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  1. springwater

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    Julie - nice to see you check in inspite of
    so much going on; b day parties are fun but
    they do take a lot out of one esp when one is
    out of battery!

    Granni - thanks for opening up. your upcoming
    holiday sounds exciting. i hv never ever been
    on the sea except for a two hour sailing trip
    years ago.

    Gail - here normally people live in joint
    families so the finances are normally shared
    by everyone. however the daughter goes out
    to her husbands house and it is not normal
    for her to contribute except for a present
    at the most. problem is all my bros are
    unemployed, nieces mom thinks she has done
    enuf for the kids and since her husband is
    my brother and my husband has a business
    going, i will foot the bill. generally
    even tho theyall live separately, the other
    brothers would have contributed to a family
    members marriage expenses but our family is
    inb this mess. and my dh is fed up of being
    the cash cow. and i am ashamed of my family.
    like Rock says, this is gone over the limits
    of decency and i need to say NO.

    Georgia - my dh would be encouraged by your
    weight loss; he is trying to lose some extra
    kilos too, actually he needs to lose a lot.
    he has been sweating it out at the gym almost
    every day now.

    Rock - how many books can one take out from
    a library at a time? here its just two.
    i meant to tell u about this beautiful purple
    and white orchid which i bought (cut flowers)
    when we gave our daughters farewell party
    (a month and half ago and guess what, some
    of it is still here, stil blooming! good
    lord. i never knew they lasted that long.

    well i found i was pms ing so that must
    have contributed to my anger lately.
    to day my energy returned a little and
    have been running around cleaning the
    kitchen of old edibles in backs of cupboards
    and things. also fed the dogs the older
    stuff in the fridge. curries and all.
    some of my chickpeas and al are so old
    they are disintegrating when i take out
    the packet! gaaaah!

    all take care

    God Bless
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    Do you want me to move your post over to the thread Granni started? I will cut
    and paste (old newspaper term) if you like.

    This is a test, so I will keep it short. The computer has been on the warpath for the
    last 3 days. Gordon told me he ran a virus scan and the computer was OK. Well, it
    hasn't been OK. I've had it turned off for a day and a half. Maybe it has healed up.

    Wouldn't it be funny if cars were repaired that way. "Ok, folks, everybody get out.
    We'll just stand here by the side of the road for an hour or two and see if the
    Toyota heals up."

    Some years back there was a long joke about the differences between cars and
    computers. I think that was one of them.

    In response to your question, I don't know how many books one can take out. We
    have about a dozen right now. I'll have to look it up. I know one is allowed to
    put 30 on hold. Gordon and I have joint cards. So, if we didn't have any checked out,
    I could use either card and take out 60. At the price of today's books, that would
    be somewhere around $1500 worth of books. Yikes!!!

  3. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Thanks you, pls do.

    I found myself on the health board after posting; tried to post
    again and found a little 'on' where my supposed to be

    can u answer Grannis query aboiut FB? Maybe Gordon knows
    i havent been to FB in a long time esp becuase of nieces
    issues her mom is on my friends list and it was awkward

    god bless