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    Julie, I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. I do hope it is something that can be corrected.

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    something always gets in the way. This morning I got on the puter for a few minutes and then had to go outside and do yard work -- oh great ! That is wonderful for my back :)!! Although right now I do not feel to bad, pain anyway everywhere else - geez!


    Our small group went yesterday to a "Birthday Party" at one of the senior residences, like your mom's Julie. We didn't realize it was a birthday so things were a bit turned around but we got it all together finally after talking to the director. They already had had some entertainment. We sang a few old songs, and Happy Birthday to the birthday girl who was 101 and let me tell you she looked and acted wonderfully. She surely didn't look that age. Then we all marched, to her favorite song, "When the Saints Came Marching In", down to a special room where the brthday family I think was going to have a special gathering (party) with her. That was the second performance we had this week. We are off next week , just practice and then again the next week two places in one day.

    Julie - I am so sorry to hear about this latest for your dear Mother. I did see on FB about her bleeding problems and the Hemoglobin being so low. I hope this platelet exchange helps and and that the liver biopsy does not show cancer. I know how upsetting that must be for you all. Yes, it is very hard on the elderly when they get sick, may be in a strange place, given strange meds and are just plain scared. They can get very disoriented esp. if they already have some of those problems. Hope she gets to doing better soon.

    Prayers coming your way and other ways to as it seems lately like there is so much to pray for like my daughter, who is divorced losing her job. She is still looking and going on interviews, even a few phone interviews. Things are so different nowadays. Let us know as soon as you can about your mom's dx. We will be praying for a good outcome.

    Leah - Hope you are feeling a little better today. Glad at least you feel better to post.

    Georgia - Thanks for starting us up !!!What are you making now, another shawl? Hope you feeling OK today and no more back pain,etc.

    Gail - Sorry you have been so blue but I know that losing your mom has been very hard on you. It takes a lot of time but never completly goes away. I know you loved her very much and still do. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Yes, I know about the trying to keep a positive attitude about everything especially when you don't feel well yourself.

    Spring Water- Hope you are feeling OK and are up and about esp after all your healing classes.

    Teacher - thinking about you and hoping you are just busy at work and not feeling really bad like you were before. If you can drop by and say hi to us all so we don't woerry to much.

    Rock - Missing you to dear friend. Hope you are not feeling to badly.

    Diane - Hope you are back on your glueten free diet and all and starting to feel better., We miss you and hope you can pop in soon to let usknow how you are doing. Miss Jerry too and his kitty kapers :)!

    Love to everyone , inc. those MIA's not mentioned,
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    I am soooo sooorry. I know it's been ages. But please know, I have been thinking of my Porch People and praying for you all.

    It's been overwhelming here and I have only been able to work and take care of everything that was close at hand. I've wanted to talk to you all but I could literally feel my brain shutting down and all I could do after that point was sit in a chair and stare or go to bed.

    It's getting better now.

    Dad had his eye operated on in January. Glaucoma. Doc says he's doing fine.

    This is good because otherwise, he's going downhill fast. He's so thin. And he's shuffling. Difficult to watch.

    Mom is tiring out quickly these days. The doctors still can't figure out why she's having this constant pain in her hip. They've x-rayed, ultrasounded, and MRIed themselves crazy.

    The only thing that they know to do for now is painkillers. She doesn't like the idea of yet another pill, but we don't know what else to do. The pain is so strong that it's a huge deal for her to decide to go to church on Sunday mornng. She's cancelling on me more often than not lately.

    Posting so I don't lose this like I did last time . Be right back.

    I'm back.

    Sister was in a car accident three weeks ago. Dude made a left-hand turn when he didn't have the right-of-way. Spun her 180 degrees. She wasn't hurt physically, but it sent her into a panic attack that lasted abut two weeks.

    She contacted her doctor and was given some lovely medicine, but like I said, it took her about two weeks to settle.

    She got her car back this week. She's totally nervous about driving it. Not nervous with driving. She drove my car and I got to drive the rental. Just nervous with hers because that's the one she was hit in.

    Her friends and I have told her that that nervousness would go away over time. She just needs to relax and get through it.

    Baby sprained her ankle right before Christmas. It's still a mess, but at least now we know what's going on.

    She was till having probelms and major pain at the end of January, so she was told to go get an MRI.

    That test revealed that she had sprained her ankle so badly that she had almost torn the tendon from the bone. Back in the boot for two weeks.

    She's out of the boot now and in physical therapy.

    This whole affair is seriously affecting her practice time with her lacrosse team. She's frustrated, but I don't know what to say.

    AND (boys, cover your ears), she's been on her period for over a month now.

    She looked so horrible at the beginning of the week that one of her friends drove her to ER. They did an exam and told her that she was dehydrated.


    BUT they did manage to give her a list of OB/GYN's. Can you believe that she actually called and got an appointment?

    I can hardly believe it myself. She's starting to learn to take care of things herself!!!!!

    hee hee hee hee

    I get to take her on Monday. Maybe we can finally put an end to this.

    Posting. BRB.

    I'm back.

    Boys, you can uncover your ears.

    hee hee hee hee

    Me? Hangin' in there.

    I managed to get a stomach virus during all of this. Unexplained vomiting and so on. Left me really really weak mentally as well as physically.

    That part eventually eased, but then I managed to contract a cold. It's still hanging on.

    THEN my sleep doc increased the strength of my "stay awake" medicine. (Im borderline narcoleptic)

    We all know how well I do with medicine in the first place.

    Yep. It took two weeks to get through the inital seven day trial pack.

    I done tol' youse that I'se uh delicate flower!

    hee hee hee hee


    It took a minute, but I think we're gonna get along.


    (I hope you knew that was coming. hee hee hee hee)

    It appears that my fibroid tumors are growing AGAIN!!!!!!

    I've been around this barn twice now. It looks like I'm gonna have to get my schedule ready for a hysterectomy.

    My head has been ready for this for about 20 years. The doctors wouldn't let me. Said I was too young then. That's not an issue now. It's when.

    Other than that, ain't-a nuffin' goin' on heah.

    hee hee hee hee

    What's up with youses?

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    Guess the Porch will be slow, especially on a Saturday but I had to at least pop in for a minute before getting dressed and to the store with DH.

    Teacher - So happy to hear from you and sorry to hear about all your problems, plus sister's accident, baby's GYN problems and your upcoming surgery, including everything else you may have mentioned and I didn't catch. You all surely have been through a lot but so happy you checked in with us. Please continue to keep us informed as we Porchies worry about each other you know.

    Wow, I'm all worn out just from listening to all you problems and that of your family. Lots of hugz and kisses to you dear. I need to go get dressed and start doing something for the day-ugh. I never feel like doing much, esp when I first getup. Hope you pop in again real soon and let usknow when you are going to have your surgery. I have two daughters in their 40's who have recently had their hysterectomies but did leave the tubes, which is good and bad. My MIL died in early 50's of Ovarian Cancer. I silently hoped they would have them removed to. I told them to mention to docs not sure they did. They are both doing well except one daughter, the divorced one just lost her job so is out on the search - not an easy thing.

    She has two sons still at home, one with LD's and the other other finally cured (I think) of Leukemia. The other is or was train for the Air Force in Basics and got stress fracture4s. So, he is getting healed from that before he can get back to trianing. I know he is frustrated and homesick. Think that family has enough problems? At least she is going back with her x fiance who is a nice guy and loves her and the boys. Unfortunatly he has little money too . She was always broke inc. when she was married. He never gave her any money and that was only part of it. That is why they are no longer married - very controling and when he drank a lot of beer he got very mentally abusive to her. He also had his share of DWI's. Oh, BTW he remarried and that lasted ess than a year aI think. I think they both were no bargains personally although I never met the girl. Just saying what my daughter told me. They share the kids alternately on holidays. It used to be weekly, on weekends but not sure now . She will be looking for an apartment which she hadtes to do but knows she needs to now. She is renting ahouse which is hard for her to take care of by herself. The landlord doesn't even live in the same state so it is also hard to get anthing done by him when things break down, etc.

    Special HI's to Leah, Georgia, SW, Rock and everydobby else. Will try and check back later today if I can.

    Hugz and kisses to all as Teacher would say !


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    well, like everyone else, I too am reeling back reading everyones

    Look like Planet Saturn specially trained on Porch peoples this time.

    Julie - sorry to hear about your mum. I remember this was an issue some
    years back too when you got her checked up n all. i do hope everything
    wil get taken care of

    Gail - i get you when you say sometimes its near impossible to stay
    positive; like Leah says, sometimes we just hav to let ourselves be and
    sit it out til we feel better

    Teacher - dont blame you for not being on porch for a while, such a lot
    been going on at yr end, I almost fell giddy reading. i know you have
    health issues even when things are chugging along with family so this
    must hav really revved up yr stress levels.

    I m praying for everyone for strength to deal, for a positive outcome and
    for positive outlook

    some of the flowers in the garden are blooming now. mesembranthus, and
    dianthus in addition to the sweetpeas and cineraria

    bro and myself were able to get permission from nephews school principal for
    him to sit out these exams; what a relief.he has a month now to prepare
    for the boards and catch up for the week he was absent

    God bless
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    It seems as if all of you hacve problems of some sort. I am so sorry!!!

    Julie: I hope things go better for your mom and for you! Don't stress yourself out and make yourself ill! You do just what you can. I learned that with Harley. Please don't hit on yourself.

    Leah! You said it all wonderfully. I have felt so down that last several days but let me listen to some beautiful music, and I let my thoughts go with it. You do your best----you all do! Ask others to pray for you and pray for yourself. That's not selfish.

    My mom was diagnosed with pancreatic and liver cancer when she went in for simple gallbladder surgery. The diagnosis was "terminal". She came back to our local hospital. We had to have Christmas for her~~~~all of my kids took turns going there plus harley and I. Her birthday was on Jan. 6 and there was not much I could do for that and she passed away on Jan. 8. That was in 1977!!!! I still miss her and it seems more and more I wish I could talk to her!

    I hope that none of you were near or in the horrid tornados that hit all over. Our nearest were in southern IN. Such horrror!! They do come up near me but never have hit us. I pray that it doesn't come my way as I have no where to go. I have a very small coat closet under the stairs and that is where i have always planned to go. Not too safe.

    Now my tale of woe!! Mu friend brought me a smaller walker with place to put things and a folding bench. But--------it is very heavy. Friend put it in trunk and last mid-week I went to put it out and~~~~~~I fell on trhe concrete parking lot. A friend saw me and went in to coffee and got some guys to help me up. No one seems to concerned about how I felt. When I fell, I saw "stars."
    I have heard of that but~~~~~ and my bottom hurt so much. As a few days passed, I took a hand mirror and saw as huge black and blue left hip. I still have a big bump on my head that is just now feeling better. Now my tail bone hurts. In fact, I hurt all over. No one from coffee every asks------i think that they think I make this all up.

    It made my other problems worse. It is so difficult to get up from my chair and put my weight on my left leg. Hurts from groin to my foot. Ortho. Dr. just said "it is caused by my back" But I want to know WHY. That was an incomplete dx. and now I need to go back to PCP but it takes ages to get in.

    He had said to take Tramodol 3 times a day and if that didn't work, hydrocodone. I take one at bedtime but scared to death of it! I don't want to be a druggie! To make things worse,one of my best friends told me "in spite of knee replacement and heart surgery, I have NEVER HAD A PAIN MED.IN MY HOUSE.

    Hmmmm! The siren is blowing and it is not noon!!!!!! Maybe I should find out WHY!!!! I am back. Just an accident or fire.

    Does anyone else take or have taken hydrocodone? It has been in the paper all week about the drugs we take and how awful they are. i don't know what to do and I feel terrible about all of this.

    Rock: How are you? i miss your humor. It make me smile and it seems as if I don't so that often

    I shouldn'gt have said gthat! Son ans wife came lasgt Saty./, took me out for l;unch then took me tyo our wonderful grocery. They shopped dfor themselves a liot-----then put all of mione on his credit card. How wonderful of them. TYhey are so generous------I Thanked them over and over. The next day son and wife and two "new" children whio are Filipine came for a few hours. The kiddos are doing better, english is improving, but still give my son "meltdowns" once ion a while. They are sio sweet and loving.

    It is cold today!! I ghave my "extyre" sweater on here in the den. It has noth and west windows and the air seems to slip in around the corners.

    I was glad someone heard from Elaine, She is having a difficult time in her life. So sorry! Love you, Elaine.

    Granni: You do so many nice things for people! I was just at our women's church meeting and they talked about doing for others. I said I felt so bad that I can't physically do for others as I had done all of my life. Now I just send cards and I always write a "letter" in them. Some of the ladies thought that was a good way to do for others. I had one lady call me last week to thank me for the card and we talked for quite a while.

    Now I need to do for ME!!!! Food. I am not sure just what but I know I will slice a mineola orange. They are sooooo good!

    Bless you all, especially those who troubles are overwhelming! As I always say, I will do better next time in visiting the porch.

    Gentle Hugs, blessings and luv u all!


  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I really have to go outside and so some yard work - yuck. It is finally sunny and not raining out and we have to get ready topaint outside too. - -BOOOO!!

    Just wanted to say hi and so glad to hear from you. Your mom's birthday is the same as my mon's Jan. 6th and that is the date my dad died too - very memorable.

    Gotta run but wanated to say hi to you and so sorry you got hurt. What is it with those coffee people - don't sound very nice to me, or thoughtful ! At least some of them. Did you say one of them was or is your pastor?

    Hubby calleth to me work -

    Love to all,'Granni
  8. lilaclover30

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    I hope some of you remembered that I have typos! That was awful!!!!! oh well, as long as you could read and understand it.

    Teacher: I looked this over and see that your troubles are overwhelming. I am so sorry.Do take care and we love you!

    My grandson in tghe Peace Corps in West Africa doesn't get to the internet too often. His first letter to me was full of pep and happy and loving the people. His parents got a long, long letter during the week. Oh, what a different story! He had been sick ~~~~he was sick too when he was in India last year~~~~~~, he was wondering "What the H... I am doing here?"--------. his mom deleted half the letter and sent the rest out o friends and family. It was 2 pages long and was soooo depressing. His cousin said he would just like to get on a plane and go get him!!!! His parents and sister tried to discourage him for 6 monthes or more! That didn't work-----now he is miserable. He has been studying French and can talk to the natives in french pretty well. One of the problems, his grandma thinks, is that he hasn't been assigned a job! we had heard that he was to plant trees with an edible leaf. He has planted one!!! If the Peace Corp want him there, put him to work. You can imagine that he gets bored------nothing eletronic, toilet is a "hole in the ground", no water, nio anything. he has to go to the well and get his bucket of water and filter it and and add bleach! We all feel so bad now and hope things get better for him. I need to get a letter done to e-mail to him (he anwered to on the first one) and also get a written card to him. So much for my youngest grandson!

    I am freezing in here in the den!!!! I haven't been out today. My friend and neighbor from across the street comes on Sat., reaches around the corner and gets my post office key, gets my mail when he get his, and picks my newspaper off of my concert porch where it is thrown (this is a first-----always before it has been put on the chair on the screened in porch.) He also checks on me-----if the door isn't unlocked he knows I am in trouble. GThe know weekdays when I go to coffee and Sunday when I go to church. How did I get on this subject by8 just saying I'm freezing??

    D called and told me she had just gotten gas this a.m,. and it was $3,99! Guess that's about as close to $4 as you can get!~!!!! Guess we all are going to need bikes to ride.

    Will close again for today. Hope you all can get some relaxing in this weekend. I think that you all need it----me too. Oh SW, when you mentioned sweetpeas blooming, it reminded me of my grandma's wonderfukl smelling sweetpease. I have tried to grow them but they never grew.

    Love you all. May the sun shine on you tomorrow.

    Gentle Hugs,

  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I found you on FB and got the awful news. I am so sorry. I wish we lived closer so I could be with you in your grief. I know that you all will miss her so much. It is almost time to leave for church but wanted to check in with you and all.

    That was so shocking for her to go so fast like that after just being diagnosed but maybe just as well. At least she didn't have to go through lots of pain and suffering.

    I will be back later but has so much to do today. Not sure when I will be. I know you and family will be extremely busy the next few days. I know your Dad will miss your mom a lot too. Hope it isn't awfully hard on him physcially.

    Lots of hugs and blessings sent to you and family,
  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I'm so sorry to hear the news about your mom. Not much that can be
    said. I'm sure you have happy memories that will help comfort you.

  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    What a shock, but a 'soft' one considering everything, what with her being
    in the hospice and all.

    Im so happy your dad and her spent all that time together. I too am
    glad she didnt suffer for too long.

    Take care of yourself while you go around looking after everything.
    You have done so much, there are no regrets there i know. She was
    loved and cared for, as not many have the good fortune to be.

    Now she is in that beatiful place and smiling at you all.

    God Bless
  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Oh dear, Im still in a bit of a shock, reading about Julies mum.

    but i thought i might as well get on here since i had logged on.

    Joan - it was lovely getting updated since you were missing
    for a bit. how sweet of your son and DIL to take you on that shopping
    trip. ive fallen hard a few times in my life but cant exactly remember
    seeing 'stars'. Tho the comic books Archie and Lulu and all always
    depict stars when someone is hurt bad.

    i remember coming to once and finding myself bawling out a storm
    when i was around 8 and on the bed with people around me. it seems
    i had slipped and hit my head while playing soccer on the cement
    terrace. i had no recollection of the actual fall.

    how stressful for your grandson to be in that situation abroad. God grant
    him strength to get thru it all. i think it must have been the culture shock
    and all. living in really primitive conditons all of a sudden when youre not
    used to it can hit your system and bring on emotional turmoil.

    Granni - are you enjoying your new kitchen,the new fittings and all.
    Is it looking the way you pictured it. We have started painting the
    downstairs ground floor. i had picked out a light yellow colour but dh
    didnt like it so we compromised and opted for a kind of peachy yellow.

    Georgia - i read about this sheep shearing competition in Australia and
    was reminded me of the trip you were going to take with your friend.
    Its been like decades since ive seen a real live lamb.

    Rock - good to see you check in.

    Im listening to some bollywood music at full blast. i do that sometimes.
    give the ears something to digest.

    spoke to daughter. its spring break and she was in new jersey with a
    couple of her college pals. one of her friends aunt stays there and had
    invited them all over for a few days. she said the aunt travels a lot and
    the house is filled with masks collected from all over. like more than a hundred.
    strange hobby.

    these friends had planned a trip to puerto rico but cancelled since it was
    coming to too expensive a journey and daughter decided she didnt want to
    deviate from her budget.

    the south asian student association to which my daughter belongs had shown
    a movie on human trafficking in nepal and daughter was so moved she donated
    her would have been air fare to puerto rico, $300.00 to the anuradha koirala
    foundation against human trafficking. our country is one of the highest ranked for selling girls as prostitutes to india and middle east countries. the poverty is so rampant. anuradha koirala is a lady who fights this menace and she was awarded CNN heroes of the year.

    im happy today i did some cleaning and shopping instead of giving in to my
    afternoon siesta. took a wet swab and jabbed wildly at the furniture and doors and everywhere and then i did some meditation for 20 mins and then flew out the door because there were some urgent things in kitchen to be replenished and ididnt want to have a sit down after cleaning and then fall asleep. i rewarded myself by treating myself to a coffee at an indian restaurant.

    then i came back. im a little panicky because Hobbes is starting to show signs
    of deterioration. he is wobbly on his legs sometimes and is oftener whining to himself than before. also he feels nauseous and drips spit. he hates that and
    moans to himself. i just hold him and pet him and he responds immediately,
    brightens up and wags his tail and butts my hand with his head and starts growling contetedly and that makes me think of how can i possibly have him put down? i addressed the question of euthanasia to son but he just outright rejected it. he too thinks Hobbes has too much life in him for us to let him go.
    if only we could ease him discomfort a bit. but i have made up my mind if he barks more often in pain as he did today i am going ahead with it. Ive gone thru it with Tommy and know i let him linger longer than i should have. he suffered too much because we couldnt bear to let him go.

    God Bless

  13. teacher

    teacher New Member

    I want to extend my sincerest condolences on the loss of your mother.

    I will be praying for you and your family.

  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Georgia - have a good holiday. wish i could be there. wouldnt mind gathering

    some of the wool making a pile and snoozing on it. aah bliss.

    Teacher - hope your niece s woman issues are resolved soon. poor baby.

    also praying your own health improves. so much stress.

    i made a visit to dhs grand aunt who has been ill. long overdue visit and

    so relieved it s over. went with my MIL. i let them jabber about their stuff

    while i gorged on tortillas and chicken and pickles which grand aunts man friday

    God Bless
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I just finished painting part of the little wooden bridge (part of the posts) that tye put in when then moved in before us. DH was painting part of the steps to the outside deck. He will do more lataer he said. I am not finished and hope to do so tomorrow. Then we are supposed to have rain they said. We also have man who is going to paint the outside of our house and I think he is going to power wash the deck before we paint it. I wish we could afford to pay him to do the painting. Maybe we could have this year but I was tired of waiting for our kitchen remodel (countertops and back splashes). We got a good deal on that and I was afraid if we didn't get it then we never would with all this finacial crisis going on in our country. My body is really aching now but the other part is mostly me standing up so shouldnt be to bad.

    Spring Water - Those torillas and chickedn sounded very good. Yes, isn't that nice when you cana get served??? I don't get that often, maybe when going to a nice restaurant. Other than that I don't get served :)!! I tis nice though I am sure when your help is there and gets to cook for you. Take whatever you can get, I say.

    Georgia - I guess you are gone on your little trip., It will nice to get away I know. I would be very interesting for me to watch shearing of the sheep and then spinning it into wool. That should be fascinating. Have fun !!! It does sound relaxing, especially the spiining. However, guess you will do that when you get home.

    Teacher - glad to hear from you and hope things settle down for you sometime soon.

    Julie - I know you are not reading or posting today but getting ready for your dear mom's funeral. We're just thinking about you and hope you can come back soon. Try and take care of yourself.

    Big hugz to all our dear Porchies even those not posting !

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Thinking of Julie and her family today having the funeral for her mom. I know how sad that can be losing my mom at 93 in 2004 butg livinv so far away form me, hard to do much. Also, the way I felt and my hi b/p problem I really couldn't have done much but maybe be there but i am afraid that that would have really spiked my b/p.

    Hope everyone else is doing OK. It almost looks like I am talking to myself again :)!!

    I was outside dpong more post paintin gof the deck this morning. I am through with that except perhaps a few touch up places. Then I have too start the posts on the deck. Don't think they are going to get power washed, unfortunatly. There are a few places where we have bushes and stuff that I need to trim beofre I start painting. I would have pulled out all the plants myself in that area. I remember last time I was getting stuck all over the place plus also the branches getting into the part just painted - ugh ! What a pain for sure. I also manage to get paint all over myself. I have all old clothes on so I don't care really but all over hands and such too.

    It is supposed to start raining either later tomorrow or thursd, frid and maybe sat and sun tood. So, trying to get this suff at least partially done. Also need to get it done before the heat around here. It can get pretty hot outside. It has been chilly in the monring and overnight and warmer in the afaternoon - 70's I think.

    Later I need to change my paint clothes and go to practice and after that we are having a little going away party for one of the girls moving away. We will miss her, sweet lady. Her DH is a minister and right now is away in Dallas I think. She and they have been traveling back and forth. They finally sold their home so they are moving.

    I'll be home tonight so may check in again to see if anyone else is around here to yack with . Georgia is gone and Julie is busy with her dear mom's funeral.

    Leah - Hi there, hope you are doing OK today. Yes, our mom's and dad's will live forever in our hearts when they leave this world. That was sweet that they could be together when she passed.

    Spring Water - Hope you are doing OK today and not to tired and or blue . How's your weather ? Ours is nice today but very windy. I'm afraid bad weather is on the way tomorrow or the next day.I actually could paint without a sweater but I forced myself to do so since I don't have a jacket or sweater that I would mind if it got all yucked up with paint. I am not a neat painter :)!!
    Yes, I am hurting but what good does it do to complain, not much around here, I'm afraid. DH was out there painting to on another part of the deck.

    Thinking of everydobby. Drop in soon when you can.

  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Leah - at least you keep on trying. It must be so difficult to cope
    when the exhaustion carries on and on. Im glad you have your
    potted plants. I learnt the hard way to get rid of my plants which
    need a lot of nurturing and only keep those which are low maintenance
    like spider plants. I hv those in my living room.

    Granni - busy busy busy. I have never actually painted anything. But
    it seems like a fun thing to do, if one has the energy. Are you going to
    plant any flowers yet, i know spring comes late there.

    Yesterday was hectic. dh told me there is a anniversary party by the bank
    he banks at and i know i will meet all the same people i keep meeting at
    other events. in short, i hav worn all my dresses to these parties and been
    seen in them many times. theres only a few days so i rushed to the place
    where they sell tibetan dresses and bought cloth and then i rushed to the
    opposite end of town to the tailors who kindly agreed to stitch it in time,
    but only just. we were supposed to attend dhs aunts nieces wedding but
    dh had to go to an urgent meeting and i needed to go home and change.
    so he reached me part of the way and i sent him off with the congratulatory
    scarves and he popped in and left for his meeting while i went on later.
    my helps husband who can drive had night duty at the bank he works at
    so i had to take a cab; risky business at 8pm. son had played basketball
    and was sleeping so i didnt want to disturb him.plus he didnt want to go
    to the wedding. he just hates social events with a vengeance.

    anyways managed to find the venue and found my dhs aunt and cousins.
    what a crowd! for some reason one of the cousin sisters was a bit 'off mood'
    the one with the toddler and kid. whereas the younger one was ful of beans,
    she was trying to coax the older sister to go dance while holding the toddler for her but sis refused. so i took the baby from her and went off to the periphery of the dance floor so baby wouldnt cry. and let younger sis dance. and dance she did. she is so sweet and unselfconscious. she led the dance and then the younger female cousins followed suit. i jigged up and down with the baby on the sidelines. i would hav gone into the melee and actually danced but my MILs eagle eyes were on us all and i know she would have said something derogatory about me. something about being 'undignified'.

    as it is she gave me so much grief coming back in her car. about money again.
    calling me, dh and all the uncles 'bandits' indirectly. she was using the uncles names but i know she was directing the snide comments towards me. she doesnt like my brothers and the fact that i come from a poor family.

    thinks we al are eating 'her' money.

    itwas such an upside down day. starting off well, and then ending with a bitter

    anyways, take care all.

    God Bless
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I am all worn out after painting some of the posts on our deck today. The painting was bad enough but I had to stop in between and cut down some branches of small trees and bushes in the way. DH wasn't here as he had a meeting and he would have been crying that I cut back some of the stuff. He wants them to keep the golf balls out from breaking our windows.

    SW - sorry about your DH's aunt grumpy person, not fun.

    Leah - your hubby was nice to put your food in the blender for you. Who cooked it anyway?? If he did he is a saint :)!!

    DH just came home so I need to get off. Sorry and I will be gone tonight. Mofre later on .

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Guess we are talking to each other aren't we ?? Everydobby else is busy or to pooped to participate.

    Just wanted to pop in to see if anyone else had come to chat. I just got back form good old WalMart to get some groceries. It is supposed to rain tomorrow and the rest of the weekend. It is drizziling a bit now too. it also rained on and off yesterday evening going to and from choir practice.

    Glad you have some nice sunshine peeking through your window. Catch some rays if you can for D3 :)!! We surely do need the rain even with some of the rescent rains we have had lately. Last year was terribly dry and our lake way down. The people with boats could not get their boats out and we even had some forest fires not that far away from us. Very bad situation. Then there are people with the flooding situation. That is awful too but not around here.

    Glad I made you laugh a bit. You have to do some of that just to survive these DD's. I know what you mean. I love my DH but a cook he is not and is not perfect like most people, including me :)!!

    Well, I hope all are well and JULIE getting over the hustle bustle of her Mom's funeral. That is always a sad situation but better than her having to suffer for a long time too. DH's mom died at a young age of 51 or 52 with Ovarian Ca. It was a very sad and awful situation for everyone especialy her hubby l. From then onhe was with us. He was a great guy till he got Alz . in his 80's. He died at almost 86.

    Thinking of everydobby!! Hope some more people drop by today or tomorrow.


  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Well, its nice we can drop in and check on each other! :)

    Leah - I think Sweetwater is a nice name too. I didnt know it was any
    kind of plant or anything. Granni too has called me that sometimes and
    i like it.

    I remember being on mushy food for a year when i was really sick in
    early 2000. anything else ecept bananas and i would throw up.

    Granni - if there was one thng i would change in my life right now it
    would be MIL. Dont know many people who keep pulling me down
    and trying to lower my self esteem further than her.

    She is bitter that i dont stay with her and she cant control me on daily
    basis. I guess not just bitter with 'me'. bitter in general that she cant
    make anyones life miserable.

    If she gives grief to the help, they just up and leave; so she has to behave.

    Julie - Thats nice your dad has a room mate. you also will be relieved a
    little to know he is not alone.

    Hope Lindsey stops being sick. These pregnancy side effects not fun at
    all. Good to hear you might be getting a break. Make sure to stay strong
    and eat right. Looks like your family needs you now more than ever with
    all thats been going on.

    Yesterday i was sooooo exhausted. I went to supermarket and bought
    chicken and salad things because wanted to make and reach to a family
    friend who have had a grandchild recently. we ve been to their home so
    many times for functions.

    alas, yesterday was the day i had to arrange
    for nephew to check with the doc with his reports. sputum, x ray,
    mantouz what not. yes, the nephew has full blown TB which had gone
    undetected for a year and it had been festering for a year and made him
    so ill and weak.

    so when i was racing against time and my own fatigue, and finished making
    chicken salad and sesame chicken, it was time to go with nephew to the doc.
    he is too weak to go on big bros motorbike or the bus and taxis cost a fortune
    they live far. so i arranged for our car and our helps husband drove since he had
    a holiday from his work. big bro doesnt want to go alone because he doesnt
    understand everythng doc says.

    I panicked and gave up going to family friend. and since we received two cakes,
    (apparently it was our marriage anniversary and dh had filled out forms at some
    places like the car company where he bought his car) they sent out cakes as
    promotion deal. we got another cake from the hotel where he is a kind of advisor also. it was so funny because i got a call saying the hotel was sending a cake and i told them 'dont' because it wasnt our anniversary.

    then i called dh and told him and he reminded me that March 8th was our anniversary kind of since the public reception was held on that day and i was so embarassed. i phoned the hotel and told them i had made a mistake, yes it was our anniversary. i got confused because the bank too is having their some anniversary at the hotel and my dh was helping organise it. i thought the hotel staff had confused it with ours. we as tibetans dont celebrate anniversaries and birthdays as a rule.

    anyways i was so tired when i got home, i went on my own because the car went to reach nephew who is too weak to stand much travelling, and since the cakes were there and all, and the salad wasnt going to be fresh the next day, i
    served it up as an 'anniversary' special dinner along with some of the chicken. my son was thrilled. haha.

    but my legs ached as never before. oh dear. all that standing around and cooking and running around at docs.

    today is today and im recovered somewhat.Im feeling tired at the thought of
    making more sesame chicken. as for salad, ive given up the idea. i just went into a bakery and ordered a congratulatory cake with wishes on them and will take that and flowers if i dont hav the energy to make more chicken.

    I dont know how Julie runs around so much without collapsing. Just some chores and going out and im all done in and gasping for breath.


    God Bless

    God Bless
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