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    We must have been posting about the same time as I just posted the split peas soup recipe above. The bone is not a must but gives it good flavor. I had no bone per se but did have an old ham hock. I did use some ham from a ham steak. If you are desperate you could probably use some pieces of thicker lunchmeat ham and put it in at the end. Let us know how it comes out in the pressure cooker or stock pot. If you do it in the stock pot you will need more water, not sure about pressure cooker. Never used that for soups but I know it can be done. Any other wuestions let me know and I can look up my old recipes to see the amount of water.

    It is early in the morning. DH ran out to get gas before the heavy rain. We are supposed to get some heavy rains today and tomorrow I think. We surely do need it though as it is getting dry again.

    Hope everyone is feeling better that was feeling badly like Diane, Mikie, Frieda, etc.

    Rock - We are missing you. Come back when you can.

    Julie - So sorry to hear aboaut Shedba and hope they can find out how to help her. Hope you all stay well esp while David is gone and you will be needed for double duty so to speak.

    Joan - Hope you are doing ok. Loved to hear that you are really liking your new place and not so much to take care of and being by yourself. Not good if something happens, you fall or something. Someone is always thee to help you.

    Hope to pop in again later.

    Love to everydobby,

    Thinking of everyone. Hope you will all pop in when you are able to.


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    Spring water my deepest sympathy for you and your son. Losing a pet is so hard.our dog was run over by school bus. Bruno was standing in the grass corner and her rear tire went off the road and hit him .i was out of town but all my kids were sat the vet and they were crying and they said Bruno was crying .he was such a good dog like yours. Now I'm crying. People who don't have pets don't understand.

    Julie I watched two of the babies today one is 4 mo and the other is 8 mo,needless to say every bone in my body hurts, I had to load them in the car to go pick up my 12 yo grandson,. I did pretty well till the end and both got crabby,

    Be back