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  1. rockgor

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    Rosin on the Bow
    And here we go!

    Now all join hands and circle the ring.
    Gents can whistle; ladies sing.

    First two couples, forward and back.
    Meet you at the old haystack.

    Allemande right, then promenade.
    Fetch your gal some lemonade.

    Now where's my brush. I've lost my comb.
    Oh, what the heck! Now all go home.

    Caller: Alonzo Bigalk
    Fiddle: Zeb Peters
    Piano: Myrtle Harstad
    Accordion: Zyla Kunkat
  2. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the cute call. I opened a new volume but then got cauaght in the door. So, I went and deleted my post.

    All's well and I am trying to get things back together after the company left this afternoon and our trip to daughters. Already did three washes and then will just have to clean upstairs and make the bed. Of course, all the usual stuff is there that I really needed to do before we left :) UGH!!

    Please check the last volume to see posts from others including Barry, Joan and Spring Water. I can't remember everyone else, Julie tooo !

    Sent a note to Carla on FB. She misses you all but is so busy right now. They have not started on her yard work. However, granddaughter Haley's FIL died in PA. and she (Carla) will be going their soon I believe. It must be so hard on the family.

    No time or brains to write to all individually so please excuse.

    Joan - So sorry you are so tired out. Yes, even if it is sad it is nice to read notes and cards from those who have passed that we loved, like your dear Harley. I know how it is to do alot of extra work one day and not feel good at all the day or two or three after ! Yes, it is very hot here also, usually in the 90's now with humidity however I still prefer it to the cold, even though I do not like extremes of either.

    DH's cousin's son and wife were here and we were going over a bunch of old poictures , some with NO names or dates. So, we are trying to put the pieces together for our geneaologyand albums. Good to see those we did know and love like my dear parents.

    Sweet SW - Yes it is good for you to do as much as you can with your daughter while she is around. It will be good for you both -even if you do not have much NRG to begin with.

    Well, I have to get busy again and I guess put some clothes away or something or another.

    Hope to hear from all soon on this volume especially dear ELAINE. Alkso, JOLE how are you doing sweetie. Was so glad to find out about your sister but you were all put through so much pain .

    Bye for now.

  3. teacher

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    My parents had something exciting happen during the last thunderstorm. Sparks came out of the chandelier in the living room. Fortunately, it wasn't on.

    Mom told me today that Dad fixed it.

    He put a piece of tape over the light switch so you would remember to not turn on the light.


    Hope everyone is having a good enough weekend!

    Love you!
  4. jole

    jole Member

    Been catching up with everyone, and sounds like everyone is doing the 'summer' stuff....like wilting in the humidity, etc. I'm another one that would definitely take the heat over the cold, and know it sounds crazy, but when my pain is high, I freeze no matter what the temp is. My hubby just cannot understand me in a jacket when it's 86 degrees out....lol.

    Rock, thanks for the dance...you lead well! I agree with your insight as to our country and the ability to work! Or do math...or lots of things. Hoping for better things to come in the future, but with all the teacher lay-offs I don't see how it's going to happen.

    Bill, Barry, good to see you here! Always enjoy your bits of input Bill, and reading about your flowers/animals is like looking out my window, Barry!

    Monica, thanks for catching us up with what was going on in your life. It's good to hear you're doing better, and hope to see you here more.

    Joan, the news has that effect on me too, and I really have to limit my time also or I find myself getting very depressed. I feel so strongly about some issues, hurt too much for some people, and despise the idiocy of others...lol...actually, some all at the same time!

    Springwater, love your descriptions of the countryside, town settings, and family gatherings. But mostly love the affection you have toward your hubby, daughter and son!

    Granni, glad you had such a good visit with your daughter. At our age those are precious times and I try to get as many things said as possible so I have no regrets later.

    Julie, do you think your parents would consent to living in a (oh heck, the word just escaped me) you know, in an apartment but with supervision? They could be close by for you yet not have to live in your home.

    Teacher, rest then get some playing in. It's summer you know. Any trips planned like last year?

    Georgia, reading and knitting sounds relaxing and probably just what you need with all the stress of decisions right now. I think you made the right one with your job. Don't let them talk you into staying if you don't want to be there.

    Will post
  5. jole

    jole Member

    Linda, my brother and I were talking on the phone the other night, and he made a comment that had me laughing. He said he and his 'wife' were on vacation and had to stop halfway through, sell their car and buy a SUV (used). I asked why was that?

    He said well, it's so hard for us to ride in a car and sit with our legs in a cramped position that when we get out to go in somewhere, we look like those people we use to laugh at! LOL...and then when it's time to leave we can't get back in! So true, isn't it?

    Elaine, If you read this I hope you can feel the love and support coming through. I think of you often and wish you only the best. You are special, and you can survive whatever this ole world throws at you! Hugs.....

    Carla, miss ya girl...know you too have some things to work through I'm sure. You've been through a very traumatic time and that doesn't happen without fallout. But like Elaine, you'll be just fine. Just takes time. Hugs and love to you too!

    Not much going on in my corner of the world. Bad storms tonight with tornadoes by my daughter's house. She and her baby were alone (hubby was at a continuing ed weekend), so I was on the phone with her. They live in an old, old brick building above her hubby's business.

    It has the big old windows, and the buildings on both sides are even taller (brick). So when the siren goes off they leave. When I called her she was sitting on the floor of his grandad's bathroom with her baby, in the dark (power was off). She was sure happy to have someone to talk to! Luckily the tornadoes (2) missed the town and hit open areas so no major damage.

    Wishing everyone well, and hope I didn't miss anyone. Love to all.......Jole

  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - Housework never ends does it, before company, after company, and when there is no company. I need to get the spare room cleared of debris. Debris is all the clothes
    I threw in there I couldn’t fold due to no energy.

    Rock – thank you for opening up the porch..im thinking of Gordon lovingly tending
    His garden while mine is at its barest minimum coz of water shortage. Hopefully the
    Monsoons wil come soon.

    Teacher – lol, sparks flying out of the chandelier! Scary tho.

    Julie – Keira will be three, I…..where does the time go?

    Jole – am glad your daughter is safe. I have always found tornadoes fascinating.
    Deadly but fascintating, so much power.

    Georgia – agree, number one thing is health. Other things come after this and depend
    On this as I have realized ruefully.

    It is a little cooler today and looks like rain but hasnt.

    Yesterday daughter called me from her place of internship and told me she forgot
    To pack a lunchbox so could I join her and we could go out for lunch? I was
    Hot sweaty but when the daughter calls, the daughter calls so I got up dressed
    And went. Her lunch break was one hour so we had time to saunter around the
    Area and also have lunch at a little restaurant. Id already had mine so I just had
    A cup of tea and she had dumplings and chicken chilli most of which I packed
    And brought home for the son.

    Sons exams are over now. And he is out with his friends. I hope he too
    Soon gets a place to intern at or volunteer/work at. Too much time on a kids hands makes
    For trouble. He said he and his friends already gave in their applications at a
    Call centre, now theyre waiting to hear back.

    After daughter got home, she rested for half an hour and then we went out to buy
    Some more formal clothes because the bank doesn’t allow informal dressing by staff
    Or interns and all she brought home are tees, jeans and dresses.

    After a lot of wandering around downtown we finally got what she wanted and
    Also visited the Night Market where they sell junk jewellery. Now she has
    Three formal shirts and pants and that should be good to go for the two months
    She will be there.

    The DH has gone out of town for an overnight trip for some work. So I wil have
    The tv to myself tonight. Im watching Indian idol. Daughter and I are hooked onto

    Hugs/waves all
    God Bless
  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Nothing really much is new here just trying to do some cleaning up but don;lt feel like doing much. I did go to Line Dancing this morning and then came home and cleaned out a junk drawer near the computer. Need to rememer to buy a file of sorts to put in this deep drawer so I can find things easier.

    SW - Glad you got to go shopping with your daughter so she could get the proper attire that she needed. Gee, watching Indian Idol sounds like it would be very interesting and fun to watch.

    Yes, it seems like there is always something to do when getting ready to go someplace both coming and going. Unfortunatly, one must have some NRG to do whichever.

    Teacher - Hope you have rested and feeling better after your trip with Baby.

    Jole - so glad that you have stopped by to visit us. Yes, glad that your daughter is OK after that tornado. We have them some around here to and they are very frightening.

    Georgia = Hope all is OK with you and your job situation and that you got all the paperwork taken care of for your retirement, whether it be permanent or temporary. Your sanity is the most important thing along with you health..

    Rock - Hope you are doing OK today.

    Thinking ov everydobby and all the many MIA's. I love you all.

  8. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    It is about to get the best of me! Sat. I went to WalMart, then to McDonalds, in the car, then to the grocery store. I can't stand to look at things in the sun, (get auras and feel lousy). For some reason, I get hot and clammy, but skin cool.

    i was sick and dizzy by the time I got home. I took in groceries, put thinks in freezer and frig., then the rest the next6 day-----i felt sooo bad. We had a short storm go thru and then the dizziness went away!

    the shopping from WalMart is still in the trunk, (Mon.)
    Everything I read on FB, folks were complaining about the humidity!!!!! Just awful!

    Same thing weqtherwise yesterday and today. I need tothank the good llord above that we haven'gt gotten anything terrible. I feel so sorry for all these people that have had floods, etc.

    I am just exhausted and will hopefully come back tomorrow and tell you my tale of woe about Jello and pudding mix!!!

    Love to all porchies,


    BILLCAMO New Member

    Anyone have some high energy , sugar cookies ? I sure could use one.....

    It took all of my energy to FINALLY reply to S-Elaine's post......

    I may be in a SR mode........& trying to keep a positive outlook........Period..........lol.........

    Take care Porchies !

    Blessings ,

  10. Doober

    Doober New Member

    Been a LOOOONNNNGGGG time since I Checked in, have had an incredibly busy last several months.

    Hope everyone is doing okay. I am getting by day by day.

    When I get a chance to read everything carefully, I may come back and pick on each of you individually (Just kidding).

    Have been on over the last few days replying to some posts. Reading others posts that make some people (Who are supposed to be adults) sound like a bunch of kids arguing in a playground. Geez..

    Saw S-Elaine's post and I don't like that she has not checked in. Hope she does VERY soon.

  11. jole

    jole Member

    Hey all........just checked back into my fav place and saw a post by our Elaine! How great is that? Now we need to get Carla, Linda, Mickey and the rest back..........

    Well gang, not much going on in my neck of the world. It's hot today, which makes me happy, and the wheat is turning its beautiful golden color. Harvest should be in a week or so......sideline watching will be interesting. I'm thinking hubby and I should take off and spend that time at the lake so he doesn't get too antsy, but know he won't leave.

    Joan, the last time we went shopping half my groceries stayed in the trunk overnight. Hubby usually helps carry things in, but couldn't and I sure understand doing it all by yourself! A couple trips up the steps is enough for me.....lol!

    Spring, it sounds like you and daughter are having some fun moments. Good for you. Time goes so fast and she'll be gone again. Wish you could have lots of energy while she's there to do all you'd like without having to feel bad.

    Granni, didn't you know cleaning is a joke? I've decided (hahaha) to live in a completely empty house with nothing but a table, two chairs, a couch, a bed, and of course the puter. Well, maybe a few clothes :) That's the only way I know to have a clean house these days.

    Bill, will chocolate chip cookies do? I made some for our grandson yesterday. You'll have to hurry though, 'cause he has them nearly gone already.

    Julie, slow down girl! I hope you find a place for your parents SOON, 'cause you can't keep up at this pace. Can't your brother help out with taking them places? Maybe you've already said, but I've forgotten.

    Georgia, do whatever your heart and mind says is best. I didn't, kept pushing, and really regret it. I can't see where that little bit of money helped at all now that I look back on it, and it certainly hurt my health. Don't go there, my friend!

    Doober, hi there. Think my mind is slow today........I'm drawing a blank with you for some reason. Are you new to the porch? If so, you probably don't know me either, so we're starting out on an even keel :).

    Our grandson grabs the computer every evening now, so my time is limited some. Typical teen in that respect, but sure am enjoying having him here, and he's a great help to hubby. He's a hard worker and his money goes directly to the bank. He's never had much, so is proud of what he makes and is saving for a trade school.

    Okay, Rock and everyone not here.....catch ya next time. Hugs to all.......Jole
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Jole - I agree with everything you said to everyone and I am so happy to hear about our dear Elaine. Itr is alreay late and I have to do some other things before beddy bye.

    Doober - Hi to you. Haven't seen you in a LONG time. Hope all is well.

    So glad to hear from our dear Elaine . I know I will be busy tomorro0o at least for awhile, braing some stuff back to WM and then go shop with DH. It is nice and HOT !!

    Sending our hugs to everydobby inc all our many MIA's.


  13. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Just starting to feel a bit like myself so I thought I'd try and chat today.

    ROCK - I'm understanding about losing your mind. I day we get together and go out on a hunt to see if we can find yours. Maybe mine is with it! If we can't find them, we'll have had a lovely vacation anyway!

    You haven't posted lately about your animals. Are they doing ok?

    GRANNI - I don't know HOW you keep going when it gets hot! All I can say is "You go, girl!"

    It's finally gotten into the 80's here and we have the humidity to go along with it. I have gone into hiding during the day. If I can't get it done before 11:00 a.m., it won't get done until sundown.

    JULIE - Honey, I know you have a lot on your plate right now. PLEASE take a LITTLE BIT of time for yourself?

    Do you have a cassette/CD player in your car? Maybe get yourself some audio books? Copies of stories you've been wanting to read?

    Or maybe get some heavy duty cotton gloves? Slather on your favoriite scented lotion heavily and give yourself a had softening treatment while you drive?

    Or maybe give yourself a hot oil treatment while you drive? Douse your hair and wrap plastic wrap or get those disposable shower cap thingys. Wrap your head in a towel and drive on. ('Course you want to make this on your final leg since you'll need to wash your hair as soon as you get home.) Shower when you get home and go to bed.

    I haven't figured out yet how you can treat your tootsies on the drive. Give me some time and I'm sure I can figure out a way to pamper those feet without you getting a ticket!

    Posting. BRB

    JOLE - You had be cracking up with your brother's story. That's excatly how I ended up with my SUV. I went to the car lot (by myself!) and told the man that I was looking for a car that I could slide in and out of.

    Silly man wanted to talk about tires and running boards and engines. When he finally figured out that I had no idea what he was talking about, he sighed and showed me the SUV's.

    Because I didn't trade my car in (it was too old and had too many miles), I drove the beater home and he followed in the replacement. He was happy when he pulled in and my neighbor popped out. They discussed all that boy stuff while I reveled in the fact that I didn't have to untie the string to let down the window and I didn't have to rely on 4-40 air! (4-40 air = roll all four windows down and drive 40 miles an hour)

    OC sure makes it easier to grocery shop too because I don't have to bend down and lift stuff out of the trunk. 'Tis also easier to get Mom and Dad in and out.

    OC? I named the car. I have never done that before. The color scheme reminded me of my college. LOL

    Posting. Will start Part 2[This Message was Edited on 06/16/2010]
  14. teacher

    teacher New Member

    GOATIE - Glad to hear that you're going to be able to take a vacation from The Resort. They don't deserve someone such as yourself! Good luck in the part-time work hunt.

    When did your new Rottie change her name? I'm so confused!

    I'm glad you didn't join that knitting group. Sounds more like work than fun.

    Am praying for you and your dad.

    That earthquake didn't bother you did it?

    SWEET SPRING - I'm so sorry you're so uncomfortable physically. Nothing worse that being hot and sweaty and not being able to do anything about it.

    Two months with your daughter home! How fun! Sounds like she is going to drag you about and you're going to love every minute of it.

    Posting. I gotta go check on my peas!

    I'm back. I'm trying to cook without burning everything. I'm not complaining, but I sure will be glad when I get back to feeling better so I don't burn stuff anymore. I used to be a decent cook!

    Ah well.

    Now,let's see..............who's next? Ah yes! Joan!

    JOAN - I hope you're rested now. Grocery shopping in the sumnmer is for the birds! Can you go shopping really early in the morning (like during morning rush hour) or later in the evening after evening rush? I've found that that works a lot better for me.

    Posting. BRB[This Message was Edited on 06/16/2010]
  15. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hello all of you peeps, including doober--- haven't seen you since last year guy!

    Well, this week I HAD to go to down (dental emergency-boring). While stopping at the local nursery and feed store I went nuts and bought 10 15 gallon plastic pots and some bags of potting mix to mix with my local soil to put in them. This will be an on-going project, one pot at a time.... What will I grow? I don't know. Just had to have them. Neighbours have suggested everything from squash to marijuana but I just can't decide yet. I'm thinking lilies and gladiolus and COLOUR !!!! Wish me luck.

    Richard saw a large bobcat bound across the path through the woods yesterday. Thank God! I had been hearing the most awful growling and screaming up the hill in the dense forest for a few nights. It was so loud I though it was a mt. lion. Hence my relief, as you can imagine.

    It's a breezy, high seventies day here. I've taken Phoebe (corgi) for walkies, pulled a few weeds, wandered around with my treasured black pots, and am now beat. Oh why did they have that sale?

    Teacher: Your car story cracked me up! I use the same approach with the salesmen; carwise I am clueless.

    The Garden : Roses, Peruvian lilies (aka Alstroemeria), Geraniums, scarlet Petunias, Jerusalem Sage, Rose Campion (both red and white forms), and on. It's pretty.

    Blessings to all of you,
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just checkin in to see all my lovely Porchies.

    Teacher - I love all your quick and easy to do things for yourself on the fly :) !! That seems like the only way things might be able to get done for me :) ! Of course cannot wash hair on the fly. That would be an interesting thing for you to come up with :) !!

    BTW, I think it was you who asked about being able to shop in the HOT weather. Well, here in TX everything is airconditioned. So, I even bring a sweater with me to slip on if needed esp in the grocery story when I am by the refrigerator , freezer section. Some have the a/c really COLD. I cannot stand the cold at all.

    Sweet SW - Enjoy your daughter while you can, It seems they grow to fast and then move away. Even if not tooo far it is had enough to get together and we hate having to drive in the horrible traffic into the city to see any of them. Others in TX live even farther away in the state. it is pretty big you know (TX) and you can drive forevcer and still be in it :) !! I know it is even harder when you don;pt feel well -yuck ! However, go for it and havae fun with your daughter while you can.l

    Joan - Take it easy to in this heat. Do a bit at a time and go rest and have a nice cold drink. You have to really worry about dehydration in this weather.

    Julie - Take it easy sweetie. You are wearing me out with all your running around.

    Georgia - Hope your taime at the resort goes fast so you can do what you want to. Working in a place you dislike is doubly worse that just having to work.

    Jole - Come by when you can . It is so nice to hear from you. Again, I am so happy to hear about your sister but would like to choke the doc who gave the wrong dx.

    Rock - Don't feel badly about forgetting stuff. I do that all the time - going into the pantry aor refrig. and then try and remember what you needed, or go into another room . Dingy me for sure.l

    Well, I have so many things I really need to do. So I guess I will sign off for now. Oh, the other day DH bought a generator for if and when another hurricane or storm comes by and cuts off our electricity. Then at least we can have a a few basics and not have to wait a week or so for no electricity. It was also SO hot then with no fans or elec. Or we need to go and buy a fan too. We have ceiling fans but need to get a box fan or two. That IKE ;last year was surely NOT FUN !! However, we were very lucky anywho.

    Love ao everydobby, inc all our MIA's,>
    [This Message was Edited on 06/17/2010]
  17. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Sorry. Sister called to make arrangements for me to take her to work. She usually takes the bus but has an errand to run before she gets there tonight.

    Now, back to the chit chat!

    BILL - Dude, you gotta eat more'n cookies! That's why you so tard! YOu need some ice cream to go along with them! LOL

    Tell you what. You get out the fixin's and I'll be right over to help you make some from scratch. How does that sound?

    DOOBER - I don't think we've met, but since you're on the Porch, you must be OK. Howdee!

    ELAINE - You're back! Let the fun begin! I'm sorry you've had such a rough time, but I'm glad you didn't give up! Resting is juuuust fine. Kisses!

    CARLA - I'm glad your house is starting to get comfortable. I know you still have tons to do, but you're in! Yea!

    MICKI - I'm glad to hear your hubby has a job and your daughters are doing well. Take care of yourself and post when you can. We love you!

    PIPPI - WHERE ARE YOU? You better stick your nose on here before we send Jerome and Elaine out looking for you!

    BARRY - Nice to see another dude on here. Post more often man! I keep forgetting about you!

    MONICA - I haven't seen your name on here in a while. Post when you can also. I don't want to forget about anybody.

    There! I think that's everyone! If I missed you, I sincerely apologize.

    I brought grapes, strawberries, watermelon, cantalope, honeydew, sliced oranges and sliced apples. I also have a bowl of mixed berries with a can of whipped topping. Jerome is setting it out on the shady porch.

    When you're done square dancing, come on up and set a spell!

  18. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Georgia: I feel as if I shouldn'ty posta note after reading about your friend. That is so tragic.

    I had a short note for you this week but-----it is up there with the clouds niow!!

    Now for my Jello story. There iw a drawer in our cabinets that we have always called the Jello drawer. It has, of course, boxes of Jello and boxes of instant pudding mix. I opened ther drawer Sat. eve to get a box of Jello and what5 I saw just really, really madwe me mad!! We werer very yo9ung when we got the our new cabinets and didn't think about mouse-proofing the wall before they put the cabinets in. (my fingeers just aren't op0erating today so---0-typos and I am not proofing). Anyway, we occasionaly get mice in the drawers during the winter. A nasty mouse had gotten in, chewed ahuge hole in the front of a klarge chocolage puddking mix. I could not berlieve what i saw!!!!!! Powdered pudding mix all over everything!!!!!

    Ii just slammed the drawer shut and thought that I would tend to it later!!! At coffee at church I told my story and one said to not throw all away, just wipe them off! After the cburch dinner I decided that it was now or nevfer. I got my chair, lots of paper toweling, a big plastic bagt and some Fantastic Anti and went to work. All boxes in the front had to be thrown away--quite a few. At the back,. I dusted them off, took paprt toweling and put the spray on it and cleaned them off. They are now on the top of the cupboard. I went to get a mousetrap and had thrown them all away to get new ones----hadn't done it. The next morning the first thing I did was a trip to the hardware to get new ones.
    It took until last night to get it---it was big. Emptied it, put new bait on, and put in drawerin case it has a mate that will come in!!

    now when I open one of the boxes I need to smell it really well to see if the spray came thru. Then bleach water comes nest----wipe out all tnhose horrid turds first. I am used to this job but still don't like it. Always have been the "trap person.' Waiting now for the mate!

    Ok, that's all of that story. Oh my, Georgia. All that fruit sounds so very good! I bought green grapes cause thjey looked so good in gthe store. But the same thing happens. They work like a laxative. Someone will like them.

    Shopped again yesterday. so hot------! Rest of ther week andprobably next week are to be in the 90's. Run the electric bill up!! :>(!!

    Barry: I know what you mean when you are in a nursery. Allthe pretty plants tempt me so but I remember---I have to take care of them and I can't!!

    Anyone familiar with "Old Hen and Little Chickens"? I got one at WM early in season and boy, is it reproducing. so prettyu and no care...sun and a little water once kin a while.

    Guess what. I just lost my Vol 2! Nothing important in it.

    Gentle Hugs and blessings and luv to all of my dear friends on the porch!

    Sorry to those I missed "talking" to. And to the MIA's, sorry I can't remember all of your names.

    Blesskings and gentle hugs to all of you.

    Joan[This Message was Edited on 06/16/2010]
  19. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Today, I was in a bad mood! I was up at 5:30. The lady that sits next to me at coffee had her 80th birthday yesterday so I decided I should bake something for her.k Since Brownies werre the easiest, that is what I made. Forgot how much mess I would have. Left it and went to coffee. Pastor asked why I was late? Only 8:07!

    Everyone cut themselves and brownie and I had taken some BD napkins I happened to have. I mentioned something about a viddeo of a song I have on FB and radios not playing it because it was about America. She said something snide about that and they would play it. Then the other snob objected tio something I said and I, not toohappily, corrected her! I sat in silence rest of the morning. I didn't feel very good, tired, etc. so just shut up. Tomorrow and Fri. I stay home.

    When Harley died. all the people offered to take me anywhere I needed to go. I want to see my Audiologist about another hearking test and see if I can get the hearking aids to work better. Said I guess I will get an appt. and drive myself. (50 miles on interstate) haven't done it since H. died) One guy (whiom I thought I could depend on) said "good idea". Coffee group don't seem to like it that I can't hear! phoey on them!!!!!!!!

    Dooby: I am sorry if I have met you and don't remember you! Glad to have you back onthe porch where you will find porchies that write like I do-----typos and long!!!!!!!

    Just thought of somet hing-----it is long gone. If I remember it, I will write it imme4diately. Doesn't that make you mad!!!!????

    Pippi: Where are you dear? We worry about you --- afraid you have fallen and hurt yourself! Please just send a note that you are OK.

    I am tired, hot and my mind went blank! Wish I had some of the fresh fruit!!! Nothing available now in stores. Peaches and plums that aare hard as rocks.

    So long to all of you dear porchies and sorry I missed some ofr you! Enjoyed your posts anyway. take it easy, MIA's.

    Gentle Hugs and luv and best wishes to all of you, my friends!

  20. teacher

    teacher New Member

    ................I've just spent the last week and a half doing nothing but sleep because I was on auto-pilot for the last two months of school.

    Auto-pilot means you have gone BEYOND your energy limit. You need to take the opportunity on Saturday to stand down. Plan on doing nothing but sleep.

    You may not want to do this, but you seriously need to considier missing church on Sunday also. I know it's Father's Day, but you need to sleep before you have a breakdown.

    Don't worry about how anyone will feed themselves, or anything else. They will manage long enough for you to get some rest.

    Don't worry about trying to catch up here. Just go to bed.

    We love you!

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