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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by teacher, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. teacher

    teacher New Member

    The Bicuspids are here!

    If you wanna know what I'm talking about, read the end of the previous Porch!
  2. teacher

    teacher New Member

    I'm trying to find a new lotion. The one I normally use is almost $8 a bottle now! Eek!

    I have to be careful, because my delicate princess sensiblities do not allow me to use just any old lotion. It's detremental to my overall health if I encounter products that make me ill.

    (In other words, I break out, itch, and have headache that wipe me out for days.)

    The one I'm trying now just got passed on to another, more worthy, soul. The consistency was delightful, but the scent was too strong for one with my sensiblities.

    I was thinking of trying some baby lotion next. If that doesn't work, I guess I'll have to go back to the original plan.


    I was just trying to help the royal accountant find ways to cut corners in the kingdom's budget. He tells me the peasants are becoming weary of my extravagances.

    Little whiners. Don't they know it takes MONEY to keep me in the manner to which I have become accustomed?

    Let them eat cake!

  3. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    It brings me back to my reality - whatever that it :)! I'm still waiting to be treated in the manner to which I am accustomed :)!! I guess that is why I end up doing most things myself - LOL ! If you get any extra $ from the peasants please send to me or ask them to send me any extra.

    Why not try the Baby Lotion, if not try baby oil maybe. My mom used to use the aby oil a lot and she had great skin. However, she did not have princess like sensibilities so she could probably use anything if it was cheap enough. She used to say, if it is good for the babies it is good for me.

    Julie - I was so happy to read about the babies on FB and that everything went so well with her natural birth. Sounds like they are both are healthy and pretty good size for twins. Hope to see some pics sometime on FB. I'll be you are glad that is over with (at least the birth). Hope your doctor visit goes well today. Was it for your arm/hand or what?

    Rock - So glad that you were able to pop in and to help announce the babies' births.

    DH is getting ready to go to a meeting and lunch and so I will be here a long. There is so much I could do but do not feel like doing, Also do not have the car so can't go anyplace.

    Thinking of everydobby and those beautiful babies !!


  4. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Congratulations Julie and to Lindsey and all the family on arrival of
    Isaiah and Liora.

    Boy, am i glad i checked in.

    Had been sleeping and got up to check if all the lights were turned off.

    May the newborns be blessed with all things good and wonderful.

    Teacher - lol. You make a wonderful Marie Antoinette. In the way
    you say that phrase, anyways.

    Granni, Rock, Freida, Diane and everyone, isnt it wonderful the waiting
    is over?

    God Bless
  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    and also got some possible good news from my out of work daughter.

    She and her SO have been OKed for an apartment, unfortunately not in the area of DGS's school. So he (10 years old) will have to go to another school. He is rather quiet and hope he will not worry to much about making new friends in that school.

    The best possible news is that my DD has a appointment tomorrow afternoon for a job interview. It would be in her field of verifying insurance. So, hope that will be in her favor. Please keep her in your prayers today and tomorrow. I have been so worried about her lack of job and her having to stay with her baby brother and wife. They already have her dad living there who has been having more physical problems the past few years. Hope she gets the job even if she would have to work every 2-3 weekends for a couple of hours. Also she will have a little traveling to do but not sure how much. She got spoiled at her last job that was almost walking distance to the hospital and back but she still did take the car. She doesn't have the highest level of confidence in herself at times but hope this will work out for her.

    She is the mddle daughter and had lots of problems with her in teenage hood, got married to the wrong person to early and then got divorced after 15 years of marriage and 3 boys, one with Learning Disabilities. He has been with her all this time but he will start school in the fall with the dad. So, we will see what happens.

    Have to go post this on the Worship board. Please pray for her to get this job !!

    Smiling when I got the news of the twins being born and then the e-mail from my daughter really made my day. Hope she gets the job tomorrow and I will really be smiling :)!!

    Diane - sorry about Heather's sinus infection. I hope you can get it cleared up soon.

    Love to everydobby,
  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    It is probably a good idea for you to change your doctor appointment to another date. Yes, you need to be very careful yourself especially when there is a history of CA in the family. My DH mom died in her early 50's of Ovarian Cancer. Now all my girls will hae to keep an eye out on that even through two of them have had a hysterectomy , the ovaries were not removed.

    I thought I saw the weights somewhere on some post. How big were they? They seemed pretty good weights for early twins. I guess it will take awhile before all can go home again (Lindsey and babies). It will be hectic again till things are back to "normal" again if you can ever find a real NORMAL. Not sure what that is !!!

    Please pray also for my daughter Susan to get this job tomorrow that she will interview for tomorrow. Not sure if you saw any of the other posts I made about this. Just heard today.

    Hope you have a good nap in the NICU Lounge :)!!! It must be so wonderful to hold those little ones. It was so long ago that we did the same think for our twins, now 13 years old.

    More later.

    Love to you and ALL,

    LEFTYGG Member

    Babies!!! Born on my dh birthday. He's 65 today Opps it's after midnight.

    They sound so good and healthy. And natural birth. What a woman. One baby coming thru is painful enough the thought of two. Ouch.
    Julie I hope your dr visit goes smoothly. That stuff happens a lot at the end. I was 53 when I went thru that. I haven't been to Gino for several years I've got to do that. With this DD I detest dr visits.

    Granni I hope and pray your daughter gets that job. My 1 son is a constant worry.

    Spring I'm glad you gets day of rest.

    It's funny how we all seem to be givers.i read on dr murphree site we are type A personalities or caregivers. He's written books on fibro and CF.

    Teacher I feel bad your whole summer will be nursing your sister. You're such a good soul.

    Rock I'm cancer on cusp too what's that mean?were you type A personality?

    Frieda love your beans growing. I grew parsley from seed in the winter and loved watching it grow.

    Take care all. Love gail
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hope you had a lovely day and got to do something fun for yourself. Yes, when I speak to other mom it seems that there is always at least one on the family that has caused lots of worry in the family, for one reason or another. Does your son have a job now or is his job shakey? Nowadays , jobs are or can be very shakey and everyone just keep hoping that their job is thee for them the next day.. Companies are getting rid of extra people and don;t want to be stuck with themif everything gets worse, and if they have to pay for extra people's insurances. The small businesses are probably the worst in this area. So many are going under. It is very sad. I will be thinking about my dauaghter all day and hope all goes well.

    Thank you so much Gail and everyone for prayers and good thoughts for my daughter. I appreciate it so much.

    Not much else is new here. Waiting for DH to get home from the store and getting gas. I know he wants to go work out and then try and do some more stuff outside. It is going to be very HOT today. So, I do not know how much I can stand. My dried out Poison Ivy is so itchy .

    Julie - So glad those babies are doing so well. It will be cute for Lorraine to see them too. Noadays they let the siblings come see the babies which is surely different than when I had mine . Not sure if they will let her in the NICU though.

    Need to get off for now. Will try and stop back later on .

    Love to everydobby,
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hope that Lorraine isn't sick so you can go on with plans for her to go see the babies. Also, no one else needs to get sick either. Yes, hope your chiro appt goes well and he can help sort things out for you both.

    Let us know what is going on and try and take it easy . You do not need to get sick either. Hope her problem is just a very temporary one and that the chiro can help fix it.

    Gotta go get dressed before DH gets back again. I need to get dressed, etc. He has plans for work out and work outside - ugh !

  10. teacher

    teacher New Member

    I think she's just a little stressed that Mommy and Daddy have been away so long trying to get some new children for the family. She's feverishly excited for the day everyone can be home together.

    You hear me, Mr. Sick Germ? NO ONE in Julie's family is getting sick right now! You go pick on someone else for a bit.

    There! I told him!

    Now. On to the fun stuff.

    Hey Isaiah. Hey Liora.

    Hey Cuties!

    Awww. Look at that. I see those smiles. Yes I do.

    You two keep eating and growing so you can come home soon. OK?

    I'm gonna go now so you can get some sleep.

    Be good!
  11. jole

    jole Member

    Finally, the waiting is over! I'm sure your DD's exhausted, not only from the birthing but from all the stress she's been under for so long! And now....many, many more sleepless nights ahead. Sure brings back memories, although I never was fortunate enough to have twins. They will be so much fun in a few years when they're totally entertaining each other, but lots of work (and joy) until then.

    Teacher, I think a line dancing class is just the answer! Yep, you need to dance, and lots less interaction with line dancing since a lot of dances don't need a partner. That way everyone can be happy!! :)

    No energy, so will just send hugs to all for today......Jole
  12. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Julie, congrats on the new babies! So glad to hear that they arrived safe and sound, and that Mama is OK, too.

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I saw your message on FB and about Lorraine and not being able to go visit the babies today. I know you are all disappointed at not being able to see see them again. However, you and Raine need to rest and take care of yourselves too. Hope she gets better soon and you both get to go see them again in the next day or two. You guys have been running so much. Hope you don't wear yourself out . If you get sick EVERYONE will be in trouble.

    Thinking of everyone and hope all is well with all Porchies inc. those MIA. I'll try and come back later and check around. I can hardly believe it is Friday already. Not going to be doing much this weekend. DH will want to do some outside work bright and early tomorrow, I am sure. Now I am afraid to touch anything after my Poison Ivy or Oak. It is much better,drying out, almost out of my Prednisone pills but am still itching. It can drive you crazy. I am even itcy where I am not sure I got anything on certain parts of my skin.

    Everyone have a fanatastic weekend. Not doing anything exciting tomorrow but am supposed to go out to deat with a couple we have been friends with and are not going to move to the Dallas area, closer to the family. We will miss them both. They won' be leaving fora while still have to sell their home for one thing.

    Thinking of Georgia, Jole, Elaine, Gail, Rock , SW, Teacher, Diane, Carla, Linda and all that I can't remember at the moment.

    Love to awl,
  14. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I think that you do pretty well to remember all that you do,

    NP called and said that thru the blood tests she found I have hypothroidism. My neighbor, SIL, his mother, D's friend and daughter, etc---------all have that. My neighbor said that the Rex does make you feel better. Now I know why I am so tired and so cold. And I have no broken bones. But-----all the left side hurts so much!! That won't change.

    I sent congrats on FB for those beautiful new babies and but once more won't hurt! Congratulations to the entire family and love to you all.

    I went to WM yesterday as had to pick up new med. at Walgreen. Like to go there as it has a drive-thru and I don't have to get out. I had a big list, I got everything on it and nothing extra. That is an accomplishment for me!!!! All went so well. i was eating my hamburger in the car and a young man went by pushing carts. I asked him if there was an electric cart inside. Here he came with a new one too. That meant I didn't have to walk in to the store. I found everything I wanted, wentr thru the check-out with a lady from home, she askede if I would like help out and I agreed and the greeter went out with me and pugt everything in the trunk!! Seems as if everythng fell into place. that is, until I got home. I was just too tired to take anything in so asked at coffee if someone would do that for me. he did and igt is now put away.

    Today I hurt so much. we have cioffee at the felliowship hall at church and it was busy. VBS is next week and everything was decorated and ready to go. Then the middle-aged folks have spent hours working on the parsonage---bishops' orders. It is all lovely and clean and this coming week, the newly-wed pastor and wife move in!! So anxious to meet them.

    Finally found something for lunch, then took my stronger pain pill, went to my chair and never moved a muscle!!!!!! Felt so good doing that---but I can't stay awake.

    Grannie: Please don't get that awful stuff again. The oil can be in the air, on a dog or cat, etc. You know that you are pretty allergic to it so dio be careful. You do not want tio start all over again. You do know what it looks like, don't you? I learned very early ibn life after an awful battle with it.

    Julie: You have to be exhausted!! Please get time to rest some. Poor Lindsey has to be worn out also. She has been under stress for so long and that has made her tired. But she has her precious little ones her. So happy that they are here!

    Grannie: I pray for your D and getting a job. Nio matter their age, you will always worry about your "babies".

    Poor Maggie: She likes to get in the tub and lay behind my bath stool. She was layi8ng there and I said to get out as I had decided to take my shower before coffee. Well, she wouldn't go so on went the shower. She ran out of there, slipping and banging and hid somewhere. Her first and only shower.

    I'm having my cleaning lady come for an hr or two Tues. Since D and hubby will be here for a couple of days on Wed. and #1 S. will be here Sat. I wanted her to comeand clean the bath (I went to do it so badly!!), pick up, and do a few odds and ends. D. will have a fit that I didn't wait for her to do it but I can sgtill find things for her to do.

    Turned off the family room AC so think that I should turn it back on! It is to get hot again. Boy, what a record the country is setting for heat. It seems as if last yr., everythin weather-wise that nature brought us turfned into a "record". Just wish we could get some rain. Right now the corn is gorgeous but it needs rain.

    Think that iI will find a bit to eat. I have some cinnamon and brown sugar bread and one iof thiose cups to make my favorite Kraft dinner. Sounds so good.

    Please, dear friends, excuse my awful typos! If I ciorrected them all, I would never get done. I don't have spellcheck on here sio------ My tummy hasn't been the greatest tioday so this sounds good now.

    love you all
    and Jullie, take care,


    LEFTYGG Member

    Im at Norris lake tenn. we have a floating house in a marina there. My dh brother owns half but they aren't here. Just the 2 of us. So peaceful and the lake is high and warm and empty. We go out and swim. The wateris warm and clear. I'm so goofy tho I'm miss my grand kids but my dh starts football practice soon and he won't be able to come here much.

    I'm gonna bring my grand kids I do better with the chaos than him.

    Granni my DS works. He's a hard worker but the jobs he has now don't pay much. Plus he still has addiction problems. I'm not as dumb as I use to be.my DH is very hard on him so then I overprotect him.he pitiful really. He will do anything for me. Water plants mow pill weeds run to store. But when dh is around I try to keep the peace.very stressful.

    Georgia those mean old ladies should be ashamed. What goes around comes around.the kitties sound cute I'm not a cat person but I love all animals. I just wouldn't like a cat jumping on my kitchen counters but they are fun to watch.my youngest son just got a French bulldog. Wow what a handful.he beats my poor dog up. Lol

    Julie I hope Lorraine recovers quickly but the rest is probably a good thing.how long will Lindsey and babies be in the hospital?as far as Lindsey's in laws go I hate when be show up without telling me. I had a friend out of state do that and catch me in pjs. It's embarrassing.

    Leah I hope your having some good days this summer. I feel better in warm weather but I'm never without pain.tramadoltakes edge off we just get use to it.when I see old people walking along quickly I think gee I wish I could do that.

    Take care all. Love gail
  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - Hope Lindsey gets her well deserved rest and recovers soon.
    But what fun to watch the little ones grow up.

    Frustrating that Lorraine seems to hv caught something but i guess you
    hv to do whats best for the newborns.

    Make sure you give yourself little rests in between all the rushing around
    you are doing.

    Jole - Good of you to pop in and say hi to the twins even when youre feeling
    not so good. Appreciate that.

    Joan - love reading your updates. so much going on. Some people are so
    lovely arent they? At the supermarkets and stuff.

    I hope you will like the new pastor and his wife.

    Gail - your house on the lake sounds beautiful. How lucky. We dont hv lakes
    around this city. not even the outskirts. But an eight hour drive to another
    one has some beautiful lakes and of course its a tourist hub.

    Granni - I wish the itches would hurry and dry up completely soon,
    I too would be wary of messing around in the garden after that.

    I dont have much in my garden anyway. And didnt feel much like getting
    any new seeds since water is so scarce in the city. feels weird watering
    flowers when people dont have enough to drink.

    anways that problem is solved. since bro got sick and im again back to square
    one scrimping and saving on every little expenditure.

    Luckily my meditations keep me from getting bitter.

    Georgia - hope the temps dont soar higher. My daughter was saying theyre
    getting a heat wave. Looks like we were there at the exact right time.

    Rock - did you stop visitng the library. i dont recall you talking of any book
    you read recently. I wisely stopped taking books from library before leaving
    the country. And now reading is out of the question, no time.

    i mean i cant keep up with going back and renewing my books because i havent
    finished reading.

    Teacher- lol. im glad you gave that germ of Lorraines a good talking to. May
    it never darken her doors again.

    Im sure one thing it isnt at your house and thats- boring!not with u and all
    your family.

    I had a bad couple of days, stomach bloated, breats swollen and aching and
    all knotted up and aching, feeling lightheaded and i wondered if this was it,
    my brother and i got cancer at same time and then yesterday i got the
    curse, and all the symptoms calmed down. it was just the horrible PMS.

    Yesterday i went to the Pranic healing center for a talk programme. on healing
    relationships. i had been out of energy but was so glad i went, found the
    talk stimulating.

    The house as usual, needs a good cleaning and tidying up and the dogs are shedding lke crazy. however, when i look down at Hobbes and he makes those big cow eyes at me and i pet Poopsie and she goes into paroxysms of ecstasy wriggling about on her back like some possessed creature, its all worth it.

    God Bless

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  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just popping in for a short beit. have to go work out with DH soon. I never look forwards to it but know that I HAVE to go between my FM and osteoporosis.

    Gail - Isn't that the way it usually is? We ( the woman in the family) try and keep the peace most of the time. Yes, I know how stressful that can be at times. Glad at least your son has a job and is hard working.

    Spring - It seems like, in your country the family all tries get the $ or resources to help out those in the family not so fortunate, for whatever they need. Some may also do so here in the U.S. but not everyone does that or takes part. Yours may sort of be an unwritten rule where it is just expected of perhaps either the eldest or the one who has the most resources. Is that so ? We do so here but it is just whoever has the sympathy /empathy and the resources to help. We've been trying somewhat to help my daughter with no job but that can be hard on us. She is also getting some help from SO I think.

    Sorry to hear that you have been pooped and bedragled for lack of a better word. Hope you are doing better now, even if only a little. You have so much going on in your family too.

    I do not know if it is due to the Prednisone or just the after affects of the Poison Ivy but sometimes i get so terribly itchy in my body, even places where I do not see the rash that is trying to dry up. I have one more pill of Prednisone to take tomorrow. Maybe it will geta better when I am off that med. Who knows ?

    Julie - Enjoy those babies and your family. I know you are going to be very busy this weekend. Curious how long the babies will be in the hospital. They seem to be doing very well. Lindsay too, since she had a regular birth, I am almost surprised she is still in the hospital. Nowadays, they kick the mommies out after a day or two unless a C section. Of course, living so far away she will need to find a place closeby to stay so she can feed and visit. Hope she is starating to get her strength back. Also trying to keep two babies on a good feeding schedule has to be very tiring !!! When everyone gets home I know who will be busy helping - grandma of course (or whoever they can get to help !! The first few months, at least, is always very hard.

    BTW, in the beginning Linds may want to see if there might be some people from the church who might be willing to help with some of the shifts feeding, at least for a little while. That might give you all a little bit of break.

    I hope to pop in later on to check to see if anything is gsoing on.

    Love to everyone,
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    You had better not get sick too. That would be awful but you have been burning the ecancles at both ends as they say and it would be easy for you to catch whatever it is that Lorraine has.

    If you are sick you shouldn't be driving all the way there to bring Lorraine to see mommie and the babies. You were talking about possibly having to bring her and you not go in if you feel ill. Thatis such a LONG drive too to do when feeling bad. You do not want to get worse then you will be no good to anyone. Remember, when they all go home you will be there most of the time too. You, my dear, need a break , if you are getting sick !!

    That room for Linds and the baby (ies) sounds so neat for them to be together. Do you know how much that costs? I am just curious but it is a wonderful idea for her/them and so much better than not having to take a room someplace else.

    Let us know how things are going. Glad Linds is sdoing so well and sounds like those babies are too. Try and stay well !!

  19. teacher

    teacher New Member

    .......when you order a breakfast sandwich without the bread and find a surprise when you check the bag. The innards of the sandwich in a box. The bread carefully wrapped in a paper wrapper and tucked into the bag along side the box.

  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - dont you go catching any bug now! Thats wonderful about Amy
    starting a new job. The new living space for Lindseys after care sounds
    so nice. Love that theres a little kitchenette.

    Granni - i guess in asia people are more family oriented because of the
    traditional ways where everyone lived together. now it is slowly changing.
    with the move away from farmlands to cities and need for two income house
    holds. its not a rule for family members to help out a less needy one but depends on the family members. if they were close they would.

    Teacher - is that a new style of packing sandwiches when one has ordered
    from out? Lol.

    Yesterday i went to see off DHs uncles third married daughter who was
    visiting. because of the 'curse' no energy to make dumplings as i had planned
    and even bought ingredients, but at least i did make myself go.

    her lil sis had told everyone two hours before the real time, so i was in plenty
    of time to talk and chatter with the sisters.

    aunt had gone back to her old ways and cooked up a storm of snacks. for
    the daughter who was leaving.

    fried lentil patties, potato pickle, rice pudding. and the daughter ate almost
    quarter of a kg litchi fruit right in frontof me, i was agape at her appetite.

    got so mad on way back because it rained hard. ducked into a little restaurant and ordered me a coffee to wait the rain out.

    brother called. he has gone for his injections yesterday and the day before. i promised to take him dumplings. ive bought the meat and going to make now.

    i hv a pranic healing talk programme again this eve and happy. takes me out
    of the mundane situation at home.

    God Bless

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