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    Check out page 2 of #486.

    Goatie, Granni, Julie, Doober, and Elaine made an appearance before the door closed.

    Jerome is breaking out the grill.

    Tell me what you want him to cook and I'll add it to this post.

    We'll need some sides and desserts, so tell me what you're bringing and I'll add those too.

    GRILL - salmon, shirmp, ribeye steak medium well, brats

    SIDES - baked beans, seven-layer salad

    DESSERT - lemon pound cake, mixed melon bowl, frozen vanilla ice cream on a stick dipped in chocolate, hot glazed donuts fresh from the oven

    P.S. Jerome is willing to make bedside deliveries to anyone that doesn't feel well enough to make a visit to the buffet table. Be prepared for a festive presentation. Bone china, REAL silver, Waterford crystal, linen napkins, and a single rose in a vase. Doesn't he do a great job?!
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    You get back here!

    You can't say something like having some handsome guy kiss you awake and just walk away!

    I need details!!!
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    Teacher - Thanks for the foods they sound good. However, I am trying to (sort of ) lose weight. I'do not have a huge weight problem but just enought to drive me crazy and alot of pants don't fit -grrrr ! I guess we need some cold fresh fruits and yummy salads.

    If anything else is there that is not non caloric I am sure I will probably eat it anyway, at least a little bit. The problem is that I love almost all kinds of food. I used to be able to eat everything and not gain weight. Well, I guess part of the problem is that I am not as physically busy as I used to be all the time. Not tap dancing any more but do try to go the treadmill and some weights 2 x a week but did not make it this week due to just getting rid of company, busy schedule etc.

    Your right, maybe Elaine has some ideas of cute guys. She used to have a boy friend but don't know any more with all her problems. However, at thispoint she still may not be ready to start looking. BUT if she said that WHO KNOWS :) !!!!!! She is getting to sound more and more like OUR OLD FIESTY ELAINE :) !!!!

    I was at a meeting and luncheon today so I didn't get to do any work other than do a wash. Tomorrow i will have to go out bright and early and do some weeding while DH is playing golf. It is to hot otherwise to wait !

    Then in the afternoon we are to going to see friends we haven't seen for sometime who are now in a Sr. Resident of sorts. It sounds really nice but not cheap either. They were both having medical problems but especially her. She has bad arthritis among other things but has a big problem with dizzyness and balance. So, she needs a walker and sometimes a wheelchair if they are going far. It is a shame. Both used to play golf and all but little by little they started to have problems. She also has auto immune disease problems. We will go to their place, take a tour, have some drinks and then bring them out to eat. She cannot drive anymore and he cannot drive at night. Oh, the joys of getting older - ugh !

    Julie - Pop in when you can you busy girl and you too SWEET SW . I am missing the both of you. However, if you need to rest and take a nap, I do understand.

    Hugs to everydobby! I miss all of you when you are not here - Mickey, Carla, Pippi (where did you disappear to?) Linda, Rock? SO glad to finally hear from Elaine - whew !

    Joan - I sent you a note on the last volume.

    Love to everydobby,

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    One of the local radio stations is celebrating the beginning of summer tomorrow by sponsoring a breakfast drive-thru in their parking lot.

    Brats, ice cream, 7 UP (sausage sandwich, milk, coffee substitute)

    (They tried coffee flavored ice cream one year and that fell flat so they went back to pop.)

    It's a yearly event and it's corny as all get out but it's a total hit! AND it's free!

    The only hitch is that you have to get up and be there during the moring show. Mom, Baby and I are going. We'll see if I can get Dad to go too. I'll let you know tomorrow.

    Nighty night!

    P.S. Granni, Elaine was making a reference to catching up on your sleep and having a guy kiss you awake like Sleeping Beauty. I deliberately chose to misunderstand her just to get her started. Don't tell her that though! I wanna see what she says! hee hee hee hee

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    I don't feel to guilty about being on here today as I have alkready did some weeding outside and it is now 9:45 AM. I weeded for almost an hour . It is soooo hot and humid out there already and I was sweating bullets. DH is out there witha friend playing gold. Who knows when they return as the friend is still quite a novice at the game and cannot move to fast or hit to far. They should be sweating bullets too. At least I know that Dh drings lots of water while out there.

    Teacher - I understand what you were getting at with your note to Elaine :) !! Enjoy your little "trip" , I forget when you were going either today ro next week. Can't believe that it is already Friday ! Your menu is already sounding good :)!!

    Julie =- Glad grandpa decided to finally get a hearing aid. That almost sounds like my dad. By the time he got one ( he was so deaf) he only had it about a year or so before he died. My parents also didn;pt have much money and lived on social security even though he was a hard worker all his life. Dugans Bakery up north went bankrupt just before he would have gotten a pension. He worked there at leasty 20 years I know. So sad ! He worked at so many other jobs too. Try and take it easy kiddo !

    Hope all is well with everydobby else too.


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    Teacher - thanks for opening up, those were mouth watering goodies you serving up

    Elaine - good to hear all your news

    I have to get ready for one engagement lunch today. DHs business associates daughters

    marriage has been confirmed and they are celebrating. Have to bathe and pick out clothes.

    prob wear my Tibetan brocade since im sure i dont have anything else right now.

    All four of us been called but i dont think son will come.

    Feeling phooey, not in the least like going out and celebrating.

    Will write longer post later

    God Bless
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    It's 11:55 p.m. my time and I'm still up. I'll tell you about that later.

    Got up at 6:00 this morning to go to that radio station drive thru. We got brats, ice cream and orange Sunkist.


    OK. Sorry about that. Baby is staying with me and we had to stop and fix her bed.

    Now, where was I...............

    Oh yes! Breakfast!

    It was tasty. They grilled the brats and everything. all you had to do was drive through and select your pop, accecpt your brat and ice cream and say "Thank you"!

    We even got two free tickets to a soccer game. Baby is excited. I'm not. I barely do basketball. Soccer is gonna kill me! ;)

    I hope somebody's got some good lookin' muscles. I think it'll be too dark to read.


    I'm still up because a friend from church is in town for a music camp. The camp is being held at Baby's school, so we're gonna go up and play with her in a little bit.

    There's this local bakery that opens at the most ridiculous time in the morning and sells donuts and milk really cheap.

    The college students just LOVE it. They were making "Donut Runs" when I was in school and they are still doing so. The music camp hasn't done this activity, so we thought we couldn't let her get this close to dorm life and not enjoy the expereince.

    So that means I can't go to sleep until we get back. If I go now, I won't get back up!

    I have a feeling someone we know won't be getting up before 2:00 in the afternoon! LOL

    I'll let you know how it goes sometime after I wake up.

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    Thought I'd tell you about my interesting yesterday. Maybe "bizarre"
    would be a better term.

    Lay down in the morning w/ a book. Suddenly felt very cold.
    Kinda strange since the temp was about 70. Got colder and
    colder and started to shiver and shake. My hands shook so
    violently the book went flying.

    Well, I spent most of the day asleep w/ vivid dreams of cards,
    playing cards. I held a hand w/ 14 spades and two clubs. My
    partner had a hand w/ 14 spades and 3 diamonds.

    Every few hours I would wake up briefly. Sometimes I felt ok.
    Sometimes I felt like someone had been beating on me. Not too
    bad. Probably used a wiffle bat rather than a crowbar.

    Finally woke up and staggered out of bed. I noticed flames on the
    bedroom table. Someone had left the burners on.

    Gordon had been gone all day with various errands, taking his
    mother to the doctor, orchid meeting. When he finally got home, I
    told him about the burners in the bedroom. "But there aren't any burners in
    the bedroom!"

    "That's the whole point. It wath a haluthinathion."

    So has anydobby ever experienced this sort of thing? Or even heard of

    I only mention it because I thought it was interesting. Not that I'm looking for

    Alz has altered my sense of time. Don't know how long it's been since I've been able
    to post. 2-3 months maybe. I did make an attempt last week. Made some notes
    but didn't have the strength to do more than that.

    But I do want to say Hi and All the Best to Teacher, Granni, Julie, Springwater, Barry,
    Jole, Joan, Georgia, Bill, Doober, Monica, Mickey, Carla, Linda, and anydobby I have
    inuntuntenly overimmuteiated.

    You will note I have done like those movies w/ lots of stars and listed you all in
    alphabataical order. To me, you are all stars.

    Oops! Here comes Gordoni. Have to go walk Zippy. Well, you will just have to do
    your own proofreading. Haha.

    Wugs and Hisses

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    It's 11:00 a.m. and I've been awake since 9. I sleeping really well and then Mother called to see how the Donut Run went. That was the end of that! Grrrrrr!

    So, 5 HOURS LATER I was up and sitting around. <sigh> Oh well. At least I don't have to go to work.

    Rock - I've never had a chill fit like that before. Sounds scary. I HAVE had hallucinations though. Er, I THINK they were hallucinations. 'Course I was at school when they were happening......hee hee hee hee

    Julie - We were having one of Rock's kawinkydink moments last night. You were drinking milk and eating Lays BBQ chips while on the computer. I was drinking water and eating Lays BBQ chips while on the computer. I think we were destined to be together! :)

    Your Barbie story had me rolling.

    I got a picture in my mind of 20 bathing beauties splashing about in the local swimming pool and then being ungracefully hung up by their hair across the kitchen.

    I had to work to keep my giggles in because Baby is still asleep.

    Maybe you can rig up a clothes line on a pulley and rotate them in and out of the house so they can get a good summer tan? LOL

    OK. I crack myself up.

    Donut Run.

    We go to the college and picked up the other girls at 1:30 and were at the bakery in short order.

    Donut and small drink - $1.00
    Danish and small drink - $1.75

    Small drink: milk (white or chocolate) or orange juice

    We found a place to sit (there are lots of benches and chairs scattered about the downtown area) and ended up not getting back to the school until 3:00.

    The only reason we stopped then was because the one young lady had to get up and be at her session by 8:00. Short night for her!

    Baby and I got in and made it to bed at 4:00. Two more hours short of pulling a 24 hr shift. Haven't done that for 20-some years. Good thing I don't have to go to work today!

    Think I will add donuts to the dessert table.

    Speaking of dessert!

    Is there anything else anyone wants to add to the menu?

    Doober, Bill, Spring?

    I have a feeling Elaine will probably want to add happy pills! Woo hoo for her!

    Love you![This Message was Edited on 06/19/2010]
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  11. Granniluvsu

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    picturing all the Barbies and Barbie clothes, etc. hanging on the line in the laundry room. That is to funny. My girls had plenty of Barbie dolls and clothers but I can't remember washing and hanging them out to dry. Maybe I did wash a few clothes but not all at once plus the dolls and Ken too :) !!
    Julie - please try and take it easy some. I see you are trying but know it isn;t to easy with all those at your house every day.

    Sorry but I didn't tag on to the volume so I can't remember what everdobby said. I have a bunch of stuff I have to do and look up before getting ready for beddy bye. So I really need to pop off the Porch.

    Elaine - Go for it sweetie. You lost so much when you went through your terrible ordeal. Have some fun for you now.

    Love and thinking of you awl - Elaine, Joan, Teacher, Georgia, Monica and whoever else I have forgotten.

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    My mysterious symptoms came back. Spent y-day in the emergency room. I
    posted about it on the current "Porch".

    Julie, my younger sister had one of the first Barbie Dolls. My mother was showing
    it to me some decades later. It came in a vinyl box about the size of a shoe box.
    My mother was so impressed w/ the beautiful work on the clothes. Hand sewn;
    tiny snaps, etc. I suppose someone would pay big bucks for it on Youtube.

    Georgia, did Sophie have any trouble learning her new name? I saw a documentary
    on multiple personalities many years ago. One was a middle aged guy who worked
    as a state trooper. One of his personalities was a ten year old boy.

    His dog was not allowed to come in the living room. BUT, when the master turned
    into the 10 year old, the dog knew and then he felt free to trot right into the living room.

    When I saw the name "Kileen, Texas", Julie, I figured it was Irish. So I looked up the
    town. Said it was started by a railroad; named after a reailroad executive.

    So I looked up Kileen, Ireland. Several villages named Kileen plus a castle built
    in the 12th century.

    Faith and Bea Arthur

  13. teacher

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    will post later as have time. spent the night in er with mother. she pspent the eveing trhowing oup and having dirareeahh. turns out she has a kidney stone. 5 millimeters.

    she was admitted around 3 a.m. but didn't get inot a room until 7.

    am home now long enough to chage and take out my contacts. they are gas permeables and are killiming me righ tnow.

    gotta go back out in about an hour to take dad to his appointment withe cancer doctor, then to check on his car which has been in the repair shomp sinde friday.

    love you
  14. rocky76

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    I miss your post....

    Don't let small minded people bother you...

    Atleast stay on the porch....

    Love ya Sweetie...
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Teacher - So sorry that you mom was feeling so badly. Hope she will feel better soon.

    Julie - Glad to see you all in one piece with all you have been doing. Sorry Lindsey has been feeling so badly with her asthma and all. Hope the doc visit goes well and he/she can help her. It is so hard I am sure dealing with all this without David. Happy you are there for her.

    Georgia - Glad to see you sweetie . Hope you are doing OK and that no one upset you. Somebody was missing you. I think it was Rocky76 .

    Rock - Hope you are doing OK and that your computer isn't driving you completely crazy :) !!Sorry you had to go to the emergency room for some more crazy symptoms. Glad you are back at home though.

    Well, I have to run and get some things done. I hope to be here a bit tomorrow although I will be pretty busy,.. DH decided that he wanted to go to the casino in LA on Wed. so we will do an overnight. We were lucky and got a a free room other wise we might not have gone. Hoping to win something , anything :) !!
    Bye for now.

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    Mom is resting comfortably. She's on pain and nausea mediacation.

    They will be inserting a stent tomorrow afternoon to facilitate her passing the stone. Depending on how well she does, she'll be able to come home with no restrictions on Wednesday.

    Once she passes the stone, the stent will be removed.

    Everyone at the hospital has been super nice.

    Family, well, they are family. Gotta love 'em.


    Rock, I'm sorry you spent time in ER. Were they able to find out what's going on?

    Elaine! Now I know what you were hinting at when you mentioned a cute guy kissing you awake. Except I think you got it wrong because YOU seem to be the one kissing! LOL

    Hugs and kisses to all. I will talk with you later.

    Love you!
  17. teacher

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    Julie said you posted on the Lounge so I went there.

    Diabetes. Who knew?

    Water won't taste like anythng until you get that under control. That's how it worked for Mom.

    Was it Goatee that said to add lemon or cranberry juice? Anyway. It does help. The tartness cuts through that feeling on your tongue that is craving sweet. That, in turn, helps you tolerate the water better.

    We ended up keeping fresh squeezed juice in the refrigerator. She would add it to her glass when she poured a new one.

    You can squeeze lemons or get it already squeezed, frozen from Minute Maid. The bottled stuff on the shelf is a concentrate and is NASTY in your water. Keep in mind that a little goes a long way!

    Also. If you choose to add lemon juice to your water, be aware that you trips to the potty will increase for a while. Lemon is a natural diuretic. Once your body gets used to lemony water, your output will temper itself.

    I hope you feel better soon!
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Rock - sorry to hear about the diabetes. Have you heard that cinnamon is good for blood sugar control. Both DH and I are taking it. Cinnamon is very cheap and you can get it in caps - usually about 500 mg. I think.

    We thought that DH had prediabetes but so far with all the pricking of his finger his BS has been normal. It might havae been at the bad stuff he was eating before like bags of potatoes chips that turn to sugar. Be careful sweetie ! Soda are also bad for you esp regular not diet sodas but I do not like the taste that much but when and if youhave diabaetes you have to be very careful. Sodas are very high in sugar and so are many fruit juices.

    Julie - Hope Linds get to feeling better and has a good visit with her doc.

    Hi to Teacher, Jole, Joan, Monica, Georgia, and everydobby I forgot.

    BTW, will be gone tomorrow and part of Thurasday. Trying to find some lost mney in the casino that I probably lost last time :) !

  19. teacher

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    Mommy's doing better!

    After they got her to the operating room, it was decided to go ahead and crush the kidney stone.

    That meant no stent! Woo hoo!

    Her color is already back to normal and she's starting to tease like she usually does.

    Her speech is sounding like it normally does. Still very soft, but that's to be expected when one is so tired due to high levels of pain.

    If she's a good girl and does well tonight, she'll be allowed to come home tomorrow! Yay!


    Love you!
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    I havent been on for a while i know...dont gots no energy as Rock would say

    but i have been busy, its wedding season here and i attended two weddings in one

    day and squeezed in a visit to dhs aunt and my ma in law same day! then i passed

    over some other functions and dh is a bit miffed because people think he didnt bring me.

    i am seriously thinking of myself as a freak who cant keep up when the people here have

    the energy to actually plan and execute all these things and i dont have energy to just

    go and eat.

    i got some bad news which is contributing to my low energy and mood...my niece whom

    my brother and sis in law begged and borrowed funds for from here and there and sent

    abroad to study cannot cope and is having a breakdown...she is in a deep depression and

    there is no easy way of contacting her...she is stayng with sis in laws relatives and they

    have one mobile phone which they hardly answer. they want to send her back and sis in

    law wants her to stay on, and maybe get a job. says there is nothing here for her.

    I knw how much depression hurts and dont know what to do. Thinking of that 20 year old

    all alone out there dealing with a nervous breakdown. she wants to come back. but the parents are adamant she stays.

    tomorrow i have to go and attnd a prayer ceremony for an aunt from mums side whom

    i just got to know passed on 4 weeks ago. so not such a happy couple of days for me.

    today i did join my daughter for lunch outside since she hadnt taken her tiffin....it rained

    a deluge and i was happy, we need the rains! desperately.

    Teacher -happy to hear your mum is getting better from her stone operation.

    Everydobby, take care