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    Don't forget to check out the posts on the other thread. I started this one a tad early because we were getting close!

    Now! It's time for a song. Sing along!

    (to the tune of "My Favorite Things" from "The Sound of Music"

    Ready? Begin!




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    Christmas party at the party house - check

    Visit with Santy Clauws - red-faced check

    Red-faced check? Yep!

    Took Baby with me and we had potato, egg, sausage and chees casserole. Orange juice, milk, bagels, and muffins.

    They provided cookies and icing and then got out of the way.

    The tree was decorated with gold and the lights were all white. It was lovely.

    There was a fire in the fireplace. Very cozy.

    Baby had her picture taken with Santy in front of the tree. Then they moved to the fireplace.

    The fireplace is one of those raised jobs. You know, the kind where you can sit comfortably on the brick hearth at about sofa level. Glass doors retract like a double hinged coor when it's being used. The fire screen swings out when you need to get in there.

    Santy sat on the hearth. Baby sat at his feet. A very charming picture.

    Off went the flash.

    Open went my mouth.

    Santy had a two inch hole in the seat of his pants!

    I lost it. So did his elf, Baby, and the two men that were there just for the breakfast.

    Santy was totally embarassed.

    One of the men said, "Suddenly, I'm very uncomfortable being here!"

    How do you cover shock at a very simple mistake that is also very embarassing? We were all trying not to laugh, but how could you not?

    They double checked the camerea (digital) but the hole was nowhere to be found. Wrote down Baby's e-mail and promised to send her copies so she could post on her Facebook.

    Off we went to spend the rest of our day.

    Posting. Be right back.

    OK, I'm back

    Baby checked her e-mail yesterday afternoon and I learned that I was going to have to make a phone call.

    The hole showed up in the picture!

    A different elf answered the phone in the leasing office. I asked if they were planning to post those pictures. She said she thought so. I sighed because I really didn't want to cause the poor man any more stress, but I took a deep breath and plunged right in.

    I told her that they might want to check all pictures before they do so because the hole showed up in the picture.

    Yep. She lost it.

    Why is this such a big deal? Santy Clauws is really the site manager!

    Poor thing!

    Ah well, Merry Chrstmas!

    I'm off to do laundry and pack now. Gotta be at the airport before dawn tomorrow.

    So, if I don't get back on here later, you all have a good enough Christmas.

    Ho HO Hugs[This Message was Edited on 12/21/2009]
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    Teacher – thank you for opening up That was nice ditty you made up.
    And lol about Santys tear. Hope someone was carrying a needle n thread
    Kit. You have a good trip down to Fl.

    Elaine – dear girl, Hugs to you. Praying you have a speedy recovery
    And get all the meds and stuff you need. Hope Santy dumps a big sack
    Full of goodies you need and want to get you into the Chistmasiest
    Spirit ever!

    Carla – so good to see you hop in again; I can imagine your excitement
    Going thru all those goodies in the lady artists home! And looks like
    You got a wonderful bargain.

    Julie – how are you doing, Im hearing about this huge snow blizzard
    Thingy going on down there in your area. Keep safe and warm. Isnt
    It wonderful you will be having Amy and Keira to yourselves this
    Christmas. And not have to worry about Chris and his family. I hope
    The antibiotics do their job and Keira is better soon, Even my husbands
    Cousins toddler keeps getting a runny nose and temperature, it is worrying.

    Rock – loved reading your post, agree with Julie, your humour
    Is as sharp as ever. About losing mind, well in my present foggy
    State I cant remember what I did yesterday, or if I did do anything
    At all, so that makes two of us.

    Granni – Sorry to hear about your daughters worries over her ex and his
    Wife. How can one blame her over something like that. I wouldn’t
    Immediately run to the doc myself if my kid has a cold and fever
    Because those are normally commonplace. You ex son in law sounds
    Like a pain in the everywhere and I hope things get sorted out soon.
    Everyone deserves a peaceful life and its not right.

    Georgia – Im wondering if I should get a will made soon, lol. The
    Way my mind is refusing to function to do the simplest things. Wonder
    If the cold is responsible.

    Jole – hope your family is better soon , the strep and vomiting; hope
    You enjoy a nice Christmas with all that family of yours; did a lot of
    snow fall in your area.

    Mickey – praying everything goes well for Russ at work and I hope
    You have a wonderful Christmas with your daughters and other

    Well, I have been homebound for all these days. The Maoists have
    Called a three day total strike, shops transport everything except
    Hospitals and media.

    My husband has been walking back and forth to work a one hours
    Walk I think one way..good exercise anyways.

    Son has been slouching around wondering what to do. He visited
    A friend today on his bicycle and got a backache when he came
    Back because it was quite a distance and he isn’t used to cycling
    So much.

    Yesterday, I made roast chicken even tho I was feeling really
    Lazy to move, but dunno how, it turned out to be one of the
    Tastiest chickens I ever made.

    I saw Avatar in the theater the other day, before the strike
    Began..sadly there is not 3D. it was pretty good visually. The
    Planet Pandora was fantastic but I would prefer to live on my
    Earth, with the earthy wind and grass and earthy landscapes.
    Pandora would be nice to visit like Disney land I guess.

    Hugs to all, love my porch buddies, love reading all about
    Your doings

    God bless

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    Teacher - Thanks for starting us up again. You are hysterical and I love that (song) to, My Favorite Things. That was so "made for us and those on the Porch). I have another song to that melody that i will have to find. However, it is for us older folks though. I think you are to young, sweetie :) ! Come to think of it it really doesn't pertain to all of us here. Just mostly, in the over 65 crowd but maybe a few in the over 55 . Wish I didn't have to go search for it. Have a wonderful trip and come back safely. I forgot where you were going.

    Elaine - I know that you would have to be paying a fortune for the Lyrica if not on special insuranace. If we can no longer can get our special insurance (from DH's past employer) we will be in the same boat. Actually DH doesn't take many meds., only one for B/P and it is generic. I am the one with all the pills -ugh ! I hope it will be approved of soon. I am sure all this aggravation is not helping you to feel better. I wish I had some other suggestions for you to help but I don't. Just TRY not to stress over it :) !! I know that is not to easy a task when you feel awful and are in pain all the time.

    Rock - could Gordon come and help me do some cooking? I have to make a bean salad and something else for tomorrow. of course Ihave two places to go the same day. it always happens. I am going to our small singing group luncheon tomorrow afternoon and then a K of C dinner tomorrow night. I am tired of having to make dishes.

    Julie - I could use some cooking help from you too but you are busy with Kiera. Hopoe she will be feeling better soon. Don't you get sick too.

    So, I had better get off ot this computer and start something. If some of you are to busy to get on here and post or if you all will be traveling soon, I want to wish you ALL A>

    Lots of hugs and love to awl,

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    Well, I didn't get a bunch of things accomplished today but I did chop some veggies for my salad and got the canned goods ready to pour in the bowl. Oh, I also made the marinade. I also threw a wash in the machine. I should also go and finish vacuuming from the other day.

    Tomorrow afternoon we have a luncheon with our small singing group and then I have to come home and change clothes and go to a K and C party. I am not sure how much of the salad I will have left so I am planning to bring a green bean casserole since I have the stuff from Thanksgiving. I was going to bring that but DDIL told me I did not need to bring it since someone else was doing so. I would make that for Christmas but my daughter #1 said she is sick of it ( we hardly ever have or make it) and not sure if they like it or not. So, I will bring it to the party and if we have leftovers we will eat it at home. I guess I will throw the salad together tonight and I will not have to bother with it tomorrow morning.

    Elaine - Hope that you get news tomorrow about your Lyrica.

    Sweet SW - Yep, you are right about my #3 daughter's x. He is a pain and that is why he is her X, he was more than that at the time. I might know some more about the situation on Friday when she comes for dinner.

    Nothing like two places or more to go on the same day-what a pain but we will have fun so , OH WELL !!

    Hope all is well with you and everydobby else on the Porch. I am running from here to there and not sure of what I need to do next. Need to finish the presents too, not that there are that many of them. Some are also gift cards. Tomorrow will be a wasted day with two parties going on.
    Bye again for now.

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    OMG, I am so upset for you. I don't blame you for being frustrated and upset at hearing what you did. Somehow I am thinking this is the beginning of many things to come for many of us with this new healthcare plan. I guess we will see but this whole thing and how they got to this place (almost getting the Healthcare bill) is upsetting.

    They have been already cutting back with the Medicare and I am afraid that it may become worse. Who knows what with the drug plans if we all end up getting stuck on the same govt. plans, including the drug plans..

    I don't want to start yelling now especially with you around. We need to try and be optomistic . However, sometimes they do not make it easy for us do they. So glad that you have JS to be with you sweetie. Hope something happens soon for the better so you can start feeling better again and do not have to worry about using a walker.

    Bye the way, if you want to scream with me that is fine. Maybe then we will all feel better, at least letting some of the frustration out.

    Just know I am thinking about you sweetie.

    Lots of big hugs to you (((((ELAINE))))),
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    Hmm, I like that Teacher, the porchkateers.

    Well my day off yesterday was awesome, Ashley and I shopped till we dropped and had breakfast/lunch at Bob Evans, yum.

    Well now i am back to work, boo hoo, although when i got in it was like Christmas. I had about 6 presents on my desk from the different co workers and then my last package arrived that i order online for a present. It is the entire season of the Soprano's, my husband's favorite show. Sometimes, I think he would like to be in the Mafia in another life. LOL

    Springwater - I am so looking forward to seeing the Avator, with my time off after Christmas we will probably go see it. Did you like it and is it worth seeing???

    Elaine - wow, i can't believe they are treating you like that with Lyrica. That is horrible. I wanted to tell you, i take Humira for my arthritis/psoriasis and they were charging me almost over 100.00 per prescription. I went online to the Humira website and got prescription help and now i only pay $5.00 per month. I couldn't believe it. I thought for sure i was going to have to quite taking it and then my psoriasis would come back full blown. So i am very thankful for the help.

    Rocko, yes, Russ hasn't lost his job yet, but it is scary especially after they let over 100 employees go last week. What is wierd is that they just put Russ and about 7 others through a $1,200 class that was a week long, so i can't see them letting those people go since they did that, unless it was a spur of the moment thing that happened. I feel sorry for him because he is on pins and needles wondering. I just wish they would tell him something so he can quite worrying.

    Well Porchies, gotta get to work here, wow, I can't beleive it is already 8:45, i have been here 45 minutes already and haven't gotten anything done, except go through emails. Toodooloos everybody.


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    Mickey, I can't believe you were the last one to post, and that was early this morning!! It sounds like you had a good day at work receiving gifts....we used to have a Secret Santa, and of course all the doctors would bring a huge basket of goodies to each department, so we'd have snacks until they'd actually get stale!

    Some of them would bake breads, cookies, etc. and others would buy the assorted candies, pretzles, nuts, etc. Was always very much appreciated. Gee, now if I want something I have to make/buy it myself....lol...

    Elaine, I hope you can manage through the Holidays okay without too much pain. I'm glad to hear your doc at least gave you some free samples. That really helps out, although they never last very long. I'm so sorry about the walker....what a bummer! Just stay safe and do the best you can, honey. It'll get better....you'll win this fight just like you have all the others!

    Springwater, a rest day in your name does sound enticing, doesn't it? And so deserving, after all you do for others. If they only knew how much it takes of your energy to keep up with all their visits, etc., and could understand. Unfortunately, even if they knew, they probably wouldn't understand.

    Teacher, I bet you're having a great time by now, goofing off in the nice warm weather. Boy, does that ever sound wonderful.

    Julie, are you to get hit with this round of weather again? It's starting the freezing rain here tonight, then suppose to snow and blow the next two days. Not sure if the kids will make it home or not. That seems to be the general topic of conversation of everyone who's called to visit today.

    I don't like phone calls. Sounds silly to say they take too much energy, but they do. And all the neighbors have been calling to wish us a Merry Christmas, then want to visit awhile. In the distant past I could keep a conversation going for quite awhile.....not any more.

    Georgia, sounds like grandpa has quite a list of issues going on there. He sounds like my hubby with all the things going on....mostly the same. My hubby has had sooo many surgeries to take care of all his back and shoulder problems. Unfortunately, it's not always the right answer, as he will tell anyone.

    Granni, are things starting to slow down any for you yet? I'll bet you'll be ready to enjoy a nice leisurely day at home doing nothing after your company leaves. Maybe the New Year won't be quite so hectic (although I really think you enjoy it this way for the most part :) )

    Got a new scrub mop and tried it out this evening. Might be new, but it still doesn't do the work by itself, darn it!! In my "other life" I scrubbed my floors on my hands 'n knees. Guess I was a glutton for punishment........

    Rock, Linda, Joan, everyone I've missed........see ya later...stay warm.........Jole
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    so I will just stop by and say I am thinking of you all. Hope all is going well for your Christmas dinner planning, shopping etc. I guess I am pretty much done. I could do more but I am not. Went shopping and forgot a few things since I didn't have the list but it wasn't for Christmas dinner.

    A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT (ALMOST GOOD NIGHT)not sure I will make it tomorrow to the Porch.

    Lots of love and hugs to you all,
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    Linda, Joan, Rock and lots of our others that haven't been here for awhile.

    Our weather is crazy again also. Had more snow last night, then thought it was over today. But unfortunately it's now sleeting/snowing and blowing out. The trees were covered in ice this morning. No, not the beautiful clear crystal that Rock was talking about, but more whitish. The tree branches are hanging so low, and this evening I could hear the crackling of the ice as they swayed in the wind.

    Still hoping some of our kids will make it home, but our daughter in NE probably won't....given up on them, since they're still to get another 6 inches of snow, and it's so bitterly cold with the wind (wind chill of -10) that I don't really want them trying to come this far anyway with their babies. There's always another time. I'd rather have them safe!

    Nothing exciting here...too tired to sleep again, and no energy to do anything. Such a life we all have, can't understand why people think we have it so good....lol....love to all....Jole

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    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just don't gots no energy to post. Maybe later.

    Loved your verse, Teacher.

    I hope you are all being sensible about celebrating Christmas. Not
    overdoing. HaHa! Hard to be sensible about Christmas, isn't it.

    Vell, as da Norskies say, God Jul og Godt Nytt Ar.

  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, I cooked the ham, did a wash, fixed the potatoes to stick in the oven (the recipe made with the frozen hashed browns or the O'Brein potatoes). You mix it together with sour cream , cr of chickey soup, cheese, melted butter and top with some more cheese if you want as well as some bread crumbs. I will just have to throw it in the oben tomorrow. It tastes yummy and is so easy. DH slices the ham and that is all done too in the casserole dish. Just going to make creamed pearl onions and corn tomorrow. DD#1 is bringing a pie and cauliflower. DIL is bringing a cake and an appetizer. Do you think we will starve? There will only be 10 of us so that is good, fairly quiet :) !!

    Julie - yes you just have to roll with the flow. Since we moved to TX 30 plus years ago we haven't had to worry about the weather but sometimes there are other things. However, you just have to accept and enjoy what you have.

    Glad you got to take a break to talk to us on the Porch today (even though it seems many of us are just busy the almost night before Christmas).

    I am pretty sure I will not be here tomorrow unless it is in the evening when all are gone.

    Rock - sorry your get up and go got up and went. So has mine but somehow I keep on trucking since no one else is going to do it (the cooking and all). I just do things that need to get done, like many of us, no matter how we feel.

    Lots of hugs and blessings to all by dear Porchies, all MIA's included. Sorry not to mention names or I would be here forever :) ! Ii hope I get through mass tonight, but at least it is not Midnight. Wish we could have practiced more on some of the songs though.

    Love, Granni

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    Sorry that I have been off of here for so long. Everyday I try to read my e-mail, jump on FB to see what my grandkids are doing, etc.

    I composed a kChristmas letter - telling those who did not know about Harley's passing. Both sides of paper so that took a while - you know---to get the sides going right. then I had cards to send along with the letter. most time consuming.

    The gifts were all from my china closet, etc. and it took time to find the right thing for the right person. GThen I wrote a bit - sometimes it got longer---about who the item belonged to and a bit about that persn. Did wrapping tissue paper to protect glass, etc.

    It has taken me soooo long to do it plus keep up on laundry, etc. I got just plain tired and still am.

    I wanted to go to our choir's last rehearsal before the cantata tonight but I looked outside. everything was shiny from ice so decided that I should not go out on that alone.

    Found out yesterday that #2 son and W and coming this eve to take me to the cantata, weather permitting. They will stay all night and will be bringing something for dinner. They wanted me to go home with them and then S#1 could pick me up at their house. I just got panicky!! i am used to planning ahead and gthat would mean taking suitcase in, etc. and all that "stuff" and for some reason I just couild not take it.

    My voice started shaking and I was just on the verge of sobbing. Talked bboth to S #1 and to D. both agreed that I should do what i wanted. I could barely talk as I was so lonely suddenly for DH! I just feel to pieces after I talked to them. This first Christmas is harder than I had expected but it has been coming on for a couple of weeks.

    Sat. #1 S comes after me, luggage and gifts and "stuff" and we go 345 mi. to D. I get to see my 3 greats!!! Arabella remember Grammy and is excited to see me!! Pray for good weather. Hope this ice disappears. Then Sun. is the rehearsal and dinner, then Mon. is the WEDDING!!!!----then the reception! I do believe that the weddings are over for a while.

    To those of you who believe in the higher up and for the one whose birth we celelbrate tonight, I had a wonderful yet weird experinece Sun.
    I was wrapping gifts on the big table where we had always wrapped. Suddenly I felt as if Harley was sitting in his chair watching me! That feeling lasted for an hour. I could just feel his presence!! I even turned around twice to look at his chair!!!!!! I had never felt that way before.

    My pastor and a dear friend said he WAS there in spirit!!!!! Did God send that spirit down to reasure me on thata busy night? So much for that!

    Elaine: I am in the gap or doughtnut hole right now. The Lyrica usually costs $254 a month. Now with some sort of deduction that I don't understand, i pay $207. i told my Dr. that I take only 1 a day instead of 3 because of cost. He gave me 2 small bottles. And soon I will be back on my insurance. Then it will cost $35 a mon.

    My premium went up, my home and auto went up, my premium went up $20 on my supplement. Yet Medicare stays the same! How can we stay that same cause the cost of living didn't go up but that cos. all can go up. better get off this subject!!

    My dear friend whose son is slowly dying is in so much pain from sciatica that she can barely walk. Accupunture didn't help now she is going to the chiropractor. I wish she would go to Dr. The son begins some sort of chemo this week----it MAY help but not encouraging. I talk to her once in a great while on the phone--she prefers not to talk to anyone! What do you say?? I have said it all ---certainly not MERRY cHRISTMAS!! My heart breaks for the whole familty. The 2 daughters come in Sat. fromo the east coast - one is bringing 2 teens.

    I meant to just come on and say Merry Christmas but I got a little windy.

    love you all,

  14. jole

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    Just want to say how special each and every one of you are, and how great a part of my life you've become. For all of us who don't get out and about much, friends are indeed something to treasure, and I do. Thank you all so much for being here for me to enjoy, pass the time with, and share feelings/sorrows and joys.

    Hoping the New Year will bring us all a step closer to our "miracle" of feeling better.....and if it happens, hoping we remember what to do....lol....

    Love to all...will talk soon..........Jole
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    I have tried to get here for several days but had to work yesterday and it was crazy plus the interent at work sucks, since I surf off the hotel a block away :) Then went to my GF's house last night and exchanged gifts. They have invited me for dinner today but since I have to work tomorrow too I said thanks but will stay home and eat my pre-cooked Pot Roast and just "be".

    I posted two new paintings on my site- look in the ART album and at the bottom, one is Elvis that I did for my GF for christmas, she loves him and the other is a snow scene in water color.


    I know of you are snowed in or nearly flooded from the rain after the snow-what crazy weather we have had so far.

    Julie I like those moments of complete silence, I do that when I paint sometimes. I am glad you got the Chris situation take care and hope Lindsey feels better soon. I was sick for the first 5 months, then gain 20 pounds in my 6th month.

    Joan I do hope all your plans come together and you got rain and not snow and the wedding goes off without a hitch. My other GF whose DH died this year is having a hard time too.

    Jole so you have a freezer full of food and no one to eat it? Hope bad did you get hit? I do hope some of your family was able to make it.

    Georgia I hope you enjoy your day and finish your sweater without too much trouble. That was nice to visit your freinds last night.

    Rock pet the critters and maybe give them some extra kibble today.

    Granni I know you are playing the hostess with the mostest using your new oven.

    Teacher is basking in the sun, then some shopping and maybe a nice dinner and drink with a unbrella in it :) Enjoy your well deserved vacation.

    Elaine I hope you get your meds and insurance worked out- that is a pain you don't need right now. I will say I have been on Cymbalta for about 3 months and it really has made a huge difference in how I feel. I take 60mg in the morning and 60 at bedtime. I hope you and JS have a nice quiet day today and no family squabbles.

    I know I am forgetting some but working on memory here, you know how that is- So Merry Christmas to awl here in the bushes, sleeping in the swings or just relaxing.

    If you look under the tree there are presents for each of you from Santa. Hope it is what you wanted- have a peaceful day-Love-Carla

  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    It's a quiet day here. If you're not religious, and you no longer have kids, then
    Christmas is kinda pointless. At least it seems that way to me.

    Julie, Is your cat named freeway because you found him on a freeway?
    I think it was very brave of David to try and make cookies. Can't expect
    novice cooks to cope w/ technical terms like tsp and tbsp.

    Joan, nice to hear from you again. I think you're idea of giving heirloom gifts
    is super. My mother had a lot of stuff. A collection of angel figurines.
    And a variety of cups and saucers. And Haviland China and sterling silver.
    Some of it got sold when my folks sold the house. A lot of it went to my
    brother who's still in MN.

    That's ok though. I've never given a formal dinner party in my life. When I
    got back to MN for a visit, some of the old furniture, etc. is now in my
    brother's house. Come to think of it, I'd rather visit the furniture than my
    dysfunctional folks.

    How wonderful to feel that Harley was visiting. I know grief must be terrible
    for folks who have spent a lifetime together. My aunt and uncle were married
    about as long as you and Harley. He died in Sept. Last week she had to go
    to the hospital. She has been disabled w/ serious problems for over a decade.

    Granni, the potato recipe sounds delicious. If I can manage to get the ingreediments
    together, I will attempt same. Maybe I can use the tater tots I have in the

    Now remember, I want you to take it easy this year. Don't sing at more than 3 or 4
    events today.

    Not up to anymore posting at the moment. Later, I hope.


  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    Julie – Sitting out in the barn in the pitch black, raining outside
    Cat beside you, and silence and peace…that sounded very
    Romantic, lol. I know you wouldn’t have been thinking
    Romance tho. But I understand what you mean. It’s the same
    Thing the sages in India and elsewhere went in search of,
    What you found there in that darkness, alone by yourself when
    You got in touch with your inner soul unimpeded by outside
    Distractions, demands.Those precious few moments you were
    Completely at peace. I suppose that’s what they were seeking
    High on tops of mountains or in caves, but on a more permanent

    Jole – keep warm in that sleety, blowy, snowy weather of yours.
    Have a warm nourishing drink, put your feet up and read something
    Nice. I too, appreciate all my porch buddies here and especially
    When the weather is like this. I would love to see your snowy
    Fields and trees but I know I would freeze to death. I never knew
    Snowflakes were shaped in different kinds of fantastic shapes
    Until I read somewhere in readers digest I think.

    Elaine – hey. I hope youre improved. I wish there was a way for
    the Lyrica to get approved.
    or you find another med which works just as well and which
    you will reimbursed for. Times are tough as it is.
    Have a wonderful Christmas with JS.

    Joan – of course, that was your dear Harley.. I have read umpteen times
    About how the departed loved ones come back to see how
    Their loved one is doing. He knew you would be thinking of and
    Missing him during this time so he came. I was so excited to read about
    Your experience.

    Rock – I don’t gots no energy either. But ive just
    About managed to get up and do one or two chores and
    Then I came here to post before this energy went phuttt!
    Do you and Gordon celebrate Christmas?

    Granni - you seem to be doing such a lot. But I know the
    Work never finishes at holiday events. Especially when you
    Have a large family. I enjoy reading about yr Christmas ]

    Mickey – I hope you do see Avatar especially with 3D. it
    Is an experience. Must have been so nice to shop and shop
    With your daughter. Nothing like two females going shopping
    Together. Somehow it is not as much fun with a man.

    Georgia – sorry to hear about Grandpas MRI results but hope
    The problems can be fixed soon. Will you and Grandpa be having
    Goat for Christmas. Certainly would be nice and warm.

    Teacher – hope your having a really restful rejuvenating

  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Well my ‘slump’ has not abated. Still in the boonies where
    Mood and energy is concerned.

    I find myself forcing myself to get up, do things, but not
    In the least bit inclined to do much.

    I did go and get a book on pregnancy for my husbands cousin
    She has a two year old and I just found out she is expecting
    Again. Shes the one who came last time upset with her
    Ma in law. I was worried because ive been reading that
    Whatever emotions the mom goes thru, affects the fetus.
    Andhow the baby will turn out. And I think its true.

    I had found my diary from 18 years
    Back and I had written how angry I was living with my
    In laws and how I wished I wasn’t feeling so negative
    With my little son inside me. Now I wonder the reasons
    He has more issues than his sister is because I was more
    Tense when I was carrying him.

    Anyways I bought a holistic book by Deepak Chopra
    On Moms conception and babies. There are some
    Holistic advice in it like meditations and eating right
    So that the time of pregnancy can be the best possible
    For the fetus and later on the infant. It says to try
    stay in the best possibly frame of mind as possible
    and to keep sending warm loving thoughts tothe little
    one inside you.

    My husbands youngest uncles son got us a leg of mutton
    From Lhasa Tibet and I made that today. It’s a change from,
    What we normally have because the flavour seems bit
    Different. I also made my Bhutanese dish of cheese, butter
    Potato, onions, chilli, tomato all thrown into together and
    Boiled till tender gooey with a sprinkling of pepper.

    Got an email from my Chinese friend who suggested going to
    a movie next week. I dont know. Not feeling too sociable.
    But then when do i, really. Maybe i should go.

    Linda, Carla, Pippi, Barry, Cate, Saja, Marta, Mr Dad
    And all the other MIAs thinking of you guys and sending
    Warm wishes.

    Again all my wonderful porch buddies and their families
    may you have a good good holiday

    God bless

    ETA i see Georgia, Rock, Carla and Linda have been and posted just
    before me...

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  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well , things are heating in the oven or cooling in the frig. Waiting for the first of the company to start coming, around 1 pm our time. It is absolutely freezing out here but the wind has died down a bit here in TX. With the windchill this morning it was like 26. Last night the wind was horrible - North of course bringing in the cold front. It kept slamming the door to the church everything someone came in or out and sometimes by itself. That is how cold and hard the wind wasw blowing, last night.
    Singing went pretty well. OK last night. Luckily I did not have to sing for MIdnight Mass.

    The director changed some of the songs we were going to see at the earlier mass due to the number of us able to sing. Glad we got to sing some regular Christmas carole besides some extra like O Holy Night. it was so pretty.

    Linda -Yes, I remember all the stuff we had to do to get ready for SANTA'S appearance. Now,mwe only have a few little ones (grandkids) that still believe. How sad is that.

    One daughter from NC jhust called so when DH hands me the phone I need to go.

    Carla - glad you are doing OK just busy. Will have to check your site after today.

    SW - go with your friaend and maybe it will help you to feel more perky and with it.

    Yes I am using my oven which I like. I just wish it were bigger, but do not have the cabinet with to do so. it is digital and cleans itself. More later.

    Love to awl,

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  20. jole

    jole Member

    Here I am, drinking a cup of hot tea all by my lonesome at 12:30, while hubby is watching tv. He had a late breakfast and isn't hungry yet, and I'm hurting so don't care....lol...

    No, the kids didn't make it home. Such miserable weather out...icy roads and blowing snow. That's okay. There's always another day (we hope), and I plan on keeping all my kids!! Actually, the daughter that was suppose to be here yesterday called this morning and said it was a good thing they weren't....her hubby woke up with the flu in the night....so their day is certainly not going well.

    So yes, Spring, I think I'll take your suggestion and find me a book to read, try to find a comfortable position, and just relax today.

    Linda, good to see your cheerful self back with your Christmas memories. You were pretty creative! Reindeer hoof prints even! Heck, I'd still be believing if I'd seen that....lol

    Carla, will check your site. Glad you're finally having a nice break from being so busy and have a day to snuggle in with your girls!

    Granni, enjoy your company even if it is cold. That sounds like a KS wind you've got there..haha... Your potato recipe is one I've used several different times, and it's very good...and easy, which I like!

    Georgia, that goat soup must be good, but I'd have to not know what it was before eating it. What do you put in with it? You do such good deeds with your neighbor and everyone! I admire you for that. Enjoy your quiet time also.

    Julie, sorry your weather is yucky also. Hope your family is all together, warm and happy today. I would have liked to gone and sat on the steps of our barn loft also, but couldn't have gotten there from the house this year. That's a great idea though. Is it a tradition for you?

    Elaine, thinking of you......hope all is well for you and you're having a less painful day. Even a small reprieve is so appreciated. Hang in there...everything will work out for you, it just takes awhile sometimes, and gives us practice in patience (like we need it...).

    Rock, I'll bet all our talk of Christmas this past month has bored you to death! I'm sure you'll be glad when January hits. You know, the other day I was writing out a check and wrote 1998 on it......don't know why I do such silly things some days, but at least I recognized my mistake as soon as I did it.

    I hope your energy returns soon...know how miserable those days are when your mind wants to do things but your body won't. And even worse are the days when your mind doesn't even care that your body can't. That feeling of just "existing for nothing". But it always gets better, thank goodness.

    Hope I remembered everyone here today....and wish all a good, peaceful day.............Jole