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    Please do check the last volume. Jole came to visit and also Springwater and Julie.

    Throwing in some warm choc chip cookies and whatever drinks everydobby would like. Enjoy !!!

    Whew, my program is over and I can breath again. At least sort of anyway. Now I have to worry about the Christmas Contata at church. That is if the other K of C party is not on that day or whould I say evening. Last year I didn't go to the parties and so DH wants me to go this year. Hope it works out even if more work for me.

    Rock - Where are you my friend. I don't remember you popping in for awhile. Hope it is the computer perhaos and not you feeling bad or worse.

    Spring Water - Hope you are doing OK. I forgot everything almost everyone has posted. Have to get ready to go to a luncheon today and pick up a friend along the way. Tonight is choir practice. Hooray, I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow night. Bible study is tomorrow. DH is going somplace else for a meeting so I need to go by myself. Hope I remember to go :)!!

    Julie - So glad things aare getting better for lindsay and you all although still hectic with those babies. I know my daughter with the twins 13 years ago only breast fed for a short time and then weaned to the bottle. She also used the disposable diapers. I mostly used regular diapers but then there either was no disposaables or they were awful and I was to cheap to by them. Also probably better for the babies I think plus a lot cheaper. Also hung them on the line for awhile to before drier. It is so nice to have lots of help from friends, neighbors and the Amish ladies. She and you all are very lucky to have such wonderful help !

    Gotta run for now. Hope to see some more dear Porchies as well as some MIA's that I am missing !

    Love to everydobby,
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    maybe it won't be so confusing. Right now the old volume is ahead of the new one.

    Hope to hear from as many Porchies as possible. Trying not to add to the confusion.

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    Nice to hear from you and glad things are going pretty well for both you and grandpa. I know how exciting the transcraibing can be. I haven't done much geneaology for awhile. I have gotten frustrated after losing a bunch of info that was on my family tree maker program. I have a lot of it on paper but putting what I have back into the system is going to be a lot of work. Some of it that someone else had sent to me may be lost forever.

    Talk about frustrating but I did find out a lot about my parents and DH's parents that we both didn't know. I know there must be alot more I would like to find but that is something else . Just transferring files back into FTM will be a project. If I start again putting stuff in that is going to take a lot of my time !!

    Just had dinner and will be going to choir practice soon . So I need to get ready. Hope to hear from more of you - Rock, Elaine, Carla, Teacher, Joan and so many others.

    Julie - Hope you are doing OK. There is so much going on with you and your family, I'm worn out just thinking about it.

    Jole - So glad to hear from you before. Hadn't heard from you in some time. How close do you live from your dear sis who has one of those progressive disease. I forget which one, but that is so sad.

    My daughter undergoing chemo is doing pretty well so far. She is ready to lost her hair and has gotten a wig and a scarf thingy I forget what you call it to put around or on your head, if you donlt want the wig. Glad right now she has bery short hair anyway. That doesn't make it any more fun though, I am sure ):!!

    Love to you awl,

    Love to everydobby,
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    for opening the new volume.

    Good to hear you are busy going to choir practise. You all must sound
    so lovely and also pleased to know that daughter is coping well.

    Julie - busy as ever im sure. but hoping things are getting under control
    with the support of your sweet Amish neighbours. and all the rest of the

    Georgia - ah those shawls i smile when i think of them. you had posted
    a picture once. brings to mind winter, a toasty fire, a cosy couch.

    Good to knw you are still busy with the transcriptions. i know the feeling
    of being caught up in somethng interesting. u complete one thing and another
    pops up and so on. u are going to the coast in Jan? lovely.

    Jole - i empathise with you as Im sure you do me. Its difficult. Seeing a
    loved one you grew up with and went thru a lot with afflicted. And with
    a difficult medical problem. Really saps energy and we could hv done with
    extra even without this thing. Well. life goes on.

    I had taken brother to check his bp it is normal now aftr going up and down
    for a few days.

    then the next day a high priest of our faith his daughter called saying they
    would visit. bro didnt know whether the priest himself would be coming,
    he is over 102 years old, but phoned me in case. so i rushed over to help.
    but only the daughter and two friends had come. still i was happy i did go.
    she gave me the number of a hospital where they do tests for vitamin and
    mineral deficiency etc. This priest or gurus family is a wonderful family friend
    of sorts especially of my brother as brother used to visit their monastery often
    and stay over for retreats etc.

    the next day all my brothers came, (I had asked them to come, just
    to spend time together) and had made a simple bottle gourd and chicken
    stew and rice for them. no spices since big bro is eating easy to digest stuff).
    the docs here are not that good. they absolutely forbade fruits saying not to
    eat raw stuff but i discovered u cud steam some, apples, pears, bananas and
    they were still tasty.

    next day to that, MIL called saying someone had died and do i want to come
    with her. yes. to that because my dh doesnt go. so i went and she being the
    busy person she is decided she needed to go to all the other places she
    missed where people had died. its a large community and this time three
    people had died in space of a month. so there we went all three places
    which luckily were all within one area of town and then also dropped in
    on an old friend of FILs taking him some health drink.

    some of her energy must hv rubbed off on me, I reached MIL back and
    went off on my own to visit my friend, sister of Chinese friend whose
    b day i had missed because she wentback to her hometown for visit.

    I hv never visited five places in one day. and i hope not to either.

    then after that dhs uncle came bringing someones wedding card and
    now need to go get the scarves and present whatever...

    to add to that dhs uncles wife called to say her daughter is at an exhibition
    exhibiting furniture etc to come by.

    i will go but not today. just want to get the shopping over with for the upcomingwedding not even sure whose.but the community is big and it
    not going is not even considered unless there is a really good reason
    for it like illness or death.

    because i was busy i hvent been doing the twin hearts meditation or self
    energy healing and now im getting to the point where i really was drained.
    the point where i took up healing in order to have more energy. what a
    vicious circle.

    i read leahs post on chit chat and she described her chrysanthemums and
    im not sure if ours is growing or not. been too busy to really look. but i think
    of the winter and feel happy there will not be the hot sun to cope with.

    well, take care all

    God Bless

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    ...to say hello! I've been on the ME board a little, but not here for awhile.

    It's good to see all the familiar "faces" and hear that most of you are doing well. I'm still grieving the loss of my ex-husband! who died the day before Christmas after seven months of treatment for cancer. We had become close friends, especially where our boys were concerned and I miss him every day.

    We admit to being more sensitive to exercise, chemicals, noise, smells... but we're also more emotionally sensitive. At least I am.

    Sending hugs,
  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    So glad to hear from you and sorry to hear abouat your x husband. That is terrible that anyone should have to suffer like that. Our DD#2 is now undergoing chemo. So far so good but she had only had one treatment. She has 4-5 more to go I think, depending on how she responds physically and medically. She MAY also have radiation afterwards, if the doc. thinks she could/ or should do so.

    I suspected that she might be the daughter that would come up with any kind of cancer as she is the most like my DH's mom who died at 51ish from ovarian cancer that was found by accident when she went in for inguinal hernia surgery. She died very quickly and it was terrible. She also had a double mastectomy with reconstruction. Hoping and praying that all continues to go well. Cancer is so horrible and takes so many wonderful people before the time.

    Hope to hear more from you and that you continue to do as well as can be expected. Miss hearing from you and so many others that used to wander onto the Porch. Hope to check the ME board and maybe I will find some old friends :)! I may have some ME but not sure if the fatigue I feel is from that or just constant pain esp. since I have had it for 25-30 years.

    God bless both you and your family at the loss of your x.

    Have to run to a funeral and then Bible Study so need to leave. So glad to hear from you again.

    Hope to check back later on. I actually don't have anywhere to go tonight.

  7. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Thank you for the wonderful welcome and your sympathy. I surely send the same compassion back to you. Wouldn't you think by now they'd have a cure for cancer?? Sometimes, in my paranoid moments, I'm sure Big Pharma is preventing cures to keep themselves in business.

    Take care. God bless.

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    Just wanted to pop in to ask everyone to have a nice weekend. Hope you all feel OK and can enjoy this weekend. Not to much happening for us except special K of C Mass and then breakfast with a speaker.

    Miss seeing so many of you.

    Julie - How are you doing with all those babies.

    Spring - Where have you been myd ear - all pooped out? I am too after working out today and running back and forth with DH to Best Buy to get a Kindle e-reader and then trying to figure out how to set it up.
    Still have to try and figure out the password for our WiFi.


  9. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Have a nice weekend, Granni and everyone!

  10. lilaclover30

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    every time I get on here ! I had to fight that password again. I niow have it down in black and white!

    I think that I told you that my daughter was hosting a bridal shower for my future granddau9ghter-in-law. It went wonderfully well. Their spouses all came and we had a great lunch. Then the guys, all 8 of them, went golfing! The women had already come down to my house and then the guys came. I loved it------it seemed likd old times. kWhen the guys all came in, I had a twinge-----I was looking for Harley among the bunch! The only time that seems to happen is when my familoy of guys are together. It was a successful day.

    I told you last time-"now for the rest of the story". I am moving sometime this fall to an assisted living near my youngest son's home, about 3 hrs. from here! They have talked about it for quite some time but i didn't respond to them. Finally I said that I wasn't going anywhere until I could see it. It is nice! So now-------I am trying to fit 59 years of living in this home into one room.
    I have so many heirlooms!!!! There is furniture, gorgeous crystal, silver, etc. I have asked each of my children and the 9 grandchildren to tell me what they want. I have written it all down and plus the history of the item. I have things that belonged to my great-grandparents, great-aunts and uncles, grandparents, parents. My house is FULL ot it. But there are so many things unspoken for. There are shelves kin the room so Ii am finding antiques thaat I wish to take.

    Then about 3 weeks ago, I began going through drawers!!! Oh my! I have thrown things away that should have been thrown away years ago. I have bags and baags for Good Will! I ;can only do so many a day. Then I had to go through photo albums. The began in 1980! I went through them all, a pile of pictures for me, a pile for my son, a pile for my granddaughter-------- sdo many I hated to give upi but will have no place for them. I have filled 2 of those photo boxes, in fact packed them, for me.

    And I get to take Maggie! I don't know if she is going to like being confined to one room. Our house is long and she can run from ione end to the other. She also hides under my bed when copmpany---even family come.

    My son has an empty closet so he will fill it with out-of-season clothes and Xmas things----my small tree and odds and ends of holilday things.

    I don't think that KI have really absorbed the fact that I won't have my home any more.k Kids will have a sale of left-over thkings in the spring. I will miss my church where I have attended all of my life---married there and kids baptized there and still go there. Dumb me, I still go to coffee. The female non-friend still bugs me but we have a new pastor, 26 and jjst married. At coffee, I can't hear them and no one would think of saying anything at me. If I ask what they are talking about, thien lady that sits beside me jusgt briefly tells me a little. I promised myself that i won't go Mon. I had a younger male friend--age of my oldest son----that had been so good to me for so long. I have discovered since he is besgt pal with "her" I'm out of the picture. IO use a folding walker to go to coffee, church and the P.O. So many have been so good about opening doors for me---I can do it but it is hard.

    i will be getting a new walker that has the seat, etc. that makes it so much easier for me as I have a place to put things. Have an old one that I use here at home.

    I must get over the feeling that I am going on vacation and will come back here. I have just one daughter and 3 greanddaughters. IOne lives in CO. so dioesn't seem to want much, Another lives in N.C. and does want lots but gettingt it to her is hard. My name-sake granddaughter has not spoken in any way, shape or form, tio any of her family in 2 years. It breaks my heart. She is my name-sake---middle name is my first name.

    I do realize that this decision is best. My dishwasher broke over a year ago and washing dishes by hand just breaks my back and makes my knee hurt so much. I end up moaning and sitting on the seat of the walker to finish. And my sink drain makes awful gurgling noises that the plumber can't fix. My icwe makes doesn't work but I love that. Whenever one of the kids is home, the go down to the convience store and but a big bag of ice and I love it. So much better than cubes.

    I was diagnosed with thyroid problems, low, several monthes ago, but found out this week I am reguilated. Come back in six weeks!! I will have to have found a new Dr. by then.

    I discovered 2 weeks ago that I can not grocery shop by myself. Our wonderful sgtore has modernized so that so many freezer/frig. things are in upright cases. I use an electric cart and I have to get off to get things. Most of the summer, either my oldest son or my daughter are here to take me shopping. Makes it so wonderful. Son loves the store so shops some for himself.

    Youngest son, who lives where I am going, can't come down very much. He has the 2 new children that keep them busy, busy.

    Well, that is enough about me. I started to read the last vol. and got lost on what is giong on. i do know that tghe sweet grandma, from Face Book, is a busy, kind lady to take care of her grandkids like she does! I agree that Lindsey has her hands full and there always seems to be a problem somewhere. Bless her heart. It just makes me tired to know how much she does. Please don't get too tired.

    Granni: You go and go and keep so busy---but I envy you! I used to go and go like that and it was so enjoyable. but now-------nothings after dark.

    SW: i have a young friend from my church that just spent a month in your country doing mission work. Then my niece and her hubby just got back from Myanmar visiting their daughter, SIL, and sweet grandson who aare there for 2 yrs. on mission work. Then my Peace Corp grandson, (he had to leave Mali because of an invasion to the north. Now he has gone to India for 6 monthes--niot sure what he does.

    Ii am so hungry for Dried beef gravy on toast or potatoes. Even opening a small jar would make me eat it for numerous days. I may do it anyway. Bu9t things like that make me so tired!

    I am siorry that I rambled on and on. that's all I know. I have made typo after typo but I do not want tio correct anything. Tired.

    I have missed allo of you----I come in here to type and I am too tired so don't do it.

    Love you all, my very best friends,

    Gentle hugs,
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    It is so nice to hear from you. Sorry you are leaving a place that you love but I know you relize it is for the best. The getting ready and cleaning out things ad throwing things out, giving away, etc. is a big chore. Every time you or any of us have to move it is a production but we do get rid of alot of stuff that we really do not need., and or do not have the room to bring.

    Do you know about whenyou are moving? Are the kids going to help you with the house for sale, etc? That is always a pain too but hope it goes well for you.

    How far away does your son live that will live close to you? I guess you won't be going to your old church? Our small singing group sings at some of the assisted living homes in our area. Most are very nice and many have mini busses or cars to take residences to their churches. I know some come to ours. They have fun activities and entertainment and all. They are so nice but some not to cheap :)!!

    Hope you will either be able to take your computer or be able to use one in their computer room. We will really miss you if you can't check in and with us once in awhile. You'll get waited on and not have to fix meals unless just breakfast of lunch. They usually have two meals in the price and you get to fix the other.

    Sorry you are in alot of pain. I know how that is believe me. Keep in touch with us and let us know how you are doing when you are going to be moving.

    Thanks so much touching base with us. We have been missing you. I know I sure have.

    Lots of love and hugs to you,
  12. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    What a HUGE adjustment and a ton of work you're going through, Joan! I'm not quite to that point but I can see the time coming. You inspire me to be brave - and to begin to divest myself of all this STUFF now. Don't be disappointed if you find friends and family reluctant to take your things. My son found that to be true after his father died. Even many antiques weren't wanted - so they're in my basement. : /

    I remember when you first came on the message board and people tried to figure out if you were Lila Clover or Lilac Lover. lol I will hold you in my prayers.

    Julie, I really don't know you well, but it's so good of you to care for every sick body around you. You take care of you, too, OK?

    Hugs to all,
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  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hope everyone read the post from Lilac (Joan( who will be moving to an assisted living place sometime this fall. Hope she can continue to keep in contact with us all when she moves. So glad she posted to us

    Marta - I belive Joan's name was Lilaclover (not sure about one or two c's)

    No time right now to do a nice post but wanted to pop in , say hi and please try and stay well. Hope Lorraine's vomiting is not catching ! It surely can be if bacterial or viral. Good luck to you all. You hardly ever get to rest. It might be time to get a flu shot soon for at least you , Den and maybe Lindsay and David if they can take them. I find they help me especially. Even if I get something I can zap it away fairly quickly. I know some people don't like them but I do.

    Maybe it would at least help you two from getting whatever, inc Lindsay if she can take them with her her asthma, etc.

    SW, Sounds like you have been really busy. Hope you don;t poop out now and feel well.

    It is a rainy day today. So we won't be doing to much outside. Gotta run for now.

    Love to you awl,

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  14. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    It was so nice of you to write Granni. I have no idea when I will kmove. They have to get the wedding over first before D even thinks about it. I will let you know. S#1 decided that I will take my computer. They do have a computer but I have all of my favorites here on mine. I also have a screen saver of pictures of all of my family, present andr past. I wouldn't have any addresses on their's. he thought this best. I hope he gets me a smaller desk.

    There will be 3 meals a day and the dining room is restaurant style. White table clothes and all. Anxious to see how the food is !!!

    Yes, I will miss my church! My son lives about a mile or so away. I don't want to go to his church----big, big church and he goes on Sat. night. They have services in the day - 3- but I am old-fashioned----I don't know their songs and I like my hymnal. S's mother-in-law lives in this city to and attends a UM church but-----she is so bossy. They do have a nicely decorated corner where they have services at the facility. I will see how well I like that but it isn't Sunday
    if I can't put on my good clothes and go to church at 9 a.m. on Sunday! Guess I will adjust to it all.

    Julie: You poor girl!! Has their been any time since the twins were born that there was just a normal day?? And for you, the saint that is always there in time of trouble. Please don't get tooooo tired!Do you ever have a full night's sleep. Bless that Amish ladies that help you out. I think the Amish like to help others and Love tio cook!

    No 1 son is coming today, taking me to luinch in our shopping town and to the grocery store, Oh my, it is such a help to have someone reach for things. He said to make a chores list and they are all little but such a help! I want to go to the cemetery and change the flowers in gthe vases to fall instead of summer.Would you believe that someone came in and stole all of those copper looking lights??? Why oh why would they do that? I ask that for so many things on the news anymore!

    The weather has been pretty nice all fall. Always ju9st a littile below normql but we haven't had frost as yet. Trees haven't begun to turn. I have a red maple we planted out in front and never know what color it will be. IOne fall it was vibrant orange. Last year, burgundy.

    I must stop. I can't seem to hit any right keys.

    Have a wonderful weekend and rest!!!

    Gentle hugs, Joan
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I have been missingyou and so many others who have disappeared. Hopefully, some of them with return. I know some are working and very busy as well as not feeling well too. Those not working may be just busy or just not feeling well wnough to post. I suspect some are lurking but don't have the NRG or electricity (like SW) to post.

    That is awful that someone took the copper looking lights. If there is any thing that even looks like copper I think thrieves will take them to resell for $ and or drugs. I think copper tubing, pipes or whatever, have been stolen from businesses too and churches because they must bring in some needed money. At least that is what I have heard on TV, even locally or in the city.

    Speaking of hitting the wrong keys. I hit enter and this posted before I was ready. So now I am adding on or at least trying to. However, now I can't read your post or Julie's. So nice to hear from both of you. Joan , it is great that your son will take you out and or bring you shopping. That is wonderful. I know shopping can be very tiring too!!

    Glad you get to keep your familiar computer !! Computer rooms can also be confusing and busy with lots of people wanting to use them sometimes.

    Hope to see some more peeps this weekend or at least next week. I hate talking to myself so it was great to hear from you both.

    More later !

    Granni[This Message was Edited on 09/29/2012]
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    No energy here, but that's not news. Last week was especially bad. Poor
    Zippy missed 4 walks. Had a little pep this morning so I walked him around the
    block. Will take him on another short walk later if possible. Gordon already
    took his car to the garage; made meat loaf and mashed potatoes. I am
    contributing to the project by tasting both.

    I got a book of humor from the library. Turned out to be a book for kids. Has
    over a 100 pages of knock knock jokes. And lots of riddles. How do rabbits
    check to see if they are aging? They look for grey hares.

    Hi to all our regulars and to old friends who used to be regulars: Marta and
    Lilac. I guess I fall into that category myself now. Got some magnesium
    from Pro Health. See if it does anything.

    You know the number of elements has changed in my lifetime. Also the number
    of states, population, and planets. And I think the number of genes too.
    For a while there was an assertion that the speed of light had changed. Or
    at least our measurement of it.

    Hope to be back later.
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, we just got back from picking up Gordon's car at the garage.
    I tell ya, the incompetence factor continues to grow. They only have
    half a dozen cars to keep track of today, but they mentioned to mix
    'em up.

    It's cause the boss wasn't in today. His daughter is in charge.
    Do they have two of the same cars. No! They have two car
    owners with the first name of Gordon! I'd sure like to go back
    in time to when people paid attention to what they were doing.

    Nice of you to bring chocolate chip cookies, Granni. I got
    some at Albertsons market last week that were actually good.
    Not quite so good as home made, but still... Most bakeries
    in markets are terrible. I don't know how they can turn out
    sheet cakes that have absolutely no flavor. Not in the cake.
    Not in the frosting. They must use ingreediments that have
    no atoms or something.

    So what sort of cantata are you doing for Xmas? Famous
    composer? How big is the choir?

    Joan, good to hear from you. Good luck with your moving
    and the new situation. My mother spent about a year in such
    a place. She thought it was great except for the fellow who
    frequently wanted to play cards or scrabble with her, but didn't
    seem to know the rules.

    As Julie said, that's wonderful that Maggie can go with you.

    Julie, I'm glad you are getting some help from the Amish.
    They are like a living window into the 19th century. There were
    no Amish where I grew up in SE Minn., but they moved in after
    I moved to CA.

    The train no longer runs through town. The old depot is now
    a gift shop. Sells Amish quilts for high prices. They even have
    tours of Amish farms. A tour in a van is $25 per adult. For $50
    the guide will ride in your car with up to 3 adults. I wonder if
    the two farms my relatives used to own are still in the family.

    Marta, good to hear from you. Yes, life is full of adjustments.
    Gordon and I got our backs cracked last Sat. Ha Ha! My mother died
    9 years ago. All the stuff in her 2 room apt. was packed up and
    put in my brother's garage. Still there. Boxes unopened.

    His family has been using her furniture, china and sterling from the old house for the last 30 years. I've moved over 20 times, so I'm glad I didn't
    have to lug it around.

    Georgia, do you have any knitting projects you'd like to do, but
    have never gotten around to? Gordon made me a pair of slippers
    last month. They are quick and easy to do, but not very sturdy.
    Wear out in a couple months.

    Springwater, here's a joke in response to your horticulture report.
    (Insert name of very bad person.) ___________ was greeted by the
    gatekeeper at the Pearly Gates. He snarled, "I suppose you won't let
    me in." "Oh, we have a simply test regarding admission. Just spell

    BTW, have you heard of John Steinbeck. He wrote "Grapes of Wrath"
    among other things. Won the Pulitzer and Nobel prizes. He wrote
    a short story titled "Chrysanthemum". Not a cheerful story.

    Well, I did laundry today. The last batch is in the dryer. Maybe someday
    there will be a microwave appliance that dries you clothes and heats
    your food.

    Better go before this goes you-know-what.

  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Lovely to log on and see a lot of faces suddenly after a quiet spell...

    Rock - that was hilarious about the Pearly gates. what about the
    word mesembranthus. our help had a hard time pronouncing that one!
    my dhs aunt loves knitting socks. what do u call those socks that cover
    only the heel and a little of the instep. moccassins?

    Granni - what is a kindle e reader? i hv been busy but also kind of drained of
    energy and on top of that the lights go off and on every hour or so, im sure
    some mechanical fault due to the streets demolishing going on. Gail said they
    showed it on tv. Imagine our countrys streets and rubble being shown there,
    the world is such a small place.

    Julie - Oh no. Lorraine has got the respiratory stuff again! Yes your family
    does seem to get it a lot. However, these things are so infectious. I just
    hv to go out once in the dust and next day i hv a scratchy throat and
    a feeling of being warm from the inside, like a fever developing.

    i tried wearing a mouth mask but its so uncomfy.

    I hope she gets better soon and take care of yourself in meantime.

    Marta - hey welcome back! Its so lovely to see you again. Im so sorry
    to hear about the loss of your wonderful friend and ex husband. It is
    really nice to see someone who has worked out their problems and become
    closer instead of cutting off ties or drifting further apart!

    Agree with you about people not wanting stuff these days. I myself
    know i needto get rid of a lot of clutter. well things i liked but they do
    not serve a purpose any longer rather take space up.

    Joan - i love reading your long long updates. And about your big big
    family lots of who always seem to be on the move!

    I think it is a good idea now to move into the other place. Because of
    the trouble you were having in recent times. Its lovely u can take yr
    sweet Maggie.

    My dog Poopsie has suddenly started seeming to decline. well not exactly
    but she has cataracts and cannot hear or smell properly. and recently she
    is limping on hind leg. arthritis? it gave me a pang because i remember clear
    as day the first time she came to us...a little bundle of pure snowy joy and
    energy and beauty.

  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    doing this in 2 parts since i dont want to lose what i typed

    Day before i went to the wedding. gah what a tiring day and i had to
    go and buy scarves and what not and it was so hot too.the rains are

    then comingback and quick shower and off to uncles and aunts. hitched
    ride with them. my MIL had asked me if i want to come with her and her
    son (BIL) but i was already going with uncle.

    got bored. i guess becauseof all the things going on at personal level.
    big bro illness, niece illness. money tight. couldnt really concentrate
    on having fun.

    yesterday i tried to rest (I always poop out the next day after a social event)
    but middle brother phoned. with another crisis what next. someone had committed suicide at the hospital ward where niece is being treated and they
    sent all patients home willy nilly. and he wanted me to ring her doctor
    and ask for an earlier appointment than thursday and ask for admission to
    the 'home' up on the hills where she used to stay before.

    he never checks anything before askng me to phone and for the second time
    running, i found myself reluctantly calling the doc at home (they get so testy
    if u disturb them at home) and finding out the appointment is earlier than
    what brotehr told me. he is such a blockhead. On Monday. The doc must be
    wondering why im always calling him with wrong info.

    Niece is still not lucid. she asks why my father and mother dont visit her.
    her grandparents. and keeps chanting mantras and stuff. now her mom abroad
    has gotten suspicious that her daughter isnt well and is going ballistic ringing
    brother and her son all night.

    nieces husband is all tied up because in addition to his wife being ill and a new
    daughter to care for his elder sister has just had a baby and is there in the same house,.

    And the place where my middle brother stays with his MIL, his wifes sis in law
    is expecting a kid in a months time. theyre taking care of my nieces new born
    just now but how arethey going to manage when they hv two newborns?

    im wondering if fate has somethng against us all. the way things are going
    these days.

    anyways today i go to this exhibition of dhs cousin sis its an interior deco/furniture expo in town.

    and tomorrow it is off to the hospital for big bros CT scans.

    take care all

    God Bless
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Can you all believe it is about 67 degress according to the weather.com in our area or 69- now that is cool for here at this time. There is also no sun at this time.

    Got an e-mail from our eldest daughter yesterday that one of the twins (13 yrs) went flying over the handlebars on his bike and broke both of his wrists. He will have to go to the orthopedist on Monday to see what else is what and if surgery or anything else is needed. What is he going to be able to do in school with both wrists broken? No more Tae Kwon Do for awhile too. I am guessing that he was going to fast for one thing. I'll be his parents are not to thrilled. Oh well, that's kids foryou and he is not the athletic one. His skinny brother is playing football in HS. They are both freshmen.

    Our son played football all through school, until college and loved it. He only stepped in a hole once in practice and twisted his ankle I think. He was also very much on defense too :)!! He started playing at age 6. He also was a skinny kid and had to drink stuff to help him gain weight. Now he needs to lose weight :)!!!

    So far the other twin, playing football has had no injuries. Hope that continues.

    Spring Water - Wow there is so much going on in your life and with all your relative- lots of babies, etc. Yes, a couple of babies in one houseold or under the same roof can sure make things caotic (sp?). Your your big bros CAT scan turns out well and that he is feeling fairly well with his treatments.

    I have a pork roast cooking today in the oven. Smelling good already. May try and check in later today. Had K of C Corporate Communion this morning with early church and then a breakfast at a local place with a great speaker. It was a nice morning.

    Julie - Hope you are well and everyone not that sick. Geez, it is hard for you to get out from all those germs, isn't it? Stay well and try and rest !

    Hi to Joan. Jole, Georgia, Rock and all the many MIA's- I am still thinking of you all,

    Bye to all for now.


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