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    Thought I'd start a new one since ever'dobby been so busy these last few days!

    Are we still partying or have I missed it?
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    It turned into a two day affair! Baby had more stuff crammed up in there than I knew.

    Made her throw out 8 large black trash bags of stuff.

    Plus we have 4 kitchen size trash bags of stuff to take to the thrift store. (I hate throwing out perfectly good stuff but I don't like trying to set up a yard sale either!)

    The thrift store is near the college. The ladies that run it use the proceeds to fund a scholarship. I like doing "sneaky" stuff like that.

    Cleaning the room turned into a 2-day event because we found Dad trying to unhook the dryer when we got there. Mom said he had been at it for two hours. (Stupid illnesses. Render one useless at times when you want to shine.)


    Baby took over and then informed me that we would be returning on Wednesday. Somebody had to be there to hook up the new dryer.

    Mom has a gas dryer and it died on Monday. They went out before we got there on Tuesday and bought a new one. It was to be delivered on Wednesday.

    I don't know how she felt that she could all of a sudden start telling me what to do, but there you are.

    We were right back bright and early the next day waiting on Mr. Dryer Delivery Man.

    After the dryer was hooked up, Baby and I got a lesson from Dad on the ways people use to get more money out of you. I listend patiently because, for once, he wasn't being ugly. He was just talking.

    Then, we got to take a field trip to the back yard. He decided that I needed to know where the gas line entered the house and where the meter was.

    He tried to then take me from the house to the street where it connects with the main line, but I was getting hot so I politely nipped that in the bud!

    I worked on the bedroom all day. We were to the part of packing and cleaning and there was no way Baby was going to make it through that. She's allergic to dust.

    SHE drew Refigerator Cleaning Duty!

    hee hee hee hee

    I had no idea what was in there and I had NO desire to know. All I knew is that they had spent the entire winter with no light in there and that thing was jammed to the hilt.

    I told Baby to throw away anything that was disgusting. That included the plastic containers.

    You can't be too careful when it comes to mold. It gets into the walls of the container and you can't get it out.

    I went upstairs, but was soon called back to referee. Mom didn't want to give up some of the stuff Baby was throwing out.

    I told Mom to let Baby clean and I told Baby to let Mom help wash drawers and such.

    They were playing nicely togther when I went back upstairs.


    hee hee hee hee

    I ginally wrestled Baby's stuff down to the living room so it could be loaded for travel to my house. 8 boxes and 2 large black trash bags containing clothes, bedding, books, shoes, etc.

    I left her complete stuffed animal collection (I'm guessing about 50), her sewing, her box of posters, her box of photo albums and scrapbooks, and yet another box of books. That stuff can be gotten later.

    I know it sounds weird to take her stuff from their house and hold it at my house, but there is a method to my madness.

    I'm trying to slowly empty the house, so when I can finally persuade them to move, I won't have so much to go through later.

    They are not wanting to move, but I worry. They are falling and that falling is what caused Mom to break her wrist almost two years ago. She fell down the stairs.

    The house is too big for them to keep clean. The design does not allow for it to be remodeld for them to live on the first floor only.

    He won't allow Home Help to come in. He says they are spies.

    I know that's the dementia talking, but I can't go around him. I don't have Power of Attorney yet. I know I need it, but I haven't gotten him amenable to that Idea.

    They set the oven on fire this Spring. They managed to get it out and replace the stove, but that just gave me one more thing to be concerend about.

    He can fix stuff, but his hands are so weak now. It hurt his pride when Baby and I came sailing in on Tuesday and then returned on Wednesday, but what else could I do? He can't manage anymore.

    Enough of that.

    Baby figured out why they hadn't had a light in the refirgeator. The bulb blew out (I knew that) and when they went to replace it, I was told that it had a short and would need a repairman.

    Dad wouldn't pay for a repair man, so, no light.

    Baby found the light bulb and it went in and came on. Problem? Neither parent had enough hand strenght to turn the silly light in all the way! I never thoguth to check behind them either!


    THEN we had a two hour wrestle with the toilet seat.

    The old one had a serious crack in it. You could get a splinter if you weren't careful!

    Took Baby and Dad an hour to get the old one off (rust) and to realize there was a problem with the nut on the new one.

    There's an extra piece on the nut that sticks out just enough that you can't screw it on. That extra piece runs into the contours of the toilet.


    They are taking care to hold on for the ride of their lives while I try to figure out how to get this silly nut to work or find another to replace it!

    All I did yesterday and most of today is sleep.

    I'm gonna go get me a hot dog and call it a day. All this typing has worn me out!

    I love you guys! You are all so special. You make my world so much brighter.

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    Would you like to come and help me clean out some of my clutter? Sounds like you have been just having a blast (NOT) :)!!! It does help though when you look at it in the end and all the mess is GONE!!!!! Glad you got to rest today.

    Do you like hot dogs too? I do but do not have them often !!!

    JULIE and Lorranie are both sick I think. I found her on FB with Lorraine coughing all over Julie so I am sure she is not to healthy either. So she can't go and see or hold the baboies. I know it is driving her crazy.

    Julie come back when you can. I hope you can do a little bit of resting but I know an almost 2 year old never likes to rest unless VERY sick. Not sure Lorraine is that sick.

    Not much going on today, went shopping at WM and went to bank, then had some friends come over for a glass of wine, ate supper and here I am.

    Everyone have a great weekend. Drop by and say hi if you can. Miss you all when I donpt see you.

    ******Got a call from #2 daughter this afternoon after I got back from the store. It is long and involved but she just had a biospy done of one of her breasts after seeing a small growth. They did sy it is cancer but nothing else. Lucky so far it seems small. She goes to the surgeon who will read the full diagnosis and all to her next Tuesday.. So now there is someone else for me to worry about.

    Hope it is maybe just a lumpectomy or less. She has been going every year for her mammograms.

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    just remember that you will be no good to anyone if you are feeling bad and or giving others your germs. Glad the babies aren't home or it might not to be to hard to resist going in to see them. Wouldn't want you to give the germs to either of the babies and Lindsay too.

    Happy birthday Julie - enjoy your breakfast out with Den tomorrow. I know what you mean about your mom.

    My mom always remembered everyones birthday and we always got a card, a call when not living with her and may be a small check if she could afford it at the time. She couldnpt afford much but the thought was always there. I miss her too and feel badly I could do so little for her when her time came to leave this earth. Luckily for me my brother and sil in law was there for her (even though I think she at least held it against me.) She never did realize anything about my DD even when my cousin a retired doctor talked to her about my condition. Nothing was said to me about it but they had gone to visit an then there seemed to be a little change in her attitute for the better. However, we never see them and I went to see them last year but i don't expect them to come see me - maybe at my funeral. I could go on and it is sad that my only sibling and I are really not that close. He is a wonderful person and brother but my sil is the mouthy one with the opinion on everything and he is sweet and quiet. Sorry to have my pity party too . Sometimes when I get started I can't stop. It all hurts. That is why I love to vent HERE!!!!! It is hard when you look great and they can't understand you are in pain all the time and just don't mention it.

    Enough of all that bad stuff. Sorry you may not make Kiera's dedication. I know it will really hurt you to not go but no one wants to hear someone in church hacking away and passing on their germs and you have to take care of Lorranine ( or is she taking care of you?).

    DH is out hitting golf balls and I need to go get dressed and figure out what I am going to do tomday. Dhould be outside weeding but it is getting to wrm already and my rash still itches. In fact I notices some new ones even after finishing my prednisone so I called yesterday and got another script for another round. Hope I can get rid of this stuff. It is driving me crazy !!!! I need to spray some of the Band Aid Calamine Spray all over again. That is the best stuff but only comes in small cans so I have bought up alot of it. It is great if you have lots of spots and have to put it on mostly yourself. Sometimes DH sprays the back of one of my legs that was very bad. It is much better but is still there. All the big bad blisters finally broke.

    BTW, you can get that stuff at WM and probably a few other places. I bought some stuff from CVS which was the clear spray and you can supposedly spray it from any angle - -wrong and it drips all over the place. Backto the Band aid cal. spray.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I will droip by later probably to check to see if anyone has popped in.

    Get well soon Julie and Lorraine too. Sorry for the rant or vent !!

    Love to everydobby,
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    Have to leave in a couple minutes. We both need to get our backs cracked.
    Speaking of decluttering, I suggested to Gordon this morning (for the 3rd or 4th
    time) that he get rid of his records. They take up roughly 18 feet of floor and
    shelf space. We've been together 31 years. He has never played any of them
    in that time. Doesn't even own a turntable anymore.

    He said they were gonna stay here till he died. I said, "Well, then it will be
    even longer than that. Your brother doesn't have the initiative to do
    anything with them."

    As Dave Barry might say, a fire hydrant has more initiative.

    Many Happy Returns, Julie. I put your B-day message on the previous

    Got a notice from my High School Class. Our 55th reunion will be next
    summer in Green Leafton. A place described by Wikipedia as "a small
    hamlet". Isn't that redundant?

    Oops, Grodon says it's time to go. See ya later, agilators.

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    I forgot to tell you to come and bring my body to the back cracker. I probably could use some of that but it most lilkely would be very temporary ! I had gone some time ago to have some PT pn my back and neck and it was all very temoprary. It felt great while it was being done and maybe a little bit after that and that was it.

    Have you been going to your HS reunions. We never went as it was to far away and for me I didn't get very close with most classmates as we were bussed (reverse busing) since there was no HS in our neighborhood. Four years later my brother got to go in our area to a nice new H.S. We got bused even farther than the closest H.S. Plus I had only been in the Jr. High for part of the time since we have moved farther out on Long Island. I did make a couple of good friends but one has passed and the other is in upstate NY with her husband. It is nice when you can go and meet old friends but in my case not worth it. If my friends lived closer or were going to go I might have one time. DH went to a Parocial H.S. so we never knew each other until we met at a church dance - crazy huh? We lived about 6 blocks away from each other for years but didn't meet till teenage years.

    Gotta run for now.

    Love to all,
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    previous porch too but hope hope you have a nice day anyways, Julie.

    Granni - you met your DH at a church dance? Romantic! Its so different from
    having an arranged match. where parents look at photos and decide the kids should meet.

    Teacher - sorry to hear about the parents health. Sigh. Every family seems to hv one responsible member who has to shoulder most of the burden. Can see its you
    in yr family.

    Rock - After reading about Gordons old records, ive decided im going to throw
    out all my old old magazines a storeroom full ive been hanging on for sentiments sake. It really is clutter. Its not even old diaries and things. I guess the time has
    come to shed some stuff. I couldnt hv some years back.

    Yesterday was stressful. Very hot. Had to send car to bro for him to get some
    email ads. i m the one sending the emails. Its basically begging for money for his treatment. Ive always had a thing about asking for money. and now this. he doesnt know to use email.

    then he and younger bro came and i didnt hv anything to feed them except the potatoes i had made and some bread.

    The lights went off and he wanted the emails sent urgent so i had to venture out in the terrible heat 100 F searching all the alleys for a place to send emails.
    Wanted to lay down and just die.

    After i found a place and sent i felt a teeny bit better and went home.

    The whole bro being ill is so trying but its also making me stronger. I hope.

    Today i and help made bros dumplings but i couldnt take them since i had to complete some more work at a bank. guess i will send someone. its already
    2pm and guess he can hv them for dinner. My SIL one hand is deformed and she cannot make stuff like dumplings or tortillas which bro likes.

    Spoke to daughter on phone. She seems to b enjoying her summer classes.
    Thats a relief. dont want her studying someting she finds tedious. She's also
    volunteering at a refugee center and was hving some staff over for dinner.
    something simple. budget issues. avocado rice or something. and a meat dish.

    You all take care

    God Bless

  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Poppin in quicky before going to church !

    Spring Water- you are such a dear doing all that for your brother. It is wonderful for you to be of such help and sending e-mails for him, even with no electaricity. Yes, I am sure that is helping to make you stronger. With all your obstacles (no electricity and HEAT) you are getting things done. Good idea to get rid of old magazines that you do not want any more. If others perhaps in the family were interested that might be something else. I do some of the same so do not feel bad.

    My desk looks awful and I need to do some decluttering. It will feel good to clean that up amongst other things. Thanks for the ides, hich I already had but have been to lazy to do :)!!!

    Julie - Hope you are feeling better and had a nice birthday even though you didn't have the chance to go out and really celebrate and see those twins and Lindsay but I know she understand and thanks you for watching Lorraine. At least you got out to lunch even if you did have Lorraine with you, I think you did anyway. My brain is mush !

    Teacher - are you still sleeping.??? Hope you got a nice rest and feel a little better after all your hard work of cleaning and decluttering.. Good for you sweetie !

    Rock - Hope youare doing OK too and not feel to exhaustinated (one of your words I think) :)!!

    Thinking of everydobby. Gotta go and get ready for church. Hope everyone is trying to stay COOL and hasn't had any bad storms come though that have been on the news.

  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    in an evening !!! I think I would just go and collapse somewhere. I know you probbly would like to but you probably haven't been in your place in awhile and see all kinds of things needed to be done. Wow, back on duty again tomorrow morning surely doesn't give you much time to get much done. Don't wear yourself out now so you get sicker. Hope you don't stay up to late doing chores. You mean that when Den goes to bed he doesn't call for you to come too? That is what mine does and we watch the news on TV and he tries to stay up and I go to sleep :)!! Of course he (Den) is younger and probablyjust collapses after all the work he has been doing during the day. You need to go to sleep too really but I do understand that no one else is probably going to do your work !!

    Spring Water - Hope you are feeling OK after all you doing for your dear brother. Yes, I do hope you get soem responsed to the e mails you sent out. Medical care costs so much and I know now it is going get alot worse around here. I am sure where you live it is expensive too!! Hope he can get the care he needs and that he will get well !! It puts alot of stress on everyone in the family.

    --------Not sure if I mentioned that my daughter #2 called the other day to say that she just found out that she has breast cancer. She has already had a biopsy and it was confirmed and she was so shocked. Someone said is seemed pretty small which is what I hope it is. She goes on Tuesday to the specialist who will read the info. from the biopsy and give his opinion. Hope it turns out to be not to bad.

    The other day before I had heard from my daughter I saw this book on Amazon.com and also another add called Cancer- Step Outside the Box by Ty Bollinger . It is about Alternative Treatments and what the Cancer industry is doing now in not really talking about these things and going with the big 3 - Radiation, Chemo. and Surgery (none of them really good for your body). Very interesting book I am reading now. The guy who wrote this book lost many of his family to all kind of cancer which got him very interested in this topic. I sent this information to my daughter if she wants to buy the book . She is very interested in alternative treatments and supps, vits. and such. I did read that CO Q10 400 daily has been successful in some cases of breast cancer. I forget how it was stated but that is the jest of it and I told her that. I am very interested in reading the rest of the book too. I am sure there are some other tips in there to scattered about this book. It is a pretty thick book in paper back (not the usual sized paper back).

    Please pray that this growth is not large and can be taken care of quickly with no major problems. I can imagine how worried she is. I went through something similar years ago but didn't even need a biopsy. I had all kinds of tests and the surgeon sent me for a sonogram I think it was of my breast. It turned out to be very dense breast tissue - crazy but very scary after weeks of worry. So, I can relate.

    Hugs to everyone and hope all is well !! Hope to see some more darlings here tomorrow.

  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Oh dear..Im shocked to hear about your daughters diagnosis.

    I will be praying for her as i know others on the board will too.

    Luckily they seem to be catching it early. I know so many who
    have recovered from breast cancer.

    However, it would certainly be such a worry to you as a mother.

    I suppose the best we can do is not make ourselves sick with
    worry over others.So we can be there to help out whatever
    way we can.

    Julie - hope you made the most of your toddler free day. And can
    rest and recuperate.

    I cant believe Atlanta went upto 40 degree celsius (104 F)!!!!

    We here never went up to that much!!

    take care

    God Bless

  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Julie, I think you missed the first broadcast of your B-day verse,
    so here's a rerun.

    Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl.
    What would give your heart a thrill?
    Would you like a brand new new Lexus?
    Drive from Iowa to Texas?*

    Over roads of dirt or gravel,
    In your roadster you could travel.
    Stop and look. Just let your eyes run
    To the line of the horizon.

    One day all of us will stand there.
    Soon or late, we all will land there.
    When at last our journey ends,
    Was life's greatest gift our friends?


    *Visit Granni perhaps.
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Picked some more tomatoes this morning. There was a slug munching
    on one. Well, there are enuff for both of us. I kinda feel sorry for
    slugs. See them sometimes on cold, rainy nights. They have no fur
    or feathers to keep them warm.

    I believe I'll write Gov. Brown and suggest a new program to rehabilitate
    incarcerated women. They can be taught to knit and then make tiny
    sweaters for the deserving slugs. After they become proficient they
    can move on to larger projects such as ski masks for bank robbers.

    But here's the part that will interest the government. Special metallic
    threads will broadcast the GSP location so the robbers can be surveilled and
    kept track of. Everydobby benefits.

    Note: the robbers will be required to purchase ski masks, similar to the
    new health program.

    Springwater, good luck decluttering. Don't stop to read an article or
    you will never get done. You know how one piece of chocolate leads
    to another.

    Granni, I'm so sorry to hear your daughter has cancer. It does seem to
    be an unpredictable disease. My mother had cancer in the 50s while
    she was pregnant with my sister. She lived another half century and
    died in her 80s.

    High school reunions: well, I only went to one. The 35th. Hardly
    recognized any of these middle aged folks. There was no opportunity to
    have a meaningful talk with anydobby. Just exchanged a few sentences
    and somenbody else would come along. Now I'm just too old and feeble
    and claustrophobic to travel. And then I never had any friends when I was
    a kid anyhoo. After the last reunion I wrote to some people but they
    never answered. Eh!

    Hugs to all

  13. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Granni, I'll keep your daughter in my prayers. It sounds like it was caught early. Is there a history of breast cancer in your family?

    Rock, that is a great idea about the knitting. I had a knitting group with the ladies at The Resort, but it was disbanded. I was very careful with counting needles before and after the group, but the higher ups apparently didn't trust us. I never had a security issue in any of my groups.

    The knitting ladies have totally disappeared. Hum. I'll have to start my own knitting hour with G'pa :)

    Never went to a HS reunion. I kept in touch with one or two of my HS friends through the years, but never had a desire to see the rest of the class.

    Hot again today, but I guess this is the case in most parts of the country right now.


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  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear that the knitting ladies have deserted you. That will be interesting to see you knitting with Grandpa, or should I say Grandpa knitting with you :)!! I'm sure he has never done so before. I kno mine never has. I did manyyears ago but never finished that baby sweater I was knitting for my 1st daughter who will be turning 50 next year :)!! I goofed on one side of the sweater and didn't reverse the pattern so I had two of the same side. I ripped it all out and that was it :)!! What a dummy, I got so mad at it.

    I did the same as you with keeping friends in HS with a couple of gals and I may never see the living one again unless I travel to upstate new york by myself. My other friend passed a few years ago, wht a shock I never did find out what happened toher but am guessing heart as that is what her dad died of.

    It is hot here too but actually it has gotten a tad cooler ( a few degrees) . So we are now in the 90's instead of the 100's and out a/c is working so that is OK. I feel for all those people who had those terrible storms and no electricity or a/c. I remember it well when we had Hurricane Ike a few years ago - not fun at all.

    Hope you will have a nice quiet 4th of July. Ours weill be, just us with hamburgers on the grill. Right now trying to clean the grill. What a pain that is. We don't do it enough which is a lot of the problem.(clean it).

    Hugs to youand all,

  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - love yr poem to Julie..and agree re stopping to read an article
    while trying to throw out my old magazines..not just mags, old clothes,
    old knick knacks, everything...i want a new start

    that was a hoot about knitting sweaters for slugs and ski masks for robbers

    well i wouldnt mind a ski mask for meself for winter, gets very windy.

    Georgia - luckily you dont need company to knit, just like i dont need company
    to read. or shop. over the years i have become so used to being alone while going out, that i actually feel uncomfortable and slowed down if i go shopping with others! my friends on the other hand are unable to go on their own...

    Granni - i went to one alumni get together for school in my life...DH brought the invite from his golf club because one member used to be 3 years my junior in school. i dont know why we never went again, i thot my dh enjoyed himself,
    altho like most people i only met a couple of people i knew, the rest too young.

    yesterday after feeling very down and heavy whole day i got myself up in eve
    and went down to the monastery and did some prayers. felt good to go after
    so long but im still yearning for the beautiful open green spaces and uncluttered
    houses of america. the amounts of people and crowded buildings just hit me
    and i went back home without buying some stuff i needed (incense, scarves)
    because i felt so claustrophobic and tired.

    today is Full Moon Day. I hope to go to a temple other sideof town and do some
    prayers. it rained hard last nite. thank goodness. it isnt as stifling hot right now.

    Ive made mushroom dumplings and mean to go over to MIL whom i hvent
    visited for weeks now. still need to make the tomato chilli chutney to go with it.

    Take care all

    God Bless

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Those mushroom dumplings sound so yummy with that tomato chili chutney I think you said. Tomorrow we are just going to make hamburgers. I got some hamb. meat and ground turkey to add to it. Maybe I will do it like Diane does sometimes with her onions, eggs, spices and trying to decide whether or not to add bread crumbs too. I will have to add bread crumbs if I add eggs to bind it together. That almost makes them like mini meatloaves but I am sure they will taste goodl. DH also bought some veggies to grill including a big thing of mushrooms. We bought a grill wok that our x neighbors had used and is pretty neat to use. Just keep stirring on the grill with spices and olive oil and came out pretty good. DH also bought some very small baby zuccini's that we grilled last time. They are really small along with green and other peppers.

    Tonight we will just have baked chicken. So, DH will be very happy. It is one of his favorites - real chicken with the bone in. Itr is not a whole chicken though, just a chicken breast but are pretty meaty ones with the skin on too. I guess I am thinking about food right now.

    I am waiting to hear from my daughter who is to see the specialist today. Please pray all goes well.

    Love to all,
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    She will be going to another doctor also but they think it is 1st stage breast carcinoma.

    If she stays with this doctor whe will go on the 27th for a lumpectomy. That is what I mentioned to her before she went to the specialist today. Then he /she will also remove some samples from the lymph nodes to if there is any metastasis. Next Tuesday she goes to see another doctor for a second opinion which is good.

    Please continue to pray for her. Her name is Karen. I probably should move this to the Worship Board but I am to tired to do so. The other daughter is still looking for a job ! What a worry !!

    It could be a lot worse so am hoping for the best. It is late and I need to go taske a shower and wash my hair that I have been putting off for days.

    Have a wonderful holday tomorrow. Our holiday tomorrow will be very quiet just hamb. and veggies on the grill tomorrow, no party ! That's OK, I am pooped !!

    Love to all,
  18. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    i'm so sorry that you daughter found out that she has breast cancer!! How scary!! i do hope she can have a treatment thaat will get rid of that awfull thing!

    It seems as if everyone has problems of some sort!! I guess that is why we are here on the porch, to alk to oneanother about them.

    This weather is awful! But I feel so sorry for folks in Chicago------I think gthey said there were over 19,000 without power. It would be so frightening if you have childrne, babies, or folks my age! There are so many trees to be gotten rid of that are laying on lines. We have not had rain in so long----just short shiowers that don't help much.

    I have a weather directory on Yahoo and have all of the family's cities on it. There are 3 in IN, one in MI, in NC, in TN, and CO. They were all within 5 degrees of each ogther.

    My plans for tomorrow? This is the very first 4th that I will have none of my family home--just me! we have always gone to the parade----rather small but folks I know---and sat in the park and waved to all of them. I always had someone to run out on the street and pick up the candy they threw!!!! Well, I can't find a parking spot, I can't get up out of my chair so I decided to do what I should have done a long time ago. The parade goes right down my street so my neighbor will take my white vinyl chair to the sidewalk and I can watch from there. Then I told him that he will have to come across the street and get me out of my chair!!!!!!!!!! Then there is a wonderful grilled pork chop, plain or smoked, and pork burger dinner at the park. I feeil so sorry for my church friends who are doing the grilling!!!! It will be awful. Not going there either. A friend is going to bring me 2 pork burgers so I will have my noon meal and supper.!! No fireworks at the ball field----to hard to find parking and I will stay h9me. It will be different but------doesn't all in life change?????

    I have always gone to our school's alumni---held Mother's day Sat. I didn't go this yr---it's too much work getting around. We aren't adding to the alumni as we consolidated 3 high schools ion 1967. So, we have less and less each yr. It was always such a dress-up affair and there was a dance after the banquet. Numerous years ago they decided to quit the dance as folks would ratyher visit.

    Julie: I soo hope that all the germs go away and leave your family alone. It would be wonderdful to have Lorraine and you and the babies and all the family together. Please can you find a time to rest Julie? I just think of all tyhe things you all have to do and it twirls my mind!!!! Surely it does that to you! I will say a prayer for all your family.

    I know that most of you are sweltering----I just hope no bad storms hit your city or area! Say in----I go to coffee, come home, and stay there. #1 told me not to go to WM or for groceries----my older car might haver problems and I would "cook" stuck on the side of the road.

    Bless all of you and give you a wonderfuil 4th of July!!!

    Gentle Hugs,

  19. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    It's like the old saying, "It never rains but what it pours".

    i hope that you all can get this germ under control. (I'm thping in the dark) I am so sorry that you are sick too. Can Den help you out and can you rest? you have been goig too fast for the last several weeks and are just tired, sick and please get better! I just feel right now that I so wish there was something I ciould do :>( I am sure you don't kniow which way to turn but please, please, try to rest and get over your bug!!

    I am on my way to bed but before I go to sleep, I will say a prayer for Lindsey, for you, and your entire family.

    God bless you, sweet Julie. My heart aches for all of you.

    Gentle Hugs,

  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I have a cold, came on last eve after getting backhome from outside, thought
    i was feeling sick till i read Julies post and realised mine is nothing. Wish some
    of us lived closer to each other so we could hop over and help when needed.
    I would have lovedto go over to Julies and taken Lorraine off the familys hands for a day or two. And taken some soup or something. But relieved the two men
    are off work and can stay home.

    Julie, it looks like it really has gotten too much for your body. Well, this too shall
    pass. We all muddle thru.Sending you good thoughts. I hope you and Lorraine
    are well soon.

    Joan - hope you hv a good day at the parade. when i hear of all the good
    food and pork chops and all, i miss not eating meat, but then the feeling
    goes away again.

    You are so courageous. Doing all that you do on your own. Of course, with
    a bit of help from your lovely kids.

    Granni - yum. you really are going to hv a feast. my mouth just watering.
    ive never really grilled. tho had some barbequed potatoes once. theyre good.

    Rock - i guess not many letter writers left now. which explains why you didnt get replies to yours sent to alumni friends.

    I must be the most prolific letter writer among my circle and even i hv slacked off. My daughter canwrite interesting letters but she writes rarely now.

    she doesnt even phone her friends nowadays, only texts them,,saves money she says.

    Yesterday was productive, in that i got to go to MILs taking some mushroom
    dumplings and potato. prayed it would go well, the last time we met was at
    DHs uncles house at a family get together and she looked such daggers at me
    and uncles one married daughter, said daughter left off talking to me and tried to direct some small talk towards her instead. i could see she was scared, lol.
    Im so used to my MILs dagger looks it just bounces off me.

    prayers were answered. she was in a good mood.

    i didnt hv to stay really long, an hour. and then made off for the pranic healing
    center nearby for meditation. which again calmed and soothed me.

    but the bus i got into coming back was so crammed, people packed like sardines
    into that airless thing, some lady at the back was shouting the whole way, telling people "not to push her, and some cranky gentleman in front asking was
    \she so fond of hearing her own voice, they ALL were squashed in there";
    by the time i tumbled out at my stop i was so pooped. and at home this cold just descended on me, stuffy nose, head heavy. blah.

    however, i didnt hv to make dinner. the help did. just a simple curry and lentils.

    but what a relief to be able to just flop down. and feel sorry for myself in peace.

    you all take care,

    God Bless