Porchlight 571 is on!

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    Check out Spring, Jole, Julie and Granni at the end of 570.

    Jerome has chicken wings, lemonade and chocolate chip cookies ready.

    Come on up and 'set' a spell!
  2. teacher

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    They lost. 19-9.

    This makes them 5-8 overall.

    My real question is this:

    How in the world do you lose your voice watching a lacrosse game when you bang on a cowbell instead of yell?!?!?!?!

  3. springwater

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    How do you manage to be so funny all the time? Your post gave me a belly
    laugh yet again..the thing about you ringing the cowbell to glory and then
    ending up losing voice..Im guessing you shouted yourself out hoarse
    cheering for niece and the cow bell drowned out your voice so you didnt know or vice versa. I can just imagine the people sitting on your right and left. They
    must be a little hard of hearing for a day or two after the match.

    Gotta run. Will be back laterrrz. Thanks for opening up and the goodies.

    Julie - so sorry to hear about the lady who expired. praying for her and family.

    God Bless

  4. jole

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    I'd nearly forgotten about them! And I live on a farm.....

    Julie, the pain you describe sounds like what I have with the fibro....upper back/neck, left arm, numbness in hand, lower back, and thighs. Does the weather make yours worse? On days when a front comes through, I can hardly turn my head the neck pain is so bad. And horrible migraines. I honestly thought I had a bulging disc in my neck, but the MRI was totally fine for neck/upper back. (Well, degeneration, but no disc problems).

    Still not sure which is the worst, the pain or the horrible exhaustion and fogginess.....but can at least take Tramadol and get the edge off the pain (yes, that's what I take also). Exhaustion just is. Too much to walk some days. Sometimes I still wonder if it's not more than FM, and I bet you do too.

    Sorry about your friend. I missed your last post. Is this the one that was burned? Such a horrible coincidence to have several in a family have that happen.

    Spring, you're wise to cut back on the gift giving. I know a person can still give gifts that aren't real expensive, but still...... My favorite things to get are homemade. Homegrown veggies, jam, etc. Things I can no longer do, and most people don't think of giving.

    Yes, we do the visiting all at one place and everyone takes food also. It's so much easier on everyone, you can see more people, and less stress. Just more enjoyable to sit and catch up with everyone at once.

    Two of our grands get baptized this weekend, and we're going to go. The weather is suppose to be nice, so I'm hoping to do okay. It's such a special day for them.......they're 3 and 5. It's quite a drive so we're staying overnight. I'd love to stay at a motel and relax a bit more, but DD/hubby won't hear of it. We'll see once we get there.

    Went shopping yesterday. I tried. Just not a good day for me to have gone anywhere. Had a long list when we went. Came home with a birthday card, flower seeds, and hubby bought groceries. May have to go braless and shoeless to the baptism.....lol. Both were on my list.... well, afraid if it were really that bad I'd stay home, but sure do need some new ones.

    Nothing new here.....having a bit better day today, and hope the rest of you are too!

  5. rockgor

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    How come we don't gots to sign in no mores? As my friend from
    Hibbing said, "The times, they are a changing."

    Didn't know you could play the cowbell, Teacher. What a Whiz! Probably
    strained your throat by screaming silently and unconsciously. A well-
    known characteristic of music teachers.

    Nice 2 c u here, SpringH20. Hurry back with the latest culinary and family

    Julie, did you know John Deere was a blacksmith? Like one of my ancestors.
    He (John D.) invented the modern plow. Have you tried arnica for your
    aches and pains. I see there's an article on the computer news today
    about foot care. Recommends Arniflor arnica gel.

    Jole, don't know if I ever saw a cowbell (except in Spike Jones' band)
    but when I was a kid the grocery store had salt licks for sale. After use
    in the fields they were sculpted into shapes not unlike the work of
    Henry Moore.

    I have a book waiting for me at the library. It was written by Theta Wolf,
    Ph. D. Isn't that a wonderful name?! She was one of my psychology
    professors half a century ago. Her book is a biography of Alfred Binet,
    one of the inventors of the IQ test about a century ago.

  6. Goatwoman

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    Teacher, you have a wonderful sense of humor! Sorry about the game :( I think I remember seeing a cowbell at my gr-grandfather's farm years ago.

    My gr-grandfather and his brother had a patent for some kind of spur. Don't know if they worked or not. My cousin found this out when she was doing some ancestor snooping.

    Jole, good to see you here again. I hope you'll be feeling better soon.

    Had a horrible day yesterday--I felt like I did when I was first dx'ed with FM. Just lazed all day and read, and felt better this morning. I've eliminated sugar from my diet, and have been taking walks with the Rottie every morning, so perhaps this had something to do with it. We got in a shorter walk this morning.

    The lady who ordered the shawl came by yesterday, and we decided on a pattern. Her SO is also from Mexico, as is G'pa, so we are going to get together for lunch sometime soon. They are very nice people.

    Am reading an interesting book right now called, "The Lost Garden", set in Brisbane, Australia and England. Some of my growing up years were spent near Brisbane, so the book brings back memories. Americans pronounce it Bris-bane, but it is actually Bris-ben.


  7. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Someone pls move my post from the health board on to here? Somehow its
    gone there. lol.


    God Bless
  8. Goatwoman

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    on April 18, 2012

    Hey All

    Good to log in and see a rash of posts, lifted my spirits.

    Granni - I hope you are enjoying yourself. I dont see any more storm
    or tornado warnings so presuming you have begun your trip.

    Julie - hope you too were able to work in a massage or chiro practise
    while accompanying Lindsey. You do so much so its so important you
    get some extra TLC. Glad to hear Lindsey was feeling better. Carrying
    twins aint no joke.

    We cut our grass with a scythe. Dont hv so much a lawn so its not that
    hard. My MIL has a big compound with cultivated grass so she has a lawn
    mower but the manual kind.

    Rock - it was nice to see you. And get educated on some interesting
    stuff as usual. Have you been walking Zippy lately or Zippy been walking
    you? Hope you hv been able to get enough energy to up and about a little.
    Not fun to be confined to home for many days.

    Georgia - ive got bouts of those episodes when i feel the full brunt of
    CFS. total exhaustion. and therefore panic thinking of the stuff needs to
    be getting done or people needing to be met. but somehow i seem to hv
    got thru it this week. and what a week its been. so much visiting/cooking
    to do.

    it will be nice for you and Grandpa to get together with the lady whose
    SO is also from Mexico. So much reminiscing. I just love when i meet up
    with people from my hometown.

    Jole - wish you were able to hv an overnight stay while visiting. i know i
    would probably rathr not go than get so exhausted. ive missed many
    a trip with dhs relatives and my own (mostly pilgrimages to out of town
    holy sites)because i cant take all that travelling.

    heck, i need to lie down for a full day after having a busy day interacting
    with people at a function or gathering the previous day. I somehow drag
    myself thru it all and then soon as i reach home, collapse. luckily the dh
    understands by now.

    I did manage to get thru this week somehow. Its been like three days on
    the go.

    Yesterday dhs uncle called me to attend a golden jubilee function of a
    little school in his neighbourhood of which he is on the board of trustees.
    My BIL also was called and of course uncles wife and daughter. Uncle had
    helped with the organising and i had to send over a coffee table for the
    podium and niece had told me how her living room was empty because
    uncle had sent all his sofas and coffee tables for the event. once there i
    noticed all my aunts flower pots too which she has carefully tended,
    geraniums, pelargoniums and potted bougainvillea decorating the stage.
    I hope they dont mind the moving to and fro and keep flourishing,

    The chief guest was the President of the country and the place was swarming
    with detectives, it was unnerving. I got there early before my BIL or aunt
    reached and had plenty of time to look around and observed the security people going about their business. Two beautiful black labs came and sniffed
    around and in addition to the twenty or so detectives wearing the national attire, there was some army personnel some of whom perched on the terraces
    of the surrounding buildings, and then some policemen. Good lord, how much is it costing the country for one visit to a little school? But we just had a bomb blast in the city some months back where three people died so...

    it was scorching (100 degrees F) and i got the beginnings of a headache,
    even under the tent. the president was late by an hour and a half as is usual
    here, and i left soon as the speeches were over and the president made his move. My BIL dropped me off in town while he went on to his work. aunt and cousin sis stayed on till evening.

    today was cooking cooking cooking all morning, i bungled some recipes up
    but the food was edible, so thats all right, and then just time to hve me
    a bath and make son take his, and then we packed all the food into sons
    car and drove to MILs. we were the last to arrive, everyone else waiting
    impatiently and hungrily to start lunch.

    Fourteen of us. I was the only person who cooked a non veg dish, i made
    chicken because SIL and her dh and daughter are vegetarians.

    We sat around after eat ing and then in eve SIL, and her daughter and
    dhs cousin sisters and myself went off to the nearby malls to shop for some
    last min stuff they wanted to take.

    when i got back i was so tired i just managed to put some rice on cooker for
    son to eat with his chicken and let the help do the pile of dishes from morning
    (I had left it all on the counter, haha) and went and had me a snooze.

    its one am, i had to let out one of the dogs and found the lights still on,
    so i came here and logged in. good grief it is so freaking hot, my room was
    like a furnace.

    God Bless


    LEFTYGG Member

    Ive finally started feeling somewhat better. I hate to be graphic but 2 times in a week I was vomiting bile. Really thought something was wrong with my liver.one time I had to pick up grandson and it came on. I couldn't stop cause I'd miss getting there on time. It's 28 miles to his school. I'm still feeling queasy.

    Frieda I think of how limited you are and how grateful you feel for small pleasures. I'm trying to learn from you but the depression has really taken a toll.i know my hormones are out of balance cause I've never been this bad.

    Julie I'm happy Lindsey is doing better.i saw a town in Iowa that the whole town meditates twice a day. Looked so peaceful. Oprah was there meditating.sounds like you at least got some rest when things settled down.

    Rock I haven't see you on for a while. Miss seeing your humor and interesting tidbits. Did you see dick Clark died? Everyday someone passes from my childhood memories.how old is zippy? My little dog is a comfort to me. I saw a quote that said" a dog is the only thing that loves you more than itself".

    Spring water what a honor to be where your president spoke. Your family must be very prestigious.just getting ready for all your events sounds exhausting.

    Granni hope you're on your way and having fun.be safe!

    Teacher boy oh boy I've sat by people at games with cow bells. Lol they also fill bottles with rocks and shake. Or air horns gezzz is yelling enough lol. I'm good at that.

    Georgia hope you're feeling better.

    Everyone take care. Love gail
  10. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    My hand is numb,. my knee and back hurt so much and my neck is stiff. That's all.

    I just dropped by as I need to get "supper" (you know~~~~that meal that some of us oldsters have in the evening, in spite of what my kids and grandkids think). I just read the last vol. and I think that you are all getting too inteli----I can't spelll that word!!-----smart for me!!!!

    It hurt my eyes but it seemed very interesting. OK!! Yes, I remember dishrags! That's all we had when I was married. And a friend of mine knits them. My D and I keep several on hand and I love them. So easy to keep clean looking! I got some yarn to see if I Could crochet some----that was two years ago and I have even forgotten where I put the yarn. I can not knit. I am left-handed and the lady that was going to teach me gave up on me!Q!

    And I do not use sponges!!!!!!! I can not stand dirty ones. I heard that you can sanitize them in the micro. Since my dishwasher died I wash by hand.----------I just had time out for a phone call from #1 son.

    I had a lot more to say but it will have to be next time. Rock: I enjoyed ll of your humor and info. in the last vol. You always come up with some many witty things . Hope Gordon is feeling better from his fall! He is lucky that he didn't break something! My friend broke her wrist last week from a fall and had to have surgery on it.

    I need to go eat. My fingers have not improved.

    Luv to all of my friends,


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  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Gail - its so nice to see all of you MIAs dropping in for a bit. CFS, depression
    and all those DDs can be so mindbogglingly draining, I appreciate all the more
    your taking the effort to gear up and post. Ive been thru phases when i just
    couldnt get up the energy and lurking was the most i could do. Thanks for
    dropping by; its so good to hear from all of you.

    I dont know about prestigious but my FIL and his brothers did work themselves
    up from being shepherds in a small Tibet hamlet to being exilesthis country
    when the Chinese invasion started and then started little businesses which
    they were able to expand and made kind of names for themselves in their fields.
    My now departed FIL was one of the pillars of his community and his younger
    brother is also much involved in social work now that he is older and there is
    not much business to look after.

    Georgia - thanks for moving my post. Im trying to work my sugar intake down
    a bit. I put less in my porridge and trying to put less in my tea. Since i still
    take so many cups of tea, especially when a lot of activity comes up, my sugar
    consumption is still too high to be healthy.

    Julie - that is a busy busy day for Lindsey coming up! Hope you can get in a bit
    of rest after that. Raine playing with her GP sounded so sweet. Sounds like Den
    is a lovely Granpa to have. What exactly is a clothespin? So many terms im
    familiar with. LOl. i remember having to ask what was corned beef. But i like
    knowing. Oh and Grannis kitchen backsplashes. i remember askng what were those.

    Well, i was hoping once SILs family left, I could wind down some and set my
    laundry in order. And get some dusting in. But no, something else came up.
    Our dhs old great aunt, expired this morning. she was very active till three months ago but then they discovered cancer and just heard she passed. Im
    sad about her going, she was such an alive person, and on the go all the time
    we knew her.

    But im also happy she did not suffer for long. She was 78. So tomorrow i and MIL will visit and i guess i will hv to offer to stay and help. Lots of monks will
    be at the house performing prayers and they hv to feed everyone who makes the condolence visit so im guessing it will be a lot of work. Then again, they hav a lot of extended family so maybe i wont hv to stay.

    I went to pay a goodbye visit with my son to MILs. SIL s family leaving tomorrow. The help there told me the dishes i made the other day (kidney beans, cauliflower curry and a chicken dish were delicious and were askng me how i made it.And i thought i had bungled up. Maybe the spices seeped in after a while and the dishes flavour came out the next day, lol.

    My dh is out of the country and will be missing meeting his sister since he arrives in the afternoon and she leaves early morn. My dhs uncles aunt has her
    GDs two year old birthday ceremony coming up in a few days time and has asked me to help out. In their tradition its a big ritual, this two year mark and she has to make a lot of preparations, cook some special things to send over to the inlaws. They also have buy and pack stuff like clothes, toys, etc.She has also not been able to stay home for days now one event or other and now her husband has to be at the great aunts place, helping out with the funeral arrangements and she is sounding very very exhausted.

    Our Tibetan side of the family has none of these mandatory rituals for the kids
    and they get impatient when aunt has to do all this. Its a passe' ritual and in todays times so expensive and time and energy consuming. In the olden times they had large extended families living together and could do all this. more than joyful, its become a source of stress. Maybe her daughters wil put their foot down and bring changes to the system.

    The last time I got so irritated when i saw aunt and her two daughters working the whole day from morn til night cooking vast quantities of some strange dishes and packing all kinds of stupid stuff, nappies and baby chair and bottles and clothes, toys to send over, and then when we went over and the prayers rituals were performed, and the meal served, the daughters husbands family just ate two three bites of what was served on their plates. Talk about waste!
    Talk about needless rituals. I just pray my daughter does not get married into
    that culture nor my son brings home a wife from that culture! Its not even just the kids days, their marriages ceremonies are just as complicated, with several days of mandatory ceremonies and to and fros. bah. humbugggg..

    I dont know whether im dreaming or not i just looked at my watch and its says
    five am. and the birds are chirping. I thought i got up at what was night after going to bed early after visiting SIL and wanted to do some breathing exercises
    and meditation to be ready to face the crowd at the great aunts place tomorrow. since lights were on, i came and logged on. it must hav actually been
    like 4 am and i mistook it for 1am or something.

    anyways, i will go try do some breathing before its time to actually get up and start the day.

    take care, all

    God Bless

  12. teacher

    teacher New Member

    What do you call a fly with no wings?

    A walk.
  13. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    What a horrible way for that dear lady to die! So sad for the family!

    Julie: You had a busy, busy day!! And I thought my day was b usy! Ii had gone to WalMart for 4 monthes and tried to get an electric cart----none there! So I left and went grocery shopping. One guy told me to lean on the cart and shop. I tried that and began hurting more and more and more. I finally just left the things in the cart and left before I passed out.

    Well, Mon. I got a cart and rode around and around, just finding things I needed or wanted. My jaw dropped when I heard my total. I said that I had a gift card to apply to it. i hunted and hunted and all I could find was McD. I imagine that they thought "that poor old lady doesn't know what she is doing!!!!" (I found the card when I got in the car, naturally.

    Then I had lunch at McD. drive thru and went grocery shoppin I h ad the cart ----people are SOOO NICE. I don't know how many kind people asked if they could help me, get something out of the freezer that I couldn't reach, or reach something on a high shelf!!! And the checkout is so kind----people ahead of me help me empty my cart. Then they have someone that takes the groceries in a big cart while you ride the electric cart.l They even put the things in the trunk.

    Just makes me realize that there are so many kind people in this world----makes me feel good. Then I got home, I have one of those carts to use for shopping and just got grocery bags. WM stayed in the trunk until yesgterday.
    BUT, THE MAIN THING i went for was the meds. I had ordered. Yes, you are correct~~~~~~~I forgot it so today I have to go back. this is not the first time I have done that~~~~~~ maybe 5 years!!! I must pick the meds. up FIRST!

    I am so tired!!!! Maggie begins to bug me at 5:30 to get up---she pulls my hair! I got up as I wanted to take my shower, get a week's worth of meds. ready, breakfast, get dressed and fix myface so it doesn't look like a ghost. I am out at 8 a.m,. for coffee. More about that sometime else!

    Julie: That is how my family honored me too. I am an only child (I was supposed to be Charles Edward) and there was no one else to carry on my maiden name. Well, my #2 son and his wife used my last name as a middle name for their son. THAT youngt man and his wife had a baby boy last Sept. and they used my last name as his middle name. I was just so thrilled ----i almosgt cried when I learned gthat long before he was born. He is my great grandson----he is the one I am holding on my FB picture----that was Christmas!! He has grown so much---love to see him again.

    I hope that those tiny twins grow and are healthy. Such and thrill to be expecting them but to me, it sounds as ifr Linds. has much, much work ahead of her.k But this younger generation always handles everything. Besides, Grandma is on call.!!!!!

    I have rambled on enough! I still have an interesting story to tell you about. But that can wait!!

    luv to all my dear friends (and I mean that too)

  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    We must hv been typing at the same time the other day, i didnt see yr post
    till now.

    It was so good to see you drop in. Im sorry your fingers are hurting. I hope
    you hve better days ahead health wise. Some of us are having the same issues.
    Lots of exhaustion and aches and pains.

    Good to hear the about how nice people were. Isnt that uplifting? The milk
    of human kindness not dried up yet. I think you have been so brave after
    your dear dh passed. You have managed pretty well. I must go and look up
    yur FB page. Things have been so hectic i hav not been to FB for so long.
    I remember your profile photo we saw in the brown dress; someone commented
    you look like a movie star, lol! Mickey, was it? I hope shes doing okay too.
    Been so long since she posted last on the Porch.

    Freida - take it easy. Dont push yourself too hard. Hope you start
    feeling much better real soon.

    Julie - hey, thats good news about LIndsey! Its got to the point where we all are as involved in her expectant state and how the twins are coming along as you, her family are, haha! That was a nice to thing, having your surname in theirs.

    Teacher - took me a second longer to get your 'fly' joke, the state of my
    brain cells being what they are. heh heh.

    Well, looks like dear Granni is on her way. Wish her a good trip.

    Today i went to look for an acupuncturist. For my stiff shoulder. My self healing and breathing helps some but i thought i needed outside help to speed it up.
    It interferes with my meditation for which one needs to be relaxed as much as possible.

    My SILs hurting knee got completely recovered after she went to this acupuncturist in town so i tried visiting there but its going to be a bit far and
    the timings are not right for me. I hv to go there between 7 and 10 am when all the housework is being done. Its like a dollar and a half cheaper for a session than the clinic which is nearer to my house but not worth the long bus trip and trekking for some ways in the hot sun.

    I know i meant to tidy and clean up a bit after i came home before visiting the deceased gr grandmas house but instead i had to flop down and recover. Then
    i got dressed and decided my MIL must hv gone on her own, and was making my own move when both she and dhs aunt rang and asked if i was goingso i went with MIL. grateful for the ride since i dont know the way too well to the home, its kind of out of the way. BIL drove us.

    It wasnt as crowded as i expected hence i didnt hv to stay and help. relieved.
    on way back, my dh called. he had arrived back and was in the office.

    The govt has ordered the streets to be widened and the city is looking like a war zone, piles of rubble at side of streets where people who had encroached on govt land while building had to demolish what they had built. MIL didnt come home into our lane, but dropped me off at end of lane because there was so much rubble.

    At home, i helped the help make mushroom dumplings for dinner. Wiith tomato
    chutney. Both dh and son love it. I hv this idea of slowly weaning the family
    off meat, heh heh (evil chuckle) without their having inkling of it. Its healthier for my dh definitely, he is overweight. And son had told me "you improve your vegetarian cooking skills and then i will become veggie" when i had put the idea to him.

    He has a point. Right now i dont know many recipes which dont include meat in some form. been meat eaters for so long.

    The dh had brought home Indian tea. Theirs is so much flavourful than our
    homegrown products but the govt does not allow them to be imported so as to encourage our own tea industry.

    Its been a scorching day. Good lord. Not looking forward to Mays weather.

    God Bless

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  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Yesterday was a terrible day. Not with regard to my health. That was
    what is usually is. Ha ha! For most of us a good day health wise means
    we didn't get any worse.

    Anyhoo it was the computer that was acting up. Lost a post on the lounge.
    Then I retyped it. then I lost that. Great Balls of Frustration. Illustrating how
    confusiatin' these dang machines are, the elusive post popped up a couple hours later.

    Georgia, I wonder what innovation your ancestors made to the spur. I just read a western by some author whose name I can't recall. Think it had an L or a K in it. Anyhoo he won a Spur Award.

    Didn't know you had lived in Australia. I think Australia was similar to our Wild
    West at one time. Never heard the correct pronunciation of Brisbane before either.

    Springwater, your post is still on the Health Board. Maybe you want to remove it? We had a scythe when I was a kid. It stood in the woodshed and seldom got any use. "Scythe" is a terrible word. Nodobby knows how to spell it or pronounce it.

    Freida, you'd better avoid loud cowbells and opt for the floral kind. Lots of pics of cowbells on the net. The come in a wide range of colors and shapes. We had some small white ones when I was a kid. Can't remember the exact name. I think my mother called them Bells of ______(Something).

    Gail, yes I remember coming home from High School. Dick Clark's Am.
    Bandstand would be on. The way I remember it, every kid ever asked to rate
    a new record said exactly the same thing. "I like it. It's got a good beat."

    Not sure how old Zippy is. About 12 I think. Our Shi-tsu Chester was an adult
    when we got him from a rescue society. He lived with us 17 years. He
    died 3 years ago. I got so many kind messages here on the board. Never
    had such support from people before.

    Okee dokke, we'll see if I can get this posted.

  16. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Happy birthday Mommy!

    Yesterday was Mommy's birthday, so I took her and Dad out to dinner. He was actually nice so we all had a nice time.

    We even had leftovers so they won't have to cook today.

    Baby's last home game is at noon tomorrow. The parents have arranged for another potluck when the game is over.

    I have signed up to work my fingers to the bone for this event.

    I'm taking ice cream.

    hee hee hee hee

    Never let it be said that I don't do the least that I can do!

    Sister is having a Chron's attack. She didn't work last night. We'll see how she fares today.

    I have somehow managed to get a stiff neck. Don't know where it came from, but it can go away. It's annoying.

    State testing is next week. Expect cranky children and teachers.

    Spring concert has been moved back a week. This is good. It gives me a few extra days to panic!

    hee hee hee hee

    I was gonna tell ya'll something else, but it seems that I have forgotten what it was. Oh well. If I remember, I'll tell you later.

    Try not to do anything I wouldn't do!

    Love you!


  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Got back yesterday early afternoon so was able to unpack and start a laundry load. We also got hoe early enough to miss the rain on the road. We all had a wonderful time - other than the sickness some brought with them . One was already on meds but then her tooth started hurting. Turns out that she will need a double root canal. She left a little early as did another couple who had some resp. thing. They have allergy problems and thought that was most of it but I think it may have turned into something else. Hope no one else catches what any of them had. The one with the tooth problem also was on penicillin. I think she would have been worse off if she had not been on that. She left to go to the dentist again on Thursday and then went home. She missed what she was looking forwards to the most, a shopping spree or at leasst window shopping. I love to do that even if I do not buy. I learned alot of that including restraint from my mom (not to much money) :)!! The guys went again to the Nimitz Naval Museum and WWII memorial - very interesting. We had gone before and you could go many times, it is so big and full of info.

    Another couple left after lunch and then we went on to another town, visited a nice winery and then to another town to bed down for the night after dinner.

    All in all everyone had fun even though it was getting more like an infirmary every day :)!! Just hope we don't can't anything - so far so good. I am the one with URI problems if I catch anything. We have been on the GSE for some time. So, am hoping that will keep the germs at bay. The secenery and wildflowers were lovely even though they were past their prime. We enjoyed being together and lovely dinners out. One was seafood primarily and another wes German food that wasssss great. The last night one couple and us went to an old pit BBQ place. No ambiance but the food was yummy. Did anyone ever see a pork chop that was over an inch think. It was so big and we both shared. Then we got different sides to go with it including peach or apple cobbler. This place is old and was written up and had been on the Food Channel (Diners, Driveins and Dives by Guy F (forget his last name.). GH saw the program. I missed it. It is in a very small town in Llano, TX. It is called Coopers- everyone there knows about it.

    Well, have to run and get dressed. So much to do today and have a dinner to go to tonight.

    So nice to see you all again esp those MIA's - Joan, Gail and Jole. Rock too !!

    Julie - oone of out friends husband's died just before we left and we were not able to go to either visitation or funeral. So I will send a mass card. About our age I think . It was emphesma and or COPD that lkilled him and cause him so much grief (and family). Sorry about your friend too who died. i forget who you said - sorry. Too much to catch up on .

    Jole, I think it was you who said you have upper body shoulder, neck and head pain. That is the worst for me. Any ideas on how to get rid of it or keep it to a minimum ? I have had it much to long.

  18. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Well, somewhere Ii have a post flying around somewhere! and I have no idea what I wrote.

    Remember my telling aboutr my trip to WMart? I had gotten a pr. of long rubber gloves to wash dishes. My fingernails are just awful. they have broken so gthat they are so short. Well, this noon I decided I should get that sink full of dishes washed. I got out the gloves and guess what?????? they are both for the right hand!! I have the receipt so they have to go back sometime.

    What do any of you do for your disposal to keep it "sweet"? I have an awful gurgle in the iother side sink. I had the guy come to fix it~~~~~~~ 2 men at
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    we meet at a friends home for a glass of wine befor e we go. It iwll be held in a church.

    Julie - I know that it must be hard to hold your tongue as you say when Linds and David are letting the Lorraine sleep with them. I think that is what you said (in a round about way). I know I would have a hard time becausd I know what problems that can cause for the parents. They also we very worn out if they don't quit that before the twins are born. Oh my goodness.! I am tired just thinking aboaut it. Does she ever go into her bed to stay or what? Or does she start there adn then wander in during the night. Ids she already out of the crib- or did she have one? I would have gone crazy if I had even tried that. Oh well good luck sweetie ! Please correct me if I assumed wrongly. I just feel very tired just thinking of all that.

    Have to get ready to go now.

    Love to awl,

  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    The day is still new, and already I've done the laundry. Ha Ha! I did it
    in the middle of the night. Gordon has 2 cacti on the front porch in
    bloom. One is a rather luminous white. The other is big, like a grapefruit,
    and is red with some orange in it. There's another one that's in bloom.

    The margarita daisy I bought a few months ago is in bloom again. The
    flowers are magenta with gold centers. Very cheerful.

    Granni, glad to see you back. Happy to hear you had a wonderful trip.
    Always a bonus to find good food when on a trip. The chef you spoke
    of is Guy Fieri. I can't stand him, but Gordon likes his show. I looked at
    a couple web sites. Some differences of opinion on how to pronounce his

    There is a female chef on TV named Ann Burrell. The two chefs may be
    related as they have the same hair do. Of maybe they just share the
    same wig. So it's hair today, gone tomorrow. If they got married and
    had a kid, it could be named Ann-gee.

    There was a French tenor a few decades back named Guy Chauvet. I
    read his name was pronounced Gee Shaw-vay. Anyhoo, it's good to
    have you back.

    Joan, yes, you have 2 posts on this thread. One on each page. I hope
    you don't have to go to the baptism braless and shoeless. Unless you
    want to, of course.

    That's the way hillbillies were depicted in Esquire cartoons when I was a
    kid. Don't have hillbillies any more. They vanished in the first half of the
    last century due to radio, Life magazine, better roads and the movies.

    Julie, see you had a crazy day meaning a very busy one. Seems to me
    you are always like a guy (or gee) in handcuffs swattin' bees.

    Freida, hope you are up to posting today. Always love your posts. They
    are so Freida-ish.

    Gordon says we are not going to Wal*mart today after all. Good. It's
    a long trip. 50 miles RT or thereabouts. We'll just go to the Food 4 Less
    store. I can get some low priced produce.

    Oops. Computer is starting to act up.