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  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just back from the library. Had only two books to pick up. One for me and yet
    another cookbook for Gordon. He seldom tries new recipes anymore, but he still
    loves to browse through cookbooks.

    It's another day for filming. The sign at one end of the block says no parking for
    two days. At the other end it says one day. This time it's some TV show. The
    planned action includes drive bys, drive ups and away, shooting from cars, and people
    and equipment in the street and on the sidewalk.

    Julie, when I got back from the library the back doors were open. I searched the
    house, but no burglar or goblin jumped out. Guess I didn't lock the door properly.
    I do remember I tried.

    Same sort of confusion in my last post. I called you Linda. Maybe I was thinking
    of Lydia. Or Linda Lavin. Or Linda Roark Strummer. A great opera singer, but
    obviously one who does not think folks in show biz should have names easy to
    spell and pronounce. So did you see my elk remarks?

    Springwater, sorry to hear about the shootings in your city. I think people have
    better lives when they live in smaller places. Gordon always says he doesn't want
    to live where everybody knows your business. What do I care? I'm not cooking meth.

    Granni, I looked up dexa scan. Seems to be a term for bone scan. Dex means
    ten in Latin. I guess they wouldn't need a scan to check the number of digits. Also
    found sites that said Dex was a boys or girls name (from the Latin).

    Sorry to hear you are achy. When I get achy I get crabby. Woof!

    I should go water, but don't have the energy for it. I did manage to do the dishes.
    Gordon has an orchid meeting tonight. Probably bring home a few more plants.
    Land O Goshen!

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  2. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Did you mean to start the Porch tread or not?. If so, I do not how to take your post and move it. Of course someone needs to astart first I guess.

    Just wanted to check in for a few minutes before I go wash my hair. DH is out to a meeting and dinner and I need to go wash my hair and get that done before he gets home.

    Sorry you forgot to lock the dor to your apartment but glad no one came in and took anything or wrecked your stuff.

    Hope to come by again and check in tomorrow.

    Good night to you and awl !

  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Yup, I meant to start a new thread. Didn't do any square dance calls cause I was too
    worn out after I did the dishes. Never did get any watering done. Now Zippy
    is signaling he's ready for his walk.

    Here's a little verse. Maybe we can work it into a call

    In these trying times life may vex us.
    Granni's washing her hair in Texas.


    I tried to add the porch number. It seems to have worked only
    partway. And I can't find another post I thought I did. Land
    O Goshen! My mind is all topsy turvey and bibbity bobbity boo.


    OK, now the porch number showed up on the index. I think I'll have
    to give up starting new posts. My ALZ is at stage 5: difficulty with
    simple tasks. Stage 6 is dementia and stage 7 is death, so I hope
    to leave town before those stagecoaches pull into Dodge.

    Adios, amigos.
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  4. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Lost a post and my old crumbling pc switched itself off umpteen times.

    so making this fast.

    Rock -thanks for opening up. I have Gordons habit of buying cookbooks
    too. but with me i maybe try one recipe and leave it for 'when i have
    more energy'. of course that day never comes so hav tons of little
    books and some big ones butnothing much to show for them.

  5. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - i really hope this healing thing is working. i was thrilled to know
    your pain lessened a bit. and i got the right hand. today i did some
    healing for Granni and mean to continue yours and Jamins too. of
    course it could have been healing on its own too but sort of encouraging
    to know it got a little better. i will continue.

    i found out i need to relax a bit after eachhealing otherwise the body
    tend to give out.

    Pls continue to give feedback as to where it is achng and where its a bit
    better so i can accordingly follow the protocol. the teacher said feedback
    is important so we know what we're doing.

    Granni - did some healing for you. where you told me too. the hip and lower
    back area. also again for the hair.

    its so bright and sunny. hung out the bedclothes to dry. and all the
    wet clothes from yesterday.

    i need to make a trip to the monastery today hope i can. its quite far.

    dont need to go to the center today since its a holiday for beginning pf
    festival season.

    all take care

    God BLess

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  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just popping in fora minute before I have to leaave for the ladies luncheon this late morning/early afternoon. DH is at a meeting also. Tonight is choir practice so it is a very busy day.

    Hi Rock - glad you got your message back onto the Porch where it should be. Try not to feel to down about your brain or lack of it as it seems like mine had been lost lately too:)!!

    Spring Water - Thanks for the healing procedure although right now I don't seem to feel much lessening. As it is I spoke to a fariend of mine who also had FM a well as Lupus and the Tramadol seems to be helping her. So I called my Rheumy and I am going to try it. I pick up a months supply this afternoon. Right now I am not taking any pain meds really, just the gen. Klonopin (1/2) and Flexeril before sleep. If I take other OTC stuff they really donpt do much for it. So, I thought it was worth a try. I don;t want to feel to drugged or out of it since I ams still to active and driving.. This is not a narcotic so it isn;t to strong. I can atake it 3x a day but will try and and only take it once or twice if needed.

    My pain is in the area I mentioned before - mostly back of head, neck and some shoulders. It is also like into the butt area, on both sides and lower back. I have other area that bug me at times but these are the worse every day. Thank you, even if it gets a little better I will be happy. Don't push yourself and wear yourself out .

    Julie - Hope you are feeling a little better with the healings and the med. they gave you. I forgot what it was.

    Hi also to Teacher, Gail, Diane, Joan and Georgia. Missing you guys !!

    Big Hugs to Carla, Elaine, Linda, Jole, Pip (all our MIA Porchies) as well as those I just forgot temporarily.


  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I will be careful about the Tramadol but it seems to me it would depend on how much you need and I would think all are different in what they need. A friend of mine takes it but she is probably on higher dosage and takes it once a day, in the a.m. I think. I think my doctor mentioned that it was a 3x a day thing and when I mentioned I might not want to take it 3x a day every day she just said that it was AS NEEDED.

    We will see if it even helps me at all. I hope to get through as little as possible. I just have to pick up the medication tomorrow, just a month or two, to try it

    I am also on gen. Flexeril and Klonopin but very little and at night time to sleep. I didnt want to have to take that all day. I know a few ladies that are on it. So thought it was worth a try since it was cheap enough. I didn't like the narcotics.

    Hope you are feeling better and Kevin too !! Have been busy today and then I was having a time getting on PH. It was slower than molasses in January. I alsmost gave up. May go to check on the other thread and hope that Jerry is feeling better. I'm worrying about him and his mono coing back. He's probably also been trying to do to much .

    Love to everyone,
  8. wildflowers23

    wildflowers23 Member

    My top doctor prescribed it to me for my pain with my fibro and I take it as needed an NO problem.

    I am prescribed 2 -50mg a day. I only take 25mg when needed.

    Sometimes the medical field over medicates.
    I think everyones system is different.

    My golden retriever has a staf infection on his back leg. He is 12 an a good a old boy we got from a rescue when he was 4.
    he has been to the vet several times in the last 2 weeks an more trips to come. If, I had nerves they would be shot right about now.
    Keep Buster in your prayers for me.

    I think we have the water problem fixed. Either that or the plumber is moving in the extra bedroom.
    I guess we will see with the next flood warning.

    It just throws my whole living cycle out of whack. Two steps forward and 3 backwards.

    Rock- I was thinking. My memory isn;t the best and I still use the stove. I have 3 timers and a large note posted on the stove.

    It reads "stove is ON" when I use it.

    The 2 timers on the stove I set 10 minutes apart to go off. The other I keep with me to remind me I have something on the stove . It works for me just a thought for you.

    If, Gordon lived closer to me he could borrow from my cook book collection- I have over 400.

    The local thrift store sells their books for a dollar a shopping bag.And that is where I got most of them. I just cant say no to a new/old cook book.

    I dont post that much. Maybe I should get my mind of off things around here.

    I do read the posts everyday an have some good giggles from all of you.

    Rock - you got me on the shark-
    Teacher_ where do you find all those jokes??

    I am glad to have a good group of you kind folks to chat with over the years.

    Many blessing to all.


  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info but I am confused. Did you say you usually take 2/ 25 mg tabs a day or 50 total or what?

    Please confirm. I have a friend but she takes the timed released kind . She had FM and Lupus too so she had pain from everywhere. I will start slow for sure. I donpt want to be taking to much. I take enough other stuff for high b/p, thyroid, supps for osteoporosis. Seems like I am forgetting something but i can't remember what :)!! I take 1/2 gen. klonopin at night and a flexeril too at bedtime.

    Thanks again !

  10. wildflowers23

    wildflowers23 Member

    I only take 1- 25mg when I need it. On rare days do I take another 25mg at night.

    Hope that helps you!!! I take a ton of meds too.

  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    better rush before this thing goes off

    Granni - will continue healing tho i didnt do any yesterday

    went to the monastery a ways out of valley and tired.

    today back to usual grind but so many chores left to do

    folding washing organising ..ugh

    God BLess
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Lots to do today and DH is gone for part of it so I need to start moving. Need to go pick up a couple scripts and then go do some weeding outside for a bit before it gets too hot !! Yay, soon it is supposed to get into the 80's so that will be a nice break. Forget when, maybe this weekend.

    Wildflowers - thanks for the info. Just wondering also on the Tramadol we like to have a glass of wine at dinner time. So, hope that won't interfere or cause problems. I'f I am going someplace and or driving I usually don't have any wine. I'm not sure what the dosage will be 25 or 50 mg. If it is 50 can it be cut in half? What pain does the Tramadol help you with? I'm going to try and take one or two a day at the most.

    Spring Water - sorry you are feeling puny yourself. Don't worry about the healings for me just now. Do it perhaps when you get some more vim and vigor. I know what you mean abou the chores. They are always there for you, aren't they. Somehow it never goes away. I am finally getting a little help but tht is once a month and I still do the bed making, washing, meals, cleaning up from the meals and cleaning up in between. The lady only comes once a month so there is enough to odo in between times but doing the floors and bathrooms is a big help to me and dusting too. i do some dusting to in between wometime if really needed. Hope I can continue to afford to keep her

    Georgia - How are you doing my dear? Missing you around here lately? To many MIA's disappearing around here. Hope all is well with you and Grandpa.

    Teacher- stay cool and get everything done a little at a time, it will get done. It is very hard when you work and then sometime perhaps you may even have some to bring home with you.

    Rock - Stay cool my friend. Hope your computer continues to behave so you can still visit us here. Miss your square dance calls and cute jokes and stories.

    Diane - thanks for the info on Tramadol. Will be careful as I am with all my meds. Hope you get to feeling better and Kevin's anemia gets better soon. Hope the doc put him on a good iron pill.

    Bye all for now.

    Bye for now. Will check later on.


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  13. wildflowers23

    wildflowers23 Member

    I take 1/2 of the 50mg= 1-25mg. So yes you can cut them in half.

    It takes all my pains away.head to toe and points in between. I have had a beer or rum and coke and it did nothing with the tramadol.
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Was wondering about the cutting in 1/2 as I read on line I guess with some Tramadol it has to dissolve in your mouth. So, I thought that cutting it in half could cause problems and it might not be as effective. At first I thought that you might have a smaller pill dosage of 25 mg. I like to take as little as possible to for many reasons. The doc gave me either Darvocet or Percocet years ago and I only took a couple of them and then halved and then decided to forget it.

    Sounds like you take a very small dose as (I hope to do also. Hope it will help. I have had this pain for over 25 years and actually was diagnoed (which I already knew) about 6 or so years ago. I had been researching it forever it seems but the docs knew little as you probably know.

    Do you have FM and Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome? or what? I surely hope this will help me. I also have osteo which doesn't help either - good grief !!

    Big Hugs to you and all,
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    What is the dosage you take of tramadol? Glad this can be cut in 1/2 so I can start low and slow. Hope it works. I think I will start taking it tomorrow with 1/2 50 mg or 25 mg. If I need to I may take another but donpt wanta to go to 3x unloess I really need to. I haven't taken much of anything for pain since it started 25 yrs or more ago. OTC stuff did absolutely nothing.

    Yep, I can be grouch when this pain gets to me. DH still wonders why I bark at him sometimes. Bless his heart, he thinks he understands but he doesn't have a clue how it is to have pain 99% of the time for over 25 years.

    Julie - How are you doing? What did you say you were taking? It is to bad you have to wait so long to have the stupid test done. Hope your parents are doing OK . Yes, stress from their situation goew right to you. Believe me, I know, that is how it started with me.

    Love to awl,'Granni

  16. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I take mine in the morning with breakfast. It lasts me until about 11 a.m. I can take more but I haven/t as yet. Former dr. told me to take arthritis strength Tyloynol.-----that's not spelled right!!! Can]'t remember how to spell anything anymore! Anyway, only when I am desparate---there's another mispell-----oh well, you get the idea!

    For those who haven't seen me before, I do typos really well!!! And now i don't spell with a durn! And I do take Klonopin------1/2 with breakfast and the other half at bedtime. It is not on my formulary with insurance but doesn't cost much so doesn't matter. I think that my dosage is 50.

    Our weather has been awful!! This month has been below normal temp. and below normal pecip. Today started out with something we don't see often----SUN.But it did'nt last long. About 2 the clouds rolled back in and the wind is blowing and to get worse tonight.! The weather people say8 this winter is to be like last-------cold, snowy, blizzards. Oh my!!! i may cry.

    I do not like the subject of HAIR!!!! Mine is awful! I don't know what happened to it? One side is somewhat curly and the other is straight as a string, And it is thinner ---I guess that is old-age! I try to get dressed up to go somewhere and there's my hair???What can I do with it. I have a bit right on top by a crown that would really prefer sticking straight UP! How would I look with a ribbon tied around it? LOL. I bought a curling iron---I haven't had one for well over 35 years. And I forgot how to wrap the hair around it and I got 3 burns on my fingers and one on my face. And my left arm and hand don't work as well as they used to. I would really like some color in it. My hubby, Mr. Harley as everyone called him then, frosted or highlighted it so I was kind of blond. Daughter says it is too expensive for me to keep up. Hairdresser doesn't suggest it either. So I am a "once blond", mixed with gray, half curly and half straight.

    Thank you FB friends, for looking at my precious Arabella! She is all girl----right now she is in a private Christian school and LOVES IT!! I miss her so much-----she is in NC and I am in IN----haven't seen her since last Thanksgiving. And I don't know what the plans fior the family are for the holidays.

    I haven't seen my new great-grandson, now 2 weeks old, either. Hopefully I will in mid=Oct.

    I have finished switching summer for winter clothes. It just tooki me ages! I would do a bit and then get sooooi tired! I imagine the word tired works for all of you. I took some out that were too big or haven't been worn for ages. I now have 2 big white bags ready to send with my friend down to KY where her daughter oversees and they have a thrift
    Shop there. They always need things so glad someone else can get some good out of them.

    Well. I need tio change clothes and do something with my hair and go to the funeral home for visitatiom for my neighbor. She had heart surgery some yrs ago, she faithfully watched her diety and I would see her walking around the block when it was n ice. She walked the basement in the wintyer. She had a stroke, then a massive heart attack. It seems as if I go to thei funeral home frequently,

    It is so dark in here that I can not see---the lamp ,ust be unplugged or it needs a new bulb. Can't do that now.

    Thank you to all of you dear friends!! You all mean so much to me-----not one of my friends understand pain and difficulty walking, even when I use a cane.

    that is indeed enough of this awful typing and grumbling!!

    Blessings to all of you,

  17. wildflowers23

    wildflowers23 Member

    I have FM, CFS, chemical sensitivity, GERD, Hypothyroidism,PTSD, Major Depression,
    IBS,vision problems,hearing impaired,both ears and tinnitus in both, conductive hearing loss,
    and I think that's all folks-

    Granni, I need to loose weight but, I will say to give you an idea on the tramadol and working-

    I weigh 200# ( should be 120#) I am 54 and I look like my Sicilian grandmother from the old country, She was a short, hefty thing. My other side is PA Dutch/ German. And I dont hit 5 foot-.

    Rock, I guess that makes me do triple Starches!!!!

    I have started a diet until the floods hit and the sick dog- Most of my weight has come from night eating from Zoloft- which causes nite time eating syndrome. I took it in 1995 when my then fiancee died, then dad got cancer, got down sized from my job-1997- Dad died in Jan 1998. My only brother was in a car accident in July 1998 and died, then 7 months later my mother took a stroke right b4 my bday in Feb, and I brought her home on my 42nd bday to pass away in the house she and my father built. Dad died in the house too.
    She died Feb 27,1999.
    Why am I depressed? I can laugh now- people are mean though as I had a nervous break down from a job in 2005. 2004 I had my gall bladder out which started the snow ball running.

    BUT-better today than a few yrs back!

    I want to try a part time job next year. We shall see.

    Many blessings to ALL,

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    So glad to hear from you. I know what you mean about no one really understanding. The ones that truly do are the ones with a similar problems or worse.

    How many mg. is your Tramadol? I have a 50 mg tabs and will try cutting in half and take as few as possible. It has been wearing on me lately -guess getting OLD and gumpy too sometimes :)!! That is great that I get ideas from everyone taking it. My actual scrit says 3x a day but that is if needed. The if needed part is what the doctor said and that is what I would have done anyway.

    I know what you meana bout not living close enough to see the kids and grandkids. 3 of mine don;t live that far, like an hour or mores drive and I am a scaredy cat when it comes to long drives and in the city or places I do not really know like the back of my hand. I drive locally but I had to do more with my hi b/p. I can tell when it is probably going up . DH doesn't particularly like the night driving and going into see the kids and coming home at night or rush hour either. I do not blame him but he is braver than I and his b/p is also not as high, even though he does take meds for hi b/p. Mine are a lot stronger than his. If I were braver and didnt have the pain or hi b/p I would drive in myself and see them a lot more.

    I know what you mean about what it takes to be changing over from summer to winter clothes. Luckily however, I do not have to worry aboaut the winter clothes just yet. Not sure when it will start. We are luckily supposed to start a littler cooler weather in a few days, I think. However, not sure how long that will last. If it is in the 80's it will be great. It was in the hi 90's today and guess what

    IT IS RAINING NOW AND THUNDERING. HOPE IT CONTINUES FOR AWHILE. IT COULD RAIN FOR DAYS AND STILL WE WOULDNPT BE CAUGHT UP. WE ARE SOOO DRY !!!!! The lakes are bad too and it doesn't help that Houston is taking our waterfor their needs.

    Hope everyone else is doing well on the Porch too. Lots of people in hiding :)!! or working hard like Julie and Teacher.

    I wrote a note to Carla since we haven't heard from her in some time. She is fine just very busy and waiting for FEMA to OK her for a new Septic Tank. Her old one went down the hill from the rain. I don't understand why they even sold her the house on that land. That poor kid has had more problems just trying to survive in a nice home. Otherwise she is doing OK just very busy she said. I don't think she has heard from Elaine so I got her e-mail and sent her a note myself. I had it but lost it again when I had problems with the dumb computer. I have been worry so about Elaine so i wrote to her today. Hope I hear from her soon. If I do I will you all know.

    I'll be back again tomorrow sometime.

    Love to all,

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I'm not of German Heritage but my husband is. My mom came from CZ. and was orphaned at a very young age, a sad story and spent her whole life working both in CZ and in the USA which she loved. Oh I also have hypothyroidism (forget if I told you that). osteoporosis, hi b/p . I also have tinnitis but haven't had my hearing checked. I probably could be depressed with all the pain I have. I just try not to let it get it me. I know I can get gouchy at times and Dh wonders why :)! Sorry you had such stressful things happen to you to cause your problems.. I do alot of singing in a couple groups and Church choir which I think really helps me to keep my sanity. I call it my therapy. Do you have anything you love to do, even if it just you at home by yourself that gives you satisfaction and makes you happy ??!! That might help some with your depression and also try and help you forget some of your pain. It does me, even if it is just fpor a little while.

    I also had family things happen about the time I started this crap including my fil living with us who got alzheimers. That was one small part plus daughter problems, working at home with day care and still had some of my 5 kids at home. I think a wedding was thrown in there too. Yes, I know that people can be awfully mean. I am so sorry as that makes it all worse for you. Good luck in finding a job that will work for you.

    I know it is harder to when you have a weight problem. I;m sure some of that is also genetic. Luckily I have fairaly thin genes from both parents. I also have a pic of my maternal grandmother and grandfather who both were fairly thin. Both died very young. My other grandparents were fairly thin tool. I used to be very thinn but I have had to fight to keep the weight off lately. I'm sure you know what I mean. It also doesn;t help when you and I are no longer very active in doing physical things that will help to keep us thinner. I am only a little over weight but it still bugs me when pants I've had forever do not fit anyt longer and I need a bigger size. Now, I just need elastic or at least partial elastic. I'm keeping a few smaller pants just in case I lose it again. It is all in my tummy and hips. Luckily, I am also long waisted, the opposite of you probably so it doesn't show as much on me.

    I'm so sorry for all your stress related problems that probably helped you get to the state you are in now. Believe me I do understand that. I had some bad things happen about the time I came down with the crud about 25 years plus ago. I think I mentioned some of them above in another paragraph.

    Thanks for your great post and your info on Tramadol. I will probably try it tomorrow after breakfast. Did you take yours after your meals?

    Please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing and if you find a PT job. I'm sure that will be very helpful to you , in more than one way. You are still young sweetie and there is still hope. I'm quite a bit older than you - lucky you :)!!! Sorry for this BOOK !!

    Blessings and hugs,
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Glad to finally hear form you. Don't feel badly hon it is so normal to feel as uyou do. You have so much on your plate and both your parents at once but he is worse at the moment.

    I'm so sorry that your pain is back again. I know that stress probably makes the pain worse too. How nice of you to watch Raine for Lindsay and David. It will be great of them to get away together without the baby.

    Have a nice weekend with the baby . Hope your pain will lessen some just caring for her. Of course you have so much else with running back and forth to see your parents. Hope you and everydobby here have a good weekend. Not much going on with me or us really.

    I know what you mean about having a demon and being determined not to let it win - whatever it is. My demon is constant pain and trying NOT to be such a grouch at home with DH.

    I took my 1/2 50 mg Tramadol this morning after breakfast. Don't know if it has to build up in my system or not. Not sure if there is a much difference right now but don't want to keep taking it and taking it waiting for results. I may have to take more but I will take it low and slow esp with my hi b/p and have to be careful with what I take.

    Love to everydobby,