Porchlight 505 is ON!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by rockgor, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Okay Folks, Here we go!

    Grab your gal and don't be slow.
    Click your heels and point your toe.

    Bow to your corner, then do-see-do.
    All join hands and round ya go.

    Chicken in the barnyard; pecking at a bug.
    Grab your gal w/ a great big hug.

    Allemande left around the ring.
    Makes ya want to dance and sing.

    All go home, soon as you're able.
    See ya next at the lemonade table.

    Whew! That's hot work on a summer night.

  2. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    and THANKS Rock for starting us up with another great call ! I do miss square dancing and I'll bet it would help me get more limber than I am today. That includes the tap dancing too. Haven't done that in a couple years since they closed down the dance studio and then tore it down yet. There are others around but to find one tha had adult classes during the day is impossible !

    Linda - How nice to see you poppin in again. Glad to hear all is going well. I know you are orry for Summer to be ending. However, it is nice around here for it to start getting cooler. I can deal with that as long s it does get really cold. When it hits 50 and below that is to cold forme. I am stiff enough as it is . Stay well ! How is your pain after your surgery. Hope iot is all gone by now. I know it has been awhile. I am sure the colored leaves are really getting beautiful.

    Hi Gail - Hope all is well with you today now that it is almost tomorrow :)!!

    Well, time to go take my nighty night pills and head to bed.

    Love to everydobby,
  3. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Just started a long post to you loveyl poele and it disappeared.

    Too tired and in pain to start over ritht notw.

    Will try again later.

    Louve youse!
  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Teacher - so sorry you lost your lkong post. I know about that. That is really frustrating !!

    Julie - that is a smart thing just to go and get some more fabric for Keira's curtains. It is to much work having to take it apart and do part of it all over again ! I am way to tired and lazy and not that great sewer. I can put on buttons thought and sew seams. way back when I did a few little things for the girls but not much. How cute - does Keira try and nurse her dollies? I am sure this whole thing will make her a very good mommy !

    Gail - Sorry you have to do so much running back and forth to the docs. I am atrying to eliminate docs now and just got to my PCP who is very close by. She will also do just as good a job I am sure in monitoring things. I do not think there is that much more they can do anyway. I am tired of paying out more and more money and wasting gas too.

    Lots of hugs to everydobby.

    Love to awl, MIA's also included of course,
  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I think you made the right decision. You are busy now and it will get worse. There is only one YOU !! When your parents and SIL gets herre I just can't imagine. You just need to at least TRY and take care of yourself.

    Have a wonderful weekend. I will try and check backlater on probably tomorrow if I can. So much to do and there is no family around to play with. Wantto send Kiera and Lorraine here for awhile :)!! I just love little ones.

    Love to everyone again ,

    LEFTYGG Member

    thx rock for the square dance. we had to square dance and polka in gym class.hahaha if i told my gkids that theyd die laughing.

    granni you do so many social things. i wish i did more. i only have about 3 friends left one called today to go out tomorrow to trader joes and whole foods. i told her id rather wait til monday.

    georgis glad youre so determined.youll be so happy to be with your dad. i wish id got to say goodby to mine.

    teacher hope all went well with the orchestra visiting your school.

    julie keira sounds so cute i havent had a little girl in so long only rough mean boys lol. my dd is 41. i was nursing my son in an amusement park years ago and this old man came over and pulled the blanket off and said i want to see the baby!!! needles to say i jerked him off and scared my poor baby.dirty old man.

    springwater wher are you. hope having fun at the festivals. bye love gail
  7. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Symphony was lovey!

    Cannot detail right now. Am in bad flare. Have so mjch pain, skin hurts.

    glad to see goatie going to daddy.

    jusile im' glad youre not workint. is too much with what you do

    rocky has everyion dancing so this is good.

    love you!
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - you are right. My kids were practically raised lying on their tummies. I also figured it was a good and more soosthing way for them to naturally getting rid of their gas if they have any. They all loved sleeping on their tummies. Yes, so many things have changed !! Oh dear, and some not naturally for the better if you know what I mean. I sent a little note to Linds on FB after that sweet baby picture, She is getting so big, Lorranine, not Lindsay :)!!

    Georgia - OMG, I to used to have to eat tongue ! Yuck I say, especially the rough part of the skin. I used to cut that all off before I would touch it. It does taste a bit like ham but the texture is weird esp the skin. I guess we ate it as it was another cheap meal.

    I agree with you JULIE that I can eat it, if I have to with lots of mustard. Haven't had it for years though and not since I married and left home and that was close to 50 yrs ago.

    Teacher - Hope you are getting a proper rest this weekend. It is a shame you have to spent most of your free time resting after working all weekdays.

    I just finished almost cleaning out the upstairs storage closet. I have done alot of throwing out. I know DH would love to throw out more but no can do. I do need some of it that was still in good condition. I have flower arrangaements that are seasonal, gift bags of all sizes.

    I mentioned to DH about possibly having some shelves put in there. There is only one and it is pretty hight and hard to get at.. So he is going to ask this handyman we know if he would put in onr two for us after he does some other stuff. That should really help. At least we can walk in there some now. It was really bad a few weeks ago before I started. As you all know I have enough problems and etrying to get the energy to do my regular housework rather that that extra closet. Now I am really tired !! I was tired when I woke up this morning. The whole upstairs looks alot better now. It was a total disaster when we were having the carpets installed and almost everything from those rooms went up there.

    The house needs to be vacuumed downstairs but it won;t get done for now for sure.

    Everydobby enjoy their weekend sleeping or whatever you want or need to do !

    Love you awl ,

    LEFTYGG Member

    the trees here are beautiful. looks like its raining gold from our huge maple tree which was panted when i was in high school.

    iim staying at moms tonight. we have had words already. she calls me in every few minutes and says are you ok then next time she says i may need you to help me go to the bathroom. i said why and she said oh im just done you ask the dumbest questions. she gets up all the time by herself what i meant was there something wrong.

    the truth is it was just a reason to call me in there. i should just say ok. she wants everyone to sleep with her. about half of us do. i cant explain it but she really tries to manipulate things. she has been the most wonderful mother grandmother in the world. i hope people will think as highly of me as they do her. i try to tell her often what a good mother shes been.

    georgia ive never eaten tongue but ive seen it cooked on tv. also ox tail they say is delicious.do you have goas now? we had two but we gave them back cause they ate our plants. we had a minature horse but he died i was so sad.

    well be tter go love gail

  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Thus is my actual birthday but was so busy today we couldn't do much celebrating . Have to leave soon to go to practice. Maybe we can party a little this weekend and out to eat or womething. We did last week when our club celebrates monthly birthdays. The birthday people get a free meal.

    Good luck JULIE and GAIL. Hope all goes well with you in taking care of your mom's and everyone else JULIE ! Yes, keep om trying to encourage your mom to do things for herself or she will get worse. Try not to get yourselves sick which is what I think I did years ago.

    Gotta run but hope all goes well with you both and your families.

    Joan - BTE, getting ready for Happy Birthday tomorrow. I remembered that yours is a day after mine !! Hope you get to celbrate some !

    Hugs to everydobby !
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Getting ready to go to my singing practice in a few minutes. There will be another after that and one lst performance. It will be sad I know esp for the leader who has been doing it forever.

    Didn't get to do much yesterday for my b-day . It was a really busy day and evening and we did have a party of sorts a week ago with a couple of friends and a few kids and gkids. That was very nice.

    Julie - Glad that your sil got some help with the packing and moving. Now you have to go help your mom. Try and take it easy my dear young friend. I know that is almost impossible for you. Now as more move closer you will have more and more rewponsibilities. Have to run for now.

    Love to everydobby,
  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    sorry for belated wishes, but better late than never. Seems like you enjoyed yourself
    altho you had to party one week earlier.

    Just popping in to catch up. The help still not come back and piles and piles to do. But
    its been a good festival. Although i suffer fatigue i felt at peace and felt somewhat light
    in my mind. Its peaceful having the house to oneself and now the sun is shining and
    its very spirit lifting. Not too hot at this time of year.

    Will pop in later again.

    Take care all.

    God BLess

    LEFTYGG Member

    u covered everyone! im intrigued that you go to a farm for your milk. is it pasturized?sp

    beautiful fall day i played bb with pierce and jumped on trampoline. should do that more often.

    julie- glad your sil got help with moving. when you move a trailer do you have to empty closets?

    happy birthday again granni we dont do much for adult birthdays.i havent seen joan here lately.

    lincamp your doggie sounds very fashionable. where do your dd go to college?

    missing rock springwater and others. nitey nite love gail
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    for my birthday wishes. Had a very busy day and got to celebrate a week early . So, I guess that was something nice. Wemnt to the zmen's club today (the ladies were also invited) to listen to Dr. Neil Frank ( very well known eather commetator in these parts). He showed very interesting footage of what hurricanes can do to an area, especially on the coast. It was extremely interesting and the pictures were amazing and also scarey for peoploe who had to live through it. We did too but were not on the Gulf or shore line. However, it was bad enough living through IKE and many here had damage as well as powe!! outages for some long time too.

    Gotta run now and do some outside work. Hope all are doing wel.

    LEFTYGG Member

    thx for repy! its scary what all is put in our food.even organic isnt safe,its all so confusing/

    would love to see pics of your dog. i like when i see pics of people on here too.

    im not feeling good today. hope everyone is better. love gail
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    We need rain so badly around here. Sorry about your sciatica is acting up again. I know that is no fun for sure. Glad you are enjoying genealogy. It iw a lot of fun. I started out about 10-15 years ago knowing very little about any of our families . Even my mother didn't know much about her parents as they both died so young when my Mom and and aunt were little children.

    We knew a little about my husbands family but not a lot either. Turns out the original family came to the US in 1864 and had 10 children (had three when they came over). One disappeaqred and probably died around or before 1870. That is still a mystery and another child might have been a miscarriage. If you can actually get a birth or death certificate , many are hardly readable and some in German or partially. Many also did not know how to spell correctly. Boy, did they ever masacre our surname, my mothers too when she came as a child to the USA..

    Yes, Ancestry is very good but also expensive. I may join them again some time after Christmas the Christmas bills have passed.. Just starting on those again. -ugh !!To many kids and gkids and I think I may be cutting back on those very soon. Luckily however, when I started many webites were free and I also belonged to some NYC sites that were helpful. May people on there shared their info and those that had access to Ancestry and other sit.

    I have checked on a few of them and some are no longer free. I need to get started on it again. It ws enjoyable but now I have a bunch of incfo that has to go in some sort of format and I have to try and fix up my Familyn Tree Maker after I lost a buncgh of info on it some time ago. What a mess.

    We have a get together with another couple tonight who is helping us next weekend on the big K of C Exemplification. However, the wife will not be there next weekend as she has grandkids coming in for a band concert or something. He will be stuck helping us. So, I am the only one in woman in charge shall we say of the decorations and the setting up of the tables for both friday(hospitality) and saturday.(banquet) put up and take down of stuff. I will be so glad when it is done. I do not like to be in charge of anything anymore. Although DH and his friehd will also be there as well as other guys helping with the moving of chairs and tables at least.

    Can't believe that it is already friday today. Went shopping and the bank today. Now trying to do some organizing around here. Picked up some nice pillows at WM today that really add to the decor of the family room, the color suggested by the decorator when she was here. Just doing little things here and there now. Whoops, better go and switch my wash from washer to drier and take what is in the drier out !

    Julie - Hope you are surviving all of the stuff you are doing, not even going to try and mention them all.

    SW - Hope you have some more NRG ansd thanks for the B-Day wishes.

    Thinking of everydobby -Elaine, Rock, Jole, Gail, Teacher, Linda, and everyone else I can't ad right now.

    Love to everydobby,
  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Good to see you all. It’s a bright sunny morning here. Just stuck my head
    Out of the window and gulped in some nice fresh tangy air. Its getting
    Teeny bit chilly in mornings and eves.

    I think this festival went off all right. Very quiet. So many people had gone
    Back to their villages that the streets of the city were quite quite empty.
    Which was a nice change. However, its coming back into its bustling
    Usual form and that’s nice too. Kind of got used to mad jostle when I
    Go walking in the city.

    I had a good moment one night. I had made mutton (goat meat) as
    A treat for festival although it is very fatty, but its very expensive
    And is considered a special dish. My son didn’t like being served it
    Again and again because I had made rather a lot, to save time. So
    I felt guilty and when he went down to his room, I found some
    Chicken wings in the freezer and cooked that Chinese style for him.
    He was pleasantly surprised when he came up half an hour later for
    His dinner. But told me I shouldn’t hav bothered, he would have eaten
    The mutton anyway and thanked me for cooking even tho I was tired..

    Then another day some guests came and I had to serve most of the special
    Chicken chilli I had made although I had cooked enough for all of us for
    Dinner. But the guests seemed hungry so at dinner time there was only
    A portion left over enough for one person and I served it to son. He asked
    Me why wasn’t I and dad eating chicken and I told him we would eat
    Something else. He put some chicken on my plate and told me “mum,
    You cant do this everytime, you cant put your kids before you all the
    Time”. That was heartwarming. I always think of my son as the
    Somewhat immature little one compared to his sister. But hes growing

    Since we are post 30 i will close this off and see everyone one the other

    God Bless