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    Please check the other side for Julie's posts and others, I need to get off right now but am waiting for Julie to throw me a home baked cinnamon roll --- mmmmm!!!

    TTY all later.. Hope some more will come visit the new Porch volume. Waiting to see Spring Water, Georgia, Joan , Jole, Rock, Elaine and so many others. Really worrying about Elaine as I have written her and haven't heard a word back.

    Julie and I have been busy talking to each other in between all her pains. I hope that all ends soon. Hope the doc can shed some light on all her pain. Please do mention to the doc the possbility of gall bladder problems.

    Love to everydobby,
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  2. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - i think the lower back pain and legs are tied up with kidneys becoz
    i used to get them myself and when i went for acupuncture, the lady felt
    my pulse and told me something was wrong with my kidneys. since i had
    gone primarily to treat my fatigue i thought it was another headache and
    didnt eat the medicines she gave me, some gooey herbal stuff (for kidneys).

    but i did get acupuncture done for 10 days (fatigue)before i left for the usa and
    while there i was almost perfectly fine. and there doesnt seem to be any
    more trouble with the back pain or legs now at least not so it impairs me,
    i do hv some aches but mostly of a faint coming and going type which
    gets okay with some rest.

    maybe its all a snowball effect with one thing of yours causing reaction
    in another. just hope and pray it is diagnosed and you are treated. you
    hv been constantly on the go for a couple of years now.

    Granni - thanks once again for opening up this new porch. what would
    we do without you. Is it getting colder now out there? here it most certainly
    is. we hv laid down some loose bricks on the terrace and they remain there
    for all of the summer to prevent the floor of the terrace getting too hot but
    now i hv to have them picked up and put in stacks at the sides to await
    relaying again in summer. theyre very untidy but i dont know what to do.
    if i put a permanent cover then the winters are going to be freezing since
    we wont be able to remove them.

    the terrace is directly above our flat and our bedroom can get to 40 degrees
    celcius in summer at night when the heat starts seeping downward. sheer

    today i tried making a pizza hurriedly with an already cooked pizza base
    for son for tiffin for college lunch break but i had no idea how to go about it.
    the settings on oven etc. just threw on some capsicum, slice cheese, sliced
    tomatoes and what a weird result. pizza base all hard and dark brown and
    the layer all uncooked.

    well there was no time, he leaves at six in morn when its still dark. i wil
    hv to try in a more leisurely time.

    been getting an irritating ache on my neck back like a vice. radiating over
    whole upper shoulder. grrrrr. when i move my shoulders the whole upper back
    creaks loudly and i get involuntary jerks. will hv to think of what to do.
    dont want more expenditure of docs and acupuncture etc. on othe hand dont
    want this getting worse.

    well you all take care,

    my love and prayers with all our MIAs as well.

    God Bless

  3. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I needed to pop in to see if anything was going on. Looks rather lazy again !!

    Julie - Hope you are doing OK and what did the cardio say? Hope they can find something tht will help you get rid of the pain. A real diagnoses would help too. Oh dear !!! Wonder if it could have something to do with the gall bladder. Check back when you can. I know it is hard for you and esp if you are in so much pain. Just do what you can my friend and let us know if there has been any help for you yet ! That is so worrysome and you have been carrying on pretty gallently I would say. You are not whining my dear. Everyobe also needs to do some venting once in awhile and in your case, more is fine too .

    Don't know what is going on with the site of my computer it sends before I even push the submit buatton - grr ! Thank goodness for the edit option.

    Spring Water - Thanks for you nice post. I wish I knew my differences between the Celsius and Farenheit. Can you tell me what your Farenheit temp is in the morning and evening? Curious how cold and hot it gets where you are. As you have orobably read in some of my posts our weather can be rather screwy but I still take the heat anyday for me than the COLD which I hate.

    Put up a few Christmas things but probably not doing the tree as no one will be here for Christmas. I have a few more things upstairs to bring down I think but hate to have to go up under the garage to bring down all the other stuff or put up the tree. ANYONE WANT TO COME AND HELP ME PUT UP MY TREE? OTHERWISE I'M NOT DOING IT. THE LIGHTS ARE ALREADY ON BUTERE ARE A LOT OF THINGS TO PUT ON IT AND THEN TAKE OFF. I USUALLY DO MOST OF IT. Don't feel like it this year.

    Gotta run and start the dinner but wanted to pop in and post and see if anything of interest has happened. Seeing the number of replies I didnpt thik so but needed to post anyway to SW, Julie, and any and everyone that is reading this. Hoping to hear from some others.

    Miss so many of our MIA and it would take forever to list them.

    Love to everydobby,

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  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Tried to post earlier. Just got the little "on" that Springwater mentioned
    previously. It means you can type in your post, but it will never
    actually show up on the board.

    Will send you some NRG soon as I get some, Granni. I think the
    "elephants will nest in the trees" (as Marlene Dietrich used to sing)
    sooner. Are you and DH waiting for the results of your checkups?
    I haven't seen my doc for a couple years. His assistant keeps authorizing
    my Rx refills, so I'm cool with that.

    Springwater, I don't know why your pizza didn't turn out OK. Sounds
    like it should have. Nothin' like a good pizza. There do seem to be a
    lotta bad ones out there though. I can't eat them anymore due to
    the fact that I am dentally challenged.

    Ever hear of "The Godfather of Kathmandu"? It's a detective story.
    I'm going to see if I can get it from the library.

    Julie, that's great that you were up to making rolls, tube or no tube.
    Reminds me of the time I was playing bridge with a guy who said he
    was going to have a home cooked meal after the game. Turned out he
    was talking about assembling a bologna samich. LOL

    Hope the cardio has good news tomorrow.

    We are in the midst of 6 days of "scattered showers". It is awful.
    Zippy wants to be outside, but on the other paw, he doesn't want to
    get wet. He doesn't grasp the concept of barking to alert me that he
    wants to come in. He can't be left unattended in the house as he
    sometimes has accidents now that he's a senior.

    He could stay in the back porch which is enclosed or on the front
    porch which is covered, but he doesn't like either. Tends to protest
    when left there for more than a short time. I am eagerly waiting, as
    Jerome Kern said, "Till the Clouds Roll By".

    You see on the news where Lindsay Lohan was arrested for punching
    a psychic in the face? I kinda think the psychic shoulda seen
    it comin'.

    Later, Gators
  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    You are a brave one not having the gall bladdar ultrasound. I hear ya as far if you are wondering about having to pay for it. However, please do not overdue the pain thing my dear. Your family and Den needs you so donpt be too brave. I do hope you get rid of this pain soon but not to much seems to have worked so far, it seems to me.

    Who , my dear is going to put up your tree, Lorraine and her Mom when she has the time :)??? Kiera is not always there. Den is also busy. So far DH has not fussed to much about putting it up. Have put up a few decorations but not much. I know the children love it all but don't wreck your health over it all.

    DH and I went to a really nice restaurant, Papadeauxs, that we have loved in the past and a little past where we usually go to out to eat. We brought some of it home. It was sooo good and probably could have split the whole meal for our 51st anniversary. The anniversary is tomorrow but wewent out a bit early. Church day is always busy.

    We started with a glass of wine, the had a greek salad for 2 (really big and yummy). The we shared a cup of seafood gumbo - OMG that was soo good. Then each or us had a Redfish Ponthetrain dish I think it is called with crabmeat and shrimp also in it. Then, upon finding out it was our Anniversary our sweet young waitress made sure we goa a fee dessert. We ended up with coffee and a bread pudding made with a brandy sauce. It was so big and so good. We actually ate most of it and it had ice cream on top of it. I am so full now. We probably could have split the main course, ayt least could have. Normally I eat my whole dish but they give such large portions.

    DH is now out of the shower so I guess I need to get starated. Tomorrow is church, workout andd who knows what.

    Spring Water where are you? Hope you are OK. I saw Rock at the Lounge.

    Love to everydobby,
  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    That meal sounded so good!

    Its so wonderful to think of the two of you being married for that long.

    Julie - hope the homeo meds and Amish stuff work good. They can be
    very effective tho one has to give it time.

    Lots of little helpers u hv to do up yr tree. i wish i had the enthusiasm to
    do mine. The kids are grown up and wont bother. so this year i dont know.
    My little plastic one. With all the little chinese made bobbles and santas.

    Rock - it was good good good to hear from you. My Poopsie sleeps for more
    time than she is awake these days. suits me fine. Hobbes gives a bit of
    problem now now and then with his aches, those growths i can do nothing
    about...but i feed him some meds and he usually is able to go to sleep. but
    ive been praying for him to either be healed completely or to go peacefully
    in his sleep soon. Its anxiety producing when the docs cant do anything and
    Im left with him when he is hurting.

    Now Keechu is having some ear thing needs attending. the dogs got into a
    fight and i think her sore must hv got infected. Its like having kids. One thing
    or another.

    Well guess what i actually went to a rock concert with my son. it was me
    who actually dragged my son along because he isnt too much into bollywood
    music but im a huge fan of this Pakistani singers songs. He has sung some
    songs for a few indian films which became huge hits but usually sings his
    own pakistani songs.

    I did enjoy it. tho decided not to stay too long since the show started late
    and i wanted to be home by 7:30 which we did. the dinosaur that i am i
    thought there would be chairs etc and instead our tickets made us to park
    ourselves anywhere on the grounds just outside the stage on the grass.
    anyways got to be really up front and close.

    the singer is also a mentor on a singing contest which is running
    on tv currently. it pits pakistan against india.

    a utube sample of him


    yesterday my brothers came and i made dumplings and rice and curry for them.
    big brother is pushing himself to move around tho i can tell he is feeling a bit
    low this time round.

    well. dh is still out of town and i hv to try and get some order into the
    cupboards and sort out clothes etc.

    God Bless

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  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I think my watch is running slow. (Old radio program.)

    Well, the raineth continueth. Falling on the just and the unjust, the grass
    and the sidewalks. I am so sick of the rain. Poor Zippy got soaked
    yesterday. It was late afternoon. I was worn out from the chiropractor
    and errands and was napping. Then Gordon took a nap too. His brother
    was home, but he's pretty useless. Someday I will do a long vent about
    him, but not just yet.

    Anyhoo I brought Zippy in and got him dried off. He didn't seem upset.
    I gave him a treat for din-din. Got some Jennie O turkey patties at
    the market y-day, so we shared them.

    Georgia, hope you're doing OK. Went w/ Gordon to a tiny but crowded
    yarn shop a couple weeks ago. He ordered a 36 inch needle. Gonna do
    an afghan. He gave the owner his e mail so she could let him know when
    it came in, but she just kept calling the house. Our answering machine
    gave up the ghost a couple years ago, so that didn't do any good.
    Maybe you're getting more rain than we are?

    Congratulations on your 51st anniversary, Granni. Sounds like you had
    a delicious and exotic dinner. I guess your bread pudding was better than
    the average bear. Most bread pudding I've tasted has been flavorless
    and not worth the bother. I sure would like to taste again some home
    made baking by my mother or aunts.

    Springwater, your "Sunshine, shadow" reminded me of "Fiddle on the Roof'".
    "Sunrise, Sunset; Swiftly fly the years. One season following another.
    Laden with happiness and tears."

    If I get some energy, I'm gonna send some to everydobby here. In the
    meantime, can you send me some magic oil. I could use it for the aches
    and pains I've developed the last few years in the neck and shoulders.
    It's almost as though I were getting old. LOL

    Julie, that's funny to hear Keira is saying, "Ya". My sister sometimes says
    that in an exaggerated way. She drawls it out into a syllable and a half
    and puts a question mark at the end. Very Norskie.

    Glad to hear you got a good cardio report. We're kinda like old cars,
    aren't we. Just so many parts. Always something on the fritz.

    Gotta do the laundry today. Other than that and the daily dishes and
    Zipper care, I have no commitments.

  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - how i laughed at your last posts. Lindsay and the psychic and
    our bodies being like old cars with some part or other on the fritz..that
    really is true!

    No i have not read 'Godfather of Kathmandu'. intriguing title. wonder
    if it refers to a mafia don type or clan head or what.

    i did read a hugely entertaining book Shopping for Buddhas by jeff Greenwald

    its not unlike your writing Rock!

    it is set in a kathmandu which i clearly remember - a much more prosperous and
    happy vibrant city. before democracy and the terrible maoist years.

    someone asked me, was it you, Granni? the difference in celcius and fahrenheit.
    even i dont know properly but theres sites online you type 'convert celcius into
    fahrenheit' and the computer does it for you. i typed in 10 degrees celcius because thats prob the temp most of the time except mid afternoon and it
    came up as 50 degrees fahrenheit.

    Papadeaux sounds Greek. was it a Greek restaurant? i believe you about the
    large portions. we were flabbergasted at the huge amounts they served
    in restaurants and all the sideys, salsa, tacos...the people here would faint
    if they saw that amount served here and included in the main price!

    Julie - three hours is a long drive to the chiropracter. Is Susan a little better.
    Poor girl, she was young to be ill like that. How are Amy and Lindsey and all.
    They too must be upset at your symptoms. Looking at all the health problems
    which seem to crop up for some of us....i keep telling the youngsters take care
    of your health, build up your immune system. The problem is that when one is
    young, one feels invincible.

    I did too. I was a sickly youngster somewhat but i never in my dreams
    thought i would encounter as many health glitches as i do now.

    well, i just found some raw just dug up ginger which brothers must hv
    brought from their vegetable patch....better go and dry those in the
    sun. poopsie just had her lunch...egg rice left over from my dinner...
    she seems to hv worked up an appetite after some 2 days of sparse

    Hobbes has gone n plonked himself on her spot on the carpet in our
    bedroom so she is wandering around aimlessly.

    theres a spot in the living room where the sun comes in nice n warm
    but sometimes both dogs want to stay in the same room as one of
    the family members..maybe when they feel extra vulnerable or something.

    Take care, all

    God Bless

  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Zippy and I had a nice walk yesterday. The rain had stopped. The sky
    was very dramatic with light and dark clouds and the late afternoon
    sun blazing trough in spots.

    Earlier prediction was for rain today (Day number six; Uffda!). Just
    checked. Weather report now says only 20% chance of rain but the
    humidity will be 90%. Seems to me there's not too much difference
    between rain and 90%.

    Springwater, I put the Jeff Greenwald book on hold. It would be nice to
    discover a new author. The library has another book by him called
    "Snake Lake" which apparently is also about travel in Nepal.

    Gordon did lots of cooking over the weekend as usual. Made some
    sort of Mexican stew; rice; sauteed zucchini; some kind of porridge;
    and something I can't remember.

    We went to a couple markets. At Food For Less I saw the biggest box
    of corn flakes I've ever seen. The rooster on the box was a big as a
    terrier. Cock a doodle arf arf!

    Speaking of which, here's a riddle from the net. Fill in the blank.
    David's father has three sons: Snap, Crackle and _____.

    I paid my Auto Club bill. It lay around here for almost 2 weeks. It
    takes so much energy to pay the darn things. And then I have to be
    super careful when writing the check. I sometimes feel my mind is
    taking a vacation. Yesterday I put Zippy's kibble in the refrigerator;
    then couldn't find it. The day before I heated up his din din in the micro
    wave. Half an hour later I discovered I had never given it to him. He
    was patiently waiting.

    Oh yeah, the answer to the riddle. David's father has three sons:
    Snap, Crackle and David.


  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I suspect DH will be back soon from going to get gas. I need to go get dressed and ready for our last Line Dancing of the year., The" teacher "is going on a cruise and then it will be the holidays. I really do miss it when I donot go but have been busy doing other stuff on Mondays or appointments and so I just miss it and hope I will remember nexttime wheat they did the week efore.

    Spring Water - Pappas is a big chain here in TX and I am guessing LA and possibly other states as well. I think Papas was the original one. Then they made Pappacitas (Mexican) and Papadeauxs (Cajun flair). They are all wonderful and not to cheap now but we haven't gone to any of them in many years. We ate up the left overs yesterday for lunch.

    I was reading an article last night in one of DH's magazines. I usually don't like there articles but it was all abouat the very poor castes in India. I forget exactly where you live and was thinking abouat you although I know you don't live exactly thee and in a nicer area. You all are very educated and are so lucky. These poor people suffer so.

    Rock - Thanks so much for your anniversary best wishes. Please sent some rain our way we are so day AGAIN. More later. DH is home and I need to go get dressed.


  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    And what did you say about taking breaks and not working to hard :) ?? Ha ha ! Go figure !!

    Sorry Lorraine is sick. Hope you or no one else gets it !!! Sorry Lindsay may be starting to get it. That is what happenes especially when she and you all are probably exhausted with the little ones.

    Gotta run and do my hair for tomorrow. Oneof our last performances for the small group - singing Christmas songs tomorrow at the local Baptist church senior group.

    Love to you and everydobby ,
  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I just re logged in because I got that little 'on' again...

    Rock - i better not read your posts while eating. The 'cockadoodle
    arf arf' had me laughing so hard.It hurt.

    Its fantastic your library has the book i mentioned; pray tell me just
    HOW BIG is your library?

    I will look up 'Snake Lake' next time i am in the Freak Street part of
    town...where a lot of the bookshops are located. A paper back one
    tho, because thats all i can afford seems like right now.

    I love the sound of Gordon...he seems like a lovely person to be part
    of the family, always rushing around bringing in plants and tending them
    and rustling up some delicious dish or other.

    That sky which you described, it sounded like 'mackerel sky' a description
    i once read and wondered what looked like.

    Julie - well, its a relief the symptoms eased up a bit. before all this
    crud of Lorrianes hit...and u right back to extra duty. glad to hear
    Kathryn can come in again. In our religion we believe in several lifetimes
    and i would wish for you a lifetime of robust vibrant health and going on
    cruises and vacations all the time with all your family in tow, Den
    Lindsey, Amy and all the others. Because you have given so much of you
    to others in this lifetime. Of course if there are those things in heaven then
    no need to have another lifetime here in this rather challenging planet.

    Granni - do any of your daughters or grands dance or sing at functions
    or perform at homes? How did you get started? I would be so proud if i
    had a grand mum or mum like you....here come 30 and we are supposed
    to sit and knit or make pickles or something.

    How is your daughter doing by the way? Has she finished her chemo
    course? we hv an athlete in India a young cricketer who got cancer in
    one lung and went for treatment and is now perfectly fine and playing
    international cricket again!! Isn't that just awesome? and so encouraging?

    ...im thinking
    of doing a two day 'Arhatic' course..continuation of the Pranic healing
    series...and it is going to COST! However, i felt i was MEANT to do this
    particular course, because the organisers were trying to convince me to
    postpone my trip to the states because it was being held in May this
    year and i couldnt..and i remember i had told them, if im supposed to do
    this course,( it happens maybe once a year and a half, because there arent
    many teachers that high up and they come from out the country), i WILL
    do it somehow or other.

    Well, apparently the time the course was supposed to take place there
    were five straight days of strike -complete lockdown. so its taking place
    now. AND since dh had given me some extra money from some bonus he
    got from his shares I apparently have the $150/- for it.

    Im feeling a bit battered by life right now, big brother and his wife and
    now younger brother keep fighting...ferocious its your fault its your fault
    fights and brother is supposed to keep calm if he is to get better after all
    that money poured down into his treatment. that too others. i wish my
    SIL was a bit more considerate. i understand her stress, but we are all
    going thru it. and its her shrewish behavior and control freak nature and
    shouting all these years has brought on brothers disease.

    those days when i used to take my little kids to parents home and join
    up with younger brothers kids and spend time with my dad and mum
    seem so far removed. mom expired a year after big brother brought mySIL
    into that home and then dad followed a couple of years later.

    no good memories come to mind after big bro married.

    and now youngest bro is showing signs of problems. they phoned me
    with some crises which i dont want to mention here but i am sick at heart
    and very tired.

    i think thats why i want to do the Arhatic course inspite of being pretty
    tired. because i cant control life and the challenges it keeps throwing
    at us, but i do want to gain the tools to react wisely to and deal with lifes
    difficulties. want to strengthen my inner self and physical and mental
    body so i can cope meet head on and overcome what life throws out.

    thats what these spiritual practices do.

    its a sunny day and ive put the bedclothes out to air. the lights came
    on and then there was this smell of something cooking and i went to
    check i havent put something on stove and its burning or scalded,
    it was just the rice bubbling merrily in the cooker.

    take care all

    God Bless

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Not much time to write. DH and I will go shopping a bit when he gets back from a men's breakfast. So I need get up and get dressed. So much still to do for Christmas and I have so much to do with my cards, ecen though my cards have thinned out a lot in the last few years. So many peopole cna't be bothered any more. I don't particularly writing them but enjoy hearing from others, esp. those who don't love close enough to see often. Also have to
    to redo my Christmas letter and copy a few to send off.

    Julie - It doesnt sound like you are slowing down a lot, maybe some, but I guess it is also had to cut off when you oive so close to your daughter and little ones. It is had to watch them struggle with twins and another who is really still a baby herself(Miss Lorraine).

    Yes, I miss so many here on the Porch and boards and I worry but what can I do? Of course it is very difficult to do anything when you don;t know how to contact any of them and they didn;t say anything about leaving before hand.

    Spring Water - Hope you are doing OK sweetie and hope you and your family are doing well.

    Georgia - Miss you too . It seems like the Porch s shrinking or at least the people who used to come to the Porch have started disappearing. That really makes me sad but not much I can do except make the most of it and TRY not to let it bother me so much.

    BTW, dear Porchie Carla is now in Hawaii. I think it is Maui where she might be today. I have already forgotted from reading FB. Seems like that is where I find a lot of my family and friends and where I find out anything about anyone :)!!

    Sorry everydobby but I need to go and get dressed so as to be ready to go when DH gets home .

    Love to everydobby,
  14. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Julie, glad to hear that your stress test turned out OK.

    Granni, you are as busy as ever. When I worked in nursing homes I remember how much the residents enjoyed the music groups that came in, especially over the holidays.

    Things are fine here. I'm still working on losing weight, and walk everyday. I hate it when I reach that plateau, where you don't lose for a couple of weeks. My back has been better since I've been walking.

    Have been busy with the transcription, and we found some new info in our family history, so have some hunting to do in Swiss records.

    Hello to All--


    LEFTYGG Member

    Ive tried keeping up on all of you and I've posted in my mind.lol

    The babies keep me busy and then my oldest son is causing so much sadness. He has a girlfriend she's 28 he's 41. And they both do drugs.he had a good job and then he was fired. The boss said he was nasty to people which isn't his character. I think they could tell he was on drugs. He looks sleepy and talks dull as I call it.

    He rear ended a car so his driver license were suspended. The fines are horrible. His insurance had lapsed 10 days earlier.he makes me so sad I love him so much.my dh is so discussed and mean when he's here.years ago my friend told me her husbands father physically abused her husband. He didn't blame his father he blamed his mother for not protecting him. He said she was wasted space on earth.i never want my children to think I'm wasted space. I will defend them. Till my last breath. Except if the were murderers or molesters. I want to get him in a drug programs but it's out patient. You go everyday for a drug and they wean you down

    I don't know but it's my only option. If you're rich you get treatment or if you commit a felony you get sent to treatment.

    LEFTYGG Member

    Enough of that depressing issue.

    Thanksgiving was nice. We were all there. Food was good and lots of leftovers.my pies didn't compare to moms but they were pretty good. My DD made a lemon and it would have made mom proud.
    It seems I told you all about the medium that came to the house. I didn't attend.

    Georgia sorry about your loss.
    Spring water sorry about your brothers fighting.

    I'm tired I'll be back. Love gail
  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    How wonderful to see you! Tho Gail, I wish you werent hvng those

    problems with your beloved son. My heart aches for you. I know a

    couple of people here who have that problem..and altho they still

    manage to go on with their daily lives while grappling with their anxiety

    over it, I know it must take so much strength to keep going on.

    Good to hear abt the nice TG though. Weldone on yr daughter for

    her lovely lemon pie. my daughter is just not a cook. she cooks out

    of necessity not love. as for son, the day he makes more than an

    omelette on his own, i will faint.

    do tell us about the medium. you havent told us here. ive read one

    or two books and one medium i really love and follow. James Van Praagh.

    i know its not for everyone.

    Georgia - how cold is it there when u take your walks. good to know

    they are helping and keeping you fit. Does Rottie accompany u. or

    is she getting old. i think its been a couple of years now youve had her.

    Julie - Poor Lindsey. Is it something in the environment> Like pollen

    or something...does it happen to others in the neighbourhood or just

    your family...i was thinking your family does seem to get a lot of these

    cruds. but maybe not so much this year?

    About the head to east when sleeping its more of a kind of 'rule' here,

    they never do explain it tho im sure there must be some reason.

    theres so many rules like that, it fairly drives one mad. my bedroom is

    tiny and the windows are facing east on to the busy road so i cant

    put my bed with heads to that side so what s to be done? make the

    best of it i guess.

    i do religiously put some salt water in my room ever since i learnt it

    in Pranic healing class. i feel it absorbs tired negative energy. used

    to wonder why the Lord would make vast tracts of ocean salty and

    undrinkable and now i feel maybe the salt was put there to counteract

    the negativity the earth gives off.

    I dont really know. just my take.

    stayed home today tho i had errands outside. i hvnt even had my bath

    brrrrr...which i should be doing so as to be nice n clean tomorrow for class.

    my daughter sent us an sms in the form of a poem she made up and detailed

    the travails of a girl trapped abroad with no money..

    she had composed it in the nepali language

    and roughly translated went

    "day by day how difficult it gets to pay the rent,

    the time has come when one goes to a restaurant and says

    "Ill just hv a glass of water, please..

    when the friends are shopping, it has come upon one to only look

    on with greedy eyes,

    oh what a time of hardship sweeps over

    when lack of money makes it sad presence felt"


    the above rhymed in our language of course, lol! it had the desired

    effect. DH went scuttling off to wire some money to his DD.

    Take care all

    and if Carla, Teacher, Elaine, Jole and others are reading...love you and
    think of you guys

    God Bless

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    So nice to see you Gail and Georgia besides old stand by Spring Water :)! Or should I say YOUNG stand by :)!!!! I know I feel about a hundred years old or so. I know also it doesn't make any idference how you look. Many times you or I look good and people think we are just fine. However, when that is far from the truth.

    Gail - I am so sorry to hear about your DS. I know what terrible things like that hit your children it also effects us in many ways. We are all mothers after all (at least those of us who have children). I have been having problems with two of our children and some with another daughter too or should I say her husbands job. I hope the newest job works out for him

    One daughter is working at Temp. jobs which is ok but none of the jobs seems to be very long. This of course is an awful season to be without money She has to worry about the monthly rent also. I just sent her some more $ - she says she hardly has the money for gas. Unfortunatlay, I cannot afford to send her that much, or as much as she needs. The youngest son is still living with her and is 11 years old. She split from her boyfriend of sometime and now she has little in the apartment too. Lots of stuff going on there to worry about, including a possibly meddelsome x husband.

    BTW, Carla is now in Hawaii - lucky girl. I found her post on FB the other day.

    Georgia - glad you are doing well. Hope the family is dealing well with the death of your relative. Glad you are doing well with your genealogy and transcribing. I need to get back to it but there is so much to do and I lost alot on the computer some time ago.

    Spring Water - Don't worry, I have no idea of which way my bed faces and I'm not moving my furniture - much to big and bulky to move, if I wanted to. Your DS sounds like my DH - not much of a cook at all , does some grilling occasionally but that is it. I envy those whose husbands love to cook and give them a break.

    Bye for now. I have a hair appt. with a new gal as the other one was having medical issues and don't think she will return. So, now i am on the hunt again. We have a K of C party tonight and then our community party tonight (Ladies Club). It is a lovely sitdown dinner. So, that should be fun even if I donp;t know what I a wearing yet. Not going to go out and buy another fancy outfit.

    Love to awl, inc. all the many MIA's.

    LEFTYGG Member

    Just talked to DS. I need to talk to him everyday for me to feel some peace.he sounded good. Sometimes he sounds very dull as I call it.dr Phil had a show yesterday that was my son to a T.he said when you use drugs your brain is stunted and your maturity level is from when you start using drugs.

    Thank you spring and granni for your kind words. We all have something painful in our lives don't we?i don't know many that are totally happy.

    I have a lot to be happy about but I dwell on my son. I want him fixed but he has to want it.its complicated but I can do it.

    The medium talked about my mom and how everyone was around her when she passed but she really appreciated all I had done for her. She talked about the babies and said there would be another born a girl.she talked about the surgery on my face a few months ago.there were 8 people there and she talked to each 1. It lasted about 2 1/2 hrs.

    I don't know what I believe anymore. Nite love gail
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    See yu all on the other side you all. DH will need the puter but want to get this done first.