could
    see my husband stare in amazement, what was this thing they were doing? it wasnt like this
    in his young days.

    We had refused to allow son to accompany them but relented in the end when they kept on asking...the DH isnt comfortable letting son stay out nights..because we are not too familiar
    with this group of kids he knows only for a year and half. he used to have plenty of sleepovers
    at his previous school friends places.

    Its 10am and he hasnt returned. I guess he will have lunch and then come.

    Keechu the doggie isnt doing too well, his ear is itching badly and he hasnt been able to
    have the stitches taken off, the hospital was closed for festival. Today that is my priority.

    You all be well


    God Bless

  12. Granniluvsu

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    Yay ROCK is back at least sort of I see. Glad to see you but we will be happier and so wil you when you get your computer fixed. Are cmputers something else? You can't live with or without them.

    Sorry but I can't stay long. I have lots to do at home and then have to get dressed but not in that order :) !! Also have to send in my results for our ladies Club luncheon reservations. What a pain withut the computer and names already in there so I can send at once,. I tried it o this computer adit did not work fr some reasono r another.

    Hi there to TEACHER, gee you surely have been a busy one, Sweet Spring Waer, Mickey, Georgia, Elaine, PIP, Julie, Jole and everydobby else that posted or didn't for that matter. Just had to post quickly before DH gets back and other things get in the way.

    Bye fr now y'all !

    Love to AWL,


  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I can't believe it is SOOO quiet here on the Porch. It is still stuck on #15 posts fr this volume, Hope everyone is doing OK. DH went to bring the car to the dealer for its checkup and then we are probably going down to check the laptop as Windows 7 comes out today.

    Thank God DS left us his old laptop to use until we buy another one. However, it does not have an address book attached yet so it is hard to send messages unless you know their addy off hand or they send you a message and then you can just reply.

    Pippi - I hope u are feeling more up than you were the other day still. I know that you felt better yesterday.

    Whoops DH needs the puter.. back later Love to all, granni
  14. jole

    jole Member

    Granni, you're right! It's really, really quiet! Maybe this weather is keeping everybody inside and there's just nothing to talk about....that's my problem! It's been sooo cold, rainy and windy here that I can't step outside at all. Heck, I'm having trouble stepping inside...lol...

    Hope everyone, kids, grandkids, etc. are all well.....wishing you all a good day! Will try to get back later. Need to go back to bed for awhile, just not a good morning. Love ya.....Jole
  15. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Springwater, poor Keechu, I hope he gets better. You are such a good Mommy to your doggies. They deserve it especially the way that they are so loyal.

    Rock, you poor thing, that darn computer is keeping you away from us. Gosh just think when there was a day when we didn't have computers. I don't even want to think about that, because that would mean there would be no Porch which would be horrible.

    Granni, you are a doll and a half, LOL. Thanks for all your kind words about Lindsay, she is just so stressed out. I talked to her counselor and am going to get her switched to a different teacher next semester so i hope that will help. She even talked to the other Chemistry Teacher about this and he explained a few things to her. Lindsay said that the 5 minutes she was with him she learned more than the 3 months she has already been in school with the other. I don't know maybe that is the problem, maybe not. We shall see.

    Jole, ouch, 3 teeth pulled, yikes. I hope they numb you really good so you can't feel a thing. Make sure you take some pain medicine right before you go in to get this done.

    Georgia, Pippie, Teacher, Elaine, Sweetie, etc........... Porchies. Gotta get back to work. I am leaving early today to go to the doctor again with my Mom at 2:00 so rushing to get work done.

    Take care

  16. Pippi1313

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    Oh man, whatta day!

    Was that yesterday I said I was feeling better? Musta been early in the day, cuz things went downhill...

    I had an "urgency". I don't even call it an "emergency" anymore, unless I'm getting scooped up out of a puddle of blood & guts.
    (Oops! Sorry if that was too gross. But y'all know what I mean, I bet!)

    Aaaaannnnd..... I used to think my docs were morons (with an exception or two). Now, I'm sure of it.

    But, since I just don't care anymore, it's not upsetting! :)

    About missing teeth:

    WOW! 3 teeth pulled! YIKES!
    I lost 1 tooth, way in the back of my jaw, in a bad accident.
    That turned out to be bad, cuz I'd scratch the gums til I learned to chew around it. But now it's a good thing, cuz I have a wisdom tooth coming in (slowly & intermittently) & there's a space for it!!!
    The dentist says it's coming in straight, so I can either let them cut it out, or, if I can stand "teething" we can let it come on in.
    So far, "come on in" is winning by a landslide! LOL!

    Great to hear from ya! Are you sure you didn't hear all that ruckus on your porch??????

    Well, dear Peeps, I better get back to the drawing board.
    My portrait of Gordy the Wonder Dog, is nearing completion, & Gordys' human is getting anxious to see it.


    PS: SweetSpringWater: Y'all have head-bangers over there, too???
    LOL! They've taken over the planet!!! haha

    Love 2 ALL!!!!!!!
  17. jole

    jole Member

    So I'm back for a bit!

    Mickey, it's good to see you! I know you're keeping so busy these days with everything, but we sure miss you when you're not here! You tell Lindsey that I sure do understand her Chemistry thing. I failed in high school...quite a few of us did, in fact, and our school was small. The school board finally decided it was a little strange that so many didn't make the grade.

    Unfortunately, we had some extremely intelligent kids in our class, and he spent most of the time talking Physics with them instead of teaching the rest of us chemistry! If you're not science oriented, chemistry can be like taking a foreign language, IMO. A teacher makes a HUGE difference. Too bad she can't transfer to the other class, but I'm sure it's too late in the year for that. Sure messes with her credits if she can't make it. Poor girl!

    When I got into nurses training it wasn't nearly as difficult for me....teacher explained, and friends helped me through, so I guess I did retain a little of it at least. Couldn't remember much now, though...lol...

    Pippi, I hope you're doing better. What was your trouble that sent you back to the ER? Sorry, not trying to be nosy, just wanting to understand your situation better. You seem to have something serious going on, and I'd like to be able to be more supportive for you. At any rate, glad you didn't have to stay :)

    Granni, I just saw part of an ad on tv about the new computer you were talking about getting. It just came on and hubby called to me from the other room, so I missed it! Hoping to see it again so I'll know what the difference is between the "old" and this new one. Bet you're getting excited to get one back that you can get loaded up with your stuff again.

    Georgia, I'm hoping you were just going through a FM flare.....glad you're doing somewhat better! But your symptoms sure fit with how mine were a few years ago, and can still be at times. It's also good to hear your HMO is doing well by you!

    Is your goat staying out of the pot? It makes me sad thinking about it....but then we eat cows...not any different, I suppose.

    Springwater, Nirvana huh? Sounds like kids are kids no matter where they are! lol...
    You seem to do a really good job keeping your MIL under control....good for you! Your festivals sound like fun, but so tiring! I'm hoping you can get rested up in body and spirit now. I know I couldn't keep up with all that you do.

    Teacher, more classes? Which means more kids.....which means more nonsense....I'm sure you'll handle it just fine, but I sure don't envy you any. That in itself would make a person wear mismatched clothes...and not on purpose, either. A little bit of crazy would have to be a prerequisite...lol...or a great sense of humor, which you certainly have!

    Julie, are you all feeling okay now? I have two sick grandkids now too, so I've been thinking of you! They don't think it's the swine flu, but it's sure going around here. Funny thing is, for the people who want the vaccination, by the time it gets here everybody will have already had the illness....lol....

    Oh Joan, where are you? Missing you here also! Still recouperating, or is it your computer? Hurry back, sweetie!

    Rock, oh yeah, it was YOUR porch! lol.... We all now know where you live...camped out on your porch, blocked off your street, paaartiedddd for days, and you missed it. So next time, you have to come to US!!! Hope you're back with us permanently soon.

    We did appreciate Gordon stopping by and letting us know what was going on, and seeing you for just a brief minute. You'll have to look back and see...yep! It was that Elaine girl who started it all! (As usual).

    Elaine, wishing you well, dear one. Keep up the good fight...it'll be behind you soon!

    Well all, there was something I was going to say....but....can't remember...haha. It'll come to me as soon as I sign off, of course. So will just wish everyone a good day. Linda and all, thinking of you! Hugs by the door................Jole

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, I am back again after going to Best Buy to look at the computers (laptops) they have there with the new Window's 7 on it. DH thought he wanted the bigger screen and the Toshiba but now he is changing his mind to either a regular screen's Dell or HP. They will be lighter and have a longer battery life. So, I guess I will have to go with that.

    Yes, JOLE, I will be happy once we have a new computer with all our stuff on it. I cannot write to a lot of people now cause I do not have their e-mail addresses. Hope yu feel better after yur little nap. We were supposed to have rain all day. However, it looks like it may have cleared out and DH says the cooler weather is hear. Dn't worry Jole i tis not like your cooler. Maybe it is inthe 60's. I do not know. When we hit 50 it is to cold for me already :) !!

    Georgia - I have to laugh when you talk about your goats. How may do you have or did you have. Who does the catching and the preparing of the meat? Like Jole says, it sounds sort of sad (that is if you keep them for pets and then it is hard to eat them). I do nt think I have ever had goat or corizo(sp?) even if we live in TX and eat alot of Mexican food or TexMex.. Does it taste like chicken :) ? When you or Grandpa take a walk do the goats hide :) !!

    Hope you are feeling better and gotten what the doctors said straight. I cannot look back on this volume with this computer either. Have you had all your test now. Are they going to test for MS? I know there is a special test they do for it but can't remember what it is.

    Mickey - so glad to hear from you. Hope thigs get straightened ut with Lidsey and that your MOM and step father are doing better. We sure do miss yu here ! Please do hurry bacak soon sweetie.

    Pippi - Hope you are doing better today even if it is just a little. Sorry but I cannot remember what you or some of the others said before.

    Julie - Hope to that you are feeling better as well as the rest of your clan. Miss you too my dear, on the Porch daily!!

    Rock - Hope you come back soon too but am glad you coud visit the library so you could come and talk to us for a bit.

    Sweet SW - Hope you are continuing to feeling up. Are yur ffestivals over yet for awhile. You asurely are busy with them. They are very interesting but really keep you going, which in a way is a very good thing too. I figure if I had nothing much I had to do i might stay in the house and lay around all day. Sometimes I do feel like it but I know it is better to get out and do things esp if it is things you really enjoy. I agaree with Jole you seem to be doing a good job of keeping MIL happy and not to grumpy or complaining alot :) .

    Elaine - Keep your head up kiddo.. I know you will get through this mess in good shape. Your
    sense if humor will surely get you. Just know that all us Porch ka teers will be thinking and praying for you..

    I have a dctor's appt. tomorrow to check onmy surgery and hopefully discharge me. That will be one morning wasted - sort of.

    Hugs to everydobby including Teacher, Linda,Sweetie, Carla and all the MIA's.

    Love to you awl,
  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I tried to get on the computer earlier last night; (its morning 5:30am now) but son wanted to use. I have been in a slump more mentally than physically. No motivation.

    Keechu also stressed me out by not getting better..his ear got infected so have changed his
    Meds. He was in pain and whining and going off into corners to sleep and I couldn’t
    Sleep either.

    Also ma in law called up wanting to know about some property my uncle
    Is supposed to have sold and she is saying where is the money..and my DH didn’t even
    Know who sold what. This must be something the family had bought eons ago when my pa in law was alive. She is complaining and complaining about expenses and I just wish
    That the uncles and DH would just sit down and divide up the property. Would be so
    Peaceful. My ma in law is getting on and I guess it would ease her mind if she knew
    Her son had got his share….the boy is 25 now after all.

    I have not done any work for two days now. No energy. Or no motivation. Either way
    If feels horrible.

    I know my daughter is expecting an email from me wanting to know about the festival and some pictures but have had no motivation to write.

    I hope I come out of this slump soon.

    Granni – I hope you get a nice new computer..i just read about the windows 7 or something And im hoping I don’t have to change my operating system …with the
    Festival and guests and all seems like I spent too much this last month

    Jole – sorry to hear you are having horrible weather…I notice I feel a bit better when
    The sun shines nicely and I can warm myself some on the terrace. This inspite of the
    Fact I love windy, howly grey days…

    Pippi – I love doggy portraits…tho I never tried drawing them myself..Gordy is a
    Sweet name.

    Mickey – so nice to see you back on the porch more …I hope Lindseys classes
    Get sorted out….both my kids hated Science…most of all, physics.

    Georgia – My ma in law once had balance problems and it was a bone in the back of
    Her throat getting worn out or something like that..she went to the chiro for some time
    And also did exercises at home and she became fine after that…this was 15 years ago
    And it hasn’t recurred.

    Rock, Joan, Carla,Linda and everybody hugs and waves

    I think I will go back to bed now..its kind of chilly

    God Bless
  20. jole

    jole Member

    Okay, not sure what day of the week it really is, but it seems like Friday....am I right??

    Georgia, you're one brave lady getting both shots...didn't you just get the seasonal flu shot also? Hope you do okay with them. And your warm weather would be wonderful if sent this direction, believe me!

    Julie, how are you dear? I hope you're totally recouperated and Kiera also. I can only hope that no news is good news.....

    Spring...how's the doggy world coming along? He must be feeling so miserable. Hope you got him checked out again and mending well. I hope your mood lifts soon, and if you can get rested back up after all the festivities I'm betting you'll feel better. So just take it easy and think of YOU for a change. You deserve it :)

    Granni, isn't it funny that no matter how much we research a product, when it finally gets down to the buying part everything seems different. I hope you and DH are coming closer to making a decision on your computer. Unfortunately, decision making is not one of my skills anymore :)

    Elaine, continued prayers headed your way, sweetie!

    Rock, quit pacing!!! We're worrying enough for you. We miss you and will be sooo excited to see you back for good. The party has fizzled out....none of us have the energy to keep it up for that long...even here on the porch! LOL But we can party again when you get back, if you want.....

    My day has nothing new to add. Still waiting to hear if my daughter/family are coming home this weekend. They'll have to take the house as-is if they do. I really want to see them, but just no energy to clean. Will do the bathroom, of course........that's it! Actually, I'm very lucky, 'cause if I asked my son-in-law to vaccuum for me, he would! He's a sweetie..... Don't think my other SILs would do that....lol...

    Wishing all a good day, or weekend... and once more Pippi's "good 'nough day"....Jole