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    Help yourself to some strawberry bread, eggs, hot coffee or tea--

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    the yummy strawberry bread. It sounds wonderful. That would be a great thing to eat for breakfast warmed up in the microwave with hot tea or coffee. I'm sureit would be wonderful at any time though. Hope your foot is doing better. Did you get it checked yet?

    Julie - I too am all warn out listening to your weekend. Then you will go to work to rest :)!! Glad tht all went well at the party, daycare picnic and all. Yes, make sure, or at least when he is with you that he uses the walker. I guess when you are not all the time at the facility you cannot always be on top of the situation. Plus, I'm sure if will also forget from time to time too. I guess the help at the care facility will need to be watchful that he uses it but I know they have so many to watch too.

    Spring - You sound like me, to pooped to particpate. Went shopping to Sams and Wally World this morning. I hate to have to go sometimes with DH . He rushes so to get through and I can't really look around. I usually end up forgetting something when he holds the list too. We went to the WalMart close to Sams which is backwards from the one by us. So had an even harder time trying to find things in that store. It has been so hot though it is good to get done arly However, I do hate rushing when I shop.

    Hope the damage was minimal to all those affected by the storem. Just heard from a friend whose son and family live in Conn. He was in a car accident, not his fault, car was totalled. He had injuries and was in the hospital and needs foot surgey and possibly something else. He is in lots of pain plus Irene came to visit and they may have had some flooding in their home. They had a pump they could use but no electricity. How awful is that ):!!

    Love to awl inc. those not mentioned,

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    Hey Porchies wake up. I know I am lazy to and really didn't feel like posting but I camae to check anyway.

    Julie and SW - Hope you are surviving everything and have a little bit of NRG, especiall Julie with her marathon weekend just passed. Now she working in the morning I think and bringin parents to appointments in the afternoon - geez !

    Teacher - ready for school and all those kiddos? When do you move ?? That is a lot going on with you too.

    Gail - Thinking of you and your mom. ASre you still watching her this week or do you get to rest a bit?

    Georgia - Hope all is well. How's your foot doing?

    Elaine - Hope you have gotten an answer or two and maybe are feeling even just a little better. I wish I knew more about the neuropathy.

    Thinking of everydobby inc Carla, Mickey, Pip, Jole, Linda, Mr Bill, Elaine and so many others.


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    Relieved! Daughter called from college. she arrived safe n sound after having had
    to stay over a day in London due to her flight being cancelled. Hurricane Irene
    was due bang at the time of her flight arrival in america so.

    she had a nice time in London becoz the airline put them up in a hotel and she
    made friends with a nice vietnamese man she says who struck up a conversation
    with her in the city and then took her around to all the sights. she said she made
    sure theyremained in places surrounded with large numbers of people and she clutched
    her purse close to her.lol.

    the nextmorn her former schoolmate who is studying there came over and they
    went around again and ate fish n chips.

    The sad thing was when she was going to check out, the hotel presented her
    with a bill for 300 pounds they said for one telephone call which lasted
    ninety mins. and this tel call was one where she dialled her friend and
    got no answer. she was going to be late for airport so she couldnt argue
    but she cried all the way on the plane. she is trying to get back the money
    now that she is in the states and can look into things.

    well ive been too tired to do much. couldnt even go for healing either
    to receive or give. ive again lost some money and praying i can get rid
    of my man friday since i suspect its him, but im just hating this house
    and being in this dirty city.the cars honk outside all the time and its

    stressing about some things including my niece who is just whiling away
    her time, since doc said dont let herjoin college justnow. she is quiet
    but has this 'look' in her eye, which freezes my heart. kind of not normal.

    i had taken all the family to this park to eat ice cream and hang out after
    having hosted lunch and while she was normal and happy with my daughtr who
    talks nineteen to the dozen and keeps things cheerful i couldnt help feeling
    anxious. this girl and her brother are the gen next the ones who are supposed
    to take care of her parents. and now i dont know when or if she will ever
    be capable of getting a job, getting married etc etc.

    God Bless

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    So nice for you to pop in to chat for awhile. I was kidding about talking to myself. I know there are a lot of lurkers out there :)!! So sorry to hear about Annie losing her home even if it might be temporary, not knowing the situation. Hurricane Irene did a bad enough job even being just a cat 1 and then a tropical storm. Glad it wasn't a Cat 2 or 3 like it was in Nassau. We're supposed to go on a cruise in Oct there.

    So, who knows if we will be really going there or not ):!! BTW, there is another storm on the way that I hope disappears !! Please tell Annie that she is in our prayers and thoughts. Miss her along with many others. Could you spill where she lives, the state? If not not to worry.

    Glad you had a wonderful 25th anniversary cruise. This is with a bunch of others from where we live. That may sort of be our almost 50th anniversary cruise. Our anniversary is in Dec though.

    Julie - Glad to hear from you and that you are still among us :)! You are such a busy gal. I hope you keep your sanity through it ALL !!! Glad you got through the party even if some of the mess is still there. Try not to worry about it.

    When did you have your first party for David before or aftaer he finished his basic training. Our grandson finally heard from the Air Force and he is supposed to go sometime in Dec., not exactly sure when right now. My daughter wants to give him a little party but we have no idea of when to really do it and when he will have the time to come. I am guessing he will go to Lockland in AFB in San Antonio, a nice area.

    SW - I am so sorry to hear about your niece. I hope somehow she can get better and have a real life . It is so sad especially being so young. Glad your daughter "Chatty Cathy" got back to school OK with no problems. Yes, I'm sure she knew to be very careful talking to strange men on her trip, in a different country yet. Glad all went well for her.

    Nitey nite to all. Hope to see you tomorrow.


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    julie poor clinton it seems things keep happening to his cars. very frustrating. im glad your parents are doing good. i was walking to moms room and in the lounge was this little old couple snuggled up together their arms around each other. i started crying it was so touching.

    springwater im glad your daughter got to US safe and sound. how great to see all those places.i wish id traveled outside US i doubt i ever will now due to walking.my goal now is to travel by car out west.go northern route then travel southern route on return trip.

    granni im not on this week with mom and i havent seen her in 3 days and im feeling guilty. ill go tomorrow. its really as if she is gone i go for myself since she doesnt even know me from a nurse. they are really good to her cause shes so sweet except when they change her she screams bloody murder. she has a fear shes falling. she has the tightest grip for a 92yo.

    we had our dog nuetered yesterday hes feeling poorly.football coaching takes up all my dhs time now. hes coached for over 40yrs this is his last year. then we will be able to travel some if theres money. hes loved it but hes tired of all the politics and whining.my 1 son coaches jr high and he was saying how sick he gets of parents compaining. i told him he better grow a thick skin cause that goes with the job.

    take care all. love gail
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    Strawberry bread sounds good. Strawberry shortcake sounds good too. I remember
    our church had an Old Fashioned Strawberry Festival one summer. That was more than
    half a century ago. So that would make it REALLY old fashioned, right?

    Woke up in the middle of the night as usual. Did the dishes. Fed Zippy and the
    stray cat. We have a gray cat that's been coming around, off and on during the
    last few weeks. I went to the market y-day and got it some kibble, plus it
    likes Zipper's canned food.

    Feral cats are unpredictable. Some you can pick up. Some are skittish. I've fed
    some for years that never let me get closer than 3-4 feet.

    Springwater, that 300 pound phone call is astounding! I hope daughter can
    somehow recover.

    I know what you mean about the ugly city. I hate living in this noisy, crime-
    ridden, crowded, filthy place. Nearly got killed last night. Well, maimed
    anyway. Zippy and I were crossing the street after dark. A guy on a bicycle
    came silently down the hill about 30 mph. Missed me by a foot. Uff-da!

    Julie, I remember seeing deer often when I was a kid. Drive down a country
    road and it was not uncommon for one to dash across the road and jump the

    A white-tailed deer can weigh 300 pounds. Big enough to wreak a car. You can
    ask Clinton this riddle to cheer him up. How do you tell a male deer from
    a female? The male has buck teeth. (Teacher will appreciate that, I'm sure.)

    Hope you get some rest over the Labor Day weekend. When I was a kid, school
    always started the day after LD. Now it seems to start any old time.

    Linda, glad you had a nice cruise. I'm too chicken to go on one w/ the threat of
    sea sickness, pirates and food poisoning. Did you take pics, videos?

    Gail, are you sure that old couple was snuggling? Maybe they were wrestling. SOL
    I'm gonna need to be put in a home pretty soon. I get goofier and goofier. Bumped my
    head on the car's trunk lid yesterday. That's about the100th time I've done that
    in the last year or two. Sometime I bump it getting in or out of the car.

    Anyway, your mom is lucky to have you to look after her interests. I have Gordon
    to remind me of stuff and order my meds, etc.

    Gotta run. It's put out the trash day.

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    Just popping in again.

    Rock - don't worry about getting goofier each day. I to have been doing the same thing, it seems. I have been great lately with standing in the other room I just came into and then stand there figuring out what I came in there for - geez !!

    Gail - I love that joke . How far do you live from your mom's nursing home? You are so wonderful to be there for her even though she may not know you from the nurses. My fil , when he lived with us and got real bad kept calling me nurse too. Wish I could have felt better and lived closer for my mom when she got bad after breaking her hip 2x. Thank God for my brother, SIL and the nieces and nephews. This was in NY and I live out of state. I went to visit when I knew it was getting really bad and she was going to be leaving us sooner rather than later. Her mind was always there until the point she refused to eat and became weak, confused and the kidneys and all were shutting down. I still feel guilty but besides the distance my hi b/p can get really bad and my pain too from the FM. I guess we all do what we can, even if then we feel guilty.

    DH is at a meeting and then lunch. If I had the car I would have gone to the store but I didn't want to drop him off so early . I'm in the process of hiring a lady who will help once a month with house cleaning. I've been thinking about it for some time. The lady has been helping a couple friends of mine in Chorale group and she also goes to our church. So, she sounds trust worthy. She speaks mostly Spanish I understand but does know some English. Her daughter goes to college locally is sometimes there to help some with translation. She is cheaper than some others I have spoken to so will try her. She uses whatever stuff I use so I need to go shopping and buy more supplies. I have been procrastinating so on cleaning lately and it is aonly getting worse with my pain and lack of NRG!! I also am not sure about what to use on some things as we have such hard water and no water softener. My DH refuses to get one.

    Julie - What do you use for dust rags? I have so few. Though the years I have used old diapers but they are all gone or almost all gone now and will need some rags for dusting. I know they also have disposable but not sure I want to have to keep buying them. Need to go check out what they have in stores.

    Hope things are OK with you parents, or as well as they could be under all the circumstances.

    Teacher - Hope school and moving projects are going along well.

    SW- Hope you found soem NRG someplace. Please save some for me.

    Joan - Miss you sweetie . Hope your coffee friends are behaving themselves.

    Also miss CARLA, ELAINE, LINDA, MICKEY, JOLE, MARTA etc. etc. The list is getting longer and longer it seems.

    Love you all,

  9. teacher

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    School started - check

    Packing finished - nope

    Clsoeing was supposed to be this morning but was postponed to Friday. The county came out with new appraisals on homes for tax purposes yesterday. A lot of home valuse took a nose dive.

    The mortgage comapany decided the house needed to be reappraised and thus halted closing.

    Realtor doesn't anticpate any problems though. Seller sighned their papers today anyway.

    Ireane knocked out the phnoe and the electrind to my anunt in Virginia for tow days. She's back up and rinning again. No flooding.

    Baby is actually looking for a job!!!!!!!!

    Parents and Sister doing OK.

    I love you!

  10. Granniluvsu

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    Teacher - glad you are still up and kicking but sorry you have to wait on the house closing ! Glad Baby is looking for a real job :)!! It will also help her grow up. The same thing for my oldest grandson,. He finally did get a job and is no waiting to go into the Air Force. He goes to basic training in Dec. if they don;t change the date - AGAIN ! That will surely help him to grow up.. It sure did for my brother and my DH. Bro was in the Army in the Vietnam War and DH was in between wars in the Navy ! After that they figured they had better get on the stick and go to college. Neither person had any money given to them by their parents for anything after HS graduation. That's cause they and we/our parents didn't have it to give.

    I know that you will surely have more than enough to keep you busy - YIKES!!

    Can't remember if anyone else posted. I know there weren't many besides our Teacher :)!!

    Hope everydoby is doing well. It is a bit cooler here, onlu in the high 90's I think. Went shopping at Wally World this morning and wore myself out. The place is so big. I used to know were some of the stuff was kept, then they moved it all again - geez !!

    Think I need to change into shorts. I still have the capris on and I am getting so hot ! Hope to check in with you all tomorrow or later on.

  11. springwater

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    Still tired. had bad bout with pms and now in throes of the curse. just thankful
    it didnt come when i had all those guests over and all the cleaning and entertaining
    to be done. maybe my guardian angel was looking out for me.

    its so very hot on top of everythng.

    i watched The Voice and quite like some contestants esp a little sixteen year old
    girl called Xenia. such an air of innocence and freshness about her.

    k post this before the pc switches off

    God Bless
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Spring - Hope you get some NRG. I know how you feel when you have the "curse" but haven't had to deal with that for some time. DON'T MISS IT ONE BIT. Hope you get to do what you want to today before the electricity goes off again!!

    Julie - Hope things are going OK for you especially with your parents and working and all.
    Drop in, if you can.

    Teacher - Hope you get things straightened out with the closing and all. I know you'll be busy even if you aren't in school.

    Georgia - How's your foot and hope all is well.

    Elaine - thinking about and missing you sweetie You too JOAN !!!

    Thinking of everyone and hope you all have a great Labor Day and don't reallly have to labor too much. We really won't be doing much around here. The kids were busy and one daughter's SO has to work and others to far away, So we'll just hang out at home and maybe eat hamburfgers. Hope we get some of New Orleans and LA's rain from the coming storm. They may not need it but we surely do. So HOT and DRY !!!!!

    Love to all,
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    rockgor Well-Known Member

    The stray cat came by this morning so I gave it some food in the side yard so
    Zippy couldn't interfere. Gave him his own dish in the back yard.

    What do you guys think about the People of Wal*Mart? Are they funny, sad,
    grotesque, disturbed? Some of each? I found a web site even more bizarre:
    Poorly Dressed People of the World. Explore at your own risk.

    Have been looking at old postcards. I found several of schoolhouses near where
    I grew up. All look alike. Ours was built in 1906, and was the high school from
    which my mother graduated in in 1934.

    When I came along it was the grade school. By time time some of my siblings
    came along, it had been torn down and a modern (one story) grade school had
    been built. (And now that school is old.)

    Looking at the old pix reminds me that the people before us were essential the
    same as we. Just the clothes and machines are a little different. I was thinking
    they are all dead. Then I found a photo taken early in the 20th century. The caption
    said the little girl on the far right is still alive, aged 95.

    Springwater, I hope your niece is taking her meds. The biggest problem w/
    bi-polars and schizophrenics seems to be that they go off their meds and crash.
    Hope you start feeling more peppy soon.

    Granni, did you pick up your Spanish in Texas? I only know a few words outside
    of menu Spanish. I don't know what percentage of parents use disposable diapers,
    but I suspect cloth diapers have probably reached the stage of collectibles. My
    mother always said they were the best dust rags.

    We had babies around when I was a teenager. I changed lots of diapers and hung
    out plenty on the clothesline.

    Teacher, I hope Baby can find a job. Gordon has a niece about 40. She recently
    took a job at a recycling center. A place where you take alum. cans and bottles, they are
    weighed and you are paid a few bucks. Essentially getting back the nickles you
    paid when you bought the beverage.

    I assume it pays minimum wage. The big problem w/ the job is that is not interesting
    or challenging.

    Better go before my post does. Hugs to everydobby.
  14. Goatwoman

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    Rock, here's something more old then cloth diapers--wool diapers. I have some old knitting patterns for these--baby stays warm, and they can be washed if washable wool yarn is used. Good for a baby who lives in Antarctica.

    Teacher, hope the closing happens quickly. You'll love being a homeowner.

    Granni, feet are a little better. I've been rubbing cow udder cream on them--now my feets are udderly smooth.

    A friend and I are going out of town tomorrow for a embroidery class. I flunked embroidery when I was in Brownies, and haven't attempted it since. Sunday is spinning day, and am looking forward to that.

    Have been working all morning on christening records from 1637. The clerk must have also been an MD. Almost completely a scribble.

    Georgia[This Message was Edited on 09/02/2011]
  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Georgia - am i glad i dont hav to deal with diapers anymore! cloth ones, disposable,
    whatever. still recall how often my daughter would wet her cloth diapers and how
    i would struggle to keep up with a fresh supply.

    the last embroidery i did was i think a few bead work on one of my blouses about a
    year ago. i didnt even complete that. kept it aside for another day and its still
    around somewhere lol.

    Granni - i saw there might be some rain in Texas due to a storm brewing around
    the gulf. goodness its hot here. even when it doesnt rain for two days. still house
    bound due to less energy but able to do some chores around the house. i can hear
    some thunder so very likely we wil have a shower or two before day is over.

    Rock - must be so strange looking at those old photos. when i see dates before
    1962 and photos of the times before that, i always think where was i that time?
    you know, like in space or what. haha. and that i should have stayed put instead
    of venturing out.

    Teacher - good luck to baby on her job search. and hope your home deal closes
    soon. can understand you being pooped.

    Julie - im sure the school work is keeping you really busy now. Just make sure
    you put your feet up from time to time. Its Labour day weekend so i suppose you
    will welcome that longer weekend.

    Linda - good to hear about the updates. things seem to be going good. Hope
    Lucie Ducie is well.

    Hope didnt forget anybody. the brainfog has been worse at a high these past

    i actually go open a cupboard and then forget what i opened it for. then go
    to another room to get somethng and on arriving at the room, forget what
    it was i went there for! and i caught myself with having left the gas on.
    luckily not for too long. like five mins. oh half an hour once. that was bad and
    it made me so angry.

    its quiet here. alone in house. Hobbes and poopsie lying deep in slumber for
    their afternoon siesta. i think the others are outside somewhere, i felt sorry
    for them and let them in a few times and got rewarded by lots of lil pools of
    pee here n there. so i turned them out again. just outside the door, that is.

    the dh brought some chowmein for dinner last eve but what horrible chowmen!
    it smelt raw tasted raw but i didnt tell him. in case feelings would be hurt.

    good lord the sun is blazing outside and heating up this room.

    You all take care

    God Bless

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Spring - Well LA (N.O.) is getting the rain right now and will be going south east from what it looks like. May may get a few showers they say, 30% today, a little more chance tomorrow. OMG, do we and most of TX and OK too I think needs the rain - so bad for the cattle, farmers, etc. etc. Our lake here looks so bad with many people not being able to get their boats out that have them. Our friends boat is literally stuck in mud from what he said, at the marina here. It also doesn;t help when Houston is take our some of our water, I think to Lake Houston or for their use (Houston's) not sure. However, they are removing it and with the doubt it is bad. Had a similar situation a few years ago before IKE came and gave us alot of water along with other terrible things. Hope we do get some RAIN.

    Sorry you have been feeling puny lately and hope you get some NRG and vim and vinegar back (instead of vim and vigor).

    Hope everyone is well and gets a chance to rest some. I need to go get dressed for the day. Lots to do. DH is at the grocery store. Hope you all have a great holiday.

    BIG HUGS to everyone. Gotta run, sorry !!

  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    The naked ladies are back. Gordon didn't kill them off after
    all. He dug up a buncha bulbs that looked like big turnips. Took
    'em to work and gave them to his gardening friends.

    Nevertheless, we have more in bloom. And his bridal veil
    orchid is in bloom. To see a photo search for bridal veil
    orchid, photos. Or go here:


    There are many small flowers. Kinda like stars.

    We also looked at fauna last night. A spider the color of a
    pinto bean was spinning a web on the front porch. Big web
    for such a small spider. Wider than a basketball.

    Georgia, never heard of wool diapers. Glad to hear your
    foot treatment was udderly successful. Was a local radio announcer
    who was always saying things like: And on the
    Hollywood fwy a pickup and a milk truck got together. It's
    an udder disaster.

    Or: Watch out the Long Beach fwy. There's a wooden ladder
    near the Slauson exit. You wooden wanna hit it.

    With any story involving a feline, he worked "purr-fect" into
    the story.

    Joan, Erma Bombeck and Lewis Grizzard were favorites of
    mine. I think I read all of Erma's books. Lewis wrote so many
    I never did read all of them. He specialized in books w/ long
    silly titles like: If I ever get back to Georgia, I'm gonna nail my
    shoes to the ground.

    And: My Daddy was a Pistol and I'm a Son of a gun. He died
    at age 47. Was born w/ a congenital heart defect. Had 3
    surgeries for same. Claimed he had part of a pig's heart in
    his chest.

    Come back and see us when you have the energy. Always
    happy to hear from you.

    Granni, glad you're getting some rain. I've seen the terrible drought
    mentioned in the news. Gotta have water, but the
    darn stuff all too often tends to come too fast or too slow.

  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Julie, yes it's nice to sleep until you wake up. Generally you
    have to be rich or retired to achieve that state. Do you still
    have the same kids, or some of the same, in your group?

    Springwater, the scientific answer to where you were before
    you were born is: nowhere. You ever see "The Bluebird" by
    Metterlink? It was a play and an opera and a film (several
    times). The year I was born it was filmed w/ Shirley Temple.

    I have a vague recollection of seeing it on TV. A bunch of
    little kids (not babies) stand around on a ship and wait to be
    born. Not the kind of thing that draws long lines at the box office.

    Bertrand Russell was a philosopher and a mathematician, but
    he won a Nobel Prize for literature. He was also an English
    Earl and a convict. During WWI he wrote about pacifism and
    the British government threw him in jail for 6 months.

    Anyhoo, he said he didn't worry about where he was before he
    was born, so he didn't worry about what would happen after
    he died. I don't think this position is very popular, even if he
    was a man of great intellect and erudition.

    Iris Dement, philosopher and country-western singer said
    "Let the Mystery Be". As you would expect, you can hear her on Youtube.

    Well, maybe I'll go back to bed. Later, gators.

  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - naked ladies. hahaha. how cometh they by this name?

    Julie - be as selfish as you like this weekend. Goodness knows you
    deserve it.

    I forced myself to go out this afternoon. had to retrieve a book on
    pranic healing lent to someone. the healing centre incharge
    has been at my back calling me to participate in giving healings.
    i think the other person there is leaving so shes short staffed
    cant handle all the healings on her own. i had promised i would
    but fell down by the wayside for a bit so there was no question
    of it, but today i feel a bit better. at any rate i can try.

    it rained hard on the way to where i had left the book. but
    didnt get too wet. i had taken my umbrella. i shared my umbrella
    with a mom with a toddler who was walking in the rain and then
    after i had separated i was walking and suddenly glanced down
    to see a little schoolgirl nicely walking alongside me under the
    umbrella. she was cool as a cucumber and smiling ahead of her.
    i couldnt help laughing out loud! who does that? just sneaking
    under someone elses umbrella without so much as a by your leave.
    im so spaced out i must have walked like a minute before i noticed
    her. heh heh heh. then two of her little friends noticed and they
    too came crowding under the umbrella. after a while i had to
    go a separate way to my destination and the rain chose to come
    down in torrents just then, the three little schoolgirls let out a
    war whoop and galloped off into the rainy horizon. they made my
    day, what a bunch of little live wires!

    the lady at this house gave me shelter and some really delicious
    black ginger tea and we spent an hour and half discussing healing
    methods including hypnotism which she was learning. she also
    showed me some kirlian photography pictures taken of her aura,
    which unfortunately made her look like someone from a horror movie.
    dark splotches and white blobs. apparently she had undergone
    surgery for an appendix operation which the docs botched up.

    after the rain was spent i reluctantly took my leave. i would have
    loved to discuss more of the stuff. i cant have my kirlian photo
    taken since the indian gentleman who does it, was here on invite
    by some other indian gentlemen and has gone back. but i would
    have loved to see what my aura looked like. given my state of
    health, hurricane irene most likely. dangerous looking swirls and
    dark blotches im sure.

    take care all

    God Bless
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Nothing exciting going on here really right now. Went to church and sang this morning. Got a few new singers by way of the Ministry Fair but expecting more as they signed up. All haven't turned up to practice yet though. Hope they don't "Chicken Out" :)!! Some of the girls who signed up are so young !!!

    Sorry ROCK we didn't get any rain or very little. How about a few drips here or there with all the rain from LEE we couldn't get a good rain shower going. Even heard some thunder last night and got so excited but not much happened ):!!.

    Spring Water - you can come and try and heal me any time. Now that would be interesting !! Good luck with your healing. I am sure it will give you a great feeling if you do get someone to feeling even a little bit better, for the patient and yourself !!

    Julie -= Good for you taking it easy this week. Enjoy Kiera and just relax (if that is at all possible). You wear me out sweetie with all you do.

    Teacher - Hope you get a lot done on your Labor Day holiday with moving or getting ready to etc. etc. with school already having started.

    *******Got an e-mail, sent from a nursing school friend, who sent off a note to friends and possibly some family who lives in Vermont. She lives in a small town that had a lot of damage and flooding due to TS IRENE. They are all going through so much, a lot of destruction she said. They are trying to redo some roads just to get out to civilization. Their electricity has been very intermitant. They get food and supplies via helicopter, set up a makeshift hospital in case needed, etc. Can you believe tht Canada's national guard she said helped them to establish some power. Picture piles of trees 30-40 ft high, 20' in width piled up. Homes swallowed up by rivers. What a terrible disaster for them all. It is all so sad but they are all helping each other and trying to have a great attitude. May God bless them all in Pittsfield, VT.

    Hope everydobby has a nice Labor Day. I won't be doing much LABORING tomorrow, no company or anything.


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