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  1. Goatwoman

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    Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

    I'm flying away early tomorrow morning. I talked to Dad yesterday, and he decided not to get anymore transfusions. He is sleeping most of the time, and not eating much. He also said he can't read anymore. It is just a matter of time now. I think he is waiting to see everyone one last time.

    Watch out for toilet paper and little ghouls tonight. And hard-boiled eggs.

  2. Granniluvsu

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    Thanks for starting this new volume. This weekend is a blur and I am so tired. Just wanted to check in to say hi. Hope to get back later on. I am so behind on things so I had better go and and read my Bible chapter for our Bible study tomorrow. More later on maybe tonight or tomorrow.

    Stay well and happy dear ones.

    Teacher - good luck in your test.

    Elaine - where are you hiding out.

    SW - Stay UP and happy sweetie.

    Gail - So sorry to hear about your mom getting more confused and such. I know as we had the same thing with DH 's dad when he lived with us. Yes, patience and hugs to you my dear.

    Happy Halloween to those celebrating. We aren't and don't even have any candy this yeat. Did get any last year either probably due to the carnival they are having in our area.

    Joan - glad you had a nice birthday celebration at the church with all your friends and some family.

    Love to awl,
  3. lilaclover30

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    Sooo very sorry! This will be such a difficult time for you and for him. I remember saying "the tears are all gone" not too long ago. but I found gallons of them again. Yes, you willi see your dad again sometime. Doesn't that ease your heart some?


  4. lilaclover30

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    how to see your posts and get back to mine. Oh well, it's OK.

    Julie: If you are feeling really crumby, you are doing too much! You will make your self sicker.! This is an old lady saying that!

    Sounds as if everyone is busy and tired. I did just what I said I would do last night. Since my house is long, I stayed in the FR and read the papers, snacked, and watched "Extreme Makeover." Two other coffee friends, said that they did that because it gets so hard to get up all the time to answer the door.

    D and SIL have a tradition! SIL resurected an old popcorn popper, cleaned it up and he uses it a lot. On Halloween, they start at noon and pop 200 boxes of corn. the garage is decorated and they pass out boxes of corn. They have done it so long that people, including adults, have come to expect it so they continue to do it.

    Has anyone heard from Elaine and Pip? She must have disappeared from sight. I hope thata nothing is wrong.

    I had to put the next warmer jacket on this a.m. It was 30 and I got cold! Seems as if I was just complaining about hEAT!

    the sun is shining on my screen so I can't see very well.

    Check in soon to see all my dear friends who mean so much to me.


  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Glad you made it to see your dad. Hope the rest of your visit continues to go well. Stay loving and patient !

    Not to much time to write right now but wanted to heck in.l Getting so busy now and is about to get worse I know.

    Love and hugs to everyone else too.

    LEFTYGG Member

    i dont know how you do it. ive never had to say goodbye my dad died suddenly but i always wished i could have told him good by. ill say to mom Ive told you what a good mother you are didnt i? she always brightens up. i also say youve had a good life havent you mom? she always says oh yes ive had a good life,

    i hope you will have peace after your trip. love gail
  7. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Georgia - sending out good thoughts towards you. I hope the trip goes well.

    Everyone, bit rushed for time. big festival is day after tomorrow and the energy
    didnt turn up lol, so am way behind preparations.

    thought i had one day tomorrow to prepare but seems like i hav to go for a function
    for baby naming at my DHs uncles. Yes his granddaughter of six months is to be
    named only tomorrow according to tradition.

    also hav to go make voter card, get my pic clicked n all.

    take care all

    god bless

    LEFTYGG Member

    so sorry. i dont know your history but only you gotta do whats best for you. have a safe quick trip home.

    springwater you dont name a baby for 6 months? ive never heard of that tradition i learn something new everyday. another festival too. you have more festivals than we have holidays. are they like fun dancing in the street festivals gift giving festivals or honoring someone. love to hear of different customs.

    its so cold here in the 40s. i hate cold weather. i think im more depressed in cold weather.everything irritates me. i have to keep telling myself its me not them.

    well im gonna go take a warm bath and put coconut oil on my skin. its so dry and itches like crazy. nitey nite love gail
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    You didn't say who was doing the insulting, if it was your dad or others in the family. I am sure that is very hard to take. don't know if that ws the way he has aways been, esp. in times of stress of not. He knows the end is near and is perhaps afraid. You would think that would be the time to be close and loving but sometimes that does not happen especially if tht is whow they react in stressful situations.

    If it was your dad doing the insulting perhaps also he MAY have had a stroke or mini stroke. I have a friend who's husband was extremely quiet and sweet, perhaps to quiet. Then after he had a stroke, came pretty verbally abusive to her and called her all kinds of names, etc. Of course, that may not be your dad's case if that was his patterno f behavior.

    Yes, you have made your visit and did what you should. You know you did the right thing and now you must take care of yourself sweetie.

    Spring Water - our life sounds like mine all of a sudden, to much to do. Yes, tell us about your festivals, they are very interesting. Hope you start feeling up so you can do alot of participating,. Have to go and practice some of my music for the Confirmation on Sunday night. That will be a long Mass. Then will have to start getting ready for our cruise on the 13th and then will be back in 5 days.

    I really should be vacuuming again but don't feel up to it and for some reason my right part of my chest is bothering me in the muscles. Some may be FM and some perhaps the working out I did yesterday. I did feel it a few days ago but not as much as I do right now..

    Gail - I know what it is to have problems with parents growing older nd having medical and sometimes psychological issues. MY FIL lived with us for years after his wife died. He was greaat until he started with his dementia. It was very hard and I still had kids at home, one getting poarried and another causing somep roblems. All put together I got hit with the crud. I have had this for way to long already. May God give you both the strength to get through your mothers illnesses.

    Elaine , Joan, Rock where are you.????? Miss all my other MIA's too. Jole - etc.

    Julie - I know you are going crazy doing for everything and hope you are feeling better.

    Love to everydobby,
  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I say that because I used to have a double oven most of my married life. When DH retired and moved out of the city both houses did not have double ovens, unless of course you have one put in with carpentry work and all to get it to fit. The size of the wooden cabinetry was just to small for the largest oven I would have preferred. So, forget the double oven idea. Quite a few years ago DH got us a very good sized microwave to put on the kitchen counter. Originally it was the onloy one but really came to rely on it. Later on when we moved there were smaller microwaves built in the top of the oven. Our nice big one on the counter hjust died so off to Sams's DH went to see whqt they had. It was a very nice Panasonic (the same type as the one that had died). It was just a bit smaller than the newest one we had replaced above the oven, but stronger wattage. Both have sensors and you can cooks some things, mostly veggies ( frozen and fresh) by venting the cover and you do not have to put in the time. It turns off itself when done.

    Anyway, when we have big gatherings it is great for cookijng and rewarming things. It will have to do instead of my double oven. However, right now I don;t really have the NRG to cook much but I cook almost every day anyhow. DH only grills and can put warm up stuff from the can and maybe bacon and eggs :)!! We'd get tired of that really quick..

    Anyway, I am happy with my new microwave and it works about the same as the old one other than upgraded additions like sensors. Luckily we have a pretty big counter top space to put it.

    Georgia - glad you are home safe and sound. Hope now you can relax more and feel more free now that you have gone to see your dad.

    Julie - You wear me out sweetie. Those pics of Raine :) on FB are soo cute !! Hope you feel better soon.

    Hugs to awl my dear Porchies !

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  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    That means it's time for the weekend. I guess some will be really busy . It will be about the same except for going to church sunday Nite instead of the morning to sing.

    Georgia - Sorry to hear you dad is so near the end but hope he doesn't suffer at all and has someone with him. Yes, there is not much else you can do except pray.

    Gail - Hope all is well with you and your mom today.

    Joan, Elaine, Jole, Rock where are you all and everydobby else :)????

    Hugs to everydobby ! Will try and pop in sometime this weekend. The Porch is so quiet lately. Missing all the MIA's and those who have not popped in ltely thqt used to regulars.
    As you said before Georgia - Such is Life and things keep on changing.for all of us.


    LEFTYGG Member

    georgia im glad hospice is caring for your dad.they really help people in pain and dont let them suffer. thats how id want it if it were me.

    julie hope your feeling better. i do understand about your mother. i told my mom that maybe she needed to do laundry so she felt she accomplished something for the day.everyone does everything its good but bad cause she just sits there. she keeps saying when im better iwant to do some things.

    my dh is so good to her he rubs her legs everyday with tylenol cream. she thinks he walks on water. we all laugh cause no one can do it like him.

    my poor sil lost her sister today. she got sick had diarreha for couple days got to the hospital and couldnt walk she was only 69. they think it was a septic infection or e coli. i couldnt find words to comfort her.life is so fragile

    granni i know you live in warm climate. whats your weather this time of year? it cold co;d cold here. i hate it. dh and i are going to florida in dec cant wait i love to swim.

    nitey nite love gail
  13. teacher

    teacher New Member

    .........and I'm up.

    Goatie - I'm so sorry for your pain. Remember that you did what you could. Hold on to your good memories.

    Gail - I'm so sorry about your pain also. Sometimes we don't have words. Just being there is what's needed.

    Sweet Spring - Happy Baby Naming! And Happy Fesitvaling!

    Julie - My my my! You quit work and now you're working harder! I am praying that you will be able to slow down and SOON! I'm glad you have family to spend your caring energy on. It makes you happy to do so. Can you do me a favor and spend some of that energy on yourself? Take your hubby out to the local diner. Just the two of you. Keira can keep everyone at home in line for a couple of hours. LOL

    Rock - are you feeling OK? How's Gordon? or should I say "What's he been cooking lately?"

    Elaine - How did the gift boxes for the children go? Did they like them?

    Granni - I wanna come stay at your house. All your redecorating sounds wonderful. A new microwave is the best touch. Sounds like all you need to do with this thing is stand in the kitchen and applaud yourself dinner's ready!

    Bill - Did you eat all the cookies again? I came in here to get some and Jerome said they were all gone. Don't even think about it! Come back here you little Cookie Monster..............

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  14. teacher

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    This DD is winning right now and I don't like it!

    Second major crash in three weeks. bleah.

    Was kinda hopin that with the thyroid surgery and all that I'd get a reprieve. Nope.

    These last two crashes have takem me back to square one. Haven't hurt this bad since I first got sick.

    Wonder if it's alwalys been this bad, but the thyroid stuff masked it. Oh well.

    'Nuff crabbing.


    I'll probably start changing mine as soon as it gets light enough. Wonder how my parents are gonna do without me to change theirs. Dont' feel like driveing.

    Having my sisiter here has been a blessing. I'm dropping the ball MAJOR around here. She's doing her best to keep what little space is neat and orderly neat and orderly.

    Makes me wanna cry seeing her forced to live in my disatster and yet not complaining about it.

    I say my disaster becasue evenn though I managed to put three bookcases togheter, I haven't managed to put anything on them.

    Dear girl. Says she doesn't mind. Lives like she doens't. bothers me that she's content with a mess.

    Guess that's this stupid DD talking again. Isn't it? Sorry. I said I wasn't gonna talk bad no more, but I guess I went and did it anyway.

    School is going well. Some of my 6th graders are acutally composing! It's only four measures and I created the rhythm, but their tunes sound kinda neat.

    Band teacher is gonna pick two of the best ones to print out on the comoputer so the darlin's can see the next level of publishing. Kind of exciting.

    2nd - 5th is sight-reading rhythms. So far my 2nds are better than anyone else. That's a shame since they're all using the same music.

    Choir sounds good this year. 'course they'd sound better if I DIDN'T KEEP GETTING SICK AND MISSING SCHOOL!!!!!!

    But, I digress.

    We're workingon Angels We Have Heard on High. The little stinkers acutlally sound angelic. What's that aobut.

    Posting. BRB

    I'm back.

    I have 7 students in Advanced Recorder. I'm already having to look for new music. I had to have a review session because everyone was in a slightly different place, but not low enough to return to the Beginner group. I guess review/catch up time is over! This could be fun.

    Beginner group. All I can do is shake my head. My schedule got interuppeted and I have only one slot for beinners. Can we say 52 people!? AND some of the crazy people I work with are upset because I won't take anymore!

    Of course, these are the same people that think I'm not a teacher just because I'm not regular classroom.

    Again, I dgress.

    So as you can see. School is going very well this year. I am so very thatnkful for that.

    Ultrasound. Haven't heard anything, so I'm thinkin' no news......

    Notice I haven't said anything about Baby. There's a reason. I wanna kill her. Can't do that since I'll end up in jail and I don't think I'd do well in such poor surrondings. I'm sure the company would be excellent. I just don't think I could handle being denied my tiara collection.

    So. Other that this DD rulling my life at this point, everythng is going well.

    Getting colder so that means more muscle pain soon to come but Sister doens't mind that I keep it about 75 degrees all the time.

    That's good.

    Consisitenet temperature is better for the piano too! hee hee hee

    Everyone take some time for themselves soon. We need too.

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  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Our house phones have been having all kind of problems and then the answering maching quit so we went and bought another. Nothing like spending more money right before Christmas !! Now trying to put that all together. Gotta go and fold clothes and start trying to fix supper or start to prepare it. It is not to bad since the shrimp is really already cooked. I'll just add it at the end. We don't have shrimp to often but we love it. We NEVER had it growing up. We sreuly couldn't afford it . If I had to go buy it and clean them all and devain and all I am not sure I would make it much at all. It's just a treat any way it's made. Just cold and boiled is wonderful with a ymmy red sauce made with catsup, horseradish and lemon juice.

    Need to go fold some clothes and switch some to the drier. I should be vacuuming but Iw ill put that on theback burner as always.

    Georgia - Glad you are going to go have anice little vacation with Grandpa. Where is it located. Not sure I hve heard of it before Michoacan or Morelia. Dummy me. Hope you get to feeling better soon from your cold.

    Teacher - I love to hear about all the great stuff you are doijng withthe kids in music. I sure wish I had all that when I was kid. I always loved , did play some violin and could pick out tunes on the piano (not mine) when visiting someone that didi like an aunt who lived thousands of milkes away. I could sit for hours and play and even learded eventually to pick out cords on the left hand that would go with the right (eventually). Now I just sing in choirs. I just love almost all kinds of music. Have to sing at church for a special mass tomorrow at night. Wish it was during the day.

    I forget who was living with your your sis or sil? Maybe I am wrong all together.. Glad she is being so patient. I know about messes, got lots of dust bunnies around that could keep yours company.

    Jule, SW, Rock and everydobby. i love you and have to get to WORK _BLAH !!
  16. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Granni, don't apologize for not being able to keep up with my family. I can't either!

    I do have a brother, but I didn't find out about him until I was in high school. He lives in my father's home town. He's older by several years, but I don't know how old he is.

    He has two girls and 4 or 5 nieces. I don't know for sure becuase we don't really communicate. It was/is discouraged.

    Aunts and Uncles usually tell me what little I know.


    My sister (Baby's birth mother) and I are living together.

    Am busy haviing a CFS/ME/FM meltdown today. Don't feel like it, but am throwing boxes and bags around sorting through this moving messs. Is helping to keep the tears at bay.

    Is also creating order out of disorder, so I guess that's a good thing.

    Managed to clear a path in Sister's room. Makes me feel a bit better. She's been hemmed in by my stuff.

    We're planning an outing later today. We're going all the way to the dumpster!

    Who wants to come with?

    BILLCAMO New Member

    is just popping in to say hi !

    & I didn't eat or take any cookies.....lol :>)

    I'll try to "shoplift" some cookies to donate later..;>)...lol....

    Take care all !

    Blessings ,

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Busy day as usual these days and haven't started packing for our 5 day cruise yet. Should be fun !

    Elaine - so sorry you are having problems controlling your depression again. Hope they find something that will work for you soon. Try to keep UP !! You have been through so much. Be patient, I am sure it is hard !! Hopefully more later on. So much to do.

    Love to everydobby !
  19. teacher

    teacher New Member

    on a Sunday afternoon...............

    Have fun!

    Where are you going and can I come too?


    The princess was not happy when she left the palace this morning to ride through the realm. The horses wouldn't wake up!

    She had to borrow a wagon to get about today! <hmpf!> At least it came equipped with a driver!

    The royal stable hands earned their keep though. When the princess returned, the royal carriage was up and running.

    Do you know they spoke to Her Highness in a very degrading manner. They had the nerve to imply that the princess should always carry jumper cables! The nerve of those men!

    The prncess put them in their place very quickly.

    She looked at them and said "I'm a girl. What do I need those for?"

    Sassy stable hands. That should teach them to think twice!

    The princess is safe at home in her royal nightie. She's planning to go to bed early tonight and hopes that supid pea was found while she was gone today. Being up all night dealing with flailing legs and muscles that hurt is for the birds!


    LEFTYGG Member

    Elaine so sad to hear youre depression iks worse. I hope your doc can get you back on track. could it be from the weather? I know depression is hard to deal with, my daughter had it and here im in so much pain and shes so depressed and i knew she couldnt control it. it was at a time her son was being tested for autism and it threw her into a horrible place. she boke out in a rash couldnt eat it was so sad.
    Youve been through so much just remember we all care!!!

    Granni i a fun note a cruise sounds fun. ive never been on one. its on my bucket list. have a great time.
    teacher youre so funny!!!youre not only musically talentled but a creative writer. i love your way of putting humor into all situations.it takes me a minute to get the jist of the story. im kinda slow nowdays. ps i hope your pain is under control.

    guess what!!! i went shopping and to lunch with a friend.we were gone for 6 hrs!!! shes into the dr oz green drink and says all the knots in her legs are gone. she too has fibro milder than me. so im gonna do it. shes drank it for 9 mos. weve been friends since 8th grade a long time. by the way she is the worst driver ive ever ridden with!!! nitey nite love gail