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    For those who haven't finished the last volume, please do.....

    Springwater, I honestly don't know how you keep up with everything there! But it was very nice that your hubby's cousin felt close enough to you that she'd come late at night for consolation! You are a truly good person!

    Georgia, I'm so sorry for your continuing news of health problems for you and grandpa. Hopefully you've finally gotten to the bottom of all your problems at least, and know what's causing everything. Sometimes not knowing is worse than knowing!

    Mickey, so good to see you back for a visit!! I'd love to see your home...we all know it's got to be beautiful with your artistic flair! And it's great to hear you're feeling so much better...no wonder you've been MIA....I would be too!!! Enjoy every minute of it, and I pray it lasts for you! So much life to live........ :)

    Julie, I forgot to say I hope Kiera gets well soon and no one else gets ill. Maybe it was something they ate, since both of them got sick at the same time?

    Today I've got a couple roasts in the oven. Going to make pulled bar-b-que beef sandwiches for one of the days the kids are all home. So will do it today, throw it in the freezer then just heat it in the crock pot that day and have it done.

    Will make the chili tomorrow and freeze it also. Just can't do it all at the last minute anymore. Next day will be the beef for the beef 'n noodles..........hopefully next week I can do a little cleaning and have time to relax a bit...hahaha.

    Wishing everybody a great day........it's warmer today (in the 30's), and so far no wind, so should be good! ..........................Jole

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    Jole - Thanks for starting up the new volume again. MMM, all the foods you are making surely sound good. Now thatit is cold I had better get started making some hot soups from scratch again ! So far, I have been buying them. It is still cold here and raining. It is in the 40's now but might hit 50 or so today. I am getting very tired of all this cold damp weather. I am like you sweetie. I could never go back to the cold weather in NY where DH and I both were born and raised. DO YOU MAKE YOUR OWN NOODLES? I know others on these boards do and I am sure they are so yummy but I just never seem to want to bother with it. They do have some now that are supposedly fresher ( in refrig aisle) that are supposedly better than the dried in the packages. What do you have to say about it? Do you have an easy recipe if you do it from scratch ???

    Mickey - you and I must have been posting at the same time. Hope to see you soon again . Glad so many things are going well for you and that you are feeling fairly well. Enjoy your family and have a wonderful Christmas. Yes, your house must be absolutely beautiful !! I wish I had the NRG to really do things that have to be done. I just keep on chugging I guess they say.

    Georgia - So sorry to hear about both of your dx's (you and grandpa). Lots of warm hugs to you sweetie. Just keep enjoying what you love and each other.

    Sweet SW - Sorry you have been feeling down but you sound like me (and many on here), just keep on chugging and do what you love and enjoy.

    Rock - Sorry but I forgot how to tag onto the volume since I got a new computer and program (Windows 7). Is Gordon planning on making anything special for the holidays? What a pleasure it must be to live with someone who loves cooking so much. I am so envious as I am with other friends of mine whose husband all enjoy cooking. I can get tired of making MOST of the dinners unless it is steakso n the grill or hamburgers.

    Elaine - Still thinking of you my friend. So happy sll is going well for you now and hope that you and JS can have a wondrful holiday. Hope to see you more often on the Porch.

    Missing Joan, Linda, Carlas, Mickey, Pip and everydobby else who has been MIA lately. Hope things will settle down soon for you all so we can see you more often here on the Porch.

    I will have lunch at my friends house soon so I had better get off of here and so somethings before I go.

    Love to you AWL,

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    Well i think i spoke too soon about us doing extremely well. LOL Yesterday they let 200 employees go from my hubby's work and they may even be shuttihg down in a couple of weeks. I can't believe this. Poor Russ is frantic, i printed out his resume and am bringing it home tonight so he can update and we can start trying to find something else.

    On a good note, my daughter Ashley, the one in college called and stated that the hospital that she works at has approved her application to pay her tuition in full. So that is something we won't have to worry about, thank goodness.

    Oh well, we will get through it, we always do. We may have to suffer or sacrifice things but that is all part of life. God only gives you as much as you can handle and i truly believe that.

    Granni, have fun at your friends house. I am meeting my bil for lunch today, he is having problems with his marriage and i am going to try to help by listening to him.

    Jole - mmmmm i wish i was coming to your house for dinner, i love pulled pork and chili, 2 of my favorite winter recipes.

    Georgia - i would love to see the sweater when you are done, you should post it on here.

    Lydia - I hope you daughter can get over the sickness soon. It is usually the first couple of months that pregnant women get that, however, i don't know how far along she is. Poor thing. I will keep her in my prayers.

    Gosh it is 10:30 already, where has the morning gone. I better get off of here and back to work. I will check back later porchies.

    Love you all,

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    Not much goin' on here. Gordon's office had
    its Christmas party tonight, but he didn't go.
    It was a masterpiece of poor planning.

    It was to be held in the office. And it would
    start two hours after office hours. And it's a
    30-40 mile drive for some people since the
    office moved farther north.

    So whaddya do in between time if you don't go
    home first? And once you go home, do you
    wanna drive back?

    Then it was decided to move the party to a
    restaurant. One of the partners also has an
    ownership interest in this restaurant.

    But 140 people said they'd come and the max.
    limit for the restaurant is 60 people. So management
    decided people could sit on the
    patio. The temp is a long way from freezing, but
    how many people will be comfortable when it's
    in the mid 50s?

    I'm only reporting on this business fiasco, because
    I have nothing to report on a personal level.

    Mickey, I was so glad to see your first post and
    hear that you were feeling better. And then the
    bad news. What terrible timing!

    The announcements from Washington that the
    economic recovery has begun (even though
    people will still keep losing jobs) is not much
    comfort. It doesn't even make any sense.

    I'm sure Russ feels terrible even though it's
    something he had no control over.

    Georgia, I know what you mean about forgetting
    the measurements. Sometimes I look up a word and
    forget how to spell it before I get it typed.

    I admire your spirit. "A ripe old age, but nutty
    as a fruitcake." I'm headed that way myself.

    Granni, Gordon is not fixing anything special
    for the holidays for us. His family will have a
    dinner. Probably not too many will attend. The
    matriarch is just too unpleasant nowadays.

    In years past they had large dinners w/ two
    matriarchs. One Chinese and one Mexican.
    Neither spoke any English.

    Anyway Gordon usually takes some kind of roast
    and a big pot of pickled vegetables.

    Jole, you're doing a lot for someone who can't
    do much. I told Gordon you were cooking two
    roasts. He always had lots of questions. What
    kind of roasts? Does she have 2 ovens. How
    many people are coming? I said, "I dunno" to
    all. Think it was 22 people in the past.

    Springwater, you're right. The northern winters
    are cold and grey most of the time. I remember
    waking up in the morning and it was still dark.
    Then coming home from school in the dark.

    But there is a phenomenon that I don't think
    is well known. I've only seen it once in a
    nature film. Sometimes clear ice forms on
    everything. Every twig on a tree will have a
    coating of ice.

    When the sunlight hits these trees, they blaze
    like diamonds. This magical effect usually lasts
    only a couple hours, but it is spectacular when
    it happens. Like living in Tiffany's window.

    Better post the and come back later.

  5. rockgor

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    Hi Teacher, everything on the menu you
    posted looks good to me. We seem to have
    two recurring lists here. Food and ailments.

    Are you in a frenzy of Christmas programming
    preparation? I think when I was in grade school
    we went to the adjacent H.S. building every
    morning for two weeks. All to prepare for the
    big extravaganza.

    Julie, I just read a book about H.H. Bennett, a
    pioneer photographer. His studio was at the
    Wisconsin Dells. He did lot of 3-D photos way
    back in the 1880s and 90s. You could view
    them w/ a stereoscope invented by Oliver Wendell Homes.

    He also had pictures from St. Paul, Storm Lake,
    IA, The Mississippi, etc.

    The book came out a couple decades
    ago. At that time the photography studio was
    still in business. 4th generation of Bennetts.

    Well, I hope Den's dad and Keira are much
    better by now. You know, I don't think I ever
    heard of projectile vomiting until "The Exorist".
    Sounds awful.

    How was the pageant w/ the Spirits?

    Elaine, I'm so sorry to hear about the Rx problems.
    Sick people shouldn't have to fight
    such battles. Well, nobody should. The
    modern world has just gone mad.

    Hello to absent friends, Carla, Barry, Linda, etc.

  6. fibromickster

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    Georgia, i hope you take after your Dad's side of the family and live to be a ripe old age but still have your mind. I figure if i can't have my mind i will hope that God will take me.

    Rock, yes, the economy is not getting better even though they say it is. Insurance is horrible too. Everything is rising except for our paychecks, LOL.

    Well it is TGIF for me and i am off on Monday so that is a bonus. The i work Tuesday and Wednesday and then i am off until January 4, 2010, that is 12 days in a row i am off. I am so excited and especially since Ashley will be home. I can't believe it is going to be 2010 already. I thought by now we would be flying our cars through the air instead of the streets.

    Well i think we should have a Christmas party on the porch for everybody. Yes, i will bring my famous fruit salad, LOL and a turkey. Jerome can play Santa Claus and i will get some of my reindeer from Farmville.

    Anyhoo, better get back to work, catch you all later.

    Love ya,

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    No time to talk to all individually but I needed to come by and check to see how you were all doing. Went to Wally World this morning and could believe as I got in live I found tht all their computers were down. Do not know what happened but thena gal came around and said that they will be booting them up and so should be back on in a bit. Waiting about 15 minutes at least maybe more. If DH had been there he probably would have left. I had enough stuff if the basket that I was NOT going to come back again.

    Mickey - how nice to see you again today. Enjoy your holidays and all those days off.

    Rock - you didn't say if you would be going to Gordon's relatives Christmas dinner or not. You just said they were having one :) !! Well, I guess you will cause didn't you saya that Gordon would be bringing a roast and some pickled veggies. He can come to my house anytime.

    Georgia - ou said that you were going down town. Hope it was for some fun and no more doctor appointments-yuck !

    Jole - Did you say you were making two rosast like Rovk mentioned. I usually don't make two unless I having a BIG crowd and I would have to cook them the day before. I only have one oven. Gpot a new one (only a 27 " ) cause we didn;t have enough room. Also got a nice microwave, stronger than the other I had and you can actually cook something in it that doesn't take forever.

    Everydobby else, I hope you are doing as well as can be expected and not feeling to badly so you can really enjoy the Christmas holidays.

    I have a practice tonight for our choir perrmance at church and a party for the K of C. Two of us might make it to pracatice and then might get to go to the party if the other doesn't last to long. We will see. DH has allergies now or a cold and so is maoning. We (he)will see if he will go to the party. If he stays home I won't go either, just the practice.

    Bye for now. I really should go and start vacuuming around here. It looks so bad. Anyone need a few dust bunnies for company???:)

    Love to everydobby,
  8. fibromickster

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    Hi Julie, no he did not get laid off yet, but it is all over the news that the company may be shutting down and that there will be more layoffs in the next couple of weeks. I hope that is not the case but if it is, we will just have to deal with it.

    Elaine, you are so funny, i dont mean about your tooth, just the way you explain it, LOL. We are very fortunate, Russ's best friend is a Dentist so we never have to pay for any regular stuff, however, i am sure if we have to have some kind of surgery or something where we had to go to a special dentist we probably would have to pay. Also had to pay for both of the girls braces. But that was worth it, they both have such pretty smiles and nice straight teeth.

    When i was young, it was rare that you would get braces, not like it is nowadays. I was lucky that my teeth were straight so i probably wouldn't have needed them anyway.

    I just got an email from the Boss saying that he is closing the office at 4:00 Happy Holidays, WOO HOO, his exact words. LOL, he must be in a good mood for a change.

    Well gang i know you are probably all like wow i can't believe mickey is on here 2 times today, well i can't help it i just miss you all lots. I am not sure how much i will get on over the weekend, but i will try and remember i am off on Monday. Me and Ashley are going out to Lake St. Louis to the new mall and shop till we drop. It is a beautiful area about 45 minutes away from where i live. We will probably have lunch with hubby too, his work isn't too far from there.

    Well Porchies, you all have a great weekend and be safe. Love ya,

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    Hey my dear Porchies- I am so sorry I have been gone for so long but my days just get away from me. I have been doing fairly well, got my Christmas shopping done and sent Haley a box, then turned around and bought more stuff and sent it last week.

    I have been out some too, there was HUGE estate sale week before last and my GF and I went two days and it was unreal, the woman was artist and had over 150 or more art books, art supplies, ect. Then had 3 bedrooms, closets, ect full of brand new designer clothes with the tags still on them. I bought 10 piece for $10.

    I had my usual round of Dr visits, had to have my esophagus dilated as I have a Shatkz ring where my esophagus goes into my stomach so my esophagus was getting smaller and was having a hard time swallowing, pills getting stuck, ect which caused irritation and bad heartburn, but the biopsies were ok, no cancer.

    I have been trying to peek in from time to time to see how everyone is doing, I see many are not feeling well and have a lot to do with the holidays coming up.

    I am writing this in my mail box as I am at work and I keep losing my connection and didn’t want to lose a post.

    Georgia I am sorry to hear about your recent dxs but glad you know what happened to you, I know you were very scared at the time, you know we are all fruitcakes at times, so welcome to the club. You know WE have to tell the Drs how to do their jobs, it is a shame.

    My boss told me today the woman that works here on Thurs had her best friend lose her 37 yo son day before yesterday. Went to the ER with badky swollen ankles, sent him home and treated him for gout, he went to bed and did not wake up. They are still waiting for the autopsy but more than likely heart failure. The guy had never really been sick-what a awful thing to happen on the holidays.

    Mickey good to see you around and sorry about Russ I do hope things work out and he gets to keep his job. I know you will enjoy your time off with your girls.

    Jole wow you are having a cook athon, hmmm I love a good roast, I hope you don’t do yourself in and can enjoy the kids over the holidays. You sure had some bad weather last week, we are getting it this weekend, my area is about 3-6 inches but just east of us may get up to 2 ft.

    Teacher how did your school thing go?? I bet you can’t wait to get on that plane for FL, wish I could go with you.

    Rock aww shucks that sucks about Gordon’s party, what a mess, looks like it could have been done a better way-but this is life. I thought of you today, there is a record here at work on the counter that is square dancing calls from Cliffie Stones Band. I am like you too, can’t remember a thing any more, I had to look twice to spell Cliffie just now. How are the furbies??

    Sprinwater you have been so busy I don’t know how you do it with all the family things you have to go to, I do well to keep up with me let alone anyone else.

    Julie same goes for you, and everyone so sick. I am glad Chris is gone and hope things settle down for awhile and you have a peaceful holiday. I bet Keira will be ready for Santa.

    Granni you still going like the pink bunny, glad you got out of midnight mass, good for you. We have to say no sometimes, enjoy your new oven and hope you have a great dinner.

    Elaine glad to see you back again and hope you and JS have a good Christmas and no family issues to deal with.

    Joan I know this will be a hard holiday for you but I know you will be surrounded by family so lean in each other,

    It’s seems I have written a novel and better get this sent while I have a connection. I hope everydobby has the holiday that makes them happy, whether it be in a room filled of people or a quiet moment or two with a good book, food and peace. Hopefully I will be around more now, but then I do have a art show in Feb and have been painting again- I will be back for Christmas tho, I work on Thur and Sat, I offered to so the other ladies can be with their family. Take care –Carla

  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    but I was reading and had to tell MICKEY how sorry I am to hear about Russ' job. I surely hope that they will not let him go and close the plant. What a horrible thing to happen to any of those workers. The timing is also horrible but who wants to lose a job at any time ??? However, the Christmas season is always harder I know. Hope that none of this comes to pass. Enjoy your family and hope all goes well !

    Carla - so glad to hear from you. Sorry that you have been having so many things to deal with but glad that you have gotten some things done for Christmas, etc. while you were away from the Porch.

    Have to go get ready to go to the practice and then maybe the dinner. Have to just wear slacks and holiday sweater in case we get to go to the party. Otherwise, I would not be changing clothes now. Luv to you all !!

    Mucho hugs to everydobby !
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    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, how do ya like them apples. Very little
    activity on the porch this morning. Now I'm
    back from my nap and the place is jumpin'.

    Granni, no I'm not going to Gordon's mother's
    place. I went once decades ago, and once was
    more than enough. Don't think she'd let me
    in anyway.

    See you are still dashing around like a teenager. All
    those event at the KFC. Oops!
    I mean K of C. I think I posted that joke
    from the Reader's Digest re: the similarity of
    names some years back.

    Oh, Mickey. I got confusiated reading your
    post. I thought you said Russ had been let go.
    Well, that's a relief! But still unnerving. Has
    his employer been in business a long time?

    Well, I hope you enjoy your Twelve Days of
    Christmas. How does the old song go? "Part
    of a bridge and spare key?"

    Okay, I looked it up. It's "Partridge in a pear
    tree." Gordon would say, "Same thing."

    Georgia, I haven't heard of "The Littlest Angel"
    for many years. When I had my huge record
    collection, it included a disc of Lorretta Young
    reading same. Think it was recorded in the 50s.

    Julie, the easiest way to spell hemorrhoids is
    "piles". People who find these terms embarrassing can
    call them varicose veins
    'cause that's what they are. I once had a
    Worker's Compensation case regarding same.

    An adjuster told me many years ago how he
    had cured his. He took a vacation in a national
    park and hiked everyday for several days. That
    solved the problem.

    I visited the Dells way back when I was a teenager.
    I imagine it has changed considerably. The photographer I mentioned
    lived in a little town there, but the town was
    absorbed into the tourist business. It's name
    is now gone from the map.

    Back later
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Carla, you will not be surprised to know that
    Cliffie Stone was originally named Clifford. He
    was a c-w singer. I read about him in Tennessee
    Ernie Ford's biography.

    Cliff gave Tennessee Ernie Ford his first break by
    having him on his radio show.

    They worked together. Eventually Cliff gave up
    his own career and became Ford's manager.
    Both are in the Country Music Hall of Fame.

    In the small world dept., back in the 70s I lived
    in a house once owned by T.E.Ford.

    Well, you made out like a bandit at the estate
    sale. Did you pick up lots of art supplies?
    How are you and Missy doing regarding your
    wounded paws?

    Elaine, those teeth problems just keep gnawing
    away at one, don't they. I had lots of dental
    work when I was a kid and more as an adult.
    My son, on the other hand, had wonderful teeth.
    Never had a filling till he was outta college.
    How the heck did that happen?

    Anyway, I hope the endowhatever can fix you
    up. Shouldn't cost more than a trip to Europe.
    I wonder if applicants to dental school still have
    to carve a piece of chalk.

    Jole, how are those sky diving lessons going?
    That's what you meant when you said you were
    getting high, wasn't it? Oh, wait. Maybe I'm
    thinking of someone else. As Rosana-dana-
    dana usta say, "Never mind."

  13. jole

    jole Member

    Okay, that's from an old Beatles song...can you believe my 14 year old grandson thinks the Beatles are the greatest ever???

    Mickey, I'm sorry to hear about Russ's place of business...and hope he keeps his job. My son-in-law was just told the RR is laying off another 25 at Christmas..and he's # 27, so they doubt he'll last much past the first of the year. They're trying really hard to keep their spirits up, but with two tiny tots, and her not working right now, it's not looking good. Yes, they say also that "When one door closes....." and sometimes the waiting on it to happen is worse than just getting it over so you can make other plans.

    Carla, hey girl...it's great to see you back again also! So happy to hear both you and Mickey are feeling better, and that you enjoyed the sale. I'd imagine some places are seeing lots of those estate sales now. For awhile everyone was shipping things to Cali to sell, but the economy has hit so hard that things will probably stay put more.

    Elaine, sorry about the tooth problem. I'm ready to give up on mine and have them all pulled soon. I honestly think these DDs and all the meds really mess with them. Not to mention osteoporosis. But you're still young, and I can certainly understand you wanting to save as many as possible.

    Wishing you luck with your Lyrica battle. I have two bottles of them sitting in my cabinet that I can't take....my neuro gave them to me since they're so expensive....wish I could send them to you! I keep forgetting to take them back to the pharmacy to dispose of for me.

    Julie, there's definitely lots of stuff going around again. My grandson had strep a week ago, and my granddaughter was vomiting this evening. (Not the same family). Hoping your family and ours are all well for the holidays!

    Georgia, hope grandpa gets your car running for you. Did that happen during daylight? Seems like our alternator went out after dark...no lights. Then wouldn't start either.

    Granni, hope your events are all going well, and you're having a good time. Don't wear yourself out too much!!

    Teacher, break time yet? I'm sure if it's not, it soon will be. My grands have all had their programs now, so imagine you're through also. Hope all went well.

    Rock, nope, I'm not high you silly guy, but if anyone had seen me they might have thought so. When I got out the roasts to fix the other day I also got out the stew meat for the beef 'n noodles, planning to put the packages in the fridge to thaw. Well, when I went to get it out of the fridge this morning to cook, it wasn't there......

    You guessed it! I'd left both packages sitting on the counter for 1 1/2 days!!! How could I not have noticed???????????? I let out a stream of words I'd forgotten had been invented, and hubby came in the kitchen to see what was wrong. I COULD have been either high or crazy...

    Spring, Lin, Barry, everybody, thinking of you....stop in soon.........Jole
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  14. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Concert - check

    Migrain that sent you home after the concert - check

    Baby over to babysit for the weekend - check

    Goin' to see Santy Clauws at the apartment community party house - coming up

    Back home in the PJs as fast a possible - coming up


    Yep, concert went well. It's kind of odd, but you forget how much work it is to put a show together until you're exhauseted after doing one. But then, you dust yourself off and do it again!

    Who was it that sais insanity is doing the same thing over and over and getting surprised when you get the same results? hee hee hee hee

    "But there is a phenomenon that I don't think
    is well known. I've only seen it once in a
    nature film. Sometimes clear ice forms on
    everything. Every twig on a tree will have a
    coating of ice.

    When the sunlight hits these trees, they blaze
    like diamonds. This magical effect usually lasts
    only a couple hours, but it is spectacular when
    it happens. Like living in Tiffany's window."

    Rock, I have seen this several times in my life. It usually happens about once every other year or so. It is just as you described.

    It happend my senior year in college. The trees were marvelous. They had just begun to bud. The ice encased everything just as if they had been dipped in glass to be saved for all time.

    Getting up close was a study in wonder. The ice was uniform in thickness, no matter if it was a big branch or a tiny bud. And it is soooooo smooth. No bumps or cracks. Completely seamless. Amazing.

    If you touch anything first thing in the morning, whatever the ice is coating breaks. If you leave it alone until the sun has had a chance to warm thing up, only the ice breaks off.

    Even then, the ice is amazing as it doesn't shatter. It's more like it slipps off. Sometimes it will slip off intact and sometimes it will slip off in small chunks.

    The ice is so fragile, it doesn't take long for it to melt in your hand. In just a few momemts, what looked like thin glass is water. Amazing.

    I took pictures to remind me but technology wasn't like it is today. It's enough though. You can't eraase the calirty of a memory.

    It happend another time just before Chirstmas. I put my mom and Baby in the car. The roads were crazy with the last minute shoppers. We didn't mind though because we were out for a different reason. We were chasing diamonds.

    We were looking for untarnished patches of snow. The way the sun was shining, it looked like someone had scattered diamonds. Absolutely beautiful.

    Your words surprised me a bit. I guess I forgot that everyone doens't always see what I see. I don't know why though, seeing as how I am the center of my universe! hee hee heee heeee

    Posting so I don't get lost.

    I have read all youse guys posts, but I don't have the inner energy to respond individually. I apologize for that.

    I will say that I am praying that all problems will be solved. That all will recieve physical healing. That all will have pleasant family gatherings be they great or small. (Mine will be a gathering of one!)

    I've always wondered why the time of year that is supposed to be so peaceful brings so much stress?!

    Having a Christmas party sounds lovely. Seeing as I won't be able to bring any food, I shall stock Jerome up with plenty of decorations. I'll let ya'll know later what they are. I have to go "shopping" first! Why? Because I left school early and all my stuff is still decorating the stage! hee hee

    I'm resting today. You all remember to take a break also.

    Love you all!

    Merry Christmas!

    Ho Ho Ho hugs all around[This Message was Edited on 12/19/2009]
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Got back from shopping at the mall this afternoon. Actually ran in and out cause DH was with me. However, I couldn,t complain since he bought the present for me. Also, iot was so crowded we had to park across the stree from the mall since all the spots were filled unless you wanted to ride around for hours looking for spot. Luckily, the Circuit City parking lot was there (that is not closed), the store not the lot andothers were parked there too. If it hadn't been there we might have just come straight home after driving all the way there.

    This morning DH picked out a few prs of pants and shirts for himself with the wonderful low prces. This was not at the big mall, so that wasn't to bad.

    I just finished vacuuming part of the house. Not sure if I will finish it today or later. Tomorrow will be a busy day with church and our choir performance in the afternoon.

    Julie - sorry to hear that poor Kiera is still sick with a fever. Did you have a fever and is it gone now, I surely hope so. You are doing so much for everyone else you NEED to be well !! Yes, it is nice when your DH is a mechanic. Mine is not, nuff said !!

    Carla - so sorry to her about all your other problems and yes, that procedure does not sound to comfortable !!However, I guess it needed to be done though.

    Teacher - Yes, please do have s a safe trip. I also missed your post saying where you were going and all. Hope you have a wonderful time and be careful with all the bad weather around. Don't know if you have been getting any or not.

    Jole - Hope all is well with you my dear. Have you gotten any of your shopping done for Christmas (gifts and food)? How has your weather been?? Having Christmas at your house or somewhere else??

    I guess we are pretty much done. Today was a abeautiful dauy with sun even. Even though it was wijndy ( some northerly) and temps in the hi 50's.

    Georgia - poor Ursula. She sounds like she might be in trouble again for peeing on the rug. However, if she is an old dog this might just sort of come with the teritory and I know that you love her a lot !!

    So nice to hear from you Mickey and Carla who have been gone for some timne now. We all miss you both. Hope you can come back soon after Christmas is over on a regular basis.

    Gotta leave for now. Daughter called me and I need to talk to her so I need get off this computer.


  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Rock - sorry hon, not you.

    I got off the puter before cause daughter #3 really needed to talk. Her x husband is talking to her like he wants to get custody of the boys. She left and they divorced about 2 years ago or so. They have had shared visitation but the eldest 19 is now with them. Her x remarried awhile ago, not even sure how long they have known each other. Now that my daughter is in a weakened position (broke off with her fiance) and less money in the house they rented last year when they became engaged. Actually right now they are still friends and who knows if they will get back together or not.

    He accused her of not taking care of the boys, not feeding them properly, brtoinging them to the doctor when they needed. The boys had had a cold on and off for a few weeks (not sure if they had had a fever before or not). The main one is Jacob age 8 now in remission from cancer. My daughter said that he seemed to be doing better but I guess sometime after bringing them over within the day or two (not sure when) he had a fever, not sure how high. They brought him to the ER guess cause it was the weekend. it was a bad infection I think. They jumped all over my daughter as to why she hadn't brought him to the doc before as he supposedly has been sick all this while. She said that she had beengiving him OTC meds and he seemed better. Of course then they were both blaming her for not treating him sooner and panicing and insinuating that he could get cancer again cause of ths. I told her that that is impossible and that he was probably just in the panic mode. The doc at the ER said that his white cell count was indicative a a bad infection.

    Well, he started his old tricks again and started blaming her for everything and saying that she was very selfish. (He had always been the very selfish one thinking of only himself and blamingher for everything that happened in their marriage) including their other special needs son 14. He said that years ago when they were just diagnosing him or trying to that he was just spoiled and of course she was spoiling him.

    My daughter already has spoken to her x fiance, my 2nd daughter who is very close to #3 daughter and we all thought the same thing. He was taking advantage of her in her weakened state or less money, etc. If they are starting to think that wasy you had better get ready. They already did say that they have better schools where they are and more things for them. Did he actually think she was going to hand them over. He is crazy and told him no way. He had quite a few DWI's and had a drinking problem when they were together. Not sure about now.

    Hey JULIE - Does any of this sound familiar ? He is certainly trying to get her goat and the boys too. The oldest, 19 is already all confused and has no self esteem. So far he still has no job. he had tried to getinto the AF but he needed to gain asout 15 pounds I think.

    I got on line and found a site that answered questions on Child Custody and such and to see if she could get some of her questions answered through a lawyer or something that wouldn't charge her an arm and a leg. So she was going to look into that. I did find a site that looked very helpful.

    Now she needs to be very careful what she say, does, and document everything he says and does with the kids and to her. She bit her tongue and did not let him have it on the phone and they had they kids there and the new wife was there hollaring to him instructions, etc. (like how come she waited so long to bring him to the doctor,etc?)

    Well, DD offered to go and get them tonight and then bring him to the doctor but he said no that they would do so . So that is how it stands. I just told her to be very careful. I do not trust him as others, my other daughter, her x fiance all said the same thing as I that I do not trust him very much and am sure he is lying to his new wife about my daughter.

    Thanks for letting me vent. I would like to go strangle him. JULIE do you want to come with me??

    Gotta run for now. I will see my daughter for Christmas so that will be good.

    Bye for now.

    Hugs to awl !


  17. teacher

    teacher New Member

    I'se goin' to Tampa on Tuesday.

    Rooftop pool and a hair salon on the premisis.

    Sports bar in the lounge for those that wanna ketchup on their Bowl games and Hoops.

    Mall across the street for those that want to take a little jaunt.

    Wal-Greens is across the street also. 24 HRS for those that need more meds.

    Everydobby is welcome!
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    If anyone is interested in what I did today you can check on Elaines other threat about dealing with her chemo, etc. When I started typing I thought I was on the Porch (just habit). So I told you about my day and the choir concert at church for Christmas.. I do not know how to move it over so if You are interested please check it out, otherwise do not worry about it.

    Julie - so sorry to hear that you all are still dealing with poor sick Kiera. Glad that she is on antibiotics. I am sure she feels awful. Have had alot of ear infections especially with my son when he was a young child. MMM, those cherry bars sound good. CanI have one :) ? ! Glad that Amy has changed the locks as well as the phone number. Maybe she should change her e-mail address if he really starts to bug her. He has a nerve trying to tell her what to do with Kiera. Some men really think they know everything.

    I know one of my other son in laws is that way. He thinks he knows everything and I think my daughter sometimes feels she needs to get his permission to do some things or when she is not sure about something dealing with their son especially. He is younger than she is and she has a college diploma. Not that means everything. There are some people with a college doiploma that have no common sense.

    Hope all is well with everyone and that you are getting ready for a nice Christmas holiday.

    I hope to try checking on you all tomorrow. There are so many things I need to do getting ready for Friday. Sorry I cannot address everyone right now.

    Love to you all,
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    OK, I cut and pasted once. No workee. Let's try again.

    Who was asking about tiramisu? It's something
    that started appearing on trendy cafe menus
    about ten years ago in our area.

    Gordon says It's Italian coffee-flavored cake.
    Funny. The name looks Japanese. I sure
    wouldn't eat it. Lips that touch coffee shall
    never touch mine.

    Who was talking about matching paint chips?
    The old joke is that the successful painter
    paints the wall AND the paint chip. That way
    they match.

    My mother worked for a while as a secretary-
    bookkeeper at a lumberyard in my hometown.
    Didn't have to commute. Our house and the
    lumberyard were across the street from each

    The part of the job she didn't like was mixing
    paint. With one brand all the paint was white.
    It was mixed on an electric shaker w/ drops
    of coloring. All according to the manufacturer's

    Except the customers were never happy w/ the
    result. "No, it's got too much green (or whatever) in it."

    She finally told her male coworkers they would have to do
    the mixing. The customers still weren't happy, but they
    argued less with the men.

    Granni, I read you post on Elaine's thread. I
    thought it was a porch post. Haha! I agree
    with your advice about keeping a notebook w/
    info: dates, who called whom, who said what,
    names of people present at conversations, etc.
    Never know what will be valuable later.

    Carla, I visited your site and watched the slide
    show on g-daughter Haley. I wrote you a message,
    but when I got done a notice popped up: "You forgot

    Didn't say what it was though so I couldn't fix
    the problem.

    Julie, I agree w/ Granni. Cherry bars sound
    great. You know in MN (and probably in Iowa
    too), a hot dish, bars and coffee are considered
    a complete meal.

    Springwater, hope you're feeling better. Have
    you considered announcing a new festival?
    "Springwater days. Springwater stays in bed."

    Georgia, that's great that Grandpa knows how
    to put in an alternator. Personally I use the
    alternative method. I have the garage do it.

    Congratulations, Teacher. Glad to hear the
    concert went well.

    Your program, and Granni's church activities,
    awakened an old memory. Every Christmas
    our church had a program. I was either a shepherd
    or had to recite a piece.

    I was very reluctant to recite. One year, when
    I was 6 and my brother was one, my mother
    got roped into the program as well. (She didn't
    care for the idea either.)

    At the end of my little verse I said, "And I'm
    sure if you hold the baby up, everyone will
    smile." Mother and little brother complied.

    Did you go to the apt. house party? Did you
    sit on Santa's lap?

    Jole, don't stew over the forgotten meat. HaHa!
    Gordon and I have had this conversation a
    thousand times. I tell him the latest example
    of my deteriorating mind/body. He says, "Well,
    whatever it is doesn't matter."

    The latest example was, I've gotten so clumsy,
    I drop things. Well, I spilled half a bottle of
    plant food. I realize the plant food is not terrible
    significant, but it's significant to me that my
    mind and body are falling apart.

    So he focuses on B and I focus on A, and what
    we end up with is BA, Humbug!

  20. teacher

    teacher New Member

    but we're getting close.

    So I'm closing the door on this one and I'll see you on the other side!

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