Porchlight 498 is ON!

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  1. springwater

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    Turning on the porchlight after long time.

    Since everyone seems bit tired and in recovery mode, i am providing lots of throws and
    beanie bags on top of a big soft carpet on the porch for droppers in to just throw themselves
    on stretch themselves out. Tea, coffee and juices available. A music box with all kinds of music
    from soothing classical to 50s and 60 love songs (Paul Anka, Frank Sinatra etc) to Guns n Roses
    (for Elaine), to rousing Gospel. Just reach out and put on whatever you like.

    Hot spicy meat balls, or a variety of salads, cheese sandwich, fries and ice cream for those
    with a sweet tooth.

    Well, what did i do? Im forgetting. Oh, yes. Day before i went to the monastery. Been
    long time since i went. Nice cloudy day. With a bit of wet in the air. This monastery is
    up on a hill top. Lots of stairs to climb. Watched some dogs try to take on a monkey.
    Theyre trying to establish their turf on the temple grounds. Baby boom season for
    monkeys. Saw so many tiny babies on their mommys backs. The temple is in middle of
    this forest so plenty of breedingground.

    While descending the stairs another way while returning, i saw two men apparently having
    it out, shouting, grabbing each other by the neck, they were blocking the stairs. I tried
    peering thru the leaves and saw that it was a shooting going on for a tv movie it seems.

    Yesterday i went visited my DHs aunt and cousin. The baby is growing like anythng and
    my toddler nephew is also becoming strong and sturdy. Took photos and videos of them
    to post so their aunts abroad can see. Aunts other two daughters who arent here miss
    seeing them grow up and are always clamoring for pictures. neither aunt nor uncle use
    computers and cousin sis is too worn out looking after two kids to make effort to post
    from outside so it falls upon me.

    Cousin sis was complaining about her ma in law. In thier tradition, sis cannot return to her
    marital home with the new baby and son from her parental home (where she is recovering
    from delivery) until her ma in law formally invites her back. Huh. And her ma in law is studiously
    avoiding doing that. Just to show her power. Ma in law by the way is not in nepal but in
    Singapore where cousins sis's husband has his business. So what problem can she have with
    phoning and telling her DIL to go back to her marital house? Sis has talked to her husband
    about it, but he is such a mamas boy he has to tread carefully in order not to hurt his moms
    feelings. So he has told his mom to formally tell cousin sis but the mom in law is taking her own time. Its been three months since cousin sis came to her marital home. We all of us keep
    wondering what the heck for did our uncle and aunt give their daughter in marriage to this
    particular house and community. The answer, greed. because they are rich. And because they didnt know how the household actually functioned and the power struggles that would ensue.

    Well hugs and waves to all.

    Jole, been long time no see. Linda u too. Barry, everyone. Thinking of all our MIAs and sending out good thoughts.

    God Bless

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    I see you didn't forget how to turn on the porchlight. Good thing the electricity was
    working. Ours got turned off the other day. The water and power dept. has had
    trucks and men here for the past 3 days. One of them was up in a cherry picker
    this morning doing something. I wouldn't want to do it anyway. Three stories off
    the ground surrounded by deadly wires and palm fronds. Too scary for me.

    Tomorrow Gordon and I are going to visit two dogs at a shelter. One is a Shih-tzu
    (there seem to be numerous ways to spell that breed) and the other is a Shih-tzu mix.
    I think both are puppies.

    I told Gordon we need a short haired dog. Grooming for longhairs is too expensive.
    And mixed breeds are healthier. We do not need a show dog. We need one dog
    to be a companion to us and to Zippy. He says, "Yes, but Shih-tzus are cuter."
    So there you have it.

    Went to the library Friday. They had so many books on hold for us, I couldn't
    carry them all. (Only had one plastic bag.) Gordon went back Sat. and got the
    rest. Some of the titles I don't even remember. I must have gotten them from
    the Daedalus catalog.

    Had a weird gastronomic experience earlier tonight. There was a grape on the
    kitchen counter, so I ate it. Really weird taste. Finally figured out why. It
    wasn't a grape; it was a grape tomato. Somewhat akin to pulling on the handle
    of a kitchen counter and having the door swing the wrong way.

  3. Granniluvsu

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    I don't know where to start on this post !

    Good news is we got (or they picked out) our new Music and Liturgy Director. Wow, talk about his resume for all the church wats but I guess it ends up cheaper to hire just one person instead of two. Haven't met him yet andhe wasn't been introduced ormentioned yet at church as he is not free from the church where he is presently working. He will be free on September 1st. It will be interesting to see him and get started again with choir practices and special music. The other one we just had was very good to talent wise but many did not get along with her. I am suspecting that part might have been her fault and some from others making up stories and not loking anyone telling them what to do (even if she was supposed to be in charge), from what I have heard and seen. I just keep my mouth shut and watch. It is very long and involved but look forwards to the new Director. I am sure others from the other choir that I was not in and then quit will be coming back. We'll see how that all works out. Some people never like change !!

    Bad news is that I found out the othe day what was happening to my directors husband (of our small group where we live) who has been having problems and they just got a DX. Unfortunately it is Dementia. Threy are both in their late 80's and she has her own health challenges and was hoping to make this year our last year to sing or at least with her a leader. We are the group that goes around to nursing homes, assisted livings ,etc, and she said that next October we will be going to probably do our last gig (Halloween )at her church where they have monthly programs for the people with Alzheimers, dementia and their care givers. She also worked there and helped with the programs. It is so worthwhile.

    She is not only upset about her husband but also about having to give it up prematurely and the possiblity of our group dying if no one else wants to take it over, which is a very big commitment. This has been going for quite a few years now. I can't remember how long right now. We know people who have the talent but that is only part of it. Wellm enough of that. That is so sad. She had to also cancel the cruise that some of us are going on from the area. It was a 5 day Caribbean cruise. The bus comes and gets us all and brings us to the port in Galveston, great deal but I feel so sorry as they were looking forwards to it, especially her.

    SW - thanks for both of you nice long posts and your starting us up again with all the right stuff. Your poststell so much about you, your family, and your culture. That must have been something going to the monestary seeing all those mommy monkeys and babies all around.
    That woman ( I forget who she is now) who is holding back her permission for that gal to go back to her wedding house sounds like she likes power. Sounds like a real pain to me,amongst aother things :)!! I know what you mean about exercising. If DH was not around to keep reminding me I probably would forget to go half the time. However, I know I have to, due to my osteoporosis for one as well as trying to keep flexible with my FM. Plus I am gaining weight too. Think some of it is from maeds and others from not enough movement and exercise.

    We haven't danced in some time due to the closing and tearing down the dance studio a few years ago. Now we won;t be singing with that group much either as her husbandis the one who was just dxed with dementia. At least he will be going to a neurologist next week to help with his memory, etc.

    However, we are singing now again with the Choral Society on Monday nights. In a few weeks DH and I will be taking a bibile study on Monday afternoons. So that will be a busy day.

    Elaine- how nice to see you again. Hope that Lyrica continues to help you and that you donpt need to go see that pain doctor all the time again. That should help you a bit to be able to come to the Porch hopefully :)!!

    Georgia - Glad you will go to see your dad while you can. It is a very hard thing to have to do I know esp when you donpt feel so good yourself. How nice that Grandpa will be going with you.

    Teacher - Well school starts tomorrow or this week I think. So, hope you are sleeping while you can and that you will feel stronger when you get back to scholl after all that you have been through recently with the flooding and moving.

    Rock - wow, all those books. You must read more that my DH who reads while he watches TV or anything else. I read much slower and I donlt always retain it very well. Of course I do not read daily either. It is great that you love to read inmany ways and that is why we come to you for all the answers or most of them :) !!!!!

    We are eating out later with some birthday friends. It should be fun.

    Well everydobby I gotta go for now. Tomorrow the decorator pops in for a bit and we will try and find out some things from her and then carpet people come and measure for our carpeting. I miss so many of you it would take a very long time to list you ALL !!.

    Love to awl
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    I've taken my break, and things seem about the same. Summer has not been what I had hoped for. It is usually the best time of the year for me, but hasn't lived up to it this year...pain/fatigue, etc. never seemed to let up. My sis, brother and I planned on getting together and even that hasn't happened!

    Hubby's back has not improved, and we've made several trips (3 hour one way) to the neurosurgeon. Have exhausted all options (therapy, spinal injections, etc.) so surgery is now set up for Oct. 7th to have a spinal fusion. He's anxious to get it done and get rid of the pain, but I'm very concerned. He's 71, has severe sleep apnea, and this is a major surgery. He's not ready to quit farming, much less leave the farm, and I can see severe depression setting in when this is over.

    Would love to have more emotional support from the kids for their dad. Just phone calls to say they care. Our one son has taken FMLA to be here and do the farming, which has caused problems with our one SIL who thought he would get the farm....so our DD isn't talking to us now!
    The other three are busy with their lives and rarely talk to us. Not sure what's going on, because that's just not normal for our family. Afraid our one DD is getting them stirred up, but don't know that....just a feeling. Maybe I'm just emotional, and that's all there is to it...lol...

    It seems as though everyone here is plugging along, but I see some are also slowing down. It looks like Georgia and Julie are giving in a bit with their hectic schedules. Granni, it seems strange to not have you dancing any more.

    Rock, I'm sorry you have so much going on in your life right now, but hoping it's going to all be for the better soon. Having a new digs in the works may be something to look forward to, if it doesn't become too overwhelming.

    Spring, you seem to be the young, energetic one of the bunch, although I know you don't always feel like it. Love reading your posts and seeing your country through your eyes. It's like another time and place to me :)

    Teacher, back in school....my grands were all excited....not about school of course, but clothes, friends, etc. You know, anything but learning! Know you make it fun though.

    Elaine, so good to see you back to your old self, sweetie. And so happy you found something for the pain. None of us want to take those meds, but you do what you need to do to keep on going.

    Do Joan, Carla and Linda ever come on anymore? Didn't see them in the past couple vol. I know I'm missing people, but will be back soon. Love to all.........Jole
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    Elaine - no I dont take anythng in particular for my fatigue, i dont knw what to take. I have a vitamin B complex capsule evry day and an iron tablet. thats it. I try and hav a health drink
    daily. and fruits. esp bananas because those dont fight with my delicate innards. anything acidic
    sets off my gastritis.

    Jole - lovely to see you once again. Tho i wish you werent having all those issues with the
    children re farm etc.

    Rock - haha...Gordon wants a shih tzu bcoz it wil be cuter! I used to feel that way. Not any more.
    No sirree. I wil not be taking on any more dogs after this lot. No energy left. Thankee.

    Julie - sorry to hear you have decided against the trip but hope you will be able to go on
    one at a later date when its more feasible.

    Georgia - Children of Sanchez sounds exciting. Human interest stories are always so engrossing
    and informative. And Mexico is such a interesting country, its ways, its culture, its cuisine.
    I understand what youre saying about your father. Complicated isnt it? Human relationships almost always are.

    Granni - nice to know you will be singing in the Chorale. Im sorry to hear about your directors
    DH who is dxd with dementia. Oh dear. Why does life throw up these challenges?

    I visited my ma in law today. Let her do the usual thing she does. Vent. About the past. About DHs uncles. About DHs uncles wives. The injustices she suffered. What not. Only i been
    in the family long enough now to know not to believe everything she says.

    It rained. My DH bought some corn cobs which he proudly announced as being 'American'.
    I dont know what that meant but they were tasty. I boiled them.

    My middle brother came with some news which was really upsetting and capable of setting
    me off on a relapse again. But i dont feel like sharing it right now and getting everyone down.
    I did some breathing exercises and trying to handle it and do what i have to do, but i will
    keep needing to do my breathng and meditation practises to keep me from getting panicky.
    I phoned my elder brother, just to share. I will write more when i see how things develop.

    I try and try to believe that we are here for a purpose and that we were born not to suffer
    but to rejoice, but its so difficult to sustain faith sometimes. Everytime one squares ones shoulders and try to soldier on, somethng comes up to try and take one down.

    I knw its not only me. The IMDB Board itself has so many stories which tell me i am not alone
    in the challenges that come up & there is comfort in knowing its not only me.

    God Bless

  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, the decorator lady was herer to talk about carpet colors and everything and the carpet lady came to measure and then give us a bit. We have to wait for the bit sometime today I hope. Hope it is not to high so we can order from them and not start all over and maybe not get one or two of the rooms. It is so much work to get the final product. It will really look different when and if it ever gets done.

    Jole - I am so glad to see you sweetie. Yes, it seems like so many have disappeared from the Porch even if it is only temporary and it is so quiet, in comparison to what it has been. However, others have their own problems as you know. You have been missed a lot too !! Hope you can come by more requently.

    So sorry to hear that your summer plans have not turned out the way you wanted and your DH's back is still doing badly and needs back surgery. I know that is not fun but since you tried everything else and they did not work and he is still miserable, go for it Sorry it is also so far for you to drive. Is that where the hospital is where the surgeon is ? If you wanted to be with him part of the time perhaps you can stay either in the same room with him at night (to eliminate the awful drive back and forth from home to hospital and visa versa. Or there might even be some places really close by with rooms not to expensive, that you could rent or just stay temporarily.

    Hope there isn't to much in fighting going on as you think (about the land or whatever). That just makes healing worse as well as you feeling worse than you are all the time. Sorry you have'nt been feeling that great lately either.

    I had a situation when my mother was VERY sick and I am sure my SIL esp. , brother and kids thought I ws just a lazy non caring person not to come up and spend time with my mother when she was so bad. They even wanted me to take her after she broke her first hip and didn't like me very muc when I said no. Our house is also not made for especially older people. The extra bed and bathroom is upstairs for one thing..

    I don't think they paid much attention to me when I told them I wasn't feeling bad and in pain all the time.. That was before I was dxed with FM, etc but I did have hi b/p that does not behave. I did go see her a couple weeks before she died but we lived thousands of miles apart too. I told more of the story in the last Volume, to Georgia. If you want to look at it. Some people can be very judgemental when they don't have a clue of what is going on with you (or me).

    I know your situation is a bit different and there may be some greed involved with yours, I hope not. Hope all goes well with his surgery and that he can get to feeling much better after that with re4hab and such. Hope things work out well for you both and your kids, etc.

    Here is a little info on some of our Porchies who haven't been able to come by as often as they used to.

    Yes some of Porchies pop in and out and some are mnostly out but you can catch some on FB. Carla is sstill workingon her house, the porch on her house is just about done I think and is on FB to see if you are on it. She is stillwaiting for her backyard work to begin. She is also somewhat recovering from a burn she got in an accident but she seems to be OK now with that. Yu can see her pictures of her new home and all and new doggie Princess to add to Twy's cpmpany.

    You can also see Joan there with many pics she has. She pops in every now and then to let us know waht is going on. She is also on FB alot.

    Elaine is coming along and trying out Lyrica for pain (back I think) to see if it will continue to help her. She seems to be doing much better.

    Linda- also pops in every now and then to surprise us. All seems to be well with her and Lucie Ducie and family.

    Rock - comes in as often as he can between bouts of no energy, dopey computers, etc.

    Mickey =- is also on FB and seems to be doing well. I really miss all our MIA'sl but they all have their lives.

    Julie - has been so busy with her family and new granddaughter Lorranie and her family. She does pop in fairly often, as ofter as she can with all her responsibilities.

    Georgia - I am sure it is hard for you to put aside the hurtful times with your father. You are doing the right thing thought doing your part to try and make it right towards the end for you dad.

    Glad you are writing things down in your journal. That should help some in venting and getting rid of some of your anger and hurt you feel. Great idea !!

    Miss all our MIA's and hope they can come back sooner rather than later :)!

    Love you all,

  7. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I just wrote a tale of woe and it went poof!!!!!! Tomorrow I'll do it again. Too tired right now. Sorry so many of you feel down, both mentally and physically

    my comp. is messed upd-----all my fault! I installed Incredimail and boy, did mess things up! I spent long hours over weekend and the past 2 days trying to get things b ack as gthey were. I got Incredimail off the comp,. but it messed up things. Again, I will call friend to fix it ----more expenses. Oh welkl, just money! Ha!!

    See you again with rest of my story.

    Blessings and Gentle Hugs to myu dear friends.


    P.S. I read recently that a 2 hour nap in the afternoon is good for you!!!!Sounds good to me!
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, it is almost time for dinner and checking my mail, etc. Just got back from WM and my feet are killing me. Crazy day , went to the dentist and found out as I suspected that I needed a crown . So I will have to get that done ! Great timeing with ordering our rugs too. I just had my teeth perio cleaned I guess you call it. Good grief more money gone :)!! Once the house is semi fixed up we probably won't buy anything :)!! Have to change my appointment for crown as DH is getting on the end of the month too - ouch !

    I was supposed to go have my hair done today but got the call for my teeth today. I was overdue so I knew I had better go there and cancel my hai appointment which I made for Thursday afternoon.

    Joan - sorry you lost your LONG post. I know how frustrating that is. It gets me sooo mad !! I have done that quite a few times myself. I would like to throw the computer out the window if I could.

    BTW, I did the Incredimail to for awhile. It was cute and fun but DH and I share the computer andhe didn't like it and it got a little crazy so we got rid of it too.

    Hope this finds everydobby doing as well as possible. That nap sounds good too but it is to late and then I am afraid won't sleep well at night.

    Julie - Hope all is well with you and family with all tht has been going on lately.

    Teacher - How are you doing with casses starting again ?

    Jole- Hope to see you soon again on the Porch. Missing you and many others. The list is much to long to mention.

    Did a bit of editing but not to much.

    Love to awl,
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  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Nice to hear from you, Jan and Jole. I think I said that in my post on the loungers
    thread. You too, Joan.

    Georgia, you are an angel to try help your father. I gave up on my old drunk
    as soon as I was independent. And he didn't give a darn either!

    I'm having a lot of trouble keeping things straight these days. Went to get a piece
    of cheese outta the fridge. Discovered I had cut a slice two days ago, then put it
    back in the fridge. Uff-da!

    Lost my keys yesterday. That cost $90. Sakes Alive!

    Just haven't got the N-R-G or brain power to respond to everydobby, but I
    am reading your posts and cheering you on.

    Just cooked some turkey sausages. You know, they should make sausages
    square. It's just too hard to get them to brown evenly. Ya turn 'em over and
    they stubbornly roll right back to where they were.

    Gotta go finish the dishes.

  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Im sorry, Keiras other family sounds like mine. My own dad n mum and siblings. Dad n mum shud never of had kids and we should never of had kids ourselves.

    I sure hope u wont let keira go anywher near her other family. it wil do nothing for her self esteem as she grows.

    I was in a daze myself yesterday and day before becoz my middle brother told me my niece
    who is abroad is seriously mentally ill and has tried to kill her self several times already.
    I knew she was depressed since leaving college for summer break and living with strangers
    (her moms family but whom she had never met bfore). To think of all the expense my sis in
    law who works as a care giver in israel went thru to send her daughter abroad for further
    studies. To think this daughter shes good in studies and has never done anything bad,
    very very quiet girl has gone to pieces like this! Since May, she has been moved from relative
    to friend to friend where they all despaired and refused to take any more responsibility.

    The last host family threatened my sis in law to hand over the daughter to the police because she was slashing her wrist and has to be looked after 24 hours. Even they have become ill
    with the strain. We are trying to bring her back. Thats what i was working on. Theres problems wth getting brothers visa. And shes in no condition to travel alone. seriously psychotic. They cant admit her to hospital because sis in law just cannot afford it. at least
    here, she wil be among family members and somehow we can treat her at the psychiatrist
    tho lord knows her family cant afford it. My husband is still paying thru his nose, to keep thier house from getting taken over by the bank and wil be doing so for another couple years.

    I think this must be a punishment for that family for borrowing so much money from others (besides ourselves) and instead of paying off , spending on sending thier daughter abroad for studies. so many people are angry and cursing them. I honestly thot she would do well, because she is a good girl and would somehow work and study at same time. as it is so many
    kids here dont even get their visa to the usa to study further, and this girl crossed all those hurdles and now THIS!!! Our familys rotten mental disorders have come in the way!

    i m feeling a little stable today so have decided to go to another monastery to pray she gets
    back somehow before she harms herself.

    i had written to a cousin who has arranged for a friend who is there to bring her back but he wil not be able to handle her alone. The friend lives here and was due to return so it wil be a huge relief if it can work out.

    Please everyone pray for my niece. that she can come back and get better.

    God Bless

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to check my mail but have to get ready t go out this monring !

    Julie - so sorry you are having problems with Nana and her husband. Just wondering if they are one of those who have other medical problems who take it for pain. but if they have smoked it for years before they probably weren;t. I know s person, a dear friend fro school who had taken it for her severe glaucoma. She has had terrible eye problems since she was a child. That is terrible tht they are still smoking the stuff, can dfinatelyhurt the kids I am sure in one way or anoather.

    As far as STRESS I can tell you that I am pretty sure that is what caused me to get the CRUD many years ago when the kids were younger. I had some problems with one of the girls, a Grandpa (DH's dad) had Alzheimers disease and I was still doing childcare at home and I believe I was planning a wedding too. I am sure the stress got to me and hit me like a bomb !! I have had all this stuff for at least 25 yrs !

    SW - sorry to hear about your neice being so mentally ill. Yes, she needs to get to mental health specialist as soon as possible before she does more damage to herself. She doesn't need jail she needs medical mental health. That is so sad for her and her family too. Such a big worrry ! I know it is a worry for you. Be strong and try not to let this get you down. It seems like you are doing OK but I know it is hard for you and all.

    Hugs to everydobby. Have to get off this puter and get dressed so I can get ready too go out to mu luncheon.

    Love to awl,

  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I'm having Fritos and Coke for breakfast. I'm so sick of watching
    my diet, I could just ______ (insert word of your choice).
    Howsomever, it's actually not too unhealthful. After all, Fritos
    are made from corn and corn is a vegetable.

    And coke contains lots of sugar and sugar is also made from
    vegetables (corn, beets, cane). So there we are.

    Julie, sorry to hear the disturbing news about Keira's other
    relatives. Young people hate to be told that their boy/girl
    friend comes from a bad family, but there's a lotta potential
    for trouble there.

    Glad to hear the Honor Flight was a success. A couple months
    ago the village paper from MN had a similar story. Several
    old vets from neighboring villages and Rochester had the
    same experience.

    Granni, hope you had a nice luncheon. Did you have the soup
    du jour? I had that once. It's chicken. Met the new music
    minister yet?

    Springwater, sorry to hear the news about your niece.
    Granni is right. She needs doctors, not the police. Actually,
    if the police were called, they would take her to a hospital.
    not a jail.

    Joan, sorry to hear about another post that went Poof! (Seems
    like we have a lot of bad news this trip around. On the other
    hand, it's encouraging that everydobby keeps struggling on,
    doing the best as one can.)

    I lost part of a post recently. Not quite sure how that happened.

    Georgia, not familiar with Oscar Lewis. You know, back in
    MN, "Oscar" was considered a Norskie name. Here in CA,
    it's considered a Mexican name.

    One of my bridge-playing friends had a volume of Mexican history by
    William H. Prescott from the l9th century. You can read about
    Prescott on Wikipedia. The "H" in his name stands for Hickling.
    A name that sounds like it could belong to a brother of
    Huckleberry Finn.

    Well, ratbane! Lost part of this post too. Time out while
    I reconstruct.

    Jole, hope DH has good luck w/ his surgery. I had a co-
    worker who had 2 or 3 back surgeries w/ good results. His
    dr. told him the results are not always good because tissue
    and bone can grow back and cause problems.

    His dr. also said men need to stop putting their billfold in
    their back pocket. Sitting on it throws things outta balance.

    Ok, will try again to get this posted. As the cartographer said,
    "Sange de Cristo!"

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Had a nice time at the luncheo today and even won a prize - some nice body lotion ans body wash sold by a raeally nice place here. None of their stuff is really cheap, although that was probably one of the cheaper things in the shop, besides the picture frame I had won from them once before.

    I came home and DH told me tht the lady called to set up a atime for installation of the carpet. So, I had to call and do that. It will probably be about the first week of September. The first installation may be Aug. 31st but that depends on the carpeting and if it is where it should be at that time . It will either be the 31st or the beginning of September. Then we will have the other room done a couple of days later. There is to much stuff everywhere. I am trying to use this time to go through stuff to give away to onr of those places that pick up donations on Saturday. Have to get rid of a bunch of stuff in closets tht are not hanging up so they can install. Clothing will have to be put someplace if hanging low close to the floor. What a pain but what can I say if you want new carpeting you have to go through the mess. Not looking forwards to all the moving of stuff that WE have to do.

    Georgia - Glad to hear that you are doing better after you got your medicine and that you are enjoying working at the Nursing home. You temp sounds like it is here lately. However, it will not be 79 here tomorrow.
    for sure. I do not think it has been that cool ein the evening lately. Thanks God for a/c. Think about all the people that lived here in TX in the pioneer days with long hot clothes, esp the women and no electricity.

    Julie - Hope you have a good trip next week with Linds and Lorraine and that all goes well for everyone.

    SW and Rock - glad to see both of you and your long posts, even though right now I cannot remember too much :)!!. BTW, Rock I have not seen the new Music Director yet. He probably won't be seen by us in the choir till maybe after this weekend. He is still comitted to his church till the beginning of September. It will be interesting. My friend who works in the church office says that he is really nice and that he will need someone to answer questions

    So sorry to hear about your neice SPRING WATER and hope she will get the care that she needs.

    Jole- Hope to see you more on the porch and tht thing get better with your DH and his surgery. Sorry he has to have it but sometimes you donlt have much choice.

    Teacher - How are you at school now that it has started. Hope you are not terribly pooped to come check with us on the Porch some. I am sure you feel like crashing in bed when you get home. Hope Baby is being helpful and behaving !!

    Hugs to everydobby even if you were not mentioned.

    Love all of our MIA too,
  14. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Let's see if I can do better this time. I am about blind right now from too much computer and reading.

    Everything hurts. I did laundry today and it makes my back hurt so bad---bending over too much. but it is done but-----in ther basket clean. I had an inspiration this a.m. at coffee that I really needed a hair cut. The hubby of the hairdresser goes tio coffee and told her I was coming in. She cut it fast but I believe it is just what I wanted and OK. I can't always say that.

    I thought that this week would be better for all around me. No----it's not. A young couple that I know just a ilttle----when you live in a small town you know everyone-------has a 1 yr. old baby girl with leukemia. All are praying for her and her family. I know I think that the phone rang so must check. Be back/

    Nope. I finally hve the doors both open for the wonderful fresh air and neighbor is doing something noisy.

    I know that this sound weird but they said that if she was to have leukemia, this was the best type to have! she will go ingto remission. Then a former classmate of mine is having dangerous surgery tomorrow a.m. he is to have a heart valve replaced and also some more heart work done. To be a 6 hr. surgery. he made the choice to have it. It is much less than a 50-50% iof success. Oh my. Then a young lady that we knew as a little girl had the same type cancer and my friend's son died from. Well, she passed away today.

    Then the first ofr the week, hubby's nephew wrote on FB that his brother;s wife is dying of brain cancer. U=I have a soft spot for that newphew (one who wife is dying) After the luncheon that followed Harley's burial, everyone at my table left and I realize3d that I was ALONE, REALLY ALONE. MKy ki9ds were all sitting at tables with their children. this young man came over to me and knelt by me and said the sweetest things to me. Of course, I have known him since birth but this is the first time I ever realized how sweet he is. He is praying for his wife's passing as she is in soooo much pain. Just waitikng for the call. Of ccourse, I can't go to memorial as I don't want to hitchhick! If it isn't one thing, it is a dozen!!!!!!

    i did get this thing working yesterday. He wanted to know if I put Incredimail on accidentally or on purpose. I sheepishly had to say on purpose. Never again!!!!!!!!

    Friends decided to have lunch tomorrow at lady whose son died---her house. It's pot luck and I don't have enough stuff to make a fancy dessert and I don't want to drive the 40 mi. round trip to grocery store. i did buy Mrs. Smith's frozen pies last week as they were on sale. guess Apple Crunch will be it.

    Elaine: How much, if I might be nosey, does your Lyric cost? I am to be on it 3 times a day. If I took that much, it would be $284 a month. Of course, insurance would pay a lot but then I would be in doughnut hole sooner.i take it once a day and Dr. knows i do.

    Oh Julie~~~~that sounds scary and insulting! Being suspected of something bad.Take care on your TN trip.

    Granni: It is greawt to have something new like the carpet but don't you hate the mess?? haven't had anything new for quite some time and won't unless something quits. Do you supppose it mighy be me that quits????!!!!????

    Rock: I loved your excuse that you made up for having Fritos and Coke for breakfast. You think of the most intriging things. (Did I spell that right?) I have been very good with my meals, I think. I have eaten loads and loads of sliced raw carrots (with low-fat dip) and lots of celery (stuffed with peanut butter). I sound a little like you---excuses, excuses.

    Oh SW! what family problems youi seem to have. That girls sounds mentally unbalanced but-----there is a reason. Hope she can return OK.

    Granni: I jusgt had my teeth cleaned too but I still need a crown, I think. Dr. told me the price it would be!!!!!!! $850!!!Am I worth all that at this age???? Talk to my son---he is kind of my consultant! Oh, and I have to have fillings at the end of Sept.

    I really don't want to go tomorrow even though I want to see the ladies. I really need to go to WM and I can't do both---no ENG left then. But I know that I will enjoy it when I get there.

    We are to be back in the 90's for the weekend. Isn't the moon beautiful? It is supposed to be something special on the 27th----Mars close to moon to look like 2 moons. It would have to be near 12:30 a.m. for me---hope I can stay awake that long!

    SW and Rock: Ienjoy your long posts even though yours,SW, is full of grief for your family.

    I am getting goofy----

    Probably missed some of you---still love you all.

    Blessings and Gentle Hugs,

    [This Message was Edited on 08/26/2010]
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Did some washing and trying to get rid of some of the stuff that need to be disposed of or moved so the installers can coome next weeks sometime to install the carpet. If you don't hear from me this nedxt week that may be most of the reason. After the carpets get in then everything will have to go back in its special place, even some of the clothes if they hang down. What a pain !!. Then this afternoon went and had my hair done. It was driving me crazy ! This horrible humidity has not helped either.

    Elaine - glad you are doing pretty well and may not need a pain doctor now that you are on Lyrica. Now maybe you can gain some weight too :)! At least that is what they say sometimes it makes people gain weight. I am sure you little neices will be thrilled with their packages. We know you can be here all the time but wish you could and understand !

    Georgia - Glad things are going well for you with your reitrement and you are almost there :)!! How nice tht you are enjoying your colunteer work to besides getting some things done at home.

    Joan - Hi there Sweetie ! Just wanted to mention thta my 8 year old grandson had leukemia also. He was dxed when he was aboaut 4 yrs old. He is now in remission so tht is very hopeful for your friends 1 year old. It is a ver hard thing to go through for everyone butit is now over with. Hopefully all will go well with her too. Years ago it was a death sentence. like for Barbara and George HW Bush's little daughter who died of it in those times. Now they save most of the children with this type of leukemia.

    I hope you get a little more NRG and get done what needs to be.

    I need to go check something else on the computer before I go get ready for nitey nite.

    Love to everydobby, inc those not mentioned and MIA

    I love you AWLL

  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - its rotten that because of someone else you have to open your doors to strangers
    so they can check things out. but its strangely reassuring to me too, that the us govt
    would take pains to do all that, here, nothng like that, so if kids here are unfortunate enuf
    to be getting abused and neglected, God help them.

    I hope you have a run of things going smoothly, Lord knows you had enough things happening
    without a stupid stupid thing like this taking place to add to the craziness.

    Grannni - Im happy to know your grandson that had leukaemia is in remission. how scary for the parents to have to deal with such a young child being sick like that.

    Joan - I am so sorry to hear about your husbands nephews wife that has brain cancer. What can i say? Praying for that whole family.

    Georgia yay! = your retirement has come at last and with it u can say goodbye to all those
    people who used to get on your nerves. enjoy your rest. i know you will start on your volunteering and the other job soon but you can enjoy a nice break from this one after working
    for so many years.

    now i havent copied anythng on to this page so cant remember any more

    my mind has been particularly trying to turn itself off these days and not face life. i went
    to the us embassy to enquire what i can do about niece, they said i have to get certificates
    from the college that she did attend the first semester, and i have to get medical certificate that she is indeed mentally very ill, this poses a problem. niece is stayng with 20 , 21 year olds like herself who study and work themselves and theyre petrified and dont know what to do. the poor things hadnt even met her before they got saddled with her and now dealing with someone who turns violent and has to be watched 24 hours.

    im working on the certificates. lets see.

    Its been raining a lot. I love the rain particularly when it rains at night and im lying there in the darkness and can hear the steady pattering of it on the ground and leaves outside. Besides the temps come down so much i actually hav to use a quilt.

    The other evening i had made a roast chicken and my DH invited his bro over. his step bro
    really who is old enuf to be our son actually, he is 26 and they had a nice long talk becoz bro works in a bank so gets the lo down on what all is happening with folks in town and their financial ups and downs. these days lots of people losing money in real estate here.

    take care all

    God Bless

    God Bless

  17. jole

    jole Member

    Georgia, so happy you're ready to relax a bit and work when you want to. It will be nice for you and grandpa to go whenever you want without having to take off work, huh?

    Springwater, that's so sad about your niece. I hope she made it home fine and gets the care she needs/deserves. She's so young to have such mental problems, and hopefully she can be helped so her life will turn out well. Is this the girl that had lived with you?

    Julie, what stress! But you'll make it through just fine. That Amy should be feeling very blessed to have you for her mother about now! It's so hard for us to watch our kids grow and make wrong choices. I hope her new guy is much better, and is there to help her. How is he with Keira? Hope your trip with Linds goes well....

    Granni, new carpet sounds like a mood lifter once it gets done. I know it must be a headache right now, but bet you'll enjoy it. I'd love a full hardwood floor home for the simple fact that it's so hard for me to vaccuum. But carpet is soooo soft! Anything new sounds good :)

    Whoops! Phone....Hugs......Jole

    Back. Nothing important, of course.

    Elaine, I'm happy to hear the Lyrica is working for you. I wish it had me. The pain seems to be getting gradually worse...or maybe it's just that I'm getting gradually older.... but you sound much better, and busier than you have in a long time, TG.

    Rock, your days are a lot like mine. No Fritos and Coke for breakfast here though. Out of Fritos. Had a ground roast beef sandwich. Of course it was 11:30 at the time. My sleeping time is usually from 4-6 am, with a 'nap' from 8:30-11 am.

    Have a baby shower to go to tomorrow...for preemie twins...who won't be there. Smart mother, not taking them. Both still on heart monitors, one still on oxygen, and can you believe some people are upset 'cause they won't get to see them? People are so darn self-centered any more. Hugs again....[This Message was Edited on 08/27/2010]
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Jole - How crazyt that some people are upset cause they don;t get to see the baby twins. They are just to tiny to be out of incubators and home now. Yes, I know wht you mean about people becoming so self centered lately.

    Julie - Can't believe you are having to go with what you have to go with [people snooping in hour home to make sure you are properly taking care of Kiera. Yes, I guess that is the right thing to do all things considered but it is hard for you and I am sure it is nerve wracking. Hope all works out well with you and the visit goes smoothly.

    Joan - Yes, my dear it is worth it to get your crowns put on, no matter what your age. I have the same thing and so does DH have one coming up =- nothing like both of us with these new carpets and stuff we got. Perfect timing, not that it is ever a good time to have to get a crown..
    Hugs to everydobby, inc Elaine, Teacher, Rock , Linda, Mickey and all my dear


    SPRING WATER- SO SORRY TO HEAR ABOUT THE TERRIBLE SITUATION WITH YOUR NIECE. HOPE YOU CAN GET THINGS STRAGHTENED OUT FOR HER. She just need watching and probably medication and not jail or anything like that, Hope you can help her. I am sure that makes you feel badly for her and then trying to do thre right and legal thing for her to get her the right help she needs. hOPE THAT STRESS doesn;t make you feel worse. Maybe just keeping busy and know what you need to do for her will help. I hope you can help sweetie.

    Love to all Porchies,
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  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - im trying not to let this situation get to me. If i let myself think about it too deeply
    and imagine her there on her own with people she barely knows and in a mad world of her own,
    unable to control her actions, i start getting panic attacks. we dont talk about it but i and im sure even my brother know its not a impossibility that we wil get a call saying niece tried to do something stupid and succeeded. lord knows she has tried enough times. shows her desperation.

    Jole - yes, this is my niece that stayed with me for 3 months. she was really quiet and withdrawn, but she was also very smart with her studies, and never got into anything bad.
    i had told my brother to think about it carefully before sending her, but my brother and his wife
    didnt listen.

    the new development is that right now i received a message from my sis in laws saying
    niece s friends had no option but to get her hospitalised. she again tried to do something

    this makes things easier. since now we wil get that certificate. i dont know about the expenses tho. how theyre going to handle that one.

    im just so afraid that niece has gone thru so much stress in her life, that her mind is too
    fragile to take more. my bro and his wife havent been the best of parents. she might not
    be wanting to face life even if she does get better. or maybe after taking meds she will
    find the will to live and its more of a biochemical thing. i hav to believe that.

    God Bless
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    SW -So sorry to hear about your neice doing something desperate because that is what it is. Elaine is right it will tke time but just be there for her as much as you can be from a distance. I know how hard that, maybe a note or a phone call. Yes, she definatly needs guidance and the strength of those who love her, like you. It is a shame that her parents didn't take heed to what you were saying when they were talking about her going away to school. Oh, how foolish that was. They probably just are hoping that everything will go well with her away from home. Some people just hate to believe that there are bad things happening to their children, even if it is under their noses - like burying ones head in the sand. Hope she can getinto a proper facility to get her started and then some meds and hoperfully home. Her studies will come later if all else goes well.

    Elaine - you can speak from your heart cause you know all the problems you had and have had to go through. It was really hard I think for you especially when you thought no one was supporting you at all which caused you do to what you did.. Thank God your mom and older brother came to their senses as well as getting rid of the person causing some of your horrible stress.

    Support is so very important with mental health as well as physical health, maybe even more . Especially since the person affected cannot see things as clearly as others, or have a distorted view of things.

    Just do what you can. I hope you caan get a doc to administer some pain med. for your back.. Then, maybe you can even be of more help if you are feeling better.

    Yes, do hold on to HOPE for your neice, as Elaine said.

    Hope everydobby else is doing OK. Trying to get rid of stuff in the closets that are going to be carpeted. i will be so glad when it is done next week sometime4 I think. it should be Wed. and Friday but we will see for sure.

    Love to all my dear Porchies,

    I know how hard it is especially when the person with the sickness is a distance away.