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  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Contemporary Calls

    Rosin on the chip and let her rip!

    Circle the ring and wave to the crowd.
    Do-see-do and LOL.

    Form a star. Then all go right.
    Dance and post all through the night.

    Once more round. Don't be a quitter.
    Tomorrow you'll have lots to twitter.

    UFOs are up in space. LOOK!
    Find your partner now on Facebook.

    Swing in place if your knees aint bowed.
    Now all go home. SOL

  2. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Feelin' better here.

    Hard not too when it's in the 70's, with pretty white fluffy clouds in in lovely blue sky. There's a steady breeze and a chance of scattered rain this evening.

    I'm in today and have begun the packing process. So far, i have filled 10 paper boxes with books.

    That does not include my professional teacher books, sheet music, cookbooks, the other novels that are lying around randomly, or the books on Sister's bookshelf.


    This is gonna be sooooo interesting.

    hee hee hee hee hee

    Sister brought home two trunk loads of cereal boxes from work. Those will be lovely for the bathroom and the kitchen. For clothes too. All the bulkily ligght stuff.

    Tried it for books and I had to undo that!

    It should work for CD's and DVD's though. Those are light.

    We'll see how much I get done this week. School starts next week, so I won't have much energy when I come home.

    We'll get it done though.

    Rock, how does Gordon make refried beans? I like them, but I haven't found a good recipe.


    Julie, wait until you hear "Teacher, that song is fat!"


    It means really nice, like "bomb" and "dig". Only it's spelled Phat.


    I keep threatening them that I'm going to make them teach me the new slang and the handshakes. They just laugh at me.

    I have conquered McDonald's. It only took two weeks for me to collect all 16 Smurfs. Didn't eat a single happy meal. You can just buy the toys now.

    Good thing too. Sister said she was getting tired of going to McD's.

    Don't know what she was complaining about though. SHE was the one to get one of them off of a kid!

    And in keeping with Rock's square dance......


    You give it a docu - mint.

  3. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Thank you for opening.

    Julie - glad to hear your parents got a bigger room. u sound better. must be
    nice to have all the kids around.

    Georgia - nothing like a gabfest with an old friend. i havent done that for a while.

    Teacher - happy to know you are moving. wow, thats a LOT of books. keep the
    jokes coming.

    myself going thru the motions. still bit fatigued. had to make effort and go
    for b day dinner of dhs cousin. couldnt disappoint her lil sister who made the
    effort to cook. daughter and myself tried to help our. we bought the balloons,
    sponge cake, candles, card and present. got her this lovely indian two piece
    she loved. also i picked out a bunch of purple and white gerbera and mixed
    them up with purple and white statis. Daughter made meatballs with cloves
    and cashew to add to the hostesses dinner.

    Tried to put up a normal front but was very tired inside.

    Yesterday was Pranic healer founders (deceased) birthday. Went and
    Did some prayers etc and had cake at the center. Not too many members
    Turned up. I guess everyone is too busy and the traffic in eve horrendous.

    God Bless

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  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, today is take Zipper to the vet for teeth cleaning day.
    Uff-da! Poor Zippy can't have food till afterwards. Gordon is
    taking the day off. Has various other chores planned. I forgot
    what he told me last night. Only thing I remember is he was
    going to Costco.

    Julie, I've seen that expression on Youtube: "You're the bomb!"
    A couple days ago I was trying to think of an expression we used
    in college. Can't recall. I suppose it was the equivalent of bomb.

    Sounds like Urkel is living dangerously if it grows at Sheba.
    There was a fellow at the vets office w/ two pugs the other day.
    They were barking furiously. I asked him, "How old are your
    St. Bernards?" He looked a bit startled.

    Granni, hope you're back from the Big Apple with happy memories
    at a souvenir snow globe. Oops! Gotta go. Be back after we
    deliver Zippy.


  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    OK, Zippy is at the vet. We have to go pick him up in about
    7 hours.

    Teacher, here's what Gordon said about refried beans. Soak
    pinto beans overnight. Then cook till soft in the crockpot. I
    asked him how long, and he said 10 hours. (Don't know if that
    was a joke or misspeak.) You can add one or two cloves of
    garlic if you like.

    When the beans are soft, put them in cast iron skillet and mash
    w/ a potato masher. Add oil and water till you think the
    consistency is right. Stir over a low flame till you're happy
    w/ the result.

    If you like, you can add raw minced onion, cheese and a can
    of deviled ham. If you add all that you are dangerously close
    to making a hot dish.

    Gordon and I used to watch the Smurfs on Sat. morning
    before the cooking shows started. Let's see. There was Papa
    Smurf and Smurfette and Vanity, Jokey, Brainy, Doc, Happy,
    Dopey, Rumpelstiltskin and Rip Van Winkle.

    Georgia, that's nice you and your friend had a spinning bee.
    Maybe she could could go to QVC and get one of those combination
    bikes that's also a spinning wheel.

    Springwater, are the pizzas in Nepal Italian or do they have
    curry on them? That dog whisperer guy is interesting, but he's
    useless as a teacher. He just stands by the dog and emits some
    magic rays and the dog has a personality change. How can
    one learn to do that?

    Gail, hope something cheerful comes along to brighten
    your mood. I am reading Edna Ferber's book of short stories
    called "Cheerful by Request"? Published in the 1920s. So
    far the stories have not been cheerful in the slightest.

    I wrote something about the Gibson Girl in my previous post.

    Joan, good for you. I haven't made brownies for decades.
    Haven't done any baking since I burned the cookies. Just
    can't remember when I have stuff in the oven.

    I thought it was fun to make frosting for Gordon's cakes. He
    used to make bundt cakes to take to the office. Doesn't do
    that much anymore.

    Gotta go help Gordon with something in the garden. Hope
    no expertise is required.


    Skipperkee terrier? The vet has a big chart of dog breeds in his waiting room, but
    Skippy p-nut butter is not on it. Neither is the Patterdale terrier my former secretary
    recently acquired.

    Skipperkee looks like slang from Australia. Oh yeah, don't worry about going
    "to the other place", Julie. You are much too sweet.
  6. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    At first I couldn't get on as they said my password wasn't right. Then I put on what I have written down and they wanted to know if I wante3d to change to that! Oh my, the complicated life of a computer person.

    My 2 new grandchildren entered school here in the USA yesterday. Chris sent me the usual "first day of school" picture last eve by phone and they looked so cute. I don't kinow if you remembered that my son and DIL went to the Philipiines 5 or 6 weeks ago to pick up the boy and his sister that they had as foster children for a month last summer. They are so sweet---brother is 10 and sister is 9. They talked to me on the phone last eve-----but I can't understand their language. They are giong to a school that has class for "English as a second language". The have learned a few words but I missed them all last eve. they do know McDonalds and hamburger from last summer! Everyone knows those words. DIL is a middle school math teacvher but has taken 10 days off now that school has begun. May take more if needed. They are extrwemely active---always busy in USA with the swimming pools, lake, etc. I don't know what they will do or act6 when it gets cold!! Never been in cold weather before. Joshua wears a long sleeved shirt now!!!!!

    Whoops! I can't look over what I read above! Now what did I do??

    Rock: I just love reading when you are here. You make things so much fun, most of the time. I don't remember any of the old time jokes I used to know. I am reaading some of the books that the kids have given to Harley over the eyars. I just read a short book but I liked it a lot. "PAPA, My Father" About an Italian boy remembering all of his growing up years with his "papa". Really enjoyed it. I want to go to the library and see if the book "Help" is in. I have heard that it is great. Want to see the movie too. (have to go to a matinee---can't go out and keep my balance after dark) isn't that ridiculous?

    I am so sorry that some of you are having so many family problems! And, yes I would love to ask my mother some questions. She has been gone 34 years but I would like to have her here just to talk to abnd ask questions. And ofr course, I have questions about somethings I would love to ask Harley! i guess that happens to all of us.

    I'd like to look on this page and find ouit more about all of your troubles but I messed up somehow.

    Yesterday, I was sooo tired! I did laundry---just 2 loads but that makes me hurt and tired. Todah I feel better. i got the clothes folded and put away, some odds and ends and put the stove trays in the oven to self-clean. I didn't have much on the oven but oh----the stove3 pans. I hurridly cook some frozen veggies, boil them over and am too tired to clean it up----only on top-.

    SW: Thanks for the compliment on Maggie. She is such a dear kitty and friend. she won't sleep with me anymore. I think that she didn't like the ceilking fan when it was hot and she decided to go under the bed instead of on it.

    I wish that I could ge4t on here and keep up with all that is giong on. Just don't get around to it. Saw on FB where Mickey's daughter had surgery ---for back I think.

    i really do like FB as I keep up with the grandkids. Two of them plus Chris put on a lot of pictures for me to look at. Also hear what is going on in their lives.

    Oh yes, my grandson who just graduated from college had signed up ifor the Peace Corps---his parents and sister really tried to talk him out of it---. He got his assignment about 10 days ago. He is going to Mali, Africa. I had gto get my atlas out and find out where it was. Then I went on the Internet to find out more about the country---poorest in Africa with an annual YEARLY income of $1250! And we think that we are poor. He will be there for 2 years. He majored in International business. His sister says she will be visiting him---that's the one that taught a semester in Taiwaan! Oh my, you can tell I am getting old. These kids go everywhere. I also have a great-niece that has gone with hubby and baby to Muranmur. I have no idea it I spelled that right. Then her sister and hubby are going on a mission trip to Liberia. Guess what?:???? I am giong 17 miles to the grocery and WalMart!

    My, I looked at some of this and my typos are awful!!! but you already know I do that.

    Well I should go and check my oven and see if it is really, really clean!

    I imagine that most of you have seen the tragedy that hit our state fair sat. eve. The stage collapse that killed 5 and injured 40!! It was so awful. I have seen that pix of the collapse over and over and it is chilling! So sad!!

    I dp hope that things for you with your family problems will be better but I know thaat they won't be. Those things you just bear with and pray for the best!! I know it is heartbreaking. Keep- that faith, as they say.

    Lots of Gentle Hugs and more hugs over and over.

  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Our computer died and DH had to go get it fixed sort of l Then DS came and redid some more stuff. Now I am in the midst of trying to find things. Looks like I will have to redue all the lists I had to send e-mails to different groups. What a pain. Also our new mozilla program has such teeny tiny letters on the e-mails. Trying to find ohow to enlarge the fonts.

    Gotta run and wash my hair and do more stuff. More fun tomorrow trying to redo a bunch of stuff. Gotta go see if all my FTM stuff is there or not. It had better be. I already lost a bunch the first time.

    More hopefully tomorrow. Had a fun time, just seeing some family , no sight seeing or anything like that. That is OK. I am worn out as it is and didn't do much. Sorry but I will have to read some of these posts later - to tired to make much sense of it and this stupid computer isn't helping !!!!

    Love to all,
  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - if only our old folks would be more considerate and think of others;
    how hurtful it must be to do so much for them and them not understand;
    is this a kind of test we are put through? kind of like Jobs tests or
    something? there is a reason supposed to be for everything that happens,
    whatever that may be. Im praying for you to be strong and get through
    all this too.

    Rock - the pizzas here are kind of authentically made, lol as authentically
    as they can with the spices here i guess. no curry pizza as yet. interesting
    thought tho, but im guessing curry would taste yummier with plain rice.
    me too, i thought when i watched Dog Whisperer he was emitting some kind
    of special calming dominating energy; it certainly seemed that way. but i love
    the fact that he is such a dog lover. he actually cries sometimes when some
    of the dogs get over their fears, and the last show i watched was when he
    had taken in a katrina rescue dog into his stable and it was reunited with
    the owner after three months search. he was so sad to part with the dog
    and yet so happy it was being reunited with its mommy.

    Joan - how wonderful that your brand new kids are going to school now. Its
    a beautiful thing that these children are being adopted by your children.
    and how happy the new parents must be! also agree, kids these days do far
    more travelling than we did in our times, and are unafraid to go far and wide
    into unexplored territory.

    well. not much on my front. still going for daily healings and now the
    center incharge wants me to start doing healing on others. nothing would
    give me greater pleasure but i have to make sure Im okay first. cant have
    myself contaminating others.

    yesterday morn my upper back was aching so much (some new stressful thing
    happening to add to all the old ones, ) so i cried a tear or two.
    daughter gave me healing and the pain was gone. it was fantastic to see
    the healing work.

    this morn we are going to take body and foot massage at a chinese place.
    daughter convinced her daddy to sponsor the massages, heh heh. he can never
    say no to his darling daughter.

    well, my house is a shambles and worse, no motivation to put it right. part
    of the ongoing depression and cfs.

    take care all

    God Bless

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  9. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Sooooo glad to see that everyone is moving into a better plasce. I've been worried about you.

    Thank you, Rock, for the recipie. I will copy and save to my computer. That way, I'll have it after the move.

    Apartment is in a complete upheaval. Between packing to move and assmbling by back-to-school stuff, we literally have paths.

    Teh more I pack,the more Irealize Ihave to pack.

    Talked to Mom yesterday. Told her that it wasn't fair that Sisiter was almost done packing already. Mom basically told me to suck it up. I have more stuff than Sisiter does. I didn't think that was very nice of her.

    hee hee hee hee

    Why does one need all this stuff anyway? Birsd have a house and they forage for food. That oughta be enough for me too!

    Except, I like shoes, I like books, I like music, I like sewiing, I like........

    hee hee hee hee

    So, my dears, if my prescene is erratic, know that it's the start of another school year plus the chaos of moving.

    Here's hoping that eveyrthing settles down by Thanksgiving!

    Speaking of which.

    Halloween candy is in the stores sitting right next to the Back-to-School supplies.

    Gimme a break! Summer ain't over yet!!!!!!!


    He took the ele-gator.

  10. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I got the oven cleaned plus the drip pans on top! The worst was the area under the drip pans! Was my fault for not tending to it at the time. Will I do better? I hope so. iT took me forever---rest, tghen back to work, rest egtc. Even took the knobs off the top. Never done that and it was scub, scrub. B ut its' done~~~~~!

    My fingers are notg working properly today (so what else is new!) I made real rice pudding this a.m. by staying home from coffee. That's another later story.

    I just wanted to tell you about Josh and Cate. Last summer when they were here as foster care, they vacationed with all their family on a houseboat and swam and swam. They went to the other Grandma's cottage on a lake and swam and swam and to friend's pools. The whole summer was swimming.

    when they got to America, it begtan all over----swimming and swimming. the first day of school was Ok as was the second! But Wed. was a different story. They thought they had goner to school enough and it was time to go back to swimming!!!! Josh had a slight tantrum. But away they went. Now it's better. Theyu brought home homework yesterday abnd that was so much fun! They still haven't realized that USA isn't all fun and games. LOL

    Wonder what will transpire when it gets cold? And when it snows???

    Sorry, but I need to go to rens. and pick up a Med. and get baby aspirin. Does anyone else that that?

    Until next tkime====I am soooo sorry about all the problems with parents. No, they don't realizek how their cghildren feel. I know----we went through it with Harley. I do hope that things can settle down for all of you. Just realize that time will fly fast and before you know igt, you will be alone! I don't mean tro leave on and down note but I pray that things will get easier for you or God will gtive you strength to see it through.

    Love you all, my dear friends.

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry, still not much time to post. Have been busy with this computer trying to figure out where to find things, putting in new addresses, making new databases for all my groups, etc. Everything seems to take forever.

    Does anyone know how to delete old files that are not needed any more? I founds some preetty old ones in my document files that I do not need but cannot find out where to delete them ?? Any ideas will be welcomed . I have the same problem before the computer tied and got fixed again. OH, I also need to figure out how to make the font bigger on my whole e-mail program, not just the posts. Not sure if it was my son who fixed it this way or Best Buy. The printing is SO SMALL.

    Had a nice trip, the weather was nice and cool. They thought it was warm except for at night when it was in the 60's or so. Got to see my brother, SIL and one of the neices. The others are out of state but we skyped one other neices family. Both nieces are expecting another baby. One already has 2 boys and she really wants a girl. The other already has a sweet little girl 1 1/2, so cute and smart. She will be having a boy this time the ultrasound said. Did a lot of running around, no sightseeing but not doing anything that exciting really.

    Did get to see one neices home that she will be moving into soon. They are busy working on it now, putting in wooden floors, removed carpets, and will be painting. That neice is so talented artistically. The babies room in the old place where they are moving from has the cutest painted monkey and characters, palm trees, etc. on the wall. Now she has to do it again ! It is in the low 100's today with no rain in sight. It poured on LI on Sunday.

    Well, have to go and fix up the sauce for spaghetti, leftover sauce so need to add to it and add more meatballs and sauce.

    I quickly speed read the posts from everydobby. Glad to hear from you all.

    Hugs to Teacher, SW, Rock, and Julie and anyone else I missed.

    JULIE - sorry aboaut your mom feeling so badly about being there but she DOES need to be there or he surely does. I doubt if she would want to be at her other home without your dad.

    Hope to get back here tomorrow.

    Love to awl,
    Granni[This Message was Edited on 08/18/2011]
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I'm talking to myself again ! Hope all are doing OK.

    Teacher - good luck with all the moving !! I'm warn out from thinking about moving :)!!

    Rock - Hope you are doing OK today. Miss you when you are not there to cheer us on and get us laughing,

    Spring - Hope you got some of your NRG back. Sorry but I forget everything you and everyone else posted. Just trying to catch up with all and this computer is exhausting.

    Julie - Also thinking of you and your family. I know how hard it is to have a loved one in a Nursing home and to have to deal with parents who have lost their sharp mind. Hope your mom will settle down and not be so upset about them having to be in there. Your dad surly needs to be there now and surely she wasnts to be with him un;less he starts getting abusive again. Hopefully the change of meds will be helpful for him. I thought you had mentioned taking to the staff or doctor about it.

    Missing so many here on the Porch including all the many MIA's.

    Not much new here. Just tyring to make sense of this computer, find where things are and figure what i have to put back in, like my Family Tree Maker program, again !! I am so aggravated but guess it could have been worse. The pics are there and it looks like most of the other files are. Need to go and delete all not needed any longer.

    Bye for now.

    Love you all,
  13. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Just typed a fairly long letter to of you and hit that key----what is it???????? So, the letter is gone and so is my energy. I shall return.!!!

    Luv you all,

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I have done that so many times and it is so frustrating. You put in the energy to write and nice long post and at the end you push something and it goes poof !! Then I want to scream and yeall and do other nasty things. However, I don't. I may say some bad words under my breath and maybe a tear or two if I am really in a bad mood.

    How nice to hear from you. I have been busy today fussing with my dopey computer that crashed while I was gone on vacation. Oh , BTW, DH got it fixed, plus our son came and did some work on it too and then DH bought an I Pad so he can do some things on it while I am on the computer. So, I guess that is the best thing than having another computer just for me. He needs it to keep an eye on stocks and they have been going so crazy lately, it will be an investment (the I Pad). He also has a smart phone but the keys are to small to do much on it for him.

    Please come back soon. I hope to check back tomorrow but we will see may be busy with chores. Usually when I write long posts like that , that is when I lose them (GRRRR)!!!!!

    Love to you and everydobby,
  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    couldnt use computer last night as son was on it.

    good to know you can monopolize the computer now that dear dh has an ipad.
    what is it with gadets and men? they go crazy over them dont they?

    Teacher - whee, yay! didnt realise you were already packing for the move. Best
    wishes for your move to the new home. It is so exciting. new surroundings, new
    people, new shops.

    Joan - i feel for you, losing that long post. i enjoyed reading your last posts where
    you updated us on all that was happening. when i read about julie and gail, i remember
    the time your beloved dh was sick and in the NH and how distraught youwere, but you
    have come thru it all. God Bless.

    Well, i had a long trek down to town day before coz i didnt know it was a transport
    strike on my way to healing center and kept waiting for a bus or taxzi to pass by. when
    i eventually got there all worn out, it was closed. i could have cried. anyway dh
    arrnaged for someone to drop me back. i was tired otherwise i could hav walked back.

    last eve dh took us to this fancy restaurant, well, the decor was medium but the
    prices were fancy, grrr but we had a nice family meal. and thats what matters.
    i and son had tenderloin steak while dh ate porkl which is bad for him but couldnt say
    no for once. daughter stuck with chicken breast.

    now that daughter is due to leave soon shes finishing off the things left undone.

    we have a trip to the mountains planned. will be nice to get away for a day or two.

    yesterday i went to a monastery in another part of city i dont usually go to. thought
    i could do with the good energy. been feeling so unwell. went with my brother.

    well take care and god bless

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Have to get off quick as I just ate my breakfast at the computer with my jammies on. When DH gets hoe from golf we will go shopping or at least looking and use the coupon I won at the Ladies Club lunch. I figure I may have to add to the coupon as they have nice things at the store with lovely home accessories. It is for $25 but none of their stuff is cheap unless already on sale. It is a lovely store though and love to go look in there.

    Julie - you wear me out esp now that you are going back to work again. How many days will you be doing so? I am guessing you need the money as most of us do.

    Thinking of you all. Will try and come back later onl

  17. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Gettin' tired. But that's OK.

    Closing is scheduled for Aug. 31. If the paperwork comes back sooner, Realtor says we can close next week!

    Still packing and I added to the stuff that needs to be packed this morning. We were running our of groceries, so I had to go to the store.


    Oh well, ya gotta eat!

    hee hee hee hee

    Went to Teacher Appreciation Day before I went shopping at one of the local office supply stores. They gave us a cute little bag with a spiral notebook, erasers to go on pencils, a box of pens, sticky notes, glue sticks, and a page of coupons that are good until Sept. 3. Those will come in handy after school starts so you can pick up the stuff you forgot.

    They also gave us cookies and apple juice. Yum yum!

    I'm in now. Grocery shopping wears me out!

    Yesterday, Mom and I went to Cousin's house. She has a beauty salon (licensed) at her home. We got our "Back-to-School" hair. I have curls!

    (We'll see how long THAT lasts. hee hee hee hee)

    I asked Dad didin't he want to go get his back-to-school pony tails. He said no. I don't understand! School is just around the corner!


    Will pick up another load of boxes tomoorrow, Lord wiling, and Monday is back to school.

    I don't have to worry about homework. I have plenty! Who wants to come help me pack?


    They both have pause.


  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Don't have the energy to post much. Granni, glad to hear you had a nice trip.
    Too bad the computer is misbehaving. Guess we're not of the computer generation.
    I sometimes have trouble turning the dang thing on.

    I have been reading your posts, folks. Hope all of you who are having problems will
    soon see them disappear. As for those of you who aren't having problems, what
    are you doing here?

    Well, don't worry. Your share will come along. Serially, I think most of us have
    more than our share.

    Ouch! Just bit my tongue. These false teeth are dangerous. Well, a lot of
    stuff is. Everything from your oven* to sharks to gas mains to cereal spillers*
    to bosses who say things like: The beatings will continue until morale improves
    around here.


    *One of my coworkers lit her oven. A minute or two later the oven door blew off
    and broke her leg. This was half a century ago. Maybe not a current danger.

    A spill could lead to a fall which could lead to a serial injury like a busted
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Glad you made it to the wedding and that all went well and that there were no demands made on you. That must be so hard (any demands made) and then when he has forgotten who was in the wedding that is really sad. I am sure you know for sure now that your parents are where they need to be, even though you would rather they not be there, if it wasn't needed.

    Teacher - Have you moved yet? That is a project, I know and also getting ready for school to start too.. Yes, I know teachers do an awful lot that we don;t know about, or the partnets of the students. My SIL is a teacher in NY and she is already getting her classroom ready and has been helping others newer than she. I know too that our TEACHER is a good one, just like my SIL !! She teaches 4th grade !!

    What grades do you teach music or is it to all grades in elementary or what? That must be fun and as well as a challenege at times. I know the kids must love you wiwth your great sense of humor and all your riddles and jokes. Wish you could tape some of your programs and put them on youtube or something !!

    Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. Ours has been quiet and HOT !!!! Speaking of music and singing we start choir pracatice and County Choral Society practice this week so it will be very busy. Our Church choir director said we will be starting new music as well as Christmas stuff already - yikes !!!

    Love to everydobby,

    LEFTYGG Member

    its the start of my week here at the care center. i like that term.thx julie.shes still so sweet. she told the aide she was pretty. told me i did everything right.thx you for the least little thing.

    sounds like everyone is very busy.
    teacher i cant imagine moving and starting school. what type house did you get? 2 of my sons have realator license. the market is so bad right now.

    julie with your mom and dad together i would think that it would be easier. their couples room sounds great. ive said i could live here too.

    springwater your trip sound wonderful. what mountains will you be traveling to? arent you near mt everest? are there places to vacation there or do people just climb it? lol i dont get risking your life but to each his own. their guides amaze me. i watch a tv show called I Survived and one was on MT Everest.

    ROCK i remember seeing pictures of a Gibson Girl on a magazine but i dont think it had a hardcover.how are the dentures working out? have you adjusted?

    granni i would love to have an ipad but thats not gonna happen i love gadgets. especially kitchen gadgets.

    georgia where are you?

    joan the grandkids are right life should be all swimming lol.

    my son had a birthday party for his son. he goes all out.it was fun over 100 people. in the yard.karaoke swimming basketball trampoline everyone had fun. i only cried once hahaha whenever someone sees me cry i just have to say mom. enough said but i cry about many things.

    everyone take care. love gail