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  1. rockgor

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    Rosin on the bow and Go Man Go!

    There's a full moon out tonight.
    Grab your gal and promenade right.

    Now all jump up and don't come down.
    Swing your partner round and round.

    All the ladies form a star.
    Gents stay put right where you are.

    Ladies cross and then go back.
    Slap your partner on the back.

    Allemande left with the old left hand.
    Blow a kiss. Now ain't love grand.

    All face North and look for Nome.
    Now circle once and then go home.


  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Remember the big cactus flower I told you about? It only lasted two days, but
    now another one has opened. And there's a 3rd one still in bud. I looked on the
    net for the name of this incredible plant, but couldn't find it. Just too many kinds
    of cacti.

    We have a new pet. It's a shark. The scientific name is Domesticus Vacuumus.
    It's dirt cheap to feed. Has what you might call a magnetic personality. Sorta
    sucks you in.

    Georgia, never heard of SAS shoes. Looked 'em up. San Antonio Shoemakers.
    Hand-made shoes. Started in the 70s. I figure if they're hand crafted, they are
    expensive. Found a blog where a lady said they were wonderful shoes and cost
    $120-$150 and worth it! Hope you get some and find they are a big help.

    Joan, great to hear from you. Nobody cares about typos. Still got that bum finger,
    huh? I find myself making a lotta errors nowadays, but I think it's my failing
    mind rather than my fingers.

    Very exciting to have new grandkids. Looks like they have lots of new experiences
    waiting for them. I remember riding on the school bus. Not to school, but to
    go swimming in a nearby town or to a parade cause the band was marching. We
    had fun. Did lots of singing.

    Hi Teacher. Mid terms? Now? Thought school just started. Maybe you have advanced
    students. Or an advanced calendar.

    Julie, glad to hear the timetable got speeded up. Good luck w/ your appointment.
    Guess it will be over by the time you read this.

    Hi Springwater. Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I have a nice sense of humor.
    I got it on E Bay for $2.99. Came with a guarantee. One year or 40,000 miles.
    The batteries are kinda expensive. Sometimes you can find them at the 99 store.
    Best part is I can install them myself.

    The only problems is, no matter what attempt you make to be funny, somebody is bound to
    be Teed Off! Some people seem to have a birth defect. No sense of humor. William
    James said humor is common sense, dancing.

    Edward Albee said he had no sense of humor, but had a good sense of the ridiculous.
    (And he wrote that famous comedy "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf".)

    The festival season is coming, SW? I didn't think it ever stopped. Hope you go to
    all and have a wonderful time.

    Oh yeah, I looked up Mussoorie. It's a city in Northern India. Reminds me of

    There's a beautiful Irish song called Noreen Bawn. Of course it's on Youtube.
    Anyhoo, the theme is emigration and separation from loved ones. One verse goes:

    "Then one day there came a letter
    With a passage paid to go.
    To the land where the Missouri
    And the Mississippi flow."

    So that's the end of geography class. (I once had a coworker who claimed to have
    majored in geography. Never heard of such a thing.) And now it's time for recess.


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    Juxst popping in for a quick HI and check on my deal Porchies.

    Joan - I was so glad to see you sweetie or should I say hear from you . Try not to feel badly about not getting to the porch as often as you would like and we would too. Just do what you can and whta makes you happy. Then we will be happy too :)!!

    However, I still can't understand those people you go to coffee with. Is it daily or once a week that you meet? Are you the only one that seems to get picked on? Some people are just that way and they donpt know how to stop. However, how would they like it if it were them being picked on or others saying mean things, sometimes to their face yet.? That really blows my mind. I know you need some social time to talk to people and it is hard when your children are not close by. However, if you feel that down or upset when you leave your coffees I am not sure I would be staying there or going as often. Didn't you say your pastor is one of them or just goes along with the others ? If so I think I would be off to try and other church. It would make me very sad as well as angry. However, you must do what you think is best for yourself hon.

    Congrats. on your new great grandbaby. Don't have any of those YET but I can wait. My oldest grandkids are almost 18 and 21. So, it could happen sooner or later.

    Julie -I am so glad you are getting another real appointament for your arm, etc. Hope you get an appointment for the MRI real soon. Thinking of you !!!

    Teacher - Sounds like you are getting things all organized or trying to little by little . I can image all this plus teaching to and coming home POOPED!!

    Rock - i just love your posts too. Makes me feel good and others too I am sure.

    Spring Water - So happy you and family are OK after the earthquake. What a horrible and scary thing. How far do you live from that city you were talking about that starts with an S that got the earthquake so bad.

    Gotta run and get dressed and start a wash. DH isp laying golf but not at our club. He quit that as it was getting to expensive and also he wasn't playing enough to warrant the monthly fees. He still enjoys it though when his shoulder is not hurting.

    Georgia - glad things are going well for you but sorry your foot is still bothering you.

    Gotta run for now. May check in later on today, if I can.

  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Where have all the Porchies gone - to beddy bye already ????

    Julie - Hope you got seen by a good Doc and will give you a date for your MRI !! Thinking of you !!!

    SW - Hope things have settled down some after that earthquake ! How interesting that you were helping a friend healing. I could use some of that but I do not have her diarrhea problem (just the opposite really).

    Teacher - Gotten any more things put away from your move?? I know sometimes it can take some time to get things where you actualoy want them to stay, and where you can find them easilsy.

    Thinking of everydobby ! Hope to see mor eof you sometime tomorrow. I know it will be a busy day for me and evening.

  5. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - here i am. evening 8:30 pm and just lost a post
    pc fan ovrheated and pc shut down again.

    oh well. was nt much to tell anyways.
    been raining past two days. yesterday stayed home
    its closing day at center so i healed staying at home.
    felt awfully tired later and fell asleep early.

    today my brain was in a fog and i found myself on the
    way to healing center one hour earlier than usua.
    luckily i had my library books with me which i had
    meant to change so went on to library and spent
    a happyhour browsing around such diverse titles
    as Dr Dolittle and Roald Dahls charlie and chocolate
    factory and agatha christies murdr in mesopotamia
    to wordsworths book of poems and more contemporary
    fiction. i chose two books one set in cornwall
    and the other a mystery by PD James who i found to
    my shock is a female.

    I did heailng at home yesterday but felt really tired and
    fell asleep early and only worke up at 4am today.

    and aftr todays healing my hand and arm was hurting bad
    and the pain only went when i soaked it in warm salted
    water for half some mins. got to take care.

    yesterday was sons b day but he being big boy he is now
    wanted nothng to do with a cake and candles and all said
    it was a waste of money since none of us like cake too
    much and his dad isnt supposed to hav. so i just got him
    one of those little ready made ones with a generic happy
    birthday message and i gave him his present a stuffed
    Bart Simpson doll quite abig one to keep in his room he
    is a fan of the simpsons and also a bart simpsom t shirt
    i had come upon he put it on happily and went off to school.
    dh gave him money to treat his friends outside as he preferred

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    [This Message was Edited on 09/21/2011]
    pc is misbehaving hence the multiple edits pls excuse.

    Rock - that big cactus flower sure sounds dramatic.
    i realise most cacti flow4rs are so beautiful maybe
    to make up for the thorns?

    well i hope all are doing well. keep looking in.

    God Bless[This Message was Edited on 09/21/2011]
  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Glad your son enjoyed his birthday and presents :)!! Sounds like he is a smart young man with a good head on his shoulders, even if he still likes Bart Simpson :)!!! ha ha

    Sorry your arm is hurting from doing the healings. Hope it goes away quickly for you.

    Julie - did you get a date for an MRI yet? I surely do hope so.

    Lots of stuff going on today and went and got my hair done and to Wal Mart and made a dr. appt. for DH for his scalp. Have been thinking his scalp condition was or is dandruff that just won't quit. However, it still doesn't want to go away and seems to be getting worse in some areas even with frequent washings with dandruff shampoo. It is even going on his forehead where alot of hair has been disappearing (that part may just be age wise). He needed to go to the dermatologist anyway for his yearly mole check (he has so many all over his body) and so did his dad. We have to wait till Oct 10th to see her. She should get it taken care of, both things at once. If we just came in for his scalp I might have been able to get an earlier one but why make two appts and probably spend more money:)!!

    Have choir practice tonight. So I need to go and get some stuff done and then prepare dinner.

    Love to awl,
  7. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I too got my hair done, with pranic healing. Lol! I mean i gave it some healing
    with green energy and then violet energy. I swear it works to get rid of the
    tangles! i wouldnt hav believed it had i not tried it. It makes the hair so much
    easier to manage.

    I hope your DHs dandruff condition clears up soon. no fun. i used to hav
    a lot when i was in school. but not now.

    son did tell me i was five years too late when i gave him the Bart Simpson
    but he still liked it. its one of his fav tv shows.

    you asked me how far was sikkim epicenter of earthquake. well its like
    i think New York would be from texas. 3 hours drive from the place i
    grew up.

    Hello All.

    Wher are you guys? Miss hearing from Elaine and all.

    today my usual patient wasnt able to come but the center in charge
    lady was having leg pains and asked me to heal her while she was
    healng her usual patient. I did so. and was so happy when she said
    all her pain had gone. hope it lasted tho. she was having her eves
    curse and also had attended a dance class before coming.

    ive had most of the curtains washed and put up. and had Poopsie
    taken to vet but her poor eyesight and hearing is due to old
    age they say. two of the doggies got their baths.

    got bored of rice and curry and having buffaloe meat chowmein today.
    with some beans for veggie content.

    oh my dhs warts seem to be disappearing after he took homeopathic
    meds, its been about three months of taking meds. thats the same
    amount of time it took to get my sons three stubborn warts offa
    his hand and they never came back! dh had these tiny little
    warts and two of them have shrunk and theres only a scar now. feling
    rather thrilled that somethng actualy worked, the allopathic wart
    removal meds did nothing.

    well all take care, the power cuts are back so i may be erratic
    in logging in.

    God Bless

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  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Spring Water - do you think you could give my hair some pranic healing and make it curl :)!! It is so straight anymore. i have to use a curling iron and lots of spray and my hair is short but it is humid here. I have to keep it short or it will really fall straight--ugh ! I know others with to much curl and they don;pt like that either. So, I guess we can't win :)!!!

    Sikkim sounds pretty far from you , I think which is good. If it is the distance between TX and NY ahat is a couple thousand miles I think. However, TXs also big and you can drive around forever and still be in it.

    Yes, I too am missing Elaine and so many others but we all do what we can I guess. Gee, what did you use for healing warts? I used to have them years ago and I finally got rid f them with some stuff over the counter.

    Julie - Thinking of you sweetie. Hope you are feeling better. Did you get a date yet for your MRI??

    Went to choir practice last night. The new director is piling on all the stuff including some stuff for Christmas program already. WHEW !! It is very challanging though.

    Georgia - Hope you continue to do well. Miss you too on the boards.

    Love to everydobby,

    Bye for now. Hope to pop in tomorrow.

    Gotta run for now.
  9. teacher

    teacher New Member


    Hip hop.


    A friend told me that joke. I htought you might like it.

    Went to the endocrinologist today after school.

    The reports from my ultrasound and blood tests last week came back looking good. As a matter of fact, one of the lyumph nodes hes' been watching is smaller than last October! Woo hoo!

    He wants to do another type of test just to be sure, but he's pretty sure that I'm cancer free! Yay!

    Haven't unpacked a single box this week. Been too tired. Work has been a little stressful. Not the kids, the grown-ups.

    Also trying to battle off my yearly round of bronchitis. Seems like everyone has it.

    I felt the tickle in the back of my throat yesterday so I bought some children's cough syrup. Grape flavored. I'm following the directions for ages 6-12 and I'm not having any issures, so that's good.

    The tickle is gone, but I think I'm gonna stay on it for a couple more days. Wanna make sure that stuff doesn't get strong. It takes me out every yrear.

    Guess what?!

    I was sitting on the floor in the hall with the paper cutter minding my own business and got invited to a birthday party Sunday afternoon!

    The lady walking by is having a party for her daughter and the theme is..........PRINCESS!

    She saw my tiara, found out I have a serious collection, and gave me an invite! I have no idea who she is, much less how old her daugter is, but I must be OK since I'm into tiaras.

    Just thinking about it cracks me up. I don't know if I'll be able to make it for the whole party, but I'm gonna see if I can go for a bit.

    I'm glad to see that everyone is feeling a lille better.

    Rock, you had me with your shark. I had to read it three times before I figured out hwat you where talking about!

    I need a new shark. Mine died in the move.

    OK. Gonna go finish my dinner and then lie down. I don't think I can bend over to put stuff away with this headache.

    Will talk to youse later this weekend!


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  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Its 7am andjust checked in after doing some ironing since i theyhavent given us
    the power cuts roster. want to get the electric stuff behind me.

    so nice to see all those fresh new posts! better than our daily morning newspaper

    Teacher - really happy to hear your good news about the health. and so lovely
    about the tiara and party. Im sure you give out a good good vibe in addition
    to loving tiaras. have fun at the party.<BR

    Snog - hey, welcome! of course you are free to vent. what do you
    think all of us do here some of the time? lol. also you can
    just post your daily happenings in your life and share. we love

    Granni - i dont think theres a protocol for actually curling the
    hair in pranic healing, haha. but hwat i can do is send healing
    to your hair so you can manage it easier. i will start right away.

    Julie - you too. i can start with general healing since i dont
    know exactly what it is. which arm is it that is hurting? left
    one right one. it makes healing more effective if we can work
    on the exact spots and complaint.

    anyways the center incharge makes us do psychotherapy healing
    first in most cases since we invariably find a lot of stress
    in the heart, solar plexus areas which is the seat of emotions.

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  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, we had movie people here again. A very short visit.
    I never even saw them. Did you see the article on the computer
    news? The movie studios say they are going to reduce the cost
    of making movies. I think they should stop paying the stars so
    much and concentrate on the writers. Without a good script,
    there's nothing to work with.

    Of course, nobody asked for my input. Gordon has had the
    week off. Yesterday he spent a couple hours going through the
    junk his mother accumulated over the decades.We lugged stuff
    to a thrift shop and tossed a lot in the trash bins. Couldn't quite
    get it all in, so Gordon left a refrigerator bin from some extinct
    appliance on the curb.

    This is standard procedure in LA, although maybe not in places
    like Brentwood or Beverly Hills. People leave old furniture, metal,
    etc. We left one of those circular clothes line poles and it was gone
    within a day.

    This morning the bin was gone. In its place, however, was a big chunk
    from a toilet tank? LOL

    Was this a packrat experience? Did the same person who took
    the bin leave the tank fragment. Maybe I'll call the LA Times and
    ask them to send out an investigative reporter.

    Yes, Snog, as Granni said, come by anytime. Vent, sing, dance,
    laugh, whatever. Speaking of which, just read the biography of
    Dick Van Dyke. One of the things he said was he felt awkward when
    fans came up to him and told him how wonderful he was.

    I was glad I didn't do it when I had the chance. That was about 20
    years ago. We were at the cafeteria at St. Johns Hospital in
    Santa Monica. It was early in the morning. We were the only
    people there. I figured he was visiting someone. Probably not
    feeling too cheerful, so I decided I'd talk to him "next time."

    Well, better post this before it goes poof! Back anon.

  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Gordon announced that I had a phone call. "Your brother's on
    the line. He got burglared." So I went to the phone and my brother, the forest ranger up in the Portland area, starts telling me about some event he went to and one of the guys who played Little Ricky on Lucy was there.

    So I'm waiting for this to segue into the story of a burglary.
    Only it never does. He also spent a lotta time telling me about
    his new astrologer who gave him this important insight. "You
    are entering a period of giving and receiving."

    My brother realized this was absolutely true as he is currently
    awaiting his first Soc Sec retirement check. Finally he got to
    to the point of the phone call which was that his wallet and TV
    were stolen. The alarming part, to me anyway, was that he
    was asleep when it happened. Uff-da! Thugs in the house!

    He said he was sending me some papers. What? His homeowners policy? No. Turns out to be: an empty envelope from the Salvation Army; an annoucement of Lucille Ball's
    100th birthday celebration; a form letter from a radio station
    asking for a donation.

    You may ask: what are you supposed to do with this stuff?
    Well, that's what I'm asking too. The funny thing is, he's intelligent
    and educated. Great balls of Fire!

    Glad you felt up to making a long post, Teacher. You might want
    to visit a site called Crazy Things Parents Say. Here's a sample:

    "Mom: Did you hear about that actress who got stabbed?
    Me: No, who?
    Mom: Reese somethingā€¦.
    Me: Reese Witherspoon?
    Mom: Nah, with a knifeā€¦"

    Julie, glad you got to see the docs even if it looks like there's
    a wait involved.* Where is the ALZ walk going to be? Nearby
    I hope. Our shark is a silvery gray which is the color of most
    live sharks, I think. I think I heard on some nature program that
    animals like the shark and turtles and crocs have been around
    since before the dinosaurs.

    *Ha ha! that sentence doesn't make any sense, does it. I mean
    there's a wait for the MRI. But hopefully things will get better
    and you won't even need it.

    Granni, thank you for your kind words. Maybe Springwater
    can give you some of her salad recipes for stuff to rub on your
    hair. Gordon went to the beauty school y-day and got his

    Guess you and I are old enough to remember the Toni home
    permanent and ads: Which twin has the Toni? I don't even
    know if they still make that stuff. Haven't seen a Toni ad
    for decades. Women sure suffer a lot (from head to high
    heels) in the cause of beauty.

    Springwater, the Simpsons are still au currant. They've been
    on the air about a quarter of a century. Our tomato plants
    are still producing fruit. Too bad there isn't some sort of fruit
    fax so I could send you some. You could eat half and put
    the rest on your head. Ha Ha!

    Joan, bright red geraniums are so cheerful. I think they and
    marigolds are mood picker uppers. We used to live next to a
    lady who had a bare dirt front yard. BUT, she had geraniums
    along the fence and on the porch. They were spectacular.
    Colors I've never seen before or since. Here in our new
    neighborhood I notice several folks have geraniums w/ white
    flowers that have a purple center. Very dramatic.

    Come back when you feel up to it. You too, Barry. We
    always like to hear what your flora and fauna are up too.

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Really don't have time to post, lost of house stuff to do and DH needs the puter.

    SNOG - Welcome and feel free to vent here at any time.

    TEACHER - Glad your tests and all came out well. Don't rush to put away all your stuff. It will be there waiting for you till whenever you feel like it.

    Julie - Hope your pain in your arm isnpt to awful bad and sorry you have to wait for the MRI. Nothing like having to wait till you start wetting your pants till they let you get one. STOOPID if you ask me but they didn't!!! If your dad still says I love you that is a great thing.

    SW - Start your healing working on my hair :)!!! Still wish you could make it curl !! Hope you can help Julie. That is really something if you can help Julie with her pain, etc. in her arm.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend. Nothing exciting happeneing here. Going to a dinner part tomorrow evening. Then have a visitation and funeral to go to - a great guy from the K of C who has been ill for some time on Sunday evening and Monday morning - UGH ! Oh well, that is not fun but have to go anyway.

    Still missing all the MIA's. Have a fantastic weekend everydobby !!

    Love to awl !!!


  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing that it was your kitty that jumped up on your dresser and ate your spider plant. Does Ally usually eat plants and other strange things? lI thought I had heard someplace that when animals feel sick they eat strange things, like grass and such. Maybe that was the closest thing to grass or greenery.

    Oh well, what can you do except perhaps put your plants higher up or something. Is she a big climber? I know most kitties are but don't know how to break them for eating your plants and other things :)!!

    Hope you and everydobby else has a great weekend. I will try and check in again tomorrow.

    Bye for now.

  15. teacher

    teacher New Member

    At least it was your CAT on the dresser and not your MOTHER!!!!

    Mine did that just before school started. She was tryihg to put some kind of think up in teh window to reflect the sun back outsited. It's supposed to make it cooler inside.

    Instead of telling someone she wated it hung, she did it herself and fell off the dresser. Hit her head on the table.

    We were not happy with her.

    Her doctor wasn't happey with her either when she found out today.

    Sounds like you better stock up on your green stuff. Kitty is gonna eat you out of house and home if you don't! hee hee hee hee

    I'm cross-eyed with tiredness today. The last three days have been very difficut emotionaly. Sometimes, I wonder who's more grown, the adullts or the children.


    Adults make me tired sometines.


    Got two new Smurfs today. Build-A-Bear had Papa Smurf and one dressed in a kilt. Kilty cracked me up.

    Teh nice lady told me that the ones you build yourself will be out in November. I'll be there!

    Homecoming at college this weekend. If it doens't rain, I may make it to the parade only. If it rains, I'll go get my mommy and we'll find some more of the kitchen.

    This is goin' ter soun' turrible, but I'se sho' hope hit rains. I no feel like goin' to no paradae.

    Killed a big black spider that was crawling on my comoputer screen last night. My bug spray is da bomb! Now I gotta go buy a new shark so's I kin suck him up!


  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    snog - your cat reminds me of Garfield, my fav comic book character, he also
    is big time into eating house plants.

    Teacher - sorry to hear about your dear mum hurting her head, she sounds
    adventurous climbing about like that! hope you recover soon from your
    fatigue, i dont think i could go a day with so many kids without getting
    pooped out of my mind

    Granni - sorry could not do any extra healing besides the lady at the
    center yesterday, was too tired, i think because my eves curse is
    starting again, just went back home and tried to recover; but i feel
    good today so will do it after this

    Julie - make sure you rest, so many things and not least your parents,
    God bless them. I too wish you were here or we lived nearer, would
    have forced you to come to the center and made you relax while
    giving healing. Keira must be such a big girlie now, do you have lots
    of little dolls lying around, lol. i remember when my daughter was
    little all the dolls and tea sets and all. clearing them and putting them

  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - we had a british GM once at the place i worked at and he had
    red gold ringlets which he got permed evey now and then, it made
    a sensation coz here most people have straight black hair

    well like i said earlier yesterday i was tired so no healing besides the
    one i gave the lady at center. she was showing us her varicose
    veins which were making her legs hurt. hmm going to take some
    healing i had thought it was ordinary pain

    a quiet night, dh had a dinner meeting and son was busy on his
    own laptop so i watched X factor in peace. some nice singers
    out there and some very strange people too.

    im going to return the PD james book because i read some and
    its depressing me its about crooks and all i had chosen it
    because i like dthe writing but its getting me down

    need to pick a more cheerful book next time

    God BLess
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I think this will be a short post, so I'll take a chance and type it on the the board.
    Just made sorta potato salad. Gordon boiled some potatoes the other day. He
    handed my the bowl this morning and said, "Here, make potato salad". So I did,
    but it is eggless.

    On the other hand, I put chicken in it. So it's sorta potato salad and kinda chicken salad.
    I like it, but Gordon is ignoring it. He's in the kitchen making pasta salad to take
    to work tomorrow for his lunch. I told him to add some of the potatoes. Then he'd
    have double starch. An expression he frequently uses.

    Springwater, I did not use any spices. Not even curry. What does GM stand for?
    General Manager? Were his red-gold curls natural like the scarlet macaw or did he
    use Nice and Easy?

    Granni, was the Knights of Columbus funeral a ceremonial affair w/ uniforms, etc.?
    I never heard of any fraternal organizations in our village, but when I was about 12
    I had to go to some Eastern Star meeting. My mother said it was because of an
    insurance policy. Anyhoo, there were several kids there my age. None of us pleased
    to be there.

    Like all village affairs, it was held in the school gym. I have been looking at old
    postcards from MN. Most of the schools look alike. As do the main streets.

    Julie, any change in the pain situation? Do muscle relaxers help with pain?
    BTW, you were right about the Shark. I told Gordon yours was lavender. He said,
    "So is ours". Ha Ha! Must be it only comes in one color. Anyway the primary color
    is silver gray. The lavender didn't really show up till I moved it to the window.
    When a beam of light hit it, it blazed with color.

  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Its raining and raining and raining. and right now its pretty steady hard.

    not fun for those who have to commute to office or school.

    Rock - yes GM is General Manager. And he was Irish so i think his
    red gold hair was the real thing. he also had striking blue eyes.
    and their the resemblance to Goldilocks ends. He had this florid
    red face and was a large tall man. his temper matched his hair.

    Well, not much else to report except i found healing isnt easy.
    I can manage just about two and feel completely exhausted.
    It could be because my own constitution is weak.

    And of course im still having the curse which always takes a lot
    out of me.

    we had a horrible small plane crash yesterday early morn. the
    plant which had returned from taking tourists for a Mt Everest
    sightseeing, crashed and fell 10 km out of the city. imagine what
    it would have done had it crashed into the citys buildings. as it
    is, it fell into open space. all 19 aboard killed.

  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - I can't believe your SIL. I wouldn;t go back there either. What she did to you Mom at the wedding was awful and unforgiveable. Hope your mom didn't get to upset and hurt by her actions. Sorry you have to still wait for your MRI !! Just as well you didnpt get out to do the alzheimer walk with the weather and all you had to do.

    Joan - Your little Arabella was so cute as were the other children. So neat we could see it. Hope you get to come see us more often on the Porch.

    Have to run and go to my line dancing class. Haven't been in a few weeks. Hope I remember the dances. I surely need to get out and do some more lite exercises.

    Teacher - good luck in putting your new house together with what you have to find in those boxes and wht you might ned to buy. Good luck at Parents weekend or day at the school. I remember that very well when our children went. We always went up there for the ball game and ffestivities.

    More later.
    Love to all,'

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