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    I figured that I had better start a new one . Hope no one else tries to start and getws their fingers or toes caught in the door.

    Please read the last volume for updates on Julie, Springs Water, Myself and I am trying to remember who else.

    Georgia - How are you doing? Hope all is well.

    Rock - we needed you start us with a nice square dance call.

    Need to go and get ready for beddy bye. Still try to get rid of thsi stupid low grade fever. As soon as I think it is gone it comes back ----grrr ! May have just us for Thanksgiving.

    Hope to see more of you on the Porch tomorrow. I know so many getting ready for Thanksgiving.

    Love to all,
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    Trying to wake up and dh left to go on an errand with a friend about his new car. I'm sure his wife was glad to stay home. She hasn't been to well either. So, I a writing her and eating my cereal . Does that sound familar JULIE.

    Since I have told our daughter Lynne about my condition she has been bugging me, poor girl. I know she wants to get out, see us and do something for a change. However, there isn't a whole lot I can do about it if my fever is persisting.

    I am going to send a note to my doctors office to ask just to make sure since she is so insistant and upset. I do want to see if they found anything on the chest x-ray. The discomfort I have when coughing might be from the coughing, although I haven't coughed alot due to the meds.

    Julie - How cute about Isaiah wanting a snack before bed. That is so cute also about Rockabying everyone but that surely can be time consuming. Do you remember if you were rockabyed when you were a child?. If so I sure do not remember it. I guess also if you nurse you might have been more apt to do it. At the time i had my kids (2 years apart for the first 4) they poo pooed the nursing , at least where I lived, In L.I. It of course can be a lovely bonding time for the moms and babies. Of course that is a little different subject than Rockabying. Enough of that for now :)!! I didn;t have loads of help with my DH and the babies. I did most everything but he would hold them if needed and possibly gave them a bottle if I was really busy. That is so wonderful that David is so helpful with the children. I think nowadays the young daddies are more apt to do so, rockabye, feeding when not nursing, baths, etc.

    Hope you are feeling better and are you supposed to go to the doctor today? Somehow I got that imporession or it is in my head. Have you had a EKG yet/ I forget, when I checked pericardities there ate a few tests for it including sometimes they can hear a certain sound on the stethoscope.

    Gotta run and do a fewother things before I go and try and rest some more. Napping has not always worked for me since this problem. However, will probably try again this afternoon.

    Hope all is well with everydobby. Hope more MIA's drop by also. We always think of you.

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    Sorry for your sinus headache and hope it is a little better plus your pain. Geez, I hope the prednisone helps and what dosage did you finally take, if you did? Why are the doc and pharmacist's conflicting in their answers -Geez! I know what you mean about conflict. I agree with you, I hate it !!! That is a shame about Den's sister and their dad. Once they take away their car all together it usually gets worse. I do know that sometimes you do have to do it.

    Yes, the do have meals from Kroger and other grocery stores that you can pick up everything already done but it is not that cheap. A friend of mine does it but she is older and has more physical disabilities but they also have a lot more money than we do to. This ia a bad time of year to have to do that when I have to go and buy Christmas presents. I had better get crackin and do my Christmas letter and if we don't have our company I am going to have to send more presents - Just two families but a pain and costly. HMMM, this may be the year, if this keeps up not to do a Christmas letter and maybe much fewer cards than I used to (which have been getting smaller and smaller the last few years.).

    No fever right now but after lunch is when it usually happens, the fever starting to go up some. It is not a lot but am thinking that if it is there that there is still a bit of infection there. My daughter is so upset they may not be coming again. They happened a few years ago with both DH and I were sick.

    Well need to do some checking around on the computer for some stuff for the grandsons (or one families boys) . Another family I might just give them gift cards and or money as they need everything.

    BTW, my non working daughter got a temp. job at a Sports Medicine place in Houston. She will have good drive there. Hope it works out and she can get it eventually full time. She will use a lot of gas going there too but OH WELL it is a job.

    Hope to hear from some more of our dear Porchies.

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    Julie - everyone with one one baby rockabyeing....i could just imagine
    it. :) been so long since i did that.

    I wish the sinus didnt hv to act up at this time. Hope you are soon over it.
    And also that heart bundle resolves. I dont think it can be too serious otherwise
    the docs would hv said so or given u advice as to what to do. Still best not
    put a strain on ur heart. Lifting heavy things or walking too fast.

    Granni - too bad about the fever. can the daughter postpone but not cancel
    her visit? she does seem very anxious to come spend time with you. what a
    hassle. its always irritating when plans hv to be changed.

    do look after yourself.

    well, the lights came on just now after going at 7am so am rushing with the
    ironing and recharging emergency lights and phone, torch etc. the power cuts
    are back again in full force since festival has ended.

    the govt at least gave us full power for four days. and it felt kind of weird
    and wonderful for a change.

    my big brother just left now after taking his money for the chemo and hospital
    charges. i ve kept the money people relatives gave us for his treatment
    so that it doesnt get frittered away. but it about to finish and his surgery not
    even done yet, and im not going to think about all that otherwise i will go

    bro has enough to deal with with so many chemos without hving to worry abt
    the money too.

    the Pranic heling center phoned me as why i dont turn up nowadays. well,

    i explained to them.

    its still beautiful weather and now my marigolds and chrysanthemums
    are out in full force. i know out there this is the season flowers
    are normally hiding in the ground waiting for spring. that wil
    happen here in a month or two.

    i managed to clean sons room a little. he s gone to college after the
    festival break.

    also baked some fish after long time for dh. i marinated in salt, lemon,
    ginger, garlic and pepper, olive oil and then stuck into oven, the lights went out in middle but i think the extra heat from oven cooked
    them anyway.

    take care all

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    Well unless something happens this afternoon (when my temp. usually has been changing) the Thanksgiving is ON. They know the possibilities. So far no fever, yesterday either except for a few going up small points. 98.8 - 99.

    So I told them to go ahead and plan to come unless there are ay big changes. So, I t ook out the birad that is thawing in the cold water in the sink. It is a pretty good sized bird and probably will take forever to cook.

    Julie - I imagine you cook a big turkey i that is what you are making. They say cook it on 325. I put it on 350 and it still sseems to take forever, longer than it says on the packaging. I guess I could speed it by covering it but I usually put a tent of foil over it after it browns nicely. How are you feeling? I hope a little better with all you are trying not to do :)!

    SW - that electricity going on and off esp when cooking or doing chores has got to drive you crazy but I am sure you are sort of used to it - no choice. DH needs the puter so I will sign off for now, get dressed and get ready to go to the store for a few things before it gets crowded.


  6. Granniluvsu

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    I am sitting her in my robe and jammies and better get going on the dressing. The giblets are cooking and the bird is in the frig. So much to do and hardly know where to start. Better get moving though but wanted to wish everyone a wonderful day, with your families or whatr you are doing.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving whether you are by yourselves or not. Just think of what you are thankful for - there are so many things.

    God bless you all !!


    P.S. Wow, did I have a lot of typos and errors. Not sure of what I was saying in parts.

    Glad at least I got the dressing made. That is the biggest project, at least for me. Kids are on the way. Now to make some tomatoe sauce for spaghetti tonight.[This Message was Edited on 11/21/2012]
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    Hmm wonder where everyone got to. Its been Granni,Julie n me for some
    time. Hope everyone is fine.

    Julie and Granni are going to be busy roasting and carving turkeys. I think
    its a lovely tradition to hv a day just to give thanks.

    tried to log in in morning and got a little 'on' instead. so posting now instead.

    did a bit of cleaning, washed some woolies, dont like to give it to be washed
    since the help sometimes pulls the sweater out of shape.

    we made the lunch early before 10.00 and then i sent it with our man friday
    since it takes over an hour to reach the hospital by bus and brother and wife
    is used to eating before 11am.

    i meant to go visit at least but after doing some chores putting up
    bedclothes for sunning etc i couldnt find my door keys. so wasted a lot of
    time looking for them. by the time i found them in one of the downstairs
    rooms where i had been cleaning, it was too late to go visit. since i also
    had to go to monastery to do some prayers.

    Julie - my dh too has been forbidden to do the treadmill for a while because
    his knee is aching. been a few days. he saw the doc today and has been
    ordered not to strain the knee for a bit.

    Granni - you are already doing the present shopping. You must be relieved
    there is online shopping these days!

    on way to monastery today i bought the seasons first sweet potatoes. am
    looking forward to boiling them and eating.

    God Bless
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    Busy now but need to give up the computer and sand wanted to say HI to awl.

    Happy Thanksigiving to everyone and those also not of our culture who have other lovely traditions as well. So much to be thankful for, even if things aren't perfect :)! = pain, etc..

    Love you all - every one !!

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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hope everyone enjoyed and survived Thanksgiving. We had a nice time and the food was good. My feet were really tired from all the standing and cleanup and prep. DD did help some but it is hard when you are in someone elses house.

    We are just snacking this afternoon and will go to Olive Garden for dinner. DD and all will leave tomorrow morning so it will be back to normal or whatever you want to call that :)!!

    Julie - Sounds like you had a good time with company and lots of help. Just continue to listen to your body sweetie and take it easy even if you feel you need or want to help the kids.

    How cute of Kiera. It sounds like she has been watching and learning all about cooking and setting up dinner for a large group :)!!! Don't worry about the scrapbook for Amy and Clinton. They will get soon and will be very surprised when they do.

    Glad my daughter and all got to come. Hope no one gets anything but I don't think I was contagious at that point. I even sprayed some things esp the door handles with Lysol. It is a quiet day so far today.

    Hope you ALL get to rest and enjoy the rest of the day and weekend.
    Hope to hear soon from Georgia, Spring Water, Joan, Jole, Elaine, Carla, Gail, Diane and the many MIA's I am missing.

    Love to you awl,
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    Not up to doin' much in the way of posting. Gordon and I did
    what we've been doing for decades. We ignored the holiday.
    But he did fix a splendid stir fry with shrimp and broccoli.

    Springwater, you should do what I do with my keys. Whenever
    I return to the house I immediately put them on the desk. My
    sunglasses as well. that way I can always find them.

    Except sometimes there aren't there after all. LOL

    Julie, sounds like Kiera will be a great hostess some day. My
    sister was 16 years younger than I. I remember she and her
    best friend had a little table w/ 2 chairs and little plastic dishes
    and one of those ovens with a light bulb.

    Hope you have a nice dinner at the Olive Garden, Granni. There
    was an article about the O.G. a year or so ago. Said business
    wasn't so good. But I guess that's pretty much true everywhere.

    Just read "A Minnesota Book of Days" by Howard Mohr. It's Mid-
    west humor. You might like it Julie. It's kinda like Garrison Keillor.
    In fact, the author used to write for Keillor's radio show.

    Winter is here. Temps are down into the low 50s at night. I
    put two blankies on Zippy now. He could sleep in the house, but
    he's an outdoorsy kinda guy.

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    So glad you finally popped to let us know all is well, or as well as can be sxpected - me too so don't worry :)!!

    Glad you and Gordon had a good holiday even if you really didn't do anything special. I figure if you are happy and with the person(s) you want to be with that is the important thing.

    Just popped in to see if anyone else came to visit. As SW said it seems forever it has been Julie, you and myself :)!! Hope some more come to visit again soon. It ready does upset me when our friends leave and do not say anything about it beforehand. I do understand if they do not feel well or have other obligations but I do wish people would say why and that they would be gone, either temporarily or permanently. Although we hope they will come back again sometimes even just for a visit.

    It is very quiet here with DD and SIL resting on the couch each took their turns napping. I did some wash and some computer work. They will leave very early in the morning tomorrow, or whenever they get up. I am guessing they will eat on the road as none of them are big eaters for breakfast. Not that we are with Cheerios and berries and yogurt for me. SIL doesn't hardly ever drink coffee but has taken up smoking since his problems with job hunting. Pray that all goes well with his new job.

    Also if any of you are praying please also pray for my daughter who has found a job in a sports medicine facility but not to close to where she lives. If they keep her I hope they pay her enough just for the gas money.

    Well, I guess I will sign off for now. Hope are well and enjoying the rest of the hoilday weekend.

    Sorry I forgot to menetion FREIDA the last post. Hope she is well. I saw her on the Lounge post but didnpt get to post there yet.


  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock! great to see you. i was getting a little 'on' on my reply button
    whenevr i tried to post and was hoping your computer was okay.

    also noticed on other threads that peoples posts were turning up in wrong

    about celebrating, well i guess any other day can be a celebration if
    one feels like it. even if one isnt feeling upto it on the given TG day itself;
    and Gordons stir fry sounded yum!

    I like hearing about Zippy. Your Zippy and my Poopsie are growing old together.

    From a frisky thing she is a now a benign old lady. Tho the 'frisk' thing does
    come out for a minute or two when shes just had a nice meal and i bend down
    and stroke her for some time. Then she rushes a little here and there and lies
    down and does the 'windmill' act. shes about 14 years now. and i dont think
    i will be as limber when im her age. 7 x 14 = 110 years!!

    Julie - Keiras antics bring back memories of my own childhood. i loved playing
    house house with all the little crockery toy pieces i had. i did nt hv any
    sisters and my own daughter didnt play house house much. she was more into
    dancing and playing with barbie. but my dhs niece was only five when i married
    so i used to see her laying out all her household toys and dishes and pretend

    Granni - im so glad your daughter and family could make it. It sounds like it
    went great. Except of course for you being tired. can understand that.
    I guess its only a mothers heart which can force the body to welcome
    and entertain others when ones own self is crying out to just rest. God
    bless all the mums out there.

    About our MIAs yes we miss them but there have been times ive been so
    challenged with exhaustion mind/body or theres been some crisis and i
    ve not turned up for a function or meeting and havent even had the
    motivation/energy to call and cancel. so i guess i kind of get it. I remember
    Elaine was having a really rough time with her health problems, cancer
    relapse etc and i really hope she is all right. Teacher too.

    Over on the depression board there was one member who was having a rough time and her only solace was her boyfriend. and then one day she found
    him lying dead of a heart attack. she posted just a few times and then
    left and sometimes i think of her and how is she. she was devastated then.
    where is she now?

    Well. thats life. Sunshine, shadow. Sunshine, shadow. We absorb in the
    sunshines warmth while it lasts and hope its enough to keep us warm
    and going thru the shadow periods and enable us to emerge again into
    the sunlight when it does.

    Hmm its morning and i downed three mugs of hot tea, and maybe thats
    why im writing down all that sappy stuff i did above. Enough!

    yesterday was one long marathon of outdoor chores. I was getting
    ready to go to hospital and MIL called asking for one of my ethnic
    pieces of jewellery, its kind of a long complicated rice pearly strings
    with some stones hanging at intervals. some friend of her daughters
    abroad asked for one like it and it has to be copied.

    so i had to take it to her and then i went off to the city centre where
    i had to pay a tailor for something we made for MIL and myself and collect

    i dropped off at this cousin sis s shop too had a chit chat she was going
    to visit my brother at hospital this morning and i gave her the room number
    n all.

    then i ate some cup corn from a stand and took the bus to hospital. took
    me quarter of an hour and some walking and it was darkish by time i got there.
    luckily guards knew me and let me in.

    just stayed a while with brother and his wife had some tea in canteen, brother
    was a little moody having heard one of the patients had died and two others
    in critical condition, these are people we have known now because they come
    for treatment same time. i told him everyone was different and it didnt mean

    then i left by bus and meant to go on to monastery and pay the money for
    the prayers i asked them to do yesterday but it was 5:30 pm and wondered
    if they were open already dark too. i had to get off at a bus stop and had the
    sense to phone from a shop and found my dh on his way home so i gave up
    idea of monastery and went home in a cab instead. dh has lost his key to our
    flat. so i or son have to be there or he cant get in. son was having a get
    together with some of his grade 10 school maties so wasnt expected back early.

    daughter sent an sms saying we could phone her so we did and she had a little
    chat at last. she was about to leave for a TG dinner which she and some other
    friends had been invited to an hours drive away. and she said she was looking
    forward to seeing what a real TG dinner looked like. Because normally shes with
    her friends and its a mish mash of different dishes from india pakistan bosnia etc

    The friend who invited was the son of her universitys faculty members both
    parents teach there and she was thankful she didnt hv any subjects wth them.
    apparently they got this house an hours drive away really cheap at half the real
    price because the previous owners used to grow marijuana all over the place
    and no one wanted any of it.

    we got an sms later from her saying it was a lovely dinner, less spicy than
    she was used to but delicious nonetheless.

    God Bless

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I am so sorry to hear that you had another episode while Kiera was there . I can imagine hurting so much but trying not to scare her.Hope the hoempathic remedies help you . Is Catherine your chiro or homeopathic doctor?? Homeopathic doctors are great but cost a bunch at least some do and the p bad par tis tht they do not take insurance r didn't. My daughter had one sometime ago and she really liked her but had to quit for awhile. Right now she is working on temporary positions and hoping to get a permanent one. I surely hope she gets one soon. Not sure how long this temp. position is supposed to last.

    Don't worry about popping in every day if it is hard for you but do let us know how you are doing. Thinking about and praying for your quick recovery. Hope the homeopathics work for you. Have a nice nap. I'll bet you have everyone worried even with your trying not to. That is because they love you so much :)!!

    I went to church this morning and was actually able to sing without coughing through out the music. Some was really pretty and had some high notes too. I didn't go for the highest notes though :)! I'll wait a bit before I start that again, It was very cold this morning but dressed warmly and helped sell tickets to our Christmas concert. I feel so bad aboutnot singing for it but I guess they will get along without me :)! DH wants me to go with him to the K of C Christmas parties. It warmed up alot through the day and will be aboaut 70 I think. It was in the 30's this morning. Never know how ato dress !

    SW - Hope all is well with you. Drop a note when you can. This Porch has gotten rather sleepy lately - you , me , Julie, occasionally Rock and Georgia. Hope some more Porchies will come back soon. Imiss so many of them.

  14. Goatwoman

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    Hope you can find out what is causing the chest pain, Julie. Good you're seeing the cardio on Friday. Granni, glad to hear you are feeling better.

    We had a recent death in the family, so am dealing with that. Have gotten some loving messages from folks.

    We are still having summer out here--temps in the 70s. Looking forward to another storm coming in next week.

    I imagine people are busy with their families due to the holiday, and hope they'll pop in soon.

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Georgia - So glad to hear form you and that you are doing well, other than the death of a family member. Sorry to hear that and hope it doesn't effect you or the family to negatively. Of course most people don't want to have someone in the family pass on. Hoever, something if they are really suffereing, it is a blessing or if they are being so awful the torture everyone .

    Our weather is crazy too - freezing lately or almost overnight and then warm in the afternoon, or very nice. Crazy to be way from the house and be dressed with heavy clothes and then it gets hot. I guess just have to do alot of layering.

    I took my last antibiotic today and will take my last muscinex with anticough formula tonight. So we will see wht happens. Lots of sicknesses sgoing on around her. Still not sure if I had aa vacterial or viral infection or if the antibiotics did any good. One never knows unless they take one of two doses and the symptoms get better right away. I had a fever for about a week - mostly a low grade on but a fever just the same.

    Spring Water - Hope you are oding OK sweetie. I will attempt to go to line dancing tomorrow morning and Tuesday I will be going to our small singing group oractice so we can do our Christmas programs in some of the Senior residences around town.

    Rock - Hope you are doing OK my friend and find a little NRG hiding under the sofa or other places. Miss you and so many when you don't pop in at least once in awhile.

    Julie - Pop in when you have the tie and NRG - but don't forget to rest !!!

    Need to go and start getting ready for beddy bye.

    Love to you awl,
  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    11/25/12 11:14 PM hello all

    Georgia - sorry to hear about the recent bereavement.

    As time goes by we seem to hv to deal more n more with this. I hope
    you and the others are blessed with strength and will soon heal from
    the sense of loss.

    Julie - I wonder WHAT is causing this. How worrisome. Tho Im sure they
    will get to the bottom of it and right it. You havent over exerted recently
    have you? Im glad to hear you will be seeing the homeopath soon.

    Life is funny isnt it? Here we have a homeopathic clinic which is free and
    the ones which charge charge a pittance compared with regular meds.

    And my sons warts and dhs went away with homeopathy after unsuccessful
    treatment for ages with allopathic meds.

    Granni - i pray your daughter gets what she needs job wise. can imagine
    how difficult it must be to hv to drive tht far and spend gas money. Now
    that TG is over i hope you will have some down time and become fit as a
    fiddle and will be able to keep up with your singing assignments.

    Im feeling sort of all right energy wise. need to go out and get myself some
    house track pants because my present ones hv been worn threadbare.

    but just came up to terrace to get some sun and feeling bit lazy. ive done
    some cleaning, and cooking and the prayers. aired the bedclothes out.
    dh likes them when theyre light and puffy with airing out. lights just
    came on and decided to look up the porch before power goes off again.

    yesterday felt very down for some reason so took a walk and bought some
    groceries and some pastry because i got an intense sugar craving. i guess
    its the hormones; just coming out of the curse.

    im going to try and visit the library too in town so better get moving.

    God Bless

  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    for bringing my wayward, ditzy post back here to where she belongs.

    I hope youre good. And Gordon and Zippy too.

    Julie - Chest pains and now upper stomach ones...certainly seems like
    anxiety stress bodily reactions to me. Glad to know you are resting.
    I know you dont imbibe liquor or smoke and you eat properly so cant think
    what it can possibly be. really puzzling.

    I love the terrace in winter. Actually everyone in the neighbourhood does;
    their own terraces i mean. I wouldnt exactly be thrilled if everyone started
    trooping up the stairs here to lie in the sun and roast themselves.

    We are so used to the hot hot sun that when it gets cold and really cold
    that is 10 degrees centigrade for you all out there :) we start craving sun.

    I went out yesterday inspite of a lot of organising to be done in house,
    its messy. so whats new. i really needed my pants. and the dh was getting
    huffy about the 'horrible' tea i made. Culprit was tea leaves, so got that righted
    too. went downtown and got 500 gms sample tea leaves. this one is good.
    i didnt tell dh but just brewed and gave him the new tea. he finished his cup in
    a jiffy both last evening and this mornng without complaining so i knew it had
    met with his approval. he might hv said something about liking it. but..thats his
    way...very stingy with compliments.

    his knee pain has gone altho he is still using hot water bag and that herbal
    massage oil which he calls 'magic' oil. I told him the prayers i did in the monastery too probably helped. but dh likes tangible evidence. and the oil
    is that. he looks at that oil lovingly evrytime he applies it and has mentioned
    its 'magical' properties at half a dozen times. Humph.

    DH has also announced his intention to stop eating meat but 'gradually'
    he says. My son looked up and said "even if you two both stop eating meat,
    'I', still get to eat it right? Very worriedlike. Heh heh heh heh.

    Actually funnily enough, I have GAINED three kgs in past few months. And
    i turned vegetarian nine months ago. DH is puzzled too. I think its the advancing
    age too. I cant get the normal ring on my finger of right hand and i think i hav
    a bigger paunch too. and my legs hv gained some flesh. i was wondering
    where the extra three kilos had come. and noticed these things.

    God Bless

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    So sorry to hear about that awfully persistant pain you are having. Sure hope they can put their finger on it and give you something that will really help. I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out your medical problem and what might really help. Glad you will go to the cardio. too on Friday. Maybe he will have a few answers and ideas for you. I know how hard it is to try and sleep when you are in pain. Although I do take a muscle relaxer (Generic Flexeril) and 1/2 Klonopin (generic ).

    I do not now how you continue to do all that you are doing, even though you don't think you are doing anything, with people also coming and going, etc. Glad that Amy will be there with you too along with Keira although she seems to be getting rather grown up and busys herself with all her little projects :)!!

    Just know I am thinking about you and sending up a few prayers. DH and I go early this morning to the PCP for our blood work and yearly checkup. That may be interesting. I hope my b/p behaves itself ! I am not afraid or anaything at all but I guess my b/p just knows it is going to be taken in the docs office and up it goes and sometimes scares them half to death :)!! No breakfast today, just took a few of my pills this morning.

    SW - Thinking of you to and hope all is well with you and family.

    Georgia - Hope things are going well considering the death in your family.
    Been knitting anything lately?

    Rock - Found any lost NRG. Please send some my way if you find any extra :)!!

    Thinking of everyone, including all of our many MIA's to numerous to mention.

    Love you awl,