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  1. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone! Getting ready for fall? Halloween? Thanksgiving?

    Im serving up something hot, punch and coffee, cocoa for those who like that.
    Take your pick of cookies, and doughnuts in every flavour and topping. Chocolate,
    jam, sugar, jelly.

    Gail – it takes me like 45 mins of brisk walk to get to town. I remember u
    Asking. Of coure if I have to go further to other parts of the city I cant walk
    It all. Too tiring. But transport is not a problem here. Even if one does not
    Drive, there are buses galore and taxis tho those are exp and I avoid them.
    Also, yes my husbands family would be considered ‘upper class’. Economically.
    But bear in mind, our upper class here would probably be living the same
    Lifestyle Western countries ‘middle class’ would be living. Eat the same food,
    Wear the same clothes, drive a car or two. A vacation once in a while.

    Here middle class would denote someone who was bringing in just enough
    Salary to meet expenses and have a teeny bit saved up for their kids marriage
    Or something. They wil own a nice tv, a motorcycle, but no car. And eat meat
    About twice a week.

    Yes, we have our super rich, those who go abroad on vacations every year,
    Send all their kids to foreign schools, have a battalion of servants, to look
    After their couple of houses, and own BMWs and Mercedes.And celebrate
    their kids marriage with ten different events in ten different five star hotels.
    My family is some light years away from that, tho. Lol.

    The poor of course are very poor. Three sparse meals a day. One room
    For every person crammed in. Lugging water back and forth from common
    Taps in the street.

    Linda – so good to see you pop in! I wishi could have seen Lucie Ducie all
    Decked up.

    Georgia – lol. I knew bout the ‘human’ waste for fertilizer. I know they
    Use a lot of chemicals on crops, just scary to think of what what is
    Going into our bodies.

    Granni – seems you are in full swing again re social doings, helping with
    Decorations and all that. Yes, can understand about not feeling like it, when
    One is tired. Happened to me yesterday, got a summons from uncle to
    Attend a one year death anniversary prayer for a relative of DHs and felt
    Very detached from all the talk and bustlings going on around. Everyone
    Was there.

    Julie – hope you recover from the runny nose thing. Not fun to work
    When fighting off an infection as well, because that makes one

    Teacher – I hope your flare is flaring itself out somewhat. Rest up.
    Come back when u can, miss you when you don’t post. How is Baby?

    Rock – thanks for opening up last vol with the square dance. How is life at the
    New house? More convenient? Or do u miss the old one. We do tend to
    Get used to places.

    Elaine – where are you, lady? Busy rushing here and there for
    Appointments? Or stitching up some new garments for fall/winter.
    Hope you are having fun.

    Joan, Jole, Bill C. miss you guys and hope you doing okay.

    God Bless

  2. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I also posted towards the end of the last volume if anyone is interested..

    It doesn;t surprise me that you are sick Julile Please try and slow down just a little bit. I know it is hard but you are having more and more responsibilities pushed on you. I know you love everyone and love doing for people even when you are bushed beyond caaciaty.

    Gota run for now get ready for bed and do my bible study reading for Monday. I am so behind.

    Love to everydobby,
  3. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    so if anyone was feeling crazier than usual maybe it was the moon, lol. I certainly was
    trying not to sink. or is it the PMS? mine starts a full 15 days before the periods.

    Julie, sorry to hear you are feeling so bad, but yes, that happens i notice when one has
    a bad cold and is confined to bed and cant do all the things that are waiting to be done.

    Have some hot soup and take care of you.

    God Bless

    LEFTYGG Member

    springwater thats quite a walk thats good exercise i have had severe pain in my right foot i think its mortons nueroma from what ive read. i literally cannot walk. now today im just limping.
    id say im middle class but ive always felt blessed because ive had all ive needed or wanted. my sister and i had same income and she says she felt like she never had money and i felt i did. i tell my kids some make millions and spend it some make thousands and live nicely. right now is the worst ive felt economically.

    julie hate to hear yyoure so sick im like you i wonder when ill have fun again. my poor dh doesnt get the attention he deserves cause i feel so lousy.

    georgia now youve ruined mushrooms for me. ewwwww i usually just wipe them clean like chefs recommend but thats not happening now.

    granni it always sounds like you have fun dancing and singing im jealous.

    we all are so different in our DD but its nice we all understand. thats why im here cause you all know what we go through.nite all love gail
  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Went to church this morning, sng for Mass and then stayed a little longer to go over some new things for next week. Choir practice on Wed. we will be busy practicing for Confirmation on Nov. 7th. Busy, busy !!

    Julie - Glad Denb let you really sleep in. You really needed that rest I am ure. Hope you are getitng better and will be done with it PDQ!!

    Gail - I was going to tell you something and now it went blank again - my mind that is. Maybe I will remember soon. oh., I think I was going to tell you that I love tap dancing but haven't done some in a few years since the sold and then demolished our studio. The otherones around here cater more to the kids and don't have daytime lessons. I do quite a bit of singing though for church and our County Choral Society. We had a small omne that went around to different nursing homes and such but this coming Thursday will be the last one as both the leader and her husband have been having more medical problems. He was just dxed with beginning of alzheimers. We will miss it a lot.

    It was a lot of fun and the residence really enjoyed it. Occasionally, the three of us would also get together and do a tap dance that everyone enjoyed including me !! It was so much fun and helped keep off the weight. Now - forget it ! I know I am not fat but alot of my pants do not fit anymore unless they have at least some elastic on the waist band.

    Hi Spring Water - hope you are feeling OK !! Hope some more NRG comes your way and then you can save some for me too :)!!

    Rock - How are you doing my friend?? Miss you when you are not here. Now that the move is better how are you feeling . Are you enjoying the new place? Is it smaller than before or what?

    Elaine - what have you been up to besides all those dr. visits and therapy sessions?

    Love you awl,
  6. teacher

    teacher New Member

    I hope my computer doesn't do something stupid and make me lose this post. I won't be held responsible for what happens!


    It's a GLORIOUS fall day here. The sky has been just lovely all day long. Almost hit a car on the way to church because I was watching the sky instead of the road! Oops!

    The colors on the trees are really pretty right now. Some stuff is still green, but we're getting lovely golds, oranges, and reds.

    The sun is out and it's about 70 degrees with a light breeze. If one is into grilling, this is the perfect day.

    If not, juist grab a book and a snack. It's a great time to be outside.

    Went to church this morning. First time in about two weeks. Felt like I had been gone FOREVER.

    Had to take a couple of days off last week. Just couldn't do it anymore. People could tell a difference when I came back. Said I looked better and had some pep in my step.

    Posting. BRB

    I'm back!

    Yesterday was Homecoming at college, so Mom, Sister, and I went. We got there at 9:00, parade was at 10:00, game was at 2:00. Didn't stay for the game. We left about 1:00.

    One of the founders of the college was a composer. His family home is right there and has been turned into an historical site. Fifty-'leven years later, I finally went on a tour of the home. It was a stop on the Underground Railroad.

    I didn't get to see all of it, bceause the parade was starting. But I'll be back.

    The homecoming theme was "Forever Tan and Cardinal". T&C being the school colors.

    A fraternity decided to make a pun. They dressed two members as Cardinals from the Catholic church and give them foil covered cardboard to reflect the sun onto their faces. Thus, they created "Tanning Cardinals".


    The college radio station was punny also. They created a cardinal (the bird) sitting on a tree branch in front of a foil coverd piece of cardboard. Thus, creating a "Tanning Cardinal".

    One of the sororities ran with the "Forever" part. They were formed in 1921. There's a store called Forever XXI. Thus, they were "Forever 1921".

    One more entry was really cute. The college encouraaged alumni to bring their children to participate. The only catch was they had to be on wheels. Bikes, skateboards, skates, etc.

    One couple brought thier two children in the stroller. The baby had a sigh on him. "Class of 2032".

    It was a hoot.

    Mom bought a new sweatshirt. The bookstore was having a sale of Buy one get one half off, so I got Sister a new sweatshirt. She was pouting a bit because she thinks it's for me. I didn't tell her any differet. My plan is to give it to her at Christmas.

    Bought a new t-shirt and a pom pom for myself.

    They were passing out beads in the school colors so I have three new necklaces. They're acutally kind of cute. The beads aren't round. They are shaped like footballs.

    Also snagged a "Rah Rag". Red stamped with white the name of the school and the year. They gave them to the freshmen and had some left over for Homecoming.

    They were also passing out red plastic cups with the college logo printed on them. Sister saw those, so she got enough for everyone to have some.

    Oh! I almost forgot!

    I got candy during the parade. Two Twizzlers and four lollipops! Not as much as the kiddies were getting, but more than the other adults around me! Woo hoo!


    Baby was hypernuts. Sister was hypernuts. Mom and I were worn out trying to keep up with them.

    Took Baby off campus to eat and then the grocery store.

    Got her and her stuff back to the dorm in time for her to get to her job of taking stats for the game.

    We followed the game after we got home.

    We won. 49 - 14. Woo hoo!

    So, now I'm just relaxing getting ready for a busy week. Grades are due.

    Everyone hang in there. We always seem to muddle through somehow!

    Kisses. [This Message was Edited on 10/24/2010]
  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    A quick HI while DH is gone and then will want the puter !

    Teacher - thanks for the long note. Yes, I know all about those Homecoming games. Went to quite a few of them boeth HS and college. Sometimes my girls do go back for their college Homecoming ,SFA in TX. Everyone goes crazy and not that difficult to get caught up in the mood. Of course we have been running to all kinds of sports games since our kids started in elementary school. Our son started football at age 6 and played until Sr. in HS. He loved it and can you believe never got hurt except while walking across the field and he stepped in a hold in the field and got a really swollen ankle. That took awhile to heal.

    Gotta run all as DH just walked in. More later. Glad all is well Teacher.

    Love to all,
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Georgia - now it seems like almost anything goes. One of my nieces was going to get married out of the country and then changed her mind and we got an invitation. We still didn't go, to far away and expensive. I sent a gift I think . They were registered so I knew whqt they wanted.I forget where my nephew went to get married. I didn,t get invitations just announcements afterwards. for some of them.

    It seems like the biggest nesest thing to get married on an island far away with only very special parts of the family are invited. Of course most cannot afford to go anyway except if they get their tickets paid for by someone in the immediate family. We did get to go to the eldest neices wedding in NY. Haven't seen most of them in years, to far away and no one wants to travel for whatever the reason.

    As far as your neice's wedding, that is crazy tro invite people at the last minute, you take your chances on if anyone can come. I guess they decided they wanted some company, to help share the experience with them. I would probably just get a gift card to someplace they would like shop or just send a small check of whatever you can afford, if it won't hurt you moneitarily. Where does she live ??? Would you have to travel much if you went. I know you are getting close to going to see your dad and that is more important.

    Hope everydobby is feeling well today or as well as can be expected !

  9. teacher

    teacher New Member

    It's unusal to wait until the last minute to invite folks. Not polite, but not for those that live for instant gratification.

    It's NOT unusal to send your invites online. Not the best way, but it's trending now with the "hip" set.

    Asking for money is indeed tacky, but that's becoming the thing also. Saves time on returning everything and getting the cash back.

    'Course, I never understood registering for loot. No one owes you anything, so be thankful for what you do get.

    'Nuff ah dat!

    I forgot to tell youse that I got a new tiara this weekend. On clearance even! Sho' lookded cute win I wint out de do'. Couldna hol' a candle to me!

    I'se be feelin' better. Jist a bit tard right now. Skoo was easy. Jes' long. Mundays are de longest, but deys gots the nicest kiddies.


    Gonna go git sum dinner den gots to git more medicines.

    Gotta do dis tanite a'cause deys callin' fur a win'storm tomorrah. I don'ts plans to get catched in dat!



    BILLCAMO New Member

    Not gone , just limping worse than I want anyone to know......including myself....:>)

    I "shoplifted" 3 packages of cookies for all of us to enjoy ! (Just don't tell anyone I actually paid for them.......lol....).

    Gotta supply your own milk.....;>)

    Blessings ,


    LEFTYGG Member

    im laying here watching jay leno as i do every night. my dh is asleep he gets up at5: 15am and doesnt get home till 6:30 or 7 pm.

    i cleaned my frig today took out all shelves the whole thing i love it when its organized exciting huh lol.
    georgia that is so scary about your former workplace. im glad youre not there coulda been you!!!!! i hope your trip goes smoothly.

    now i get invites on facebook and a few relatives have been left out cause they arent on facebook.once i got an invitation the had at the bottom monetary gifts accepted lol people are so crazy nowdays.greedy

    teacher the homecoming sounds fun what college does she go to? my son had a full ride to kent state and wouldnt go to class. later he was diagnosed as bipolar but i question that i know he has depression but i dont know about bipolar lexapro makes his mood much better.

    granni tap dancing looks fun i watched dancing with the stars tonight and my brain thinks i could do it but i know the body cant.said to say i was voted most athletic in hs and now imbarely able to chew gum and walk.

    hi bill im new here nice to meet you. i remember mr dad havent seen him for a while.

    well better close take care julie rock elaine springwater and all my pro health friends love gail
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I just lost a nice long post.!!! Sorry but I havae to go to our last pracatice for our small group that sings at NH, Assisted Living homes and wherever else. Our last program is on Thursday where we perform at a local church where they have a great program for people with Alheimers, and their caregiviers. The director's husband has been dxed with it in the beginning stages and it is already so sad. Both had medical problems and it takes its toll when someone in your family has it. I know since my FIL who lived with us for years was dxed with it and passed away a few days after being put into a NH. I think that was the beginnings of my problems too. Stress can do horrible things to all.

    Georgia - sorry to hear about the accident wor whatever in your old workplace. Glad you were not there but sorry for all involved.

    Gotta run to practice now y;all ! As TEACHER always says - -

    KISSES to awl,

  13. teacher

    teacher New Member

    I'm sending you a nice long hug. Your trip home is going to complete your circle. All will be well.

    Thanks for the cookies, Cookie Mons.....er, I mean Bill. They are yummy!

    One bookcase down, three more to go. At this rate, I should have all four put together by Christmas! hee hee hee hee

    Nighty-night ever'dobby. Gots to get up extra early tomorrow. Ultrasound before the chickens get up, dontcha know.

    Love youse!

  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Gail – Im sorry to hear about your son.. I worry about my own. He finds studies challenging. And everybody else in the family on DHs side and my own brothers
    Two kids excel in studies so its tough on him. We just pray he somehow is able to
    Finish his higher studies.

    Julie – hope you are much better; make sure you are feeling well enough
    Yourself, before you stretch yourself helping others. I was just thinking
    You have really been on the go continuously for a year or two now with
    Something or other coming up.

    Granni – I think its more practical to give money as wedding gifts rather
    Than stuff. Even here, a lot people, especially the bigger families have
    Started printing ‘Pls don’t bring any gifts’on their cards. So one can
    Just take a bouquet or nothing at all, both are acceptable if that is printed
    On the card.

    Teacher – really good to see your long long posts after a long time and
    Catch up. Your new tiara must be pretty. Im sure you have quite a
    Collection of them now. If you were a Tibetan we would say you must
    Have been a princess in your last life that’s why this predilection for

    Georgia – been having a very rough few days, very crazy feeling and
    Today I got the ‘curse’. I hope my mood settles down some. I wonder
    What it feels like to be ‘stable’. Its an alien word to me now. Yes,
    Im sure you will feel much more at ease once the trip is over. Sorry
    To hear about the accident at workplace. I read someplace caregivers
    Nurses are the most likely vocation where one suffers abuse. I
    Suppose because of the very nature of the profession.

    Mr Bill – good to see you pop in with the cookies. Always feels nice
    When a long missing porchie pops in and says hello. Its also a relief.
    I keep wondering what happened to Pippi. Is she okay or not?
  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    the weathers gone cooler so thats definitely helping. I walked to town last eve and gave
    my broken glasses (DH sat on them) to be fixed, and i also replaced the batteries in my
    watch. Its an old watch almost ten years old but im so used to this one now.

    My brothers visited on two different days. Elder brought a whole lot of guavas which
    grow in their garden. But my back was aching that day, so i just gave him and youngest
    tea, and went and lay down.

    Middle brother came day before and gave me good news that nephew suffering from piles.
    Wow, that family always has somethng going on. The boy has been vegetarian for couple
    of years now, I wish he would be spared our families streak of bad luck. Hes missed school
    too, hes a good student (opted for Hotel Management course) and i hve been hoping he
    is the one who holds up his family, seeing as how his sister fell ill.

    I know my sis in law must be hurt but i have not been able to bring myself to take the
    kids out, ive been so tired and raw myself. I was planning to take everyone on a picnic
    we used to have an annual family picnic until my middle brother went a lil crazy and
    relations between us went bad. Shall see.

    My son wants to see the NBA matches, unfortunately theyre not big on basket ball
    in asia so most sports channels keep showing soccer or cricket instead.

    Im a bit miffed with my daughter. She doesnt call and when we call shes always rushing
    off to some place or other. Her fall break had started and she was with her best
    friend in freinds dorm waiting for another friend to join them. All from Nepal. They
    had planned to go out and im still waiting for an email, its been two days. I wish the young
    would be more thoughtful

    Elaine, Joan, Jole, Rock and everyone else, thinking of you

    Take care all

    God Bless

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I haven't a clue to what stable or normal means. People look at me and think I look good for my age but I have felt like - - - - for almost 30 years !!! Yep, fill in the blank. I am sure most of you can figure it out. Een my DH thinks I am doing OK when I am not. I just hate to keep complaining.all the time. it surely doesn;t help and people don'tr want to hear it. So, since I donpt complain, DH thinks I am or must be feeling OK ! (HA!!)

    Went to the local Craft show and lunch today. I went with the idea of getting some Christmas things. Ha, I just bought some stuff for me (he he). Some jewelry really good buys) and a jacket (decorative with lots of different colors in it to wear with slacks. Almost anythihg can go with it for $`12 and a good brand resale and one of those one size fits most, the expands with all different colors. That wasn't the cheapest but I loved the colors in it. Too bad they were out of the 3/4 sleeved ones so I had to get the short sleeve ones. These tops seem to be really "IN". I just loved the colors so I bought it anyway.

    Had a nice time and even won a door prise but it was just some pretty note cards which was nsice but I have loads of them. That's OK though. Have to go to choir practice tonight !

    Georgia - sorry you are going through some sad times now but things weill get better soon. Your dad knows how you feel and so that is good !

    Missing all my dear Porchies that I haven't seen in so long !!!! Along of course with the Porchies that just pop in once in awhile.

    Hope you are doing OK Elaine, Rock, Jole, Mickey, Joan, etc. etc. !!

  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Yesterday DHs auntcalled up at 11 to say his grand aunt had asked all of us to go down
    to her daughters place for lunch and dinner. This is the same grandaunt had called us
    when my daughter was here and i had to go calling all my kids back from wherevr they
    were so we could go. This time i got irritated. Who calls a few hours ahead for something?
    On top of that i am having my eves problem rather heavily. I had decided to just show
    my face for an hour and come back since its far away on a hillside and it gets dark early
    these days plus taxis are difficult to get there late eve. I called up DH but he was busy
    in a meeting so I just gave up the idea of going.

    Apparently my ma in law too was out of the house when she got the invite so im guessing
    it was just my DHs uncle and aunt from our family. Wel, maybe she will not do things on
    such an impromptu schedule and expect us to be there. Tho i do feel bad, she is 80 altho
    she has the energy of a 18 year old, this grand aunt. I meant to but simply could not make
    it. I may be only almost 50 but i have the energy of a 101 years old, so there.

    Im coming out of my bad slump and did a few things like giving sons big shirts for altering.
    And a couple of my own clothes to be made smaller.

    I rummaged about in store room and found a couple of things which had gone bad. Things
    like chickpeas, beans. Threw them out in compost before DH found out, he brought them.
    Nowadays he is following some fad of not having his dinner. Just fruits. I guess everybody
    told him he has put on too much weight.

    Granni - i love jewellery. And these days they are gettingmore n more innovative with
    their designs. I spend lots of time looking at them in magazines. Also watch a lot of
    fashion tv.

    God Bless

  18. teacher

    teacher New Member

    it's a sad day when this dyed-in-the-wool city girl knows what a stable is and you people don't!

    It's a place on a farm where you keep your hay, horses, cows, sheep, chickens, pigs, and sleigh that you use for rides in the winter.

    Sheesh! Do I have to explain EVERYTHING?

    hee hee hee hee

    Ultrasound was too make sure I'm still in the all clear with my thyroid. Probably won't hear anything until next week. 'Spect I'll be fine. No worries.

    Gotta get up early tomorrow to go to the dentist before school.

    I probalbly should go through my refridgerator this weekend. Sweet Spring made me realize that I probably have some hairy food in there!

    Am avoiding the Trick or Treat crowd. I DO NOT like this holiday. Way too creepy for me.

    This week is Red Ribbon Week. It's supposed to encourage us to be drug free.

    Wednesday was Crazy Sock Day. I forgot mine! So, I took off one shoe and one sock. I was wearing an invisible shoe. The kids liked it.

    Tomorrow is Hat Day. I have a fancy Sunday hat that I'm going to wear. Don't wanna mess up my hair since I just came home from the shop!

    Hope everyone is well.

    I love youse!


  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - You wear me out girl - just reading half of what you are doing. Just wanted to tell you god luck in your parents move and everything else in your life. Glad all went well with the girls trip and the wedding.

    Yesterday was our last "gig" for our small group - unless something happens tht I do not know about. The leader surely doesnpt really want to stop but she has enough oriblems too wbesides her husbands dementia too. She also has some shaking which make for some errors in playing the piano but where we play most of the time it is not a big problem.

    DH is playing golf and then have to get ready to spo some setting up for the social dinner for those planning on getting into the 4th degree of the Knights of Columbus and their wives, etf. p[lus some of the old knights to and their significant others. Tomorrow is the big day and we have to set up for the banquet. We won't be going just setting up. Then they will have to take down and we will probably be there for the duration to make sure all goes well.. I will be so glad when it is over with. Men and their 4th Degree.wives come from all over the area for the guys to get "Exemplified" or installed. Then they all have a dinner and program. Been to many of them but this time just worker bees and didn;t feel like carting extra clothes to change into (if we even would get a chance to change and sit down). Then we would have to pay for the dinner too. Also the room they are going to have it in is really not the largest. We did not plan that part. They kept adding and adding more people to the
    Banquet and other activities.- YIKES !!

    Hope all will go well today and tomorrow and will be so glad it will be over soon.

    Hope everydobby is doing OK and has a wonderful weekend. it actually was isn the hi 40's or low 50's this morning but will warm up to the 70's this afternoon.

    Love to everydobby !!
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Have a nice trip to see your Dad . Hope he still feels well enough to enjoy it and you too. Hope your ack gets better soon. !!

    That wounds like a great trip next year going to see relatives and doing some genealogy too . Wouldn't that be great to be able to stop and see Julie on your next trip to !!!

    Teacher - I think I missed part of your message. Halloween is OK but I real;ly donpt celebrate it. I used to enjoy watching those little ones dress up in their costumes. It was fun when I was little and used to go out. We weren't so afraid of everything back then, even though I am sure stuff went on thta was not very good or nice ! When we lived in the city and the kids were growing up we had millions kids coming around. Since that Man Killed his son with that poisoned candy he really almost killed Halloween too. I still remember that - what a horrible thing.

    Julie - get well sweetie and try not to wear yourself too much with all of your family..

    Love to everydobby this weekend. - BOOOO!!

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