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    Please read the posts at the end of the previous volume!

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    The board won't let me post. When I click on "Reply", instead of
    seeing the previous message, I see "on". This means I can type a
    reply, but it ain't gonna post. Land O Goshen

    Great to hear from you, Mickey. Glad to hear Russ had a
    sea change. Sounds like things are going well with the girls.
    Is it time to put salt in the swimming pool? Jack still
    full of vim and vigor?

    Guess y-day was the last day, huh Teacher? Hope you have
    a great summer. No doubt you'll be sashaying around the
    Costa Brava or someplace sunny.

    Time out. Had to go take care of the car. Darn thing wouldn't
    start. Couldn't get it going w/ a jump from Gordon either. So
    I called the Auto Club and a tow truck came. Driver turned
    the key a couple times and it started right up. GRRRRRRR!!

    Reminds me of an old joke. The bouncer won't let a guy into
    a club because he doesn't have a necktie. So the guy goes
    back to his car, digs out the jumper cables and wraps them
    around his neck.

    Bouncer says, "OK, you can go in, but don't start anything."

    Aside: one of the major differences between MN and CA is
    that everybody in MN has jumper cables. In CA people rely
    on cell phones for all emergencies.

    Monica, glad to see you back. Happy to hear the savella is
    helping. Whenever I see the name of that med, I think of
    "Il Barbiere di Siviglia". That's The Barber of Seville. Like the
    Costa Brava, it's in Spain. Right next to that soggy plain where
    all the rain falls.

    Well, will try again to see if this darn thing will post.


    Ok, took numerous tries. Finally got this posted. Also got my car back
    from the garage. It now has a new starter. So the bits and pieces of
    my chariot are anywhere from 22 years old to brand new.
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    Just wanted to say hi to everydobby and check to see if anyone stopped in , like ELAINE and CARLA to tell us how they were doing. Tthinking about them and so manyothers.

    Julie - You wear me our sweetie. You need a very long rest, even if you love doing for everyone. I forget when baby Lorraine was due. Is it July or August.? I know you mentioned it soe time ago but have forgotten (so like what else is new??). That must hae been so ute to see Kiera talking to the Pastor.

    Georgia - Now I am going to have to try and remember that your doggie's names has been changed from Roxie to Sophie. It seems to me that Monica or somebody else had a kitty with that name Can you use that yarn that Sophie slobbered all over or not?

    Time has been passy by so quicly and we will be coming home on Tuesday. Haven't done much other than hang around the house, talk and go out to eat for dinner. However, we will have steaks on the grill tonight - yummy !!<

    Can't think of anything else and go back to DH who is now watching golf on TV.

    Elaine - If you come back and are reading this please do not forget to check on the last volume with lots of good wishes and hugs for.

    Carla - Have the finally started working on your yard and laandscaping? I surely hope so. Hope you are feeling well with all that you still need to have done.

    Big HUGS to awl including Sweet Spring Water, Rock, Linda, Teacher, Jole, Mickey, Joan and everyone else I may have forgotten.

    Bye for now.

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  4. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Georgia- youve been busy, reading knitting. I sympathise with poor Sophie, i have ahard time with the heat too, wud love to make like Sophie and lay on a cool floor all day

    Joan - winter of our life...hmmm that sounds interesting..what did the email say? i guess spring of our life would be when we are in our youth? i envy those who have good memories of every season of their lives; i love those pics of your family on FB

    Jole - so good to hear from you after quite a while.and great to get an update on what youve been upto' yes its been great to hav my daughter back, she is such a firecracker, she cannot keep quiet

    Mickey - great to hear all the news from your end and happy things are going so well, our daughters are growing fast arent they?

    Linda - my daughter wil be home for about two and a half months, she has to go back about ten days earlier because she has opted to be a mentor to the freshers and they need to get some training in before the next semester actually starts

    Monica - glad to hear the Savella is working for you, fighting fatigue has been such an ongoing battle for me, sometimes winning sometimes losing

    Teacher - have you finished taking Babys things back home? you are such a lovely almost mum. Ive said this before i'll say it again Baby is lucky lucky lucky to have you

    Granni - where are you just now? Have you returned from visiting your daughter?

    Rockgor - hope your energy returns very soon, ive been out of energy myself yesterday and today, and very inconveninent time too, what with all thats going on; its almost two years my daughter was away, she has come back as talkative as ever but she is also more mature and outgoing, she used to have her shy moments when she was younger now she seems to sail into social situations with the aplomb of a seasoned socialite, just as well since we have so many relatives

    Julie - its great Lindsey is up and about being active, it makes the delivery that much easier, i was squatting and washing clothes upto a few hours before my son was born, boy was that delivery fast, lol!

    Carla had put up some paintings she had done on FB. They were lovely and she said to say hi to everyone.

    Well, im still not feeling too good. havent done much housework, the energy is deserting me. Day before we went to this function at husbands cousin sisters in laws place and it went al right although me my daughter and son were kind of bored out of our brains, it was the formal polite kind of do, where you sit around making polite conversation with an assortment of relatives from both sides of the family. I was all right because i was helping with some of the ceremony and also had aunts one daughter to talk to but my daughter was telling me half way into the function she was feeling very stifled and went and joined her brother who was sitting politely a ways off, and told him she was bored and how was he doing, and he told her "I feel like shooting myself" he was that bored. Lol.

    Today me my daughter and DH went and saw a Indian movie, and rather enjoyed it.

    Elaine -thinking of you

    God Bless

  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    getting ready to go home tomorrow. Haven't done anything really exciting but enjoying each others company and SIL finally went back to work today. He probably will bring us to the airport in the morning. It was a nice visit but went by so fast.

    Woke up with a dumb headache this morning - geez !.

    Bye to awl for now and hoping everydobby is OK.

    Elaine please let us know how you are doing -you too CARLA !

    I am missing so many MIA's lately.


    BILLCAMO New Member

    To all my friends here !

    I keep telling myself that no matter how bad it seems , it could be worse..& ....humor is the best medicine......:>)......seems to work for me most of the time....

    I hope this cookie crumb of input helps at least one person here....

    Blessings ,

  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Yesterday was more of the same. The modem was out most
    of the day. I wiggled wires and threatened to kick it, but nothing
    did any good. Gordon came home and got it going in 5 seconds.
    Just like the starter.

    Julie, did you ever hear of a beverage called "Fool"? I read an
    English novel written in the 1920s. Featured a beverage made w/
    fruit, but that's all I know. Thought maybe you could make some
    w/ all your strawberries.

    I looked on the net. There are recipes for strawberry fool, but
    it's berries, whipped cream, sugar, optional liqueur.

    Glad to hear you headache left. Too bad you didn't get a video
    of Keira and the pastor having their serious discussion.

    Springwater, speaking of winter, you know this quote? "Now is
    the winter of our discontent made summer by this son of York."

    Shakespeare liked puns.

    You know, my closest relative is about 1300 miles away. And
    that's fine with me. Minimizes the trouble they cause. And I
    am not expected to visit.

    Sounds like YOUR visit is going swell, Granni. Yes, you're right.
    We did have a poster w/ a kitten named Sophie. I think it
    was Anne whose user name was Cromwell.

    Hi Bill, pull up a chair and have a cookie, some lemonade,
    whatever you can find.

    You guys see the molasses joke "A laugh for Saturday"?
    Amazing kawinkydink. Went to the chiropractor's office
    last Saturday. Was reading a joke book in the waiting room.
    There was the same joke.

    Y-day was reading a rather grim novel about the primitive world
    following an atomic war. There on page 180 was the same joke.

    I'm sure there's a lesson to be learned from all this. Just haven't
    figured it out yet.

  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Don't knw how you do it sweetie with all of your family. Yes, it probably would be easssier for your parents to live eith you than all that driving. I surely couldn't do it. You are an angel !! Sorry to her about all the problems with your parents. Hope all turns ut OK with them.

    All packed and ready to go so I had beatter o downstairs with my daughter and DH. As it is we will probably get their to the airport super early !

    Rock - glad to hear you are OK but was having puter problems again or should I say stil ? I know there are times I would lie to throw it out the window or something.

    HI there B?C. i think you posted on here. i kow you did somewhere i read. Hope you are feeling not to badly today.

    Gotta run dear Porchies. Hope to hear from Elaine and Carla soon as well as Joan , Jole and any other MIA's.

  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - Shakespeares writings drives me nuts My poor brain never was able to decipher all that he tried to convey in those convoluted words.

    Julie - i guess the best thing would be for your parents to be close by where you can keep an eye on them. I sometimes wish you were living around here in our south asian area because you can find help cheap and it is possible to look after many people without making ones own self exhausted and sick. It does seem as if a lot of things coming together at one time for you, but if anyone can come thru it all smiling and still sane, its you.

    Im in a trough of sorts, i guess the hectic activity just got to me, i can hardly move, and i
    am so unmotivated to do anything.

    Hope i climbs soon out of this. Not good for daughter to see me like this.

    Hugs waves to all porchie darlings

    God Bless
  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Greetings dear Porchies ! Had good flight yeterday and got picked up by friends so we did not have to leave our cart here for the week. We will do the same for them when they need to pick them up.

    Now, just trying to play catch up before our other company comes tomorrow. DH's cousin's son and wife will be coming here for a few days tomorrow and they were going to play golf. Of course they are talking about rain for the next few days- we have had no rain for ages -geez!.

    Waiting for DH to get back from shopping so then I can go and shop at WM and stop at the Post Office to send something back.

    Julie - glad that you are taking some time off for yourself and Kiera. You need that with so much going on in yoiur life sweetie. Enjoy it !!

    Georgia - Glad that you are finally going to retire especially since it has been so toxic for so long for you and others. That is a shame one feels sysou have to leave early just cause some of the people there are so rude ! Hope you will find a nice PT job that will peaceful and give you the money you need to help get by in these times. Have long have you worked at The Resort"?

    Sophie sounds so cute and funny. How much does she weigh now and when will she get to be full grown? With all that sitting on you hope she doesn't get to heavy :) !!!

    Speaking of big funny dogs have you or anyone else seen the movie MARMADUKE? It is the first outside movie I have seen in years and went with daughter and grandson. It was very cute ! I suggest you go see it especially if you hate ultra sexy, overly violent movies ! If you love animals it is a plus !

    Spring Water - Sorry you are feeling so yucky ! Hope you get to feel better and more up soon. Thinking of you my dear.

    Gotta run for now. Just trying to clean up my e-mails. Luckily, it wasn't to bad since I was able to check in from daughter's computer.

    Love to awl,
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  11. teacher

    teacher New Member

    ..........just unable to answer.

    Am praying for all of you.

    Mostyl sleeping. Have to go get Baby and her last load this evening. Thein will probably go back to sleep.

    No worries. I ususlally sleep alot the first week out of school. Should be ok again my Saturday.

    Love you!
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Georgia - glad that you will have nough money to get by after retiring from the Resort but want to do something that you enjoy. Sounds great to me especially if you can volunteer and do something you really love ! That is what we do in our music groups. Some are at nursing homes and assisted living homes, and such. We usually do not get any pay which is OK with me I really consider my (our) singing as my THERAPY. The people especially in the NH many of them do not get any or many visitors at all so any liutle things is great to them and greatly appreciated.

    That is just so sad that some people where you work and other places are just so mean and want to takeover I guess. Then it surely isn't any fun at all and I see why you and other would hate to have to go there to work, if they are being so mean all the time. Are these people mean to other older people that work with you? How young are these brats anyway?. Didn''t their mom and dad's teach them any manners or being polite espefcially to older people than they? How is your boss? It sounds to me like he or she has no control either of the place or situation. GOOD GRIEF !! Good luck on your retirement sweetie. You deserve to be HAPPY !!

    Teacher - Hope you feel better after your snooze, this afternoon. Youy certainly deserve a nice LONG snooze this summer. Teachers have to put up with some much nore nowadays than when I went to school. Also, I surely dared not to misbehave at school and tell on that "MEAN" teacher who might have punished me cause then I would get it worse when I got home :) ! Enjoy your SNOOZES: !!!!! Hope you get some NRG back soon.

    Carla - Hope you are doing OK and getting you yard all fixed up.

    Elaine - Home tpo hear from you soon sweetie. There has been lots of mail and posts on the Porch and CC boards to check. Miss you !

    Joan - Hi there my friend. Hope you are doing OK too. I miss so many of you who have not been on the boards lately.

    SW - Wake up kiddo. Hope you will feel better really soon. Don't want to show daughter that you feel iike - - - -:) ! Iam sure she knows anyway.

    Love to everydobby,
  13. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    Just came from outside working in the flowers. Good therapy for my soul but not for this body.

    JOAN/LILA: You may not remember me it was during the time your husband was ill. He was in and out of the hospital and then they put him into the nursing home. I still remember when you posted that he had passed away. My heart goes out to you. My father has been gone for eight years...June 6, 2001, and it still is like yesterday in my mind. My father passed away from a rare tissue cancer. Sorry, to bring up all the sadness.....it is good to see you again!

    LINCAMP: Hello, my friend! I hear you about nothing new just putering around while each day passes away. Good to see you!

    MICKEY: OMG, I knew you and Russ were having problems and I must say I'm shocked that he didn't see the light before the divorce card had to be played. I pray that this makes your relationship stronger and he understands better your pain and your needs for the medications for that pain.

    A swim in that pool of yours sounds so good right now. Saltwater pools are actually becoming a big thing here in the frozen tundra. A few health clubs even have saltwater pools.

    GEORGIA: My father was old school also. Never a hug, kiss or even I love you. I don't blame you for breaking off your ties with your brother once your father passes. I've been thru a similar situation and toxic people really are not worth it.

    LYDIA: Congrats, on the new grandbaby that is coming! I love that name, Lorraine, you will have two precious little girls now.

    ROCK: I love your sense of humor. Sorry, about the car situation. They are always stressful and expensive. Don't feel alone about how the car acted when the mechanic came. My son Jackson's truck is always doing that. Thank goodness the mechanic works on ALL of our vehicles so he doesn't think we are making it up. Besides who would make stuff up to spend money. C'mon, in this economy...every penny counts!

    Granni: I saw the pic. of you and hubby on Facebook. What an adorable couple you make!

    TEACHER: Hello, I don't think we've met. I feel like I know a little bit about you from reading old posts. I look forward to chatting with you some more.

    Does anyone know what is happening with Elaine? I never heard back from her other thread about TAKING A BREAK and I'm concerned.

    Also, how is Carla? I hope she is done moving those rocks. LOL. I miss her golf cart adventures with her dogs.

    Time to go do some laundry. Randy is leaving for the weekend so I better get his clothes clean. I wouldn't want him to have an excuse not to leave home. ;-)
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    It is so nice that you popped up agaij on the porch. It seems like there is alot of catching up to do for those who do not come by often.

    Not sure how much you know since you have been gone for some time. Here is a little that I hope will help you to catch up some, I hope.

    Carla - had a terrible fire in her home some time ago and she lost Missy ( I think it was she) and she lost her home. To make a long story short she bought a nice news trailor home. It is really lovely and she fixed it us sp nice. She has been waiting for them to come andd fix the mess in her hyard that got all messed up. Not sure if she is still dealing with that or not right nowl. Haven't heard from her in some time and I hope she is doing OK. Doidn't know if you have heard all about the fire or not but ner new oics are on FB.

    Elaine - had to deal with cancer but got a clean bill of health after two rounds of chemo therapy. In the meantime, after getting done with that she had more problems with her sister's partner who caused her to "lose it" shall we say and I think has had some bouts of depression coming back and doubts about herself. She is going through therapy and having problems with pain and trying to get on the right meds to help her. Meanwhile she has also takien legal action against her sisters partner for harrassment and is getting an order against her partner having any contact with her at all. Luckily, Elaine had phone tapes of that crazy partner of her sister and gave that to the lawyer. I would just like to strangle that woman myself for what she has put Elaine through. Also, it seems like she hasn't had A LOT of support from the rest of her family either which has made it worse. I think her Mom has been somewhat supportive but I guess wants everyone to just be happy and all get along. That you know is not always possible. She has been trying so hard to get back to "normal" whatever that is now. Now, I think that she is just plain tired of it all.

    I probably should have posted this indivdually to you on the CC board but didn't think about it. I do not know how to transfer it so I will leave it all here.

    They have both been through a lot and I hope to hear from both of them really soon. I am also worried about them, especially dear Elaine.

    Hope you will come back ofter we have missed so many people due to many things going on with them both personal, medical financial, etc.

    MICKEY - Has been off PH for some time too. She does pop in from time to time to check up on everyone when she can. I think she got busy at work, Russ lost his job, and I am guessing perhaps some problems with the marriage at that time. Meanwhile he did get another job I think and now it looks like when she made her move (the divorce papers) he decided to try and "straighten up and fly right" as they say.

    Hope to hear from them ALL soon again. I go to FB to check up on Mickey and Carla. I need to do so again !

    Come back soon and hope all continues to be going well for you sweetie. Miss you too. So many have left, they say temporarily so we will be see what happens. I do miss all of them !

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  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Great to hear from you again. I don't post so much anymore. Just don't gots no
    energy. But, I have sent for yet another supplement. "We shall see," said the
    blind man and he put away his hammer and saw.

    My mother used to say that.

    Went to a thrift shop y-day and got some paperbacks for a quarter @. Of course, as a
    member in good standing of the Alzheimer's Club, I left my glasses there. Went
    back and got 'em today.

    I wanna tell you, this country is on the verge of collapse. We don't make anything
    anymore and we can't even do simple service jobs. Well, some people can't.

    I asked the gal at the thrift shop, who kindly presented me w/ my missing
    glasses, how much the paperback books in the back of the store were. She said
    they were all a dollar. So I picked out 3. Turned out one of them was $4.

    Then I went next to to a Subway shop to get a foot long tuna sandwich for $5 per
    the signs they have plastered all over the front of the store. Turns out that
    price only applies to 4 or 5 sandwiches. The gal behind the counter said something
    to me. Between her fractured English and the LOUD music, I couldn't tell what
    she said.

    So I left and went the the Domino's Pizza next door. Been a couple years since
    I was in one. I studied the menu for a couple minutes. How can the prices have gone
    UP during a depression? So I left. But the main point is, the whole time I was
    there, I never saw an employee. No one came to take my order.

    Now two of these places are nation-wide companies. And apparently making money.
    How can they be run so poorly?

    Pretty soon we'll have to import people from third-world countries to train our

    You're right about the vehicles, Monica. I just got a new starter. Gordon just got
    a new master cylinder. It's generally car payments or repairs. If you're unlucky
    it's both.

    What kinda flowers are you working with? Gordon has several orchids in bloom
    plus a yellow clivia and something I don't know the name of.

    Sounds like you had a good trip, Granni. Hope you can squeeze a little rest in
    somewhere, Julie. Barry, wo bist du? What are you up to w/ your garden?



  16. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Went to get Baby. Four hours later, we made it to Mom's.

    Please note that Mom onyl lives 30 minutes away.

    I am FURIOUS with Baby.

    Am going back to bed. I'll see youse when I wake up.

    Hugs to everydobby!

    Kisses too!
  17. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    I knew about Elaine and the cancer. What I didn't know was her sisters partner was up to her usual BS and it sounds like it was at an all time high with the abuse.

    Dear Carla: I didn't know about the fire. OMG, she lost Missy. After reading that I cried. Missy was such a sweet and talented dog. That must have really devasted Carla. One thing to lose your home but another to lose such a close companion. Those dogs were her life and family. I know when I've lost one of my cats. I feel like a piece of me has died.

    Granni: I know I've been gone for a long time. One reason is I had a switch of all my dr.'s. None of which really had a grasp on fibro, etc. I have been doing so much research it is unbelievable. I've also found a few other people in my community who were struggling being diagnosed with fibro and all the other stuff and having a hard time making heads or tails of what was happening. Then I had major dental work that had to be done. Lots and lots of pain and money! So, I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on that.

    So, between all of those things and just not being myself I kinda fell by the wayside which I'm very sorry to leave all my porch friends. I could have just popped in to just say hi and told you what was happening.

    SPRINGWATER: I'm so sorry I missed you on my earlier posts. I can't believe how much your daughter has grown in just this short time. How is your son doing? How have you been feeling? I've always loved reading your posts. Your such a softly spoken beautiful women. I've missed reading your posts.

    I apologize if I missed anyone else. I'll catch up with you sooner or later.

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    No need to apologize for dropping off the Porch for a time. Everyone has to do what they have to do and when you are dealing with FM plus other things it can be very hard, I know to even try and keep up. Thanks for answering ! I have been missing you as well as may others who have felt they had to leave the Porch for awhile Hope they will come back soon or at least once in awhile to let us know who they all are doing.

    Glad that you are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with your problems, not considering the FM as that usually just stays the same for me.

    Gotta run for now and get ready for my company who will be here probably till saturday or so.

    Hope to see you soon again and that you get to check on us msore here on the Porch. I chan check on you in FB too. Just sent a note to Carla.. Bye for now.

  19. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    So good to hear from you! And from BillCamo who dropped in to say hi.

    I haven't been posting, just reading posts. My garden is knee-high with weeds, so more and more is being grown in containers. We have had an unusually cool and moist spring, and everything is delayed ---- especially yardwork and yardworkers.

    My testosterone supp. has been screwing me up just as bad as when I wasn't taking it I think. Got to talk to the doc. about this again. These up and down temperatures (body) are really the pits. I feel like swooning.

    The yard is full of quail, and lots of chipmunks and brush-rabbits (like small cottontails). Richards saw a mother fox and her two tiny kits out front last week. He said the kits were the size of kittens. Figures.

    My AD (Lex) isn't working too well right now, else I'm just in a slump. slug.

    Well, a grosbeak just tapped on the window setting the dog off, so I guess I'll let her take me for a walk!

    Hugs to all,

  20. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Glad to read all about all of you. Today, I am like "jello" and had to take a 2 hr. nap. Did too much yesterday when I felt good. that happens all the time. Feel good, do too much, feel awful the next day.

    it doesn't sound as if I did a lot yesterday! I went upstairs in the a,m,, (that is about the 4th tkime I have been up there in a loong time). I was looking for something in an old time metal trunk. Had to lift part of it, then hunt. Found what I was lookking for,, then too worn out to put the trunk back like it was. I went thru some saved cards and took out all that I had sent or received from Harley during the past 5 yrs. I just wanted them where I could re-read them again.

    In the afternoon I went to a women's meeting (had great discussion on current topics) that was on her gorgeous seculuded partio. Only thing wrong, and she was so embarrased, the house next door was getting a new roof hammered on and another neighbor had a new driveway poured. Ever been around a bit ;truck cement mixer???? Horrid noises!
    THEN, I wentr to the cemetery to pick up Memorial Day flowers that I had put out. It was sooooo hot and I can't stand sun!! Don't know why I didn't have sunglasses on. I barely got kin the house, got a small bite t5o eat, took a shower and watched TV.

    i am watching FoxNews and CNN too much!!!! There are too manhy awful things happening in the world right now....oil spill, etc, then today the awful flood at a camp site. I can't find much that I like anymore so I am reading more.

    But my eyes are acting up, I imagine because i can';t wear my glasses and see this screen and my eyelids are drooping when tired. Think I need gto see eye Dr.

    Today, I did laundry and could hardly get a bite to eat at noon I was so exhausted. As soon as I was finished i went straight to bed,l called Maggie who took a nap with me (to newbies) that is my cat.!!!! Feel some better now.

    To those with headaches: I just read in the Good Housekeeping mag. that many headaches that you think are sinus, etc. are actually a form of migraine. Suppose so?

    Rock: I still love you and your funnies! I laughed and lauighed when you suggdested I put one color lipstick on upper lip and different on lower! You have so many funny jokes. Just love them But-----I would not love or like Shakesphere (can't even spell it) I didn't like it kin collegge and still don't like it. I like kind and loving books---aren't many of those!

    Julie: Did you ever get all of those strawberries cleaned? that was a hard job. Did you freeze some or make jam or just eat, eat! The hostess yesterday had a wonderful strawberry dessert! Broken up angel cake on bottom, vanilla pudding next layer, Jellow with strawberries in it on next, topped with whipped cream and then she topped each piece with a huge strawberriy dipped in chocolate!!!! Wonderful!!! and oh, how much Keira has to be now!!!! Enjoy, enjoy. Then another baby girl to love! Aren't you lucky?

    Georgia: can just see your dear one running around with your ball of yarn! Those things you can laugh about next week!!!!!!

    Oh yes, today I did 2 loads of laundry but while doing that I had to watchBlack Hawks victory parade in Chicago on TV. I know nothing about hockey but Harley did. Since it was in Chicago and that isn't too far away, thought I sdhould watch and try to figure out just where on Mich. Ave there were. Never did!

    SW: lThanks for the compliment on my family. To other FB'ers. MKy family work day is on my profile---lost of pictures.

    The winter of my life! Can't remember what else it ;said. That's called "winter"!!!!!! Have a DVD that I played years ago called "Autumn's Coming On" and I used to cry over that!!