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  1. teacher

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    The weather here is sunny with blue, blue sky and fluffy white clouds. A light breeze to offset the warmth of the sun. 73 degrees.

    The first Arts Festival of the season!

    Rows of little white tents full of all kinds of fascinating creations.

    Paintings, photography, caricatures, wood and stone carvings.

    Finely crafted wooden bowls and boxes.

    Jewlery and purses galore.

    Little girls dresses.

    Lawn ornaments.

    Cane woven chairs, footstools and rockers.

    Tie-dyed tank tops.

    Rest area for the poochies.

    What's that I hear? A local band! The singer isn't too bad either.

    Oohh! Kettle korn! Brats! Deep-fried Buckeyes. Walking tacos. Fresh cut french fries!

    Don't know where to start!

    Guess I'll just turn right here and go with the crowd.............................

  2. teacher

    teacher New Member

    I was horsing around on the computer this evening and I ran across this page called "Southern Humor". I thougt you might find the "Y'All-bonics" amusing.



    BTW. Where's Pippi?
  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    If you haven't already done so, read the previous porch post on Teacher's Music
    Adventures. Reminded me of singing for fun on the school bus and at Bible Camp.
    Some of those songs we never sang anywhere else.

    Things are quiet here. Gordon has a corned beef on the stove. He went over to
    his mother's house to do the laundry. I am doing mundane things like dishes and
    watering the orchids.

    My sister sent me some photos from Arlington National Cemetery. My folks have their
    ashes there. You know the military. My sister had to plead with them to
    correct the dates on the door to the niche.

    When I was at Arlington JFK's grave was under construction. The mansion at
    Arlington was once the home of Robert E. Lee.

    Just read a small book that provides a tour of Washington D.C. by Christopher
    Buckley, son of Wm. F. Buckley. He reports that the Frenchman who designed the
    city of Washington D.C. was buried at Arlington in the 20th century.

    No parking on our street tomorrow. The city is planning to do some sort of surfacing
    to the street. This is the third time the work has been scheduled in the last 2 months.
    You know the official govt. motto. LOB (late and over-budget).

    Here's a little riddle I read in a thriller. What do you get when you change a bulldog
    into a duck?


    Answer: A duck.
  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Teacher - glad thoings are going well for you and your music concerts. Are you finally all done?

    I have no idea of where Pippi is. Haven't heard from her in some time. I hope she is just busy and not having any more health problems. She seems to be doing so well finally and even planning to bike all around town :) !!

    Georgia - Wow, that was sleeping late. I haven't done that in some time either. I usually have to get up to go potty and it ,most of the time, is really to late to go back to sleep. Glad you roses are doing well and Roxie is loving her doggy swimming pool ! Our weather is getting pretty warm now too. Heading towrs the 90's - great ! However, it is better than COLD for me.

    Elaine - Well girl you sound like me with those eating binges. I have to work at it to try and not to go eat every time I think about it. I too was always very skiinny and some people still think I am but that is when they are looking at the top part of my body. When I think about eating I try to rmember that I have gained about at least 15-20 lbs in the last 10 plus years. The worst part is I cannot fit into some of my slacks that do not have any elastic in them.

    However, I do not think the problem is so much my eating as it is all the non exercising I am doing . My metabolism hsas slowed down to a turtles pace. Don't square dance or tap dance anay more. They closed the school and we haven't done much since. Don;t want to go at night for lessons as most of them do now as I have enough being out at night for my singing. We have a break for the summer though and don;t know when we will get a new church choir director.

    I have always loved to eat, and I newver gained any weight. However, now it is a different story and the weight all goes where I do no want it.

    Better be careful you don't burn the house down with the oven on at night :) !! Pizza is one of my favorite foods too. Are you still taking the same meds, supps to go to sleep at night?
    I'm still experimenting but am doing OK. Also working on trying to keep my b/p from spiking and getting my meds right. However, it does look like that HYZAAR has finally gon generic - yay ! That was so expensive ! Also, I am so many generic drugs too and they all add up as you know - grr !

    Better go for now. In awhile we will be driving in towrds the city to see friends for our game night- Tripoly. You can have so much fun for $1.

    Hope everydobby has had a nice weekend.

  5. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Just loved the Arts festival description; i could do with a nice leisurely visit to some place
    like that myself right now.

    It is so so hot and humid right now i am sweating rivulets as i type. And its just early in the
    am right now.

    Tomorrow my dhs cousin who got married and went off to abroad is coming to tea and i
    spent one half of yesterday tidying cleaning around with my elder brother who i called.
    The other half of course was spent recuperating. I still havent finished. Some more rooms
    to do.

    I will be feeding them some snacks like meat balls, cauliflower fried in batter and some
    bread i think. Im just hoping the visit goes al right.

    I will try finish cleaning today and cook tomorrow.

    Granni - i hope you are able to get the blood pressure meds right. My dh experiences
    some sort of swelling in his ankles sometimes which he says is due to bp meds.

    Elaine - good to hear from you. I dont have any appetite these days. Have to force myself
    to eat the basic meals.

    Rock - that was interesting info about the cemetery. I would love to roam thru a cemetery.
    The last time i did that was when i was a kid in school. we werent very reverent back then.
    I remember running around and playng loudly.

    Georgia - Roxi sounds like a handful but a sweet sweet handful. How cute she must have looked swimming in her pool.

    Well, all take care off to start cleaning again, groan.

    God Bless

  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    here I am anyway. I did some weeding outside today in the nice hot soun. Actually this morning wasn't to bad and this aftaernoon was in the back where we have little sone. However, Ididn;pt do to much as I couldn;t stand the heat. It is so humid out there - ugh ! Went to line dancing this morning. Even went to the weight room this afternoon with Dh, not that I did that much other than the treadmill mostly.

    Almost out of meds so will have to go to the doc very soon to get another prescription for my b/p meds. My stupid b/p, just whjen you think it is doing really well it starts doing crazy things. I am trying to get off some of the diuretics. I am off one but end up back on it again.

    Spring Water - I see your DH has b/p problems too. Usually it is not the meds that cause the swelling but the lack of meds or the correct meds. Usually diuretics helps to get the swelling down. Hope your tea with your DH's cousin turns out well. The goodies you were thinking about serving sound very good ! If you have any left overs ELAINE and I will come and help you eat the rest :) !!

    I think I may need to go back and read everything from TEACHERSs post about her last concert. Not sure if I caught it all. I'll bet that you are ready for your summer break !! I surely would be. I am tired just listening about everything going on.

    Georgia - Has Roxie worn you out yet? I know you didn't wear her out :) !!.

    Julie - How are you doing my dear? I hope all is going well with your busy life. Drop a note when you can.

    Rock - I need to hire you to water my plants but they are not as lovely as orchids ! Most of my plantas are also outdoors. I should water them now but we had some rain the other day so I may wait till tomorrow. I always forget a nd then they look so sad and droopy. Need another watering job :) ??? How much do you charge :)??

    Well, I need to go start dinner so I will sign off for now.

    Love to everydobby inc all my MIA PORCHIES TOO !!


  7. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Someone clued me in.

    13 days!

    Woooooo hoooooo!

    Not that we're counting or anything.

    This week's activities requre nothing from me, and I'm glad!

    Tomorrow (Tuesday) - 6th grade to local college for a baseball game = last day for the Book Fair

    Wednesday - Kdg, 1st, 2nd to Zoo = 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th to science museum

    Thursday - Science Club has a live-interactive-meeting-over-the-computer with the high school Science Club (there is a word for this but can't think of it right now)

    Me, I get to just sit in my room and watch ballet, ice dancing set to classial music, videos that detail the intricaces of the different instrments, and Sesame Street.

    Ah............One could learn to love living like this!

    Just gotta make sure I get grades done by Friday. Then I really WILL be home free!

    Next big excitement will be Field Day the beginning of June. All I have to do for that is set up and take down lunch and announce when it's time to change activities. All things I can do indoors.

    So, another year down. Sure was a tough one. Glad I had you Porchkateers to walk, push, and pull with me to get through it. :)

    Now, gonna go look around and see iffen's there's something to eat 'round here. Prolly not. Dat dere maid/cook don't do nuffin lessens I threaten to fire her!

    School's-nearing-the-end hugs!
  8. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Ever since Fri., it has been chillly, gloomy and raining! I am so tired of it. Wore a sweat shirt jacket to coffee this a.m. You people with hot weather, I envy but I will probably complain when it gets hot!

    Oh teacher! Your art festival sounds so great! All those fun things to do (if I coud walk it would be better). Yes, I wonder where Pipi is too. I do hope that she is not ill or fell of her bike or anythhing bad. And I got such a kick out of your weekly schedule! How do you keep up-----is it just youth?

    Elaine: Please be careful----don't do anything that might get you in trouble during these night trekings for food! I probably would eat too many snacks during the evening if I let myself.

    ii have way too many snacks sitting around the kitchen and family room. D brought me a b ag of those tasty spice gumdrops---just can't leave them alone except for the GREEN ones. Anyone like them? I'll send them by. I have chips, 3 kinds, dips, cookies, licorice Easter jelly beans, a few healthy snacks, choc. milk,----------on and on. Wish someone would come and share them with me.

    Oh those roses sound so beautiful! Wish I could grow them again.

    Georgia: Your Roxie sounds like she is right at home with you. Lucky she let you sleep until 9 a.m. Maggie wouldn't let me do that. She must be so much fun for you! Such a great friend.

    Rock: The last time we were at Arlington, JFK's grave was just being assembled and only the flame was there. I don't think Boby had been killed as yet either. But it is so impressive. So many great memories about it. even got to go visit our congressman who was my dad's good friend. At that time, you dressed up to go to the congressional places. Boy, has that changed.

    Rock: I don't know about your jokes!!!!!

    Teacher; My DIL is counting down that days. She is a math teacher and will be glad to get out of school. Every evening is filled with grading ;papers. Her DIL just has one week to go. She teaches Spainish and German. When she is out, she is going traveling. She is a world traveler too and loves to go where the scu9ba diving is great.

    Guess I talked to all. I wanted to go to a wonderful plant show and get a hanging basket---will take it to the cemetery for Memorial day, then bring it home to hang on the hook I put close to the drive for easy watering. It has been to wet to stand out in the rain to look them over. I do have an "Old Hen and Little chickens" that is doing well.

    Yesterday, plus last week, was bad. A year ago yesterday by sweetheart passed away.; I relived last week as he lay there dying and yesterday as he passed away. kids called and grandkids remembered and wrote on FB. It would have been better if it hadn't been so gloomy outside! Enough of this weather. Spring, where are you? It will suddenly be hot and summer.

    I lay down for a while this afternoon and Maggie lay right by me---she lays so I can lay my face on her soft back. She is between out pillows as I go to sleep----don't know where she spends the night. It is getting soooo dark so suppose it will rain.

    I'm not hungry yet so think I will get my shower, gown and robe and settle in for the night and books and TV and the rest of the newspaper. Maggie isn't good about letting me read it. she jumps right in the middle of it.

    "So long for a while, that's all the songs for a while"------- remember that Rock?

    See you soon I hope. Take care and elaine-----don't eat too much and make yourself sick.

    Gentle Hugs to all, Luv U!!!

  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Happy because the tea yesterday went off well. I was able to clean out most of the places. Sweeping, swobbing, the works. The food too i made it all in time. Even tho i went to the hospital with DH and son with a bouquet to wish dhs cousin sis on her delivery.

    Terrible traffic jam. Horrible heat. Still now that its all over. Am happy.

    Joan - i felt the somethng stir in me, when i read about your beloved DH and the memories.
    You miss him so much but youve been strong and he would have been proud of you. I think he is proud of you.

    Georgia - Rox is a scream. Hahaha. Sharing your shower.

    Teacher - what a busy schedule. Luckily the summer break looming. Im sure you will make full use of it.

    Granni - talk about heat and humidity. ugh! Good you got in some weeding.

    Everyone take care...got less sleep last night coz no lights and it was so hot! the mosquitoes were attacking mericlessly. Need to catch up.

    God Bless
  10. teacher

    teacher New Member

    It appears that some of my little darlings are passing around ringworm.

    Guess who has it now?????????????????

    Happy, happy, joy, joy!

    11 more days.

    Long distance hugs!
  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    very very hot and humid but it isnt raining like it should. Have difficulty sleeping.

    Getting rooms ready for daughter. Need to take down curtains and wash. Dig out her clothes and air them and all.

    Teacher - i remember boils and scabies break outs frequently at school. Not to mention mumps which i found was extremely painful.

    Georgia - thats good to hear about the writing. m happy you will be seeing your father soon too.

    I suppose Julie is up to her eyeballs in work. She hasnt checked in in a while. Anyways a shout out to all the porchies, hugs and waves and hope everything going on well

    God Bless

  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    This is a test to see if I post here. Two previous attempts failed.

    The Art Festival sounds like fun. Gordon and I used to go to a lot of street
    fairs, farmers' markets, etc. in days gone bye.

    Ringworm! Ouch! I remember we had a couple cases in grade school.
    A few kids came to school w/ some sort of caps. Looked like they were made
    from old nylons.

    Visited the southern humor site. Kinda funny. It has strengthened my resolve
    never to revisit the South. I did spend 5 weeks in Atlanta, Georgia going to school.
    The local theaters were showing Valley of the Dolls and Gone With the Wind.

    Well, good grief! Got helicopters circling overhead. Totally unnecessary! We

    already have way too much noise in LA.
  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - your post got posted! so glad. hate it when ur computer starts acting up.

    I had a satisfying day today.

    Had a nice bath. And got a call from dhs aunt saying why dont i come over to hospital
    and hang out. So I did. DHs aunts eldest daughter who stays overnight had gone home
    for the day and aunt was there with the new mom and baby. The mother is much better
    today than when i saw her two days ago. She can talk and everything.

    I had some juice, and potato fritters and carried the baby a while. Its such a sweet
    quiet lil one. Abs beautiful. I havent heard her cry except just a little bit when she
    was hungry. Clicked some photos. Then some visitors came one after another. I returned
    home about 5pm.

    I didnt get to hang out daughters rooms curtains which got washed today. will do that

    Nobody was too hungry This heat is chasing away everyones appetites. Everyone did
    something simple. A packet of noodles, sausage. And so on.

    All take care

    God Bless
  14. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Rock, I didn't know you lived in the 'hood! That happens at my momma's house all the time. I grew up hearing the helicopters and seeing the police cars go by. Mom and Dad used to sit on the porch so much, they could tell you which cars were undercover.

    The police on the beat knew who we were. We were the only kids on that street for several blocks and no one ever had to call about us.

    I remeber once they were chasing a hot car and stopped it in the alley next to our house. We had our own TV show that summer Saturday morning.

    We watched them handcuff the dude and put him in the back of the squad car. Then they searched the car.

    Turns out that the man had stuffed the car with stolen TV's and I don't remember what all.

    We were haning over the railing of the porch, so the officers were showing us the booty after they hauled it out of the car.

    Mom tried to chase us into the house, but officers told her that we weren't bothering them, so she let us stay.

    I think we were 6, 9, and 12.

    I was amazed when I went to college. Everything was so QUIET! Suburban living was culture shock.

    Sweet Spring - You got to hold a new baby! How fun!

    I'm glad you were able to have company and feed them well. Having company when you're hot and tired is a drag.

    Speaking of hot. Are you able to get fruit at a reasonable price? Sometimes when it's too hot to eat here, we tend to stock up on fruit. Keeps you hydrated but not too much on your stomach so that you get sick.

    Joan,I'm glad your family was able to give you a MARVELOUS Mother's Day. Sounded like just what you needed.

    Big, long hug in memory of your dear one.

    Goatie, I'm glad to see that you and Roxie are getting along so well.

    I'm also glad that you were able to refinance your house. That made me heave a huge sigh of relief.

    How go the socks?

    Elaine, I hope you're still doing well. Still praying that all of your legal stuff goes well.

    Granni, are you still dancing or have you decided to take a break? I can't remember what you said.

    Oh rats. I was gonna ask whats-his-name about about his flowers, but I've forgotten his name! Doh!

    Oh well. Guess that means that it's time to go get some dinner! I'll go see if I can find some!

    If anybody sees Pippi, tell her I said "Hey".

    Hoping-to-cut-the-grass-this-evening hugs!

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  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    For all you people that are chilly come onb by. I think it was close to 90 today and not even June. I spent an exciting day at the dentist, or at lesat it seemed like the whole day. I had my yearly appt. first where they take the x-rays, etc. Them I hjad my perio cleaning that I have to have done evaery 3-4 months to keep my gingivcitis at bay especially in the back where I still have my Wisdom teeth. I see they went up again in the cost of cleaning - good grief !! Then I went to Academy where I bought something that I hope will help my tender points in my body. My daughter told me about this Foam Roll that she has used and is supposed to help. I think the Foam Roller that I got is put out by GET FIT and I think you can find it online also on GETFIT.COM or by its name. I will try and take it easy with it and hope it will help. It comes also with a DVD. Unfortunatey, the only DVD I have is on my computer. My daughter says it helps her alot with her pain, from all the running. She loves to run and her DH also.

    I may have to buy myself a portable DVD player for myself. Anyone have one that didn't cost to much and where did you get it?

    Right now I am still sore from going to a complimentaary Pilates class . OMG, some of it was pretty hard and painful but she said just to do what I could. I have more strength and agility in the top part of my body than the lower part and my legs. Not sure if I will go back or not but I will probably b go back to the other one I went to on Strength and Agility. Much easier. I would love an simple aerobics class but they do not have one,at least not yet. I need to lose some weight on my lower half ! will let you know if it works (the Foam Roller).

    I hd hear sometime ago about people using balls inside a stocking or long sock and rolling up against it on a wall to get rid of the teneder pointws at lesat temporarily. I guess this is similar with out the balls and socks.

    Sweet SW - Glad your tea went well and you enjoyed seeing the mom and new baby at the hospital. I love new little babies. They are so cute and cuddly.

    Georgia - That is so funny about Roxie getting on the bed just when you are there and when she hears Grandpa coming she hops off and goes into her own bed. Yep, smart doggie !! She will be a good protector and watch dog for you. Those socks and hots you will be making is a wonderful thing when the cold weather comes about. How is your weather now , temperature wise?

    Rock- glad thatyour opost finally posted. Isnt; that aggravating !!! I could scream when it doesn;t happend, esp when it is a long one.

    Joan - Hi there sweetie. Sorry it still so chilly where you are. I hate that too. Glad your kids brought you all kinds of goodies to eat.

    Gotta run as DH needs me.

    Love to everydobby.


  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Did everydobby take off already :) ??? I'll be here and not doing anything except work I guess (if I can get myself moving ) LOL !!

    DH had plans for today of working out in the workout room and then coming home and weeding and trying to clean out flower and plant beds. Doesn't that sound thrilling ?? NOT !! Oh well we cannot afford to have someone else do it so there we are doing the yard work. We did it in the morning before it got to unbearable hot. It is very humid and sticky out also. We did it for about 45 min to an hr. and that was much more than enough . I was sweating like a pig - whew !

    Nothing really much going on now but dentist office visits for us both and fussing with the doctor to try and get my b/p meds right.However, I was trying to finish up my Diovan so I could start trying generic Cozaar but someone in the Dr. office called in my Diovan again that I was trying to get off. Even with insurance it isn't cheap, but much better. If that was the only med I was taking I wouldn't care. However, I am on enough meds to choke a horse. I called and spoke to Caremark and once it was shipped I was stuck with it and will have to pay anyhow. Oh well !!

    Gotta run DH needs the puter. Hope all is well with everydobby !!/

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  17. teacher

    teacher New Member


    A'Cause my complex is doin' the food thing this weekend and I won't have to cook! LOL

    The Leasing Office decided to try something this month and this is the first day they've gotten it to work. They worked out a promotion with a couple of pizza places in the area to sell pizza at the Leasing office on Friday evenings for $5.00 during the month of May.

    First shop showed up tonight. You can get a medium cheese or medium pepperoni for $5. No limit.

    Tomorrow morning is the monthly breakfast. They usually have bacon, eggs, buiscuits, sausage gravy, muffins, hash browns, hash brown casserole, milk, orange juice, coffee and tea. All you can eat until they run out.

    Bring your bedroll!
  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Nice to see you pop in..moving is a big big stressor, take care of yourself, you are also looking after your mum and all so i know you must be beat. I can imagine how fast lil keira must be growing and learning, its fascinating to watch.

    Teacher - the b/fast thing sounds too goood, my mouth is watering. I buy some fruits, watermelon mango banana its those seasons right now

    Granni - not fun weeding and stuff in heat, ugh. I have taken the excuse of not enough water to neglect my garden, lol. but its true, i have to ration what water we have.

    Georgia - dogs are very bright and smartly sensitive, they learn fast how to behave around who. MY DH is the onlyone my dogs listen to and even him they take advantage of if they see that he is in a good mood.

    Rock - I hope your neighbourhood is more peaceful than not. Those car chases, cop robber incidents are unnerving!

    Hmm i havent added on so cant remember more.

    Been busy finishing the cleaning. and need to get in some snacks and foodstuffs for the daughter. she soon arrives. i cant believe it is two years since she left.

    God Bless

  19. teacher

    teacher New Member

    I forgot you were doing the moving thing this weekend. Praying you have the energy to last the day.

    Spring, have you all managed to get your wall thing settled? I hope you don't have to give anymore dance concerts since it's so hot there right now. Don't want you to get sick from overwork!

    Breakfast is almost ready. Time for everydobby to wake up! :)
  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - i agree with Den. you need to rest. I didnt know u had bronchitis. Hope it gets better soon.

    Georgia - your poor friend I think dementia is frightening and so hard for everyone around.

    Teacher - the wall dispute is settled but i will have to go and supervise when they start building what they decide to build. the whole thing got stalled because of political crisis and strikes.

    Daughter arrived last night. DH and son went to get her at the airport and my dhs uncle and his wife and dh bro also went. i was touched. Because it was pretty late and i know aunt had had a long long day preparing for a ceremony for her daughter who just delivered a baby and having son in law visiting and staying at her place.

    Daughter is still the same. Yaks a lot. she insisted on showing the little things she brought for everyone, wallets and inexpensive watches and pens and things for older members. a beautiful pop up picture book for dhs nephew and tiny lil girlie jumpsuit for new baby. we talked and talked till 4am because she wasnt feelng sleepy and now she is still sleeping although it is 12am.
    I guess we do the visitng relatives rounds from tomorrow.

    Ugh its still hot!

    God bless

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