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  1. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I was waiting for somebody to start the volume but guess everydobby was gone or busy doing something else

    Please check the last volume for SW, Julie, myself and I forget who all's posts !

    Lots of hot coffee, teas and hot chocolate with whipped cream and hot cookies fresh from the oven.

    Thinking of you all and special thoughts to JULIE, CARLA, and ELAINE! Let us know how you are Julie !! I sent you a note on the last volume.

    Come one and come all to start this crazy volume ! We need some fun going on here. Things have been so somber lately and COLD for many !

    Hope also to see some MIA's come visit. Missing you all !

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  2. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - Sorry they couldn't just the find the problem quickly , treat you and send you on your way. Of course it is hardly ever that way. I hope you do not have to wait for two weeks or so to find out the problem. That is the pits and can drive you crazy, especially if you still are feeling BADLY !

    Actually, I had a big cup of hot choc. with whipped cream on top. Don't ask me when I have had that before cause I cannot remember. MMMM, it was so yummy and HOT! Still raining and cold here and may ice if it freezes tonight. My daughter in Ft. Worth got abouat 6 inches of snow, very unusual even though they will get snow from time to time but not that much.

    Guess ELAINE is busy looking for docs; CARLA is getting ready to move into here new home soon (March I think), JOLE is doing her taxes; GEORGIA is busy making Norwegian sweaters. Not sure what ROCK is doing- guess he is looking up answers to all the questions everyone else is asking him.

    Teacher - Do you have any idea if you all will get to eat all your goodies tomorrow or what ?

    Well, I have some work to do for our ladies group on the computer so I have to run for now. Hope to hear from all of you tomorrow ar at least some.

    Missing Joan, Elaine, Carla, Mickey, Linda and Mrdad and others we haven't heard from in eons.

  3. teacher

    teacher New Member

    (sung to the tune of I'm A Little Teapot)






    YES, I DO




    Ok, I'm done singing.

    Conferences toinght. Everyone was pleased with the menu.

    About 6 servings of pulled pork left. About 2 for the pulled chicken.

    We started with 100 individual bags of plain chips, Sun chips, Fritos, Doritos, and Cheetos. I'd guess we had 25 left.

    7 2-liters of pop. About 1/3 of one left.

    I think they did good.

    Some of them thought I cooked all that! Are you kidding me?

    I told them that my friend, the bulk food store made it. They laughed and kept eating.

    Now I just have to order the pizza for Tuesday and go buy more plates and cups. I didn't get that when I went on Monday. I thought we were fine. We were for today, but not for Tuesday.

    What's left will be set out tomorrow at lunch time. If anything is left after that, (mostly talking meat here) it will get sent home with someone since we have a long weekend due to President's Day.

    Chips can be collected and reserved on Tuesday.

    I'm gonna go get me a large mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream. I haven't had that in a while. Sounds like something good to drink while I'm trying to unwind enough to go to bed so I can go to school tomorrow and annoy the darlings for another day!

    Y'all take care of yourselves.

    BTW, I'm sorry about your your daffodils Spring. That had to be very disappointing.

    Maybe your parrots will show up again to bring a smile to your face.

    Enjoy your New Year's Celebration. We'll be waiting to hear about it.

    Love you!

    Chocolatey hugs to all!

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  4. jole

    jole Member

    Good to be back (not that I went anywhere). Taxes are done for another year. No, guys, I don't do them...lol...I just add together the monthly expenses and put everything in order. Then hubby took it all to the accountant to figure.

    There's entirely too much to do and I don't think it's possible for farmers to do their own as involved as it is. Heck, I honestly had to think in order to add and subtract!!!! But it sure was good for my ego that you thought I might have done it...hahaha.

    Teacher, glad you finally got to have your meal, and that you get a long weekend. My one daughter is a teacher, and I know how hard a job that is, 'cause I watched her teach nearby for a couple years before she got married and moved.

    Well, my other daughter is an assistant VP/IT person at a bank. She had a rough day the other day and said, "I think I'll quit my job and be a teacher. At least they get summers off!" We had a nice long chat about the hours of evening time spent grading papers, preparing, spending your own money, con't ed, putting up with obnoxious parents, throwing up kids, etc. and by the time I finished she'd quit complaining...haha!

    Springwater, the first four years we were married we had electricity but no water. We had to haul it from town in large cream cans and heat it with an electric heater or on the stove. It was wonderful to finally get running water! I know I could survive going back to that if we had to, but I doubt that my kids could. We don't know how lucky we are. Sometimes I think we've had things too good........

    Julie, I'm hoping your kidney problem will work itself out before you need to have any more tests done. Meanwhile, you'll have your paperwork done and be ready in case it happens again so you can get tested at the beginning instead of the end of the problem. Best of luck to you. All these health issues are worrisome. Keep us posted.

    Granni, wish I could hear your group sing. I'm sure the residents enjoyed it. You ladies certainly do put your talents to good use, and make others happy. So it's still cool there, huh? Are you saying it wouldn't do me any good to head south?

    We had a good weather day here. It got up to 40 with no wind. The yard is a sloppy mess with the snow melting, but that's okay..at least it's melting! We missed the last round of snow.

    Georgia, would love to see those sweaters. Forgot the word you used now, but I have no idea what it is/means. Imagine Gordon would know though. Love your trips to Paris.

    Rock, any pep yet? Would a Dr. Pepper help? Just wonderin'.

    Joan, come visit, we miss you!

    Elaine, it was good to see your last post. I hope you've found a good doctor by now. Been thinking of you.

    Carla, hope all is going well for you and the ins. money has arrived so you can get that house and furniture taken care of.

    Mickey, has hubby found a job yet? How are things with yours? Hopefully okay.

    Well guys, I think I'm out of time so will get for now. Night to all.........Jole

  5. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Well, i was too pooped last evening and today the lights came on only just now, its 10am. they will go off at 12 mid day so i hurriedly rushed to cook my rice and will do some bed sheet ironing and stuff since tomorrow is new year and i better 'try' and make the house look neater than usual.

    You sound cheerful; I was worried you might be worrying. Lol. Pls do not push yourself. I have found deep breathing exercises helpful. In fact, yesterday i wrought a miracle on myself by doing some breathing exercises. I went out and did so much shopping, stuff we need for new year like raisins and wheat grain and those scarves we put on holy monks, and a whole lot of other trivial things but necessary to keep up tradition.

    It was such a cold day and drizzling. I first reached some fried bread to my friends office and from there walked it to the market where i bought some stuff and then on to the opposite end of town to the Tibetan Square where one gets all the tibetan goods, rice beer and stuff. My taxi suddenly blew up when we were climbing an incline and i was wondering what happened. I saw people hurriedly run away so i also got out of the taxi as soon as i could and steam was
    coming from the engine part in front. Some pipe had blown up, probably got overheated.

    Luckily, i was at a junction where there were lots of buses plying and i hopped onto one and completed my shopping. It was completely dark and 7pm by the time i reached home.

    And then we had to make a special kind of gruel by kneading wheat flour, rolling it out, cutting it into pieces and mixing it into a meat soup. I had to make enough for the helps family too and we also make small dough balls and keep different items like paper, sugar, chilli, salt etc in each
    and every person gets one dough ball served and if the person who gets salt is supposed to be lazy,the person who gets goal is supposed to be black hearted, etc..if a kid gets coal, there is always a lot of temper tantrums because they take it seriously, lol!

    Also we make a scarecrow figure on a stick and a demon figure out of barley flour and everybody puts a little bit of their leftover gruel into the bowl containing the demon figure and wishes all the sickness and badness troubling them goes away with the figure and then we make a lot of noise, set the scarecrow alight, carry the bowl out of the house and way out into the nieghbouring road making a lot of noise to supposedly 'scare' the evil spirits away. A trail of
    flour is made up to the main door and one person has to sweep up after the persons carrying the bowl goes out. he is not supposed to look back at all otherwise the spirits might find their way back.

    I got chilli in my dough ball, (Im sharp tounged supposedly), son got cotton, (soft natured) and DH got sugar, (sweet talking), my daughter also got sugar, we kept aside her share.

    She incidentally phoned in the night and told me, the dough balls got it all wrong this time.

    I was very surprised tho that i wasnt exhausted like i usually was. I was tired at the end of it all, but i didnt have that trembly, palpitating, completely done out, kind of tiredness. Normally just going out for an hour and coming back sends me scuttling into bed to recover my energy! Yesterday i was out from mid day walking around most of the time till late evening and then i came home and prepared the dinner and I was feeling normal. Im so surprised.

    The energy is there even today, I hope this up phase lasts. Lol. At least till the new year celebrations are over. I have to start cooking a meat dish and veggie dish to take to ma in laws tomorrow and have to clean the prayer room and prepare it. Of course, having the help around makes it much easier. and do -able.

    The DH has gone and booked tickets to a new Bollywood movie at 3pm but im doubtful if i wil go, if i dont think i can make it, i will send son instead with dh. I have to bathe too.

    Tmorrow wil be one long day of dressing up, and gathering at ma in laws place, going to the monastery, going back to ma in laws, having lunch, and then maybe go visit my uncle which will take two hours one way.

    Come back and cook for the help because we feed them a meal on new years. if i dont make it back in time, i will feed them the day after, because again dhs relative comes visit, and me and son will go hve lunch at big bros place where my middle brother and his son also wil come.

    This time my daughter and middle brothers daughter arent there so its going to be bit lonely.

    Well, i better turn to now. Im confused as to what task to tackle first but have firmly told myself nothing is mandatory and that i am not to push myself into a health crisis trying to keep
    up traditions made long ago by people who had good health and large families to help.

    What i can do i wil do. And the things i cant manage, thats okay too. No ones going to put me into prison for it.

    God Bless
  6. jole

    jole Member

    Another night of not sleeping. My daughter wants me to go shopping with her either tomorrow or Sunday. I'm hoping it's tomorrow and I feel up to it, 'cause the weather is suppose to be fairly decent, then back to cold and windy on Sunday, so I know I can't go then.

    They're going on a cruise the 20th, and hubby and I will be staying with their son. He's 14 and could probably manage alone, except in an emergency, plus we don't want him alone. He's the one who has some cognitive problems after being a 1 lb. 8 oz. baby all those years ago. I can do nothing as easily there as I can here...lol...

    Julie, I have that rib pain quite frequently...feels more like it's my spleen, under the left ribs, which will send shooting pain into the rib area. May not be the same as yours, but can sure stop my breathing and I find myself taking very shallow breaths to keep the pain down. I'm interested to see what you find out.

    Georgia, I've always wanted to travel, and am finding out by your posts that I can!! All I need is an imagination, but unfortunately I'm lacking in that category, dang it!

    Springwater, it sounds as though you're keeping busy as usual with the New Year celebration/traditions. The idea of the rolled dough balls is intriguing, and sounds like fun. Also the tradition of the witch/bad spirits. I really enjoy hearing you speak of all these things.

    Granni, we're having your weather tomorrow. It's suppose to get near 50 degrees with 10-15 mph winds, so should be fairly nice, although the wind will be chilly since there's still snow on the ground...but it's melting nicely!

    Carla, Elaine, Rock, Linda, Mickey, Joan, etc...thinking about everyone and hope you can join us soon.

    So sad about the luge olympian from the country of Georgia. Sounds like some others had complained about the speed and steepness of the luge before his accident. Was happy to hear they've decided to stay and compete. I tried to find the opening ceremonies on tv tonight but couldn't. Must not be carried by our dish networks, and I love the winter olympics!

    Guess I'll try reading awhile....sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't. It makes no sense to be so exhausted and not be able to sleep. Hopefully will be back tomorrow............Jole
  7. teacher

    teacher New Member

    It was a good week, but now I feel like I've been run over by a truck or should I say snowman?!


    I'll be OK. Just a bit stiff today. It'll pass.

    Be back later when I can think a little more clearly.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Happy New Year!
  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Got a couple hours sleep last night. Woke up around 2.
    Had a bit of energy y-day, so tried to do an errand. Alas, I
    got on the wrong freeway. Finally just turned around and
    came home.

    Huckle and Blackie are sleeping on the carpet. I gave them
    each a towel, but Huckle decided he'd rather nap on a plastic
    bag. Blackie is ignoring his towel for the moment. He certainly
    has gotten tame over the last several months. His mange
    cleared up. His fur is now like plush.


    Springwater, have you ever seen parrot tulips? You can
    find pics above. My mother had parrot tulips decades ago.
    Never saw any but the green and pink striped variety. Now they
    come in many colors including dramatic red and yellow varieties.

    Get yourself some. You can combine your love of flowers and

    Never heard of rice beer before, but I've tasted Japanese rice
    wine. Sake. It's nasty like all wines. Might as well drink

    Granni, you're right. We've had a lot of somber news and cold
    weather lately. Jole, do you think a Dr Pepper would help my condition?
    A friend of mine always claimed the original Dr Pepper formula
    contained prune juice. Wikipedia did not mention that.

    It did say, however, that there is a Dr Pepper museum in
    Waco. Granni, is that near you?

    Remember that big kid who used to be in the Dr Pepper
    commercials? He later starred in "An American Werewolf
    in London." A very scary film!

    Georgia, nice you can travel w/ your client. That's pretty
    funny that you could run fast than Ursula. I'd like to have a
    flying dream again. Haven't had one of those since childhood.

    Jole, re: the spleen, somebody (Michael Crichton?) said
    science did not know the purpose of the spleen. But maybe
    by now the secret has been uncovered.

    Teacher, you sure did a lot of work on that dinner. Do you get
    to keep the leftovers? Do you (or did you) play several instruments?
    What voice range? I sometimes used to play
    hymns in two different keys simultaneously. When listeners
    complained, I told them I was playing ala Charles Ives.

    Mickey, Elaine, Barry, hope you're OK. Well, as OK as
    possible. If I forgot anydobby, it's my Alzheimer's that's
    not talking.

    You see Gap's thread re: quotes? Some good ones there.
    Go read; add some yourself.

    Hubs and Kisses, Well, you know what I mean.

  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Not to much really going on here. Slept late and then have been doing some wash. It is still COLD out there but it is uspposed to get into the low 50's I think today. It may be warmer tomorrow and then very cold again at least in the early mornings and overnight.

    I have cold and have passed it on to DH although we are different in our symptoms. Mine is fairly mild so far. DH is coughing some and his nose either runs like a faucet or gets plugged up. I usually do not talk much aboutit but I know how he feels cause he keeps telling me :) !

    Hoping he will not feel to badly tomorrow so we can go to our Valentines dinner with another couple. It is in a cnice Italian restaurant near us. The food is really good, I usually get seafood but you can get lots of other things too. It is not the cheapest restaurant and that is why we do not go to often. I would go myself if I didn't have a fever which I don't. Of course I will not go alone and when DH feels bad he says he isnot going anyplace. Of course he does not have to cook. I usually cook whjether I am sick or not, unless of course if I have a high fever and in really bad shape. Hoping we both feel well enough to go and really enjoy it.

    Hope everyone gets to do whatever they wish with the loves of their lives today or tomorrow. Of course this snow is great for keeping people in but we don't have to worry about it here in TX although my youngest daughter in the Ft. Worth area got at least 6 inches in their area. I know that was nothing for many of you - Jole, Julie, Teacher, Diane in PA and I forget who all. A friend of mine lives in Illinois and they are so sick of SNOW!!

    Rock - sorry you were up so early last night or this morning. That stinks I know when you can't go back to sleep. Well, those kitties know where to come for lover and food don't they ? Pretty smart !

    Georgia - glad that you get to go to normal hourse again soon. I am like you. At this point I am not able to stay up super late or get up really early (esp in the same day). Yes, normal hours every day is the best for us, I know. Otherwise I will be thrown for a loop along with you and others with the same problems. How funny in your dreams that youmissed the train (or whatever it was) due to Ursula being so slow !

    Julie - Hope you have a fairly normal weekend . Sorry to hear about all your pain. Hope they can find the problem really soon and take care of it. I know this cold weather for you is not much of a big help, is it ??

    Jole - Glad I am not the only one who has problems with trying to do taxes. I could get the stuff ready but all athose numbers I do not know. Also, I would have to have everything in front of me telling me what to do first, then second, third, etc, etc. DUH !! What a nice granny going to watch your 14 yr old grandson for a while. I don't do a lot but some in the summer.

    Sweet SW - You are so busy with all the sutt you need to do esp in between all your power outages. If you would like to iron you could come here and do some of mine. I do so little anymore in that dieparatament. I used to iron everything when DH had to wear dress shirts and ties every day. Hardly ever used the dry cleaners except for the suits once in awhile.

    Well, I cannot remember who all else has posted or not so I had better run for now and change my washes to the drier, etc.

    Teacher - You have been such a busy lady throughout all your snow packed activities. Any moreleftovers? I could help eat the pizzas if you have anay left over !! Hope you are ready to do this all again next year :) !! That is what happenes when you do such a good job.

    Hope to see some more popping in on the Porch soon again. Have a wonderful weekend and try and stay warm all those in the snow belt. Hope it melts soon and doesn't cause to many travel problems like icing,etc. Also, enjoy your Valentines Day with your significant other, this weekend and do whatever makes you happy !!

    Love to awl, (inc those MIA)

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  10. teacher

    teacher New Member

    One of my aunts in Georgia called to say that they had gotten 2 inches of snow.

    Everyone is in and safe after their mad dash to the store (and I list her order as she quoted):
    - Liquor store
    - Grocery store
    - Hardware store (gotta grab up those snow shovels and buckets of salt! hee hee)

    We just laughed at her.
  11. jole

    jole Member

    Just in case I'm not here tomorrow for some reason. No, no plans whatsoever. Hubby is not the sentimental type, so I rarely even get a card, and since I've not left home in forever, he won't get one either.

    But I will at least try to fix a nice meal for him....definitely the way to his heart is through his stomach, although you wouldn't guess it to look at him. He weighs 160 pounds. Works it all off, I guess.

    Seems like the past couple sunny days have helped my mood lift a bit. Those dreary days are really hard on me emotionally and mentally, so spring can't get here soon enough. It was in the 40s again yesterday, so I bundled up and sat out in the sun for awhile. It seemed to help. I crave sunshine, no matter how many vitamins I take. Can't seem to get hubby to set me up one of those lights though.

    Was very disappointed yesterday when I found out our satellite dish won't let me get the Olympics. I look forward to them a lot, especially the winter ones. Hope I didn't simply overlook it....will try again though.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow! Talk to you all later..........Jole
  12. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    Did you know that the pengys were driving that train? That's why you couldn't catch it!

    Well, I gotta go, my massure is here, lol!

  13. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Check McDonald's in your area.

    The Happy Meal toys right now are pengins.

    I thought of you today when I saw that.

    Thank you for reminding me to tell you.

    'Night Everydobby!
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Busy day y-day. We went to the 99 cent store, the bank,
    and the library. Then came home and napped. Gordon had
    a big family dinner. It's the Chinese New Year.

    They always have two family meals. To see the old year out
    and to welcome the new year in. And they give each other
    play money in red envelopes. For good luck, doncha know.

    Granni, I hope you have a nice Valentine's dinner. Gordon
    and I eat out once or twice a year. The last time was at
    IHOP, the pancake house. I was astonished that a breakfast
    now costs 8-10 bucks!

    Teacher, why did your aunt go to the liquor store? Is she
    planning to melt the ice and snow by pouring booze on same?
    I've seen snow recently (very pretty on the mountains around
    LA), but I haven't been near any since the last time I was in
    MN some 7 years ago.

    Julie, I'm making tuna casserole this weekend too. Good,
    hardy peasant food. Assuming they were modern peasants who
    had access to potato chips and canned tuna. (In our family we
    used potato chips as the base rather than noodles, rice, etc.)

    I hope you get some good news about your med. condition.
    I've got a loose crown. Seems like there's always something
    breaking down or clogging up or falling off.

    Fight, you have a masseur come to your house? Cool!
    Gordon and I are both certified masseurs. We took a course
    at a community college 20 years ago. The main reason was
    because he had bone spurs in his feet.

    Since then our backs have gone to pot. We see the chiropractor
    every month to keep them from falling apart.

    Mickey, are you there? I was gonna write you, but my folder
    w/ addresses has vanished. Probably when the new mother
    board was installed. Come and visit when you can.

  15. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    I will go get some! M, darn, can't do the McDs sign with this font on here, lol.

    Rocky, naw, I just have a few fortunate, or maybe unfortunate, lol, friends who give me a massage. My body feels better sometimes, depending on how long or how many I get. It helps to feel half-human after a massage, as my muscles loosen up some and aren't like piano strings and fisherman's knots all of the time.

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  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Jole - I know what you mean especially when the kids were younger. We were lucky to go out to eat or anything. He was also not into the card thing either although the last few years he has tried to get a card.. This year he said he eant to and at the last moment he got my cold and the weather was so nasty he didn't want to go out in it, even if it was snowing :) !! Today it is nice and sunny and it is supposed to get close to 60 or so. However, then sometime tonight or early in the a.m. another front comes down and brings the North winds back and very cold weather. Gee whiz although don't think they are predicting snow or anything like that.

    Yes, usually a way to a mans heart is usually through his stomach. I know my hubby is one of those too and he is not a cooker or chef himself. He has also stayed pretty trim but he is one of those too that if he gains a few lbs.and his pants don't fit he will stop eating staches and stuff.

    Rock - How was the New Years dinner with Gordon's family? Was it close by or at your place? What kinds of foods did he make, Asian? I love Asian or Chinese food but then again I love most food. Yes, so our dinner at the Italian place should be good . It is also nice and quiet. So many places are so loud you cannot hear yourself or the people at your table.

    Julie - Hope you are not feeling to badly sweetie. How is that rotten weather of yours? Hope it isn't to bad today with some of the snow melted or melting. How cute with Lindsey and David "singing"to the baby esp while he is gone. There is so much new now here and those ultrasounds and all are unbelievable. We had to guess at the sex and everything. Now they have 3D ultrsounds too.

    Wdell, I need to go right now. Hope you all have a nice day and the rest of your weekend eiether by yourselves or with your "Valentine".

    Thinking of everydobby inc all our many MIA's- to many almost to mention lately.

    Luv and hugs,
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I hope you are not going to go for one or two weeks being in pain. Are you on any meds other than pain? Hope you do not have an infection of some sort in your kidneys. Do you have any fever at all? I just hate the thought of you having to live that way for two weeks or so to find out from the insurance company. Can't you call them or the doctor's office.?

    That's weird having to wait so long while you are in so much pain ! I just hope the waiting doesn't cause any more problems. What did the doc say when you went to see about it? Sorry, but I have forgotten your whole story and since i got this new computer attaching to the volume while posting has not been easy. Also, the info might have been on the previous volume.

    Take care of YOURSELF sweetie and try not to worry so much about everyone else right now. Hope you get this taken care of sooner rather than later ! If you continue being in such pain and if it worsens you might want to cll the doc and tell him you cannot wait to find out about the insurance for 1-2 weeks. Maybe he or she can put a rush to find out. This stinks !

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  18. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    Hey Hon! Nice offering, as often we don't have people supporting us like this and it is nice to have it while we have it. They're not raising a fuss! If further testing is needed, they might be able to find out what is going on. Do what you think is right for your body, your health, and your peace-of-mind.

    Fight :)
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I haven't made that in years and I never made home meade noodles. I think you told me once you made them for this. Is that correct? Anywho, what did you use for the sauce in the casserole ? I am sureious. I am so used to making lots of things with good old cream of mushroom soup and put lots of grated cheese on top ??.

    Thanks for the info on your medical problems. I just hope the insurance company tells you soon that you are OKed for the procedures, tests, etc. Take it easy sweetie and try and be good to yourself for a change.

    More later . Have to go get ready to go out to a nice Valentine dinner. We dodn't do that alot at a nice place, it is Italian my favorite although I like almost anything - - that looks like food :) !!

    Hope to hear from Elaine soon, worried about her dealing with her crazy relatives and her problems trying to find a doc to take her with her CFS/ etc. problems.

    Love to everydobby,
  20. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    I believe that we know best about our bodies. We never give it a doubt and do what we feel is necessary to find out. Unfortunately a lot of money is involved, but yes, as you said, many die from either not getting enough tests done to find out what it is that is destroying their bodies, and also many do not get organ transplants in time. Yes, in society in America, the rich often get the best care. If it weren't for that, I doubt we would want to win the lottery or get a really good paying job, or live comfortably with money.

    I tell my father that he should get his health checked out more often because health is more important than money, but not until I drill him to the point of annoyance does he think he should get it done, and makes an appointment. If it didn't bother him it would be one thing, but he will often worry about something for months and years before going to the doctor and finds out. It is very unfortunate that the health industry has taken us to the bank one too many times, often without good medical treatment and/or advice.

    I always know when it is time to get to the doctors, as my body tells me so. Just trust your instincts, and remember that no one can make you take extra tests you don't want. I've walked out of facilities who wanted to take tests that I objected. I've also asked the hospital and clinic exactly how much a test costs before I say yeah or nah. Some places have grants you can apply for if it is past the budget of the person getting care.

    Fight :)

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