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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by springwater, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello i just checked in for my daily peek and found it was time to switch on a new porchlight

    Everydobby come partake of the snacks, hot drinks, fruits and desserts laid out...Jerome is

    feeling cold and has taken off for a short vacation to the south, so please help yourselves

    Granni : wanted to say HAPPY HAPPY TRIP for your cruise..will miss you..pls try and look

    us up from the ship if u have the time

    Teacher, Joan, Gail enjoying reading your posts and catching up

    Georgia, Elaine, Julie, Rock, Mr Bill hi to all of you and sending good thoughts

    God BLess

    LEFTYGG Member

    Ive missed seeing you. are you all finished with your festivals? when will the next one happen?what is the weather like this time of year where you live?

    you wouldnt believe how beautiful it is here today. its 70 degress sunny no wind. i love it especially since its november 10th. i hope we have a mild winter.

    granni have lots of fun and be safe.

    lilaclover good to see you hope your computer gets back to normal.

    teacher sounds like youre having a good school year.that makes life a lot easier.
  3. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Spring Water - Thanks for starting us up again and providing goodies and drinks for us all. Trying to get ready for this cruise but so much still going on. Thanks EVERYONE for your good wishes on my Bon Voyage !!

    Thanks Gail, Spring Water, Georgia and anyone elswe I might have missed.

    In between everything I will try and check in tomorrow but no promises. I know I will be gone in the morning and then in the afternoon I will be busy still trying to pack. You think a 5 day cruise would be easy but not for me ! Plus, I always oack to much and I am worn out just trying to get my meds and supps ready.

    Rock - where are you sweetie ?? Missing you and so many others dealig with their problems too.

    Off to take a shower and then some more packing or at least lining up things to pack.

    Love to awl,

  4. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Had repkied to your post re deprssion when i was opening the porch but
    it seems to have deleted it somehow when copying

    you have faced so many challenges, been depressed, got better, been sick, got better; so just keep in mind you will get over the depression again..

    its a very hard disorder to completely get rid of, as all of us who suffer from it can attest to.

    But we can do all we can not to go down under. I hope soon you will find the right meds.
    Meanwhile make sure you explore all avenues possible. I have myself been in a slump for
    the longest time and its hard when depression and overwhelming tiredness go together.
    No fun dragging oneself thru each day when you know you ought to be welcoming each
    one and making most of it.

    Anyways, good luck, we know you have spunk. be good to yourself.

    Georgia - agree you have a wacky sense of humour and i enjoy it immensely when you
    say something funny; used to roll abot laughing readin your and Rockys posts about the
    cousins and tin foil hats and false teeth, lol.

    Gail - my festival is over thank goodness. But the fatigue is still managing to affect me
    my life negatively. Yesterday DHs aunt called me over because her daughter was coming
    to visit and i was quite eager to go and then i lay down for a while after finishing a chore
    and became so overwhelmed with tirednes and acheiness, i just coldnt get up and bathe and
    make myself go. I like going over to peoples places where they dont have any illnesses and
    are active because i get swept up in thier lives myself, but what to do when cfs just swamps
    you when you need to leave?

    im trying to arrange a day out with my own family ie. siblings and thier kids tomorrow. hope
    everything goes well.

    God BLess

  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    However, I really need to go pack in earnest right now. Really do not have time to chat. Everyone stay well, Leave on Sat. but I know that tomorrow we will be busdy soisng all kin of last minute things.

    Please stay well everyone (try not to get the flu por whatever else is going around here and everywhere.

    Carla - I heard you were going to Australia, I think you said on anoather thread, I forgot the date. That will be fun.

    Please pardon not chatting with all individiualy. I love awl of you !!
    Love to all,
  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Keep on doing what you have been doing and trying to keep alal things as normal as possible and POSITIVE ! I (we) are so proud of you for doing as well as you havae been inspite of all things going on around you, and happening to you.

    I really do not have much time for the computer today. Trying to get ready for this cruise that we go on tomorrow..

    Just wanted to tell you to keep it up and I am thinking about you.

    God bless you sweetie and HUGS too, P.S. Hugs all around to everydobby ese to .Gotta run and do some work around here. Thanks for stopping by again and updating us.


    BILLCAMO New Member

    At least pop in here and say hi !

    If I can do it , I KNOW you can !

    I even dropped off a couple of packs of "store bought" cookies for all of us to enjoy ! (Oatmeal raisin & chocolate chip....) LOL...(caught a sale of two packs for $5 ;>) ) lol

    Please , at least munch a cookie and say hi .....

    Blessings ,

  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    B/C -thanks for popping in to say HI and for the cookies. If they are store bought, that is OK too :)!!

    Will be leaving in about 1/2 h to get the bus from our subdivision that will bring us to Galveston to take the ship to MX - the supposedly safe parts :)!!

    Julie - Hope you are doing Ok with your crazy schedule.

    Rick - where art thou ? We miss you !

    Elaine - Keep in up sweetie. You can getthrough this period I know. You are strong and as my mom would say, you are a strong cookie :)!!

    SW - Hope you got through with all the festivals OK and you are starting to pick up in your mood and strength. I could have used you the other day with all my ironing.

    Hope to see some more MIA's and others when I get back from our cruise.
    Sorry I can't keep up on the ship. It is expensive just to bring your CP to call anyone or take calls. Even the internet, I suppose would be expensive. I'll just have to miss you all.

    Love to everydobby,

  9. jole

    jole Member

    Huh! Haven't been here in months, and I think the last time I was Bill was too. What a coinkidink!

    Life here has been hectic. My MIL was in the hospital and we nearly lost her twice. She was given 17 units of blood.....my daughter said, "How do we know you're still our grandma?" Lol...she got a kick out of that. We did lose our 38 year old niece to cancer...she has 5 children ages 5 to 14, and that was a horrible time. Our poor nephew is totally lost.

    Then my hubby had back surgery and had 4 vertebrae fused, so he's been in the house driving me totally crazy...lol. Anyway, that's a quick update on life here.

    I haven't read the past volumes yet, but know I have lots of catching up to do. Sounds like most of you have been really busy with your lives. Parents moving close, cruises, etc.

    Elaine, I've been where you are. It's not easy at all. I was diagnosed with bipolar and put on Lamictal. Then they decided I am NOT bipolar, but the Lamictal helped me a lot. Mostly with clearing my thinking so I could rationalize things out better. I will probably be on it forever.

    One thing I learned in therapy was each morning to say "I have depression/pain/fatigue and I accept it as a part of me." It kept me from becoming bitter/angry about it and was able to deal with it better. After it gets better change it to "I am stronger than the depression/pain/fatigue, and accept the strength in me". Sometimes it helps......

    There are days that the pain/fatigue simply take over and no amount of self-talk is going to do anything. Some days even the pain pills don't. But we survive! I hate winter, because the pain is soooo much worse.

    Weather here has been in the 30's some days. Even the 50s with the wind is sooo cold to me. Okay, enough for now, and hope to be back soon. Love 'n hugs to all......Jole

  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Bill Camo and Jole ..wow good to sewe you drop in..Jole you been thru some very rough

    times and appreciate that you took the time to drop in...your views re depression are so

    spot on...

    Granni - gonnna miss you so much when you are away but look forward to you being back

    with details

    I had to one picnic and two functions in the space of two days but i made it okay...

    i was surprised myself...on friday i took my family (siblings and nephew ) and two kiddies

    of my help for a picnic to spot two hours drive away. My niece refused to go at last moment

    ye, the one with depression and that kind of dampened the mood a bit, and my son had a

    horrible cold so he couldnt go, but it turned out okay coz i took the other two kids.

    Everbody enjoyed being out in the country among the mountains and trees. My eldest

    brother and nephew had a little snooze in the sun whille my sis in law and me and youngest

    brother went for exploring. We had our lunch and tea there (we'd taken meat dumplings, KFC,

    radish and chickpea pickles, potato curry, chicken chilli and fruit, and for tea we had indian

    snacks. After we came back, i had to go to a golf ball and although it was one of those

    stuffy formal balls which i feel so uncomfortable at i met a couple of my husbands friends

    wives and managed to spend a tolerably nice time with them.

    Then yesterday, there was this function of a distant cousin of DHs where the pubescent

    daughter gets married off to a fruit, in some sort of coming out ceremony. It takes place

    when the daughter first starts her womanly cycle. She is kept in a dark room for a specified

    number of days, and then when she comes out, she is dressed in finery and jewels and a

    prayer ceremony is held and guests are invited and fed.

    Today the sky is overcase and its cold and im glad the day of the picnic it was nice n

    warm except towards evening.

    i need to get out all the winter stuff since the weather is beginning to bite in earnest now.

    Take care all

    God BLess


    LEFTYGG Member

    thaanks Bill for the cookies and for stopping in. the more the merrier.

    Jole good to see you im a new porchie but ive read it for years.when i first started reading it i thought it was a story being told and imaginary so i wasnt that interested. i usually only read non fiction books. then i kept reading and realized it was about our lives.so ive enjoyed joining because im interested in how others live with these DD.

    Sweetwater the picnic sounds fun. do you drive or did someone else take you all?you took a lot of food, thats a job to get together. im getting antsy about thanksgiving and the work involved. the festival for the young girls sounds quite elaborate. does everyone do this or only upperclass? then the Golf Ball is that golf that you play or something else? sorry so many ?s but find it very interesting.

    georgia thinking of you and your dad.

    elaine hope youre feeling better.

    wheres rock been i miss his humor.
    love gail
  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Well porch is slow with Julie busy with her parents move down to their place, Granni on vacation,
    Rock away, and all the others busy with various other things

    Gail, i cant drive, I tried to learn once but it wasnt a success because the DH gave me one lesson and was so nervous and critical i got very mad at him and just gave up. We have a
    very long standing helper who has been with DH's family for over two decades and he learnt
    to drive using DHs car, was driving us around for a while, and then DH got him a job as a banks
    driver, but he stays in our compound with his wife and two almost grown up kids, and on saturday is available to drive us if we tell him in advance. His wife helps me with the housework. And i pay her a salary. They stay for free with all the utilities everything being
    paid for by my DH. In turn they help around the house/garden.

    The 'Bel Bihe' ceremony is an intrinsic part of Newari (caste) culture and is compulsory for
    everyone of that caste. It is just done on different scales according to ones economic levels.
    But i do sympathise with the poor parents; obviously it is a drain on the finances, but whoevers ceremony i have attended the family seem to be very happy because most nepalis
    love ceremonies and dressing up and eating.

    The Golf Ball is one of a couple of which are held each year by tournament organisers. The tournamensts are organised by corporate sector like banks or liquor chains or export houses
    etc. Not all of them have an evening ball tho, where wives attend. My husband has been
    an avid golfer now for like 18 years. I dont play. But sometimes go with him if there is a dinner
    or ball given after the tournament.This oarticular one was organised by an Indian Royal family
    whose matriach is a lady from nepal., Princess Asha Raje Gaekwad of Baroda

    her son Prince Sangram Singh in turn got married to the princess's niece from Nepal so the
    nepal india ties were strenghthened and the golf tournament which is an annual fixture now
    came into being.

    Yesterday i got out the winter clothes, and found one of the cupboards keys are missing.
    Likely now i will have to break down the lock, its a steel cupboard so what a headache.

    Some of the clothes have mildew on them like my hsusbands leather jacket. And one or two
    woolens have tiny holes, grrrr i hate pests.

    The DH left for out of town so i have five days to spend in peace and have the tv to myself
    barring of course the son, but he has to study. Im going to try and do some major cleaning which has been left undone because i was so so tired and down. Its begun to lift a little thank goodness.

    I need to take niece to the doc again for a refill of her meds. She definitely hasnt come back
    to complete normal i think looking at the way she flat refused to come to the picnic. Sigh. She was suppsed to go back after a month and its been that now. What shall i d if she doesnt recover? What does the future hold? oh god. at least she hasnt had any psychotic or violent episodes.

    Well all take care

    MIAs pls drop in and leave us a line or two....granni wont be on for sometime and julie is busy
    so we are very lonely and bereft, lol!!!

    God BLess
  13. jole

    jole Member

    Spring, you always have so much going on there. All the gatherings of family and others....that would take so much time and energy. I sure understand you being tired and not able to attend everything! Like the others, I do enjoy hearing about your country's traditions. Everything there is so different than here. We've become such an intermingled society that tradition rarely exists anymore!

    Julie, glad the move is nearly over, and hope your parents settle in easily into their new lives there. I know you love doing for everyone, but also hope you remember your daughters are grown now and they can be a big help with all this if you let them.

    Yes, they have families, but they still have time to help and these are their grandparents. I think you're a lot like me, and have trouble delegating to others. You find joy in doing for others, perhaps you girls would also. I hope you take this in the right way.....I'm not finding fault, just worried that you are doing 'way more than is your share to do, and if you get yourself down who will take care of all these people???

    That was one of the hardest things for me when I became so bad I was in bed more than out...the turning over of responsibility or 'control'. I had confused doing out of love and doing out of control...sometimes still have issues with that at times.

    I am by no means saying that's what you're doing, Julie. Just saying someone besides you also needs to be involved so if you can't do all this, they can pick up and carry on. That's a lot of responsibility....your hubby, two sets of parents, a SIL, and your girls/grands/hubbies. Especially when the parents and SIL are all disabled. Love ya, Julie!

    Gail, we are like a book! Lol... And sometimes our chapters are just as involved and confusing, aren't they? Guess that's how life is though. Look forward to getting to know you better.

    Hope Granni is having fun on the cruise, and doesn't get stuck out there like the one ship did....that sure would be an experience to forget!! Also wishing Rock well with getting settled in and hope to see him back on here soon. Georgia, how's retirement going? I'm sure I would change weather with you in a second!

    Today will either be a lazy day or a shopping day....not sure which yet. We need to get groceries, and I'd like to pick up a couple Christmas gifts for grands. I can shop about 45 min and I'm done, but know what I need to get so may be able to get it done. Have 9 to buy for and need to get with it. Hugs to all.........Jole
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Have been reading, but not posting. Don't gots the necessary
    pyschic energy. Too (best-selling author Peg Bracken used to
    use "Too" as a conjunction. Always struck me as somewhat
    skewed somehow.) Too, the computer has been acting like the
    government. Sometimes works; often doesn't.

    Last couple days I couldn't sign in. Then when I did, I couldn't
    get a reply button. Today the board is working OK, but my
    mail dept. isn't. Such a business!

    Anyhoo, I am all exhaustinated w/ moving. Two and a half
    months and not done yet. I counted boxes and bags in
    one of the rooms we are clearing out. Still has 30-some
    containers to open and sort and deal with.

    Gordon's mother lived in that house 30-40 years. Never
    threw anything away and never cleaned anything except the
    kitchen. Amazing how grimey stuff gets in just a few decades.

    Gordon says just a couple more weeks, and we'll be moved
    in. But I feel more like Moses. Can see the promised land,
    but don't really expect to get there. More likely to keel over
    w/ a carton or two to cushion my fall.

    Well, I see you all have been struggling bravely on. Not much
    else we can do, is there?

    Bill, have you ever tried baking cookies? Not difficult. The
    only tricky thing is remember to take the cookies out of the
    oven in time.

    For those of us w/ brain fog, 2 or 3 alarm clocks are helpful.
    The recipe on the Arm and Hammer baking soda box has
    been popular for decades.

    Granni, I hope your trip to Galveston is, or was, perfectly
    delightful. Can't hear the name of the city w/o thinking of
    Glen Campbell. I spent one year living in Las Vegas. Seems
    like Glen had a new hit every other month: Wichita Lineman,
    Galveston, Gentle On My Mind, By the Time I Get to Kleenex,

    Jole, good to see ya. Good luck w/ your Christmas shopping.
    I gave all that up decades ago. Used to send 7 Xmas cards
    and two checks. That was it.

    Now I send one card. Everydobby else gets an e mail.

    Julie, Glad you are mostly done w/ the move in your family.
    You're right about sodium in those TV dinners. Marie Calendar
    has some that are more than 50%.

    Springwater, the keys are lost again?! Oh, No! I now have
    two sets of keys. My poor deteriorating brain now has
    trouble keeping track of just two items. I frequently approach
    a lock w/ the wrong set of keys.

    Have you or your niece read "Feeling Good" by David Burns.
    Helped me w/ my depression a lot.

    Gail, glad you finally decided to jump in the pool. Yes, the
    board has some fiction writers, but most of us are reality
    TV stars once or twice removed.

    I, for example, am actually a 32 y/o female divorcee w/ red
    hair and green eyes and a killer smile. I work at a smart
    and sophisticated cocktail lounge on Highway 87. I have
    a toy poodle mix named Poofy.

    My boyfriend rebuilds motorcycles, and has a large collection
    of beer cans from 54 breweries and 8 different countries.
    His name is Purvis, and he can do 6 push ups w/ me
    and Poofy on his back.

    Well, Methinks I'd better post this before it goes poofy.

    Ha det bra
  15. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    I'm still here.

    Good to hear from Rock and Jole. Was missing you two and fretting. Do people still fret?

    Georgia : I would like a goat for x-mas!

  16. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    I'm still here.

    Good to hear from Rock and Jole. Was missing you two and fretting. Do people still fret?

    Georgia : I would like a goat for x-mas!

    All for now,

  17. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I do not want a goat for Christmas!!! Rather just have a nice comfortable rocking chair, recliner please, that fits my body, each part of it! Mine has a seat that kind of dips where I don't ahd the head part sticks out too far and hurts my neck. that's enough of that!!

    We had the most gorgeous week last week (I imagine that manh of you did too) It was so wonderful to go shopping with out a jacket and to leave the doors open for a while. That's all gone now. It is just plain cold so I got out my warmer jacket. Might even put my Cuddle Duds on. Anyone else wear those. they are sio wonderful but when spring comes and you don't wear them anymore, you feel half naked!

    My christmas giving is simple - I do as I have for the past 2 years, if anyone remembers. For anyone new----I have a houseful of furniture, dishes, etc. that have come from 3 different sides of my family. I know the history of most (my mom wrote it down) and i give each couple---9 grandkids and 3 kids----a piece of gorgeous glassware, china, etc. plus the history and where it came from. they seem to like that.

    My three little one,s great-grandchildren, i buy th ings at WMart. Little cars which they love, newe kids's high heeled shoes and gloves with a ring, plus a book for each one. Our WMart isn't a super one so books are rather hard tro find.

    I never know what to answer when asked what I want. I asked for stamps lastr yr. and they lasted 6 mon. I want a handheld shower head that goes along with a reguloar showerhead. You know, things like that.

    Yes people still fret, --forgt your name. i could fret about that!!!!! Hubby used to say I did that troo much!

    Rock: You give everyone a bit of cheer with your writings. You are a joy!! Keep writing! I justr don't read very long---my eyes won't take it. I do use moisturizking eye drops which help some. I read my 3 mag. I get and that takes time. I used to read 3 books a week. Numerous yrs. ago I was hooked on paperback Gothics. Think I read everyone in the librafry. the last few yrsl of Harley's life athome, thje librarian just opeened the front door and put a bag of the kind of books that she knew h e liked on the floor. She would send them to h im before they were checked into the library. (He used to be on the Lib. Bd. and used to sit at the desk once in a while)

    Seems to take me a long time to read daily paper.

    To those who don't know me very well, the others all know I am the bad typist who does not go over and correct. Sorry. You will soon learn to decipher it.

    As far as christmas cards go, I try to cut down, then someone sends me a family letter, (which for one just LOVE) so I send them one of mine. It's mostly family I don't hear frrom but once a yr. I always send a letter and a card to the elderly (gosh, that's ME) that don't get out or live away from here. I enjoy doing something good once in a while.~~~~

    My sweet little best friend is gently meowing for me to quit this thing!!!! She wantw to go to the back of the house for a treat.

    Julie: Do you ever get a chance to just sit down and relax?? You do so much. I don't know if I ever could do all that. I admire your love and dedication to all the family. I guess there isw a time in allof our lives that this happens. The only thing is, I am on the receiving end of it. My kids are so very , very8 good in coming and helping or just doing little3 chores. but they all have a long drive which I hate.Feel so bad about taking their time away from their spouses and their daily lives.

    SW: I was 33 before i got mu driver's license. My dad tried to teach me but when I about backed ingto a frog pond, he quit. Then when we finally got our own second hand car, i decided that the time had come to learn. When I went to take my driver[s test, Harley had forgotten to renew his own driver's license when the inspector asked to see it, then he had forgotten to put the car registratiion in the car.!!! But the guy did give me my license. probably thought that hubby was trying to get me flunked.

    God was with me in getting it. Six monthes later, my dad died unexpectedly and my mom didn't drive. Of course, we had to taKe over the newspaper business so Ii didn't have a logt offree time but I could take my mom and aunt wherever they wanted or needed to go. Sats, I took them both to the grocery store, we went to the restaurant and got a coke and visited, I took them home and took theuir groceries in. we had my dad's car then too so there wasn't a problem of Harley not having a car.

    oh my~~~~~~~ I have gone on and on and on!!!!

    I h ave gone on too long. I love you all and didn't get to talk to all of you but you are allmy besty friends.!!

    Gentle Hugs,



    BILLCAMO New Member

    At least two more MIAS showed up here !

    I left a couple of more packages of store bought cookies for all (minus 1 cookie each package....lol ).

    (Brain fog , fatigue , pain , & stuff , reduces me to this short reply...:>(...)

    Hope all got cookies & things are going at least OK !


    Blessings ,


    LEFTYGG Member

    Jole im so sorry about your young niece dying. life isnt fair leaving 5 children without a mother!! cause everyone needs a mother. hope your DH is recovering nicely from back surgery.

    julie glad the move is about done.my poor mom her memory is getting so bad. a woman called today for a donation my mom said im sorry im 101 years old hahahaha couple days before she told someone she is 146 years old. i said mom youre 92. i bet that person thought wowo weve got a record here. the funny thing now or not relly funny she doesnt want to be alone. so i usually sit with her a couple hours till the person spending the night arrive. we have 14 that take turns. my 5 kids which 4 are boys. she objected at first didnt want males but i just ignored it. shes always let the girls do the work.she wants people to sleep with her too. do you all find that strange? my 35 yo son is sleeping with her tonight. im sure he doesnt want to. there a comfy bed in other bed room where his wife will sleep.

    rock good to see you. have you found any valuables? i like looking at old stuff.

    lilaclover weve had good weather too but last 2 days its been cold.i dread winter.

    georgia ill take a couple ducks i love animals. i think i told you we had goats and had to get rid of them they ate all the plants. i loved them.

    well nitey nite love gail
  20. jole

    jole Member

    Elaine, if you want an honest opinion, here's mine....I think it depends on what kind of book you're writing, serious or light-hearted, but I'm assuming serious. I bet your title will be just fine, but sometimes shorter ones catch a person's attention more...or they do for me. So maybe just shorten it to MY LIFE MATTERS or LIFE MATTERS? That's just my opinion though, and it's YOUR book, so it should suit you and fit what you've been through! Go for it, girl!But I was just thinking, I'll bet it's really going to end up being the publisher's call.......yeah, they seem to like to have the last word...

    Did you all read that there's going to be a meteor shower tonight? The article says to lie on your lawn or use lawn chairs to keep from getting a crick in your neck, and watch the heavens for the last two hours before dawn. Can see up to 500 shooting meteors. Okay, won't happen if you live in the city though :(

    Nothing new to report here. Rainy day....which means moving very slowly. Doubt I accomplish much, so will be thinking of you, Rock. I have lots of sorting through to do, and no energy to do it. So happy to see those little ones run till they drop, but what a waste of energy....lol. Julie, bet you feel that way too.

    No, no animals needed here either. I open my door and am attacked by 10 (yes, 10) kitties wanting to get inside out of the cold weather, plus our doggie. My fault, I feed them too close to the door.

    Hope you all have a great day! ..........Jole
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