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  1. springwater

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    Hahahahaha..I just typed out Porchfight 443! Luckily saw and remedied. Heaven forbid.

    Lots of cushions and snuggies. Warm coffee, tea and green tea.
    Chicken nuggets and cheese/veg sandwiches..come on..help yourselves.

    God Bless
  2. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I have to go to a one year anniversary prayer ceremony for
    Husbands cousin sis’s mom. Am happy the weather is nice
    And sunny and dry. Rather than hot or rainy. Hate making
    Visits in that kind of weather.

    On Saturday I went and visited a cousin sis from moms side
    Who has shifted into a housing complex . I just fell in love
    With the house..it is so modern and well planned out.
    .It’s a detached house with a sweet little garden patch right outside the
    Entrance and also on outside the dining room windows.

    Spoke to daughter on phone last evening. They had a fair
    Where groups sold stuff to raise money and the SASA,
    (South Asian Asscn) her org. made the most money selling
    ……hot tea and hot fried samosas. (Indian snack). I guess
    the cold weather helped.

    The Maoist groups in kathmandu are holding indefinite
    Protest in town…and my son said the traffic coming
    Back home was horrendous. It always makes me nervous
    When these Maoists do things like that, because of all
    The thousands of people who died at their hands when
    Their movement was at its peak couple of years back.
    And because of the way they just plant bombs in
    Public buses when they are thwarted.

    The DH has gone early morn for a medical check up.
    Since both his dad and granddad have diabetes, its better
    To have these check ups. Also his blood pressure.

    Hugs and waves to all incuding MIAs Linda, Mickey et all.

    God Bless
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    Thanks for the start and hot green tea, Springwater! I'll try one of your cheese 'n veggie sandwiches later. What kind of veggies are on it?

    Sounds like you've been busy as usual with going. You were talking about the detached home...is yours like that, or are there some together where you live? The only attached ones in my area are appartments or in bigger cities condos. I think the larger cities have more though.

    Does it ever get cold there? I would love having warm weather the year round!!

    Georgia, I honestly think your imbalance is from your fibro, 'cause it certainly sounds like mine. Even though mine is better and not every day like at first, it's still there pretty bad when I'm overly tired. But I'm sure it could also be connected to the meds, and it's great to hear you're better.

    Sorry grandpa is now having problems. Yes, it does seem to be "contagious" in some cases. I've noticed on the fibro board that there are couples where both of them have it.......

    If anyone here has CFS, there have been some recent developments going on and a lot of excitement in the past month on the fibro/CFS board about a new virus called XMRV (I think that's the right initials). If true (and they're still in the testing stage), CFS is caused by a virus and can be spreading. It's interesting reading......

    Julie, it's true that 2-year olds go through many phases. My grandson's favorite words right now are "I NOT!!" to everything. Funny, 'cause my kids just said "NO" to everything at that age....lol...Part of gaining their independence and learning skills. So they give him two choices and he usually picks one already. This has kept down the battles some for them. The choices are very similar and neither one is wrong. He just doesn't know it.

    Carla, it's good to see you again! I had no doubt that you were busy as usual...lol...wish your doggie would heal so you could continue your rides before the weather gets too cold.

    Those break-ins are so scary. We had that happen here about 6 years ago with people going around stealing gasoline out of farmer's tanks. Also had a farmer murdered in his own home a few years ago by a guy that was from another state. He didn't think anyone was at home and went in to find cash for drugs. So please be careful!! I'm glad you have your girls....do they warn you when someone comes onto your property?

    Where's Mickey and Joan? Have they deserted us?? Don't think Mickey has been here for quite awhile now. Hope her mom's doing okay. I miss them both!

    Granni, we have a food pantry here and it does pretty good, but the next town over (college town) can't keep theirs stocked this year. It's the first year they've ever had this problem. I too think the lay-offs are really making a huge difference...and lots of people aren't giving 'cause they don't know if they're going to be next without a job and are keeping their money quite close to home.

    My daughter said when her kids went trick or treating this year the kids received the little "Smarties" and lollipops...no candy bars like in the past. Everyone iwas giving out the cheaper candy. She said the stores were overflowing with candy after halloween. It just didn't sell like in the past. People are getting smarter with their money it seems.

    Rock, my daughter-in-law sent a short message this morning saying they had a snake in their house last night. That's all the note said, but I'm sure she freaked out. I sent one back asking her what kind it was......bet they didn't take the time to look..hahaha.

    Also, I can't imagine anyone in that family catching it to get it out either! They're all terrified of them. They have a very nice home, and can't imagine how it got in, so I imagine it was quite small.

    Elaine....sending lots of good thoughts and prayers....just a few days to wait now. Bless your heart, you are so special to all of us!

    Linda, missing you.

    Teacher, good luck with your monitoring this week. Let us know how it goes.

    Well, I'm feeling better today. Think I got a sinus infection after my teeth were pulled, because I ran a temp for about 3 days and felt miserable. But I'm doing better today so may actually get something accomplished.

    I need to clean up my kitchen and disinfect the counters. Haven't disinfected for awhile now. The scrubbing seems to set off the FM pain in my arms, but it does need done. Then I may do some scrapbooking, since it only takes brain power and not physical power..lol.

    Better quit before I lose this. Hi to all not mentioned. Love ya all..........Jole

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    Not much time for addresing all individually as I am going to go to Line Dancing since I have not been there in about 2 moinths or so. First was the surgery, and then it seems like I had to do something every monday after that for one reason or another. I just love dancing of any kind. Hope I fremembe the dances after all the time away.

    Sweet SW - The Food Bank is where people donate food (canned and dried foods mostly-non perishables) that can be donated to those needing it. Our ladies club has been doing this for years. Just befofre Thanksgiving we have a meeting and people bring these non perishable foods to the meeting. We have the truck already there for pickup. The ladies just bring the stuff and drop it off to the truck befofre the meeting.

    Jole - Please come and visit me and you can do all the scrap booking you want. I have so many pictures that I haven't done anything with. So, you are elected -hows that :) !!? Oh, and you can help me clean the kitchen too ??

    Georgia - Sorry to hear that Grandpa is feeling badly too. Hope you both get to feeling all better soon . I think with us the clumsyness shall we say comes and goes. Mine is there alot too but I have to be more careful doing some things.

    Julie - Yep those terrible twos as they call them can bve a very trying period. They are growing so fast and want their independence IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. It surely cn be trying to ones patience. Believe me, esp when you have a little one who is very stubborn. I KNOW !!

    Teacher - Hope things straighten out soon for you at the school. I am sure that can be very tiring and frustrating for you and nayone else having to go through all that at the school.

    Missing all you MIA's and others to-Linda, Mickey, Carla, MrDad, Rock. Please forgive me if I have not mentioned your name, Gotta go get ready to go to my Line Dancing.


  5. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I vowed to get back sooner but------Here I am now! Right now, I'm not certain if I am sitting down, lying down, or standing ----I am so tired!!

    The story began Wed. My hearing aid has a door that I close when I go to bed to save the battery. It had been coming off and that night, I was not standing close enough to the dresser, I dropped it, it hit my shoe, then rolled under the dresser!------with thousands of "dust bunnies" from yrs. back. We can't move the dresser unless I take the drawers out and pull it into the living room.

    At coffee Fri. I said I was going home and lay on my stomach and find it under there. Well, my good friend got u p and said he was going to come over and find it. I said no as it is too dusty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 He wengt anyway and found it. I was so embarassed!!!

    Yesterday after church we have coffee in the fellowshkip hall and later he came over and sagt with us. I said I was mortified because of the dust bunnies!!!! All laughed as I did. (my lady that cleans sometimes was there and we all teased her--her fault)

    I decided later this afternoon that I was giong to do something about them!! I got down on my knees (I moaned all the while) and took my hand and got as far under the dresser as I could reach and racked them out with my fingers!!!! (too much for an old lady!) I finally got u p with help from the bed, sat and tried to get my breath, took the vacuumk hose and sucked all of it up. Thati is why I am tired!

    Teacher: I am so sorry that you got the brunt of all of this trouble. How in the wide world could you keep that many kids quiet all that tkime???? It is impossible. And other folks just like to tattle and cause trouble. Are you feeling better? Hope you can relax a minute or two.

    Elaine: I wilil be anxious to hear about this new Rx! i think that I have read about it somewhere. Wouldn't it be wonderfjul if it works! I feel like a wimp when I complain when you have gone thru SOO MUCH! And you don't comp-lain either. Bless your heart!

    Oh my land!! What horrors, Jole!! A snake in the house. I don't know if I would ever go back in gthe house. We did have a bat in the house once after we had gone to bede. And guess who chased it around with a broom? Me!! Turned th porch light on, opened the front door, clo9sed the bedroom door with Harley in it and closed any other door and swung the broom round and round and round! It finally went out. Brrr---

    vol. 2~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    I am not adjusted to this change of time! I stay up til 10 - my body says 11. Maggie wants to go to bed sooner. and she wants tp get up sooner.

    There are so many awful things going on around the USA. every a.m. when I turn on the TV its murder, rape, missing little girls, shootings, robberies-----it goes on and on. How does it stop?

    SW: i so enjoy reading what you write about your country but it sounds as if there is trouble everywhere, not just here. But the descriptions of the land around you is so beautiful and y ou write it so beautifully. Keep it up!

    Not sure why but I am freezing right now! put more clothes on.

    I had somethiong that I was going to write about but-------------I forgot what! Tomorrow is another day and hope I remember.

    Love and prays to all---am sorry if I forgot to mention someone dear ----- you all are!

    Gentle Hugs,

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  6. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    To any of you on Face Book, look on my wall and see the pictures of my 3 great-grandchildren all dressed for Halloween.



  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Thought I would contribute to the "porchfight". Haha! We have never
    had a fight on the porch. I guess the worst that would happen is someone
    might get playful and toss a marshmallow.

    I haven't had the energy to post for a couple days. The big excursion today
    is that Gordon and I went to a chiropractor. Gordon's back went out. He
    called in sick. His regular chiro only works part time. He wasn't in his office
    and neither was the other chiro who shares the same space.

    So we went to a very nice young man whose first name is Irish. His last
    name is Finnish. Gordon was very pleased w/ the adjustment. I may start
    using this chiro myself. His office has to check and see about insurance.

    Seems to me an awful lot of things in the modern world don't make much sense.
    Even though I was disabled most of my working years and only worked part-
    time, I paid in over $100,000 to Social Security. Now I pay about $3000 a year
    for Medicare and Blue Cross coverage. And with all of that, some doctors still
    want a co pay. Reason totters!

    Do you read the news about the big luxury liner? 5 times the size of the Titanic!
    With smokestacks that lower to get under bridges. Don't know as now is a
    good time to be selling luxury cruises. Oh well, guess there are always some w/
    way too much money.

    Hugs and waves to everydobby.


  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I just wanted to pop in for a minute before I get picked up for my meeting. Will try and get back as soon as possible !!

    Joan - Hownice to see you., I have to check to see your family on FB

    Hey has anyone seen PIPPI ? Hope sheis doing OK. I have been so out of it lately and without a computer I have forgotten who I have spoken to lately and who not. Hope she isn't in a flare or feling worse than usual. I know it stinks.

    Elaine - sorry to hear that you are still hurting and the med didn't help you any. That is awful. Will be thinking about you tomorrow as hyou find out how you faired with your treatment.

    A quick wave to awl as I rush off again.

    Love to everydobby,
  9. jole

    jole Member

    Since yesterday was Wednesday to me, what does that make today?? Guess it doesn't matter. My life is going nowhere anyway...lol...

    Elaine, I feel your pain, and am so sorry you have to go through this. I hope you get something that helps you today. Back pain to me is the worst...well, second to migraines...and NO pain is good, that's for sure. You certainly need some GOOD news today!

    Georgia, direct deposit is nice...we didn't have an option at work, it was mandatory to have it directly deposited the last few years. The only thing I didn't like about it was the fact that before I would deposit my check and keep out a certain amount of cash for "spending money". It was nice to have some on hand if needed, and not have to write a check for under $5 or $10.

    Granni, I too have been wondering about Pippi. She and Mickey have both disappeared on us!
    It sounds as though your life is definitely back to normal.

    Joan, yes, your grandkids picture was precious! My daughter sent me a pic of her two dressed up on the cell phone. They're so cute and innocent! Oh, and those dust bunnies....well, I had DH pull out my fridge and stove awhile back so I could clean under them. (I usually do under them and washer/dryer 2x a year...lol...) and couldn't believe how much can accumulate. We don't even have any pets in the house!

    Rock, you aren't talking about the ship they built out of the Twin Towers, are you? I saw that one on tv and it was beautiful! Can't imagine the cost of it though!

    As far as the money we've invested into SS, etc. I think it's downright horrible that we don't get better healthcare for what we've paid in! Most of us will never get back what we paid in. OKay, enough of that. Too upsetting an issue.

    Well, I didn't get any scrapbooking done yesterday. Ran out of steam. How much energy does it take to sit and post pics, borders, cute sayings for kids, etc.? Too much! So I watched some tv, took a little nap, and read a bit. Still wish I were near a library! Have read all my books more than once, and the internet is too upright for very long at a time.

    Today I'm getting the kitchen done (was going to do that yesterday also). Can't plan 10 minutes in advance, can we? And I found a large leaf lying on the floor from my rubber plant that I forgot to water..........

    Wishing all my porch friends a wonderful day...pick one! (Mine is Thursday)......Jole
  10. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    How has everyone been?????? Well I guess i need to read all the posts to find out and that is what i am going to do tonight. I printed the last 3 volumes out so i can get caught up again. It seems there is just not enough time in the day for much anymore, especially now that it gets darker out earlier, which I hate with a passion. Depression mode kicks in this time of year, LOL.

    I don't understand that whole concept anyway, why do we have to turn clocks back and up????? Rock can you explain that for me. Geez. Why can't we have daylight till 8 everyday.

    Well i know this is short, but i wanted to let you all know that i am still alive and kickin, LOL. Mom and stepdad are doing much better and everyone that had the swine flu in my family are pretty much over it now, thank goodness.

    I will be back gang once i get caught up on you all.

    Love you Porchies Lots!!!!!!!!!!

  11. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    It's 5 p.m. and is so dark. And I am cold again! And in the morning while I get breakfast, It is dark for the kids going to school!

    mickey: Glad you didn't get the flu. Yes, wouldn't it be great to have daylight until 8 everyday?

    We are on Central time: Just a few miles south of us it is Eastern time. Now that is confushing. Where we used to go to shop, all 3 kids and families are also on the time.

    Elaine: I am soooo sorry that the Rx is not working! I think of you so often and wish you could get rid of that pain. I hope that the Dr. can give you something to help that pain. Hang in there, sweetie. We love you lots and lots and hope that the days get better.

    Today I did something else! I just realized that if I don't do it, no one will. I couldn't move the frig. I took off the bottom piece, washed and scrubbed it, vacuumed under the front frig, took out the drip tray which was awful to look at. scrubbed it, and put it back. the only problem was that I had to get back on the floor to push that bottom piece back on. So that's done. Had to take a little nap then. But you know-------I thinnk that activity is good for me. I seeme to get around better when i do things like that! So much for that. Soon I will tackle the front and defrost the big upright freezer.

    yes, I saw that ship built from the Twin Towers said in to N.Y. Quite impressive.

    Hope things go well for all of y ou. Need to eat, shower and wash hair and get ready for "Dancing with the Stars".

    i wanted to begin the book, "90 Minutes in Heaven" but I fell asleep. I read gthe prologue this a.m. and I think it will be a book I don't want to put down.

    Nite tio all my dear friends.

    Gentle Hugs,

  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Slept most of today. Woke up around 5 PM and
    then was racing around trying to go to the market,
    feed the cats, take out the trash, water the orchids,
    fix a meal, etc.

    I got slowed up when I was held prisoner in my own home by
    3 skunks who were gobbling up the cat kibble at the front door.

    But it all worked out. I baked a ham steak and
    some potatoes. The landlord provides the stove
    and fridge here. The stove is very old. The temperature guage
    no workee. When the oven is off it reads 400. If you want
    it really hot, you turn it up to "Off".

    So the ham was in the oven 2 hours and the potatoes 4.
    Everything turned out fine. I like
    ham well done. Otherwise it seems rubbery to me.
    I don't know why the public is so enamored
    w/ honey baked ham. I think it's like Starbucks
    coffee. Way overpriced.

    Julie, glad to hear you had some extra energy for
    all your chores. If you suddenly have too much
    energy, you can send some my way. A lotta the
    time making a sandwich is more than I can cope

    Elaine, is your back any better? Is the pain there
    only, or is it all over? Gordon is feeling good
    today after seeing the new chiro. I was impressed that
    the guy explained so much about
    what was going on.

    Maybe a chiro wouldn't help in your situation?

    Joan, can you get some help for those heavy
    jobs around the house? Either from friends for
    free or some occasional hired help? I wouldn't
    worry too much about dust bunnies. You never
    hear of them biting anydobby.

    Mickey, good to see you. I know what you mean
    about catching up. I missed 3 or 4 volumes when
    the computer was in the garage. It's sorta like
    reading a novel instead of a short story.

    Glad to hear the family is recovering from the
    dreaded flu.

    Pippi, how ya doin'? Working on your art projects?

    Jole, scrapbooking sounds like way too much for
    me now. Back in the 70s I took lots of pics and
    put them in those albums w/ the transparent plastic sheets.

    Now that we have digital cameras, they probably
    don't even make those albums anymore.

    Teacher, Joan is right. Whoever thought it was
    a good idea to make kids come to school and then sit quietly
    for half an hour? Surely the colleges are not teaching this.

    That's the trouble w/ most jobs. In addition to the
    work there's all the stupidity that goes with it.
    Fill out this form, go to a meeting, then more silly
    forms and waste-of-time meetings.

    Tomorrow is Wed. Day to wear the B12 patch and go to
    the library. See what happens.

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    DH is off to play golf this afternoon. Ran around shopping and looking this morning with DH and then he got on the computer and I fixed a leftover lunch.

    I stopped into Best Buy to see what selections of Family Tree Maker they had since mine was destroyed and fairly OLD. It was oneof the earliest ones but would possibly like an 09 instead of the 2010. Not only is it cheaper it doesn't have some of the stuff that I may not need to use . I cannot see what I have left out of what was lost until I put in the new program.

    A friend of mines husband put what was on my old square diskettes fort the HD. However, I cannot see any of that until I put in the new program. Then I just hope it will work - what a pain. I have also been trying to remake my addressbook.

    Glad to see all of you and some of you MIA's too.

    Mickey - Glad you came for an update. Have been thinking about you and your family. Glad they are getting better and that you are all well after the H1N1 flu. Did you have it also? I have to go check on FB soon.

    I have been lucky to get onto the computer later. There is just so much to do. Actually I have to go out a do a little weeding again after I get off here - again !! Haven't done much of it other than swome removing some small tress and stuff inthe back. Now the front looks bad or some parts of it. Hope you will be back on the Porch again soon.

    Julie - Glad things are gettiong a ittle better for you but you seill sound too busy :)!
    Yes, those twos can be quite a challenge and one has to sometimes be very patient.

    Hi also to Rock, Jole, Teacher, Joan and everydobby else I failed to mentioned.

    Is PIPPI still with us? I hope she is OK. I haven't seen her on any of the threads lately.

    Love to everydobby,
  14. jole

    jole Member

    The days seem to go so fast even though I don't do anything. Seems as though my life is wasting away while I stand in the shadows. But I did have a better day...hubby is happy. I actually had enough energy to make lunch. Fixed pork chops, potatoes and cream corn. It's pretty rare that I do a meal. Felt good to be able to. Unfortunately, the dishes still sit.

    Joan, you've been busy! No getting on the floor for me anymore...lol...unless someone is here to help me back up at least. You're pretty brave in my books. Yes, it is getting dark early now and I don't like it either. I'd imagine the school kids feel like they have no life until spring.

    Rock, are you still imprisioned? You're enticing the wrong kind of kitties to your stairway. It's that soft heart of yours..will get you into trouble every time!

    Loved your stove story. Sounds like my old one. It had flames shooting out of the burners half the time...and it was electric! My mom had a fit and bought me a new one about 6-7 years ago. The other one was at least 25 years old, so I guess we got our money's worth. The first one we had when we got married was even older than that and lasted another 10 years.

    Granni, you're becoming quite self-sufficient with the computer. I've used one for years with my job, but never got into much technical stuff, and even now can't figure much out.

    Julie, good to hear that most of Kiera's problems is probably just a lack of sleep since she did so well after a longer nap. Hope all is going well for you, and that Amy is feeling better. You too!

    ELAINE...What's the verdict???? We're waiting impatiently for some word from you!!! (And still crossing our fingers, toes, etc.)

    Mickey, good to see you back :). Miss your sunny disposition when you're gone!

    Everyone else, come out, come out wherever you are!

    Okay, back to checking out the rest of the board with my cup of hot chocolate. Think I'll have one of Carla's special peanut butter 'n marshmallow fluff sandwiches for supper...lol...
    Talk to ya all later. Hugs all around...........Jole

  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just woke up from my nap. As usual, haven't accomplished a thing all day.
    I have to write a check and send some post cards. I feel like it's the
    equivalent of chopping a cord of wood. (If you whistle while you do it,
    you may refer to it as a chord of wood.) I am just so tired of never having
    any energy.

    Jole, loved your stove story. It made me LOL. Literally. Note: "Literally" is
    what people say when they generally mean "figuratively" as in, "I
    literally dropped dead."

    Well, the problem with the skunks was, I couldn't go out and water the plants.
    Probably they would not have sprayed me if I did, but why take the
    chance? Skunks are really phlegmatic. Every country should have leaders
    w/ a similar temperament. Be very few wars. And even if there were wars,
    there would be no fatalities.

    Yes, a soft heart may occasionally get one into trouble. But a soft head is
    probably even worse.

    Granni, you and dear hubby just go, go, go. Singing and dancing and golfing.
    The fun never stops. You must need a really big wall calendar to keep track of
    all your activities.

    Carla, you and Missy healing up? Hope you are not overdoing, but I suspect
    you might be.

    Barry, how are things in the world of horticulture? You know Dorothy
    Parker's verse re: same? I'd rather read Dorothy Parker and Edna St.
    Vincent Millay than any poet laureate. (Dorothy might rhyme laureate with
    bore I met.)

    Well, the porch is rather quiet. We can only hope Elaine feels better and can
    come back and throw a fit, I mean a party. The kind where we can all
    fit in.

    Mickey, things quieting down in your neck of the woods? Miss ya.

    Hugs to all

    There! I posted. That's one down and 4 or 5 to go. Already I feel a sense
    of accomplishment. Smiling out loud.
  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Elaine – left you a post on your other thread..glad to hear the back pain is
    Reduced..that is a relief!

    Georgia – they are replacing years of experience with newbies like
    Those? 23!!!? Im too amazed to say anything more. God be with your
    Place of work. Do you think it’s the salary thing ? At our place of
    Work they used to try and make the senior higher earning staff leave
    And replace them with cheaper new people.

    Rock – loved reading your post..yes, a soft heart is much better
    Than a soft head

    Jole – I had a microwave some years ago when I was with
    My inlaws….it used to give this horrible exploding sound..
    While heating stuff…thank goodness it finally went kaput.

    Granni – Im delaying calling the computer fixer in..tho I
    Too have some problems here and there..we have lots of
    Cyber cafes so I can go to those if I really need to use
    The programmes which done work.

    Julie – wish I had the extra energy you seem to have
    Got hold of! Keira is lucky to have you and Grandpa Den
    In her lives..I hope when my grandkids come, I will have
    The energy to look after them and enjoy them the way
    You do.

    Joan – Loved your birthday and the wedding photos.
    You look so smart in your red and black combination
    Coat. Unfortunately still cant seem to post comments
    On my FB. Oh and i couldnt take my eyes off the
    brides beautiful necklace!

    Mickey – good to hear everyone in the family is better.
    Yes, dark cold days nonstop can be horribly downcasting.

    Jole – we had a rubber plant but it grew so big..we moved
    It outside and trim it to keep it to a reasonable size.

  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    seems i selected too far down.

    Ive been feeling a bit down in the dumps. The son had hit a nine year old kid on his way
    to school...and knocked him down with the bike...tho the kid wasnt hurt too much, some
    abrasions on his cheek, it was really stressful. DH had to go to the school, (happened near
    the school gates)...and sort out the matter. I have repeatedly asked son not to drive his
    bike fast, but some kids ...they dont learn do they. This is the second episode of a similar

    I believe some neighbours have told our help that our son drives his bike way too fast and
    he could end up killing someone or hurting himself. This son just worries me so much. The
    teachers also said he doesnt bother to come tidily, his hairs a mess, sometimes he doesnt wear
    his tie, and he isnt studying as hard as he ought to. Bah. he has taken after me thats what.
    His poor ole depressive mum. But funny, coz when i was his age, i was so thorough at least where school was concerned...Of course i dropped out at 17..but till then i was clean, neat
    and tidy and no teacher ever complained about my grades except the math one and she
    understood it was beyond my capabilities.

    Im also down because things have been piling up. I owe lunches to so many people. And have
    got zilch energy and motivation. I promised my chinese friend i would cal her and her entire family (coz i do owe them several lunches/dinner by now) but havent....i feel like a zombie..
    with little surges of energy now and then which are just enough to keep the house running.
    Got an email from her today....asking how was i? What on earth am i to do? My husbands
    one cousins sis also phoned. The one with the toddler. And she talked about getting together.
    "I should have said yes, come on over you and your mum and sis." Goodness knows ive been
    over to her mums often enough. But...same problem...and she hates dogs. The ma in law also had phoned complaining about finances and stuff. and its all getting me down.

    Well, Im going to try and take things one by one.

    I did attend a prayer ceremony...and yesterday i went and got two shirts ordered for son.
    School shirts. And ive been treating the doggies...Keechus ear is taking some time for the scab
    to come over the wound and needs constant checking and HObbes has a chronic skin itchiness
    thing at the backside near his tail, where he need to be bathed and medicated. Jeff seems to
    have ear mites because he scratches constantly and always needs an ointment rub to keep the infection away. Tommy the old dog cant be fed like the other dogs because he vomits..and Poopsie also has some red area near her tail and Ive been rubbing an antifungal thing in case she also gets a chronic case of something or other and im so fed up. Yesterday i opened one
    not often used cupboard and some leather jackets of DHs and his old coats are devloping mould...grrrrrrr...again had to lug them all out to the terrace to sun.

    At least we have sun. If it suddenly started raining on top of everything i think i would throttle myself.

    God Bless

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Have been running around with DH shopping today. I found out that Sams doesn't have any FTM programs, at least not now anyways. I may go on-line to check out their prices, etc. Still not sure of which to get the 09 or the 010 programs. I am sure the 010 is more expensive but does it more of the stuff I really want on there. My other one that I lost was a pretty old program.

    I need to go out and do some more weeding in the front. I haven't done any of that is quite awhile. Just help DH remove and dispose of some of the skinny yupons that have overgrown a lot .

    Elaine - I sent you a note on the other thread. Just glad you did get some very important good news to - that it has decreased. So, that is wonderful. Continue to dwell in the positive as you always do. Also glad that your back is doing better on the medication. Yep, I know thaqt it is expensive stuff. I am on a firmly expensive drug for my b/p. Still hoping for a generic. I take 2 other drugs/diuretics to go along with it. GEEZ!! Lots of hugs to you my dear.

    SW - sorry you had problems with your son and that you have been down with all the bad weather. Kids - ugh ! Hope you are doing better now.

    Georgia - gee it is hapening all over I think. They hire all these young kids cause they can pay them alot less. I think that is probably the main reason. That is very sad for your old boss especially if he was a good one and a nice person. Grrr, doesn't it make you mad. It is very upsetting I know.

    That is good that you and Ursula have your special relationhship. It is good for you both and so are you good walks together. Hope Grandpa is feeling better after his little bout of flu or whatever.

    Rock - Hi there. Hope your puter is behaving it self. Oh, we are not doing that much running around really but it may seem so. We do have to go tomorrow to see our granddaughter and her dance team dance at 1/2 time in Houston. We hate the drive esp in rush our, or just before it gets really bad. We can't sit with our daughter and family tomorrow since they have to be chaperones and need to go on the bus. Canyou imagine a bus full of teenage girls = all chattering and giggling at the same time :) !!

    Well, I have to run and get something else done around here - yuck !

    Love to e verydobby,

  19. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I just wanted to pop in say hi- I saw Elaines post and wanted to post to her- Girl you keep fighting that battle. you will whip it's butt.

    Yes it has been a little slower pace here and that is fine as I was having a hard time keeping up for awhile.

    Yes I do wonder what is going on with Pippi, I hope she is alright.

    I have been working on my pics, I can't stop myself-lol. This program is like photoshop and is so addictive in learning all the things you can do with it. I was gone all day yesterday to Dr and Wally's, I have also been taking short walks witht he girls, Missy is not quite ready for a cart ride yet but is better.

    I saw my surgeon yesterday and showed me the right way to wear my arm brace, which has already helped, set me up with PT and if it isn't better by the new year he will operate on it, so keep your fingers crossed.

    I was going to address you all but need to lay down, my eyes are starting to hurt. I'll be back when I can- hello to awl and a big queen's wave to all- Carla
  20. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    was laundry but was sooo tired. Think it was because I got my flu O(seasonal) shot yesterday and also went to WM and to get groceries.

    Elaine: Hang in there little lady! You will be free soon! so glad to read about you on other post. please take care and we all love you and worry about you.

    no, i don't have any grandkids close. Most are married and have their own lives. One in the Chicago area offers to come down and help but he works for big company on big project so I know he is very busy!

    Granni: I just watched the funniest E-mail about "Not to send you husband shopping"!

    SW: Thank you for the compliments! The; bride is my granddaughter that just got married in June - beautiful, isn't she? My name "Joan" is her middle name. And, I had to give my red and black jacket to daughter----it was sooo big for me. Sorry8 t o do it.

    I am so sorry8 about your troubles with your son. For some reason, kids just do not always mind parents.!

    Must go now. Getting headache and am hungry.

    See you and Gentle Hugs,


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