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    Rosin on the Bow and here we Go!

    Bow to your corner and your lady fair.
    All join hands; go round the square.

    All go forward; all go back.
    Now promenade around the track.

    Ain't gonna rain; ain't gonna snow.
    Grab your gal and away you go.

    Gents go forward; form a star.
    Ladies stay put right where you are.

    Do-see-do around the bend.
    Now all go home and that's the end.

    Caller: Herb Daniels
    Fiddle: Helmer Morem
    Squeeze box: Merle Roche
    Pianola: Bessie Kunkat

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  2. Granniluvsu

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    Rock - thanks so much for the square dance call and starting us up again. Hope you are feel OK today.

    TEACHER -PLEASE check the post I made for you ( the last on the last volume). I forgot that ws the end of the volume so I posted a faiarly long one. Sorry, it is to long right not to repost and I do not know how to move it from one place to another. God bless ysou and all my dear Porchies.

    Will try and check back later on. Need to go get dressed and get to WORK moving stuff for the installers.

  3. springwater

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    thank you for opening up with that merry song and lively dance!

    Elaine - i want to thank you deeply from my heart for all you wrote. I see you have gone
    through similar things and are able to empathise. I am trying to be strong and calm and work
    our way through this. Knowing you went through what you did and made the progress you
    have gives me hope. i will be patient and let my relatives know what to expect as told by
    you. we have no counseling services here at all, so i dont know what happens re that but still
    there is always hope.

    Teacher - my goodness. Theres a curse on this month. everyone is going through rough
    issues..or lets say rough - er. On top of you having to go thru all that you did years ago
    with your sister, you and your mum have to deal with a dad who believes he is Hitler
    Incarnated! I just cannot stand control freaks and am so happy you got out of there.
    I hope your dear mum also leaves there soon and joins you.

    Its nice to know Baby is an RA. My daughter said RAs have a very responsible position and
    are highly respected. Her freshman year roomie became RA and she was entitled to free
    board and all such good things. So Im sure you are so proud of Baby.

    I just wish all your tensions with father didnt come right after the floods and the havoc
    it created. Please make sure you give yourself down time and pamper yourself so u can

    Granni - how was your chorale practise? Im sure it went good. How long before your
    rooms get finished? it might be a headache now, especially if that elusive NRG is still
    hiding, but its gonna be so worth it afterwards. A room which looks the way you
    envisioned it.

    Julie - you okay, dear? havent seen your post lately.

    Georgia - how did you spend your first day free from The Resort responsibilities?
    I hope it went good. Remember not to stress about your father.

    Joan, Jole everybody hope you all doing as good as can be expected.

    Carla sent a message thru FB that she misses u all, that she is busy getting her
    house in order and since Twy has a new friend she is tied up looking after those
    things and wil try come by when she can. Sends her love to all. She posted a
    pic of her new porch on FB and i was wishing i could sit there and have a nice
    cuppa tea. she said she sat there the first night listening to crickets..enjoying
    the peace. Lovely. I love still nights. I dont have a proper porch.

    strange thing about me is my energy is coming back to me in the night. its now
    past one am and i am writing. i feel much lighter and motivated. i have just
    ground some almonds and going to heat some olive oil to mix in it and oil my
    hair. there was all the time in the daytime but did i have the nrg? no. Its
    come now. when most normal folks are in dreamland. i decided i should go
    by my clock.

    my niece has not got admitted yet. her friend that was looking after her got ill
    and couldnt take her.

    one thing which lifted my spirits was my paternal cousin whom i wrote to
    and who is trying to arrange a friend to bring her back has offered to pay
    for nieces air fare back. her younger brother actually offered. its so sweet.
    especially because i know my father took a lot of help from their father before
    i got married and when i was growing up. and now the cousin is trying to help.
    700 dollars would go a ways to helping but ive decided i will try and make my
    sis in law pay and only take up the offer if things get out of hand. its embarassing
    to take money like this. cousin sis also offered to take niece in but she herself
    is prone to bouts of depression and my niece is in no condition to go to yet
    another persons place.

    still the offer of help and knowing someone is out there caring lifted my spirits
    no end. i told my sis in law about the offer so she also would feel nice knowing
    her daughter did have well wishers and wasnt quite so alone out there.

    i wish these cousins were in the same city tho. they would have been able
    to help with getting niece around to hospital and all.

    today i visited my DHs cousin brother who is a monk. We always have talks re
    buddhism and he gives me his perspectives. He and i dont always agree on things
    but its nice to share opinions on those topics and other sundry ones.

    he is staying for two weeks. he stays in india in a monastery.

    my uncle and aunt who made me feel so unhappy the last time i visited by
    dissing my family, this time they were very sweet. no complaining, no
    haranguing. i came away happy and relieved i had finished visiting. This
    was somethng that was pending because DHs cousin arrived a week back.

    God Bless

  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I am sure you are sooo happy the day has finally come to leave the Resort and you can do what you want - woo hoo !! Glad you will now bae able to go to the Bible study. We will be starting one on monday afternoons all about Matthew, I think. It will last for some time but is only for a few hours each time.

    Hi to SW and everydobby else. I forgot who all posted. I need to get off actually pretty quick to finish up the stuff needed to be done before tomorrows carpet installation. Some dummy called this morning to say they were ready to come this monring. We told them we were not ready and someone else had told us Wed. was the day. The right hand did not tell the left hand was doing !! There is clothes and stuff everywhere even in some of the bathtubs.

    Gotta go and do some more work - will be so glad when it is all over and done with . Then we have to put all the stuff back again !! Ugh ! I am just vacuuming around in the corners mowtly and the throw rugs ad there will be a bunch of dush I am sure when they are done tomorrow . Friday should be the final room. They had not better be all confused about that one as we haven't hardly started taking stuff out of that room yet . So many things and books in an entertainment certer of sorts.

    Big hugs to awl !!,
  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Since we are getting some of our carpet tomorrow not sure when the computer will be up and running again. Even if it hoked up there will be so much to do to get things back together again. Friday comes another installation but only one room and more stuff to put back.

    Lots of hugs everydobby !
  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Nice to know you went on that trip. And enjoyed. I loved the pic of Lorraine and keira on your profile in FB.

    Georgia - yay! you got out of there. I hope you have a wonderful first day out of that place.

    Granni - can imagine all the mess, but think of the end result. A beautiful place just the way
    you want it.

    Thinking of Teacher, Jole, Joan hope all of you are doing good, i know yu were all dealing with
    different stuff. Elaine. you too.

    Rock - are those possums still coming around for cat kibble? And did u finally get a friend for

    I am feeling sluggish today. ugh. Lets see if i can make this sloth like body do anything
    productive today.

    God BLess
  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Woke up at 2 this morning feeling pretty good. This only
    happens 2 or 3 times a year. Used to wake up feeling terrible,
    but that has pretty much gone away. think it's due to the
    Vitamin D3 and grapeseed extract recommended by Jaminhealth.

    And the Vitamin B12 patch helps too. I wear it one day a week
    behind an ear. Lately I've developed bumps behind my ears.
    Is this a side effect? It's on the side of my head.

    Congratulations on your retirement, Georgia. I'm sure you'll
    be pleasantly busy w/ all your interests and crafts.

    Georgia, you can shout at last:
    The Resort is in the past!

    Granni, I hope you and hubby are not moving furniture and
    what all. Gordon is still busy cleaning out 4 rooms at his
    mother's old place. Mild excitement yesterday when he
    found a stick of dynamite. Subsequently decided it was a large
    firecracker. Well, you know the Chinese invented firecrackers.

    After the new carpet, are you taking a rest or are you making
    more changes and improvements? Too bad we don't all live
    nearby. You could have an open house, and we'd all bring
    something. Gordon and I could bring Norwegian cookies called
    krumkaka. They're made on a sort of miniture waffle iron.

    Julie, I would like to have seen Keira ironing. Little kids are so
    funny when the tackle some adult chore w/ great seriousness.
    Glad to hear you got the elusive diaper bag back. I lose stuff
    all day long. Wears me out.

    Springwater, I don't know if this would help your niece, but
    when she has access to a computer, she could read my profile.
    When I was her age I was severely depressed, attempted
    suicide, and had to be hospitalized.

    Maybe she would not find my situation relevant to hers. Anyhoo,
    you can think about it. Nope, haven't yet gotten a companion
    for Zippy. We are working on it though.

    Haven't seen any of the wild critters for months. I occasionally
    catch the aroma of skunk in the air though.

    Joan, hope your aches and pains have let up, at least some
    anyhoo. I've been eating a lot of peanut butter lately, but
    not on celery. On a spoon. Saves the trouble and calories of
    making a sandwich. Lost a new jar of Skippy the other day.
    Showed up in the fridge at Gordon's house.

    By the way, folks, we do not have a dog named Skippy. Just one
    named Zippy. He's about ten now, but still has the pep that
    gave him his name when he was a puppy. I'd be overjoyed to
    have ten % of it.

    Teacher, you've really got a lot going on w/ work and the flood
    and your father. I have posted over the years about the advice
    one of my therapist gave me: get the toxic people out of your

    Several years ago I got a scolding from some lady who said
    there was no such thing as toxic people.

    Well, everydobby is entitled to an opinion.

    Hope things calm down at your casa.

    Jole, has the surgery been scheduled for DH? I hope it
    produces some lasting benefit. Backs and knees are so
    tricky and unpredictable.

    Barry, good to hear from you. Hope you can drop by
    more often.

  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    How nice to get your long post this morningl. Waiating for the carpet people. Not sure what time they are supposed to be here, I am guessing 9:00 or so. DH thought it was 8 but I thought the lady said 9 when I spoke to her but not ure. I even wrote iot donw - someplace. So we got up bright and early. I got up at 6 and DH got up even earlier to so some things he hadn;t done to get ready for the installers.

    No, not planning on doing a whole lot more even though I wish we could. I need to buys some stuff for the bathrooms that were faux painted. I am hoping we can make some imporovements to the kitchen, like a new counter tip and some new cabinet handles. The cabinets are in fairly good shape I think but ened to be really cleaned up. They are a pretty wood, fairly dark but not super dark with the grain showing.

    Jole- Yes have been thinking about you and your DH. Does he have the surgery date scheduled? If so hope all goes well. I know how ornary back pain can be. Drop by on the Porch if you can. Missing you !! So many gone and dealing with their own problems, etc. Carla is still gone but busy busy with her hoiuse, et.c

    Gotta run. DH needs the puter.

  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I went on FB and I think I saw Kiera and baby Lorraine. What a cute picture of cutie cousins. Keira has gotten so grown up looking. Of course baby is soo cute !!

    Hope yuou are not wearing yourself our Julie. Drop a line when you can. Waiting for the carpet installers to come. Not sure when they are going to show up. It is past 9 a.m. now ! Geez !

  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Folks, i found out it was Joles birthday on September 2nd from FB so here i am wishing
    her all the very best, now, today and in all the years to come. You have a great family
    and i hope you had a good good day. It seemed like you were going to meet up with some
    of them coming weekend. Hope you have a blast.

    Rock - thanks for the encouraging words re niece. I looked up your profile. I do have
    hopes she will come out of this and make her place in life. I will keep the meds u took in
    mind when we deal with the docs here once she gets here. I wish you many more days of
    waking up feeling good.

    Julie - what a sticky situation re your dear parents. You need time to recover from such
    a long journey to Tennessee so make sure you give yourself mini breaks no matter what
    youre doing. Just concentrating on your breathing and relaxing each part of your body.
    I hope it works out regarding your parents. With a new grandkid, an active toddler, your
    own house to run, the school work and your health issues, i dont see how you can take
    on caring for your mum as well. i hope your mum improves and is motivated enough to
    do more for herself. Seems like there just isnt enough of you, to go around looking to everyones needs.

    Granni - i like the sound of how your kitchen is going to look. Love dark coloured wood.
    and handpicked nice new tiles.

    Georgia - looks like your first day off went well. Seven books! Love reading. If u gave me a
    choice between tv and reading probably would opt for books. Movies cant explain like books
    do. Well, at least when telling a story.

    I didnt manage to do too much housework yesterday because the excruciating fatigue was
    there, but towards evening i began feeling a bit better. I have been doing my breathing,
    and mindfulness exercises, (to ward off the spaced out feelings), and notice i feel horrible for a day after doing those, maybe the toxins coming out..and then i begin to lift.

    Last eve I managed to go out even if it was raining lightly, (I love those), and went and bought a card and small gift for a friends birthday. I saw such a beautiful saree absolutely a dream, hanging in the same shop window and went beserk wanting it for my daughter. It was
    a light aqua and most wonderfully embroidered and sequinned, an original boutique piece they said straight from Kolkatta, India and handpicked by the shop owner when he made his trip there.

    I was almost knocked over by the price tho! It comes to like 130 US D which may not seem much there but is a fortune here to be paying for an item of clothing. At least for us.
    I was thinking i should just forget about it and then remembered the weddings we went to where everyone was wearing sarees like that, and daughter and me were ogling them. My daughter was wearing a saree which was much less expensive tho it was very pretty. So i decided to at least try and get DH to agree to buy it.

    I watched Rampage a tv show on discovery where they filmed car bang ups and car chases and bad idea.....I dreamt the same things only this time, they were gliders belonging to the nepal army and all of them caught fire while doing air show and i woke up feeling horrible.

    Right now, the energy has returned. No longer feel weighted down and teary. Which is such a relief. If i could have these somewhat good days in between, i guess i can trundle on.

    I need to do visiting today. Hope i can. Its been raining steadily but lightly and the weather is really nice and pleasant.

    God Bless

    ETA i mistakenly posted the FB name in my earlier post so have edited

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  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sweet Spring Water - Don't I wish I was getting new tiles for the kitchen and family room. We already have tile there which is still in fairly good condition except for the color and it needs to be cleaned. It is a sort of an off white color. So, it is impossibly to keep clean. If we tried to change it all out it would be such a mess from breaking up the tiles and expensive. I will make due with that. I just hope after I get all the little stuff for the Bathrooms, etc and LR that we will have enough $ to put in new cabinet hardware and new counter tops, maybe Granite, not sure. Everything put in by original owners in the kitchen is white orr off white/almond colr and EVERYTHING shows on it. Nothing stays clean for long and I have no NRG for cleaning.

    Waiting now for the carpet installers to come to put in our Living Room carpeting. Hope it doesn't show the footprints like the new carpet in the den . Maybe more vacuuming will help it but you also have to keep vacuuming in one direction which is hard, to keep the splotches and vacuum lines from showing.

    If all goes well we will go to our granddaugher's preseason game where her dance team with perform during 1/2 time in the football team. They areplaying closer to us than usual so sit might be to go to this one even if it is preseason/ She and others were going to be featured on TV early this morning or this evening and we might not get to see either of them. We don;t know how to pre-record. No one ever showed us :)!!

    Julie - Hope all is well with you. I whizzed through all the latest posts and might have missed some others due to all this stuff going on. Whatever happened with the person who was coming to "inspect" your house for having the children being there? Never did hear anything else ablout that.

    That is a shame about your mom. That is a similar situation with our son's wofe's Dad who is
    living with them. He has gotten so he does less and less for himself and is home by himself while they work. He would not even come out for meals but now he has to as that is the way the new home is siutated. Our son said he will come out for his meals. He has diabetes and other problems. He had also had a small stroke some time ago. They have talked to him about this I believe but I believe for the most part he does what he wants to, esp. when they are not at home. Hope your mom will get to doing more things for herself. How old is she?

    Did you say that Den's sister is moving to where you are or your mom? I am getting confused now. Either one is more stress for you.

    Please try not to take on more than you can handle physically. I know you think you can but you are already doing to much and you have your own physical problems. nor limitations which I think many times no one sees. They all just see a busy lady doing anything and everything - what is one more thing to them? I know it is hard as you love your mom and want the best for her. Good luck sweetie but please do try and take it slow and easy and nap when you can.

    I forget what if anything anyone else has written lately . I need to make some more order from all the misplaced items all around from having the carpet installations while I wait for the rest of the carpet to be installed in the LR.

    Big hugs and love to awl inc all the many MIA's ,

  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    When I posted before I had forgotten about the holiday. Have been busy putting things bafck to where they belong and do some cleaning up and throwin g out in the process.

    Not much else is really new. I just got finished going out to eat with DH. We had some wonderful Mexican food. Oh, it was so good with aq couple of Margaritas (happy hour). The place was really packed and some were getting ready to go to the football game in the area after dinner. You could tell by the TShirts they were wearing.

    Georgia - sorry you had to deal with such rude people today. Your new blanket that you are making sounds really neat. Maybe you could post a pic of it when you are through. A really BIG bookcase for all your yarn and books sounds like a great idea.

    Bye for everydobby and HAPPT BIRTHDAY to Joan,. I just was that someplace so I had better post it or I will forget and it won't get done especially with the weekend. To much cleaning up to do now.

    Love to AWL inc. all my dear MIA Porchies,
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  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I mistakenly wrote the name i saw on FB. Pls edit your posts to rectify mistake. Im sorry.

    God BLess
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, Gordon and I are in the throes of moving. I think I've
    moved about 20 times. Sad to say, it don't get easier as one
    gets older.

    Today I'm going to buy a mattress. I've had my Sealy Posturepedic about
    22 years. It's given great service. But it's time to throw the bums out
    and get some new people in there.

    Oh, wait. That's coming up in November.

    I was having trouble w/ my blood sugar testing. Diane (Confused
    inPA) told me to soak my hand in warm water before the pin
    prick. This gets sufficient blood flowing so the meter can
    do its work. And it works! Too bad such fast and simple
    remedies are seldom available.

    Julie: Fence Posts! Climbing on a truck! Good Grief. You
    are Superwoman. Actually you're better than Superwoman.
    She had the advantage of being healthy.

    Is Den's sister bringing Llamas w/ her? How many?


    Above site has lotsa Llama pictures. I thought llamas had
    ornery temperments like their relative the camel, but the
    sites I found said otherwise. Course all these sites were
    selling llamas. They must cost a lot. They wouldn't tell the
    price. I also read llamas communicate w/ each other by
    humming. Maybe they can be employed as backup hummers
    for some pop singer. Kinda like Doo Wop.

    Granni, Mexican cuisine sounds good to me. We stopped at
    an Acapulco restaurant last night so Gordon could get a meal to
    go. Acapulco is a chain in CA and OR. They have good food,
    but I haven't been in one for at least 20 years. They are very
    popular: hence noisy and crowded. And the ambiance is ruined
    by TVs blaring sports events.

    How did your granddaughter's dance team event go? Did you
    get in on tape? Or disc. Do video recorders use discs nowadays?

    Georgia, isn't it annoying to deal w/ rude people! Especially
    when you are a customer! I had a clerk at the supermarket
    last week who wasn't actually rude, more like spaced out.
    I kinda suspect she was on drugs.

    What kind of blanket are you making? Crochet? Like a
    quilt? I hope if you sew and sew the result won't be
    so-so. Haha! I know you're like Gordon. Do excellent

    Springwater, glad to hear you are feeling better. Thanks
    for your kind words. Did you get the saree? (I thought it
    was spelled sari.) Is it the kind that's sorta transparent?

    Went to the library the other day. Had ten books on hold.
    I had brought some grocery bags to carry them. Two librarians
    helped me. One gave me two canvas bags to lug all of that
    home. A wonderful change from most of the people one has
    to deal w/ in CA. If I were healthier, I'd move to a more
    livable place. Like a small city in the Midwest.

    Okee-dokee for now

  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Georgia - peach coloured shawl must be beautiful; i am going through a peachy phase where anything in peach catches my eye. Its such a lovely colour isnt it? One of the joys in this world is that there are so many hues and colours to look out for. In flowers. Walls. Dresses. Phones.The sky.

    Rock - the mention of 'moving house' tires me out. I too moved so much after i came to this
    country. I think five times in eight years. But we didnt have much stuff so it wasnt so difficult.
    I remember once we were all living in these two rooms, my entire family had landed up here after i got my job, and we were six of us. In the other three rooms on the ground floor the Nepali landlord and his three little children lived.

    Upstairs there was another newly married nepali couple but strangely even living in so much proximity (we shared the tiny bathroom/toilet with the landlords family), there was never any quarrel. I remember when my father was in the toilet the little daughter of landlord started banging on the door clutching her stomach and shouting "ooooh my stomach, ooh my stomach". My father used to imitate her later on and we all used to laugh so much. We used to be behind on the rent for a few months at a time but i never heard the landlord scream once. he would look tired and disappointed but never scream or insist we pay up.

    Julie - my goodness the wedding is getting close. Are the dresses and everything done. I suppose Amy must be impatient to have it over with, it did get postponed from before i remember. Will your parents be able to attend? Now Lorriane wont be able to say i missed the wedding. She will see herself in photographs at her aunt Amys wedding. You take care. And make sure you rest in between all the rushing around i know you cannot help doing.

    I went to the monastery again. It lifts my spirits to be among other people walking around with their prayer beads. I had insisted son come with me but as we were walking his mobile rang and it was his friend saying extra classes were going to start in half an hour so i had to let him go. I took him couple of days ago though. he read Catcher in the Rye which surprised me since son is not big on reading. And he said he enjoyed it.

    He borrowed it from his uncle (my bro in law) who in turn had borrowed it from his cousin brother (DHs youngest uncles son).
    DHs monk cousin who came from India for a break invited all the kids to dinner as he usually does when he makes his trip here and the went for a meal to this upscale restaurant. So i made the son dress up (he hates formals) and took some photos before he left. Kids means the younger gen i guess theyre not that kiddie any more. Oldest is 30, youngest is my son.
    Since my daughter and two girl cousins arent in the country, there was just this other girl cousin sis who took her toddler son too and my son told me they all took turns looking after him. he is hyper energetic. I hate taking toddlers to restaurants. I have nightmarish memories of running around after my three year old daughter once.

    Rock - lol. yes i bought the saree. I hav to give it for dry cleaning and then i will take a photo and paste it.

    The DH is gone out of town not too far though. Half an hours flight. Will be returning today.
    So son and me had the tv to ourselves last night. I ve been trying to make son study and its an uphill task. I think he suffers from ADD. HIs mind wanders after ten mins.

    Later in the night this movie called The Haunting came up and instead of going back to
    studies, son and i got hooked and watched it till the end. I wish i was more disciplined.
    We tried phoning our daughter but instead got put on message mode. She hasnt called back.
    I suppose she is busy. She has gone off the college meal plan and is cookng her own meals in the kitchen. nepali fare, rice, lentils, veggies. Shes also working two jobs, one is her old job in the library and another one checking in stuff. She's thrilled because that job gives her time to study also.

    Apparently the college made a mistake and advertised a work/study job as nonwork/study (international students also) and work/study. So she applied and went for an interview. Towards end of interview they found out their mistake and told her sorry it was only for work/study and sorry they had wasted her time because the lady boss had already decided on her being the best candidate.

    A day later she got a call saying the lady boss had made an application for her to the college and they had agreed to hire her but she must stick with the job for the rest of her college tenure. This is fine. She said the hours were just right for her.After her college hours.

    The weather has been just the kind i like. Raining hard in parts and then just overcast and cool.
    My garden however, is so sad. Not many plants can withstand so much rain. So, lots of rotting plants and overgrown grass.

    There was a theft in a little gold shop down the lane. In broad daylight. Two ladies pretended to be customers and sneaked a gold chain into their bag and left before the owner found out.

    Couple of weeks ago, a thief sneaked over our wall and tried tomake off with our portable water pump. All the dogs wer either in the house or on the other side. Luckily a neighbour found out and alerted us. The other night another thief sneaked in and not finding anything else, outside in the garden made off with the garden shears. Lol. This area is notorious for thieves. We all suspect it is some gang of young people hooked on drugs. But it could be poverty too. Food prices have risen sky high.

    God Bless

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    but just wanted to pop in to say hi to all.

    Georgia -glad you are doing better. You needed some YOU time. Whatever you feel is good for you go for it ! You may want to do some more volunteering later on, who knows. I am glad you are feeling happy and more yourself or the way you were as you said.

    SW - Hi there sweetie - sorry but I can;t remember much at all of you nice long posts.

    It has been starting to rain on and off all day atoday and it is supposed to continue tomorrow and wed. I think. We went to a few stores to looks for some stuff for the bathroom. I wanted to start with a runner for the bathroom under the sinks. Of course I couldnlt find colors I was looking for.l So we will try tomorrow.. After that I can start looking for other stuff for the bathroom. Hope tomorrow it doesns't pour all day like they have been saying it is going to. Then forget looking for anything.

    Julie - thinking about you. Take it easy before they have to bring you to the hospital !! You have been so busy helping all and all that manual laboart it seems.. I know I couldn't do it the way I feel and and then I feel my b/p going up again and more pain and discomfort. Hope all has been going well with you all and try and REST please. Glad that Linds got to get a sitter so she coud go out for awhile . I know that is a very good thing for moms, esp. new ones.

    WELL,i NEED TO FIX THE REST OF MY DINNER. Doing spareribs in the oven and some leftovers.

    Rock - Hope you don;pt wear yourself out to much with this moving. I know it is not fun or easy.

    Hope everyone is having a nice holiday.

    Love to awl inc all those MIA to numerous to mention.

    Elaine - where the devil are you . Hope you are behaving.

    TEACHER and JOLE take care. Write when you can. Still have stuff to do in the house to put back from the carpet installations.-ugh !
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  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I keep forgetting to mention Amy's wedding. Yes, I think I understand what you mean about so much work. Thank goodness Amy is doing alot of the decorating little things herself, flowers for the guys and gals. At least that is one less thing for you to do. zi had 4 daughters I truly understand and I didn;t do alot of the things you are doing but so much planing and all and wanting it to come out right.

    About how many are coming to the wedding? It sounds like it was be fairly small (but not to small). I guess you will be having it aat the reception hall at the church (the reception) or will it be at your house? Wanat details sweetie !

    Yes, weddings are exciting even when you feel badly but somehow just keep trudging along even if you feel like - - - - !

    Gotta run and go shopping right now before it poiurs again.