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  1. rockgor

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    Rosin on the bow and here we go!

    Ladies to the center; ladies go back.
    Gents, you follow the very same track.

    Right and left grand; everybody clap.
    Give your toe a little tap.

    Single file promenade.
    Afterwards there's lemonade.

    Now form a star and all go right.
    Gonna dance all through the night.

    Everybody sashay.

    Take your new gal by the hand.
    Lead her back to the promised land.

    Twice around like the buffalo roam.
    Now everybody smile and all go home.


  2. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - I am so thinking about you and your parents about the move tomorrow. I will get off now so DH has to use the computer.

    Sorry so short for now. More later on. Please keep in touch with us.

    Love you and everyone,
  3. springwater

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    on July 18, 2011 my post isnot posting on rocks new porch

    i will just add this later there when things get sorted out

    rock - thanks for opening up.

    yesterday i couldnt go to the lunch after all. too tired and irritated looking for a key
    i lost.

    but i did a lot of cleaning out of cupboard. so the day didnt go wasted.

    but one of those days when youre so tired, tears start coming into the eyes.
    ever had one of those?

    the daughter tho went off to the lunch met everybody her cousins n all and also
    after that her school friend of grade 12, who is also here on summer break from
    the US. they are both slightly mad so i assume they had a good time. i heard telling
    him on phone that the protocol for meeting is that at the appointed place, in front
    of the former palace, both should be wearng dark glasses and turn their backs to
    the other and she has to address him as master of the universe, and he her as
    'empress' and they should both be making like james bond carrying his gun and then
    slowly turn and face each other. i wouldnt be surprised if they did it too.

    i saw some photos in her camera after the day was over and there was one of
    both of them with french fries sticking out of the opposite corners of their mouths like long

    well i got some solace in my long weary day when i got an email from the KAT centre
    saying Yoyo the black doggie, will be trained as a pet therapy dog. theyll try to train
    her and take her to the orphanages and let her play with the needy kids, because she
    just loves people. if this is successful she can stay at the KAT centre. my goodness.
    if this is possible, what joy! god bless the properietor / doctor every one there.

    its hot hot hot! no rain. someone pls send some rain. last night i actually got up in
    wee hours of morning sweating.

    all take care

    God Bless

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  4. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    today we got lots of rain towards evening. absolute shower! brought the temps down too!

    problem was both son and daughter had gone out and they got stuck where they were
    in town at their respective places.

    Im still very pooped out for no reason at all

    Julie - thinking of you and sending out good thoughts

    Rock - hope the computer gremlins went away

    Granni - hope you are getting cooler weather

  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Yay, we actually had some rain today and some the day before. Not sure how much we had at home since we were gone yesterday and traveling home today. We surely needed it and can use even more.

    The other day when you asked if we got tht rain that was expected, no we didn't of course.

    Had a nice trip yesterday. We went to the casino in LA.and we even won some money - shocking. DH did very welll and I did pretty good (doubled my money thta I brought) and would have done even better if I hadn't put more of the winnings back in the machine. It can be a lot of fun especially when you win some. Losing can be very aggravating esp when others around you are winning :)!!

    Julie - Thinking of you sweetie. Hope all goes well tomorrow with the move. Try not to get to upset if your father especially gets upset. Changes are usually upsetting to the person with Alzheimers and he mayalso forget what you had talked about before. Just TRY and remember it is the best thing for him and your mom. She will be safe if get upset or rough with her, even if not meaning to.

    Have run for now.

    Love you all,
  6. S-Elaine

    S-Elaine Member

    Hi all Porch Friends & GRANNI, Thanks for emailing me.

    I have been severely struggling with my health again since the beginning of June.

    This past Friday, I had an appointment with my FMS Doctor & due to the “BURNING / like on FIRE” pain started up in my legs again.

    Made it to the Doctor’s office & my legs collapsed as I was hanging on the front Reception Desk. From there, I went to the Hospital for testing.

    ~~~~~ Peripheral NEUROPATHY ======== is what they found.

    They don’t know the cause, so they are treating the symptoms for now. I have improved a little bit, but my world has been turned upside down & I can barely take care of myself.

    I ONLY leave the house if I have a doctor’s appointment. Can’t for anything else because I never know when the intense “Burning / Shoot FIRE Pain” is going to come and run through my legs. My legs can collapse too,

    I originally thought it was a “Flare Up”. I never had anything like this before so I don’t think so.

    Additional details, I will just list:

    == I had a Retention of WATER of 20 pounds in 2 days.
    == I am still on the “Water Pill” because the swelling in my feet & legs started to occur again.
    == I am off Lyrica. It wasn’t working for me anymore and the side effects weren’t worth it.

    == Pain Medication, they haven’t found anything that really works.

    == An Anti-Inflammatory medication was tried. Not successful.
    == A Corticosteroid medication was tried. Not successful.


    == Blood Work checking my Potassium Levels & looking for anything else.

    == MRI of my Lumbar Spine. They found 2 discs “slightly fractured”, but the ER Doctor said ------ it should not be causing the horrific pain I am in. ---- “Uh, well something is!!”

    My Pharmacist told me Peripheral NEUROPATHY affects the Nerve Endings and usually a single body part instead of Fibromyalgia, which affects the whole entire body.

    Bad Circulation in my feet & hands has been a problem for me for YEARS & doctors always dismissed it.

    I am being referred to a ------- NEUROLOGIST now for Treatment and addition Testing I would imagine.

    ******* FIRST AVAILABLE Appointment is the beginning of August ~~~~~ Almost 2 full weeks away.

    My current FMS Doctor will have to monitor and continue to treat me until this is sorted out.

    8 Weeks is how long this has been going on for. So many medication changes were made in the meantime & there has been no improvement.

    My world has become a very small one now. I am not able to take care of myself anymore or function in the capacity anything like I use to before.

    Severe confusion, difficulty even trying to follow a ------- “To Do” list is what I am left with for now.

    I am struggling so hard and trying to work through this because I miss having the ability to do things, tasks, or life in general.

    My brain was CLEAR yesterday morning, so I typed the aboved & posted it on 3 of the Message Boards here.

    In doing my own research online yesterday, I found quite a bit of material on it. Gotta educate myself.

    In 2 weeks I have an Appointment with a Neurologist & plan on moving FAST on this.

    It has been a grulling 8 weeks.

    Heading back to bed for a few more hours of sleep. My body is craving it, so I better LISTEN!

    Hoping everyone is doing well & Miss you guys,
    == Elaine

    Best wishes to all,
    == Elaine

  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Not to much time right now to post but I am going to anyway, at least a short one.

    Georgia - Sorry you are having vertigo problems and with your a/c. I am sure the heat doesn't help you to feel any better. Hope that your a/c doesn't take much to get fixed You didn't mention Grandpa and I hope things are going well, or at least better, for you both. Sorry also to hear about your neuropathy. I have a couple friends with it and it can cause mobility problems along with little things like buttoning a button (in the hands and fingers).

    Elaine - So glad that you posted to give us a real update. It's to bad that you have to wait so long, or at least it will seem like it to you when you feel so badly to get to see the neurologist. I hope you can get some answer and some RX soon to help you. That sounds terrible. FM is bad enough. Hope someone on the boards may have some answers for you to who may be suffereing from some of the same problems. eep in touch with us, my friend you know we worry :)!!

    Spring Water - sorry you ran out of steam for your get together Hope you get some NRG soon again. I didn't tag onto the thread so I can't remember everything you and all have said. It is hot here too but did cool off some with the rain, which is great.

    Rock - How are you doing? Thanks for starting us up again with a sq. dance call. Great job my friend. Gets us in a happy mood for our new threat :)!!

    Julie - Still thinking about you and hope all goes well with your parent's move. Drop a line when you get the chance to and let us know how it all went. If things didn't go as perfectly as you would have liked, try not to blame yourself. You have done more than your share and all you could.

    Gail- Julie's situation reminded me of you and your mom. Hope she and you both are doing better. I know when she is not doing well you don't feel very well either.

    Gotta run for now dear Porchies . Thinking of everydobby inc. all those dear MIA's.

    Guess what., it even rained this afternoon. It was a very nice rain but to bad it stopped already. I'm guessing we won't have much more for some time again.

    Love to all,

  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - thanks again for coming on and updating us; the first few days are always
    the hardest, and then life sets into a routine and everyone gets adapted and it
    gets so much easier. I am so happy your dear father has the wildlife and deer
    nearby; it really is a boon when something you love is nearby. their doggies name
    is very interesting. Please do look after yourself too. I know your are going thru
    a lot of turmoil and mixed emotions and that can play havoc on ones phsyical
    well being.

    Elaine - thanks for letting us know what whats been going on tho of course we
    wish it were better news. these DDs are the worst and you have been thru a lot.
    I do salute your strength and grit and hope you will soon arrive at a proper
    treatment plan.

    Granni - good you got rain, we too but today again it stopped. we need lots more
    rain in this season so as not to go dry during the winter months withthe water
    supply. happy t know you won a goodly sum of money! hope you splurge on something
    nice for yourself.

    Georgia - hot! tell me about it. when it doesnt rain, the sun scorches down and
    makes walking down the road miserable. in fact going out miserable since the buses
    are crammed and taxis get heated and there are no a/cs on either. i was horrified
    at todays temperatures for the US as they said it on CNN. over 35! 40 in some places!
    I mean global warming, much? hope your a/c is fixed now.

    k im still having brain and body fatigue so cant remember what is what now so forgive
    if i missed anyone.

  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    i slouched around lots today. since was feeling very tired. and therefore miserable.
    didnt want the DD to see me like this.

    did get up the strength to go out shopping with her for sundry things and her clothes
    because she didnt bring back many. she is so disappointed because she has put on
    like a lot of weight and is feeling it when trying on pants and dresses. she was 50
    kg when she left for college 3 years ago and now she is 58. i guess thats not so
    bad but people remember her as willowy and now she isnt.

    i am enjoying reading the fat Garfield comics daughter brought. i just love Garfield
    and Jon and Odie. especially since my daughter is sassy like Garfield and my son
    is dopey like Odie.

    I wouldnt say im like Jon. i would have throttled a pet like Garfield in under a week.

    well, adios for now

    God Bless

  10. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Been run over by the wagon wheel of life and that's why I haven't written. Starting to feel better now.

    GRANNI - Congrats on the casino winnings. I know you had a goodfeeling when that happened. Hope you plan on doing something fun with your bonus.

    GEORGIA - i've got fingers, toes, arms, legs ad anything esle I can cross crossed in hopes of a successful a/c repair. It's too hot to be this sick without one. How's Rottie?

    ELAINE - All I can say is , "Oh my!". Sending thougts, prayers, and hugs your way. You're gonna come through this smelling like a rose.

    SPRING WATER - I'm sorry the heat is sapping your strength too.But, your daughter is home! How fun is that?! Woo hoo! As to Garfield? Sister LOVES that rude cat. He drives me crazy.

    ROCK - Do/did you call dances? You sure know how to make them work! What are you reading these days? I'm still getting a chuckle out of the guy who's dog pulls him along on his skateboard.

    JULIE - It's hard to let go, isn't it? Sending thoughts, prayers, and hugs your way too.

    GAIL - Sending thoughts, hugs, and prayers your way TOO! Everything is going to work out.

    BILLCAMO - How are you doing Cookie Monster? Haven't heard from you lately and am wondering how you're doing?


    Drama, drama, drama!

    Too bad I ain't-a no actress. I coulda had me an Emmy for bein' so good at actin' in these daytime dramas!!!!!!

    Yep, Baby came home with drama and Mom decided to get in on the action.


    It's hard to hold a firm line when your Momma decides to let down on her end of the deal.

    AND Sister joined in on the fun. She began asking pointed questions and I ended up having to tell her about Baby's behavior when back in June when I moved her across campus.

    Sister did just as I expected. She hit the ceiling.

    Took two days of talking to get her to come down and not hit Baby. I told her it was fine to yell at her, but she didn't need to hit her. Sister finally agreed.

    Baby returned to school with the feeling that the whole world is against her.

    (Not! She's just suffering the consequences of her behavior.)

    Mom is now feeling blue because everything is always her fault.

    (Not! She just needs to learn to keep her mouth shut and let Baby hit rock bottom if she wants to. No easy feat for a mother.)

    Sister was helped along in coming down with the news that her driver's license has expired.

    (She's in a panic because she doesn't know how I'm going to handle this situation since the car is in my name.)

    I am tired of them all and it didn't help that I got stood up by my realtor in the middle of all of this.

    And I was to take two classes this past weekend. I need 9 semester hours toward renewing my teaching license.

    One class was cancelled due to low enrollment and the other I had to drop because I got sick.

    I just wanted to give up.

    But, I loined my girds (or girded my loins, whichever you prefer), kept taking my meds and went in to see my counselor.

    Today is the last day of class this week. We are learning to write songs on the fly (or the spur of the moment, whichever you prefer).

    Next week, I get to learn how to teach literacy across all curriculums. Then I'll be done with taking classes until the fall.

    Looked at a couple of nice houses last night and had a talk with Realtor. He said I didn't sound good when he spoke to me earlier this week.

    I told him that it had been a long week and that I had felt like giving up.

    He assured me that I didn't want to do that and we WERE gonna find me a house.

    Supposed to go back out again this evening after class.

    We're having issues here too. We're in the upper 90's with extremely high humidity.

    Thankfully, the fans Sister bought back in March are doing their thing. I don't have to worry about my parents overheating.

    Speaking of overheating!

    I knew I was forgetting something!

    Mom has been very wobbly lately. It has been a concern, but I've kept my thoughts to myself.

    In the middle of all this Baby drama, I took Mom and we went and got our hair done at my cousin's house. She has a license and has a shop in her basement.

    On the way out, Mom fell up the stairs. She didn't get hurt, but it was enought to scare me.

    On the way home, she tells me that one of her meds is making her shaky like that. Why she didn't say something before, I have no idea.

    Later that day, she decides she wants to hang some heat=reflaexive plasitc thing in the window.

    Yep. She fell off the buffet and hit her head.

    I called her doctor and told on her.

    Sister said she weren't no monkey. Mom responded that she had heard that that's where we came from. I retorted that one shouldn't always believe everything they hear.

    And then they wonder why I'm tired.

    Can I come live with you people?

    Gotta go now. I have to be at class in a couple of hours.


  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Your post about the things youre going thru has the makings of a black comedy, I know
    I shouldnt be laughing but i just couldnt help it; you put things so funnily.

    Im glad youre feeling a bit better and hope everything gets sorted out soon. Sisters
    drivers license n all. Somehow all the stuff going on at your home reminded me of
    a family soap, a very interesting loveable one.

    Georgia - good to hear that your a/c is back on. My goodness im still reeling from shock
    at seeing those temps out there. I think ours has never gone beyond 35degrees c and
    im seeing that some parts of america went to like 40! thats insane.

    Rottie, ah it was good to hear Rottie is in good health now. and up to all sorts of mischief.

    today im supposed to go this movie with dhs cousin and her mom. she had tried to cut
    tickets last saturday and the cinema was all booked up so this time daughter cut the
    tickets in advance so as not to be disappointed.

    i dont really like going for mid day shows but i think cousin has stuff to do later, so.

    God Bless

  12. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Of COURSE everything that's going on in my life is black comedy.

    I'M BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!

    hee hee hee hee

    Seriously, laugh all you like. You have to or you'll spend all your time crying and that takes too much energy!



    P.S. Please don't be upset. I didn't take any offense at your comment. I like puns and it tickled me to no end to stumble up on one that poked fun at my personal soap AND my genetic make up at the same time.

    I've been thinking for a while about writing my life up and sending it to Hollywood. I've always thought that I'd have a hit series on my hands. The only problem is that I don't think anyone would believe me that this stuff really happens.

    Trust me. You can't make this stuff up!

  13. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Finished class yesterday.

    I passed!

    Woo hoo!

    Seriously? All you had to do was show up and do the classwork in class. You'd have to be a dolt to not pass.

    Today is laundry day. And washing dishes.

    I woke up with a headache so I may only get laundry done.

    We're in the upper 90's with high humidity again today. I'm in!

    I have class again on Tuesday and Wednesday. Gotta drive an hour each way to get to this class. That's OK though. It will put me that much closer toward being able to renew my teaching license. AND I don't have to drive it during the school year!

    Found a house that looked like a good option last night. Realtor is going to try and arrange a second showing on Sunday so I can show Mom and Sister.

    It's more promising that I could get this one. It's closer to my price range than the other one.

    Will keep you posted on the progress.

    Today's joke:


    "There's no place like foam."


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  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Teacher - Oh my, you sure do have stuff going on at your house. I guess mine is rather boring in comparision. I slept a bit late this morning and then DH and I were outside weeding, just for about 45 minutes or so. There is so much to do out there we will never get it done, it seems. It seemed longer as it is so hot even early in the morning. Although we didn't make it that early today like 9:30 or so. It has been in the hi 90's and very humid here lately - not terribly unusual but we have had some of this since June.

    Hope you find a nice home soon. Good luck on you house hunting again. Hopefully this last home will be a great one for you and just your price !!

    Yep, part of my money that I won at the casino is in the bank helping me to buy supplements, etc. YIKES that could be a fortune or at least it seems like it. I have some in cash for other things needed like my hair getting done, etc.

    Spring Water - Hope you enjoy your movie !! I'm slso still looking for my lost NRG !! It really can't be lost though cause I hardly ever actually have any to begin with. Glad your DD is with you.

    Georgia - glad you are busy making shwls again. It seems like a long time since you had knitted last. I see that Rottie is gettinginto mischief again and sleeping on the bed. I imagine that she take up quite a bit of it now, doesn't she?

    Elaine - glad to hear from you the other day. Hope they find out your problem and correct treatment SOON. Why do we have to wait forever to see a specialist anyway?

    Thinking of everydobby and hoping all is well. What is going on with this computer. It really does its own thing. I am typing away and all of a sudded the font or print gos so small I can hardly read it. I didn't touch anything different that I know of. Now what do I do ?? I can't find the font changer on this page - Geez !!

    Love you all,

  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    What a faux pas on my part, I meant dark comedy. I always thought dark comedy was black comedy - I got the two words mixed up and have always used the word black comedy to describe something upheavalish but funny at the same time! just now after reading your post i asked my daughter what was the correct word, and she told me dark comedy is the right word for what i was trying to say. I am sorry but i know that you being the loving, generous soul
    you are will forgive me.

    Granni - actually the energy came back! yes! today after the movie, i shopped, peeled,
    grated, cut and cooked up a storm. My daughter was asking me from where did i get the
    energy. she was feeling tired after helping me clean, and peel, wash up etc.and i was
    carrying on cooking because my BIL phoned to say he and MIL were coming over to
    make a welcome back visit to my daughter. we told him to come after the movie was
    over and rushed back directly.

    the last time, daughter was not very uplifted with her meeting with MIL who was having
    a bad knee and cranky and tried to return daughters gift, so I told her to light incense
    in the prayer room and pray for this visit to be a good one.

    I think it worked. I felt a surge of energy which enabled me to clean, and make chicken,
    potatoes, pancakes, and i also had bought some meat dumplings and yoghurt. and
    MIL was cheery enough when she arrived with her son. She spoke nicely to everyone
    and was pleased with the food i had prepared until the conversation turned to family
    and financial matters and she let loose again, ending in a flood of tears. this is normal
    with MIL, so i didnt let it upset me too much, and by the calm way her son and my dh
    acted, its normal for them too. i think it was more of a vent. and alls well that ends well,
    after her teary episode she, wiped her eyes and then said her goodbyes cheerily enough.

    today seems to have been a good day after all, altho it started rather badly. i was
    struggling with energy and wonderinghow would i make it to the cinema when i went
    downstairs and found to my horror the help had cut off all the long lovely branches
    of the mulberry tree under which i used to sit and try and meditate. the branches used
    to make a kind of arbour for me and neighbours couldnt see me, and he has shorn
    it almost bald!!!! i was so angry i shouted and screamed and the neighbours were looking
    from all directions. this is the third time he has cut trees without my consent so it was
    the absolute limit. i also picked up two flowerpots and threw them on the ground and
    smashed them. my two kids who had come down to do some breathing exercises underthe
    mulberrry tree were quite frightened and were hurriedly doing their breathing and trying
    not to look in my direction.

    when i came up, all teary and worn, it seems daughter was making tea for me to placate me,
    and son
    came in while changing the prayer room water bowls, and asked her if that tea was for me.
    she said yes, and he told her "you do know if that tea isnt good, you're dead, right?'

    She tasted the tea she had just made, and made another cup just in case.

    how angry i must have been for her to have done that!

    anyways after we finished morning chores and rushed out to the cinema, it turned out
    the movie was so good! all of us loved it.

    so all in all a rather good day!

    i was just watching the tv right now, and it was sayng 85 people killed in oslo youth camp
    firing, and 7dead in oslo bombing. daughter and me were horrified at the number, and then
    down below they showed a breaking news saying Amy Winehouse was found dead. The
    singer. I told my daughter today didnt seem like a very good day to be out and about, and
    lets all go to bed before somethng bad happened to us.

    well, adios for now and i love you all.

    god bless

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  16. wildflowers23

    wildflowers23 Member

    Please get the book - The 36 hour Day. It has all sorts of good information in it on this situation. I went through it so I know- soft hugs.

    Soft hugs to all you chatters out there !!!

  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    h in there girl. You still have so much on your plate. Try not to take it so personally when your dad cries a lot, etc. People with Alzheimers/Dementia get confused easily and don't remember everything they should about where they are and why plus other situtions. Just remember that none of this is your fault, even though I know it is upsetting to see your parents when they are upset.

    Hope the visits back and forth work out well for you and your parents. Hopefully, it will all go well and they will enjoy coming to your house on sundays and other special occasions.

    Wow a birthday is coming along with David's homecoming. How wonderful and exciting. Gee, I wish I could cpme to your house for dinner. I never had homemade noodles except maybe in a restaurant. How long does it take to make them anyway? Are they thick noodles or thin?

    Wilflowers - thanks for the info on the book. Perhaps Gail and Julie could get a lot of info for them on their situations with their parents. I sure could have used it years ago when DH's dad lived with us and then got Alzheimers.

    Warm hugs and love to awl,
  18. wildflowers23

    wildflowers23 Member

    The book is SO good for Care Givers !!!

    Bless my late mother in law's soul.....It was a few years before I had to put her in independent living until she went down hill- ( more stories with that)

    Anyway, One day we were chatting and out of the blue she said to me. " You know, I smoked when I was pregnant with Lee my oldest son." SO, IF< you want to know WHY he is SO screwed up, that's why."

    ( he was a thorn in my side, financial well off, ( CEO of his company ) and wanted to be in charge of Mother ) But, I had all the control as she gave it to me as I promiced I would take care of her how SHE wanted.

    I could write a book!

    TO the others going though, IF, you have any questions feel free to ask me.

    Many Blessings,


    YIPPIE- happy dance we FINALLY got some rain here in PA
  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    is such a beautiful username.

    my mum smoked when all of us were in her womb. dont know if thats one cause for us
    being dysfunctional. mum was also seriously upset with dad when i was in her womb.
    maybe that explains a lot of why i am how i am.

    it does say pregnant mums should be at their happiest best.

    Julie, bowels for bowls. that was funny. it was considerate of you to correct her.

    Granni - im guessing the heat is up. we are not getting enough rain this year. makes
    me worry.

    I slept from 6pm to 3am. had gone for healing. but had to walk a bit in the hot sun
    on way to catch bus, nothing happened then, but later got a headache. now my
    energy is climbing back up. but i wonder should i start doing chores at 4am? thats
    what it is now.


    God Bless
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Glad you found some NRG finally but not at 4:30 a.m.. Please go back to sleep :)!!!

    Yes, it is still nice and HOT here.

    Julie - That was sweet of you to nicely correct your friend on the bowls and bowels definitions. I am sure she would have been very embarrassed has she said the wrong word at the wrong time. Hope yur mom and dad are coming along and enjoy their day with you and start gettinginto a little routine with the facility.

    Wildflowers - that is a lovely username. My mom always loved flowers of any kind. Maybe I should buy that book myself and give it to the kids. They may need it in the future for me.

    Geez, I surely hope NOT but I am almost 71 and that is a bit scarey. The only ones I know on this board who are older are Jamin and Rock is about the same age, a few months here or there, I think. There may be older ones but their not talking :)!!! he he

    Teacher - Good luck to you on your home search. So sorry Baby was giving you so much trouble but glad that sister finally found out what she had been doing all this time and didn't kill her . You sure did have a mess on your hands didn't you?

    Have to go tomorrow morning early to get my thyroid blood work but at least I don't have to worry about not eating first.

    Love you all,

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