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  1. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Good afternoon everydobby!

    Jerome told me that he'd like to have a bon fire soon.

    Let him know what you want to eat and drink!
  2. teacher

    teacher New Member

    ....to her CAT Scan? Missed it!

    She got to the office about an hour early and the folks went ahead and took her instead of making her wait.

    She was done before I got out of my PJs! LOL

    Went and picked her up and went shoe shopping. She needed some for work.

    Instead of her taking the bus to work, she slept a bit longer and I took her. We stopped at a thrift store on the way and hit the jackpot.

    Several blouses, skirts, vests, turtle necks, and a pair of shoes later, we left and they locked the door behind us. It was closing time! hee hee

    Took her on to work then and came home. I think everyone is covered now.

    Gotta run here in a minute. I have a 6:00 appointment and then an acuquaintace is coming for a piano lesson.

    I am a music teacher but I've never taught piano. This should be interesting. I'll let you all know how it goes.

  3. S-Elaine

    S-Elaine Member

    ........ I moved my post because I sort of got stuck in the door.

    Hi all Porch Pals,

    I keep up with the reading. Can never find time to post though.

    These Counseling and Doctor appts keep me very busy and are cramping my “personal lifestyle” & even me posting on the Porch. I wonder if I should mention this to them???? Hm, I may have to. Although I do know my Counseling appts will continue until the end of the year, since that is the follow up Treatment Plan.

    I went to renew my Drivers License last week and found out the building moved! Luckily, it wasn’t far away and 1 & ½ hours later, I finally walked out with my new License.

    Did you know they will let you use your picture from the prior?? As long as you look similar. That just made the whole process easier.

    Then, I rushed to the Pharmacy to pick up a script I dropped off the day before & was told it had not been filled yet. I was ready to pass out from exhaustion, so I told them I would drop back in the next day.

    Staying on top of all the other things normal PEEPS do ends up tapping me out.

    …… And this daily exercising????? I think I may have to voice a complaint about that as well. I’ll have to scout out the “Complaint Box” at my FMS doctor’s office when I see him this week.

    I do want to color my hair and then Henna it. I bought Colorless Henna on eBay and am anxious to use it. It looks like what I use to buy in the store. The type of power-(ish) material you mix with water and turns in the form of something like clay, but more liquidy if you add more hot water.

    Well, I will need to quickly trim my hair before I Henna it. I will just do a basic trim getting rid of the split ends. Hopefully, the Henna will make my hair look less dry.

    Hm, seems like I have a bit much planned!

    Glad to see all of the Porch PEEPS are doing rather well.

    Hope to post again sometime in the near future. Now I have to see if I can "Pole Volt" out of here and move along with my day. (Ah, and I'm not looking forward to it already!)

    HUGS to ALL,
    == Elaine

  4. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Tell me about dry hair. Mine becomes so dry after two days of a wash. I have been
    oiling it so it looks nice for two days and then starts feeling like straw.

    Well, still very tired. My brother dropped in to give me an email he wanted sent and
    asked me why i havent started my festival cleaning yet. Told him at least the curtains
    were washed and the sofa covers too.

    he told me he would help but somehow i wasnt in the mood for company.

    Maybe tomorrow i wil be more spry.

    Elaine careful you dont hurt yourself 'pole' vaulting outta here.

    Everybody i love yous

    God Bless

  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Have a nice weekend everyone. I am pooped after starting to get out my fall decorations from our storage closete. What a mess. DH got me started on throwing away stufff and trying to make some room in there to moce around to find things. I finally did find what I was looking for in that mess :)!! Glad there was garbage pickup today.now

    Georgia - Sorry to hear you dad is getting more confused. I know it is very hard. Just do what you have to do and hope you all can schedule everything so it works out well for you and your family.

    Got so much to do this weekend and will even have the Birthday Bash on Sunday for those who have birthdays that month at the club. So I will celebrate my birthday aboaut a week early. Some of our friends and a few of the kids that could make it. It isn't till the 18th - omg the big 70 -yikes !!!

    Rock - where are you sweetie !

    Hope everyone is doing as well as can be expected. Miss especially all those MIA we haven;t seen in some time. Not enough time to list everyone's name. Plus I am to tired.

    Love to you AWL,
  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    right here, Granni. Just spent half an hour on a post and it all went POOF!

    Somedays it don't pay to get up, and other days are just wretched.

  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    My post reappeared. I will never understand computers if I live to be 70!

    It's 78 here in Los Angeles today. Supposed to be even
    hotter tomorrow. This is following a very cool summer.

    I wouldn't want to go back to Minnesota winters. But I guess
    it wouldn't be so bad since I wouldn't have to fight the weather
    to get to work anymore.

    Teacher, how is it you've never taught piano before? Well,
    it's really easy. Just take your cue from The Music Man.

    "So, do, la, ti, mi
    A little slower and please keep the fingers curved as nice
    and high as you possibly can."

    Who got all the stuff from the thrift shop? You, Baby or both.
    I used to go to thrift stores all the time to buy used records and
    paperbacks. Gave all that up several years ago. And most
    of the records and paperbacks eventually went back to the
    thrift shops. This is called recycling. Which is very appropriate
    when discussing records.

    Springwater, are you feeling more spry today? Hope so.
    There used to be a vegetable shortening named Spry. It
    was around for a few decades. Finally melted away when I
    was college age.

    My mother used Crisco (another vegetable shortening) for pie
    crust, but she always said lard really made the best pie

    Julie, too bad we never went on a tour of thrift stores. I went
    a couple times with my bridge partner. He was in the used
    record business. Had a warehouse in Burbank w/ over a million
    records in it. Back in the l980s, his minimum price for a
    record was $30.

    His biggest customers were the record companies (who
    often didn't have a copy of the records they had put out
    earlier) and TV and movie producers.

    So you are now a grand aunt? I have some grand nephews
    back in Minnesota, but I have not seen them; just pictures.

    Georgia, I hope your trip to see your father works out OK.
    I just finished Jan Karon's book "Home to Holly Springs". It
    is about a pastor who visits his home town after being away
    40 some years. As you might expect, it brings back both
    happy and sad memories.

    Have you seen pics of Jan Karon? She writes heartwarming
    books about life in small towns, but she looks like sophisticated,
    well-dressed movie star.

    Granni, your DH is on the right track. Throw away, donate,
    get rid of it. That's what we are doing. I see you are having
    another busy weekend after the last busy weekend. I bet
    if you were healthy, you'd be entering marathon races.

    Well, better see if I can still manage a couple hands of on-
    line bridge. I don't know why people who don't know how to
    play, insist on doing so. You don't see me how there trying to
    shoot hoops. HaHa!

    Oh! Just thought of something. Maybe Jan Karon doesn't use
    a ghost writer, but has a ghost who goes to the photo
    sessions. Another Haha! Jan, if you're reading this, I am
    just kidding. Love your books. Maybe you'd like to write about
    some folks w/ chronic illnesses. Lots of expertise available here.

    Hugs and waves


    LEFTYGG Member

    WOW Julie that moving thing sounds exhausting. is she too poor to get movers? i cant imagine putting anyone through all that. i think you should put your foot down. you and your DH need that alone time. for once you need to think of yourself. what does DH think.

    i always do for others my kids mainly and i always think if my dh or i would die would i have regrets? if i go first its ok lol.

    granni i use to do the pumpkins and cornsalks and all but to tired or lazy now. cleaning and cooking caring for grandkids and mom enough for me. i admire you!

    teacher youre always so funny! when you talk about baby i think of dirty dancing. you are so good to her.

    springwater hope your niece is improving.

    rock dont wear yourself out moving.

    do people write the way they speak? when its written word its hard to tell the feelings behind the words. just wondering aloud. love gail

    LEFTYGG Member

    air conditioning in october. love it!

    julie cant grandpa put his foot down? im impressed he still drives. my mother is almost 92 and has macular degeneration so hasnt driven for years. i feel your pain moving is horrible.

    i went to my gs football game. it was beautiful out and i found a spot outside the gate under a tree to sit. i told my dh this is great then this coach comes along and says your all gonna have to move to the other side. the sun was full force it was 85 degrees! i usually dont buck the system but i just sat there.no one else said anything. im such a rebel lol.

    theres another game today but im gonna sit with mom. her voice is getting weaker and weaker. she wants people to sleep with her.so i do. does anyone find this odd? she says shes afraid.so while im laying there i take a sip of water and start choking, im coughing gaging choking and it never wakes her up. lol

    my dh is gone walking. wish i had the ambition or energy. bye for now love gail
  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I see the Porch is SLOW again !!Oh well, so what else is new. Everyone is busy doing their own things. Just miss so manypeople who have been busy taking care of themselves and others..

    Julie - You poor thing with all those ungrateful people that you are helping or at least some of them. You need a break and need someone else doing some things for you for a change !!

    Den's sister really sounds sick and or very paranoid and self centered. Is that all :)?? HMMM!!

    Gee between helping her move and your parents and Kiera and Linds and the baby and the rest of the family. Is there any time for you and Den? There is a very nice special place for people like you, up in heaven sweetie !! Try and take a break sometime if you can.

    Don't worry you need to vent and there is nothing wrong with that either ! Other wise you would go absolutely crazy. Believe e we understand. I surely do. Sometimes when you have to live and listen to people like you SIL I would like to just bop her in the head and tell her to straighten up and fly righand behave or neither of you will have anything to do with her. However, you won't I know or Den either. GGGRRR!!! Some people just need a big wakeup call !!

    I hope all goes well for you , Den and the family your parents move, and SIL but she surely sounds like she has gotten in a terrible rut of taking advantage of sweet people and doesn't appreciate it. If she doesn't remember you and Den helping her those times maybe she has had some mini strokes or is having some dementia. I am just guessing but she surely isn't making herself very welcome and you are not well yourself.

    The problem with us is we all look rather healthy plus we don;t whine and complain so there we/you are taking care of everyone. I don't think it would last to long if I helped someone, even in the family all the time and all they did was complain !! It is bad enough when we feel like we wish we could spend alot of our time in bed or resting. Good luck sweetie and I hope your SIL behaves herself.

    Going out later for an early birthday celebration at the club, that they do monthly. The birthday person gets a free dinner, not counting wine or anything of course. A week from tomorrow is my actual birthday - yikes 70 !! Now I really feel like I want to go lie down and rest. Including us there should be 15 people. Two kids and their familes and some friends we know from here.

    Hope to see some of you tomorrow again . That will be another busy day, inc. a Bible study class we are taking weekly till May. It is interesting but takes alot of time and my brain also doesn;t want to think like it is supposed to..

    Miss you all not popping in - Carla, Mickey, Rock, Jole, Linda inc Teacher, Gail, Elaine,,etc. I know how busy you all are nd sometimnes not feeling well.


    LEFTYGG Member

    georgia my cousin did our mothers naternal side. shes morman so they have a lot of access to records. she found that some of our relative where on the clark lewis expedition and one was captured by indians and lived with them for several years then released. also there were 52 sets of twins. my mothers mother was a twin.
    i would like to do my fathers especially his military info cause supposedly he was awarded 2 bronze stars and purple heart in ww2. funny we never discussed it he died when i was 23;

    julie your sil sounds cookie and not the ones you eat.wolves thats crazy we have pit bulls and had to get rid of 1 that bit a girl. she came in house and scared him. i feel sorry for your fil does he haave a farm too? well i hope she straightens up but most people dont change.

    happy birthday granni and 70 isnt old!!!!

    talk to all later.. love gail
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Had a great time lat night at the Birthday Bash at the club. Everyone came that I invited, two kids and their kids and 3 other couples besides us. My bday isn;t till next monday but had to partake on the date they have once a month. So, I got a free meal. The only problem with a large group is you can't really talk or hear everyone unless you get up and go over to talk to them. The food was really yummy and of course B-day cake.

    Gail - Thanks for the Happy Birthday. Now I will definatly start counting backwards. I told everyne that was now 28 :)!! Yes, Julie SIL sounds like she has major problems (just what Julie doesn't need) but oh well !

    Gotta run for now. I need to go to Line Dancing in a bit and then to our bible study . Trying to find out if we are supposed to bring cookies or not today. No one told us, well we were not there last week either.

    Julie - Take it ieasy sweetie and try not wear yourself out so you dont get sicker.

    Elaine - you take it esy too my young friend !! Glad that mower is a rider. Enjoy yourself and take care of yourself too.

    Gotta run for now. Still missing all our MIA's to numerous at this point to mention.

    LEFTYGG Member

    my gs left this morning now im trying to clean. he is a 4yo hoarder.he carries around duffel bags shopping bags whatever full of gadgets people give him. then om stuck with them.

    elaine glad youre doing so well. hows the weather where youare? mowing is not my cup of tea. i have 4 boys men whatever and dh to do that.my dh likes to mow. youve got a new man wow thats something im glad i dont have to think about.my men children love em and leave em it breaks my heart cause i get attached.and if they have kids i get attached to them. youd think that since my dh and i have been married 43 yrs theyd be more stable.

    julie dont blame you for deleting if people know us well this would be easy to look at. i hope all goes well.

    i watch cooking shows a lot it inspires me to try new dishes. gotta go clean. love gail
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    sorry you aren't feeling to well today. Just take it easy like you were going to do. Just take care of yourself so you will be ready for your trip. When in Nov . are you going.

    Julie - you surely are a busy girl. I saw you on FB and you were making curtains for Kiera's room. How cute. I never knew they had PINK campflaugue material for girls. Nice for those little girls with dad's or uncles in the military.

    Gotta run for now.

    Love to all,

    LEFTYGG Member

    georgia all the stress is probably the cause of your not feeling well when im stressed which
    is often i want to be alone no phone visitors nothing. i have a sign i put in my window it says sorry we are closed since all my children live close.

    julie the stroller is so sweet i think ill get pierce a shopping cart. hes here today and crabby.i argue with him like im his age. lol i try to use all thede big words to broaden his vocabulary. i know hes mine but he is very smart. spoken like a true grandma lol.

    wish we would all wake up tomorrow feeling normal and full of energy. love gail
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    it is just amazing and wonderful. I am sure they will forever be changed in many ways. It must have been something to be down there in mostly darkness for so long.with little food. Of course, after they were found to be alive they did send them some things they needed so desperatedly. Did you hear wht they ate every 48 hours before they were "found" to be alive?? It is just something !!! God bless them all !

    Georgia - Just do wht you can anad ret. I guess you didn't buy your ticket yet, did you? Becvause when you do I think there is some kind of cancellation policy or changing the date o whatever. Anyway, hope you are feeling much better so you can go.

    How nice for Grandpa to make you some chicken soup. My DH wouldn;t know how to make it except for open the can and heatand maybe add water if needed :)!!

    Julie - You have so much on your plate sweetie. I hope you will stay well too. How was Keira's birthday? Did she have a little party yet?? We had so little partys growing up or presents wither for that matter. My grndma lived so far away I hardly ever see her or grandfather either. They were much older t oo and lived with one of my auntss for some time. My dad was an oops baby when they were much older:)!! We surely couldnmpt afford to fly and did take a couple of bus trips with my parents or other aunt but that was not a lt.

    Gotta run and go eat dinner so I can go to choir poractice. I hope my headache goes away soon.

    Love to all,

  17. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Gotta go to bed early tonight.

    The Sympnony is coming to school tomorrow!

    Woo hoo!

    Will tell you all about it tomorrow. (If I can stop being so excited. hee hee )

  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    festival is here and help have left. i am tryng to keep on top of things.

    i visited my ma in law and DHs aunt and took them sesame chicken which i cooked
    and some potato fried balls wich i bought..

    day aftr tomorrow we will all hav to congregate at aunts and i know she will be
    very very busy preparing the meal. before my FIL passed away we all used to
    congregate at his place. His second bro is now the head of family so we go there
    and receive blessings in form of red vermilion mark on forehead and some token money.

    my son is not in festival mood, he is busy giving exams and has one tomorrow too.
    he was wistfully looking at the dogs lounging around and saying he envied them. Yeah
    yeah, son, me too.

    daughter it seems got a UTI and also heavy periods and told me she was feeling so
    so tired. it scared me. but she sounded chirpy as ever. a cousin sis of my DH whose
    son is a freshman in a univ 50mins from her, is visiting and invited her over for lunch.
    I hope she behaved herself. i told her to be polite. The cousin is grateful coz my
    daughter visited the son and took him over the city and to her friends and also advises
    him whenever he calls up. he is having a tad of a problem making friends and is lonely
    at uni. whch surprised me because he is such a motormouth when he is here.

    i have been doing meditation and breathng systematically. I was laughng because
    Id lie down for an hour do some breathing and then get up and tackle the pile
    of dishes. Then i d crash. Then i wud again do some meditation for an hour and then
    tackle the bed room then crash. I am so lucky to not be living in a joint famly with
    ma in law and sis in laws; i would be a wreck. here i can do as i please I am trying
    to keep all the doggies out of our flat so i wont hav to mop up thier pee. I jsut
    dont hav the time or energy for that now.

    i too watched the rescue of the miners in chile and felt so uplifted. What a gift of
    renewed life for those people and their loved ones. God bles alll these people who
    work so hard to get stuff other people use. And put thier lives at risk in the process.

    Julie, i hope Keira had a lovely b day. Teacher hope the symphone goes well. Gail
    i love you talk with your gson a lot. Granni, how much of the work is finished now?
    are u still practising for the chorale. Georgia, sorry to hear about the crash, take
    care of yourself. Rock and everyone, love yous and drop by when u can, Elaine
    dont do too much, space out your activities but glad u are up and about again.

    God Bless

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just poppong in to check on my Porch Peeps as Elaine would say.

    I am on the computer since DH is doing chores or errands in the car and then I am waiting for a friend to pick me up for luncehl. Actually, we were relaly good friends and then it seems ed she was off loioking for ther friends, maybe in higher places shall we say. We haven't seen each others in years and I am the one to usually extend the invitation. However, she was very ill at one point and had a tumor in her brain which was removed successfully some time ago. I saw her at a funeral and again we made a date to fgo to lunch or I did. Dhe didn;t say no so I guess that is something. Most likely I will not see her again for some time even if we live in the same suibdivision. She doesn;t even go to the ladies luncheons any more.

    DH just came home wo will check in later.

  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Had a nice lunch with my friend. We had a nice talk and I told her to give me a call when she wants to do it it again. We'll see who ends up calling who :)!! We did have a nice chat and caught up a bit and had a yummy Greek Pasta dish. I am sure she is busy with her other friends that she has now too. She has had her healaath challenges herself too. Oh wel, it is just sad when you know that we used to be very good friends and now I am not sure what you call it. Anyway we did have a nice time at least I did.

    SW - Gee you surely sound like you have been busy lately with another festival happening. Take it easy when you can and try not to wear yourself out to quickly.

    Georgia - Glad you are feeling a little better today. Hope it continues. Try not to wear yourself out either. Isn't it interesting to do genealogy ?? I need to get back to it soon again. Still lots to do and I really need to do some putting things together and throwing out some duplicates of info and making some sencew out of it.

    Julie - What a pain it is when you have to redo stuff you are making, like those curtains. Having to start over on parts of it and taking some apart to make more doesnpt sound like fun. I remember knitting a baby sweater for daughter when she was getting ready to be born. I doubles the side fronts instead of making one left and one right. I got so made I never did redo and take it apart or finish it.

    Try and stay well with all the people that depend on you.

    Teacher - How did your show or symphiny go today, or whenever it was/is. Hope all is well with you.

    Elaine - How are you doing busy girl ?

    Rock - Have you finished with all the moving and all that goes with it. How are you feeling. Hope you have some NRG left !

    Love to everydobby,

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