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  1. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Hot again today!

    My Dad talked to his MD, and he has cancer all over his body--probably 2-6 months.

    I am trying to arrange my finances for a plane ticket, and will probably go next week. The prices increase every week! Is about 400 round trip for one person to fly to WA.

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  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Seems like diabetes and moving dominate my life these days.
    Just tried to test my blood sugar. Couldn't get enough blood.
    That's generally the case. Can't even bleed properly.

    I'm feeling sorry for myself this morning. Can you tell?

    Anyhoo was busy yesterday w/ 2 visits to see Zippy and do
    gardening and 2 trips to the market and washing dishes and packing.
    On the way home after watering the garden, I
    realized I wasn't sure if I turned off the hose, so had to go
    back and check. (Better add Alzheimer's to the things that
    dominate my life.)

    Granni and Teacher, you asked about the move. We are
    moving about a mile to the house Gordon and his mother
    owned in joint tenancy. It is about 100 years old; 4 rooms up
    and 4 rooms down. Half the rooms are full of stuff that mom
    accumulated for decades. Mostly just junk.

    Like a bag full of empty pill bottles. Or one full of empty
    tubes (ointment, etc.). Or plastic bags full of plastic bags.
    But mostly cloth from the days when she sewed at home.
    Including several large (6 feet wide) bolts one of sons brought
    home. He was working in the garment industry at the time.
    But Gordon said the material wasn't suitable for the sewing
    she was doing.

    Gordon told our landlord we would move out at the end of
    Oct. I thought that was a bit, no, very optimistic. Our new
    move out date is now end of Nov. Even that is optimistic. I can't
    do much anymore, and Gordon is working full time.

    Teacher, hope your new do does fine like every good boy. I
    remember Toni Home Permanents from my childhood. The
    distinctive odor swatted you in the face as soon as you walked
    in the door. It was a two-woman job. One to sit and one to

    Remember the ads from that time? "Which twin has the Toni?"
    If you've never seen one, folks, you might see if you can find one
    on the net.

    Joan, my mother used to say "rigamarole" a lot. Means
    silly procedure; nonsense; wasting time. Haven't heard it for
    many decades. Would make a good motto for most
    government offices, doncha think?

    I see that your furnace is on the fritz. I didn't even know
    furnaces had a water heater. Maybe that's only the new ones.

    When I was the kid the only heater in the house was a gas
    heater in the dinning room. Considering temps in Minnesota
    winters are frequently below zero, something more was

    In 1960 we moved from one old
    house to another old house, but it did have a furnace. My
    mother was thrilled. Well, you expect amenities when you
    pay $8,000 for a house.

    I think your idea of having folks select what they would like
    form the estate is great. Should avoid bad feelings and
    bickering later on.

    Good to see ya, Gail. Come back and stay longer when you
    can. You too, Springwater. I see you are getting ready for
    a festival. Is there ever a week in Katamandu when you don't
    have a festival?

    Hope you have a nice trip, Georgia. Are you going swimming
    w/ Sophie and friend? Gee, I haven't been swimming for
    decades. Used to go all the time when I was a kid.

    Ha det bra


    Just saw the news. Tony Curtis died. Well, if he had only
    starred in "Some Like It Hot", he would be remembered. For
    20 years or so, there was a huge painting of him just off
    the Hollywood freeway. It got covered up a few years ago.
    He and his wife Janet Leigh were both gorgeous.
  3. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Didn't sleep that great last night. I guess I did till real early and then woke up with really stuffy nose or nostril and couldn't get ack to sleep for a long time. Got some nose drops and it helped some. Now I have a scratchy throat. The bad things is our decorator group is going out by bus to Canton, quite a ride. They have pottery and all kinds fo neat stuff for gifts. I already paid my bus trip money. I have to bet at the bus by 6:15 in the morning tomorrow - aaack!! Hope my symptoms don't get worse.

    Rock - glad to see you or hear from you. I still say riga marole as m mom used to say it too. Does that say something about my age - OMG !? Sorry to her about Tony Curtis. I'm sure we will be hearing more on the news. When do you think you'll be finished moving? or are you :)?? That is not always easy to do. I know when someone dies there is usually so much stuff to go through

    Joan - glad to see you back on the Porch even if the last one, I think was the last of the last volume. Unless you posted again and I missed it.

    I know how frustrating it is to lose a long post or having trouble just getting in.

    I don;t know what the problem but lately I have been having lots of messages telling to to log in and then they don't take it. It is the server I think possible and it wasn't on the porch- just trying to get on line.

    Teacher - Hope your bronchitis is getting better and hope I am not starting something.

    Julie- You are wearing me out again just reading your posts. Try and take it east sweetie, at least a little bit.

    SW - Hope you feeling more up than down today.

    Geez, I forgot who else was on the Porch ! My brain is out to lunch again !

    Hugs to everydobby !

    LEFTYGG Member

    georgia so sorry about your dad. i hope you get to visit him. cancer is so rampant around here.my sister is recovering from breast cancer and today she said there a lump there under her arm. could be scar tissue hopefully. its so scary to face

    julie you are a work horse. i hope your family knows how fortunate they are to have you.

    springwater hope your feeling better and your niece is getting treatment.

    rock the move sounds daunting. ive lived here over 40 years cant imagine moving.

    anyone in the east US getting all the rain? a friend in virginia has gotten over 6inches of rain in 3 days.

    hope everyone is okay or better. love gail
  5. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    sorry to hear about your fathers illness. My father expired of the same. And yes,
    it was devastating for us all but especially me.

    I send good thoughts and prayers that your dear father be in as much comfort as possible.

    And that all of you his family are given strength and fortitude as you care for him through
    this time.

    Well, i gots no energy now and will pop in laters

    GOd Bless
  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Right now m nose is terribly clogged and I am trying for it get better quiclky as there is so much going on this weekend and Mon and Tues. with our Choral program. Our church choir social is this Sunday after Mass. Hoping I can even go to church if it doesn;t get worse. I do not need bronchitis and or pneumonia. We'll see whaqt happens. Also supposed to go see DS and DIL 's new home tomorrow. So far no fever and very stuff nose. Very hard to sleep with this stuffy nose. If I start coughing I'll be in deep trouble !!' This is certainly a very bad time to get sick.

    Georgia - I know what you mean and it os so hard when you now they will be leaving this earth. Even if we believe they are going t heaven. It is terrivle difficult.

    Just wanted to check on everyone. Please pray for me to get better for this weekend and beginning of this coming week's choral performance. I sam also supposed to have blood work taken on Tuesday as well as Mammogram.

    Love to all,
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  7. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to let you know what happened with my father.

    He got diagnosed in February 2000. Esoephagus cancer; which had
    metastized into the nearby liver. Got him operated immediately. He was
    68. Then he got radiation done. But the cancer in the liver spread. He was so exhausted
    by the third month after diagnosis. Bedridden. By June the cancer had spread to the
    brain and his cognizant abilities were impaired. And he hallucinated also. he kept
    deteriorating. Until by end July he was almost comatose. Couldnt communicate.
    Couldnt move. Drifting in and out of consciousness due to the morphine being given.

    I just wanted to let you know theres no way to tell how the disease will progress
    but did think it would be wise to visit him when he can still speak and recognize
    people. If the cancer gallops through his body and affects the brain sooner than
    later then he wont be able to communicate with you.

    Take care

    God BLess
  8. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Am praying. I haven't the words to express what's running through my head and heart. I love you.

    Keep checking Priceline and sites like that. Sometimes you can hit up on a last minute deal.


    Granni, you and Julie are wearing me out! Just when I think I've accomplished something because I bought something online, you two go out and build a new house, redecoradte it and drag Elaine, Rock, Sweet Spring, Bill, and Lefty to head the entertainment!

    (figuratively speeking, of course)

    Y'all needs to take a break! I can't keep up!


    Oh well. I guess I'll just keep creeping along. All by myself.......... <sigh> hee hee hee hee

    I'm finally done with the antibiotics. Woo and hoo! gonna take a bit for the vision to clear back up and the balance to come back. But that's OK. I'm not coughing up my lungs!

    Baby is in the anger stageof dealing with her diagnosis of FM.

    "I'm too young!" "I don't want this to be an excuse!" Blah, blah, blah. All the stuff we say to ourselves every day.

    Haven't had a chance to just sit down one-on-one with her, but I'll just have to be patient. I'm sure the time will come when it's right.

    Posting. Be right back.

    Ah, reliving the memories of being told you have an incurable illness. Happy happy, joy joy!

    Oh well. As we know, just get up and do what you can. The rest will always be there.

    I know she'll be alright. It's just hard watching your baby go through what you already know to be ridiculous.

    But enough of that.

    I bought her some new bedding for her dorm. Her old stuff was just a mess.

    Sears was having a great sale online and I was able to get her 2 sets of sheets, a new mattress cover, a comforter and 2 pillows for $88! And that included shipping! Yay!

    I had it sent directly to her. Didn't see where it made any sense to send it to myself and then I'd have to deliver it. It was fun because I didn't tell her the stuff was coming.

    I ordered the stuff Sunday. Her diagnosis was Monday. We went to check on her on Wednesday. The boxes came on Thursday. Isn't God's timing wonderful? He gave her something to get her mind off her troubles.

    She called Mom all excited because she had two boxes and she couldn't carry one of them. She wanted to know what was in them, but Mom was being aggravating. All she would tell Baby was that there was a surprise in the boxes. Baby was not happy.

    I checked on her later that evening and the girls on her floor were just as excited as she was. Getting big boexes at college is a rare treat, dontcha know!


    Baby wasn't feeling like making her bed with her new stuff. I told her to get one of her girls to do it for her. She said she couldn't.

    The one that would love to do it was busy.

    Of course, I asked "Busy doing what?"

    The answer?

    Sitting in the box!

    I told her not to throw away the girls toys and hung up.

    Why did I bother sending bedding when I could have made them ALL happy by just sending a couple of large empty boxes???????????

    hee hee hee hee


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  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear your antibiotic stint is over, Teacher. Does that
    mean you are greatly improved? Hope so.

    Yes, kids love boxes. One of the best toys of my childhood was
    the cardboard box the refrigerator came in. It served as a fort,
    clubhouse, submarine and hideout. Almost as good was the
    huge tube the kitchen linoleum was wrapped around.

    Wonder if they still make linoleum. Or is it all tile nowadays?

    Georgia, long time ago I made an emergency flight to MN.
    Afterwards, someone told me the airlines will give you a
    "family emergency discount" if you ask for it. Wonder if that's
    still true.

    You're right about people keeping themselves alive by sheer
    will power until a significant date like Christmas or birthday.
    On the 50th anniversary of our country (7-4-1826) two surviving
    Presidents and a Supreme Court Justice died. Thomas
    Jefferson and John Adams. Can't remember the name of the

    And 5 years later on the 4th, another President died: James

    I read about a study a few years ago. In a Jewish community,
    the death rate went down by 15% as the High Holy days
    approached. After the festivities, the rate went up by 15% until
    it was back to the average.

    Granni, hope you're feeling up to the Choir Social. What is
    it? A potluck? A concert? Both? We used to have wonderful
    potluck dinners after church every few months when I was a
    young whippersnapper. Back in those days food was nutritious
    and actually had flavor!

    Thank you for your kind words, Julie. Sounds like the surprise
    party for Clinton was a big success. Wasn't that sweet of
    Keira to give him a gift.

    Springwater, we all enjoy your posts. Hope you get some
    energy somehow. Gets tedious dragging around, doesn't it?

    Gail, 40 years in one spot is a long time. Used to be the norm
    People often lived in the same house for generations. Had a
    attic that was like a museum.

    I always wanted to live a quiet life in the suburbs of a small
    city. Had enough sturm und drang in my childhood to last a
    lifetime. Never happened though.

    Remember the gifts Sleeping Beauty got: beauty, charm,
    wit, etc. I think even better gifts would be good health
    and good luck.

    Just got back from some errands. We went to the chiropractor.
    He didn't show up. He does that every now and then. We
    stick w/ him though, because he does excellent work. Also
    he gives us a discount. We have been going to him for something
    like 15-20 years.

    Opps. Gotta go. Gordon is going through stuff. "Do you
    wanna keep this? Shall we throw this out?" Can't he see
    I'm posting to the porch? What could be more important.

  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Right not not doing to bad. i have also been taking ZICAM it is supposed to help lessen the cold or whatever. The last time I used it I think itworked pretty good. I really should be taking a nap. My nose is better since I took the 12 hr nose drops last night before bed. DH couldn't find anything weeker and I knwo when I looked some other time I couldn;t find it either. I tried not to use it very much, just before bed.

    I am not coughing to much and have been taking 12 hr. Muciinex. That seems to help tpp but the 12 hors is soo big almost choked trying to take it. Have to be careful how you put it in your mouth before swallowing. Hope to make church tomorrow and the choir social. Then there is the choral performanace for the county is Tues. with dress rehearsal on Monday.

    SW- the choir social is - just a social to try and get together to meet everyone's birthdayand socialize with each other. We nowhave a new director and new choir members too . Apparently he iw planning on doing something similar monthly to celebrate .I hope I do not miss it as I need to get to know some of the new people in the group as well as the director..

    Georgia - SW is right, I had a similar experience but my mom lived far away and it took a flight out to go visit. She did not have cancer but did break her hip for the second time and she started deteriorating after that. I am sorry I didnlt get to visit with her again while she was really cohereant before she died. i visited probably a week or so before but she ws already getting out of it refusing to eat, or eat much. I knew it was bad when mom refused her ice cream or aonly took one bit. She has a major sweet tooth but was a little latdy. Go see him when you can. I really regret not going to see mom or dad and their worst of times. Seems also like it was a bad time money wise to fly. I understand believe me. Do what you can and hope you get to see him while he is really with it.

    Anything you need to talk to him a bout or find out about family (even tho painful) genealogy speaking. I sitll miss my parents greatly. It makes it worse when you feel badly yoursel, I know.

    Teacher - Hope your bronchitis is doing better. I guess you took antibiotics sor did you say you weren't going to take them. I think if it were without antibiotics I would already be gone. I had lots of episodes even as a young child. Thank God at that time for sulfa drugs. an then antibiotics.

    I love the story about kids and boxes. it is so true !! Glad you got Baby new bedding and stuff. I am sure she appreciates it. If not I'll come and whop her one :)!!! he he

    Gotta go and try and take a nap now.

    Love to awl,

    LEFTYGG Member

    not feeling very energetic today. its cool here. i feel bad im not going to my gs football game.
    my dh went they like him better anyway. he helps with the offensive line. thats what he coaches in the high school he works at.he has coached for over 40years its his passion.

    i wish i had a passion. i guess my gk are my passion but they grow up and dont need you as much. youll never guess what else i like to do. play poker! i play online. got that habit from my father. he would have poker parties and when he got up id sit in his seat.

    he was quite a character. i miss him he died at 52 of a heart attack. it took me 20 years to get over it. im crying now so guess im not over it. i hear you all talk about horrible childhoods and its hard to imagine . my mother and father were great not real huggy kissy but you just knew you were loved.

    total opposites mom was refined dad rough truck driver they rarely fought usually dad yelly a lot abooutsomething. funny thing is my dh i a lot like him.

    mom is really weak i dont know if shell ever be strong again she keeps aking me.i dont know what to do to help her anymore.

    teacher so nice to send your niece bedding. who doesnt love getting something inthe mail. i hope her fibro is mild. mine was at first.

    hope everyone is happy as possible in these troubled times.

    georgia they do still have those emergency flights you hould ask. love gail
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    if I have an infection or if what I had is almost gone. That will determine whether or not I will sing in the Choral Society program tomorrow an the dress rehearsal tonight. Last night was the first time I did not have alow grade fever. So that is a good thing. Went this morning to have my temp. crown replace that fell out. I was flossing my tgeeth and not thinking the other night when whoops there it was.

    Tomorrow I got for blood work and Mammo and then the Program. I will be glad when that is all done.

    Georgia - glad you made you decision and hope all works arout well for you.

    Julie - You need to take a nice long nap and that is the least of it my dear :) !!! You aare the busiest person I know. Glad things are going pretty well for you.

    Gotta run for now.

    Love you all,'Granni


    LEFTYGG Member

    really cold again today. i dread the thought of winter.

    georgia so happy you got a flight.hope you have a nice visit with your dad. it will be sad im sure. i dont know how id handle it.i dont do well in those sad situations. i know the right thing to do but i shut down in emergencies.ill be thinking of you.

    granni glad your feeling better and can attend your choir rehearsal and all. i admire people that
    can sing. i wouldnt even sing in school cause i knew i was horrible.

    julie sounds like youre getting all things ready to move mom and dad.life should be easier without all the driving.

    stayed with mom last night. im the 1 she says stuff to. last night she wanted to run til she dropped dead.then she said i need to go to an orphanage where people care about me.i really think shes getting dementia.sad to watch a smart hard working woman just lose all their will to live.

    making italian sausage and sauerkraut and mashed potatoes. hope things are good for all.

    love gail

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    today and tomorrow. Nothing in my lungs and she said my hungs sound great, like that of a singer, so I am happy. She said my eyes looked liked they were being effected by allergens. That would not be surprising even if I have never been tested.for allergies. My dad had allergies and most of my kids too.

    So, I am very happy about that.

    Georgia = glad you are feeling better.

    Carla - Congratulations on become a great grandmother !!! I'm not even a great yet and I am much older.. Hayley had a baby boy. I think his name is Nathan Wade. Go check it out on FB. I didnpt check for pics but not sure if there are any yet.

    Gotta go and do some things in prep for tonight. Tomorrow will be a wild day.

    Love to everydobby,
  15. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Am off today because Sister has a CAT scan. I asked her if they were using Persians or Mixed Breeds. She just looked at me. <sigh> Jokes aren't any fun if you have to explain them. LOL

    I'm glad to see that everyone is doing better with all thier trials. I'm still praying.

    Hands VERY tired today. I think I will spend the weekend in.

    Baby has new computer and printer. She called at 11:30 Sunday night crying because her power cord had broken AGAIN and pieces were now falling off the laptop itself every time she opened it.

    Had been trying to get her a new one, but hadnt' found one reasonalble, etc. The one she liked was on sale this week so I got it. She had no idea. It was nice to be able to surpirse her.

    She nearly cried.

    It's nice that I'm getting my nice Baby back. The mean one was getting tiring.

    The printer was on clearance and it has a copier which she's been needing for a while.

    Was able to get extended warraty on both items. That made ME happy.

    Gotta go try to get into some clothes so can meet Sister. Will talk to youse later.

  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Teacher - you are SO good to Baby. Bless you.

    I had typed out a post last night and it wouldnt post. Got frustrated and let it be.

    Still dog tired. And wiating for body to return to normalcy.

    A lady who took in a stray dog at the school next door had come day before and asked
    me to help her out. She is janitors wife and loves dogs and has had many. I had given
    her one stray to adopt but it didnt make it, the poor mite. And one dog she had, got so ill
    when she was at hospital having operation, her kids came to call us and my husband
    and i had to drive the dog over to the animal hospital at 9pm after waking up the docBR>
    and ask them to euthanize.

    This dog is strong and healthy and had been abandoned by
    anotehr neighbour. But it is mating season and he has become ferocious and has bitten
    couple of children in the school. The school has some other dogs and he is attached to
    one female. The principal told the lady pls take the dog somewhere far in a taxi and leave
    it, he cant afford to lose his students because they get bitten, and it wasnt right for them
    to be terrorized by a stray dog. she asked him to pls wait, she will get him spayed and
    maybe his behavior will change. The biting only started after the mating season began.
    So she and i took the dog to the KAT centre. Im just hoping the spaying will get rid of
    his aggressiveness and he will be allowd to stay. Where on earth will she leave him. he
    will be attacked by other dogs of that territory.

    Today i went to get dumbbells for son. He wants 3 kg ones. But i will only get them tomorrow.
    He feels he is too skinny and wants to build up his muscles. I had got myself 1.5 kg ones
    so i could keep the flab offa my arms, but he says they do nothng for him.

    These days son keeps playing online chess against himself. His father doesnt play with him
    and i dont know how to play. Today i saw a commercial on tv for the new exercise called
    zumba. It looked fun. Its a dance which incorporates lots of exercise moves. When i
    spoke to my daughter last, she was saying she has a roomie who gets up early and goes
    jogging every day. And when my daughter wakes up, she is already back. I told her she
    should also join her. But my lazybones daughter doesnt like waking up early. she does her
    study late at night. i must tell her to try and get this zumba wumba whatever it it. looks like

    Granni - am glad your good to sing in the chorale. it wouldnt be the same without you
    fr the others im sure. and i hope your infection heals up completely. I miss that chorale
    director you used to talk about. The one who was over 80 and whose husband got ill.

    Julie - hope your father and mums move down near to you will be easy. I can imagine
    how your father must be feeling about the change. Change after such a long time must
    be hard to contemplate. But it will be comforting to know they are near you and Den.

    Georgia - also happy to know you have now made concrete plans. It is a load off the mind.
    You would have had to visit and im glad it is going to be sooner than later. I know you must
    also be anxious. It is such a stressful thing to visit someone who you know you might not see again but somehow we all get the strength to do the things we have to. You will be okay.

    Gail - i remember my mum being a little demented when she was nearing her time. had these
    rather alarming notions. Said my brothers might strangle her. Said we were all on the brink of ruin and so on. I know it must be unsettling and scary for you. But hang in there. Your mum is lucky to have her kids all around her.

    Rock - yes, our country is always having some festival or other. but this one is kind of the biggie. like christmas. everyone who has relatives outside the city goes visit. so theres a mass exodus from here.

    Well cant seem to remeber more. I wish this tiredness would let up.

    God Bless

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  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - Glad to see you are doing OK and busy as usual !!! I know what you mean about the Mt. Everest Laundry Pile.. You keep on going but please try and rest some.. With all your family all around I know it is almost impossible.

    Georgia - That is good that you have a library nearby . Lots of things to read and you can't beat the price. Glad you and bro have the dates set up to see your dad. Glad to hear that he seems to be doing pretty well so far.

    Elaine - you busy girl ! Keep on trying to have fun included in all your dr. visits and whatever elses.
    Gotta run do something with my wash and all. They upstarirs is a dissaster from the rug installations as well as having to get into the closet under the eves to try and get the a/c drain cleared out. It was leaking, the overflow. Ended up having the a/c guy anyway. What fun. Now have to start putting some stuff back into the closet leading to under the eves or roof.

    Love to awl,
  18. teacher

    teacher New Member

    ... so I'm closing this one out and turning on a new light.

    Don't get caught in the door!

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