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    Joan, Elaine, Bill, Julie, and who was that...............darn, I've forgotten!

    Anyway, check the last few posts on the last Porch!

    Lots of cookies for Bill here!

    Sugar, chocolate chip, oatmeal rasin, pecan, snickerdoodles, double chocoate fudge, oreos, macadamia nut, peanut butter...............

    Grab a glass of milk.

    I dare you to try and just eat one! LOL
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  2. teacher

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    I understand the need to get stuff done while you still have good insurace. My glasses just cost me an arm and a leg!

    Sophie was just trying to get her bit if fiber in for the day, not ruin your filing system!

    Speaking of Sophie. Can she come on Elaine's trip with us? She won't cause any trouble. I took care of that with the glitter and the Silly String. Please?
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    It is afternoon , HOT and I just got back from singing with our small group at an assisted living home. it is a really nice place. They really enjoyed it and didn't noticed or care about our mistakes :) !!

    Elaine - Hope you are rested enough for our virtual bus trip !!! Finished with some of your Dr. appointments, etc. I think Georgia's suggestion of Roxie needing supervision is a very good one if she comes. One thing I forgot to ask you andis a must - is sif the bus has a toilet. Thank God it does. Them besides us needing to use it, we will have to watch out for Sophie trying to drink in it.

    Georgia - I guess we may have to stop off in Germany for Sophie. Thanks for the warning us about Sophie.:) ! Glad you got all that dumb paperwork done so you can skee daddle away from the Resort as fast as you can., when the time comes.

    Julie - hope you are surviving with all that you have to do lately !

    Teacher - you surely have some good idea for this trip :) !!

    Well gotta go and start thinking about dinner.

    Hugs to awl !
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    Teacher! I wanted to write yesterday evening but I do not know how to do it! I could have on the other chit chat.

    Oh my, you don't have any idea how well I like cookies. And no, I don't eat just one! And I want a little chocolate syrup in my milk. I do that every morning when i get home from the post office and read my mail. I would like to read the paper too but Maggie knows when she hears the paper rattle that I am reading. Then she gets on my lap and the paper if she can. She's not as loving as she used to be when she does that.

    I am invited on this virtual trip? what is your destination? Remember, I take water pills and need a potty often in the a.m.!

    Georgia: A good idea to get your glasses and hearing aids when you are covered! the glasses and expensive but the hearing aids are out of sight! That's why I am wearing my late hubby's.

    The good Lord could not have made a more perfect day than today! Nice cool breeze, sunny all day, just 80! I think that it is to be this way all week.

    Hope the 4th is nice. Our town's 2 churches join to have the service at 9 a.m. in the park. Enjoy that so much.

    I have always taken our chairs and gone to the park for the town's little parade but------i will be by myself on the 4th--:( :(> tears, tears. So since the parade goes by our house, I may take my chair and watch it from there. then I thought----"How will I get up out of my chair???" Since they all throw candy, i can pick it up after the parade and don't have to share with anyone!!!!!!!!

    Just got an idea!!!!! Why don't I take the walker with a seat out??? So easy to get up from. Good idea, Joan.

    Lots of my family used to come home for the 4th but----this year is different. #1 son and family are having their family all home, #2 son and all of family go to the family cottage on the lake and D was just home for several days.

    Sophie is welcome to come along but I just can't take Maggie. She would HATE, HATE it.

    I am now hungry from the talk of the cookies. I do have an unopened pkg. of Oreos!

    Gentle hugs to all of you dear people,

  5. teacher

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    Get on the bus, Ladies!

    Sophie's antic and potty breaks are the least of our worries.

    Just tell Elaine where you wanna go and she'll make it happen!

    BILLCAMO New Member

    I grabbed my glass of milk & found my cookie plate empty....

    Now , who helped themselves to my cookies ? ;>) :>) lol....

    Blessings ,

  7. teacher

    teacher New Member

    I'm starting to dream about school. My brain must be recovered enough to begin processing stuffso it can be stored for later. This is a good thing. Maybe my body will cathch up soon.

    Oh wait! Maybe not. I have to start teaching Baby how to drive soon! Somebody tell Lindsey to move over. I might need a bed here soon!

    love you!

    P.S. I brought more cookies Bill. Next time, get in linne before Goatie and Rock. They don't like to share!
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    if all is well and if Linds had her baby yet :) !! Hope she waits till David gets back home.

    Teacher - I don;t relish the task of teaching BABY to drive. What fun ! Good if the school can do it but nowadays if they do have it at school you have to pay a good amount. I remember when first daughter had DE it was free. Nothing is free anymore.

    Hope you are awake today :) !

    My granddaughter had to take special classes from the Drivers Ed. out of school. Have fun !!! One has to be patient, both teacher and student :) !!

    Gotta run for now to everydobby.

  9. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    About the 4th !!! After I got off comp., I went to kitchen to get something to eat. Suddenly it hit me!!!!!!! I am going to be COMPLETLY alone on the 4th. Then Harley came to my mind and the tears began to flow. We always took our chairs and got a spot early to watch the fireworks. All the ahhhs and ohhhs. I was sooo alone! And the 4th was always a family holiday!

    And the good Lord must have heard me. D called and said her son, business in Poland this week, wants to come here for the 4th!! He is very, very caring,very loving and will do anything for you. So D and hubby are going to his home neara Chicago, help him with some chores and come down here for church in gthe park for the 4th!!!!! I was just so happy that I kept thanking her over and over.

    I tried to put something differernt on my hair last evening after my shower and it did not work. Gal sitting next to me at coffee said it looked like it was glued down!!!!!! Boy, what a compliment :( ----:( Will start all over this eve. Sometimes truthful compliments are not necessary!!! LOL

    Teacher: Tell me - I lost out on this. How old is "Baby" and who is she?
    Sometimes I just can't figure out who is who so I just have to ask!!!!!!

    Our kids are old enough they took free Drivers Ed. in the summer from the school.Thank goodness it was free!

    Julie: I do hope that the baby does noty arrive without it's daddy there! Just keep her quiet and maybe the baby will be quiet too. "famous last words"

    I am just too tired to travel with you. sorry, But I do want to hear allo about it. GDIL just got back from Peru and oh, her pictures!!! Gorgeous! FB ----can you look for Susi and see her pixs? #3 and #4 are wonderful - just posted yesterday. They are on my page.

    I have been going thru my "favorites" on here and deleting some----have way too many that I don't even remember what they are.

    Another perfect day----*(maybe I already said that)*

    Suddenly I am hungry. I guess it will be string cheese. love it!

    Let us know about that precious baby!!!! As if you won't LOL

    love you all,

  10. jole

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    I'll take anything chocolate, please! And thank you teacher!

    My daughter and her babies came for a few days. She misses the farm and wanted to be here during harvest. Caught the very last day, and was thrilled with that much. Her 3 year old was totally in awe of the big combine and grain cart. But for him, I think the best part was 'having a picnic' in the field when we took supper out for the guys...lol.

    We've been invited out for the 4th for a cookout and fireworks, but don't think we'll go this year. Hopefully next year will be better for hubby and we can enjoy things more. Did get to one grandson's ballgame last night...took our lawn chairs and sat in the shade. Can't do the bleachers anymore.

    Never thought I'd ever be (or feel) this old, did you? How the past 10 years have flown. As my brother said, we are now the people we laughed at when we were young (well, he might have, I really don't ever remember that). I don't remember ever getting to go anywhere, so it must have been him and his buddies....and he would have been old enough to know better!!!

    Haven't checked the trip site out for awhile......need to do that. Hugs to all.......Jole
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    are you still feeling OLD! Yes I am lately. OMG, I can't believe that my next B-day I will be the big 70 !!Oh dear !!

    Joan - I know you are older than I, not sure how much but still a bit. That is wonderful that your son or who ever it was called to do stuff with you thyis 4th of July. Don't think we will do very much wither but maybe some chicken or soemthing on the grill. Everyone else is so busy doing one thing or another, and son is moving with his wife to a new home.

    Jole- I think you are a young'un but may feel old, I know :) !!. I try to keep busy and so stuff and go sing for people in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. I got a call this afternoon from the director of our small group. She just wanted me to send out a quick note to the lasies in our group to keep it up and how much it means to the people in the AL Homes and all. That kind of thing can make you feel sort of young or younger.

    The husband of one of the ladies there that I know was so appreciative to us and said keep doing this and don't give up. Wer sang some very old songs and she just sang along. Otherwise she doesn;t say much. Her husband was so appreciative,. He goes to ur church and she used to also but her alzheimers has gotten much worse now. Hew was so thankful for our performance and it made us feel really good.Maybe today I feel 55 instead of 69 :) !!

    Love and hugs to everydobby.

    BILLCAMO New Member

    Even if you feel bad , jump in & say howdy !.......I have......

    The cookies are great ( even though there were only crumbs left on my plate ) .....lol......

    I did manage to replace one of the bulbs on the porch lights.....Is it still working ? :>)

    Thanks teacher!!!!.....I did get a couple of the extra cookies you left here !!!!!

    Because of brain fog , I didn't see your response & forgot about the cookies I got to enjoy.....

    Blessings ,

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  13. teacher

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    This is getting really exciting! I like getting new things!

    Arrogant doctors are difficult. I'm glad your parents have a caregiver that is willing to help out.

    Hang in there, Julie. Things ARE gonna get better.


    I forgot who asked, but I'll answer anyway.

    Baby is my niece. I helped my mother raise her from Day 1, so she really feels like my daughter.

    Baby didn't learn how to drive when she was 16. Way too bratty, hard-headed, and selfish.

    I figured the easiest way to avoid fighting over:

    1) the use of the car - for example: we are not going to allow you to take your Grandpa's car to high school every day and leave your grandparents stranded when you can ride the school bus

    2) no, I'm not buying you a car - you don't have a job and I can't afford gas, insurance and upkeep on two vehicles

    was to not teach her how to drive. Man oh man! That sure helped to get us through the high school years! Especially when her best friend got her license and her dad GAVE her a car. We didn't have to listen to "But everybody else................"

    'Course, we had other battles! LOL

    Saved us about $300 in driver school fees too. No more free Driver's Ed. in school. :(


    She's grown up some since then, so pray for me as I endeavor to teach a 19-year-old how to drive in the big city!


    Just thinking about that gives me a headache.

    I think I need another cookie.

    Bill! Don't you dare! I saw it first!

    'Scuse me, Porch Peeps. Bill is NOT going to get away with taking the last Double Fudge Chocolate Chip cookie!

    Bill! Come back here, you cookie monster! I'm gonna get you for that........................

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Linda - How nice to see you. A nice new driveway. Iyt should add alot to the house I am sure. I am sure that Lucie Ducie loves the noise :) !!! Wish you would come and visit us more on the Porch !

    Julie - That is right what Linda said about dehydration and make sure that they both drink alot of water. Yes, and make sure the doc orders a urine sample when a UTI is suspected. I used to get lots of them but have been doing better since I had my surgery.

    A couple of friends of mine and DH have had problems with dehydration also. One of the doctors even told them so and said make sure you drink alot of water, even if you are not a huge water driinker. One of DH's friends would go out and play golf in the hot sun herein TX and then feel sick. It can effect your heart rhythm, you can faint and also look like a possible TIA. I have never been a big drinker or loving water but I have been trying to more lately.

    Teacher - You are right to delay Baby'ss drivng lessons, etc. Some are much to immature to be driving or learning to drive. Good luck to you both and hope it will work out well for both of you :) !!!

    Sorry I have to run for now DH just popped in and needs tthe puter.

    Everyone have a great weekend if they are leaving early. We are not doing much of anything.

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear about the arthritiis in your knitting finger. I know you will keep on knitting anyway. I kmow if you give it up ita will be a cold day in hell as they say !! Do whataever it is you can enjoy as much as possible.

    Julie - Let us know about that baby if and when she comes during the weekend. I know yours will be busy. Ours will be rather quiet. Glad your parents have at least somehelpo when you are not there for them.

    Teacher - when are you planning on starting the drivers lessons for Baaby. Good luck hon. I wouldn;t wat to havae to teach my kids although I was alot more patient thatn DH. Now however, I am more dervous with all my b/p problems. etc.

    Rock - How are you my friend. Haven't heard from you in a while. Hope you wil have a nice 4th with Gordon. Drop in if you can. Hope your computer is not giving you fits again.

    Joan - Have fun with some of your family. I know they will be with you in some manner. Mine are all busy or gone or just to far away.

    Happy Fourth of July to all my dear Porchies! Have a wonderful and safe holiday. I may pop in sometimes to see what is going on and anyone is stranded on the Porrch :) !!

    Love to everydobby,

  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Sorry for being MIA for a few days now. I am going thru severe no energy spell.

    About the lowest i have been for a long while yet. No idea what brought it on. Nothing

    really. Just came upon me. Could be the heat also. Its not raining as it should. And its

    doggie mating season and the dogs are getting into ferocious scraps over the female

    Tinku. They get unbearable then.

    Ive just read thru all the posts. And caught up.

    On top of my energy crises this time has been one of the busiest for nepalese social

    functions and have been tryng to drag myself to what functions i can. Mostly marriages.

    And feel panicky because sometimes i wonder if i will be able to make it to some of them.

    People here look down on those with health problems and consider us woosies especially

    a health problem which has no outward symptoms. My house is a mess! Augh!

    Tomorrow the four of us will go to a resort because we got a free stay but will probably

    return on sunday since daughter has to attend her internship; (shes been taking too many

    leaves to attend functions and things and it wont look good on her report)and then again

    some functions.

    My son has joined a health club and goes to work out every morning. He hasnt yet got

    a job. he was tryng for an online one while he awaits his exam results.

    I havent heard from my niece that was depressed and hope she is okay.

    JUlie - wanted to say good luck for Lindseys big day. Pray everything goes swimmingly and

    David can come. Also hope your father is better soon.

    Elaine - good to read you on upward path from that slump, you is a fighter. I admire you.

    love to everybody else Granni, Georgia, Jole, Joan, Teacher, Bill and all MIAs

    will write again when feeling a bit better

    God Bless

  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sweet Spring Water - I am so glad to hear from you. I figured you were probably in a slump and had no NRG!! I know what you meet sweetie. Even I don't actually have depression of sorts but this daily pain wears me down and I don't feel much like doing anything and I can also get grumpy ! Poor DH gets the brunt of it I know. He really tries and thinks he understnad but he really doesn't,poor dear. Speaking of dirty houses, when you get some NRG can you help clean mine :) !!!

    Have fun at the Resort or at least take in the scenery and relax !!! Sometimes a bit of a change is good too.

    Went to do some errands this morning in the rain and finally actually went to the hospital to have my records from my old endos sent to my PCP. Both are there no longer and I just said screw it I will just go to my PCP who says she will be happy to check ,y thyroid stuff and osteoporosis. One less doc I have to go to. Also my lab work was not to close to either where I have to go every 3-6 mos. This is almost down the block from me. I am getting so lazy !! Hate to drive to far also.

    DH wants us to go work out on the treadmill now and do a few weights (the machines) so I will go and get it done. Then I will not have to go tomorrow.

    Hope everyone is doing great this holidy weekend coming up. Ours will be quiet and lazy. I will be looking at my chores that I should be doing. If DH starts pushing I may have do some- yuck !!

    Will try and come back later on.

    Love to everyboddy inc those not mentioned and MIA;s,
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    So glad David got home for Lindsay. Now hope that she will have that baby while he is home with her. How long has she been coughing so. Maybe she needs to be checked especially with the vomiting she is doing. Perhaps it is bronchitis.

    You might want to call the doc and see what he thinks. Nothing like trying to talk to a doc or office on a weekend, or even worse is a holiday weekend. Good Grief. She also might need antiobiotics. However, so close to having the baby, they might want to do something for her.

    They usually have someone taking over the doc.'s calls for the weekend/holiday. If she keeps up the heavy coughing and keeps throwinhg up you might want to call. Be careful also for dehydration,

    Hope all will work out favorably for her and the family. Please keep us updated when you can.

    Thinking of you all !
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    especially if she has problems in catching her breather due to her asthma. I almost forgot she has the asthma problems. Maybe she can calm down some with David now home. When did you say he has to leave again, was it Tuesday? Does she keep anything down?

    Just be watchful, as you have been aboaut dehydration and also if she has problems breathing. If that gets worse youmight want to try and get ahold of her dr. somehow or the ER in a real emergency.

    BTW, how far are you from the hospital where she hopes to deliver? Hope it is not to far. Worse come to worse esp if the contractions get more regular and harder you might need to just go there and call the docs emergency number to alert him.

    You all have so much going on at your house and in your family !! May God Bless you and your whole family in all their problems, health and otherwise.
    Hope Linds has her baby real soon while David is there too. BTW, I loved that prayer you poster before. I just forgot to post back.

    Lots of love,'Granni
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hope I am not scaring you. I know you know what to look for and when to get her to the hospital or wherever. The asthma and the coughing and throwing up can be scarey esp. so close to her delivering. When was her due date?

    Hope her breathing, coughing and vomiting settles down. Maybe she will do alittle better with David there. When does he go back? I though you said Tuesday maybe it was Thursday.

    Now you need to sit down and have a hear to heart with that baby Lorraine :) !! Tell her she needs to stop stalling and to start coming out right away. If Sunday the 4 is the best for all just tell her that :)!! LOL

    Don't you just wish you could just tell these babies when to come and they would automatically obey -ha ! It'll never happen butit would e nice.

    Hugs to both of you and Kiera too!

    Big Hugs to everyone on the porch too if there is anyone left on it :) !