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    Happy Independence Day all you lovely Americans!

    Jerome is manning the grill. We've got lots of hot dogs.

    Generic white buns are availabe. Whole wheat is too if you need more fiber. Gillian's gluten-free for those that need them.

    Toppings include chili, relish, ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, shredded cheese, and mayo.

    Apple pie is waiting on the table that's covered in the lovely red and white checked table cloth.

    We have a lovely two-crust pie that is FANCY. Jerome desinged roses on the top. It's just beautiful!

    We have lattice-top crust that makes me want to poke my finger in the open spaces to taste the "innards".

    We have a YUMMY crumb topped pie also. That crummby stuff is to die for!

    We also have Brown Betty. No crust, lost of apples and crumby stuff!

    Rock and Gordon are taking turns cranking the vanilla ice cream. Bill is supposed to be helping them, but he keeps wandering off to look for cookies.

    The baseball game is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. Elaine and Goatie are the captains. They will be choosing sides. I expect this game to be a hoot!

    The parade will take place at 8:00 p.m. and will lead us to the meadow. (Spring has agreed to be the Grand Marshall) Everyone will be able to relax and visit while we wait for the fireworks to begin a 10:00.

    Lemonade and sparklers for all!

    Be sure to keep an eye on Keira and Sophie! They'll be so excited! We don't want them to fall into the stream or get burned by the sparklers.

    Everyone settle in and enjoy the day! (Don't yuo just LOVE birhtday parties?)

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    Julie - I echo Georgia's sentiments. I am so glad that Lindsey is getting monitored and that she got some meds for all her upsetting symptoms. All that plus getting ready to have a baby, plus contractions has got to be awful. Sorry she was sent back home but maybe if she walks around alot or does some moderate physical activity her labor will pick up. Yes, wouldn't a 4th of july baby be great? Hope it works out but you never know with these babies !! They do their own thing when THEY want to. Keep us posted sweetie.

    Georgia - glad to hear that the stress is leaving you little by little. I forgot whatever it was that you said you tried that gave you so much gas. I will not try it for sure. I already have enough of that :)!! Glad you are also getting some more hours for the other job that you like.

    I guess everydobbyis busy with their BBQ's and such with family and or friends. This year we aren't doing much of anything - just steaks on the grill for us. Hope it doesns't rain so we can do them outside.

    Thinking of everyone inc. all our MIA's !

    Love you all,
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    if little Lorraine has been born yet and to check on all my dear Porchies. DH is out playing early golf so I get to check in peace :) !

    I woke up this morning with more pain in my upper/front wing area of my chest. My husabnd calls the area, but mostly the back the WING :)!! It is not quite under the arm in the front. Anyway it hurts, more than usual. I am guessing that is from swinging the golf club yesterday afternoon. DH wanted me to go with him yesterday to hit a few balls. I didn't want to go but as usual I still got stuck doing what I didn't want to do. We only played a couple holes since the driving range was closed and I didn't do much but just enough to hurt myself. I guess cause I was so stiff. DH thinks it is good for me - ha !

    Today is one of those days, some have off and some don't but I guess there is no mail today or bank hrs.since the holiday was on Sundy this year. I am so confused with the days now. It will be a real literal pain week for me. I go with Dh tomorrow to the doc and hand in his Log to check his blood glucose and he will have a fast blood test tomorrow for that and other things to I think. He wants company :) !! DH is driving me on Thursday to my Rheumy as it is a little far for me and with all the traffic, etc. I know my b/p will be high just driving there. Eventually I may just go to my PCP like I did with my endo who moved. I just had alal my info transferred to my local PCP, just down the block so much easier. She can do what my endo was doing and my Rheumy. She said that she is already doing all that stuff for others.

    Hope everyone has been enjoying their holiday weekend. Ours has been very quiet, no company or anything . Grilled steaks outside yesterday and then watched the 4th celebration on our Channel 8 from Washisngton, DC. It was very nice. glad I didn't have to go stand in those crowds and I am sure many of those people had to come and get their spot early !!

    Hugs to everydobby. I will check in again later. Thinking of y'all, ESPECIALLY JULIE, LINDS, DAVID and FAMILY !!!

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    Babies surely do have their own schedule, don;t they. Tell Linda to go mop the floor or something then maybe sshe'll get going (her contractions and little Lorraine decides she finally wants OUT of there ) :) !!!

    Hope it isn't to much longer for you and that David gets to be with her, at least for a time and to see the new baby.

    More later sweeties!

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    Just got back from Wally World andshopping. It is so much fun trying to find things as they are compoletely redoing the whole store- eliminating some areas and adding more to others. It always has been something else to try and find anything in that store but now it is alot worse. The staff is trying to be helpful though and trying to help people find things when they are not even sure of where some of the stuff is now :)!!

    Julie - Well you gave yourself away my dear and I figuraed out your age - ha, ha!! However, you are still young my dear !!! IO know however sometimes you feel like 100 as I do too.

    You were wise to tell Amy it is best to wait for them to get married. It will take a bit for Linds to sort of get back to herself after tha baby comes. Nowadays these kids don't want to have to wait for anything and that includes all the stuff it too their parents 30-50 years to obtain.!! Many times it puts them in debt to pretty early on in their marriage. Oh, young love - I was there once and so were you :)!! However, I didn't grow up with much except parents I knew who loved me so I was very cautious that way, and so we DH. They just want to be with each other and have the house and all.

    It took awhile before we got a house, However, it was unfortunate that it was earlier than we would have due to the death of his mom. We lived with his dad in their home until it became to small and the bought a bigger one and took FIL with us. Keep us informed Julie we are awaiting. When it happens things will be such a hustle bustle !!
    Georgia - As Julie said things are sound like they are really working well for you and another job may be in the works that you might really like. Let us know if you think you will try for it. That little cozy spot in your bedroom with a recliner sounds really nice for your knitting projects.

    Rock - Hope you are doing OK sweetie. We miss you wne you are not here.
    Hi also to Jole, Joan, Teacher, Spring Water, Elaine and our many many MIA's to numerous to mention

    Hi to anyone else that might be lurking. Hope you all had a very nice weekend! Will try and check in later . You know I am waiting for that baby :) !!

    Luv to awl,
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    We went to Walmart too, Granni. After ten minutes I had to go sit in the car while
    Gordon finished the shopping. I can hardly believe what an invalid I've become.
    Is it making you cranky, bitter and depressed? You got it!

    Patty, I'm sorry to hear about losing your house. That is really tough.

    Nice to hear from you, Barry. Georgia, I'm glad things are working out for

    I'm sorry, just can't remember anymore. But big hugs to all of you special


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    I feel almost crippled today from my sore muscles related to trying to swing a golf club properly. I didn't really want to do it which mae it worse. I find it hard to llie down or get comfortabale ! May try and take a little nap later sitting up. N ot going to be doing much else today. I need to vacuum but I can't do that today. I went to the docs today with DH so he could have his blood drawn. He also has to take a 24 hr urine tomorrow-what fun.

    Julie - Sorry baby Lorraine hasn't come yet but you know these babies, they have a mind of their ownh right from the beginning :) !! Take care of yourself sweetie with everyone pulling you in their direction :) !!

    HI Jean thanks for popping in and passing on the info to Georgia . Hope all is well with you.

    Glad to see you ROCK and ELAINE. Try not to get to frustrated with yourself ROCK. I know it is hard buat we miss your wonderful sene of hujmor. Hope you find it soon again.

    ELAINE - It looks to me like we are in the need of some more details from you my dear:) !! So, what's going on ?? Glad you seemed to have a nice and busy holiday weekend.

    Love to everydobby,

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    We want details when you get back from Lindsay's doc :) !! You are weariing me out girl , just listening to all you are doing and trying to do. !!!

    I'm still reall sore from whatever I did to my muscles in my arm, shoulder,etc, etc, area. I slept half sitting up last night...

    More later everyone. Nothing new here but gotta go to the rheumy tomorrow for my usual appointment.

    Sweet SW how are you doing kiddo? Hope you are feeling at least a little bit better.
    ROCK - You to my friend !
    Elaine - Still waiting for detalls :) !!

    Love to awl,
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    Let's see/ here was I? Last Fri. I got in big trouble with pastor and ex-friend! It was over somethiong soooo simple. I got a good bawlikng out by pastor. I left and went crazy doing work!!! Did 2 odd jobs I had been putting off, scrubbed bath very well plus doing Swiffer on floor 3 times. Then I complely changfed litter b ox----clean rug and black bag under it, cleaned little box, new litter,etc. The I had to vacuum litter as it goty ion carpet. Went into livinbg room with vacuium too.

    I was about sick. Do any of you have trouble remembering right in an kinstant how to spell a word! :(

    Anyway, I wrote an apology to the ladies---hadn't doner anythhing but i wanted it to be OK on my side of arguement and theirs. Anyway, all seems to be OK.

    On the 4th, I staggered across the bumpy ground with my lawn chair and found a spot to sit for church. Nice breeze. The D. found me and set all the chairs next to sidewalk to see parade! I have never been so hot!!!! Just wet!!! After parade we went home to cool off.

    The D and DH and GS went shopping in next townand picked up deli stuff. Their fried chicken in wonderful. Also a Mrs. Wicks sugar cream pie! Have had leftovers and that is wonderful.

    We sat across the street on grass and watched fireworks. it is so crowded at ball field where the are. GS left at 10:45 and D and DH left at 11:00. I had been hot and sweaty all day but just went to bed! Shower the nexgt a.m.

    It5 is so hot----95 one day. This is more 90's that last summer's total! I guess a lot of you are in this heat.

    Teacher: I just LOVE hot dogs and all those great things to put on gthem. Just relish. catsup, mustard, onions---guess that's all. thanks for the sparklers!

    Julie: I would rate homemade ice cream as one ofd my favorite foods-----but haven't had it in yrs. Have electric freezer but igt was NOT one of Harley's favorite things to do. I cooked the custard and let him freeze it. Never a really happy event!

    my Dr for 1sr and 2nd babies alway said-----"When the apple is ripe, it will fall from the tree". Guess he is right!

    Granni: Know what you mean about a mixed up week. No mail really messed me up. And----what day does the trash man come? usually early Thur. a.m,. but have discovered that a week like this makes it Fri. Still afraid to miss him!

    i did absolutely nothing on Mon. The heat made me sooo tired and it was still hot----and stil is! I just stahy in the house for the most part! Just read, and did odds and ends.

    Be a bossy mom and tell Amy to just wait to get married. I sound like an old lady (I am) but the younger generagtion waits on nothing. I have a GD that just graduated froj college as did her new hubby. What is their income???? Nothing! He is youth director for a small church and they do get to live in a parsonage without pay! He has no income and doesn't seem to be looking. She is waiting for him to find a job.!!! Says "they live on love!!!" they want to live in the4 area that they are in (close to mom and dad) and there is nothing there. Oh well. I'll let her parents worry about that!!!!

    Grannni: After I had 2nd baby, my D., Harley came home and said that so and so said there is a house for sale that you can afford. we walked down to look at it----that was the first and only time I saw it before we moved in. just took it for granted that it was a home. And I still live here after 37 yrs. I ghave done a lot to it---loved doing it and we j=made mistakes with what we did---but I still live here and love it. put on a new family room which was a God-send wheb kids got married and had children. Big lot out back for lots of ball games, fun time for all 9 cousins.! We have since sold it and a family of iof 2 boys live there. just love it when the plahy outside.

    i am going to call igt quits and go get some leftovers for my noon meal. that is "dinner" for me but ALL my family call it lunch. I eat my biggest meal then as I am usually too tired by evening to do much.

    Be back.

    Gentle Hugs,


    I know that I have told you when one GS was small and I was preparing a big dinner, he came out and asked "if Lunch was about ready?" I said no, it is dinner!~!@!!!!!
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    You didnpt mention what the fuss was but I think youar ppastor has her own problems and taking them out on others, like you and your x friend needs to stay that way - an X. Good grief, I would think that Pastors and Ministers especially should have more tolerance and understanding than others. In this case I donpt think so.

    Yes, I think it depends on where you come from as to what you call the midday and evening meal. We always called the midday meal LUNCH and the eveing meal Dinner, occasionally SUPPER but mostly DINNER, I think. I think, like in the midwest and other places where they farmed and needed a big afternoon meal they called it dinner and then later on supper in the evening. I came from up north in NY so it was always lunch and dinner. b Crazy huh what you get used to.

    Gee, you have been ssuch a busy beaver cleaning. Why don;t you come and help me. I need help this week. I hurt more than usual due to a stupid thing I did to myself -ouch !!

    Teacher - Sorry, but I forgot to thank you how wonderful your 4th of July picnic was. Yes, I do love hotdogs and hambuergers on the grill and all the stuff toput on them. Here in TX they even put mustard on.hamburgers I still don't like it. I caneat it if there is just a little mustard on the hamburger. Just want catsup and onions.

    Julie - Hope you come back with good news on that baby Lorraine. Having babies is so exciting,Hope she has her so David can come to see his baby before going off again.

    Thing of you SW. Hope you are OK @@ Thinkig of awl in all those MIA's..

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    If he makes you smile he can't be all bad. Or should I say, he sounds pretty good to me. So, he has met your mother too. If she sort of likes him that is a good thing too. We need to hear more details but so far it sounds pretty good. You have finally earned some FUN !!

    Waiting to hear back from Julie about Lindsey who has been having some contractions but nothing regular and they havae abeen trying to have this baby while David is around or is close by. He has not left to go overeseas YET! They went to the doc today and haven't heard anything back yet but I am hoping for them - - - -!!!

    Need to go to the doctor tomorrow Rheumy . Glad DH bring me tomorrow. It is not that close and it is bright and early and due to a silly accident I am in more pain. Hard to even steer the car. It may even rain more tomorrow. It is raining now.

    Hope everydobby is doing well. Please drop by when you all can.

    BTW, I satopped by on FB and spoke to Joan and Mickey. Mickey is doing really well and her daughter Lindsey is doing great in her nursing studies, They had a great 4th of course.

    Julie - Still waiting to hear from you. Hope Linds has had that baby so David can see her before he leaves. Thinking of you all.

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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Glad all is well with Linds. Hope she will have the baby soon, for everyone's sake.

    Just checking on my Porchies. I have to run as I have a Dr. appointment and DH has to bring his 24 hr. urine sample to the lab. Oh what fun we are having :) !!

    Behave yourself Elaine :) !!! It is about time you had some fun !

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    I was jus' fixin' to ast dat same kwestion!

    Happy Birthday Rock-a-my-soul! I hear that 70 is a good year. YOu and Gordon party on!
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    from me on the Porch. Hope you have a fantastic day with Giordon - with anaything you would like to do. Pary harty or take a nap, whichever works for you. The naps sounds good right now :) !!

    Yep, your birthday means mine is coming around the corner - oh dear ! Plus we are the same age or I will be in Oct. Have a great time with Gordon. I am sure he is making something special. How lucky to love with someone else that cooks. If I didnt cook we would both starve to death -or almost. Will it be filet minon, Lobster tails, steak, salmon or PB and J :)) LOL!!

    We love you Rock!

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Glad that is finally over with and that all went very well for Lindsay. I put another post on your first thread.

    What a lovely name for baby Lorraine. I guess they do have the same birthday, Rock and Lorraine Abigail !! That is so pretty I think.

    Just so happy that all turned out well and that David was able to be there and that he doesn;t have to go back right away. I am so glada they let him do that.

    I I mentioned before, we want pictures :)!!! Maybe now you can get some rest - ha !

    More later sweetie ! I am so happy, I would think it was one of my own grandkids or something..

    Bye for now !
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    And I looked at the pictures of that sweet little one!!! How wonderful well "Momma" did through it all! Then "Grandma"k didn't do too bad either! Congratulations to the whole family!!!

    i hadn't heard the name Lorraine used in a long time. it is an old name like my great, Arabella. Just love them both. Congratuations again and again.

    Belated Happy Birthday to you Rock! Are you 70? My you are young!! I'm not kidding either. Hope it was a good one and many, many more.

    And Julie: You are 52!!! Oh my goiodness. I can barely remember what I did when 52!

    OH YES! I made a mistake on the number ofr years that we have lived in the home. It is 57 years instead of 37. Short term memory loss!

    Granni: That BIG problem that I did WRONG was ask on FB for the x-friends son who mows to bring his trimmer the next time he mows! Pastor was so mad I put that on there. The next day I asked x-frie3nd if it was OK with her if I give mower boy a list of all that needed trimmed---he didn't do it when he mowed. There were 12 different places where it was so bad and long that I was ashamed of it. she got up from coffee then and left crying!!!!!! Pastor was really mad then and bawled me out! Do you ever wonder how you can get in so much trouble with just a fewe words??? x-friend is still mad at me!!!! Her hubbby came and did the trimming and was so nice about. Said e would do the mowing from now on. I have another male friend who is also an x-friend as he is in cahoots with the other 2----they feel that they are head of the church and all that goes on. My motto is "I WAS HERE BEFORE ANY OF THEM AND IT IS ALSO MY CHURCH AND NO ONE CAN RUN ME OUT!!!

    Nasty Joan! my kids agree just t5o leave them alone. So much for that topic, when I should be writing about little Lorraine! what a sweetheart and she has hair. My D and none of my 3 GD's had hair when they were born.

    I'm so glad that they are both getting along OK with the nursing.Baby #1 and I never got the hang of it.

    Elaine: He sounds like a good match for you! And if your mom likes him he has to be good! Just so you are having a good time and enjoying being with him!

    I'm anxious to hear how Keira likes thaat new sister! I bet she will love her!

    Tomorrow a.m. I need to be at hospital (17 mi. from home) to have my speech checked. I'm sorry that I even mentioned it! Fine now! I'm always awake by 5 but it will be on my mind----don't forget to get up!!!!

    my "baby", Maggie, my cat is pawing my hip and meowing----that means I want to go to the back of the house. Yesterday it hit 96---probably lots of you had that too------Today is better and had a quick rain shower.

    Oh my, I read through my last "letter" and I don't know how any of you read it-----so full of typos! oh well---it's my age.I will tell you in Oct how old I will be. Some on FB probably have already figured that out!!

    What did I do today! I really don't know---just odds and ends!

    I finished a good book last eve. It's by Dr. Phil's wife and it tells their and her stories plus what rules she lives by. I wish we could have done that but you have to be a special pair to do that. The book is "Inside My heart" and granddaughter gave it to me for Xmas 4 yrsl ago!!! I din't think I would care for it but I did and glad that I gfinally read it.

    My mind is a blank page and it is gettking about time for me to eat. IO have fresh-picked blueberries, clemintines, grapefruit.....that all sounds and are soi good!.

    Congratulations again, grandma! What an event and thrilling time this is!!! Give them all kisses from a great-grandma!!

    Gentle Hugs,

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    I know I have been gone awhile but heard there was a birthday today, really TWO- Happy Birthday Rock and Baby Lorraine. I really just don't have a lot of time yet, rebuilding your life from scrap at 54 is not easy. The inside of the house is done but not without a battle then a war. I am now waiting for a front porch, back deck and new driveway, it may happen by fall-really! I have been digging dirt again, it feels like that is all I do, I have been looking for lost jewerly, which I found most of but still missing my favorite 1 ct plat solitare :-( I am going to get a metal detector from my neighbor as it was not in the pile that the contractor took out from the wreckage, they used a big dozer bucket and picked up my bedroom and moved it to the back of my lot and I have been going threw it one bucket at a time, I am not done and still looking for a loose 1/2 ct stone that belonged to my grandma.

    I had 2 deaths in one week a few weeks ago, my grandaughters FIL committed suicide and her and Dan came home from Germany for 3 weeks, they did come see me and brought my grandson too. Then 3 days after the FIL's death a good freind and neighbor lost her 52 yo son in a car wreck, he was her first born and has another son.I was getting ready to go to PA to be with Dan and Haley, but it was really crazy with Dan's psyhco mother and the death of my freinds son, they said for me to stay and they would come see me. Both deaths were hard on me, just so close to home, it has been a month now. My freind just gets threw one day at a time, sometimes one hour at a time. I have been spending more time with her or talking on the phone. She use to paint and I have been getting her back into it again.

    In between everything, I have been trying to paint again and am organizing a art show for Sep again. See it never stops-lol. I have had my ups and downs but doing well considering all. I think of you all often but really don't spend a lot of time on the computer other than skyping with Haley about everyday. I am so proud of her, she is now 6 months pregnat and doing well. She was really close to her FIL and still dealing with that, but physically doing ok.

    I will try to come visit more often so please forgive me, I need to do some reading to catch up and see what is going on with who. I did see where Lindsey had her baby on Facebook, Granni and Joan "visit" me and keep asking me to come visit you so here I am. But my faithful Twy is waiting for our cart ride, yes some things never change. She had a real hard time for awhile then my neighbors got a new pup and they hit it off so she is back to her fiesty self-lol. So here is a big Queens wave to awl and will try to be back soon-Love-Carla
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Carla - How nice to see you here on the Porch again. So sorry that you have had so many terrible things going on within a week or two of another. That is terrible with Haley's FIL and also your dear friend's son. So glad that you are helping her and trying to get her interested in painting again. We miss you here but understand how busy you are with still trying to get your house and yard and belongings in order plus everything else going on in your life.. Just come back when you can sweetie.

    Joan - What a stupid thing for them to get get all upset about. Sorry but I couldn't live like that if that was happening all the time. It sounds like if it isn;t this it will be that or they will make up something to fuss about. That Pastor has issues is all I can say !! and perhaps some of your x friends too but that is ridiculous. I have forgotten what else you were talking about.

    You spoke as if there was a picture of Lorraine but I didn't see any even looked. Maybe you were just looking at your sweet babies pictures !! New babies are all beautiful and sweet. I just loved them, even those not mine :) !!!

    Rock - Hope you had a wonderful day today. Sounds like you did in your birthday thread - a nice nap is always good. I even had one today, after going to my Rheumy and going out to lunch. I really zonked out today. Did you get to blow out any candles today ? Did Gordon make you a cake ?? If so, what kind :) !!

    Well hope everyone is doing well today. I can't believe that it is almost the weekend coming up already - wow !!

    Spring Water - How are you doing sweetie? I have been thinking about you and your newsy posts.

    Elaine - Hope youare behaving yourself :) !!!

    Hope to check on you all tomorrow. Nite all !

  19. jole

    jole Member

    Carla, it's wonderful to see you again! I'm rarely on FB so miss you, and didn't realize you were still having so many problems getting your house finished. That's just unreal! Yes, I'm sure this is still very trying for you. My hubby's cousin lost a home to fire years ago, and although his wife made everyone feel it wasn't a big deal, their marriage didn't survive the stress. So I know it's very hard dealing with everything, especially alone!

    Sorry to hear about Hailey's FIL and your friend's son. So much sadness in the world, it always makes our troubpe seem insignificant, desn't it?

    Julie, congrats on that new GB...I'm sure she's a real sweetie. Am about to fall asleep as I type, so will add more in a day or so. Hugs to all..........Jole