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  1. springwater

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    Yo folks! For those of us experiencing heat humidity and sweaty backs, cool slices of water
    melon going around. Also platter fulls of mango slices, succulent and orange, also litchis
    and ripe red pomegranate. For those who may be having colder weather, coffee, tea and
    no not me, but cookies, pastries, meat balls, and fries. Come on, then dont be shy step up
    and help yerselves!

    I went out yesterday, daughter and me walked it to a supermarket downtown ate us some
    indian snacks, and juice and wandered around looking at knick knacks. this monstrous supermarket came up after she had left so she was pretty impressed. its very modern and with ac and all. which for our country is kind of cool. even got a cinema in it.

    today i stayed home while kids and husband went to ma in laws for her dinner for everyone.
    the other cousins and all. they just got back now and brought me some meat bread, its mince meat enclosed in dough and deep fried.

    i am gonna go watch indian idol now. lol.

    ive been taking it easy coz i got the curse.

    Bill - nice to see u pop in

    Teacher - that joke was cuteee

    Granni - sending you energy for your busy days ahead

    Georgia - well hope the lil fight was sorted out, lol. too many bosses spoil the ..

    God Bless

    god bless

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  2. Granniluvsu

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    I should know who said Hidee Hoe good neighbors ! I usually remembaer stuff like that but- - -forget it ! Maybe I will remember in the middle of the night ! Sorry to hear that you are still feeling ycuky but "holding your own". You know that moms and sometime grandmas to are not allowed to get sick :) ! However, if they do they are not allowed to show it either and have to most likely keep on going. Oh, I remember when they had to throw me in the hospital with pneumonia with 104 fever when all my girls were little . We lived in the suburbs of New Orleans then and no family around except us. Of course I didnpt take care of myself them either.

    That pre school show with Kiera should be so cute !! I love that stuff. The littler they are the cuter., no matter what they are doing, even all the wrong things. I remember when my girls took dance lessons. Those performances were so cute and funny.

    Sorry to hear your mom has a malignant tumor. I hope that it grows very very slowly and doesn't cause her much problems with everything else going on with her. I have ben thinking about you and your family-so busy and caring for each other.

    Georgia - sorry you are still feeling puny. Yep, I guess you should have stayed home instead of going to work that day with all those problems.

    Teacher - getting ready for your summer holidays ?? REST !!!! YAY !!!!!!

    Jole- Where are you my dear. Thinking about you and your sis and family.

    Pippi - areyou still around? Geez, we have to many MIA's lately.

    Hang in there ELAINE we love you . You too ROCK. Gordon cooking anything special ?

    Sweet SW - Enjoy your chatty daughter.

    If I do not get back - everydobby enjoy the wonderful holidays. We'll be home and not doing much else maybe some cleaning, pcking for our trip and cooking the turkey that has been in my freezer for some time. Nope it is not Thanksgiving :)!!

    Trying to remember who all popped in today. Gee, my brain sucks !

    Will be gone most of the day tomorrow with one of my clubs and trying to do a little bit of cleaning before we go to see our daughter next Tuesday for a week.

    Love you awl,



    I believe it was Wilson, the nextdoor neighbor, on Home Improvement
  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Had a busy day of shopping and eating today with our decorator group but did see some really pretty and interesting things. We also got some things for FREE , kind of like a door prize and also everyone got a candle in one place and some cute beverage napkins, and other interesting contacat info if you want to use them to help you fix up your house. I just bought a few things for Christmas presents as well as a pretty colored thin piece of fabric that you can pout on a table top amongst your candles and things for a decoratiaon., Not sure what you call it.

    When I got home I hada to fix dinner for DH and I ate spome salad and fish muyself. i didn;pt have dessert or a potatoe like I fixed for DH. I am still SO FULL !

    Well tomorrow it is cleaning house time. My feet are hurting me and a little swollen I think. I certainly consumed enough salt for a bunch of people, plua the walking. I have so much to do tomorrow and this weekend to get ready to pack and leave for daughters for a week, next Tuesday. Them we get company so need to clean and get their room ready. There is all kinds of stuff on the bed for them and need to put other stuff away, and dust.

    OH DEAR, where is that MICKEY when I need to help me clean and decorate !!

    Georgia - sorry you are still feeling yucky but glad that Grandpa had been helpful to you in cleaning and all.

    Julie - So sorry to hear that your mom has that kidney tumor. Hope it grows verty slowly if at all. Sounds like she has enough medical problems. Have fun at the Preschool show ! That is usually so much fun and soo cute !!

    Elaine _ sorry to hear that your mom still does not really "get it". However, I guess that all moms just want their kids to be perfect with little or no flaws. I know that is not true with all my kids for sure but try to love them for what good points they do have. Hope eventually she will have figured it all out. If she supports you for the most part that is a good thing;.l Glad that your lawyer has the ammo to get rid of the horrible person your sister has partnered up with. Good grief !

    Teacher - hope you are enjoying the last few days of school before summer starts - YAY !!!

    Sweet SW - Glad things are going prewtty well with you and that you are enjoying your daughters company. Stay well and try and stay COOL !! BTW, all those fruits you brogut to the Porch looked and sounded so cool and wonderful ! Sorry about the "curse" - yuck. Luckily, I haven't had that for many years :) !!

    Hope all of you will have a wonderful Memorial Day holiday. We will be home working and I will be cooking my turkey and we will probably eat lots of leftovers. Hope I get a chance to check in again before we leaave on Tuesday for a week. Work awaits !!

  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Springwater. Glad to hear that the air conditioning is cool. You
    have to be fluent to make puns in a second language. One of
    my coworkers lived for a few years in Sweden. She became so
    adept w/ her Swedish that she could do crossword puzzles.

    Georgia, how is the Mill on the Floss? Over the years I've tried
    to read classics like War and Peace, Silas Marner, Pride and
    Prejudice, etc. Never get very far. The style of writing is so
    ponderous and poky I just give up after a few chapters.

    The only thing I remember about The Mill on the Floss is that
    "Floss" was the name of a river, and author Georgie Eliot was
    really a woman.

    Julie, your bronchitis any better? Watch out for that prednisone.
    My mother took it some decades ago and had terrible side

    Got the hometown paper from LeRoy, MN. It includes news
    and ads from nearby Iowa towns like Cresco, Chester, Osage,
    Riceville and Storyville. I never heard of most of those places
    when I was living back there.

    Granni, I agree. Little kids putting on a program are the
    greatest. Just read Dave Barry's latest book. It includes
    a description of his daughter's dance class recital.

    Gordon does most of his cooking on the weekends. Last week
    he made his all purpose soup. He uses canned chicken broth
    and adds rice, spinach and meat balls. The meat balls are
    made w/ pork and rice.

    This is a rather delicate soup. You might even say elegant.
    But, depending on his mood and what's on hand, it might
    turn it into a hearty peasant dish. That's what we did last
    weekend. He allowed me to peal and chop the potatoes,
    carrots and celery.

    Good for you, Teacher. Sounds like you'll be able to make
    it to the last day of school. The two greatest feelings I
    remember from childhood are: Christmas is almost here and
    School's out! Yeah!!!

    Well, y-day was a good day. I found my library card. All day
    long I forget stuff and lose stuff...including my balance. I had
    a terrible day two days ago. Can't even remember the specifics.

    Keep doing goofy things. Like I can't find the soup I'm heating
    up. It's not on the table or the counter or in the microwave.
    Oh, here it is. I stuck it in the fridge. And more of the same
    all day long. Wears me out.

    My brother was in the hometown paper again. An investigative
    reporter was sent out to do a story on the town band. She
    asked my brother how he knew where to hit the drums. Do
    you think she'll win a pullet surprise? (Dave Barry did.)

    So that's the news from Lake Woebegone until next week.

    Ha det bra

  6. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Today - take parents to eye doctor appointments - will take all day 'cause doc is SLOW!

    Saturday - begin moving Baby back home from college

    Sunday - pass out

    Monday- cut grass, do laundry, make certificates for performers - pass out

    Tuesday - set up and tear down lunch for Field Day volunteers

    Wedensday - begin frantically shoving stuff into the cabinets

    Thursday - finish jamming stuff into cabinets - finish supply order for next year

    Friday - turn in my keys and come home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Will talk to you all as I can. Am crashing major right now, but as you can see, can't stop yet. But that's OK. I will soon! :)

    Almost-done-with-school hugs!
  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Linda - Glad all is well and glad that you got yourself a new car. That is wonderful . Have fun and enjoyit. We have a Toyota Hylander and we really enoy it and have not had any problems with it. I won a Royal Flush too (surprise surprise) not the last time but the time before when we went to the casino. Last time I did ziltch !

    I have spsosken to Mickey on Facebook. She seems to be doing oretty well and DH has a job. So, I think they are doing OK but she seems to be very busy I think.

    Georgia - sorry you are still feeling yucky. Better get checked so you do not get worse. Maybe antibiotics and or steroids will help you.

    Julie - Hope you are feeling a bit better. Try not to wear yourself out with all that you do. Who is going to take careof you sweetie if you get worse :) !! How was that pre school graduation ?

    Sweet SW - How are you doing my friend? Some of my friends were talking today about hospitals and medical care in India. I think from what I have heard it is very good, is that so ? Also what is the best hospital that you know of?
    Thanks for the energy you sent me. I really needed some to finish up all the vacuuming and throwing some of the stuff in the closet upstairs so the guests will have a place to sleep. Did your daughter give you a chance to go to sleep :) ??

    Did some washing and vacuuming today and trying to think about what I might want to pack for our trip to our daughters next week. I hope I do not over pack. Since we are going to her home and she has a washer, etc I shouldn't have to pack to much stuff but somehow I always do. Hope to get back tomorrow for a bit. Have a wonderful Memorial Day everydobby ! Remember if I do not get back this week it is because we are gone for the week.

    Hugs and love to everydobby !

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  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Linda - thanks for pointing out the error in porch number, no wonder i was so bad at math,
    i have made two mistakes so far in openng porchlights and numbering them, lol! Im sure you are enjoying your new car, hugs to lucie ducie girl

    Georgia - you seem to be enjoying the mill on the floss, you know my dhs cousins bro who sadly is deceased now due to an accident, was studying this in school, and when he came back for his holidays, he told me how he always thought of my daughter when he read about the little girl who grows up to be the heroine, he said she was dark, curly black hair and talkative, wilful...something to that effect. Of course my daughter was very young when he was in grade 12.

    Elaine - was so good to get the update on yourself. Good to know you have been busy and hope everything concludes soon and well re your sisters partner.

    Julie - my son too got stage fright on his very first concert outing and stood on the stage
    holding his balloon and crying while the others sang, lol! but again in grade 1 he had so much nerve he actually volunteered and went up on his primary school stage and told a joke during assembly. Now again he is a shy boy although he does try out for singing gigs and things.

    Granni - yes, India is my neighbouring country and a lot of the affluent prefer to go there for treatment. I have heard people have even started coming in from Europe and the US because the services are as good and way cheaper.You are going to be so busy. I hope you will enjoy your visit to your daughter and then the company after that.

    Teacher - you must be so looking forward to the break. You seem to have made a nice time table.

    Rock - hahahaha. I never even noticed i had made a pun re the airconditioning. Lol. I too have difficulty finding things which are under my nose all the time! Its very amusing at times.

    Wildwoodwine - thats a really cool username. I loved Home improvement. Hope you will drop in by sometimes.

    Ive been doing a lot of visiting with daughter. In fact today again spent most of the day at dhs aunts place because her son in law was leaving for his hometown Switzerland and we went to say goodbye. His wife, my dhs aunts daughter is staying back for nine more days so she can be with her sister who just delivered her baby.

    Daughter and i visited my brothers place yesterday and had tea there. On our ways back from our visits we walk it and go into the shops and buy knick knacks which we need. Today we stopped by at a shoe shop and i picked out a pair of shoes which seemed to go with my top.

    we also went to the supermarket and bought mince meat and noodles and made chowmein at home for dinner.

    its been raining a bit and nice relief from the heat. otherwise i could never walk the way i have these past few days. ive been walking and walking and walking.

    I lost my camera wires otherwise i had so many pics i wanted to upload on my photo page and FB. I m so frustrated. but will keep searching i dont know where i misplaced it.

    hugs everyone

    God Bless

  9. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Is FINALLY cooling down. Has been reaching the upper 80's for the last few days. Thankfully, my air conditioner has been fixed. I DO NOT need more of a crash as this is the last week of shcool.

    FRIDAY - learned that Dad has glaucoma also-don't know why doc is so closed mouthed with them, but there you are - both have drops in the daytime and the nighttime with rewetting drops throughout the day - don't have to go back until August

    SATURDAY - didn't have to load up the car, Baby had a friend that wanted to come along so they loaded the car, woo hoo!, I took a nap - Baby's friend needed to go to the store also because her fan died, this is NOT the weather for that, so off we went - got the window air conditioning unit into the window at the parents' house, isn't the strongest unit in the world, but will cool the upstairs off enough so I don't have to worry about heat exhaustion

    - found out that a Moving Wall (replica of the Vietnam Wall) was in town, so when we took the girls back, we stopped at the park - amazing - they also have a display of 2,000 flags planted just before you get to the wall, you can dedicate a flag to the memory of anyone that inspired you, not just service people - again I say, amazing - Baby took pictures for me

    SUNDAY - overslept so missed morning service, but went for evening which turned out to be better, cooler time of day - cut grass after I got back

    - Mom didn't get to view the Wall yesterday because her leg gave out on her, we're going back at 1:00 a.m. to try it again - the display opened yesterday at 10:00 a.m. and is open 'round the clock until Monday afternoon - we thought it would be cool (literally and figuratively) to see it at night - Baby is on duty this evening and won't get off until 1:00, we're going to go get her on the way there - Baby will take pictures again

    Hugs to the all Service members current and veteran and those that adore them

  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Had a busy day today trying to get things sort of together for our trip on Tuesday. We are not all packed but can finish that up tomorrow. What a pain when you have to fly . There is so many things to think of. Hopefully my suitcase it not to stuffed so I can stuff my little case with toletries in it in the bag. Everything has to be so so when you go through the security line which I totally understand. I will have all our supps and meds in my huge purse that I bought sometime ago. I knew it would come in handy some day. It is huge with pockets inside and out.

    Teacher - You must be totally worn out by now. I would love to see the Memorial wall for the Vietnam war vets. It took sos long for those men to get their just due. My brother also served in that war. Thank goodness he came home OK. Just curious, just call me stupid or nosey :) but is Baby's name really Baby or do you just call her that sometimes? I am asking that also because I have heard alot stranger names than Baby or do you just call her that sometimes when she acts like one ?

    Glad that Baby seems to be doing well or at least it sounds to me like she is doing better. Good for her. Giver her good credit when credit is due :) !! You all finished with school finally ?!! YAY !!!

    Georgia - please go to the dpoc and get some meds for your cough if you think it is brochities. I know how awful that can be. Do you have any fever at all??

    Julie - Myheart breaks for David and Lindsey having to be separated like that for so long and esp. since she is expecting a baby. I know that she will surely be busy with her new little girl when she comes. Luckily, you will be there to help her but I also know it can be a very emotional time for her. When he comes back she will be getting so big already. Is there a chance he can come home for a quickie leave to see the baby. Sometimes they can but it sounds like he may not have any time and he may have just gone oversees. All those young people separated from their families it is so sad but I know it has to be done and we are so proud of those who do and fight for us every day..

    Hi to Rock, Sweet SW, Linda , Joan , Mickey, Jole and all my dear MIA Porchies. Hav e a great holiday tomorrow.

    Love to awl,
  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - you sound all ready tnd set to go off for your visit

    Teacher - I hope your mum got to view the Wall. It sounds so hot now where u are as it is here
    Glad to hear Baby is getting on well

    Georgia - i think i read some parts of a book by Henry James but it was kind of sombre; my brain is not allowing me to recall the title, its about this family which fights poverty and their travails thereof, sort of progressive for its times, itwas supposed to be

    Yesterday i was overslept and was still asleep at 8am due to a wakeful night (I think daughter was watchingtv in our room or something) and we got a visitor. A grandmother dhs relative who came to see daughter. Aargh! i had to rush around getting up, washed, fixing something to eat. luckily dh was home then and kept her busy with conversation. this lady is such a supergranny. shes known as BBC in our circles because even though she is 80 she is the one most uptodate with all the community news, and she gets up every morning at 4am and goes off to the monastery to walk for an hour and pray.

    she told me her daughter would come visitng us today so i got up and made chicken and bread and potato curry so we arent caught off guard like yesterday. Lol!

    Its 8:30 am now but she hasnt turned up yet.

    its seeming lke a hot day, sigh.

    everybody take care

    Jole - thinking of you and all others MIA.

    God Bless

  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Just saw your post. Sending big hugs. When is it okay to give up? I dont think it ever is.
    but its okay to sit back and take a break and just be. I can understand your frustration.
    I wish you were feeling better.

    God Bless
  13. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Posted my reply on your other post.

    I still say we love you!
  14. teacher

    teacher New Member

    I call my niece "Baby" on here because:

    1) when I first started posting on here, I was deliberately not using real names because teachers were haveing an awful time of it online. Students were uploading all kinds of unkind things about their teachers and teachers were losing their jobs. Teachers that had MySpace pages were finding that their students were hacking in to their pages and wreaking havoc.

    At one point, my districts union "strongly suggested" that we take down all personal webpages, etc. I had found ProHealth by then and didn't want to give up the support. The only way to be in cyberspace safely was to be annonymous. Hence the name "Teacher".

    2) We don't really have the typical Aunt-Niece relationship because her mother disappeared and literally left Dad, Mom, and I holding the baby. Mom and I raised her. So, when, speaking about her, it was confusing because I was saying "Niece" but the WAY I was speaking implied "Daughter", so I decided to simpify things and call her "Baby". It was much easier on everyone here.

    Sometimes she does act like a baby, but I guess some of that is to be expected since she is an only child, the only grandchild, and the only niece! LOL

    There is no excuse, though, for her to act like a brat (which she does quite often)!

    "Baby" is also a family name. My mother was called "Baby" when she was growing up because there were two girls in the town where she grew up that had the same first name. The girls were called "Baby Smith" and "Baby Jones" until they graduated from high school and moved away.

    "Baby" stuck with Mom and the host nieces/nephews refer to her as "Aunt Baby". Her remaing siblings still call her "Baby". When her parent's died and family was listed in the obit, she was listed as "Samantha (Baby) Smith Walls".

    Don't think that you were being nosey. You were curious. And, as we all know, the only way to learn something is to ask. I don't offend easily. Ask away. If I find it's too difficult for me to answer, I'll let you know. [This Message was Edited on 05/31/2010]
  15. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Baby took more pictures last night. She's supposed to send them to me. When she does, I'll figure out a way to show them to you.

    It was just as impressive in the dark as it was in the day. It was VERY quiet. There were three volunteers on duty when we got there and two others walking about. They soon left and it was just Mom, Baby, Baby's friend, and I.

    The flags that were blowing in the wind Saturday evening were at rest. More tiny flags and flowers rested at the foot of the wall.

    The thing that was even more dramatic: someone had added another memorial. About 20 yards away from the Wall, in line with the center where the wall makes the "V", stood a rifle. It had been jammed into the ground. A soldier's helmet rested on the butt of the rifle and a highly polished pair of boots rested next to the rifle.

    I was walking along with Baby's friend and we saw something and decided to investigate. We both came to a halt when we realized what it was. It was like neither one of us wanted to get too close.

    I had to take Mom closer when she was looking because of her poor vision, but even she didn't want to get too close. It was that powerful.

    Baby took a picture.

    As we walked back to the car, Baby noticed that the park flag was at half mast. I told her that it would be since it was technically Monday, therefore it was now Memorial Day.

    It was a quiet group that got back into the car.

    I'm glad we went. It gave Mom a chance to relfect. Her father was a WWII vet, one brother served between WWII and Vietnam, the other served between Vietnam and Korea.

    One cousin recently retired from the Navy, but saw action in the first Gulf war. Another cousin is a Navy vet, but he served during peacetime. Have a 2nd cousin that is currently in the Army. I belive he is in Iraq.

    Don't care what you look like. Don't care where you came from. You're here now. You're an AMERICAN. Act like it![This Message was Edited on 05/31/2010]
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    just wanted to say thanks TEACHER for you explanation of BABY. It is cute I think and very interesting.

    ELAINE _ Please check my post on your other thread. Do NOT give up sweetie, take a rest maybe but do NOT give up.

    Love you so much and so do we all here. You have done so much for all of us here and do NOT forget that. I will be checking up on you :)!! even if I am going to daughters. They have a puter so be GOOD :) !!!!

    Big HUGS,
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    makeup and all. Think I will stuff everything or almost everything into my huge purse (no not my clothes). It is such a poain with having to pack things a certain way to go through security. All my meds and supps will be stuffed in my huge purse.

    Julie - You and your family are going through what many families are going through. It is especially sad when you think aboaut all those soldier, sailor, eetc. who had to leave their families and some not coming back. This day says it all. It is always a very sad situation but when a new baby is involved it is even harder. I hope she will have that little one when he is home so he can see her for real and not just a picture.

    If it had been her 2nd or more baby I would think of suggesting that perhaps she get induced. Of course all things have to be ready for that and then they just break her water if it hasn't broken already and possibly give Pitocin if needed to speed it up. Many docs do not want to do it esp if it is the first baby but who knows. Ny second baby was induced but I was all ready for her to pop out anyway:)!!

    May God give them both strength and you and Den too to help her and little Lorranie while David is gone.. I am sure she will miss David so much at this time.

    It almost doesn't seem like Memorial day since I am home packing but with all the talk about it on here I cannot forget, or when I put on the TV too. Whenever I hear TAPS played on the bugle I always get so choaked up with emotion.

    Everyone have a good day ! More HUGS to awl !


  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sent you a note on Elaine's post. Glad that your visit with your dad went well. I can imagine how hard it was and it is time for himto make his own decisions on treatment. God bless him and you and your family and grandpa.

    Hope you had good memories to think about your dad.

    God bless,
  19. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    I'm sorry for being missing MIA for so long.

    Gosh, so much to tell but I really don't want to write a book right now either. And I'm sure you don't want to read a book either.

    Right now we are getting prepared for my son, Jackson's, graudation from high school. This has been very bittersweet for me. A lot of drama going on with this as well.

    I just want to say how much I've missed all of you and I'm sorry I just disappeared. I was doing much worse and I just didn't want to have any communication except for my immediate family. Just the smallest things put me over and the anxiety attacks have been horrible.

    But it looks like things are turning around, fingers crossed.

    Granni: Thank you for giving me the little nudge to come back. I really have missed all my friends here so much.

    Lots of gentle hugs,
  20. teacher

    teacher New Member

    This message was sent to my sister via e-mail:

    "If we do not here from you by Thursday June 3, 2010 we will assume you will not be attending; therefore, your name will be removed from the rooster."

    Ummm....... I hope this isn't a PROFESSIONAL meeting!