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  1. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hey All! folks stuffed with turkey after Thanksgiving weekend im thinking so
    a very light snack laid out this time...salads, sandwiches, chocolates. Tea,
    coffee, juice and a nice crackling fire to battle the chill outside.

    Help yourselves, porchies all, enjoy.

    God Bless


    LEFTYGG Member

    thx springwater for the light snacks. i feel much better when i eat clean no fried foods and such but i do like fried foods hahaha.

    you and your daughter are fun dissecting every detail my kids do that with movies. they repeat parts of movies and then laugh and laugh. or songs they know every word if only they had known their school work as well they would have a phd.

    the thought of bungee jumping makes me queasy. even when i watch a movie with heights like cliff hangar i feel sick.thats great he could do it sounds exciting just not for me lol.

    i wish ihad the energy to explain a situation that happened thanks giving with my son and his son who lives with his mom. hes 17 has moved over 20 times lives in tenn now. people can talk about dead beat dads but my son has always paid his child support and then theres no bond because the mother runs all over.ok done with that.love gail

    BILLCAMO New Member

    all of us we "survived" another holiday ! lol [We ALL wish we could do more......]

    Take a step back , a deep breath , & continue on day by day.....

    Sorry , I have no cookies , or crumbs , to share at this time...( & definitely .....no energy ..........;>) )lol.....

    Blessings ,

  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hope your problems with your dad and mom straightens itself out real soon. I know it is so worrrysome.

    I thought I was doing better and went to church yesterday. However, this morning the low grade was back and I am waiting to hear from the doctor to either havae them send in a script or make an appt today. They are so busy in that office. It is so had to get a hold of a talking person. There are 3 doctors and numerous nurses and other workers.

    Hope they call and say to pick up a z pack. Friday night there was a message on my CP from the nurse saying to pick up the antibiotivcsl It sas so late I might has heard her wrong as to the pharmacy. I check all of them around her the next day when DH was complaining about his sore throat. That is how it all started for both of us, Then he got conjunctivitis really yucky eye. Not even sure if our doc was in or not got two different messages from the answering machine. DH may not have had any fever. He didnl;t when I took it and mine was on and off.

    Hope to hear from them soon. I do not feel like having to go to the doctor and wait around in there. Their office is pretty close and I may just go and hand out there if I here soon.

    Bye for now. Love to everydobby !
  5. jole

    jole Member

    Decided to clean out the house before putting up the tree. Great idea. May not have the tree up by Christmas though. Depends on the energy...lol. Decided the kids might as well decide what they want now rather than wait until later, and they won't have to do the cleaning. It sure is good to see some empty spots in my kitchen cabinets now, and tomorrow I hope to wash all my curtains.

    Spring, I'm enjoying some of your chocolate and tea....thanks! Needed the energy and it was nice of you to think of all of us!

    Granni, hope you can get to feeling better soon. Some of these viruses seem to take a long time to wear themselves out. I'd imagine the doc won't give you anything without seeing you, and around here they don't give antibiotics anymore unless you have bronchitis or pneumonia. But I'm betting they'll come up with something to help....sure hope anyway!

    Julie, your dad's memory problem may be worse just from the move. It seems to affect a lot of older people that way when their routine or home life is disrupted. Hopefully when they can get back into their trailer he'll improve. But what a chore, if he doesn't want to give the money to get the work done!

    Is there any way they could afford to get a better, used trailer? I know it still wouldn't be there home, but it may be cheaper in the long run than trying to fix theirs up, not counting the time involved. I seem to remember though that they don't have any money, right? Best of luck to you. It can't be easy at this point!

    Windy and cold here. Good day to be inside. Take a nap and get back to work cleaning for awhile. Want no more than 2-3 days in my kitchen. Slow going with my energy level, but seems the kitchen is the worst/most cluttered room with cabinets, etc. Wishing all a good day. Jole

  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just checking in. Waiting today for the docs office to call and was hoping they would send in a z-pack for me. I just took the first two pills then 4 more to go.

    Woke up today to find my temperature back again. Only 11.2 or so but you feel miserable just the same. What a pain in the neck to be sure. The coughing is annoying too.

    Jole and Julie - you are very right about the elderly who have dementia of any kind can seem to get a lot worse when they are in a strange place. When they get into their own place again things will most likely get back on an even keel and do better. All this confusion for them just make them more confused. It is very unsettling foar them.

    Hope things settle down soon for them and then for you.

    Georgia - Glad your dad is being well cared for and hope he can stay alive longer for their wedding annivrsary. Sorry to hear about your hand, Hope it feels better soon. Your volunteer job sounds wonderful I would like that myself. Also being paid in free hours to search your own genealogy sounds wonderful.

    B/C - sorry you wouldn't find any more cookie crumbs to eat. I probably ate them all :) !!

    SW - hope all is well with you. Just love reading your posts. I would love to try eating some Indian food. As long as ait is not very heavy with curry. I'll try anything new once and sometimes twice :)!!

    Hugs to everydobby,
  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Jole - I did get a z-pack but she knows I was a nurse and I gave her (the nurse) a full run down or symptoms and knew that it was not in my lungs. I have had bronchitis many times and pneumonia a few and a few time borderline. I took the first 2 pills yesterday and have 4 more to take.

    They usually make you come in first. She know my history . I know she (they) was extremely busy from this holiday. They were thinking of sending some out on late friday but not sure what happened. Took a long nap yesterday. Keep your fingers crossed. Since I took the pills I haven't coughed that much and to day so far no fever. Hope it continues . So many concerts and programs coming up. I missed a big practice last night. Oh,m well, you gotta do what you gotta do :)!!

    Our weather has gotten colder and windier today. Yours sounds worse. Stay warm and toasty and try not to work to hard. I hate it too when everything s a baig mess and so much to do.

    Stay warm everyone and healthy too (as much as you can).

  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - glad to know your dads feeling a lil better, being overwhelmed with one parents needs
    is tricky and I know youre mum has been a handful. What does one do? I know parents dont
    mean it when they act up, but it seems like they do and you go thru the same thing you went
    thru when raising ones kids, the frustrations, the bewilderment at WHY?

    Granni - I hope your cough goes away completely; it would be a shame if you missed those
    programs, and the Holiday season almost upon us.

    I went out yesterday and got a few chores done, but was dog tired coming home because
    there was taxi strike and had to walk it down home in the dark. no question of buses, i just
    couldnt face the thought of all that pushing shoving, i could do it in my younger days, not

    The DH had again gone for work to India and i have four days alone, I watched Modern
    Families, its kind of entertaining.

    I know i have to visit relatives, ma in law, aunt, some of DHs relatives, look out for a
    psychologist for niece but....have not been feeling too social.

    a college mate from days gone by with whom i used to go to the movies on weekends
    and have coffee with found me on FB and wants to re establish contact the message left
    me slightly disconcerted tho..it said 'life cant have thrown us together for no rhyme or reason,
    and he would like me to be his confidante, and could we internet chat sometime? his last
    sentence was 'now the ball is in your court'. He did say 'he had just come back from a party
    and his wife was away at her parents and hence the dutch courage'. Im guessing a lot of it
    was the drinks talking. Ive exchanged two other messages with him before when he asked if
    i was the person he used to know in college and i replied yes. But then there was a gap of
    several months. And now this. I told my daughter and her reaction was 'hmmmm. i didnt know
    you old people still had it in you,". he was a really nice chap, one of the regular nice guys but
    someone i hung out with because it was easy talking to him and not because he was 'hot' or anything. Before i had just told him, I didnt use FB a lot except to post photos for my relatives
    far away, and i didnt have google chat. This time i just gave him a very old yahoo chat id
    but i dont know if i will use it or not.

    Well, take care all, Georgia, Teacher, Elaine, Rock, Carla, JOan, Jole, Linda, Mr Bil, Barry and anyone i might have missed

    God Bless

  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - glad you got some new linoleum for your MOM I I think that is what you said ). Did you get carpet too or was it visa versa? She should be thrilled will her new flooring !!

    Oh dear, I have done lots of laundry including in sink and bath tub. Not sure I would love doig it on the rock but then Iwould have to scrub the rock thingy first ! Mom used to use a wash board alot down the base ment with her washer. Her original washwe which she had forever till it croacked had a wringer or should I say like a spin dryer, not a wringer that you had to turn the handle. My brother finally years ago bought her a drier whih she only used in bad eather. She hung almost everything on the line, which I did to until I had 5 kids and my own washer and drier.

    Hope things start to go better with your parents . Glad Lindsay got to speak to David. That must be so hard. That is a crazy story about that guy you used to know sending you an e-mail or post. Be careful !! Hope he just wants to touch base with someone who is very friendly from his past and doesn't want anything else if you know what I mean. Don't give him your address or phone unless you are very sure about him. Sorry to sound so spooky (or defensive) about this but one never knows nowadays. Maybe he is having problems with his wife. Good luck !!

    Georgia - Hope all is going well with you and you are feeling OK .

    Gotta go and get dressed. Have things to do today and a party tonight. I am doing much better since I started those anatibiotics. I have tow more days.

    SW - Hope all is well with you sweetie. Forget what you were speaking about in your last post.

    Hugs to everydobby inc Joan, Jole, Rock, Carla, Elaine and all I cna't remember at the moment,.

    Gotta rrun, DH is back and needs the puter.

    Love to all,'Granni
  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Not much new to really add except that today is our 49th anniversary. However, we have a party to go to tonight so will go out to eat on Saturday night with friends. My how time does really fly by when you are having fun (most of the time :)!!!) .

    Julie - you shpould go back to bed. I am worn out just thinking of all you did, before your mom got up. Did you buy linoleum or carpet for your mom, I forgot.

    Have to go and start getting dressed soon for this party., I already did some makeup and curled my hair - to much work. These lucky guys don't have much to do but jump in the shower, comb their hair and maybe put on a bit of aftershave. That's all folks !!!

    SW - Sorry I got your emailing admirer or whatever you called it confued and tried to give him to Julie. Yes, it may be totally innocent but be very careful.

    Rock - take care of yourself but we miss you.

    Love ya all,
  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Feeling bit cold. I wonder how i wud do in the snowy parts of the world! Our cold here would be
    warm for most northern european and american people.

    yesterday i went to see a indian movie with my brother. neither of us liked it too much but
    we didnt hate it either. i liked the nice sunny walk back in afternoon.

    today DH came back. brought some indian tea because our own ones arent that nice. we
    both like strong tea,.I put cardamom in DHs tea and ginger in mine.

    The son went off to see a rock concert dedicated to the band SlipKnot. I hate that kind of
    music, and thier kind of band, they dress weird and paint their face and the music is loud,
    raucous, non melodius. I never knew my son would grow to like such acts.

    we are still working on our cement flooring outside the house, breaking it up and hauling
    it off to dump. I intend to just grow grass and trees. the cement looks neat but doesnt let
    the ground absorb water and i hate the kind of water problems we had this summer. I even
    gave up growing many flowers because of it.

    Everybody take care

    God Bless
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I agree with you when talking about the music that our kids or at least some of them do. Yep, one of mind does too ! Have you ever heard of REBELLION (sort of anyway). When we were growing up our parents thought we were just awful liking Elvis, The Beatles, and some of the wilder groups. Kids are always trying to rebel against their parents in someway or another (cause they know we or the parents don't like it)..

    When Rock and Roll came in music was never the same. I loved the OLD Rock and Roll but the newer stuff is something else again. Hope it warms up for you soon. I can't stand when the temp. falls into the 50,s. Yikes that is to cold for me especially if it is damp like it most of the time here. Lower 60's weith no sun is not good for me either. i am so wimpy when it comes to temperature. I cannot stand the cold (my body) and that is where I came from originally, the COLD NORTH - N.Y.!!

    Have to go soon and put on makeup and try to look nice for our anniversary dinner. A couple is coming to our house first and then we will go to this nice restaurant. This will be one of the few times we will get to go out to eat coming up. Have to start paying off my ring :)!!!

    Hope all is well with everydobby. Starting to fel better, took my last antibiotic pill yesterday. Coughing a bit less which is good. Miss seeing so many of you all that have been taking time off to do other things or are not feeling well.

    Love to you ALL,
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - Gee you would have been the cutest 3 year old flower girl in my wedding, 49 years ago. OMG, that is almost scary. We did have a lovely dinner with our friends. It is a nice restaurant, good food and very good ambiance as they say. You can actually hear your self think.

    The other couple brought us a bottle of champagne thinking today was our anniversary. I told them it was last week. They have had enough stuff going on so can't keep dates straight either.

    Hope you get all your stuff done for your parents and stay well. DH wants to go outside to talk now with a glass of vino. So I guess I had better go. It gets so dark and cold so early. Yuck ! I hate that !

    Hugs to all sorry this is so short.

    Love to you all,'Granni
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  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, we are done moving. Or, to be more precise, we are done
    moving in, but not done moving out. The house we moved into
    is still cluttered w/ junk that has accumulated over the decades:
    unwanted or broken furniture; dead appliances; bags of trash;
    cans of food that look decades old; and a small mountain of
    cloth from the days when Gordon's mother made a little money
    sewing at home.

    Bags and boxes of bottles and plastic containers. Old cleaning products.
    Old electric cables and cords. Old everything. Boxes
    and bags as far as the eye can see.

    The bags are full of everything and anything; but nothing
    anydobby would want. To wit; full of empty pill bottles;
    full of empty ointment tubes; full of plastic bags; full of
    rubber bands (now hardened to the consistency of adobe).

    We have lugged stuff to the thrift shop and the women's
    shelter. I want to just throw it all out, but Gordon wants to
    examine everything and see if his siblings want it. And, like
    his mother, he is a firm believer in hanging onto things.

    He has ten feet of shelf space devoted to long-playing records.
    He hasn't played them in 30 years and no longer has a turn-
    table. But he wants to hang onto them nevertheless.

    I'm sure I'll be gone long before all this junk will.

    Last week we had no hot water. An inspection of the base-
    ment, (basements are rare in LA homes) revealed the water
    heater and the furnace were not functioning and the place was
    flooded over one's shoes.

    Plumbing bill was $5,000. When I was a kid one could buy
    a new Cadillac for that amount. And last weekend a different
    plumber came and did another $1000 worth. Uff-da!

    Could easily spend $50,000 repairing the walls that are cracked
    from the earthquakes; new flooring (many rooms have shag
    carpet from the 70s); insulation; painting; new cupboards to
    replace the ones from 1926.

    The Home and Gardens people are not coming around to
    pohtograph the place.

    Now that you've got your cupboards cleaned out, Jole,
    wanna come give us a hand?

    Back shortly, I hope.

  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, we are having fierce weather here in Los Angeles.
    Cold (53 degrees) and scattered showers. May even get
    down below 50 tonight. HaHa! One has to put up with
    a lot of terrible things in LA, but cold weather isn't one of them.

    Julie (and Dan), glad to see you guys are getting down to
    basics. Or at least to the floorboards. You make a
    great team. Personally, I find it challenging just to get things
    plugged in correctly.

    I suspect a license is needed in CA. We had to pay $125 for a permit from the
    city to have the plumbing done. Gordon (who works in the mortgage business)
    said a home loan from the federal government (HUD or OVA) can be held
    up if work was done w/o a permit.

    All the politicians talk about shrinking government and cutting down on
    bureaucracy. Meanwhile, grows like kudzu.

    Granni, I'm with you. I loved rock and roll, but the Beatles
    appeared the year I was graduated from college. After that
    I lost interest. I'd rather listen to old pop songs or country than
    modern rock.

    PBS was having a fund raiser the other night. Some old groups
    from the folk era showed up to sing. I am convinced 90% of
    them just lip sync to their old recordings. No way performers
    in their 70s sound the same as they did half a century earlier.

    But Gogi Grant was there. She sang The Wayward Wind, and
    she wasn't lip syncing. She looked wonderful. Of course she
    didn't sound the same, but she sounded just fine.

    Do you know what's plaguing you? The flu? Hope whatever
    it is, you are better now.

    Springwater, Gordon and I were looking for cardamom a
    few years ago. Gordon wanted to make some Norwegian
    cookies. After we found out it was $60 a pound, we decided
    to use a substitute. Nutmeg or cinnamon or something.

    I read there are two kinds of cardamom (green and black)
    and Nepal used to be the main source. Now, Wikipedia says,
    Guatemala is.

    Jole, did you get the tree up? I haven't put up a Christmas
    tree for decades. Pretty much ignore the whole thing.

    When I was a kid, we had free movies on Sat. afternoon
    for the 3 weeks prior to Xmas. On the 3rd Sat., when you
    came out of the theater you'd find Santa waiting in a pick up
    truck handing out bags of candy.

    My dad was Santa for several years. One year he arrived,
    not in a pickup, but a helicopter. It was the highpoint
    of his life.

    Bill, if you don't want to bake cookies, you can still have
    "home made" ones. Buy some and spread frosting on them.
    The frosting can come from a can, but it tastes better if
    you make it. Easy to do. Only three ingreediments:
    fat, sugar and flavoring. For example, butter, powdered sugar,
    and cocoa powder. Mix to desired consistency. No
    cooking required.

    Gail, you're right about kids. They may not learn anything in
    school, but they can memorize sports statistics, pop song
    lyrics, TV trivia, etc.

    I'm with you on the bungee jumping. Personally I wouldn't
    jump off anything higher than an unabridged dictionary.

    Well, Zippy is banging the kitchen door. Guess I'd better
    let him out. There's always something to do if you're
    a householder, parent or pet owner. Or Santa Claus.

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I am all worn out reading aboaut everythihg you have been doing lately and ALL you are thinking about having to do.

    I'm with you Rock about jumping off anything higher than a dictionary. Yeep, and wonder how many even use dictionaries anymore. Just Google it !!!! You can find the answer and definitions of everything you want to know and many nthings you would rather not know about :)!!

    Off to do some line danciung while DH goes to the bank and some errands. I have so much to do before Christmas and OUR WEATHER is pretty chilly too today ROCK. It was in the 30's this morning and is supposed to get into the 50's.. I have my soft sweats on right now.

    I do not remember free movies and I do not remember going to many of them as a kid really - not that much money and mom didn;t drive and dad took the car to to work. Don't know how we survived :)!! So many trashy movies now I think. DH hates to spend money oh ovies when he can just turn on the TV.

    Gotta run right now and will try and check in later.


  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    How wonderful to hear from you after a bit, you have been really busy. When i think of all
    the stuff that is stored around the house, junk, old books, clothes, utensils, i hardly use but
    am scared to throw out because 'I might need them someday', I just want to scream. One of
    these days i am going to gather up the courage, (and energy, which is a bigger problem) and
    just go to work. And purge myself of everything.

    Julie - inspite of all the new things and added responsibilities, you seem to be on top of it
    all, fatigue notwithstanding. I suppose it will get easier as time goes on. You do manage to
    so much more than most can or will.

    Granni - Happy belated Anniversary. Nice to read about your dinner out. Im glad you seem to be better now and can go on with the Christmas programs. here too the ex pat community will
    soon be gearing up for their Christmas carolling and plays and all. They hold Christmas bazaars
    here and the funds raisedg go to charities for the local folks.

    Gail - thats a lot of moving around to do for a young boy. (your GS). I remember when i first
    moved here when i was 18 and joined work I moved my place of stay like seven times in as many years. But my entire family (6 of us) were together for five of those moves and that helped. it was even kind of exciting because i was so young and had more energy.

    Georgia - it seems like even your father has accepted whatever comes, and is more at peace now. And you seem more calm about it too.

    Well, ive been going out a bit these two days. Day before i dragged son to see Dawn Treader
    in 3 D. Its the new movie in the Narnia series. A nice bit of escapism and i wasnt going to let it go. Son protested a bit specially since he had to forego a former classfriends b day treat.
    But i let him go after the movie, because it wasnt over when he called.

    I learnt about the intricacies of a teenagers gift giving when i helped son pick out a gift for the said friend who was a girl. we went to the supermarket below the cinema hall and i picked out a heart shaped
    box of chocolates and son took it out of my hands and put it back, saying 'mum, she is not my girlfriend'. then he picked out another chocolate but that was really tacky, one of those bit cheaper ones boring and somethng one would just buy to snack on at home, finally we settled on one which i picked out, a foreign made one, nice stylish wrapping, not too big not too small.

    Today he is covering for a former classmate who is volunteering teaching English at a local school because she is sitting for her SAT exams. I hope the grade six students wont give him a hard time because he hasnt had much to do with small kids since he left his junior high school two years back.

    yesterday i had a surprise outing. My ma in law called out of the blue at 9am and told me she had to buy two tickets to a Anniversary party; her son wouldnt get leave from his work, so would i like to go. I didnt want to but thought better not give up this opportunity to bond, not just with her but the entire clan. it was the new year of the their principality in Tibet, and they celebrate it every year to keep up the tradition they used to before the Chinese took over Tibet. I managed to have an all right time, and spent most of the day there, we were the first arrivals, at 10am..and were given rice wine, and butter rice with raisins, and fried bread.
    PLus sweet and butter tea. It was so cold inside the stone hall, we sat outside on benches,
    with the cooks behind us, cooking the feast on wood fires.

    The lunch was very good, very
    Tibetan in flavour. They were putting these huge chunks of meat boiled then fried with radish and very lightly spiced. One chunk a piece. I had such a hard time getting the meat out of my teeth. After the meal, when i went outside so others could sit down, i saw almost everyone pulling meat out of their teeth, One of the organisers must have noticed, someone later went around offering toothpicks.

    Most of the people i noticed were elderly, all the young folks have gone off to foreign lands
    to seek work. They were sitting at tables playing either mahjong or cards. I dont do neither but
    there were plenty of DHs relatives who didnt either, nuns and the like so had no problem finding people to sit with or wander around with.

    There was going to be a raffle with cash prizes later on and some song and dance program but i was bit tired and needed to go to town and get my tibetan dress for a wedding today. so i left.
    I had thought i would stay the evening and learn for once how to dance the group dance, Tibetans have a particuclar style of dancing in a line with particular steps and stomping; a little like square dance and russian dance mixed, and its great fun if u know how to, but i could feel my energy really dissipating as the day wore on.I didnt realise how tired i was until i reached town. it was 5pm..and i was so exhausted.
    I just wanted to get my dress, get home and collapse. I didnt want to spend more money; (they made me buy yet another raffle ticket) so i squashed myself into a bus and got home.

    today there is all the cleaning piled up i didnt get to do al of yesterday , lol!

    Take care all

    God Bless

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I almost couldn;t find it today :)!! Way down on the list ! Thanks for posting Georgia and Spring Water and Gail, sorry I missed you before.

    Spring Water - all of your customs are so interesting ! That was go you went out with Ma in Law, good bpnding time or at lest food try to. The food sounded very interesting also the treck with your son who needed you to try and help him get a gift for his friend that is a girl, but not his "girl firiend" !!!! Sounds like you gave him good advise on the chocolates. The dancing that you had wanted to learn also sounded very fun. I think I would have enjoyed that too. To bad you needed to go into town to get the dress for the wedding and you were feeling very tired. Maybe one day you can learn the dance and teach it to me :)!!!

    Julie - Hope all is going well with you and your family. Hope Den isfeeling better and that your parents aren't being to demanding of you right now. Enjoy your visit with Amy and Kiera ! I am sure you were so glad to see each other again !

    Georgia - Sorry your dad is leaving you but sounds as if it is peaceful and he is not in pain. That is a very good thing.

    Need to go wash my awful hair, to much curling and drying I have to do, what a pain !! Having to hold my arms up to do it is not fu, at least not to long !!

    Gail - Hope all is well with you and your mom. I know it is hard when you are the caregiver. I did that with my husbands dad. He lived with us for many years when his wife died early of ovarian cancer at age 51 or 52. He died when he waw almost 86, that is how long he lived with us !! He was pretty good actually till the last couple of years, alzheimers and other things and I still had kids at home and doing home child care. Could never do it now for sure. I can take very little stress nowadays.

    Goitta run now start my hair and then some more Christmas card writing. Thinking of everydobby - Rock, Elaine, Carla on her trip, Jole, Teacher, Joan. I missing you all !


  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Well, I managed to fold some clothes in the spare room; its where I toss the washed laundry
    as soon as we've taken them down from the line. The power had gone off so i did it by

    Im trying to find a psychologist, another one since last times fiasco, for my niece. My sis in law
    messaged me on face book saying she was fed up of life, because her daughter wasnt getting better, wasnt talking to her properly on the phone, and according to my brother wouldnt step out of her room unless it was to the bathroom to wash clothes or restroom. My sis in law has worked so hard from dawn to mid night being care giver to an invalid of lady, and a huge
    chunk of the money just went down the drain financing her daughters education and trip to the states and then niece came down with depression. And now it seems we have a battle on our hands tryng to restore her to normal state of health. Im very tired. I messaged her not to worry we would somehow get her better but to tell the truth, i dont know how. I will try one hospital today to see if they have a psychologist. and if he can see her. Problem will be if she will agree to go. She was stubborn as as a mule the last time we made an appointment for her.
    i told my sis in law it looks like we were supposed to go thru all this, and the only way to overcome this situation is to meet it head on.

    I want to cry when i think of how hard my parents and i fought to separate my brother and his wife when they first eloped. We took so many of our people to the girls house to explain that it was a bad idea and their daughter would suffer because our brother was incapable of looking after a wife and kids. he is a school drop out, has been a delinquent and was existing solely on the work given by my husband who in turn had only given him the job so he could support the family when i got married. Our fears turned out to be prophetic; only they suffered so much more than even i had imagined. Im scared if the brothers kids and my kids marry and have kids they might be carryng the depressive gene. I would rather die than face that.

    yesterday my DHs cousin who had gone to the border of Tibet came to visit and gave us half
    a dried goat. LOl that sounds funny. It means the goat is skinned and dried whole and he brought us half. Of course thats possible because in Tibet the weather is cold. Its got legs and hooves n all intact even with some hair attacked and Tinku was so frightened when i waved it in front of her. She just skedaddled! Must have thought what kind of ugly monster.

    Talked to the daughter yesterday. First time she told us she was in a meeting and would call us. It was thier 10pm so i asked her what kind of meeting so late at night and she said because everyone had their studies and activities during day the only way they could arrange everyone to attend was by scheduling at night. Its the South Asian Students Assocn. meetng and they hav it weekly. Anyways she called back and she was tucking into her dinner. There are two other Nepali girls and they had made meat dumplings. Her big exams are round the corner too.

    The son said his volunteering job went well, much to my relief. he said the kids were bright and he enjoyed it. What a miracle! he taught them by acting out certain things and they liked it and asked him tocome back. Well he is covering for three days so he will have to go another two days.

    He had yet another b day treat to attend and i wasnt going to let him go except that the girl in question is a nice girl, and one of his regular friends, someone i know of; he told me it wasnt his fault all the b days of his closer friends were coming up in a row. so i let him go. I gave him money and he said he bought a little woolen cap for a gift. Her two older brothers have opened a restaurant and they had the party there. Son said since they were like 28 he was expecting them to be all grown up and stuffy but they were'cool' and gave him suggestions as to what to do later on in life.

    well, we have an indian wedding today to attend and i need to oil and wash my hair which is becoming even more straw like now that winter is here. I dont even like to comb it sometimes.
    When I told son that he has to go with us to this wedding he said "why is everyone getting married?" Lol. In the auspicious days everyone tries to have their wedding then, and it seems like son has been battling traffic jams caused by wedding parties making their way to whereever on the roads.

    The sun is shining too so i think i shall make use of it and dry some woolens and put the shoes in the sunshine before they get all mildewed.

    God BLess


    LEFTYGG Member

    georgia glad you dad is optimistic. hospice will take good care of him. theyre sure were wonderful to my father in law.

    granni that was a lot of years taking care of your father in law. hope you cold and fever are gone.wouldnt that be fun to learn a tibetian line dance with springwater!!

    my dh and i took line dancing lessons years ago when everyone was doing it. my dh caught on real quick me not very good im too self consious about my weight.that was before i was sick.

    rock sounds neverending cleaning up you place especially if gordon hangs on to things. oh well pile it all in 1 room and shut the door.

    julie you are a workhorse. i couldnt work out in the cold. have you found it difficult to be away fro kiera now. i know the day is coming when pierce wont spend as much time with me. really my gkids give me the most joy in my life.
    mom has been much better lately. the dr put her on lexapro and it has done wonders. i have learned to just agree with her.

    springwater it sounds fun to dress up going to parties, i told my dh ii needed a pair of spanks. he said whats that? i told him it made your body look smooth and tight under clothes. he said where do you get them? i said i dont know. i knew he would be out getting me some lol. even tho im fat he always tells me how good i look. i think he remembers how i use to look hahaha.

    springwater ive done several indian womens hair. i highlighted one and was scared to death thing ill never get this dark hair to lighten. well it lighten very easy to my surprise. she wanted copper streaks and it was a little more copper than i anticipated but she liked it im sure it toned down. brushing does help bring the oils thru you hair to keep it health. i brush my hair constantly. it just relaxes me.

    we get to go to florida dec 19th i hope its warm there. nite all love gail