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    Thought that I should start this new volume before having to run out and do a bunch of stuff plus put dinner in crock pot since I will be gone this afternoon doing a performance with my small group. We are off to a assisted living/nursinghome facility. Next motnh we have so many shows. Hope I can hold up and DH too with me being gone.

    Pleaswe check the last volume to see Julie, Rock, me, Gail and others. Need to get off before DH gets home. Then time to run and then get ready for my (our) performance.

    Jiulie - Hang in there girl. I have no idea how you holdup , even if you are YOUNG :)!!!

    Love everydobby.
  2. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - Hope you are hanging in there with all that is going on with you and your family. Hope you et the chance to get some REST now and then. Have my crockpot chicken and dumplings started and anxious to eat it later on.

    Frieda - Hope you are feeling a little better too and sorry you have been feeling extra puny lately. You certainly don't need that

    Haven't done a whole lot today other than start the crockpot and finsih a wash and run with DH to where the K of C are selling brisket (BBQ) sandwiches and or plates. I helpoed set up some and DH did a little work and then we left after ordering sandwiches to eat when we got home. Usually he goes early and comes home early but we overslept and his leh (the back of it) was bothering him. Not sure where he got that.

    Need to go check on the chicken and then shred it and see if I need to add more liquid and thicken and then add the veggies and later on add the dough from the bisccuits cans to make the dumplings.

    Hope to see Rock, Gail, Joan, Jole, Elaine or anyone else soon.

    Gotta run for now.

    Love to you awl,
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    Just don't gots no energy. that's not news, is it. Kinda like the real headlines:
    just endless repeats of the same old stuff, most of it bad. Right now I'm doin'
    the laundry. that will pretty much be it for today. Tomorrow we are going to
    Food 4 Less, a Kroger store. The biggest grocer in the country.

    Freida, I'm so sorry you gots even less energy than I. I suppose you've tried
    just about everything. I just started taking some magnesium pills. We'll see
    what happens.

    Granni and Julie, Gordon is cooking chicken too. What a kawinkydink!
    He just bought two hundred bucks worth of cookbooks. (I can't use numerals.
    the keyboard has gone absolutely nuts. Gotta get a new one.) Anyhoo,
    he already has hundreds of cookbooks including some he bought years ago that
    are still in shrink wrap. Collectors are cuckoo, and that's all there is to it.

    Granni, was your performance last night, or is it tonight? Julie, so autumn
    has definitely arrived, huh? Gettin' cooler here too. Was down to 59 degrees
    last night. :)

    Better go check on the dryer.

    Well, I clicked on Submit, and the entire post vanished. We'll see if the cut
    and paste save works.
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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - Hope you don't get sick again or any of the other children. Thus weather is certainly not good for people staying well. It has gotten very cold at night and warms up during the day. I dress warm in the morning and then start removing clothes by afternoon or so.

    You are so luck Den is so hand with fixing everything.. Sorry to say that my DH is not that way or not with any big things,

    Try and rest some and try not to get sick. Is it tummy problems with LInds or coughing or what? Good luck to you and your family. Drop a note when you can.

    Hope to hear from any of my/our friends, Jole, Gail, Joan, Teacher, Frieda, Diane, and many more.

    Spring Water - How are you doing? Hope you are doing OK and have at least found alittle bit of ERG someplace.

  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hello Again. A simpering, whimpering Hi again. (To the tune of Bewitched,
    Bothered and Bewildered._) See that underline. whenever I hit the "_)",
    the _ pops up in front of it. And some of the numerals add a number before
    or after the key I hit. The =8 adds an equal sign. I would have gone out
    and bought a new keyboard this afternoon, but the stores are all too crowded
    on weekends.

    Yes, my previous message survived in toto because of the cut and paste function.

    Well, I did the last load of laundry today. We usually have only two. But I
    was up all night (generally the case_) and thus was asleep when Gordon went
    to the market.

    He spent about %$$54-0 See what happens. I actually typed forty dollars.
    He found a note under his mattress that said I borrowed forty dollars. Note dated Sept. last year. . Of course I forgot about it. So I paid him back and then he used the money to buy groceries for me and Zipper. hat Oh yeah, the
    "W" is really loco~!

    Julie, I agree with Granni. It's great that Den can do all that stuff. I seldom
    attempt anything more difficult than flipping a circuit breaker. A couple years
    ago I was drilling a hole in a push broom so we could hang it up. I said,
    "This is boring."

    Here's joke from an English humor site. He: What's all that noise? She: I'm
    shampooing my hair. The bottle says "Extra Volume".

    Then there was the chap who stole a bunch of periods. He's looking at a
    long sentence.

    Granni, what are you cookin' up today? I had a nourishing, All American
    lunch of fried potatoes and Spam.

    Springwater, is your son back at school? What festival are you celebrating
    this week?

    Gale, Georgia, Joan, Freida, Diane, hope you guys are OK. As the song goes
    in "Oliver", we hope you'll "Be Back Soon".


    Same thing happened. Post vanished when I hit Submit. Some day I will
    just toss this machine in the Pacific Ocean. In fact, I've got "a notion"
    to do it right now.
  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I don't want to be an alarmist, but maybe you should see a doc pronto.
    Have you thought about a TIA? Transient ischemic attack. You can read
    about it on Wikipedia. Granni probably has some info too.

    Whatever it is, I sure hope it's minor and temporary.

  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    It might just like you have been doing way to much or it might be a flare up of your CFS but I suggest that if you keep feeling like that it wouldn't be a bad idea to go to the doc and get checked out just to make sure.

    TIA's and strokes are nothing to fool with but you have also been burning the candles on both ends so to speak.

    Do you have high b/p.? If not it might be a start with all you have been doing.

    Will check with you tomorrow. Please rest and get checked out if it continues or gets worse. This may also be just a signal for you to slow down sweetie.

    Love you,
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hope you get to feeling better and or VERY soon. You don't need feeling badly when you have so much responsibiility. Try and rest as much as possible. If you get worse go get checked out SOON. Although with the hanging arounf of these symptoms seems to me like you have worked yourself into a flare, but be VERY CAREFUL.

    Will come back later to check you and everyone else out. Need to finish breakfast and get ready to go to Line Dancing. Haven't gone to that in some time. It is in the 30's right now I think - brrr but will warm up to 60's I think today.

    Hope any Porchies living in the NE will be OK and the storm not as bad as they thought. I think the worst is supposet to be tonight and tomorrow. Not sure yet if it made the turn to the west. Thinking of everydobby in harms way. My brfother and some of his family live on LI and another nephew lives in Maine, I believe. One is in FL so she is no problem.

    Bye for now. Will check in later.

    Where is SW, Gale, Jole, Joan , Elaine , Carla, Teacher and other Porchies.

    Love to you awl,
  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - get well soon. i know you are still going on
    and on doing stuff inspite of whatever...hope the
    latest condition resolves itself...certainly dont need
    any more when there is so much to do.

    Granni - did you hv fun at the Line dancing. i suppose
    you are relieved now that weather is changing to cool.
    i certainly am. everything here becomes so much more
    pleasant because the heat haze clears up and everything
    looks clearer. mornings and evenings are just wonderful.
    daytime its still burning hot.

    Rock - imagine being able to toss ones computer into the
    sea if you want to..lol. i hv seen the sea properly just a
    few rare times in all my 50 years of life.

    the son will go to school in a day or two. festivl is over.
    kind of. people returning from villages. my help yet to come.
    poor son will again hv to reach his uncle to hospital today.
    i told him he didnt hv to wait tho. get them, reach them, and
    then go do what he has to. he's been going to gym regularly these
    days. gone and become beefy. i used to prefer him when he looked
    slender and frail faced.

    i begged off today. not accompanying them. its jst routine blood
    tests. before getting admitted tomorrow again for his eigth round
    of chemo. i guess tomorrow i will hv to reach lunch and my day will
    go there.

    the festival was quiet. by choice. dh returned. came back via bangkok
    so he brought rambutans. thai fruit. no presents. he always gets sizes
    wrong so i asked him not to bring clothes.

    day before we gathered for blessing ceremony at uncles place. dhs
    uncle. his aunt and cousin had made a typical meal. lots of dishes
    served in leaf plates the traditoonal way. it was good to connect with
    all the family members again. son thank goodness had a friend in the form
    of dhs cousin sisters kids. he just horsed around with them.

    spoke to daughter on phone. she had told me she had decided her
    halloween outfit would be ...will dress from top to bottom in gold.
    carry a golden spade. she will go as a gold digger. :)

    just called her and told her to be safe from sandy. i asked her if
    she had any floaters around just in case; she asked me not to be
    ridiculous. she was safe, warm with a stockpile of essentials and
    busy doing her homework. coudnt help asking. that town of hers
    has a lake every something metres. suppose they overfill and flood?

    im reading ruskin bond. he is an anglo indian writer. he must be
    about 80 now. born in india. parents divorced when he was 10. his
    dad took care of him and then died of malaria while serving in RAF
    during II world war. at 16 he decided to become a writer. went off
    to england after school but couldnt forget india. so he came back
    after three years.

    basically lived on his own. i admire that. eking out living doing what he
    loved. he loves the hills and i kind of identified with him when he said
    he loves being solitary and yet is insecure of being alone. its the way
    i feel.

    i hope gail, teacher, jole, joan, georgia are all well. all those in path
    of sandy pls keep safe.

    im watching it on tv and my it looks like grandaddy of storms!

    love you all

    God Bless
  10. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Have been keeping those effected by Sandy in my prayers. I was watching the coverage this morning, and can't believe the devastation. Have never seen anything like it. Frieda, and all, glad to hear you are OK and haven't lost power.

    Hope you're feeling better, Julie. I was concerned about your symptoms, also. A close friend of mine had a small stroke on Sunday--we were surprised, as she is so healthy, exercises, etc, but strokes run in her family. I had an MRI several years ago as my MD thought I may have had one, but the sxs were probably due to a pinched nerve in my neck.

    Granni, I admire you for your activites--line dancing, singing, etc.

    Had to laugh yesterday--I came across a guy named Woolhouse Willey in the UK records from around 1730. Perhaps the curate recorded the last name first, but we have to type as written. Once in a while I come across the strangest names.

    Nothing too much to report. We are still having summery weather out here--last several days has been in the low 80s, but rain is coming tomorrow. CA is supposed to have a warmer winter then is usual this year, from what I've read in the extended forecast.

    SW, happy to hear that your daughter is OK.


  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Glad you are getting looked at by a doctor tomorrow. Is the doc a neurologist or PCP? Better safe than sorry if it was a TIA !! Time to take care of yourself my dear !!! Smart chiro I think. Glad he mentioned that to you. Let us know what is what tomorrow when you get back.

    Georgia - Glad to hear from you and that all is well. I have to get off right now and talk to DH. Just got home from practice with our small group. Had to go change clothes as we are going out to eat with some friends for Oct. birthdays, myself and anther gal. She was born on Halloween !!!

    Rock - Hope you are doing OK. Glad to see you and Spring Water posted.

    I feel like I am starting a cold or something in my throat so am upping my GSE. Hope tht helps. We are supposed to sing at two places on Monday. Hope I still have a voice by then.

    Love to everydobby,

  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Glad you will be having an MRI. Then they (and you) will know for sure about exhaustion vs TIA. It does sound more like exhaustion but you need to find that out for sure. Either way, I think you need to really start trying to take more care of yourself. I know that is almost impossible with all the help Lindsay needs. Glad you are going to do a lot of sleeping.

    In answer to your question - maybe so !!! After all twins and a 2 year old is alot of work. I know ! I didn;t have twins but I did have 4 girls 2 years a part and then a boy 5 years later. I know busy !! She and they can do it. It must have been very overwhelming, especially all at once when the twins were born. I saw that too when our daughters twins were born but they weren't very close to us. So didn't do much sitting. How wonderful that Den is so good with the babies. Sorry to say my DH was not the greatest when they were tiny but did get a little better as they grew. Baths of course was my territory too !!

    More later. Hope you have a good sleep !!!!! zzzzzzzzzz
    Love you,
    Edited for all my typos. Including MIA instead of MRI !!![This Message was Edited on 10/31/2012]
  13. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Glad that you saw the MD, and that he ordered an MRI.

    My friend who had the TIA over the weekend said her sx's have totally cleared up. She said one leg "wouldn't work", and she is walking normally now.

    Get some rest!

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Yes, I think that is great that Den was with you to hear everything the doctor said. I wish my Dh was there when I was talking to the doc. However, my problem is or was that I have had all this for years and we all are just taking everything for granted, shall we say.

    Try not to feel to weird about forgetting the right word. I do that a lot, let me tell you. Of course I am not as young as you :)!!! When are you having your MRI or did you? I haven't read anything about it. Take it easy Julie and don't be in any hurry to get back to so much work. Take whatever happened this as a sing that it is time to take more care of YOU.

    I went to the doctor or should I say the nurse practitioner(sp?) for my awful cough. She gave me 3 days of antibitoics that hopefully will do the trick. I know if I didnpt go and waited till after the weekend, I would be in a mess. Also. I am supposed to sing with the choir on Sunday evening (which I doubt I will be doing). My small group has 3 shows this coming week, the first 2 on Monday. I just wrote to my small group leader and told her. I know she would understand if I could sing but we are so low on sopranos right not. Now I have to send a note to my church director.

    Oh well, so glad to see Frieda too. Seems like many are missing. Looking for Rock and Spring Water, just to name two. Hope EVERYONE is doing OK.


  15. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I have intended to come visit for the past few weeks but time got too full.

    My nephew and his wife picked me up Oct. 12 and took me to my grandsons wedding. It was so wonderful~~~~~I walked down the aisle wit5h just my cane. The reception was wonderful~~~~delicious food and instead of a wedding cake!~! My grandson loves pie so he decided that is what it shoud be and was it delicious.

    Of course I sat during the dancing but it was so much fun to watch my great-grandkids! From 1 to 7!! AB, 7 and jr. flowergirl, loves to dance and just joined in the girls-----granddaughters-in-law. Now my 13 month old great-grandson, stole the show------his moma held him a bit whwile she danced, he wanted down and tried to mimic what she was doing. He was so funny---he entertained the whole family. He was so funny and so cute.

    We stayed the next day, D had rented a visiting room so both sides of the new couple's families, plus new couple could all visit. My grandchildren seldom ever get together so it was a great time. They all got to meet my two new grandchildren (from the Philipines) and they gal had a great time---dancing bit the guy was tired and didn'g feel great. I suffered for it that night. I had had a espresso dessert, both legs were swollen and I had a horrible nmight. But it was worth it.

    The 4 days later D came down and sprent from Thur. to Sun. morning helping me. I have so many small things I want to take with me when I move after TG----she bubblewrapped them all and put them into big crates plus books, etc I want to take.

    i have been freezing-----I am not used to the cold weather----32 or so in the a.m. I finally began wearing my in-between jacket and I wear a jacket in the house. The front of the house is 70 as is the back. I guess it is my "old age" that makes me cold-----you have seen pictures of all these old ladies with their shawls on. Do you have a remark to follow that, Rock!!!

    I am going to close and write soon with more. Julie!!!-------you take care of yourself! I know that there is sio much going on but you just have toi take care of yourself too. You owe it to your sweet family!!

    I'm so sorry I can't coment on rest of my8 dear friends....If I do or did, I couldn't getr this much written and I do want to keep up on all of you, my true friends!

    No more coffee group fior me----I can't take being made fun of or not hearing!!!

    Gentle Hugs,

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    It has been sometime and we worry your know. Of course we know you are busy with all your packing, etc. Glaad you quit going to the coffees, even if you are moving. I sure wouldnpt go if people make fun of you and say things behind your back. Do you know yet whenh you will be moving??

    Julie - Glad you are taking it easy. You need to start doing that more, no matter what the results are of the MRI !! I see Lorraine is already going for a sleep over at her aunts. I'm sure she willo have fun with Kiera and Kiera can be the BOSS :)!!!

    Still coughing and have a low grade fever. I got on a 3 day dose of a strong antibiotic Azrithromysin, I think but I have a feeling that this may be a virus. My fever has gone up to 100.5 or 6 I think.. Still coughing and I have 1 more pill left for tomorrow. I'm supposed to sing at church for Confirmation but wonpt be doing that for sure. My small group is singing for 3 pereformances this week. I may not make Monday but hope I can do Wed. and then I won't go to choir practice. To much on my throat. However, I may not make any of them. I'm so aggravated.

    Everyone stay well. Almost time to take all my meds.

    Love to everydobby,