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    Brought some more choc chip cookies, milk and coffee's and teas. Sorry this time no cow. We still have tht other cow wandering around here on the porch. So you has better watch out where you are stepping. Had to give Jerome the heads up to do some extra floor cleaning where needed :)!!

    See you all later. Just finished planting some flowers outside. More to go but back and all was giving out. Have to go sing for Ash Wed. Masss tonight and then practice after. Busy day.

    Hope to pop in later if I can.

    Love you all,
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    Georgia - what classes are you taking?rush to get ready, drive in the crazy traffic find a parking place and to go to regular school. Wish we had more sun, then I could put in some real pretty flowers. We have mostly impatients, azaleas and greenery due to all the shade we have.

    Spring Water - Have you spoken to your daughter yet about being REAL careful in Mexico. They hopefully will all stick together to and not go off by them selves.

    Joan - I hope it has gotten warmer by you and sunnier. That really helps to get you feeling more up and less down and cranky.

    Teacher - thinking about you my dear. When is Baby's birthday and when do you plan on giving her the letter? Hope all goes well. You have done so much for her already. It is your time now. She is also old enough to take care of herself and apapreciate all you have done for her over the years.

    Have to make a, easy tuna dinner before I go to church for practice, ashes and then more practice :)!!

    Well, need to run for now. See you all probably tomorrow.

    Love you awl,
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    Big news! I slept most of the morning. When I woke up,
    I felt wonderful! Ten-20 years ago, this used to happen 3-4
    times a year. Now it hasn't happened for many years.

    Wow! I can breathe better. My posture is better. I feel
    lighter. I'm not depressed. I feel like jumping and clicking
    my heels, although I never could do that. Not even when I
    was young.

    I could click your heels though. Just take them off and hand
    them to me. Ha Ha! Well, I feel a little giddy.

    Gordon has a coworker named giddy although she doesn't
    spell it like that.

    Gordon made a lemon bundt cake and took it to his office.
    I thought bundt pans had been around since the beginning
    of time, but some years ago it was in the news that the
    inventor had died. I was even more surprised to read he
    was from Minnesota.

    Lots of famous people from Minnesota, ya know. Judy Garland,
    Peter Graves and his brother, Bob Dylan (I met him); Tami
    Hoag (my ex relative); Judy Garland, Jane Russell, (Famous
    for her big movie career); Robert Sears (who married Mr.
    Roebuck); Louie Anderson (host of Family Food); Tippi
    Hedren (actress and mother of some other actress); Hubert
    Humphrey (some government official), and

    BeBe Shop, one of Minnesota's 3 Miss Americas. BeBe was
    from Hopkins, the home town of one of my college roommates.
    He always claimed her talent was driving a tractor.

    I looked it up. She played the vibraharp. If you don't know
    what that is, it's the same as a vibraphone. Similar to a
    marimba or a xylophone (boy, that's hard to type) or a
    glockenspiel. I suppose it's possible that it sounded like a

    Oh, I wish you could all feel as great as I do today. I know
    it won't last, but it feels good today. Maybe I'll celebrate by
    going hang gliding.

    Just kidding. I don't jump off anything higher than an un-
    abridged dictionary nowadays. (Can still jump to conclusions

    Speaking of which, I believe I'll conclude this.

    Hugs and Waves and WACs and SPARS


    LEFTYGG Member

    mom is alive but very weak.shes being released to rehab which we are not calling nursing home. its brand new and bout 2 miles from my house. shes so pitiful. i keep telling her what a good mother she was. she said dont cry theres only 2 things that can happen. 1. she gets better 2. she doesnt. just take care of my DH and Pierce my GS.she loves my dh and pierce is the joy of her life.

    thank you all for your support

    sringwater yaaaay your DD doesnt drink. thats were trouble begins. im glad shes having fun. i was afraid to post that about mexico cause i knew she was going no matter what but she sounds so sensible shell be fine.

    joan im right there with you on the weather. dreary dreay dreary cant wait for sunshine. DH love that time change. you are a brave soul going out in ice.

    georgia i got a flyer in mail fo adult classes. i need something to test the brain.

    julie hope your dad and mom continue improving. i read coconut oil is good for memory. i was gonna try iit on mom till all this.

    granni sounds great to have flowers outside. i always have great plans then when its real hot i dont want to deal with it.

    teacher good to see you. i should have cut my kids off long ago. im an enabler. hindsight is great.

    thx all. love gail
  5. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I wish i was Gordon..everytime i read about him. he seems to be everything i ever wanted to be.
    Active, taking part in flower shows, cooking and feeding his office staff, cracking jokes at you
    when youre feeling down, i love the sound of him. Some people seem to be born with vast springs of energy and a zest for life..how wonderful! I notice most Chinese are like that. I have
    never known any Chinese who are down in the dumps or suffering depression and who is not a fabulous cook. Of course i just know a handful of them, when i was in my hometown in India and here. Theyre also all flower enthusiasts and good housekeepers.

    Granni - your azaleas must look so beautiful when in full bloom. What colour are they? i lost
    three full grown azalea bushes when some reconstruction had to be done out side my house.
    I was so disgusted, i havent bothered to replace them. I did manage to save one and it is in
    a flower pot. The common purple one but oh what a show when it blooms. I just got this
    longing for a white one when i read about your azaleas. Even i have a lot of shady areas, and
    i suppose i should try growing some impatiens and stuff there. I was kind of so down in the dumps this past year, i didnt bother with anything new. Some ornamental grass and spider plants is what i planted since some years becoz they dont need care other than watering and that is how they have remained.

    Georgia - good for you. I wish i had your brain so i could also take up some online classes. But alas, this mind can barely handle the daily life decision making let alone trying to cram in somethng new. I dont know if this is the dreaded 'brain fog' they speak of or part of my depression disorder, but i can barely keep my mind on the present sometimes. Ive been forgetting a lot of stuff. yesterday, once once more i let the water in the kettle boil away to nothing and rescued my kettle just in time. It was starting to turn black.

    Gail - its a relief your mum is out of danger. how sweet that she adores your dh. My mum and indeed all of my family are a little scared of my dh. at least my mum and dad were scared of him when they were alive. he is everything they were not, and indeed they were everything he is not. Some good things some bad things.

    The cold is still here. A bit of fever in evenings and sinusy issues. I gave in and took some antibiotics last night.

    Ma in law said I wasnt looking well when we met at our family gathering, i know that. I thought i was looking pale and thin and to add to everything at the fag end of my periods.
    which is always difficult. She and my dhs aunt were looking at my grey ends at the sides of my head but didnt comment on that. MIL doesnt bother to colour her hair but can u believe i havent ever seen my dhs aunt with a single strand of grey in all these years? she always is on top of her grooming. she's like ten years older than me.

    take care all,

    God Bless


    LEFTYGG Member

    I didnt see you post. im so glad you feel so good! that happens to me every now and then. not totaly normal but good and at peace. its so wonderful. makes life seem worth living.

    you alway make me laugh. you said recently your son disowned you years ago well all i can say its his loss.shame on him. you are so interesting and fun. we all love you gail
  7. jole

    jole Member

    Rock, I'm so excited for you! A good day.....wow! Isn't that euphoria wonderful...feeling like we can accomplish anything, and even sing as we do it? I sure do understand the giddy part, and that's a wonderful way to describe it. Oh yes, I know that feeling too and will walk around the entire day with a stupid smile on my face and tears in my eyes because others take that so much for granted! Hope this is only the beginning of many more wonderful days for you! Oh, and here's my shoes....go for it!! :)

    Always love your bits of history. I sure didn't know that about Sears and Roebuck! Love your wisdom. Don't think Kansas has many interesting people. Pres. Eisenhower, Bob Dole, Kirstie Alley, an astronaut (forgot his name now), Dorothy and Toto.......

    Gail, I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. Something we all have to go through, yet each person is individual and their own life story ending is not easy. I spent the last 4 months of my mom's life with her, and it's very draining emotionally and physically. I pray for strength for you both, and hope you get every second of specialness out of this time. Hugs...

    Granni, Spring, Julie, Georgia...wishing you all well as you stay busy as usual.

    Not much news here. I love hearing about your flowers being planted. Want so badly to be able to do that this spring, but not sure if it's going to happen this year. May have to get my grands to come put a few in for me. I know they would, and it would make them proud to do it. Love those kids...all soon to be 10 of them! My reason for life.......Jole

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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Quickly ran through all yur posts. DH is at the doc for a checkup and gloucose fasting blood work. I am afraid hit may be higher than last time as he hasn;pt been taking his daily brick to check how he is doing. He doesn;t eat much sweets and the docs said it looked like pre diabetes so we will see. Hope his b/p is also not any worse. Actually, his hi b/p is not bad. Mine is the awful kind that spikes up in a flash for not much reason.

    I have been eating my breakfast as I read and type. When dh comes home he will probably weat and then we go to work out. we have not been that good about it lately, not that I do many of the machines anyway, more the treadmill and the leg pushy thingy for my osteoporosis.

    I need to go and get dressed in a bit.

    Rock - so glad you are having such a good day. Hope it surprises you again and stays for awhile.

    Jole - so happy to see you sweetie. Actually I am not planting lots of flowers as we have so little sun. Mostly Impatients.

    Spring Water - our Azeleas or a sort of dark pink or reddish color. They are so old they really need to be tken out. They are so woody. We finally did put in some azelea food and will see if that helps at all. A couple bushes are already gone and really should be replaced. I only do a little at a time, to much pain. I still have a few more and then we probably need to fill the pots in the back on the deck (Porch).

    Gail - Sorry to hear of your mom and hope she can get out of the rehab. center soon after becoming a lot stronger.

    Julie - Hope things are going OK at your house esp with your parents and Mom. Did you have the doc visit yet for him?

    Hope I didnpt forget anyone. Have to go and get dressed before DH gets home.
    Love to you awl,

    P.S. Did you notice I called Rock, Gordon? However, I just changed that so you can't see it again :)!!Granni
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    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Took Zippy for a walk. Had Gordon's roast beef hash for
    dinner. Have nearly finished John Sanford's latest thriller.
    As Thorton Wilder said in "Our Town", the day is winding
    down like a tired clock.

    When I was a kid, it seemed to me that almost all books were
    set in New York. Nowadays they're mostly in LA. Sandford's
    are set in Minnesota.

    Haven't been back there since my mother died 8 years ago.
    Haven't visited my home village for 29 years. Probably has
    changed very little.

    Granni, w/ re: 2 splash board which you mentioned, that is a
    new term in my vocabulary. Comes from reading this board.

    Anyhoo, I was thinking of some terms we don't here any more.
    Like typewriter ribbon; skate key; film at 11; home perm;
    flash bulb; mimeograph. Feel free to jump in w/ your own contributions, folks.

    Georgia, what kinda classes are you taking? Last time I
    went to school was in the 1980s. Los Angeles City College
    was charging $15 per semester for a standard college class.
    Don't know what it is today.

    Springwater, I read your paragraph on Gordon to same. He
    said, "Well!" just like Jack Benny. He does have a lot of
    interests. Seems that most people have one or two. He is
    interested in orchids and succulents and roses; cooking;
    knitting; bridge; animals; jewelry; music; show biz.

    Nice letter from diki. Is that a nickname? I know a dik-dik
    is a tiny antelope. The dik-dik is an herbivore. I believe that
    indicates it uses a lotta herbs when cooking.

    Linda, I agree w/ re: 2 Mexico. I wouldn't go there for all the
    pesos in Timbuktu. I visited Tijuana about 40 years ago. It was
    colorful and interesting. That was sufficient as Ethel Mertz

    Joan, saw your comment about re-setting the clocks. I asked
    Gordon if he did that. He said it's not till this weekend. Oh.

    Gordon has narcissus flowers. My mother used to have
    tulips and daffodils. Very cheerful after months of snow.
    The composer Carl Orff wrote some exercises and rhythm
    pieces for children. One of them was about daffodils.

    Teacher, you ever use those w/ your kids? BTW, Lilac is
    right. Feel free to focus on yourself. Don't let Baby pull
    you back in w/ constant problems and crises.

    Did you get to wear a tiara? The year I was graduated from
    High School my favorite soprano was on the cover of Time
    Magazine. She wore a tiara which had allegedly belonged to
    Josephine Bonaparte.

    W/ a bit of rearranging, (adjusting wires?) the tiara could be
    worn as a necklace. I wonder where it is now.

    Gail, thank you for your kind words. Sounds like your
    mother has a calm and accurate view of the situation.

    Corragio, Julie. Only 3 more weeks of winter. I wish I
    could come visit your family and meet you and all the
    nice folks.

    Jole, you got that right about euphoria. In fact, this was
    more than that. It was u-5-e-ah. Ha Ha! It would be an
    enormous improvement for all of us, if we could just have
    a feel-good day now and then.

    Well, I started this last night. And now it's time to p-o-s-t.
    I had a friend in college. She never went to the campus post
    office or the P. O. She went to "the PO". I told her the PO
    was a river in Italy. She just gave me her big, sunny smile.

    And I have one for you and a big Dinah Shore Smack!


    LEFTYGG Member

    you all should see where mom is now. its beautiful! brand new. when you walk in theres an ice cream parlor on left on back on right a bar. have happy hour at 330. next movie thearter. then dining room with menus. her room is called toe to toe because there are two beds but wall between. huge bathroom with roll in shower.today for lunch she had a ham cheese croissant and sweet potato fries. then girl came around with ice cream. visitors can eat there too. even drink. i dont drink but if you did. lol not telling my boys!it all made me feel better.all the patients had smiles

    on a sadder note my DH is at a memorial for a boy he coached. he just finished boot camp and was killed in a car crash. his friend fell asleep and hit a tree. he was a great kid lifes so unfair im so sad for his parents. the memorial was on football field i couldnt go the weather is brutal here today. snowing and windy.i couldnt stand outside that long.

    well enoughalready. thank you for listening. love gail
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    My, what a terrible earthquake that Japan had today. I guess it will take awhile to sort things out and see how many are hurt, died, how much damage has occurred. I know they are waiting to see if the West Coast and Hawaii, etc. gets any damage from any Tsunami's. So far, it looks like they escaped pretty well but time will tell.

    That is just an awful thing for those in Japan and any others the Tsumanis might hit. When they were talking about possible Tsunam's in parts of California and Oregon I was thinking of our Porchies on the West Coast especially nearest the coast.. Hope all continues to be well for them.

    Gail - The Rehab. center that your mom is in sounds really nice. I wouldn;t mind going to place like that :)!! Ice cream too !! However, the cost may be prohibitive !! One of our singing groups used to go to many Nursing Homes/Rehab. Centers, Assisted Living places, etc. and some of them are just lovely. Hope your mom doesn't have to be in there too long though.

    Sorry also to hear about the Memorial service your DH had to go to today of that young man killed in a car crash. It is always saddest when the person is young and had his time cut short.

    Julie -How are you doing sweetie. Thinking about you and your parents, especially your dad right now. Drop in when you can.

    Joan - Hope your weather is getting a little warmer for you with SUN !!!!

    Elaine - How are you doing kiddo? Hope you are doing well. Missing you as always.

    I planted a few plants this morning and then gave up. DH will go to the Fish Fry to work in a short while. I am trying to do less and thess of that. Since we have only one car I can't go home when I want to . To much standing around, working, etc. until about 7 pm. I did that for quite a few years. Now i am taking a big break and maybe help once in awhile when they might need someone. Nothing like feeling bad before you even go to help out :)!! It surely doesn't get better while you work !!

    A friend who;s husband is also working on the fish fry is going to pick me up to go eat some fish and then we will go home with our DH's.

    Hi Jole, SW, Georgia, Teacher, Carla and everydobby else I can't think of right now. I do love you all. Can't think of anything else right now.

  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Lost a post mid way in morning because of the power cut.

    and now my son needs the puter. so wil make this fast

    i went with dh to a big party thing yesterday. The coming of age (sort of) ceremonies
    of a grandson and granddaughter of one of dhs business associates. the lil girl is
    'married ' off to a fruit (bel bihe) lol, i know it sounds crazy. im just glad i dont have to
    do al those things for our kids. the boys hair is shorn off and some prayers said. too
    many traditions in this caste.

    but i was sort of relieved that this couple invited us because there was a time when
    i didnt go to two three functions of hers in the past because of feeling antisocial and
    cfs kicking in and then when i got a little better i started attending other peoples
    functions and used to bump into the couple and the wife looked at me askance like
    (how come she is attending other peoples functions and not mine?) and then i didnt
    get invited for a something like a year and i was very sorry because the lady in question
    is someone i admire very much, she is the epitome of a good human being, wife, mom,
    social worker. i remember i had told her i had depression once and she had asked me
    if there wasnt a stigma attached to the disorder. but i think she decided i must be
    feeling better. she especially sent a message thru my husband to come to this function.
    and was so warm and kind as she always is.

    they are a well known business group selling electronic goods and very active in the
    business politics so they have lots of these gatherings.

    i managed to colour my hair at last and am relieved thats over. no more grey roots.

    i tried to meditate in the afternoon. my brain feels very weird. cant concentrate on anything.

    God Bless
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Am eating breakfast as I type and DH had to run to the store quickly I think. so will be back soon. I have lots of stuff to do today, more planting and should finish the vacuuming.

    Julie - Hope your flu bugs all disappear quickly as it came and everyone elses too. So sorry about your dad and hope the study and all will clear things up for the better for him. It is scary when their mind starts forgetting things they should know.

    Have a nice weekend and all get well. Yes, that tragedy in Japan is hard to understand - so much destruction, death and heartship for so many. They need lots of prayers amongst everything else.

    Spring Water - Have you spoken recently to your daughter in Mexico? Hope they are having a good time and get back home safe and sound. I am sure they will but it is hard to forget the terrible things tht have happened there tooo.

    Glad you had the NRG to go to all the functions you had to go to recently. Hope your brain "clears up" for you. It is hard for others sometimes to understand what we all go through plus the depression that sometimes comes to bring you down. Hope you will continue to feel "UP", well and full of NRG. BTW, if you finds any extra NRG send me some too, will you :)!!

    Georgia - Hope you are feeling better too.

    Well, I have to run for now and get dressed and do something worthwhile for the day - ugh !

    Love to awl,
  14. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    to visit sooner but---------I got side-tr4cked. I had written a list of things that I HAD to get accomplished this week. I found that worked better than just trying to remember them. i got them all done!

    I spent yesterday in front of the TV watching CNN and the earthquake disaster! It was really horrifying. Watched it this a.m. to see more about the uranium escaping. Scarey. i am so glad that our country is there to assist====using the helicopters is the only way to rescue those that need off rooftops.

    No, friends, it has not gotten better or warmer. They warned those who planned to attend the big Chicago parade to dress very warm---gloves, scarfs, etc. because of the wind. They call Chicago the windy city but I think that the wind comes our way too. Chicago pours green in the Chicago River that winds through downtown today for parade for the big event.

    I need to go to my "shopping center" for meds., food, etc. Of course, my big adventure is lunch at the McDonalds drive-thru!!!! :=)

    Rock: I was so glad to see you all pepped up and flying high! You are truely missed when You don't join us! You are the crazy (I mean that complimentary) one here and it just makes us feel better.

    And that lemon bundt sounded so good. I have a bundt pan somewhere. Bought it to make my "Bubble bread".

    Julie: I hope that the meds. help your dad. Maybe the increase will bring a smile to his face. Children learn early what all this means to them and family. Hope that it will just leave happy memories. But with my grandma who lived in our house, my memories of her only include the bad things! I am so sorry about that!

    Gail: It must be so heartbreaking with your mom. But the words about DH and Pierce sometime will give you comfort that she felt that way about them.

    Granni: Loved hearing about your flowers! Makes me feel like spring but when i go outside, I will forget it. My daffodils and tulips are peeping thru all last fall's leaves. I called the man that does my work outside when I need it and he willi come but not now-------it is so wet and nasty; We are to have 60(!!!!) next week so i would guess he will be here.

    I so loved it when I had great big flower gardens! They ares so pretty. When I was first married and in this house, my aunt gave me starts of numerous colored iris! They were gorgeous. But they got to old and I didn't have time to separate them. I have hostas out in front that need thinning out----I offer them to anyone that wants them but I don't think that they want to come and dig them up!!

    Jole: I would love to have my grandkids come and do some of the cleaning off of plants, etc. but they all have spouses and keep busy at their homes!

    I sometimes feel so alone----my sons are at least 2+ hours away and D is 345 milesd away. I have a single GS that has often said to call him anytime and he would come down and help. Well------he has a lady friend now that keeps him very busy so I hesitate to call him. His parents don't hear from as much as they would like.

    Rock: Some terms are gone----service gas, free movies, penny candy---many others that I can't think of now. Yours were great! Besides typewriter ribbon, the typewriters that used the ribbons are gone.

    Georgia: Wish I could hoof it around town! Would love to walk to town, Gas here is $3.49-----anyway it was yesterday! I honestly have no ENG, desire or wish to take classes again. More power to you----that is wonderful!

    Yes,l we had sun yesterday and this a.m. it was coming up (barely) when I got up at 5:15! Now it is gone.

    I changed the clock by my bed this a.m. when I made the bed. We have a big occasion at church tomorrow and I am greeter so don't want to be late. I will probably change rest throughout the day.

    It is cold here in the den----the wind is from the NW and I can see the branches really blowing out the window. I am getting some cooling from that.

    I do hope that the rescue of living can occur-----how frightening! It looks so devastating that I can't see how rebuilding can be!

    Have a great weekend!------Rock----keep all that fun thing coming every day.

    Have a good weekend, dear friends.

    Gentle Hugs,
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Have been busy this morning and now it is afternoon. Still didn't finish the vacuuming in our room and bath ):!! Finished putting in the rest of flowers today, thank goodness. We will have to buy more to put in the pots in the back. More planting - ugh !!! At least then I can do it standing up and not sitting on a low stool or kneeling down. We have mostly greenery and trees and bushes due to little sun. Wish we had more sun so I could plants some lovely roses or other colorful flowers.

    Joan - it is really pretty and sunny out today. Trying not to get you jealous but hoping soon it will be tht way in your neighborhood. Yes, that North wind sure will you feel cold !!!

    Glad you reminded me, I have to go change the clocks tonight and tomorrow or we will be late too :)!! That is always a pain and lucky me gets to do it. Now it will really be light out when I go to choir practice which is a good thing. It will be light out almost to bedtime it seems like. It has its good and bad points.

    Making a list of things that HAVE to get done is a good thing. I do it all the time, of things that are important or for things I had better not forget (changes from the usual routine) !

    Julie - Have a nice weekend please and try to take care of yourself. Get well soon to all in your house. Hope all your tummys get to feeling better quick !!

    Rock - glad to see you popping in. You always cheer us up, even if you may not think so :)!!

    Better get off here and do a few other things. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Love to everydobby,
  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Typed this out in morning and lost it again to power cut, i have myself to blame i didnt
    look at the clock. the power was supposed to go off at 8am and it did.


    Julie – that is scary about your dad wandering off. I hope you can arrange
    Something like that ‘bracelet’ transmitter which Georgia mentioned. It
    Would be such a relief. I know emotionally it must be so hard for everyone
    In the family to come to terms with the fact that he might be having alzheimers
    Or dementia, Do take care of yourself.

    Granni – im always intrigued by this setting back of clocks, the daylight saving
    Thing since we don’t have that here. My daughter has been writing a little mail
    Each day since I guess she doesn’t want to spend money on phone. Todays
    Email said she is happy but broke. And not to worry, they only go out in groups.
    She got her first professional massage and says we must go for one when she
    Comes home. Said it made her so calm that her friends said how strange she
    Was so quiet and not running around. Lol.

    Joan – those visuals on tv of japans earthquake are just excruciating. It just
    Shows the force of nature and how helpless we can be against it.i am always
    In awe of nature and all its wonders but this is a side that is awesome in a
    Grim devastating sinister kind of way. What does one do? Man made cars,
    Buildings, nuclear plants, ships just tossed about like so much flotsam,
    Shattered, scattered, batteredl completely helpless like a babe. Oh my.

    Rock – Diki is my daughters middle name. It is given by a Tibetan priest
    Who is called to the home. Some ceremonies are performed and he reads
    Out the name. we chose her first name tho.

    I remember listening to a record of a piece called Tijuana Taxi when I was
    A teenager. Those days we used to have LPs gramophone records. The
    Gramophone was a gift from a rich uncle because we couldn’t have
    Afforded it by any means those days. Going to the cinema once in several
    Weeks was a treat. Now people who earn $80 a month here dangle cell
    Phones with the latest music all loaded in them.

    Gail – I glad to hear your mums place is so nice. It is a comfort to know
    They are in good hands. It’s the same with my niece, she may not want
    To stay in the institution but we know it’s a nice place and she is well taken
    Care of.

    Georgia – did you get to do some “Chinese’? I started sorting out clothes
    And then had to take a breather. Which extended itself. My big brother came
    And I sent off a load of old clothes of dhs and sons. Ive also decided to make
    A pile of my old clothes and let the help take it. The sight of clothes and knick
    Knacks I haven’t used but always held on to is making me sick. I guess I need
    To get rid of my habit of being a hoarder. Otherwise the cleaning is going to
    Drive me insane. Ive got stuff I haven’t used in years but always felt guilty
    About getting rid of.

    The middle brother called. he wants batteries for his daughter for the cd player
    . i need some groceries, spices mouth wash etc so i guess i will go after
    this post. im relieved he is going, its so tough to go and convince her to stay
    some more and it happens every time.

    Everybody take care

    God Bless
  17. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    that is except on the wall of the family room. Have to take it off the wall, change it, then trhy to get it back on the wall--have to find the hook first!

    had a wonderful day at church yesterday. I was greeter and had such a good meeting old and new friends. We lingered after coffee, then had an enourmous crowd for a baked steak dinner. The whole thing was a rededication of our church--100 yrs. The one I grew up in was across the street and was older but this church was bigger when the two congregations yolked.

    But I was so sleepy when I got home. I had gotten up earlier to make the salad that I was going to take. But I kept tellking myself, "it's really just 5:30". I was very full so dozed off and on all afternoon.

    Found out that Sendei is a "sister city" to the city that #1 son lives in. Both of my grandsons, one at a time, have gone over there as exchange students!

    SW: As you remember, I am older than all of you so when I was a teenager, I used my grandparents's wind-up phonograph. Found some old records so I would wind it up, play those and slowly it would run down. Fun though as that was the best there was!! :=) i can't believe how things have changed since then! My grandkids would just die if they had to use that after what they now use. So many things are gone around my picture taking cell phone!

    SW: i would love to get rid of loads of things but what do I do with them? 'Someone suggested I have a yard sale when we have a communithy one on the same day! I can't do that----find tables, price things, carry out, wait on people, etc. and hope it doesn't rain. I had one years ago with a friend-----it r ained and was cold and had to move to their little garage!!! never, never again I said!!! Didn't make much on it and then had to take left-over stuff home!! Nope, never again :=(

    Julie: I am sorry that your dad is having so much trouble with dementia. That has to be an awfulo worry for you---wondering where he might wander and what he might do. Prayers for all of you.

    Granni: Today I didn't make a list and guess what I did???? Nothing that amounted to a "hill of beans". Ever hear that phrase? I did buy a head of cabbage and plan to have some fried cabbage soon. it has been years since I have had that. Now what will I do with rest of the cabbage after I have some that I fried??

    Sorry, friends, my mind is blank, as if you hadn't already noticed. The sun IS shining and through the window on the screen too

    I will return and Granni, get all those lovely flowers planted! I can jusst imagine the fun of chosing them and planting them.

    Hi to all of you whom I didn't "talk" to and please, stay well. Many smiles to you.

    Luv and Gentle Hugs,


  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Speaking of cabbage - you could buy some corned beef and have corned beef and cabbage for St. Patty's day. We already have the corned beef but need the cabbage. Actually corned beef is OK but DH loves it so I will cook it. I just throw it all in the pot with potatoes and carrots , after the corned beef is all done.

    I know what you mean about what we call garage or yard sales here, depending where you have it. It is a lot of work and you had better have nice weather. Never really had one in NY when I was growing up but when we moved down south it seems like everyone w as having them. You could get some great buys and then some of the stuff was junk too. Had to be very selective. I had bought alot of great children's clothes at that time for wonderful prices. It is a lot of work to prepare to have one.

    Glad you had such a nice day at church yesterday. Today I went to Line Dancing and it poured down rain. However, it stopped when we were finished up. Then went to work out a little, mostly treadmill for me. I was already pooped and we have been bad about going 2x a week lately but I should with my osteoporosis, but little NRG !! The rain watered my plants so that was good. Wish I had more sun on our property so we could plant more pretty flowers. We don't havae a large choice of what to plant with all that shade that we have.

    Then went out bible study class this afternoon and then home to fix dinner, of chicken. That ws my exciting day !!

    Hope everydobby had a great day today and a nice weekend !!

    Love to all,
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Georgia - Line dancing can sort of be like walking (together with a group) and hopefully all doing the same thing at the same time. However, it doesn't always end up like that. There are so many dances. Some are faster than others though. It is great for flexibility, mobility, the heart, and sometimes the brain too. If you don't remember what step comes after the other, not everyone is doing the same step :)!!! It hate the treadmill and some of the other weights in the exercise room but is a lot of fun for me, and the best kind of exercise.

    Poor Rottie in trouble again !! She must be so tall to be able to reach the stove :)!! Looks like you have to guard your food while it is cookie tht she doesn't get into it !!

    Sorry your transcriptions site has been down for awhile. The whole thing is very exciting, interesting, and shall we say addicting. I have to get back to mine. I lost so much on my computer and Family Tree Maker database it is frustrating to have to even think of almost starting over, even if I have a lot of the info on paper. What different names for those little girl :)!! Speaking of names . Nowadays a lot of the names are very strange and different too.

    Spring Water - How are you doing? Hope you are surviving all your special visits nd such.

    Julie - Hope things are going OK at your house with you whole family especially your dad.

    Carla - Miss seeing you over here my deqr ! I have to catch you on FB now if I want to see you.

    Joan - Hope it is starting to warm up a bit for you. I understand wht you are going through with the COLD weather. I can't stand it either.

    Love everyone,
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I am so sorry to hear about the situation at home, that it seems to have gotten worse with your Dad. You have made the right decision about daycare. You have much to much on your plate to be working. You would be so worried about your parents, especially your dad that you probably couldn't think straight at the daycare.

    It is already getting late and so will get ready for beddy bye. I am glad to hear from you hon but somehow was not surprised at the dilemma with your dad. You need to be home with your family and try and keep an eye on things. Your dad could give himself way to much insullin and cause even more problems. You need to jeep an eye on his and their meds.

    God bless you sweetie. You are so wonderful with everyone. I used to have patience but now with my hi b/p not sure where it all went (the patience).

    Hope to talk to you soon again. We know you are really busy with your family. Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon. That surely doesn't help when family members are sick either plus a little baby to care for. Been there !!

    Love to you and all my dear Porchies,