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    Check the last volume to see who all posted - Julie, Spring, Joan myself I think. Hope more will post on here. I know so many are busy.

    Throwing in some warm choc chip cookies to eat and anything cold to drink in this hot weather.

    Hope all is well. Will check back later on.

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    Just bumping up this thread so it doesn't gets mixed up with the old one. Hope everyone is doing OK and getting over their colds and whatever else is ailing them.

    Had a nice lunch with some girls today as we were saying good bye to one of them who will be moving closer to her family in Dallas area.. Both of them, her husband included were and are such busy beavers, always doing something. Even went on diets and lost a bunch of weight - weight watchers, I think where they counted points every day. They are even older than we are. Glad I don't have to do that , to much work for me. They both will be missed but we should be able to come and see them once in awhile as they will be in the area not to far from daughter #4.

    Didn't hear anything today from the workmen on our a/c . DH will call tomorrow just to make sure they aren't coming tomorrow. I imagine we may hear from them on Monday. I hope so as we want to be at our daughters on Wed.

    Julie - Hope you are feeling better and Lorraine too so you all can go see the babies. How is Lindsay doing? I kno she is aching to hold and feed those babies again. Hope she is on the mend and that it wont last to much longer but she really needed the rest I am sure after all she has been through.

    Rock - Hope you are doing OK, miss you.

    Can't think of anything else right now. Need to go take a shower and try and get cool. I will sleep in bed not sure about DH who may be back on the couch due to the room being to hot for him.

    Hope some of you will come and check in here during the weekend so we can see how you are all doing and so that I don't have to keep talking to myself :)!!

    Love to everydobby - SW, Georgia, Gail, Joan, Leah, Jole, Elaine and all the many MIA's we are still missing ,
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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    That is wonderful for her and I hope all goes well with her first job experience. I know it meant alot to her foryou to be thee especially with you not feeling well. Hope you will rest this weekend and just try to get ALL BETTER !!

    As I have said before my #3 daughter is medical assistant but chose to work in the insurance area which is now upside down now and people are afraid to hire, probably esp in the field. She still doesn't have a job and will also put in her application at WalMart, etc. What a mess. I hope all goes well with Amy and that she enjoys the back office too . I know you and all are proud of her. Go Amy !!

    Will be waiting till Monday I am sure to find out about the a/c and when they can fix it and how much it will be, etc. Hope we will know what is what by then. This waiting around can drive your crazy.

    Nothing new here, just supposed to be in the mid 90's today so will try and stay cool and in the house. This morning we went outside to do some more weeding, etc for awhile before it got really hot. It was hot enough for me. I even had to change shirts when I came in.. Whew !!!!

    May come back later to check to see f anyone else has posted. Have a great weekend everydobby and TRY and stay COOL !!!!

    Love to awl
  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    to have to stay at home. However, you know you feel badly and wouldn't want to even chance giving the germs to the babies. Hope Linds is completely over her bout. When they all come home , there will be plenty of time to be with the babies and Lindsay. Yes, I think the bed is the best place for you right now !! Sleep as much as you can. You may not be able to do this much more when everyone gets home.

    That is so nice that Lindsey got a nice family suite and the price is wonderful with a shuttle to the hospital to feed the babies. That is GREAT !! Looks like the babies are gaining very well. Great care from the nurses and feedings from Lindsay as well as the supplemental feedings through their tubes.

    I am so happy they are doing so well.

    Georgia - Hope you are feeling a little better with your flare up of pain. I know it is no fun at all.

    Rock - Missing you my friend.

    Spring Water - I hope you are more up then down.

    Elaine and any of our dear MIA's you are sorely missed.

    Love to everydobby,
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    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - thanks for opening up. Can imagine how hot it is. Been watching
    the news. Here, mercifully its been raining a bit so cooler.

    I hope your D soon gets the right job. Times so tough. My Chinese friend
    has a son who is working in Beijing China and he too had to opt for the
    events management field when he has graduated in media, we thought
    he would go into advertising but as she says its so tough even in China.
    You take what you get. At least for the time being.

    Chinese friend used to be scornful of kids who studied out of this country
    and yet took up jobs with meagre salary, out of necessity, (where are the
    jobs in this third world country)? my BIL worked at his bank job for a meagre
    $200.00 per month in the beginning and it isnt much better now. But what
    is the alternative. None in a country churning out bright young people by
    the millions every year. One alternative is to start up a business, and that
    too, is kind of risky.

    Obviously BIL and all the others working like him at his
    bank are cushioned by their well off families. But the reality is harsh for most.
    Just today in the newspaper they have an article which states 3000 migrant
    workers from our country to Saudi Arabia hv died in that country since year
    2000. Due to illness, stress, abuse. And yet they go in their droves, selling
    land, homes, to pay for the airfare, because the alternative is unemployment.

    Julie - hope Liora and Isaiah are strong enough to come home soon.
    You do sound very wiped out and no wonder, its been some very long
    time you been up and running looking after everything.

    Thats wonderful news about Amy and must be such a relief to you.

    The hostel nearby the hospital sounds great. Such a relief for young mums
    like Lindsey.

    Leah - good to hear you had a good day and got to see some beautiful
    flowers. They do lift up the spirits, dont they.

    I used to love market day in my old hometown, when they used to bring
    fresh produce to sell that day and it would be bustling. Here there is
    no such day. Everyday they sell veggies and fruit which have been found
    to be injected with chemicals to make them ripen faster. A health hazard.

    Been staying home mostly trying to get back to normal after the cold.
    Much improved but im surely not venturing outside without a mask on
    from now on. Too much dust/germs flying around.

    Sent car to take brother to the hospital for his third round of chemo.
    Now i guess another four days of commuting by bus to reach their meals.
    The gas prices are just so high. Not going to take the car even if son can
    make the time.

    Thinking of everyone, Gail, Jole, Elaine and all

    God Bless

  6. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Lost my electric in that nasty storm on June 29.


    Just got my electric back this evening at 7:30 p.m.

    Will write more later.

    Love youse!

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  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Nice to read your posts. I'm not up to posting much right now. I have
    carefully evaluated my condition and concluded that I am a mess. Ha Ha!

    Our 4th of July was very quiet except for the fireworks in the evening which
    frightened poor Zippy. We napped on the couch for a while. Finally I put
    him out and wrapped him in his blankies about 3am. He was still a little
    reluctant to go outside.

    We have no grill here, but I fried some Brats for me and Zippy. Gordon no
    wantee. To add the aromas of backyard grilling I opened a can of beer
    (which we don't drink) and a can of lighter fluid. (We don't drink that

    I didn't have a funny apron to wear, but I read some of the net. I liked
    "I am a Serial Griller" and "I like to cook with wine. Sometimes I put some
    in the food."

    Be back when I am Able. Or when I Cain.


  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    No housework today (can you keep from doing any) ? Who knows what the week will bring you all. Hope that the Colloidial Silver will help you. I have never tried that. Did you order it or get it from your doctor? I had heard of it but had never thought of trying to find it and then using it. I don't think I would like it to sting either :)!!

    Good luck I hope that it will help your symptoms. Does the CS come with directions? What does it say to do and how often?

    Frieda - Yes, it sounds to me like your DH is a very patient guy. That is wonderful for you. That is just what you need to help you especially when you are not feeling very well and can't do a whole lot. He sounds very understanding too. You are very lucky.

    Julie - I think your Den is pretty understanding too with everything you both have had to go through lately with the family and those babies finally being born, etc.

    It has been threatening to rain most of the day and did early this morning so I took a small pork loin roast out of the freezer to thaw. So I need to start fixing it to get it ready as well as peel some potatoes toput aaaround it. That is what DH wanted me to do with the potoatoes so I will do it this time. It is easier for me just to have baked potatoes with the roast but I'll be good and do it this way for once. It has cooled down with little sun as well as threatening rain.

    It is supposed to cool off all round starting tomorrow they said, esp in areas that have had some terrible heat spells and are not used to it and/ no elect. or a/c. We are supposed to get rain this comng week. Hoping they come and fix the a/c before we go see our daughter.

    Love to everyone,
  9. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Friday, June 29
    Sister, Baby and I planned our Summer Vacation. We planned to leave Saturday morning.

    Saturday, June 30
    Babu and I packed the car and headed for a lovely 4-Star resort. Sister was still sleeping when we left, but she followed a few hours later.

    The front desk wanted to switch us to a smaller room, but we assured them that the last of our party would be arriving soon. They nodded and then directed us to our room.

    Sister arrived about 3 hours later.

    Sunday, July 1
    We should have paid attention to the small print on our reservation. It read “You must provide any extra beds.”

    I didn’t have any idea what that meant when we made our reservations, but I found out they weren’t kidding. I had to make a quick trip back to the house to get our air mattress. I couldn’t have Baby sleeping on the floor for the duration of our vacation!

    I guess I could have demanded our money back, but every hotel for miles around was taken.


    Thankfully, we weren’t too far from home. I was able to make the round trip in one day.


    Back to our vacation.

    Monday, July 2
    I felt that I needed to speak to the manager today. The help around this resort is just plain LAZY!

    I spent the day cooking and washing dishes.

    When I voiced my concerns, management wasn’t very helpful.

    “Sorry. “

    Sorry!!!! I stomped back to my room and told Sister and Baby what had happened.

    They were outraged. They couldn’t believe the way I had been treated. They vowed to speak with the manager the next morning.

    Then, the people in the next room got noisy! I started yelling that I wanted a room upgrade. Management finally got off their duff and made the people next door be quiet.

    Tuesday, July 3,
    Baby and I accidentally spilled our drinks in our room and we used all our towels.

    I called Housekeeping to request more towels. I was told “They’re in the closet.”

    Once again, I began to complain loudly about how I had been mislead into thinking that this was a 4-star resort.

    The response? “It is!”

    Sister and Baby agreed that it most certainly wasn’t since we had to do all of the cooking and cleaning and laundry.

    Baby said, “We didn’t even get a mint on our pillows!”

    The response? “Keep your hands off my candy!”

    Management broke down and decided to invite their visitors to have a milkshake.


    Wednesday, July 4
    Happy Birthday, America!

    All was quiet. It was a lovely day.

    Thursday, July 5
    Here we go again!

    It was a lovely day. Management threw a pizza party for their guests.

    Then I made the mistake of approaching Housekeeping about getting a new pillow. The one I had had a very thin plastic veneer to the material. It was making me sweat.

    “They’ve gone for the night!”

    You know what?! I’ve got to find out who owns this joint! How do you advertise that you are a 4-star resort and then turn around and let your staff go home when you have guests!

    Don’t make sense to me.

    Friday, July 6
    This was our last full day at the resort. Sister, Baby and I began making plans to return home.

    Between you and me? Next year, I’m gonna leave the children home and go on vacation alone!


    The management suddenly decided to become sentimental about our nearing departure. I have no idea why since we had to fend for ourselves. But we were polite anyway.

    Saturday, July 7
    Happy birthday, Sister! I know you’re really 50, but you don’t look a day over 35!

    hee hee hee hee

    As we took our leave, we were all polite.

    Baby and I thanked them for having us. Sister said, “Thank you for having us, but your hospitality left a lot to be desired!”

    Can you believe we were told “Y’all come back now, ya hear?”

    We told them not to leave the light on.

    I certainly don’t plan on going back!

    Unless, of course, we have another power outage!

    Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us invade your serenity for a week! We love you!

    hee hee hee hee

  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - I am glad you are feeling better. I am so glad you really tried hard to REST :)!! I know itis hard for you unless you have feeling really bad. Good luck also to Amy with her new job. Hope my DD will find something even WM at this point.

    Glad to hear the CS seems to be helping you. I need to check into that. How expensive is it btw?

    Teacher - I loved your story. It sort of reminds me of our encounter with Hurricane Ike a few years ago and no electricty or a/c, etc. etc. Sorry have to come back do not know how to save. DH needs the puter. Will try and come back later.

    Rock - so glad to hear from you !!

    Love you all,
  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Was wandering around on the net looking for funny stuff. Found
    some goofy signs. Like "Beware: Irish Diving Goats." No info
    as to where this was posted or what it meant.

    And then there was a dry cleaners sign: Drop your pants here and
    you will receive prompt attention. Gee, I haven't been to a dry
    cleaners for decades.

    Also found an old newspaper clipping w/ this headline: Beatles
    sell 2,000,000 copies of new album. The picture underneath
    shows the band KISS.

    Julie, didn't Lorraine turn 3? I can't remember if you posted about
    a b-day party. My brain keeps gettin' worser all the time. There's
    an old pop tune something like that. The blank is gettin' blanker all
    the time. Anydobby know what that is? Well, I'm glad to hear you are
    feeling better w/ your silver lining treatment.

    Granni,I hope your DD can find something. My sister in MN lost her
    job about 5 years ago. She's been getting by w/ temp work. Her
    husband died earlier this year. There was a $100,000 insurance
    policy, but the mortgage balance is more than that.

    Teacher, sorry to hear about the unwonderful vacation. Makes a funny
    story though. We live in an age of shoddy products and lousy
    customer service.

    My sister had a memorial service for her husband yesterday. It
    was scheduled at The Eagles Building. When she got there she
    found the room she rented had been assigned to the service for
    some important member of the Eagles. She was given a small
    room with poor lightening and no means of playing the music she
    had selected.

    The America that Granni and Joan and I grew up in is gone, and I don't expect
    it will ever come back.

    Guess I will post this before I lose it. Hope to come back and post
    more. Cheers.

  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Had a nap on the sofa with Zippy. Hard to tell how much vision he has
    left. But he gets around pretty well. On our walk yesterday we went
    by a filming site. Evidently a low budget project. Only had two big trucks
    and one trailer. Instead of a crew of 15 or 20, there were only 3 guys.
    Maybe it's a short subject. Ha ha! No such thing anymore.

    Remember when a movie meant a double feature and a short subject like
    a travelogue or a 3 Stooges comedy plus a cartoon? The price for a kid
    was less than a quarter. For an adult it was 35 to 50 cents depending on
    where you lived.

    Yes, Freida, can't beat fresh garden produce. A couple decades ago
    Gordon and I went to an apple orchard in Apple Valley East of LA. Same
    area where the Roy Rogers museum was located.

    Anyhoo you picked your own apples and paid when you were done.
    They had a rather primitive wooden juicer. Drop in the apple, turn the
    crank and the freshest, most delicious juice came out. It was so
    different than what you can buy at the store.

    I see your posts to newcomers and others. It is wonderful that you can
    summon up the energy to be so helpful.

    Springwater, the world is getting topsy turvy. The third world countries
    are exporting people. Our country has exported its jobs to third world
    countries. I am reading a thriller set in France. The author says there
    are now 6 million Muslims in France. That's ten % of its population.

    Joan, hope you are feeling better. Still got aches and pains from your

    Here's another funny sign. "Swimming Notice. Minnesota state law
    strictly prohibits underwater smoking." Ya know what I suspect? I
    think some of those signs are altered w/ photoshop technology.

    Ha det bra

  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    then i know you got your energy back ..not to mention us getting
    to know some more nuggets of information, we never would hv

    Its one of my deepest regrets i didnt live during those times
    when you can
    can recall growing up. Or at least cant recall if i had lived
    then in a past life, lol! Its amazing how i love every single
    thing about the forties/fifties. The lifestyle, the fashions,
    the music, movies. I recall watching House of Wax the first
    one of tv and wishing i lived then. The houses, the interiors,
    the way they spoke, everything just appealed so much to me.

    I know they died of TB then, and typhoid. Still, people survived.
    Maybe i would hv too.

    Teacher - That was entertaining..your holiday saga. with all its
    ups and downs. Glad you could take off and get a break.

    Julie - Glad to hear you are so much better. I smiled when
    reading about you splashing about with Lorraine. Its such a
    pure kind of joy isnt it?When one is playing with kids?

    Granni - yes, i remember Hurricane Ike and all the damage it caused.
    If i remember correctly, it tore down a huge tree outside of your
    home. More excitement then one needs at times.

    Yesterday went off to the hospital with their lunch. Very humid.
    and a big traffic jam. i couldnt finish everything in timeto catch
    the bus so very angry with myself but DH had given me cab fare.
    still no fun dishing out $ 5 when i could hv done it for 50 cents.

    I tried to change my mood so brother wouldnt sense my depression.
    It worked. he was also looking healthy and pink, put on lots of weight.
    and after a while rather enjoyed talking to him and SIL and SILs
    BIL who had come to visit. Then SILs three chattering friends came
    with a flask full of hot tea and some home made lentil patties.

    I left after that. ths time made sure i caught the bus to downtown
    and walked around a bit and then another bus home. but it was
    hot and at home didnt feel well. headache.

    Tomorrow brother goes home, so son and me take lunch and then
    son will bring them back home while i go on back to my house. Sons
    car is too small to hold all of us and DHs old Landrover is gone for

    Its just begun raining cats and dogs and i better finish up nd submit
    before lights go off.

    Take care all

    God Bless

  14. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Julie, so glad you are feeling better. Those babies sound so cute. Try and pace so you don't have a relapse.

    Rock, good to see your long posts--I learn something new whenever I read them. I remember learning about jackalopes a while back. We had an obnoxious and arrogant MD at work--English was not his first language. I told him one time that I had found a jackalope, which was part jack rabbit and antelope. His eyes got quite big and he believed every word I said. I led him on for awhile, then told him there are no jackalopes. Don't think he appreciated my joke too much :)

    I remember when the area I live in was mostly farms and fields. Now there are so many subdivisions. Never stops growing.

    SW, I hope you'll be feeling better. It is good to read that your brother is doing better.


    LEFTYGG Member

    Teacher that was a good story. You had me feeling bad for you all. Haha I thought how sad to ruin your vacation.

    Rock you and zippy are such good friends. My new dog loves me and follows me everywhere but doesn't have much emotion. I think he was kept caged. He didn't even have a name at 4 yo. But he's perfect every other way.

    Julie glad the cs is working. I swear by it. I order online. It's around $18 a qt. I gave it to my gs and it helped his runny nose.id love to see twins pics. My gs is 2 mo now and so cute. He laughs and twinkles. I have 2 more coming in July and August. I'm going to be very busy. I need to build some stamina.

    Spring water so glad your brother is looking better. Gaining weight is a good sign. The traffic sounds terrible. We live in a suburb of Cincinnati so traffic isn't bad. My dh is 10 min from work.i hoe your cold is gone.

    Granni the worry about your dd has to be hard.i worry about my kids constantly. I've become my mother. Lol I'm sure she will be fine since it was early stage.
    Has your other dd found a job? My 1 son works 3 jobs and still struggles.my dd husbands salary was cut by $200 a week I don't know how she'll make it.

    Frieda the fresh produce sounds great. I want to get a bunch this summer and freeze or can it if I have the energy.im so glad your ds came to visit.i hope he comes again soon.

    Well be post. Love gail
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Writing quickly. Not sure when these guys are going to show up today to fix the a/c. It is supposed to be a big job the update the old hunk of machinery. It has something to do with the coils or compressor. That is all I knowl. Hoping DH wukk also feel better from his cold so we can go on our trip. If we go it will be Thursday and not tomorrow as daughter wanted and we had originally palnned.

    Spring Water - So glad your brother was looking and doing better and you were able to have a nice visit with him and family. Sorry you weren't feeling that great but you did a good job of faking like many of us do at times :)!! Manyof us take so much for granted with our 24/7 electricity most of the time, unless there are bad storms, etc. and then we all get upset and HOT or COLD in the winter !!

    Rock - You are right about our country and it makes me very sad. Not going to get into it it just makes me upset and don't want to start anything on the Porch. Glad you got to post a pretty good post for us. We miss you when you are not here to perk us up, in one way or the other.

    Freida - Hope you are feeling a little better and at least have a little more NRG. BTW, how are your bean plants coming along? Did you eat them all yet :)!!!

    Julie - Hope this finds you doing much better so you can enjoy your growing family. Those twins are looking so big now. The pics on FB are just precious. They are getting so much good care ! Hope Lindsy also takes good care of herself and you too !! No more sickness. That is not good.

    Have to leave for now and do a few things around here. Still waiting for those guys to come and start the big project.

    Hi also to Gail and Georgia - have to come back and really reread these posts.

    Just edited to add !!!

    Love to everydobby inc MIA's and those not mentioned ,
    Granni[This Message was Edited on 07/10/2012]
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, the a/c got fixed we think. It seems to be working now but DH nose is running andhe is complaining he doesn't feel well so it looks like we probably won't be going to our daughters. He wants to cancel and not think about going later on. She is disappointed and hoping that we would come if he feels better. However, he wasn't thinking that far ahead. He can't take everything (decong. meds) either with high b/p like me, although his is not as bad.

    So many other things were put on hold too. Our singing group had a gig and I told them I wouldn't be there Sat. but then I missed todays practice too. Not sure she would want me there if I did not go to practiice. She might let me skip it but I don't feel like rushing around and trying to find all my music that is not all together and going on Saturday afternoon. Right now I just would like to scream really loud. It has been a crazy long day. The guys just went outside to check the outside a/c and DH is checking to see or hear it going.

    Sorry to be missing to go see daughter #4 and family this weekend. DH doesn't feel great so he doesn't want to have to deal with not feeling great, even if it is just or mostly his nose. I would have waited to see how I felt in a day or so but DH doesn't always think that way, and he was not the one not feeling normal. I never feel normal so I don't thnk that way :)!!!

    Julie - did you feel well enought to go see the babies or not :)!! Still resting ??

    Hope everyone is doing OK. Happy Belated Birthday to Gail and Mikie.

    How are you doing TEACHER ???

    Love again to you awl,


    Edited to add that we are waiting for the big boss to come and check this stupid a/c and whatever they did. It is now 6:35 in the evening. They may need something else and if so we will continue to wait, to get approved and then they come fix it. It depends on our insurance AHS. Luckily it has been fairly cool today and yesterday with RAIN !![This Message was Edited on 07/10/2012]
  18. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Rise - check

    Shine - that ain't happenin'

    Feel like I've been run over by a truck. All that excitement last week has caught up with me.

    I hope you all are doing better!

    Love youse!
  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Yes, that sounds kind of nice...Leah.

    Thanks for dropping in on us. Good to know you had a lovely visit from
    your dear son.

    Granni - has the A/C been fixed yet? Sorry your visit to D has been postponed.
    But do hope you get to go when its the right time. Has DH improved a little.
    I hate having a cold at any time.

    Julie - Looks like youre all busy with putting together the new living space as
    well as looking after family. The twins are very young yet, plenty of time to
    get to know them.My,but what a lovely thing to look forward to.

    Try conserve your energy whenever you can. A healthy you, is a happier
    smoother running household since youre here, there,everywhere.

    I found myself getting palpitations the other night, and a fluttering in the
    stomach. Ive been thru this before when my father was sick and knew it
    was the stress building up whether i acknowledged it or not. So i hurriedly
    went today and bought the music box to play my meditation and song CDs
    in. I had lent the one i bought earlier to my brother for him to play holy
    songs and cleansing meditation chants since he is ill. And was baulking at
    buying a new one for myself wondering whether i could afford it out of
    the household expenses. just dont want to ask dh for any more money.
    However, when i got to the shop pleasantly surprised to find it was less
    than i had thought and can make it thru all right this month.

    If i get ill, SIL will, I dont know what she 'll do, poor thng. As it is she is
    getting recurring pains in her knee where she had hurt herself months ago
    and is getting incidences of piles.

    But she marches bravely on. Luckily her family are just marvellous. Theyre
    there every day at the hospital. One or other of her aunts or cousins or
    cousins husbands. bringing water, food. Its why i dont hv to make trips

    I did go today with son and lunch to bring them back home. Now the next
    visits are outpatient ones on Friday and Sat for injections. Then 13
    days of rest & then operation depending on if brother is healthy enough to stand

    Georgia - the 'jackalope' was very funny. It reminded me of our math
    teacher lady who got told on Aprils Fools Day that it wasnt her math
    period for the class that day that hour. She believed, went back to staff
    room and re checked her roster. When she went back to the class, they
    were all grinning.

    Gail - good to see you. Im so happy you have that sweet dog with you.
    The way some animals get abused is heartbreaking but to hear when one
    is rescued and given a good home, is SO uplifting.

    The electricity situation has improved a great deal due to the rains.
    And the fields either side of road when coming back from hospital are
    sprouting maize. Today i could see lovely green hills rising up in the distance
    some of them scarfed by wispy bits of smoke. Normally its a dusty haze.

    Take care all

    God Bless

  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    just noticed you and i posted same time.

    Well, hope you recover from the trip soon!

    Take care

    God Bless