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  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Bow and curtsy; clap a while.
    Let's all see a nice big smile.

    Form a chain and all go round.
    Swing that gal right off the ground.

    Back to home and tap your toe.
    Allemande right and away you go.

    Acey Ducey; centers trade.
    Sun too hot? Then find some shade.

    Move to the left. You're free to roam.
    Now buss your gal and all go home.

  2. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Rock, how you be talkin' 'bout kissin' first thing in the morning!


    hee hee hee hee

    Morning everyone.

    Didn't get to you yesterday a-cause I had an endo appointment yesterday. He says my thyroid levels are good. Next visit will be my yearly ultrasound. He's not worried though.


    Spent most of the day with Mommy.

    Made me think of you, Gail.

    I'm so sorry you're having to watch something so stressful.

    Have no regrets though. One can never do more than they do. Be at peace.

    Took my mommy with me because I needed to borrow from her for the co-pay. As a matter of fact, I asked her if her purse would come with me. She could tag along if she wanted to.

    hee hee hee

    We did have a nice day. We just drove leisurely from my appointment to a couple of errands, stopped and talked to a couple people that work at my apartment complex and then on to my place for lunch.

    I took her home before rush hour and was in the rest of the evening. It was a nice day.

    Got up this morning and FINALLY swept the patio. Will have to go scrub in a minute. The birds had a serious party!

    Trying to talk Sister into being a nice big sister and take me to my eye appointment this afternoon.

    So far, she's just snorting. I think she'll cave though. I promised she could stop and buy a gallon of milk on the way home. :)

    Found a house that I told my realtor that I was very interested in. He's in the process of checking prices in the neighborhood so we have a basis for negotiation.

    I'm actually getting a bit excited. This surprises me. I know that I'm not going to be able to keep up with a yard, I don't know a screwdriver from a wrench for inside repairs, and I can't spell "plumbing", but I think maybe I can make it work.

    College kids work cheap in the yard, and I'm sure I can find a decent handyman for the inside.

    We shall see.

    Oh! Next week we're having Campmeeting. Starts Sunday and runs through the following Sunday.

    Mom and I usually stay on the grounds, but we won't this time. Seems that we have a BUNCH of folks coming from out of town and space is tight.

    Technically, we're out-of-towners too, but Mom and I figure we can drive over for evening service a lot easier than someone from out of state, dontcha know! So, we gave up our room.

    The ladies at church are packing our stuff up for us so I don't have to try and get over there. We'll pick it up when we go Sunday and then they won't be falling over it all week in the Lodging office.

    I'm told the little kids will have company on Saturday morning.

    They have a special service for the children during the regular morning service for the adults. They sing songs on their level and have a story. You have to be there every day becasue the story is broken up all week. Miss a day, miss part of the story. Then playground time.

    They have a peanut hunt one day, and cookies and Kool-Aid another. There's a candy toss one day too. It usually rains one morning so they get an extra chapter in the story.

    At the end of the week, they come up to the church and sing all the songs they learned all week during the music part of the service.

    You oughta see the outfits!!!!! Hoooweeee! Some of dem der dress is faaaaaaanncyyyy! The guys are stepping it up too. They are starting in with starched shirts and ties!


    They will be joined by the church orchestra this year.

    Well, it's not really a full orchestrea. It's a group of adults that play tradtional insturments and missed the "group" feel when they graduated from school.

    We call it an orchestra becasue we have several strings.

    We have clarinets (including a bass clarinet), flutes, trumpets, saxophones, xylophones, snare drum, and piano. They have fun.

    This should be way-totally fun.


    All of this to let you know that my attendance on the porch will be spotty next week. Not completely sure of my schedule, but for now, it looks like we'll go for night service. I'll pop on when I can.

    I just realized that this is long, so I"m gonna go.

    I didn't speakto you all, but I'm THINKING of you all.

    I lvoe you!


    Today's joke:


    Because he couldn't find his knight-y.


  3. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Thanks for setting us off to a new start with a new square dance. By the way,
    I watched a little of So You think you can dance'. Those kids are talented. I
    especially like Alex - a chinese boy, seems such a gifted dancer and has a lovely
    personality too.

    Gail - brings back memories of sitting with mum n dad during their illnesses. very
    tough. on the soul. on the mind. and on the body. but especially the heart. glad
    you have others to take turns.

    Teacher - dont be off the porch too long. will miss you. the camp sounds really
    like a lot of fun. what with the games and the orchestra and all. they are very
    blessed, those who have musical abilities, we are blessed too of course, to have
    ears to appreciate the music others make. :)

    today i decided enough is enough. I was going to give all my time to healing. myself.
    even if i got scant chores done. My health comes first. im glad i did. its bed time and
    late, but i feel like a living breathing grateful human being again. not weighed down.
    not breathing and moving in a laboured manner.

    of course i got some chores done. washed dishes. did the prayer ritual in prayer room.
    cleaned out the fridge and made sure i gave the doggies all the leftovers which were
    not likely to be consumed by us. made a spinach dish and boiled some and put it in the
    doggies gruel so they could get some vitamin c and minerals.

    also rested and watched cnn. they showed demonstrations in three different countries
    violent stone throwing ones. one was a car burning police baiting one. and another was scary
    police shooting, protesters hiding.

    but it was a cause of wonder. because after watching the greece one, where police tear
    gassed, the crowd who were pelting stones, i watched the syria one where it was very
    gruesome, cameras at crazy angles, people screaming in real fear, being injured, fleeing.
    then they showed the one in canada, young people, shouting screaming, yelling, baiting police
    overturning a car and setting it on fire. Why? Because the Canadian hockey team lost the trophy and the Boston team won.

    Greece was protesting the govt cutbacks, tax rises etc. syria because they want the
    president and his dictatorial rule out. it seems the syrian militaryis slaughtering people left n right.

    I guess it must be karma. where people can do the same things for so very different reaons.

    I need to have a nice hair bath. Inspite of the rain and cool weather i am hot and sweaty.

    oh someone asked. No, Indians dont usually bathe twice a day unless its very hot and water is plentiful. the story was written in 1954 when i guess water was plentiful. In delhi i imagine the people have several rinses a day because the temps go upto 100 plus.

    Where i am most of us have to ration our water. so its one bath a day maximum if weare lucky.

    well, god bless and missing all of you MIAs, Joan, Jole, Elaine, Mickey, Carla, etc hope you guys doing fine, awaiting mr Bill Cs arrival with some more cookies, Georgia, hope you also fine
    and keeping busy.

    ta ta
  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I do miss it ! Maybe also if I did more of it I wouldn't be gaining more weight. Not that I am heavy but just to much in the wrong places and my pants don't wan't to close:)!! I'm OK if it has elastic though - what a pain !!!

    Georgia - Good luck with Grandpa. You might want to mention to him, if he says he wants to marry you that he goes to AA or something similar since he seems to be sliding back into old habits again. Stick to your guns !!

    Hope all is well with you Spring ! There goes my mind or memory again !!

    Teacher- don't stay away to long as the Porch gets awful quiet at times.

    Just got back from a luncheon where they spoke about house or wall decorating, It was very interesting and then went to the home that was fixed up, or should I say the room they worked on. It was very interesting but I am not very talented but could hire someone to do it if I had the money :)!! It is fun to look and have ideas and the luncheon was good.

    Bill- where those cookies ?? Hope you heist some choc chip :)!!


  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    OMG, you surely are a busy gal !! Yes, our computer likes to do weird things too. It drives me nuts !! Yes that meeting yesterday was so interesting and then we went to the home to see the room that was done. It was just lovely !! No way could I have done any of that "painting". Not sure what it is called you put on some ind of like a spackel "mud" and swirl it around with a trowl to make different swirls. She wanted to put a heavy texture on her walls . Then painted over it and then ther was a gal who talked about making draperies, no way Jose for me to do that either. However, was interesting to hear about it and how they did it. Then we had a nice light lunch - an Asian type big salad with some nuts in it as well as different dressing and those crunchy noodles on top. It was fun !!

    So sorry to hear it looks like the germs are being passed around your house again. That is not good. Hope everyone feels better soon - esp. baby Raine as then no one sleeps esp Mommy and Grandma too if they are in the same house.

    Georgia - Thinking of you and Granpa andhope all went well with your talk.

    Spring Water - Hope you got some more NRG . If you find any please send me some :)!!

    Teacher - Are you at camp today? I don;t remember when you said you were doing that.

    I just needed to check the posts before I get dressed and go to the store. I should also weed but not sure if I will make that today, may have to wait till tomorrow. Need to pick up a few things for our cookout on Sunday.

    Thinking of everydobby else including all of our many MIA's to many to mention right now!


  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I would sure go crazy doing all that...goading and goading someone to take a shower!
    you are so patient with your dear father. hope you have a good fathers day celebration.

    Granni - that outing with the demonstrations did sound interesting. i would love to
    have a textured wall. tho my favourite is wall paper, i think. we have neither of those :(

    i cant say todays been good. very tired. too tired to do healing even. and i never did
    get to take that shower.

    i had an incident with big brother few days ago and today again middle one came with
    some other thing needing looking into. my nephew is sick this time. sounds a bit serious.
    and i am so very tired. so very tired myself.

    ive just had some watermelon and yoghurt and feeling a bit better.

    youse all takes cares

    god bless

    however, its raini
  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Took Zippy for his walk yesterday. There's a garden
    in the front yard of one house. Has an artichoke plant
    as tall as I w/ several flowers.

    They are fuzzy and lavender. Probably like Mamie Van
    Doren's bath mat. (Don't know who that is? Think Dolly

    Dolly has a wonderful sense of humor. She once said,
    "It costs a lotta money to look this cheap." She also
    recorded a song I've never heard from anyone else. It's
    a nostalgic piece about sitting on the front porch. On her
    album w/ Loretta Lynn and Tammy Wynette.

    Springwater, how was the watermelon? Did you put some
    on your hair? Gordon encouraged me to buy a small seedless
    watermelon last week; 99 cents. It was every bit as flavorless
    as I expected. Threw most of it away.

    Did you ever see the show where Lucy and Ethel wallpapered
    a room? That's about the way it would like if I tried it.

    Well, shoot! My post just vanished. Found most of it in
    the "Save as a Draft" file. I saw a video on Youtube years
    ago. Some guy took a shotgun to his computer. Well, I
    assume it was his. I know just how he felt. And don't we

    Granni, who's doin' the cookin' at your cookout. Your DH?
    Is he gonna wear one of those aprons w/ a funny saying like:

    REAL MEN don't use recipes.

    Or: In the time it took you to read my apron, you
    coulda got me another beer.

    Gordon said, "That was nice of her" when I conveyed your
    birthday wish. I said, "Julie's always nice."

    I forgot where you live (West part of Iowa?) but I just got
    the home town paper from LeRoy, MN. Tornadoes did
    lots of damage in SE MN. They skipped the villages but destroyed
    some farms.

    I felt really bad for one family. Every building was destroyed
    but the house which had burned down a couple years ago.
    I think there were two deaths, but I can't remember exactly.

    Way back in the 1890s LeRoy was destroyed by what they
    called a cyclone. The old pictures look like hurricane damage
    from Florida.

    I think I will post this and come back later. Don't want
    any more hijinx from this machine.

  8. teacher

    teacher New Member

    What's this obession with bathing? What's wrong with ones that are wanting to become one with nature?!

    hee hee hee hee

    I didn't know it was Gordon's birthday. Happy birthday, Gordon!

    All of this talk about textured walls, paint and wall paper has me thinking. If I get the house I'm looking at, I will have to paint over some paneling. It makes the great room rather gloomy.

    Yes, I said, if I get the house. My realtor is beginning the bidding process as of today. I told him not to tell me anythnig until they get a price that both sides agree on and then I'll decide if I can afford it.

    Why? Because I don't know how, don't wanna learn how to dicker. Just tell me the price and I'll decide if I want it or not.

    Julie and Spring, I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. I hope this passes soon.

    We aren't cooking out this weekend. I forgot to buy charcoal, AGAIN! Doh!

    That's OK though. It will give me more time to make cookies.

    There's a lady at church that loves No-Bake Peanut Butter Balls. I finally caved and gave her the recipe, but she doesn't make them very often.

    Mom and I have gotten into the habit of making a double batch and giving them to her on the first day of Campmeeting. So, gotta make cookies tomorrow.

    Took Mom out on some errands today. Our first stop was the Kool-Aid stand.

    This boy and his dad were in the front yard blowing bubbles and selling Kool-Aid. $.50 a glass.

    His mom came out after we stopped. She shook her head and rolled her eyes. She couldn't believe that those two had gotten yet another fool to stop and buy their stuff.

    I yellled, "We just want to do our part to boost the local economy."

    She laughed, but she still wasn't buying it.

    This stuff was WAY better than the stuff we got last month. You could acutally taste the flavor and they used 16 oz. cups and FILLED THEM UP. We even got ice.

    I like doing stupid kid stuff like that. Mom does too.

    Dad and son were tallying their booty when we drove off.

    Then on to the pharmacy (boring) and then to get gas.

    There was an older gentleman holding the door open for me and I got distracted by his shirt. It was green. The pattern was checks and the checks alternated between light green and dark green.

    I thought the patteren would be easy to feel but it wasn't. I know this because I told him that I sew and his shirt was very interesting. He let me feel his sleeve.

    We then parted ways and I filled up my car and drove to the grocery.

    The check-out clerk was trying to get an invitation to a backyard bbq, but I didn't extend one. Mom missed the whole thing, which I find very funny. SHE'S the one who tells ME when someone is flirting! hee hee hee hee

    Seriously. He could hardly ring her order for looking at me. And it wasn't helping any that Mom was dropping everything today.

    She even missed that big ol' shopping cart when she was putting her polish sausage in there. Another shopper had to help her out.

    hee hee hee hee

    I love shopping with my mother.


    Got her and her groceries home, dropped some of mine off because she has a bigger freezer and left Dad shucking corn.

    Sister helped me drag our stuff in and I made her day.

    I walked up on a PEZ dispenser made to look like Tigger. She LOVES Tigger. She LOVES this dispenser.

    hee hee hee hee

    Spring, you're picking up bad habits on this porch. I can't BELIEVE you actually said "youse"! I'm going to have to have a talk with whoever is messing you up!

    Rock, I know what artichoke lookes like, but what do you do with it? What does it taste like (and don't tell me it tastes like chicken. i'm not THAT clueless! :)

    Watermelon! That's what I forgot at the store!

    Oh well. I did remember to bring home fruit snacks and cookies. I guess that will be sufficent.

    Campmeeting starts Sunday so I'll probably be gone all day.

    Monday, Sister has a doc appointment I think I'm going to go with her with. She doesn't know this yet.

    I have an appointment Monday evening (it's been rescheduled twice!), so we won't make it on Monday.

    Tuesday is lookin' purty good though.

    I love you!

  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Rock - sorry I forgot Gordon's Birthday in my last post. Is he making himself a cake :)!!!

    Teacher - thanks for waking up this sleepy Porch again. Have a nice weekend. Doing anything for Father's Day? Have a few of thekids over for a BBQ butit will be fairly quiet with only two kids , a grankid and a spouse-only 6 people inc. us. That is a small gathering. Steaks on the grill - yummy.

    Julie - Hope you continue to feel better and don;t back slide trying to do so much for other sick ones .

    Hugs to awl and hope all has a great weekend.

  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - think i missed the post which mentioned Gordons birthday. it isnt in the porch before this
    but anyhoos please wish him too from my side. we all love him from what we have heard about him. i still cant get over smiling at his horror on learning hisfriend killed the cactus he thoughtfully

    Granni - those steaks to be grilled on F's Day sure sound delicious.

    Teacher - i wouldnt mind having a daddy who stood with me and sold Kool Aid at a little stand.
    what fun! I remember my dad durng his nice phase when we were very young, flying kites
    with my older brother. he was so into it. smashing bits of bottle glass, grinding it and then
    the long process of winding thread and glueing it on with the thread strung out between
    two chairs. excited as a child he used to be, as he worked with my older brother and us others
    getting in the way and mum providing hot cups of tea in between intervals. father and son
    accounted for a lot of kite fight victories during those days!

    i just had me my bath, a nice satisfying one with dollops of salt. its helped some but the
    ache has not quite all gone. its saturday and raining so the dh sulkily went back to bed
    since he cant play golf. i must ask him to buy a raincoat and gumboots and play anyway.
    i get harassed with a grumpy dh underfoot all day.

    I so hope this lack of energy and achi ness and doomsday feeling lifts soon. it feels weird
    to be at the mercy of ones bodys whims n fancies when there is so much to be done,
    so much catching up to do.

    God Bless
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - so glad you popped in. I'm tired just listening to whayt you have to do and have been doing. Just to get your mom out to the store shopping, dr. appts. and all really wears me out.

    Hope you can relax at the wedding and the little ones behave . Of course the littlest one is a different story. If she just gets tired she may fuss. She really doesn't know how to behave yet !! Take care of yourself !!

    Spring Water - Glad you got to take your salt bath and hope it helps you. I do not have so much "depression" dealing with all this pain daily but I do get grouchy and don't feel like doing anything esp housework, etc. There is stuff I need to get done today for tomorrow's cookout though. Nothing like not having control over ones body ! I understand that one a lot !!

    Georgia - thinking of you. Hope all goes well for you !!

    Happy Fathers day for all Father's, uncles, big brothers and whoever acts like a REAL FATHER. Gotta run and start working around here. Have let so much go as well as the last minute things I need to do for the cookout with the food and somehow stuff it into the over stuffed refrig. already

    Love to everydobby inc. all those who have fallen on the Porch and can't remember how to get back on again :)!! Miss you all,

  12. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Today's joke:


    Because he was writing sheet music.


    Spring and anyone else that knows someone that likes golf - Have you seen this video?


    It's some Pro golfers that decided to do something silly. They created a "boy band" and are singing and rapping about golf. It's hilarious.


    I'm glad everyone has happy plans for the weekend. Weddings, cook outs, Father's Day dinners. Have a good time everyone.

    Happy Father's Day to all the fathers on the Porch and the board.

    I will not be doing anything special for Father's Day. It's easier that way.

    Going to meet a friend for brunch today. She borrowed a cooler at the end of the school year and then forgot to get it back to me before school was out. She's a nut so this should be fun.

    Coming home after that and getting right in the kitchen. I haven't started the cookies yet.

    No, Mr. Bill. You can't have these. They are a present for a very nice lady!

    Also want to make a meatloaf and bake a chicken. It will be easy to fix vegetables next week. if the meat is already done.

    Pro'lly outta do some laundy too. Somehow, I don't think it would be appropriate to show up at church in my skivvies!

    hee hee hee hee

    Julie, your shopping trip with your mother makes me think back to when my mom was having eye surgeries. I'd take her to the grocery one day a month, so it was a serious chore that would take two carts.


    I just looked at the closk.

    I'm gonna be late to brunch if I don't hurry!

    I'll finish about shopping with two grocery carts when I come back!

  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the utube. I was envying those cool dudes thier ride in the
    golf cart over lovely greens! what a life.

    can i come over and taste your chicken and meatloaf. Yummy. I dont
    know how vegetarians do it. how do they abstain from eating meat?

    Granni - have a good celebration. It wil be good to see your grandkids again.

    Julie - have a good time at the wedding. or Lindsey. who is it attending.
    Also Happy fathers day. I know it wil be bittersweet with all thats going on
    but you are all together for now.

    well, the power supply is not switching off, its been like three days. of course
    due to the rains. im enjoying switching on the computer whenevr i feel like it
    and the tv too.

    yesterday i spent doing healing most of the mornng on myself and towards
    eve recovered enough that i was able to go with dh on an impromptu outing
    to a supermarket other than the one we usually go to. I had a nice time
    window shopping some 'Swarovski' crystals and faux jewellery. how beautiful
    they were. so elegantly crafted. but i didnt buy. practised self restraint.
    i was helped some by the fact that my purse is empty. there is money just for
    the groceries. i did indulge in a toffee icecream. and dh bought me a big mug
    of tea in the restaurant, a quarter of which i drank, quarter of which he drank
    and half of which we threw away it was so bad. Robbers! Thieves! it was triple
    more expensive than the usual tea too. these supermarkets.

    then when we were coming back from the fifth floor dh conveniently got lost.
    he had already got us lost when we entered the supermarket by taking me
    thru a 'shortcut' which happened to be the dingy dark staff staircase which ended in
    a dead end with a locked door after climbing for three flights.

    i reined in my temper took a deep breath and looked around. no dh. i looked
    over the spiral staircase at the malls below. no dh. then i went and looked
    for our car in the car park. no dh. then went back up, my face slightly red
    and remembered we had kept our grocery shopping in the locker outside
    the grocery section. went there , groceries were there, dh wasnt. huff!

    used my brain cells. i stood in the centre of the ground floor mall where
    i could be seen from all the malls upstairs. while i was standing trying to
    make myself conspicuous as can be (contrary to my character) i espied
    my dh scurrying along on the same floor as me peering hard at every
    passersby. I watched him and let him stew for a little while, then went
    up and greeted him cheerily.

    i dont know how we lost each other. i might have dawdled a bit window
    shopping that is no excuse for him to keep trudging on without looking
    back. but he wasnt mad. that was a relief.

    well, this morn i got to attack a whole mountain pile of laundry (again).

    you all have a great Fathers Day and take care

    God Bless
  14. teacher

    teacher New Member

    After all of you all's nagging, I finally took a bath. I hope you're happy!

    hee hee hee

    I came back and wrote a message and then my computer connection ate it. The computer is fine. Something is up with the internet service. I guess I'll have to give them a call tomorrow.


    Sweet, your supermarket sounds like what we would call a mall here except the grocery store is not included.

    Five floors?! Sounds like some serious fun!

    Glad hubby wasn't mad that you two got separated.

    Going to pick Mom up for church today. We were planning to attend both services, but Baby decided she wanted to go. That's fine, but I have to have her back at school by 5:00 because she has choir rehearsal at 7:00.


    Oh well. That's what happens when someone actually wants to go to church. You don't say nay.

    On the bright side, I'll get to go on Tuesday! Woo hoo!

    Let's see......what else......... Oh! I know!

    Mom said that the Kool Aid stand we stopped at on Friday made the paper yesterday! Turns out that the man we thought was Dad was Uncle. He and Nephew had a two day gig going on.

    They made 8 bucks! That's pretty impressive considering the area they were in.

    I wonder if they blew it all on arcade games.

    hee hee hee hee

    OK. Guess I gotta go find some clothes. PJ's are NOT appropriate for today!

    Happy Father's Day to the fathers.

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Spring Water- i know what you mean about losing your DH !! A lot of the time DH is way ahead of me and sometimes doesn't look back. His legs are long and it doesn't take to much for him to pass me by and then disappear and there I am looking for him. It gets me so angry sometimes. Sometimes I think someone could kidnap me and he wouldn't notice. Esp. when shopping he is in a hurry, in and out no stop to look unless it is something for him :)!! I have to hollar at him to slow down and wait up.

    You were sweet to keep your temper and greet him cheerily. Sometimes I do and sometimes not :)! At times when I am hurrying to catch up I still have to stop and wait so I can get around people and some don't move very fast either. If he says anything I mention tht the people wouldn't get out of my way and I couldn't run over them.

    Teacher - What a cheery soul so early in the morning and such a long post That was nice that Baby wanted to go to church with you - good thing ! How far away is she from you (the school) or where is she staying now. Is school over ?

    Gerogia - thinking of you and hoping things are going well for you and Grandpa.
    Hugs to everydobby !!

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  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Had a nice but tiring day yesterday. DD and DIL made some food yesterday to add to my salads. I thawed a refig. pie that had been in the freezer for some time, store bought but good and DIL had made s lite sort of cheese cake recipe that was delicious and low in sugar and fat. It was nice of them to come and celebrate dad's day here. DIL's dad didn't come but he doesn't go anywhere - very dangerous. He has diabetes, swelling in his legs and a good candidate for Congestive Heart Failure and Major diabetic problems. He thinks he knows it all too and doesn't listen to the doctor- he just lies to him and says that he does excercise - yep to bathroom and let the dog out. He hardly comes out of his room. He has his own computer and T.V. That is another sad story.

    DSon also put some new stuff on the computer and took some stuff off. So, when I finally got on the computer yahoo was gone or not showing as our mone or main page. So I had to go search for it. Finaly did and was trying to fix and look up Favorites that are now hidden inc. DH's special stock page. Didn't fix it all up as it was late. I also can't find the things on the top (forget what you call it) that you click for everyday things, not under FAVORITES. Looks like they are remaking their page. Oh well, I finally got on here so I was happy.

    Julie - sorry the Aricept is bothering your mom. Hope they have something she can take that will do the same thing without to many side effects. Hope she didn't get a bug or something instead of it being the Aricept. What does your dad take, the same thing?

    Sounds like you had a very busy fun day yesterday and will have another busy week. Glad though that you are feeling much better. Grab another long nap if you can swing it.

    So glad that David will be home soon. Is it just another leave or what? When does he get out for good? I know Linds will be so happy. Wonder if baby Raine will recognize him.

    Teacher - keep up the nice long and funny posts, they keep us awake and on our toes laughing or at least smiling really big.

    SW - Hope you found some more NRG. If you find some please save some for me.

    I have to get off and get dressed and stard some work around her, many washes among other things. I would like to go to line dancing but may be stuck here doing chores.

    Georgia - thinking about you and hope all is well.

    Bill- save us some more cookies and don't eat them all.

    Thinking of Elaine, Carla, Mickey, Jole, Pippi, Monica, Sweetie and all those who fell off the Porch and can't find their way back :)!! Miss them all !

    Love to everydobby,

  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Glad you had a nice F's Day, Granni. Did DH wear an apron that said, "Kiss
    the Cook" or "Pale and Proud"?

    That last is an apron you can buy at Nordic Festivals where the Norskie
    descendants have pale skin and pale blue yes. Gordon likes to say my
    blue eyes are fading and will soon be gray, but actually they were pale
    from the beginning. My hair was blond too, but it segued to brown while
    I was in grade school.

    The lilies of the Nile are in bloom. They come in two flavors: white and lavender.
    I think the first time I ever saw any was at Disneyland.

    My walk w/ Zippy was extra noisy last night. A helicopter was circling w/
    someone yelling through a bullhorn. The words were incomprehensible.
    Gordon told me he could hear enough to tell they were searching for a missing

    I have been getting a medical bill lately. The last two months to be more
    precise. It's for roughly $160 worth of lab work. Does not give the name
    of the doctor or hospital; the date of service; the diagnosis. I think it's
    a scam. Have no intention of paying.

    Hope to have some energy so I can post more later. Hugs to allahya.

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I left you off the list of MIA's who can't find the Porch any more :)!! Miss you and all of them - to many to mention here. I would be writing forever. Gee, Miss Lucie ducie is already 3 years old. Wow, sorry you can't do the things you used to do but oh well, nothing new about that around here.

    Congrats on your almost 25 th wedding anniversary. Enjoy your cruise. We will be going on one with a group from here in October.

    Will also go in Aug to see my brother and family in NY. Going by myself to save money. DH really doesn't care about going anyway.Having our 50th anniversary in Dec. I can hardly believe it myself.

    Rock - all those flowers you were talking about sound so beautiful Some I had in pots croaked due to the extremely hot sun . I tried to water them daily but forget.

    Just took a ride with DH to a new big hardware store. I think he finally found the correct size of those flappers to put in the bottom of the toilet tank to hold the water. Plus, there was even a man there (the owner I think) who brought us to the correct aisle in the store and found the right size. In Lowes, Home Depot and WM you are lucky if you can find someone to talk to who knows which section you are wanting to look for.

    Looks like we may get some rain tomorrow at least that is what they are saying. I pray that we do but I hope it waits till tomorrow afternoon after we get through singing at two Sr. Residences/NH facilities. I hate riding or driving I should say in the rain. However, we cannot complain as it is so dry here and having wildfires all over.

    This will be a busy week and then next week getting ready to go OOT to see daughter#4.

    Nothing new from before so I will close for now.

  19. teacher

    teacher New Member

    About 88 here but very humid.

    Makes me wanna get on the cruise with Lincy! If you're gonna be sticky, might as well hang on the ocean.

    Seriously. Lincamp, congrats on 25 years and enjoy your trip.

    Cruise warning.

    If you don't want to buy the drink package, and you like sweet drinks occasionally, take a water bottle and some of those kool-aid singles. Without the package, you will be charged per soda for every soda you drink and that gets expensive. Water dosen't count, hence the water bottle.

    I don't remember for sure, but I believe iced tea is included in the soda package. Be sure to ask when you board.

    Alchoholic drinks are charged per drink.

    I didn't buy the drink package while we were making plans. No worries. They offered it the first day on board.

    Once on board, they will try to lure you to some of the "specialty" restaurants on board. You have to make special reservations. It looked like fun, but I was on a serious budget so I didn't do it.

    Found out later that I was glad I didn't. There was an extra $50 charge to eat in those! Yikes!

    The restaurants that were included in the cruise rate were excellent though, so I didin't miss those extra ones.

    And get extra batteries for anythning you are taking and pack them in your suitcase. Even if you don't think you'll need them. Batteries on board ship are too expensive to even THINK about!

    Also, if you're taking your cell phone with you, make sure you talk to your company before you go to get sine kind of temporary plan that will allow you to make international calls.

    Once you leave port, for all intents and purposes, you will be in international waters. The fee for just ONE call from your cell phone will set you back a couple hundred dollars.

    Last but not least, HAVE FUN, HAVE FUN, HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

    Gotta stop and get some dinner and then I have a meeting. I wll be back later, OK?


  20. teacher

    teacher New Member

    So, back from my meeting and am tired now. It was a productive day though.

    Got my apartment complex to FINALLY fix my garage door. I told them that it was being snobby.

    I could get the door open but the silly thing wouldn't stay closed. It was stuck in the "up" position.

    It's normal now.

    Spent the majority of the day with Mommy. Most of the time was spent in the kitchen. It's too hot here and she doesn't have air, so I fixed cold stuff.

    I started with baloney salad. Neither one of us has a food processor, but that's OK. She has one of those old fashioned hand-crank meat grinders. I didn't know what a processor was unitl I graduated from college.


    I ground up a pound of baloney, some sweet pickles, celery, and a couple boiled eggs. Mixed in some mayo and voila! Baloney salad. (some would call it 'spread').

    While I did that, she ironed a few of his shirts (i don't know why she raised us to iron! hee hee) while we listened to a new kid CD full of stupid kid songs. I'll have to share lyrics from that later. Some of them are quite funny. 'Course, it helps if you're under 10! hee hee hee

    Then, time for a lunch break. She had leftover mackeral salad, so that was easy.

    Then COOKIES!

    No Bill. You still can't have them.

    No Bake Peanut Butter Balls. Peanut butter, butter, corn syrup, powdered sugar, vanilla, milk, crushed vanilla wafers.

    I crushed, stirred, and rolled. Mom dusted them in crumbs.

    We listened to a gospel CD while we did this. He was outside by this time so we had it cranked! Woo hoo!

    After I cleaned up the kitchen, we headed upstairs and I re-braided her hair. That's the easiest way to keep it neat since she still doesn't have enough strength to do her hair.

    We listened to the afternoon news while we did this.

    When I was done, I packed up my stuff and headed for home.

    I decided to turn the chicken I baked into a salad. That will make it easier to eat on the go for the rest of the week.

    Diced chicken, diced sweet pickles, chopped pecans, chopped celery. I usually add a couple boiled eggs, but decided that if anybody wanted any, they could boil their own!!!! Mixed in some mayo and there you go.

    While I did that, I used my George (indoor electric grill) to cook some bratwurst patties I bought over the weekend. I didn't want to lose them and I don't have room in my freezer right now.


    I'll have to work on tossed salad tomorrow. I don't have any more energy today.

    I mix romaine and leaf lettuce in a gallon baggie and add cut up celery and carrots. Zip it closed and I have my own "salad in a bag". It lasts about a week that way.

    Thawed frozen peas, rasisns (if I have them) or a cut up apple, nuts or sunflower seeds (if they're handy), anything in the fridge that looks interesting and salad dressing added when ready to eat.

    Yum yum.

    Speaking of yum.

    Ya'll wanna have a 4th of July party on the porch?

    Now for the joke of the day:


    A monkey wrench.


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