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    Not much time to get the Porch ready this afternoon but saw it was the end of the other. So, here we are on the other side. Hope no one got their fingers or toes caught coming from the other side.

    Check the last volume for Georgia, Julie, SW and myself. Gotta run for now. Stay warm and have a wonderful and safe New Years Eve. Then hope for a wonderful and healthy 2013.

    Love to everydobby,

    LEFTYGG Member

    We watched the dick Clark tribute too and the ball drop. We kissed at midnight like we always do and that was it!

    Julie I'm so sad for you baby boy loss on nye. That had to be so heat wrenching. My mother lost a full term baby at birth. The afterbirth smothered him . She very seldom spoke of it until my dil had a miscarriage and then her sadness came out.

    I agree about the drinking and driving. I have no sympathy for drunk drivers and my boys have done it.they didn't hurt anyone thank goodness but one lost his job because driving was part of it.he did get it back because he's such a hard worker. He was even given an award as employee of the year. He's such a good dad son husband. He's given me a lot of joy.all my children give me joy but they've caused me some trouble too.

    2013 gonna dwell on the joy!!! Push the negative out of my head!

    Spring water all the different foods sound good. We ordered Chinese tonight and tomorrow I'm making pork sauerkraut mashed potatoes. That's a good luck tradition for New Year's Day.those fermented foods you eat are really good for you.

    I was only snorkeling in the pool but its on my bucket list and scuba diving too.you can swim with manatee at crystal river in Florida and I'm gonna do that too.

    I've been sick and home bound for ten years. I lost all interest in life I couldnt think of a thing I wanted to do.now I'm feeling better and I want to do stuff!

    LEFTYGG Member

    I told my DH that I needed some fun. It's now or never. The clocks ticking.i want to take my gh tubing this winter. I don't know if I can take the cold but I'm gonna try.

    What's all your things you want to do in 2013.

    Love gail
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    It is almost 4 a.m. now. I am guessing I drank reg. coffee last night instead of decaff. as ordered. I didnpt eat that muc later than normal although we ate very slow and talked a lot to friends. I had better go back to bed and see if I can get in a wink or two more.l Not sure if I had any winks last night. I hate staring at the clock all night and listening to gongs f the grandfather clock.

    Building your own house or extension surely sounds wonderful ! Yes, I understand doing things little by litt. THat is the way we are trying to do updates and stuff in the house, little by little as we can afford it. Hope this year is better than I am thinking it will be. We used to camp alot with the kids in a trailer when they were growing up or we never woul d have gone anywhere. That will be fun for the kids.

    Hi Gail, glad you had been doing better than in past years.

    Hugz to all and I'm going back to bed.

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    Oh no!!!! what did I hit? Oh well, here I am again. I don't remember were I left offr so I will begin with Christmas Eve. My family plus one grandson and wife, came here for a bit, then we went to an Italian restaurant at the end of the road. So good and a good time. My kids gave me a new Nova 4-wheel walker for Christmas. It's hard to buy for me.

    And I got more snacks than I can possibly eat before next Christmas!!!! I am trying not to eat too many at one time. I don't want to gain any weight!!

    Then on last Sat. I went to son's where all of their family spent two hours exchanging and having fun. My little Nolan of course was there and he is so much fun. After 2 hours, they said that they were bundling up and leaving for a state park nort h of here to go tobagganing. I said that I guessed I would go home!!! Where else? I would have loved tobagganing many years ago but now~~~~~~~~ I told them that they had already received their Christmas gifts in all they had received from home. I really would have appreciated a "thank you".

    Daughter's family was at their home for a few days and little Arabella got to try on and hear the stories of a few things~~~~the dress I was wearig when I met Harley (they sent a pix with her wearing it), my wedding dress which she said looked just like a princess dress! it is so thrilling to have her so interested in the past. She is sooo sweet and kind!

    DIL is always texting D. I tested her this a.m. and no answer. I wanted them to come over and bring me T.Paper, and do a few errands. I had read on her blog about how great it is to talk to me and see me every day. The last was Sat.

    I finally have my Dr.'s appt. that I was to have had when I had pneumonia. Don't know if her/she have any new ideas or what.

    I would like to get my Xmas decorations put away but have to have containers from son's. My Fontanini nativity will be put away and then all my Willow Trees go on the coffee table. My little apartment looks really cute and I am so happy wit h it.

    My problem yesterday was that I would remember something small that was in my home and wonder where it is now. Gave me a little homesickness. My house is completely empty and cleaned out. Maybe one of you might have seen a picture of FB of my 2 grandsons on their mouse brigade!!!!! Maggie left and the mice came out to play!!!! It was so funny! There were five little mice running around! Wonder where they came from??

    An auction house took everything that the family or I hadn't taken. The sale is to be Sat. I would like to be one of those little mice and see who got what for how much. It is hard to realize al of my belongings are in this apartment after having a big house full of heirlooms, etc.

    Oh Julie-----you are the busiest one lady that I know. I hope that your family can stay well so you can rest. Do you ever rest? yes, Julie and Gail, please do for yourself now!!! I know from experience that it is now nor ever!!

    Julie: My SIL knows how much heart break their is with a baby loss. She was pregnant (2nd marriage and to my BIL) and at 10 days before delivery date, she lost the heartbeat. They had to wait for natural delivery. I can't imagine how difficult that is!!~ They never had another baby---she had 2 sons that BIL adopted and they have a wonderful family. He has no biological children.

    This is long enough!!!! I have a wonderful crockpot recipe!

    Gentle Hugs and Luv for a new year.

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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    So glad to hear from you JOAN !!! Glad you had a nice Christmas and so many visitors. Also happy that you like your new place. So much less to take care of for yourself. You have your Maggie with you and not to worry about mice in you rew place with her around:)!! That is so funny about when you all left there 5 mice glad Maggie was gone and having a goood time I suspect.

    Yes, it is horrible to lose a byaby at any gestation. Luckily, I had no problems . However my DIL and DS have has such problems including a couple of miscarriages but they were fairly early. Then one of the babies just stopped growing and I then had to a D and C. Of course they were very upset as we were. They would make such good parents. They are like kids them selves and love children. I still think they are hoping to adopt but it is such a process and he is even busier now with a new job and for how much.
    Let us know about your crockpot recipe when you get the chance. I like the kind that is simple and has not to many ingredients and steps to it.

    ****May you have a wonderful New Year in your nice new place. We are so glad you have your own computer so you can let us know how you are doing. Yes, it would be interesting to see who got what in your house and for how much. I'm sure that your family got the best things that mean something to them in the family.

    God continue to bless you my dear. Stay well and come back and let us know about your crockpot recipe when you can. Especially now that it is cold I am in the crockpot modd. I got a gift card from one of my daughters and so I hope to go get and bigger crockpot in oval shape. It holds more and bigger things like roasts.

    Hope we see some more Porchies too soon. I miss so many of them


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    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - hope you find a lovely new crockpot and enjoy many hot delicious
    meals cooked in it.

    Julie - hope you do get down to your gardening and all those things you
    didnt hv time for last year.

    Gail - i also feel clock is ticking. really want to go on a trek. a few day
    would be good but a day long one also would refresh.

    Joan - loved reading all your news, and its funny the mice came out
    immdiately now that Maggie 'moved'.

    Georgia - good to see you popped in. Im sure your shawls are coming
    in handy in this cold.

    yesterday son came after college and we went and got brother back
    from hospital. he will rest for some days and then go again for next round.

    Granni - you asked if i cooked the meals myself. I only cooked steamed
    fish for dh on NYs eve. what i ate, all those curries and chutneys i had
    at a restaurant. no patience to do all that. besides our gas would finish
    pretty soon. we use cylinders which we hv to buy. cheaper to eat
    many varieties outside. home is good for one or two dishes.

    I do make my brothers food myself because he is not supposed to eat
    too spicy and i dnt trust the help.


    God Bless

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    Got back from the store with DH and then stopped and at a sandwhich at Mickey D's (they are close to us and we like the McRib) but they donpt have it a lot of the time, don't know why. DH got on the computer and I put away all the rest of the stuff. Got our mail and was surprised to see that the son of my dad's brother sent me some more info that he had been looking for under out surname. It is in a little booklet that he made up, all typed and some pics too. I used to have lots of stuff on the computer that someone has sent me on info from way back when ( 1650-s or so it starts). I was so excited. I lost alot of what was on our computer when they crashed a few times even though I supposedly backed stuff up. I got so frustrated losing a lot of information. I may have some of it on paper but haven't looked and toput it all back in will be a painstaking job ):!!! Typing so fast not sure if you can understand it all. I haven't had the time to look up anything in it yet.

    Julie, I am sure your daughter Lindsey and David understands what you have been going through. If she seems hurt just let her know that sometimes it all gets the best of you and you had to vent. You know she and David are good parents and they know you love them all for all that you have done for them all esp with the children.

    I am behind in my computer stuff I have to do for DH. So sorry I can't stay on to chat to much. OHHH, I got a new crockpot an oval shaped one with an oval shaped one, the biggest size, I think, holds up to 6 lbs. of food. I probably don't need a big one but I do need the space in the oval shaped one. I also hate to crowd the food, and if I need the space I have it. I got a really good buy I think in WM. Not counting the tax it was marked down to $29.00 and whatever cents. They had smaller ones for a larger price. So, I got the larger one. There is even a clip to lock on the top if you are traveling which is a good thing. I love to make soups and other dishes in there. The port ribs (boneless) I made the other day came out so tender and almost like the McRib with BBQ sauce.

    SW - Glad your brother is done with his treatments for now. How many more does he have, do you know? I know you will be glad when that is over with. Luckily, my daughter ony had 4 treatments which was chemo one day and a shot the next. She did lose her hair and felt very fatigued and lots of hot flashes which she is still dealing with. Plus she had the surgery too. Not sure if I mentioned that in Feb. we will be goint to our daughters in NC for about 10 days. It will be nice to visit and see how sheis doing. Luckily her bloodwork was pretty good and she didn't get more ill or something as others have.

    I never heard of Oil pulling and have no idea what it is supposed to do.

    Rock - How have you been ? I hope you are doing OK and maybe just dealling with a persnickity computer :)!!!

    Again Happy New Years to AWL !

    Lots of hugs to everyone and sorry I cannot address each individually.


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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    You guys are something else with your resolutions. Not sure what if any I have made. Just trying to plug along day by day and get by as good as I can. Maybe also to try and keep my weight to normal levels, not that it is really bad right now. These holidays really didn't help me any. I think when the weather is colder I want to eat more and fire up those furnaces inside :)!

    Wow Gail, you are a brave one to want to take your DH tubing in the winter. Of course, you are now in FL but somedays it might be that warm. I know I ocouldnpt do it. I need bathwater type places to swim or whatever. We tubed many years ago in the summer but the streams and lakes were pretty cool and I was fairly young them. No more, I cana tell you that unless the water was really warm !!

    If you get any ideas for losing a few pounds, esp in the hip and tummy area, I am all ears :)!! Yeah I know, don't eat esp snacks and carbs ! Don't eat to many sweets except the low fat and sugar Blue Bell Ice Cream with Dh some evenings.

    Spring Water - Hope all is well with you and you have some sun today., It was cold and windy today but at least there was SUN. So, it didn't seem so bad. I go tomorrow morning to get my mammogram - fun fun FUN !!!

    Gotta run for now. All that building should help you Julie if you are going to help Den with any of it.

    TTYAL ! Love,
  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    granni - losing information or photos on comp is always distressing;
    ive lost videos etc, but too lazy to make back ups...

    julie - no never heard of oil pulling but..what an interesting thing..
    looked it up and it seems like a very simple procedure with no side effects
    ..basically it is supposed to clear out toxins..there was this page where
    a lady said it got rid of her skin problem..even tho she wasnt using it for

    i just might try it myself...id love to hv a cleaner gut and digestive system

    im here on the terrace trying to get warm enough to go in and take a much
    needed bath..

    hobbes is doing a bit worse, so i told son we might hv to do the thing we
    both dread...put him down..but son isnt listening...he says he will sleep
    with hobbes in a separate room if need be and pet him when he starts
    hurting...not practical, son needs his sleep. the painkillers i usually give
    arent working very well, i cant bear to think of him in pain 24 x 7.

    pls pray for right solution...

    god bless
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Spring Water - so sorry to hear about your dear Hobbs and how cute and loving it ws of your son to say he would sleep with him or whatever it was. When those pets are with you for so long they are like one of the family or they are really. It is so hard when one has to put them down. However, when one sees them suffer so sometimes it is hard both ways.How old is Hobbs?

    Julie - Thinking of you and hope everyone is well at your house. You have osmuch on your plate no matter how much you try and take it easy - ha, ha ! You just can't get that much rest with all the helping out with the babies and all I know it is hard and worse when David is gone for his training. i forget when he was leaving. Hope to hear from you soon.

    BTW, I am making split pea soup in the crock pot from the recipe on line. The reviews were very good. So, we will see ! It is smelling good though. Either way it is a lot of work with all the chopping of veggies to put in it. If I had a sioux (sp?) chef it would be real easy. It is interesting. You put things in the crock pot al at once, layers, like they tell you. Then you just leave it and do not stir it till it is all done. It is just nice to getit cooking and walk away till it is hopefully done. DH just love green pea soup.. So we will see what he says. It is all the same ingredients as I used to use but in the crock pot and no stirring and tasting in between to see if it is done or not.

    Rock - How are you doing my friend? Hope you are feeling OK ornot to bad. If the weather stinks and is gloomy that doesn't always maykke one feel very good or cheery either. We surely could us one of your square dance calls about now.

    Hope everyone is warming up and doing OK or better. Missing so many people on the Porch.


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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    The only problem is that we loved it so much there isn't a whole lot left, maybe two small bowls. I think next time I will have to double the recipe. It is easy to put together and leave to cook for so many hours, depending on if you want low or hi settings. However, there is a lot to chop. I didn't have a ham bone so I had a hock in the freezer from long ago, so I had to chop up part of a ham steak we had bought. It was great with warm french bread. If you have a nice meaty ham bone you don't have to chop the ham up before hand.

    If anyone wants the recipe let me know. I love crock pot recipes but usually you have to know what you are doing early in the day.

    Hope all had a nice day today. It was a quiet rainist day today here. Didn't do much except soup and do wash and watch some football. Yeah, TX won the playoff game but now have to go up into the cold countryto play. It would be nice if they won but it would be a surprise to most, I think. To bad they had some bad injuries earlier on. Oh well ! I usually don't watch that much football but DH had me out there watching some of it. If it got bad I was leaving :)!!

    Hi to Julie, Georgia, Joan, Rock, Teacher, Gail, Leah and so many others.

  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to say we had to say goodbye to Hobbes this morning.
    He'd been poorly for a week now and yesterday he couldnt get up, was
    vomiting whatever he ate. And since he is really heavy we couldnt
    carry him outside to do his business either. Tho he only did number one
    this morning in the house this morning.

    He also seemed to hv got some sort of stroke which affected his neck
    and kept it at an awkward angle.

    Son and me sat with him last night for some time and covered him with
    a blanket. luckily he didnt seem to be in pain. and fell asleep.

    this morning i called the vet. he went with son and me holding him. i
    have never seen son cry so much. he was too young to feel much when
    his grandparents died tho he did bawl his lungs out when we lost
    Yoogi. Son was ten around that time. Maybe he is more attuned to
    animals than humans.

    But Hobbes was his special friend and they grew up together. Hobbes
    having come when son was around 11.

    He is devastated and so am i and some of the help. Hobbes was such
    a good dopey fella, not a mean bone in him. Till yesterday he was responding
    to me teasing him. if i squinted my eyes and stared at him, he'd lower
    his head and make his eyes big and appealing.

    We buried him in the garden down below where we can see from our window.
    probably plant a flowering tree there. The neighbour and her son who were
    both fond of him also came to say fare well. There were around nine of us
    so he got a good send off. dear sweet friend. My middle brother too happened to come and the boys helped carry him down. such a big hefty fellow. Must be like 50 kgs.The great big bumbling critter.

    How we all loved him and miss him.

    Pls pray he is playing around up there now. Running and leaping and bounding after stones and crows like he used to when he was healthy.

    Thank you

    God Bless

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I am so sorry to hear about your having to put down your dear friend Hobbs. I know you and family will never forget him. Try and remember him as he was when he was young and healthy and not so ill. It is hard to see our dear friends, furry or not suffer so.

    Have to get ready to go to church but wanted to check in with any dear Porchies that might have stopped by.

    May God give you and your family solice at this time . Nothing that much new to tell you. Not sure if I mentioned the green pea soup that I made yesterday in the crock pot. It came out soo good, not much left. If you or anyone would like the recipe, let me know. Do they have slow cookers where you live?
    More later on.

    Love to you and everydobby,
  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your loving words of comfort.

    And i am grateful i had the means to not let him suffer any longer than
    he needed to.

    The pain is raw and we are feeling the void but know this will lessen
    and lessen until only sweet memories are left.

    Which is as it should be otherwise how much pain can we all carry around?

    My mouth was watering when you mentioned your pea soup. what a
    warm body and soul nourishing meal it must hv been in the cold weather!

    Your new crockpot was a great buy i must say and your first meal cooked
    in it such a success.

    here no, we dont hv the fuel to slow cook stuff. everyone tries to cook
    their meals in pressure cooker to save gas. the electricity power
    cuts hv been upped to now 12 hours a day and cooking gas is horrendously

    God Bless
  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    what a beautiful beautiful poem. So comforting.

    i will show it to my son when he comes home.

    thank you for posting it. i do believe every word of it. ive read
    so much and know in my heart these things to be true.

    yesterday after we had said goodbye and everyone left, son
    went for a motorbike drive, (had asked for leave from college);
    dh away to office and the house was quiet with only echoes
    from every corner HObbes occupied, he was pretty mobile
    so pretty much evrywhere reminds me of him.

    i went upstairs for a while and still aching. I had put on the
    radio which runs on battery also (no lights) and put some
    random station on so as the house not to be so quiet. When
    i went back down and opened the flat door the radio was on
    and an indian song was coming on....the words went "so what if
    Im not there, our love lives on forever, i hv been and will come
    back again, dont be sad. "

    it right away reminded me i should remember the joy we enjoyed
    from having had Hobbes for the time he was allotted to us, instead
    of wallowing in sadness that he left bodily.

    of course its not possible to not feel sad right away but i know
    its just a natural course..and will resolve itself surely at its own pace.

    I hope all of the kids David Lorraine and Lindsey stop feeling anxious
    about davids coming trip and things will go so smoothly, he will be
    back home before they realise his time away is up.

    I hope Rock is well. I got a little 'on' again and had to re log in several
    times. Hope his computer is fine. Miss him when he is away from posting.

    Love to Georgia, Teacher, Joan, Gail, Diane, and all.

    God Bless
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - . Thanks for posting it. What a lovely poem you posted and how comforting . I can't imagine how it will be for Lindsay and babies to be without David for 14 weeks. Wow that will be 3 1/2 months. The twins will do some growing up in that time and Lorraine too but she not as evident. How far away is his training??? Seems strange they don't get weekend breaks or so but I guess they have their reasons.

    Yes, I have been thinking about ROCK too. Haven't heard from him for awhile and hoping there is no major problems but perhaps a persnickity computer. Yes, I do miss him to when he isn't here to get us all going and make us all laugh:)!!

    Spring Water - Thinking about you all so much to and your family and how I am sure so many things inside and outside too probably remind you of you dear furry friend Hobbes. Although not sure how much he was outside as he got older and more feeble and ill. Time will help I know but I know you all will not forget him and that is normal but know he will live in your hearts.. Hope your son doesn't get himself to down in the dumps about Hobbes death but I know he was very close to him and it is very sad. Sounds like your son has a very tender heart, just like you. Hang in there both of you !

    Well, I am going to get dressed and make some sausage and bean soup in the crock pot. I have made it before or something sililar but might make a double batch with more beans added than sausage so it should be more healthy and last longer.

    Sorry you cannot do the crock pot but many or most of these recipes can be cooked on the stove too adjusting the liquid. Actually, I probably should have added some more liquid to the green pea soup especially eating it the second day. It was very thick and I was to lazy. We just ate it up !!

    DH is getting the tires rotated and when he returnes he has chores for us to do as well as going to work out some at the gym - mostly treadmill for me and a few other weight machines.

    Love to everyone and hope to see some others soon we all have been missing - some already mentioned in SW's last post.

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Diane - So sorry you are still not feeling well and have fever. How hi is your fever? Are you coughing also? That is what I had with low grade fever that finally went away after a week and then came back again. I was on two different antibiotics. I am guessing it was a virus of some kind cause it did not seem to respond (or at least the fever didn't) to the meds. Guess I thought I was all better but then I wasn't cause it came back.

    In the split pea soup recipe I used the dry beans and you do not need to sak them before just rinse and check out any bad ones and remove. I never add salt to recipes esp those will ing. that already have natural salt in it, like the ham in the soup. You can probably put in less ham or put in a hock or bone for flavoring and take that in account when you add other stuff in the recipe. Let me know if you want the recipe. You layer it first with beans, then onions and garlic or visa versa, and carrots then the ham and seasonings. Don't take all this for the gospel truth as I would have to look it up. The last thing added is the VERY HOT water. DO NOT STIR !!! Cover and no peeking :)!! It is important not to stir so everything gets cooked properly. Let me know if you need amounts. When done smooch with a potato masher or hand blender if you like it thick and smooth. If not then leaave it. We got ours all smooth and served with a pat of butter or marg and extra pepper. We had bread with it of course and i know Kevins bread (homemade would go wonderfully well).

    The left overs came especially thicker so I should have added a bit more water last night but I was to lazy and didn't realize how thick it was till I put it on the taable. We ate it all up anyway and not a word was said :)!! I think cook on hi 4-5 hours I think or low 6-8 hours. I usually start on high for about an hour and then put on low the rest of the time. Depends on when you eat dinner, late or early and I never seem to get the soup on that early.

    The sausage and bean soup I am making tonight may come out to watery or brothy so I may have to add some more beans from a can or remove some of the broth. We'll see !! I tried to double it but didn't have enough sausage but that is OK if there is enough beans. Will let you know about that one later on.

    Any quetions letme know andif you want the amounts. I would think esp for the green pea you may want the measurements. After making it the first stime you can do your own thing or change a few things. With the beans soup I should Have drained the canned ones but that is what the recipe said and I wasn't thinking. The sausage will make it salty enough. The only other thing I added was basil and of course the onion and garlic. I pre sauteed the sausage first ( about 1 lb cut up in pieces) and onion and removed some of the fat. Then put that in the crockpot. Then everything else 1 can of butter beans and or Northern and black beans.

    The recipe called for black and butter beans but the first time I made it I had no butter beans so added northern instead. It was great so this time I added both. Also 1 (15 oz) can of chopped or whole tomatoes. I usually at the chopped. Also 1 14 1/2 oz. beef broth. They have some with low fat and low sodium so take your pick. The amounts I gave you were for a single recipe.

    Diane - Hope he get a good nap and hope anyone else who reads this gets some ideas. Don't hesitate to ask any questions, if you have a hankering for some soup in the crock pot.

    Julie - so sorry to hear about Sheba. That is so sad when something happens to our dear sweet furry friends too and they are not what they were. Of course if he get to turning on people Linds may not want them around the babies or helpers. Curious what the vet.has to say. I would suspect that too if he is an old doggie . We'll see !!

    Love to you ALL,

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member


    I got two recipes off the internet. Both were similar and had good ratings (reviews). So I figured I would give one a try.

    1 (16 oz) bag of dried green split peas (rinsed and drained)
    1 meaty hambone, 2 hamhocks, or 2 cups of ham ( I had an old hamhock from the freezer and cup up 2 cups of diced ham)
    3 carrots, peeled and sliced
    1/2 cup of chopped onion
    2 ribs of celery, plus leaves, chopped
    1 or 2 cloves of garlic minced ( I used the garlic from the jar)
    1 bay leaf
    1/4 c fresh parsely chopped, or 2 t. of dried parsely flakes (that is what I used)
    1 T. seasoned salt or to taste ( I didn't have any and so didn't use any)- plus better if you are no salt diet anyway
    1/2 t. fresh pepper
    1 1/2 qts.HOT water

    Layer ingredients in order given, pour in HOT water. Cover and cook on HIGH 4-5 hours or LOW 8-10 hours until peas are soft and ham falls off the bone. Remove bones and bay leaf. Mash peas to thicken more, if desired. It says garnish with croutons but we didn;t do that, just a pat of butter or marg in the bowk of soup and extra pepper if desired.

    The other recipe is almost the same. The same ingredients maybe a little bit different amounts but close but no seasoned salt it called for 1 T salt but we don't have to worry about that do we:)!! Plus ham has a bunch in it anyway and was plenty salty or tasty. Also the other recipe did not call to mash the veggies at the end but that is optional anyway. Everyone is different and we like a thicker soup, split pea anyway. The second recipe also says cook for 8-10 hrs on LOW.

    Hope this is helpful and that you like it. When we refrigerated the little bit of leftovers the next day it was thicker and I probably should have added some more liquid, water or broth. It didn't need much though. The recipe says also that it freezes well.

    Next time I make it I might double the amount and see how it works out. It sure is good and we never have that many leftovers. Let us say that we wer piggish in eating it along with warm French bread. You could also have a salad too, I was to lazy to fix it !! Since I have a 6 qt pot now I can make a larger amount. I forget what my other was - 4 qt maybe. I forget. It should make about -8 servings but that depends on the size of the bowls too.

    Spring Water - if you want to try it you can make it in a big pot. You can cook it in a couple of different ways, you can sautee the veggies first or not and then add the peas and water. You will need more water though. I forget how much. If you want to try it let me know and I will my old recipe book and check the amount of water/liquid.

    Hope this helps and that anyone who trieds it enjoys it. Those of you with bad teeth have no fear, nothing to chew except possibly the bread you might have with it :)!!! It is especially good on a COLD day but good anything for me. ENJOY !!!

    Bye for now. Have some stuff to do before we eat and then go to choral practice. Yep, we start up again tonight !!!!!

    Edited due to this stupid computer which keeps on deleting stuff I have re written and I have to do it all over again !

    Love you all,

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  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Seems like glitches happening all over ..last night logged in
    n tried to post but it was taking sooo long to load.

    Diane - thank you for your sweet words regarding Hobbes.
    I know youre an animal person..my eyes still well up when
    i think about Hobbes and so does sons but thats the grieving

    so sorry you are not well with this flu like thing. Do take a lot
    of soups..maybe like the one dear Granni posted..i know one
    doesnt even feel like getting up at these times...

    Granni - yes i will try it out in the pressure cooker but using the
    same ingredients..dont bother with the recipe, i will try to adjust
    the water amts from the usual soupy stuff i make, noodles etc.

    Im sure it will be delicious...tho for myself i will be using veg stock cube.

    Julie - Ive started doing the oil pulling thing. My teeth ache from
    time to time and i figured it couldnt hurt to try this thing out...
    centuries old therapies normally work very well, this thing is

    now dont you go tiring yourself out again once David goes off on
    his stint.

    its so cold...son was saying his friends phone barometer showed
    minus 2 degrees centigrade.. when they were in class at 6am.
    and they dont hv proper heating due to electricity issues.

    their college janitor lights a coal fire in his little cubby hole and son
    goes there to warm his hands.

    funny, because daytime temp goes up to 18 degrees centigrade.

    well it will be better during summer time because then temps will
    be searing and 6am will be much cooler.