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    Jerome has a spread this morning:

    Waffles, pancakes, French toast, warm syrup, chocolate dipped strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, assorted mini muffins, sausage links, thick sliced bacon, grits, busicuits, bagels with or without cream cheese, smoked salmon, a variety of cheeses, milk, orange juice, coffee (regular, decaf, French vanilla), ice water


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    Rosin on the bow and here we go!

    Bow to your corner; bow to your gal.
    Give her a kiss if her name is Sal.

    Chicken in the skillet; chicken in the pan.
    Allemande right with the old right hand.

    Back to your places and Do see Do.
    Circle the square and around you go.

    Bow and curtsy, forward and back.
    Give him a kiss if his name is Jack.


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    This is like one of those Oscar shows w/ co hosts. I deleted my opening
    and moved it here.

    Does anydobby watch the Oscar show anymore? It's all people
    and movies I've never seen. Think the last time I watched was in the 70s.

    That's some spread you arranged, Teacher. Reminds me of the time I had
    brunch at the Disneyland Hotel. It was back in the 80s. The meal cost a
    whopping $25 @. My brother and his bride were visiting from Minnesota
    and he picked up the tab.

    They had so much food it would have been impossible to sample it all.
    I remember they had turkey fixed 4 or five ways. Plus everything Teacher
    listed plus a whole lot more.

    Not much news here. I have a vague notion I went someplace yesterday.
    Guess it was just the market. There is always some new and horrifying
    price. Olive oil: $20 a pint. During the 1930s most most people didn't make
    that much in a week. One can buy liquor cheaper than that! Does anydobby
    actually pay such prices?

    Speaking of money, I see another overpaid, multi-millionaire celebrity is in big
    money trouble. Somehow I just can't summon up much sympathy for people
    who are so lucky and then just fritter all their wealth away. Can you imagine
    owing $6,000,000 in back taxes? I can't even imagine having one million bucks
    to start with.

    Anydobby know anything about anti histamines? My allergies were really bad yesterday.
    I took 3 anti allergy pills in a space of two hours around midnight. Then slept all
    night. Haven't slept all night for years. Maybe I'll ask on the CFS/FM board if
    this is an unwise practice. People over there seem to do so much research.

    Oh, yeah. I remember where else we went yesterday. The library. But it was a different
    branch. An old brick building. Probably built in the 1920s. Last time I was there
    was several years ago. After 5 minutes I started choking and coughing; had to
    quickly leave. Took 20 min. or so to recover.

    It must be really terrible for people who are so sensitive to odors, chemicals, etc.
    that they can hardly go anywhere.

    Well, I now have a hardy appetite for breakfast. Maybe I'll go check the fridge. See if
    during the night someone crept in and left some goodies. Waffles w/ strawberries and
    whipped cream sounds good.


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    thanks for starting us up again...that was quite a song from you and Rock and also quite a
    spread! Yum!

    Rock - I wish i could step dance to that song.

    Julie - looks like a busy busy days ahead..100 plus people!!! I wish i had your coping skills.

    Granni - going to be busy again..it must be nice to go out and attend these varied events..
    love hearing about them

    Georgia - i hope that 'run over by a truck feeling' gone a bit...my lead coat is shedding itself
    but i am still sad and anxious. But working on it.

    Today i got to go and henna my hair...covered the grey stuff nicely...but it was cold and not
    pleasant staying with a wet cold henna pack on my head for two hours.

    Also i dropped off some things for drycleaning.

    On the way i saw a black shaggy dog sleeping in the street; it had part of its ear ripped off and it was all festering...i tried to take it to the
    animal shelter but couldnt...i was too scared to lift it into the taxi and the people around that
    area also were reluctant. Even the taxi drivers didnt want a dirty stray dog in their car and when i managed to convince one taxi who was nice and willing, the dog started running away.
    So no go. But the people in that area said the dog stays there and i mean to try tomorrow. Maybe ring up the shelter and ask them to come get him.

    I washed a few clothes myself today..because i didnt want the help spoiling them...it was such
    a cold blustery day, but i felt good having done something at least...instead of giving into
    my mood and just laying about.

    Everybody - gugs,

    i mean hugs

    god bless

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    Okay, I'm having waffles, strawberries, bacon 'n coffee...this time around! Teacher, thanks for getting Jerome to do this! Then I'm going to dance off the calories and start on seconds!! Rock, I haven't square danced in ages, but I bet it's like riding a bike..once you forget, it never comes back. Do ya think we can get Sal out of Jole somehow? Been thinking on it, but just can't make it work.

    Georgia, your saying is just too funny! Enjoy your trip to SF. Tell us about it, 'cause otherwise I'll never be there.

    Spring, it's great that you're feeling somewhat better, and I hope it continues for you.

    Granni, "Slow down, you move too fast...gotta make the morning last". Remember that song? I think you and Julie could share it, actually. It's great that you're getting to do fun things, but I remember also that they seemed to go in spurts.

    Julie, I'll be praying that Lindsey's pregnancy goes well for her this time. Such good news, but yet fearful at the same time, which I'm sure takes some of the joy out of it right now. Also pray that David will be able to stay in the States so he's here for her through this.

    My little 7 month old granddaughter is such a little character...she's going to be a lot like your little Kiera I'm thinking. She already has more personality and independence than any of our other grandkids showed at that age. Really knows her own mind! And her older brother was sooo good and easy going.

    Not her! She wants everything NOW, and wants to do so much more than she's physically capable of...with no patience at all! I see TROUBLE...lol... They're so much fun, and each one so different. I would love to have a Nana week with one at a time and be able to take them to places of interest. That would mean 9 weeks! All a dream...sigh..

    Mickey, thinking of you, and it's great to see you back. How's your mom/stepdad doing? Hopefully they're back to doing for themselves somewhat so you have more time. That is really wearing. It's funny that you mentioned your Christmas decorations, 'cause I was just thinking the other day that I wondered if you'd started yet.

    Pippi, hope you're continuing to improve and able to get up and around more. Beds are only good for so long.

    Lin, hi to you........

    Well the only news here is the weather. Yesterday they said we'd have from 6-8 inches of snow by Monday afternoon. Today they've lowered it to 3-4 inches. I'm guessing we'll get nothing but rain and freezing rain. And I figure my guess is as good as theirs, so we'll see who wins.

    My daughter is worried, 'cause her daughter is at her dad's this weekend. They meet 1 1/2 hours from their homes, and is hoping the weather doesn't get so bad they can't get her. She had a panic attack (6 years old) Friday night and they had to take her to the ER. Why? Because she didn't want to go to her dad's the next day.

    These poor kids.......her mom and I have cried so many times for her. But thankfully she has another daddy who loves her to death. At least they have some documentation...but can't do anything with it. SRS amazes me how they work sometimes. All the terrible things he's done when he had her on the weekends means nothing.

    Elaine, special thoughts to you...hoping you've mapped out your doggy runs, and can continue to get that fresh air!

    To all the rest, have a great day...whatever it takes...and talk to ya later..........Jole

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    elaine – sorry to hear about the side effects…be strong and don’t
    give up…how about upping yor intake of water? would it dilute
    the side effects some?

    julie – twins!!! lol. now wouldn’t that be exciting. good to hear
    youre feeling a bit better.

    jole – already snow? must be freezing there.

    rock –nah..not interested in watching the oscars anymore.
    just watched the part where slumdog millionaire won this
    year…and the composer from india winning. but that’s it.

    early this morning i got a call from my nun friend who
    told me my cousins on dads side who have come from
    america were going to be at a monastery on a hill top.
    and it would be easier for me to meet them there then
    if i had to go to where they were staying which is an hour
    and halfs drive out of town. they had just come back
    from pilgrimage to the birthplace of lord buddha several
    hours journey away. and on this trip have come with a
    group of almost 50 strong buddhist americans. their
    father will be coming tomorrow.

    so i huffed and puffed and threw on some clothes and
    took off for the place…and they were having this
    prayer ceremony which i joined. i was seeing my cousins
    after almost ten years. the told me and my bro to join their group
    for another prayer ceremony and lunch at another monastery
    following this but i didn’t want to gatecrash. the lunch is being
    hosted by a tibetan man and im sure he would nt want any surprise
    extra guests. The group members were going around over the
    monastery till mid day so I left and went to town and did some

    tomorrow i will be going to the airport with my brother
    and another cousin, (dads sisters daughter) because
    uncle will be coming from bhutan. since he is considered
    a learned buddhist scholar, there will be a crush at the
    airport because people will be wanting to greet him with
    scarves. im not looking forward to it, but decided since
    most of my other relatives and acquaintances are going
    i better go too. otherwise i hate crowds.

    its marvelous how all this activity is happening when the
    worst of my ‘slump’ is over. otherwise i don’t know what
    i would have done. something stupid, i suppose, which is
    not allowed to be spoken of here.

    hugs to everybody.

    god bless

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    Teacher- thanks for the poem (song) or whatever it is - very cute and all the goodies. I 'll just have to sample some of it. Such a nice long post after your busy day at school.

    Julie - try and take it easy some kiddo. You will be collapsing soon before our very eyes if you don;lt. You are doing way tro mjuch (but I do understand about trying to help and then things can get out of control). All of your family is so close. So it is easy to get caught up in it all.

    How do you make potatoe soup? I am trying to find a recipe or a guide that wold bring me to something tht my mom used to make. She too would put some shredded carrots in it for color, at leaset somne of the time I remember.

    Wouldn't that be funny if Lindsay was having twins.? Yes, that can be a shocker. My eldest daughter Lori had one girl )ourf only granddaughter) and they finally made the big decision to try for another child. They plan everything !!! Well, when the doc told her there were two she practically went into shock. However, she did have two healthy boys, fraternal twins and very very different from each other. Yep, mother nature can really throw you a curve ball sometimes. However, early symptoms do not always mean there are two of them in there :) ! I know since I had some early symptoms with carrying mine and there were no twins. However, you never know :) ! Hope all continues to go well for her and the pregnancy.

    Spring - sorry you are feeling so like you have a lead weight on your body. I feel that way alot too but just keep trucking like I know you do too. That sounds interesting to go to the airport to see DH's relative who has apparently been very blessed. Hope it isn;t too awfully crowded for you all though.

    Tomorrow I go to the rheumy. I have canceled the appt. a bunch of times. Tomorrow is not a good day either.We sing at one of the nursing homes in the afternoon. So, it will be rush rush and hope I do not have to wait to long in the doctor's office. I almost canceled again but figured I better get it done and over with already. I have to drive in some yucky traffic to get there. Hope DH will go with me and drive other wise I will have to just bite the bullet. Then my b/p goes way up !!!!

    Pippi - Hope you are feeling better sweetie so you can come and visit us again soon.

    Elaine - So sorry to hear that you are feeling so awful. Just think of it this way. it lookslike you are halfway through this session and hopefully that will be all over. That is to bad that the med. didn't help you at all and is giving you all those side effects..

    Jole, Rock, Georgia, Mickey, and everydobby else I still love you all. I have so much to do and the thoughts of Christmas Cards ,notes, and other stuff are floating around in my head and we haven't even gotten to Thanksgiving yet..

    Love to you awl,

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    i'M sorry that I was absent so much last week! It was an overwhelming week with my friend's son being told that they could do nothing for Bile Duct Cancer and his liver is full of cancer. it seems that I was either on this comp. or talking to someone or writingt on Caring Bridge.

    I'm beat!! I did laundry today. There comes a time you have to do that when the underwear and sock drawers are empty!!!!!

    Oh my, Georgia!! So much wonderful food that you prepared that I don't know what to chose from!gf Maybe a little of this and a little of that! you must be a wonderful cook. When do you have time.??

    Rock: it has been years since I watched the Oscars. I don't seem to get to movies and I don't know anyone anymore. Yes, I did square dance once of twice. Loved it--------but I was at some group meeting (about 15) and I got dizzy while dancing and fell on the floor!!!!!Embarassed??? oh my---That was the time when we never wore slacks of jeans and I had a dress on! Never danced again---except for regular dances.

    Agreed about squandering away so much money. can't even imagine having it kin the first place. No, I don't take antihistmines anymore. (Did I spell that right?) When I was a teenager I had to take shots as Ii couldn't keep the kleenex away from nose and couldn't sleep at nights in the fall!

    Springwater: how did the henna operation go? I want a different color on my hair! Gray8 and blond now. Daughter says no to do it as it is expensive to keep it up. Suppose so.

    Julie: Hope that pregnancy goes well - what fun to wait for a baby!

    The only little ones that I can talk about are my 3 greats. And of course, the are the most wonderful children!! Anyone on FB can see their pictires. And Jole, my 2 yr. old great Jacob, wants if NOW too. And he is inclined to do a little screaming when parents say no. Otherwisel he is the sweetest little boy =- all smiles.

    My Christmas tree and its decorations are all done as of 11/7. Kids were here. They put the outside lights on (not as many as we used to have) but no----THEY ARE NOT TURNED ON UNTIL DAY AFTER TG. i still have my nativity to put up. And several othe4r inside decorations to do. I was going to take care of that today but my steam ran out!

    Oh my~~~~~~~~~~```not all that snow!!! i don't want any. The split parents must be heartbreaking sometimes, isn't it? So siorry8 that you and your dauighter have to go thru that.

    Elaine: I am so sorry that your med. is giving you such an awful time. Please be careful if you are out and feeling blurry. I wish I could help you somehow with your pain. I feel so sorry. I'll look at your post when I leave here.

    Julie: Potato soup sounds so good! I need t o make myself some sometime. Of course, i need the potatoes first! My mother never thickened hers but for some reason I did. We liked it that way. The carrots and peas in it sound wonderful. I need to trhy that.

    Grannie: I don't think that I could keep up with you. You seem to run from one thing to another. I guess I did too when I was younger. Now I just get morning chores done! I musn't forget I go to the podiatrist tomorrow at 10:30 to get, of all thingw, toe nails cut! how embarassing for an old lady!


    vol. 2/

    I realized that I had written a lot and this might say good-bye.

    i had such a wonderdful Sat.! I got to go to my future granddaughter's bridal shower---the first one I coukd ever go to after 4 other weddings! My D planned it close enough that S could come after me. I had so much fun! of course, D had just planned everythiong down to the last ribbon to match wedding colors. It was a brunch (have I written this before??) and after gifts were open and we were4 all gabbing, the guys that wwere all together in a different dining room, came in to see us all. I had a moment of looking-----where was Harley. But----------. Hope he was lookking down. (Again, did I write this before????)

    Went to church ydesterday and just came hiome and rested.

    Would you please, pretty please, excuse all the many, many typos??? my fingers jiust don't work like they did at one tkime.

    Love you all--you are sp very special.

    Gentle hugs,
    Joan[This Message was Edited on 11/16/2009]
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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    You made me feel so young :) !! At least you called me that. That is interesting !! I wi8ll try and think of myself as a YOUNG 69. OMG, I will hit the big 70 in another year,OMG !! YIKES!

    I have to go and fix dinner and then go to chorale practice.

    Where are those pics everyone was talking to you about on FB.? I could not find it. Let me know and will try and find them again !

    Love to you and everydobby else too,

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    I am sorry I have posted in such a long time, I have been peeking in but not up to posting. I am ok it is my best freind that is not. Her 35 yo daughter was dxs with late stage emphysema, she is on a waiting list for a double lung transplant.

    She was dxs with asthma/bronchitsis for years and she is a smoker, it is a way of life here sad to say, the whole family smokes. Anyway she got a bad case of bronc and waited two weeks to go to a Dr, then it was pnemonia and was in the hospital for about 6 days, home for 3 or 4 then back to the hospital again.

    They finally found the emp, she has the genetic type which means she has had this ALL HER LIFE and no one caught it until it is too late. My freind and I have known each other since we were 12, her daughter is a llike a daughter to me and we raised our children together when they were young, then I moved to VA.

    My heart is breaking for her as they are very close, she has a 5 yo girl and a 15 yo girl, she has worked so hard to make a good life as she has made some big mistakes in the past. But the last few years she has really turned around.

    So please pray for her, I have researched her options and it is not good. I spoke to my freind Sat and she has had the stomach flu all week and had not ben able to research anything and I think she doesn't want to. She doesn't handle things like this very well but knows she has to be strong for her daughter. I just sat here and cried after I read everything.

    So that's why I haven't been here. I am going to post this as Haley just called me and will be back for part 2-Carla
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    I see many of you have been fighting your own battles.

    Georgia I am so glad G got his disablilty, I know this will make things a lot better for you two, you have a little breathing room

    Elaine I am sorry you are so down and in such pain, if the cancer doesn't kill you the treatment will. Hang tuff girl, you will beat this thing I have complete faith in you and admire how you have handled everything.

    Julie congrats on the new baby to be, I will cross all my fingers and toes and hold my breath for Lindsey and hope this it the baby that was meant to be, she has lost 6- omg I can't imagine how hard that would be. And poor Amy and you- I don't know how you manage to do all you do, esp with a two yo. I hope Keira is feeling better, it is hard to stay healthy when you have a big family and keep passing it back and forth.

    Teacher glad you worked things out at school, it does work if you stand up for the right thing and I think you did great, I bet you are a great teacher, have you wore any more of your stylish outfits.

    I just lost my post but was able to get it back with the back and forward button.- I hate when that happens.

    Joan about the roads, I just stay home if it snows, but I do have a Jeep so can go if I want but I don't mind staying home on snowy days. You sure have been busy and proud of you for doing all you do. You GKs are so cute, loved the video of the little one dancing.

    I am so sorry to hear about your freinds cancer- it seems like a lot of people lately have been dxs with a death sentence too late, not many things are caught early enough- My thoughts and prayers are with you/

    Springwater you made a comment that made me go Hmmmmmm. You said it was good you were coming out of your lead coat just as all these other things started. Did you think it was the "things" that brought you out of your coat? I think that boredom is one of our biggest depressors. I find when I don't have a project going on or something special happening my depression is worse and have no energy to my "duties" like cleaning, I will let the dishes pile up in the sink, clothes in the floor of my cabinet and dogs hair floating across the floor.

    But if something comes up that interests me or something I have to do, like work on Fri I feel better. I do not know how you keep all the families straight, you had my head spinning-lol I do hope your mood continues to rise to the occasion. But I do have times that if a train was about to run threw my house I would just sit there and watch it.

    Rock I hope Gordon is better now and it didn't get you. Sorry you are having the memory problems I really hate it when I forget where I put my mind. How are your kibble critters? Give Skippy a pet and a slurp from the girls. I thought Missy was getting better and took her for a cart ride/walk yesterday and she was limping last night-so not quite ready yet.

    Jole you and your grandson sound like me and mine. We both have ADD so we were really funny when I spent the weekend with him, it is good to laugh at ourselves. It must feel so good to have your gks so close. Have you done anymore scrapbooking?

    Granni wow your social calendar has been packed lately, it is good that you and hubby really do get to enjoy your retirment and have so many frends

    Haley called and I need to go, I have to go to physical threrapy for my elbow, today is my first visi, so we shall see. I have new videos on youtube, here they are- they are of the fall foilage, then the roads I ride to see the foliage and then the skies, clouds, sunsets.

    Hello to everyboddy I didn't mention, I just ran out of time, I will be back later- take care and hope you enjoy the show-Carla




  12. Pippi1313

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    Hi Ya, Peeps!!!!!

    I'm reading as fast as I can, trying to catch up on everything I missed.

    HOPEFULLY I'll be here frequently again!!! I am feeling much better for now.

    Teacher: I caught that part about how drinking water makes your stomach hurt, & what that horrid excuse of a "doctor" said to you.
    I'm glad you fired him, cuz anybody who'd say that should just keep his head inserted where it already is, & stop bothering sick peeps!!!
    I had that problem when I weighed a whopping 87 pounds. So, that moron doesn't know jack from shine-ola.
    I still have that problem at times, but since I've ballooned to a humungeous 115 pounds (being sarcastic here - LOL) I guess that explains it. haha.
    Actually, that can be caused by an intestinal blockage.
    How sick you get, or how intense the pain is, or how long it lasts, depends on how much of a blockage there is.
    Mine was caused by scar tissue. That doesn't show up on x-rays & scans (which confuses ALL med-peeps, since they don't actually think a problem thru, or know how to problem-solve).
    It can also be caused by something completely unrelated to the stomach or intestines. Like another organ pushing against an intestine, which essentially kinda chokes it. Or a spasm that squeezes the intestine, but is intermittent as the spasm relaxes.

    But most docs won't tell ya any of this.

    Intestinal blockages can be very serious (even if the cause is not particularly serious or complicated), so I wanted to share what I personally know about it.

    I had to reply to ya about this cuz my scar-tissue blockage was SO dangerous that when a surgeon finally found it & fixed it (after months of agony & denials by doctors that I was "really" sick), he was amazed that I was ALIVE!

    ...and now, every tummy ache is SCARY!!!!!!

    The surgeon said it can come back (the scar-tissue), but that was a long time ago, & so far it hasn't.

    To All:
    Now that I'm back (cross your fingers - knock on wood!), I'll go back & re-read all the posts I missed, instead of just scanning them.

    Love & Hugz 2 Everydobby!!!

    Yesterday, Good Doc did the blood draw, to check for heavy-metal contamination. I thought it was funny that he was wearing a Led Zepplin t-shirt under his doctor coat. But Mom didn't get the joke... haha

  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I'm playing the waiting game this morning. Waiting for
    the gas man, the landlord, the plumber. Waiting for everydobby but Godot.

    For those of you who have kindly inquired, Gordon is fine,
    and I'm dandy. He is all recovered. (We used the same material
    we have on the sofa.) I have no symptoms of the flu, swine or otherwise.

    He did report that one of his coworkers is home
    sick w/ a swine ailment. Seems she got food
    poisoning at a bar-ba-que. You might wonder if
    this is a joke. I really don't know myself.

    Carla, always glad to hear from you. I saw your
    collection of sunset photos on Youtube. They
    are gorgeous. Used to see fabulous sunsets
    when I lived in Ventura, half a block from the beach.
    Now no matter which direction I turn, all
    I see is concrete. Most of it decorated w/
    graffiti and litter.

    Georgia, was it worker's comp benefits Granpa
    got? Glad to hear the quest was successful. Are
    your feet better? Did you soak them? Gordon had
    a plastic foot bath that vibrated. It was very
    soothing. Haven't seen it since we moved. Must
    be in storage.

    Joan, Congratulations! You didn't lose your long
    post. Don't worry about typos. I think we can
    always tell what you mean.

    Speaking of wayward fingers, my right index finger
    was numb yesterday. Today it's just fine.
    Seems like lots of glitches when one gets old.
    Some big; some temporary; most of them annoying or worse.

    Granni, did you see the rheumy and visit the
    nursing home? We're the same age, yet you
    are a bundle of energy compared to me. Good
    for you.

    Elaine, never heard of Savella. Looked it up.
    Says it's for Fibromyalgia. Similar to antidepressants that
    are serotonina reuptake inhibitors. Lots of potential side effects listed.

    Did you just start taking it? Seems like a new
    medicine during chemo therapy would just complicate things.
    As does everydobby here, I hope you are soon done w/ the
    therapy and much, much better.

    Be back later
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Springwater, that was so nice of you to try and
    help the wounded dog. A couple years ago there
    was a big, yellow dog lying in the road on our

    I stopped to see if it needed help. Another fellow
    showed up at the same time w/ the same idea.
    Turned out the dog was fine. Lived at the corner
    house. Just jumped the fence, I guess.

    You mention nuns now and then. Are there nuns
    other than Catholic? Like Buddhist? My neighbor
    has a cousin who's a nun. Sister Wilhema. She
    took her name from her siblings: WIL-liam, HE-len and MA-ry.
    From time to time I ask him, "How is Sister Hematoma."

    Jole, your comment on riding a bike was so
    perceptive. I always say, Once you learn, you never
    forget how to fall off a bike.

    Feeling groovy, sort of the quintessential 70s
    song. Light, airy, requiring no effort, just going
    along w/ the flow.

    Julie and Granni, potato soup (with or without
    ham) sounds good. My mother made good
    potato soup. So much better than canned.

    Seems cool here today. Computer says it's
    69 degrees. Doesn't feel like it.

    Pippi, you were posting when I was. Did Led
    Zeplin play heavy metal? Does the doc wear his
    Led Zeplin T-shirt in the X-ray room? Will it
    protect him from kryptonite?

    Elaine, did you see the post on the CFS/FM
    board: News Flash; Sevella is just another Anti-

    Well, the landlord has arrived. The rest of the
    cast is still in the wings. Anyone ever see Waiting
    for Godot? I read it a long time ago. Most boring play
    ever, I thought. Nothing happens.

    Wikipedia says it has been called the most significant play
    of the 20th century. I wonder how
    many beers it took to produce that evaluation.
    Probably somewhere in the neighborhood of
    6 to 8.

    Hugs to all including Mickey, Linda, Barry, etc.

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Not much time to post. I need to get dressed to sing at a local nursing home One of the gals is picking me up soon. Went to the Rheumy this monrning. Luckily, my DH brought me and so my b/p was fairly normal -ha !

    Pippi - So glad to see you back sweetie. May you feel better every day and can stay out of your bed for awhile.

    Georgia - Glad that Grandpa got his Disability Okayed. That must make you both feel alot better. I know that every little bit helps and I am sure that will be a big help. Have fun at your knitting class. It is probably your therapy :) !!

    Sorry I really can't post to all right now. Gotta run and get dressed.. I am so cold today and have to put on our "costume" with a short sleeved shirt. It was in the high 30's this morning and is supposed to hit the low to mid 60's I think.

    Love to everydobby inc Elaine, Rock, Teacher, Jole, SW, Mickey and everydobby else,

  16. CarlaCabana

    CarlaCabana New Member

    Hiya all, no... i wasn't gone poof again! I went POOF completely.

    After my return to the Porch, i noticed that posts i had previously deleted were back up again! Me did not like so I had the tech-masters request to completely delete my profile. It took a while but it's done.

    How d'ya like my new username ? But no worries, it's still me!
    Call me CC, so no confusion with miss CkBall Carla.

    I have been peaking onto the Porch but to be honest, we're all quite busy following international news regarding xmrv. Interesting at best. So forgive me if i can't keep my promise to pop in on a regular basis, but i did wanted to post so ya'all would know i'm still here!

    Carla-nl (now CC) :)
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Good to hear from you. I guess things won't get confusiated unless you
    keep a beach ball in your cabana.

    Have you checked out Carla Ball's artistic sites w/ paintings and photos and
    glass works? Tres Bien.

  18. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Hehehe, Carla Cabana, I like that, where in the world did you come up with that silly girl. Heheh

    Julie - congratulations on Lindsay becoming pregnant. I have her on our prayer list that everything will work out fine for her and her baby. Gosh, can you imagine having another grandchild, i bet you are in heaven.

    Joan - I can't believe you got your decorations up before me, no fair, you had help, LOL, just kidding. I am so happy for you, you have such a wonderful family. You must have been one great Mother to have all those kids do so much for you. You are very blessed.

    All i did so far was get the tree up. I am waiting fro Ashley to come home this weekend to help me decorate it. I have so much to do before Thanksgiving and the big gettogether with the family. Whewwww

    Jole - Gosh i don't know how you guys can deal with that baby hating going to her Dad's, poor baby. That has got to be so hard. Has she ever said why she doesn't want to go??? I guess there really is nothing you can do though, which unfortunately is not right. So how is it in your neck of the woods? I so wished I would have put up my Xmas stuff outside on Saturday, it was like 70 outside and sunny, now it is cold and rainy, darnit.

    Elaine - my thoughts and prayers are with you honey.

    Rock - I am glad you didn't catch the bug from Gordon, i am sure you could do without getting sick. I bet you took great care of Gordon while he was under the weather. You sound like a regular housewife with all that you have to do, LOL, meet with the plumber, Landlord, etc...... You are a busy guy.

    Well gang nothing really new in my neck of the woods, Oh, thanks for asking about my Mom and StepDad, they are finally almost on the mend, well besides my Stepfathers condition of course with the tumor, but my Mom is going to try to go back to work the beginning of December and i think she should. She needs to get back into the groove of things so she can get on with her life. I know she went through a lot but she is just about 100% healed and needs move on now. Thanks for asking everyboddy.

    Other than that just trying to get all the holiday stuff together in my head, ughhhhhh. I can't believe it is here already. Lord, give me energy and strenghth. LOL.

    Love you all.

  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    – it sounded as if you ate an important spanish personage for
    dinner, lol! Good to hear G got approved on first try for al those medical expenses.

    mickey – good to hear most of the family members are well now. yes,
    it is going to be rather a busy time now isn’t it what with tg and the holiday
    season coming up. I know youve had a trying time; we've missed you on the porch
    when you were away.

    carlacabana – hello. i hope something comes out of all this stuff about
    xmrv. about time they found out something concrete to help.

    granni – hope the singing went well; wrap up warm. cant have you catching
    the chill.

    rock – the nuns i know are buddhist. yes, a very many of them
    are around. the nuns at the college hostel i stayed at for six months
    were catholic. Most of them were so lovely. I miss those days so much.

    pippi – any disorder to do with the tummy scares me. i know i have
    sores on the intestine and stomach walls. a result of all the stress
    i had growing up and afterwards im sure.

    carla – i will look at your videos as soon as my flash player finishes
    downloading; the stupid virus also got my flash player so everytime
    i want to watch a utube i have to download. i just love fall foliage
    so im looking forward to looking.

    about ‘the things to do lightening the lead coat’; its true to a certain
    extent. when theres something i absolutely have to do i somehow
    seem to manage. on the other hand, there have been countless times
    i have had to attend something or get something done and i have been
    unable to, thereby earning this reputation of being reclusive, negligent
    and goodness knows what else. i also have had days of not even having
    the energy or motivation to wash my face or brush my teeth but i
    hesitate to write it down because it sounds so gross. this being on the
    border of ‘not being sick enough to be hospitalized nor well enough
    to be like normal people sometimes is what drives me crazy…and
    i begin to understand why people have been driven to the edge.

    joan – the henna thing went good. my grey is covered. but like you
    said its expensive to keep it up. at least if you go to a salon. i have
    mostly got it done myself but its so messy and this time i simply didn’t
    have the energy to attempt it myself.

    [This Message was Edited on 11/18/2009]
  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    carla -i forgot to say Im so sorry to hear about your friends daughter. there are many
    heartbreaking things in this world but one of the worst things has got to be seeing your
    own child very sick and thinking one might lose her/him. I wil be praying.

    I went to the airport today since yesterday the flight uncle was supposed to come on
    got cancelled.

    As usual i got late, and instead of arriving at 10:00am like i planned i arrived much later,
    that too thanks to the fact that while trying to get a taxi, DH drove past on his way back
    from golf..and gave me a lift. There is a petrol shortage and hence no taxis.

    There was this huge crowd as expected but after it was over i went down to the monastery
    and had myself a tea and this carrot cake in a little cafe because i had missed breakfast. Carrot cake was inedible...it was so greasy and something about it was 'off' so i just put
    it into a plastic bag and later dumped it.

    Yet another relative has arrived. She is the mother of my cousin brother who is also a very
    respected buddhist monk. In fact, he is regarded as the reincarnation of my paternal grandfather...! lol, i know this al sounds so strange but here its just accepted. She came from Tibet and i will be going to pay my respects to her tomorrow. I saw her at the airport today.

    Someone was sayng their head is spinning trying to keep track of al my relatives. Well, my own head is spinning with the number of relatives descending on Kathmandu from all parts of the world all at the same time. I havent had time to visit my husbands side of the family for quite some time now.

    I did get an email from my husbands cousin sister who is studying and interning in Minnesota. She told me something very interesting. Its about plants. She wrote:

    "Oh, i really wanted to share this with you. I had planted green chilli plant over the summer and i used to watch them closely. one of the plants bore a chilli and later it just stopped. i would see the plants flowering, but no fruit. then i read that indoor chilli plants need help with pollination. the tip was to use a paint brush and dab around all the flowers. i did so, and now i have like 4-5 chillies on their way. this 'assisted' pollination fascinated me so much. i heard that in recent times, the bees population has dropped dramatically and vegetables now are a result of man-assisted pollination. that is frightening."

    This little cousin is studying, interning, working and keeping house and still has the energy and time to grow all sorts of herbs and plants in window boxes. I love her to death. I wish i was her.

    Hugs to all

    God Bless