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  1. Goatwoman

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    Good Morning, Porchies! Wishing everyone a good day.

    Onwards and Upwards--

  2. lilaclover30

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    that no one has been on today!

    i did something today that I have th0ught abouty doing for weeks and I am ashamed that I haven't done it. I went out to the nursing home where Harley stayed------i have several friends there. i got to visit with several -----they are always so glad to have someone come out. But the heartbreaker was a lday I have known for years and years. She had no idea who I was -------She is really in the last stage mentally of Alzhiemers (i didn't spell that right!). One lady said she was in a rage all morning. it is just awful. I pray to God that I don't end up with that. D. who is 58 has a friend her age whom she has watched gradually getting worse and worse. And we think that our pains are the worst things???? My oh my!!!/!!!

    Tues I was trying to think what I could take to the Sr. carry-in with ingredients I had in the house. Remember---our closest grocery is 17 mi. aweay! I decided to make a Cranberry Orange salad. I got the Jello melted, added the frozen relish, decided that probably wasn't enough so added some fresh I had from the deli, then decided it probably needed more water so added some ice cubes, then some water, let it partially and then added my cr. pineapple and man. oranges. i had NO idea what it was going to be----runny, hard as a rock or what. Took it and it was perfect!! Now I need another salad for a big dinner at the church on Sun. and I have no idea just exactly how I made the other. I have a recipe but what i did sure wasn't the same.

    Don't know much except coffee was just the same----the one lady is so mean and snappy at me. i promise myself I won't go "tomorrow" but---------i won't know anything from around town if I DON'T.

    Tomorrow I do have an appt. with my nurse practioner to find out what is the matter with it. It has hurt for 2 weeks----something is there that my hearing aid hurts but don't know what. No big deal but it still hu9rts.

    Thanks Georgia for a new vol. Oh by the way, I looked on my profile and realized that I had been on here since 2004! Can't believe it. Time does pass quickly!!!

    Gentle Hugs,

  3. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    It is almost nitey nite time so I had better pop in quickly.

    Joan - How nice to see you again. it is good that you go to the facility where Harley was and see other people. I know they appreciate it alot too even if it cause you to have some sad memories. Some may be happy too :)!! I know he is watching over you !! Those are the best recipes to make - when you really don't have a recipe or have lost it :)!! I don't know how you can keep going to the coffee if the people are so grumpy and mean. I hope there are a few that make up for grumpy ones, and stick up for you.

    Yes, you came on here a little before me in 2004 and I came on the Boards in 2005 just before I was dxed with FM but I knew what I had anyway since I had it for 25 years or so before. It is great to have friends who understand.

    Rock - Hope you are doing OK today and the weather favorable to go ou t and walk Zippy - if you both have NRG!

    Georgia - Glad you are feeling a little better and your cousin too. I know you miss your dad. I still miss mine too and he has died in 1990, I think it was. Mom died in 2004. Thanks for starting us up again.

    Leah - Hope you are doing better. That is funny about putting a hole in the ceiling so you can get your Vit. D :)!! It's a good thing they do have the vit D pills the way I feel like going out with no NRG :)! I just force myself to do what I have to do. Housework is the worst !!! Who wants to come and help? Spring Water :)!! I know what you mean about running out of NRG in midstream.

    Julie - Hope all is well with your family. I am all pooped out just thinking aobut all you do. Hope Linds is starting to feel a little better carrying those TWINS ! That is so exciting ! When is she due??

    Well I am going to pop back out and get ready for beddy bye. Tomorrow will be a very busy day. May get on early before the guys get here. They won't be here till noonish as one of the men had somewhere else he had to go to early in the morning. The plumber does come early to disconnect the sink and maybe other stuff. The stove top was already removed and is in the garage. What fun it will be tomorrow :)!!

    Thinking of you all and all our Porchie MIA's - Jole, Elaine, Monica, Carla, Linda, Mickey, Teacher and everydobby else.


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  4. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - youre going to be busy with all the workmen but nice to
    think its started and to think of when you have your nice newly
    done up kitchen.

    im swamped in undone chores; the help left for family function
    back at village. i had some unexpected errands to run which took me
    out and then all the housework gets piled up. sigh..so whats new.

    Leah - that was funny to imagine, you cutting a hole in your ceiling
    in the dead of night! a scene straight out of Mr. Bean (Brit comedy

    I hope you feel good soon.

    Joan - i love looking at little kids. esp infants and under twos. they
    are so beautiful.

    i could just shake that coffee friend of yours; who is so mean and
    nasty. I had a couple of (friends?) like that when i was young. I
    suppose it is best you should just avoid her or if she gets too rude,
    tackle her head on with a comment like - "thats not nice, why do
    you say such things?" or some such. If nothing it will take the mickey
    out of her for a while since it will be in front of a group. bullies normally
    back down when confronted. but only if you dont think it wont make
    things worse.

    Georgia - sorry to hear you got the sniffles and had to miss the weight
    loss session. but there will be all the others. happy to know your cousin
    is doing well.

    Rock - what would we do without our books? I went and got mine changed
    today. The walk in the mellow afternoon sunshine also did me a world of
    good because i had been feeling a bit down in the dumps.

    One i got a self help book. "The Secretsof successful people."Ahem!
    Look whos aiming for the stars.

    An excerpt -

    Twelve Dos and Donts to get respect from others..

    Never read the letters of even yr closest friends,relatives

    Never see the SMSs in peoples cellphones; never peruse thru the contents
    of other peoples wallets

    Whenever guests come over, open the door, invite them in politely,
    and walk behind them (not before them)

    While taking tea coffee in the office, always keep the files on your
    left side (not on the right side)....


    lol! anyways i didnt get it about the files

    and the other library book was "Emotionally Weird" by Kate Atkinson

    its supposed to be funny, which is why i picked it

    for dinner today i picked up two margherita pizzas since the dh was
    going to be having dinner outside.

    at home, the lights were on and since there was no cooking to be done
    i monopolized the tv to my hearts content until the lights went out

    its 11:30pm now, the lights came back on and i got up to switch all the
    lights off. Hobbes has had an easier day today, i actually saw him frisk
    all the way upstairs and lie on the floor and do his windmill act.

    God Bless

  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just a quick one to let you know the workmen were not here today due to bad weather and probably another job taking longer than expected. They could have come late this evening but we said no just come early in the morning.

    The plumber did come though and took the sink and parts with him probably to give someone else. It was still good and fixtures too. So we have two holes in our old countertop. Hsave to set out alarm and get up super early for thesde guys to come and start abouat 7-7:30 a.m. I am not an early bird but DH is. They said that they could get it all done in a day. If not they will have to finish on Monday. They are supposed to come and reinstall on Monday too. So we will see what happens.

    I think I missed somebody's recipe or was that the jello salad from Joan (Lilac)?? That sounded like some my on the fly recipes. Glad it came out really good anyway :)!!

    Hope to be back tomorrow for an update. Can't do much else with the guys working in the kitchen and I don;t suppose that it is very quiet either.

    Hope all of you are doing OK today. Hugs to everydobby, Leah, SW, Joan, Georgia and ALL the many MIA's.

    Love to all of you,
  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Been tryin' to post for 3 days. Just don't gots no umph! Spent the last
    2 days sleeping. Reminds me of my Uncle Otto. His last week he
    spent more and more time in bed and finally just drifted away.

    But he was past 90. I only found out recently his real name was Attilio.
    His son, my cuzin, did a family history. The family came from Italy and
    Sicily. Aunt Izzy is still alive. She turned 90 a couple months ago.

    Born in 1921, same year as John Glenn. The year Boeing decided to
    quit making boats and furniture and focus on airplanes. Einstein
    won the Nobel Prize and Coco Channel introduced her perfume number 5.

    Your orange Jello sounds da-voon, Joan. Maybe you could do a cooking
    show. "Adventures in the Kitchen with Joan." Springwater's advice
    regarding disagreeable folks sounds good. Could you invite some friends
    to your place or would that be too much effort?

    Granni, Zippy got his walk, but it was a little late. Pleasantly cool evening
    w/ just a hint of a breeze. Hope the renovations don't exhaustinize you.

    Springwater, I think the people who realize the most success from those
    books and seminars are the people who produce them. You know the
    motto of the State of Kansas? Ad Astra per Aspera. Means something
    like aim for the stars. You can see the similarity to the words astrologoy
    and aspiration.

    Leah, you're right. "Timing is everything." Especially if your name is
    Fred Astaire or Seth Thomas. Glad to see you're up to posting.


  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just sending a quick one as DH is out getting coffee and the workmen are finally here tearing up the place. They think they will be done today. So, we will see.

    Got an e-mail from my #3 daughter the divorced ddauaghter with 3 sons, one in AF bootcamp buyt is now at rest due to stree fractures. The big story is she lost her job on Monday. Can you imagine going into work on Monday and finding out you were gone? Poor kid, just can't get her head above water finacially. She also has one 16 year old son with learning disabilities and a 10 year old son (he's the one that had leukemia at age 4). Luckily, is is now cancer free or in remission. Not sure if he has to be cancer free for 5 years to be cured or what.

    Please say prayers for daughter Susan who has lost her job at the hospital working on insurance. The hospital was so close to where she is living now too. I'm sure she will have to move to a cheaper apartment. They are in a house she has been renting when she was with her x fiance. They are still good friends though and he helps her a lot. She has had more bad luck and things happen to her and family.

    Hope everyone else is doing OK. Just had to come on and tell you. Well, I know who will be sending her more money from time to time. She is the onoy one I have had to do this with in the family, other than money for birthdays, etc. BTW, that is coming up too. Didn't even get Valentines cards this year to send to the grand kids except for DH.\

    Gottarun for now. DH is back.

  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - Im sure Zippy adores his walks. And being spoilt and pampered
    by you and Gordon. I miss the skunks and other critters used to visit
    you in your old home.

    Georgia - hope you have some luck with finding out the ancestry of your
    SIL. I guess would be quite a job, tracing back all those years and places.

    Yesterday i did a few chores and had run out of steam and lain me down
    for some shuteye when i got a call from my dhs aunt. her married daughter
    had come and would i like to come over? well, i normally love going; and
    pretending im a part of the stable normal family they are; but i was tired.
    told her i would come but dilly dallied a bit. finally decided this is good for
    me and went. im glad i did. aunt had fixed up a nice meal. fried fish, potatoes,
    fried ricedough balls, freshly made pickle with beaten rice. and the daughter
    had a lot of conversation about her home, her two little kids, her new coat
    and watch, how her two sisters in law were acting up etc etc. i didnt hv
    to say much. just nod. lol! suited me.

    today, the dh and me had to attend the coming of age ceremony of a former
    business friend. it passed reasonably well. met a wife of another business
    associate of dhs and she and i sat together and i let her talk, lol Im lucky
    i have these people who like to talk and let me just listen. was happy i
    didnt hv to cook dinner. there was leftover dumplings and i made some egg
    sesame seed rice for son s dinner.

    poopsie ate some raw noodles that had spilt in the store room and had gone
    and had a messy episode upstairs in the terrace. it had dried and my! what
    a hard time i had trying to clean it up. i had to boil some water, drop loads of
    detergent and scrub scrub scrub. as if i didnt hav enough to do. the help is
    still not come back.

    God Bless
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Linda - So sorry to hear about your MIL and then your mother . How old was your mom? Not that that really matters but curious. My MIL died not to long after I had my first child . She was like 51 or so. Then DH's dad came to live with us till he died at almost 86. My dad died at 80 I think of multiple myeloma and my mom died at 93. Glad to see you pop in for a bit. I've been thinking so much about my (our) dear Porchies. Wiondering about Elaine. I shouod try and write her again. I sent her an e-mail sometime ago and haven't heard back. Guessing I got her at a bad time.

    Gail - Yes, I miss you tooo and wish youwould pop in once in awhile . Hope this cold and bad weather doesn't have you all down and out. I know you miss your mom a lot too.

    Hi also to SW, Georgia and Rock Diane and everyone else I missed.

    Our kitchen counters and back splashes look really good. Just need the sink and stovetop to be re connected. They put cut the whole for the stove top in a little different place and now there may be a slight problem with reconnection. We will see. I put a few things away but there was a lot of dried grout or cement all around. We cleaned some of that up but ther eis still more. it will get all cleaned up one of these days :)!! It came out really pretty I think. Theother was like an almond colored formica, showed the dirt really good and there was little contrast to anything. The old one was like the color of the tile - aloways dirty looking like 5 minutes after cleaning it - yuck !!

    Will drop by tomorrow hopefully. There is so much I will have to do tomorrow and hope there is little problems with the cook top reconnecting. May not go to my chorale practice tomorrow night either unless I get everything done, or almost. I sitll have boxes of stuff to put away.

    Bye to everydobby for now.

  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Lights just came back on and i popped in to check email and came on here
    also. Found i had missed a post of yours.

    Im so sorry to hear about your daughter # 3 and her situation. I wish
    difficult things would not come about for just a select few people but
    would be kind of distributed evenly amongst all the polulace. Lol. I guess the people with things going all right for them wouldnt be pleased with my sentiment, but there thats how i feel.

    I will be praying for her and your grandson, the one recuperating from
    the injury at camp. But she is certainly lucky to have you, i know you
    will be helping out every which way you can.

    Linda - lovely to hear from you. you have been thru a really hard time.
    I got sick horribly when i lost my FIL to heart attack and father to
    eosophagus cancer within five months of each other.

    Please take care of yourself. When the mother of the house suffers,
    the kids and everyone go thru a hard time, along with her.

    Leah - northernflicker is a lovely lovely name. i am gathering that is
    the name of a bird? I just saw what resembled your robin redbreast
    just now out the window and was so excited. it was twig brown
    and had a spash of light orange- ish colour on its breast. ive never
    seen that kind before.

    God Bless

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    It has been so busy already this morning. The plumber is here as we speak connecting the plumbing to ths kitchen sink. After that comes the electrician who will hopefully reconnect the stove top onto the counter top. I have started a wash and am also trying to empty some of the boxes with stuff. However, it is hard to do with the plumber here right now. I have dirty dishes in the small bathroom waiting to be washed but have to wait for the plumber to leave.

    Spring Water - Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for my daughter. I have been so busy that I have almost forgotten to pray for her but have quite a few people doing so for me :)!! So, I need to get busy praying and cleaning up this place. "Your" Robin Red breast sounded so pretty . It is raining and pretty cold today. Now my husband comes in to tell me that they are having problems hooking up the new sink as the one I got had pipes or other stuff going the wrong way. Good grief, just what I wanted, more problems. Hope he can fix it. However, my DH tends to make things worse than they are many time and is such a worrier. Sure hope he can do it. There must be a way. My DH know next to nothing about plumbing or electricity.

    Gotta run and try and do some things around here. Hope the stovetop isn't a problem too.

    Love to everydobby,

  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    but I wanted to pop in to tell you that both the sink and the stove top are up and running - - - - after much time and worry. The plumber finally got the sink and disposal all hooked up but that was some chore. He even had to go to the store to try and get the same faucets, etc, but they were sold out. However, he got one that he said was much heavier and better that was almost the same. We had picked up the original one as it was on sale. I think they were trying to get rid of the older models to make room for the newer one. That was probably the reason they were out of the other one. It looks great and works pretty well .

    We thought we were going to have lots ofproblems with the stove top but the two young hispanic young men put it in with little problems, but they had to do some sawing first. The guys who fixed the counter top centered it to look better than where it was originally. They had asked me and I said I didn't care but it would look nice centered but didn't want there to be a problem in getting it hooked up again. People have been in and out all day. I'm really pooped and have been busy all day trying to put stuff away in between the guys here.

    Just a few more little problems with putting back the covers for the electrical on and off switches and sockets. A friend of ours is going to t ry and help with them tomorrow hopefully. Now that we have the back splashes on, even with the longer screws it is hard to get on. Everything looks really good though. I am so happpy that it is almost all done/ Still have more stuff to put back tomorrow.

    Big HUGS to everydobby - SW, Georgia, Julie, Rock, Jole, Carla, Teacher, Linda, Gail, Diane and everyone else I either can't remember or it would take to long to write.

  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    checking in on everyone.

    lights will go in a few hours.

    am listening to music on our cd player at full blast. while theres electricity.
    bollywood nonsense songs. need some nonsense right now. lol!

    Julie - hope your father has his b day celebrations and it goes well. you
    do so much for everyone. when you told about your new living spaces
    i thought back to my own childhood and how excited i would get when
    my father would move furniture around to make the room look different.
    this was before things went bad for everyone. he was young and full of
    life. and how excited we all kids got when we moved into a house inthe
    country for two years. father would fly kites and play or try to play the
    guitar and played the harmonica.

    Granni - know what you mean when you dont want to make trouble for
    the workmen but i would suggest you get everything done the right way
    when its possible because you have to live with the stuff for some years.

    our kitchen sink is put in such a way the actual sink part is blocked by
    the cabinet and we have to strain our hips to reachout and wash dishes,
    its awful. once sis in law had come over for a party and helped wash the
    dishes and she said she got a back ache! if i had charge of things iwould
    have dismantled the whole thing pipes and all no matter how much it cost
    so we could at least do this most basic and regular of chores without
    trouble in future but dh doesnt have the same idea. to him it would be a
    waste of money. these are the things where our different natures clash
    and living with someone gets difficult.

    Well, last evening i wentto the pranic healing centre where we were going
    to skype talk with a new trainer. i went because i think its good to brush up
    on whatever we have learnt (discovered, like myself, everyone else had
    forgotten lots of wht we were taught.)

    i am glad i went because this trainer told us part of what we would learn
    in his class (he is coming later to our country) is what each of our life
    purpose would be and also he would teach us to regulate our thoughts so
    we would only concentrate on the 'now' and not on past or future. In other
    words, tools to regulate our thoughts to help us live happily or at peace.the
    old class like ourselves need pay only for the lunch served since it will only
    be a review class for us.

    I went altho it was cold and windy because staying at home without lights
    would have just made me feel more down in dumps. at least outside you
    meet people and interact and one gets a bit of stimulation.

    God Bless

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just popping in before we go off try and work out a little, mostly treadmill for me. We haven't done it in awhile due to the kitchen remodel. It is cloudy and foggy right now but is supposed to clear up later I think and get much warmer (&) or so they say). Then it is back to rain again tomorrow. Can't complain about the rain right now as we have been in such a drought. After it stops raining and the heat comes back we may be back in a drought again. That was afful and having to worry also about forest fires or any kind of fires cause everything is so dry.

    Julie - Glad to hear from you, you busy lady but I know it is wonderful to have your kids nearby. Whoops sorry DH just popped in and we have to go.

    SW - Everything is good with our remodel but our friend is coming tomorrow to help with the little things. The workmen would have done it but he or we didn;t have the longer screws needed.

    Hope to get back later today.

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    DH is out to a meeting and I am here taking a break from putting stuff back into the kitchen cabinets. Most of it is already done. A friend of ours is coming over later to help with the covers for the electric sockets, etc . Then I can put the rest of the stuff on top of the counter. We have quite a bit of counter space but am trying not to get it all cluttered again. We'll see !!

    Julie - How nice of you to sit for Linds and David. Sorry those babies weren't to fond of steak :)!! Is she still having much nausea? Poor kid should be over that stuff by now, or almost. Are they going to want to know the sexes of the babies at her next ultrasound? I know that they have to be in the right positions also to be able to tell. Your new hair color with all the highlights. It may take a bit to get used to. I color mine but all the way as DH really likes it but it does cost a good amount every 6 wks or 2 months. Surprisingly enpough my hairdresser has said that it looks like I do not have to much grey hair, when I had asked her. It hs been colored for so long I am not sure exactly what it would look like :). I was a natural blonde at birth and as a young child but then got darker as the years went by, lots of natural highlights and different colors as a teen and older.

    Let me know about your magnesium and if it works Julie. What kind is it and what is the strength and when do you take it ? .I've been taking the Peter Gilman Natural Calm magnesium citrate - a powder you mix in water to drink. Actually I probably should be taking double the amount but it gives me more gas than usual (which is enough). I am now starting to take the pill of Magnesium oxide which gives me more. I need it for my osteoporosis as well as helpful to the bowels which I have always had problems with. Let me know if helps you sleep. I think I am supposed to be taking magnesium at half the amount of the calcium.

    Sorry but I have to pop out again and work on my music and do some more searching on line and check my mails.

    Love to everyone, all MIA's also included,
  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - sorry to hear about your father; hope there arent any more
    of those episodes.

    must be so exciting for Lindsey now that the little ones are making their
    little presences felt, lol!

    twins have always intrigued me; esp the identical kind.

    my daughter had a pair of twin boy classmates in her A levels and
    the teachers couldnt tell them apart; resulted in lots of hilarity

    also my chinese friends younger brother has a pair of twin boys, and
    yes, they are very alike.

    Granni - the work seems to becoming along nicely; you must be relieved!
    how did the gymming go?

    Freida - ive always wanted to hear a skylark, and nightingale..i think its
    because of the poems written by English authors; i used to love reading
    childrens poems when i was young; even remember i used to try and
    write some myself; stopped when i was in grade 6 i think; lifes turmoils
    took over and i think it got replaced by angsty writing in diaries

    Georgia - seems like you are enjoying your reading; i am too, at least
    this one i brought from the library; its funny; i have trouble concentrating
    so i often flip from one end of book to another but its al right because
    the writing is nice

    hmmm, thinking about Teacher and Gail; they havent been on for a while

    Jole, too.

    i visited MIL at long last. She didnt look too spry.her knees are bothering her.
    Felt a pang. Had fate taken its course i would have been here in her house;
    andmaybe things would have been easier for her? Nah. Too many complications;
    and i would have been a raving lunatic.

    But she has lost some of that snap, and sourness, thank goodness.

    I dont know what it is. She used to just hate me like i was the devil. Now
    she is almost kind. Except when she is 'off'. I can sense bad vibes immediately
    and today they just werent there. yippee.

    I walked back home, the weather was almost balmy. since it got dark on
    the way, i bought some chicken and raw noodles for the help to be able to
    cook quickly into a chowmein. the help came back, yippee. so i could
    go straight and have a nice lie down, before tacklingthe laundry.

    oh, i forgot to mention, this morning my son went to take his driving test
    and PASSED! yay. one headache over.

    Well, good night folks.

    God Bless

  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    so just popping in for aminute.

    SW - congrats to your son on passing his driving test.

    Julie - Sorry I forgot to mention your dad. Sorry he has a seizure. I know all about them. Our son at age 18 started with epilepsy. What a scary experieince. Hope your dad's is just a one time thing. Wast it a petit or a grand mal. Unfortunatluy, our sons were gran mall. He is home meds for live. Back later hopefully.


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