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  1. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Wooden fire blazing merrily....hot punch and toddy for those
    who want it these cold freezy days..warm milk and hot chocolate
    for others...and cookies of all sorts..;lots of warn brightly coloured
    throws draped around the old comfy sofas and divans..so make
    yourselves comfortable..peel off your worries, cares for a while
    and just 'be' for a some moments. Or snuggle down, relax and share
    whats going on with you all...good, bad, funny, anything


    Diane - tks for copying out Julies post..sending good thoughts and
    prayers for your speedy recovery from your bout of flu and other
    things. That previous doc of yours needs to know how to interact with patients better.

    Julie - Im thinking youre at Amys by now. I admire that you can get
    up at such an unearthly hour and drive...Im lazy. Spoilt. Come to
    the Porch if you can from there.

    Granni - how are you feeling after the dentists; did you have an
    okay time with the back?

    Ive been doing oil pulling for a couple of days maybe ten? Noticed
    the skin effects pretty soon after few days. I use sunflower oil.
    the refined one is kind of not so heavy as mustard and sesame we
    get out here, tho i read that coconut gives good results too. im sure
    olive oil would be good since its healthy but its way too expensive for
    me out here.

    You dont hve to push yourself to keep it in for 10 mins at a time.Do
    what you can and then throw it out if it gets difficult then restart with
    another spoonful. You can start with 10 or fifteen mins and work it
    up to 20 mins according to how comfy you feel.

    im sure even a couple of mins will have a good effect only the detoxing
    effect will take a little longer.

    i can see a very red sun rising through the lace curtains of my window
    and the traffic outside is already noisy..mostly big lorries trundling
    with their wares trying to beat the cut off time when they can ply around

    i had to get out of my warm bed and break up a fight between Tinku and
    other dogs. Tinku has become so feisty and aggressive..she doesnt
    like the other dogs coming anywhere near her which is a problem if she
    is sleeping on the stairs and they cant get to their rugs on the other
    parts of the stairs. Now it just occurred to me if its pms. can dogs get
    pms. this is a problem because if she fights it creates so muchnoise and
    unpleasantness and probably raises my blood pressure.

    i can do without that.

    God Bless

  2. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I need to go fix something for lunch and then I will try and get bafck on here. I visited the LOUNGE and left a short post. Felt guilty that I should post here too. Nothing really excitiing going on here but did start a new recipe in the cockpot. Will let you know if it comes out good. It is SPICEY HAMBURGER AND CABBAGE SOUP. That really shouldnlt be to spicy though. We'll see and if it turns out I will have to find the soup thread and put it on there.

    Going to choir practice tonight. I missed so many lately with one thing or another. Hope I can sit OK in the choir seats. I may bring my OLD pad from sitting in the bleacher days to watch every sport imaginable or at least it seems that way :)!!

    Hi to Julie who should still be at Amy's, Georgia, Teacher, Elaine, Carla , Rock Freida, Diane and everyone I can't think of right now.

    More later if I can . Hopefully more will post soon ! Be well everyone.

    Love you all,
  3. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Hope everyone is having a good day.

    Two 3D friends in the last three months have emailed me and said they didn't want to see me anymore. Second one e-mailed me last night and told me she wanted to do herself in. Called her husband last night and found out this woman is fine. Needless to say, I'm skittish about making any new ones. Have two friends left I've known for over 20 years, and that is enough. What is it with people?

    Granni, hope your sciatica is feeling better. SW, good to hear from you.

    bis sp├Ąter--

  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Glad to see you on the Porch today. Sorry to hear about your friends dumping and or treating you that way. I know it has to hurt. i still have a couple of ladies that have did me that way and I can't figure it out. However, the one who told you she was thinking of doing herself in was something else, especially if her husband said that she was fine. HMMM, maybe she didn't tell him (hmmm) !!

    What have you been up to? More genealogy transcribing, any knitting? Are you still working PT at the animal shelter? Hope all is going well for you other than that awful stuff with your x friends. No one should have to go through that kind of stuff, especially if you havn't done anything to hurt them. Been there sweetie and I know it hurts. Have been missing you and so many others on the Porch. Everyone seems to be so busy and otherwise occupied and or not feeling well. Julie is out helping her daughter Amy and sitting with a sick Kiera so she can go to work. Busy busy - but she usually tries hard to pop in as much as she can in between baby sitting and helping Lindsay.

    Spring Water is also a busy one with her family but tries hard to come visit with what Porchies are left.

    So glad you came to visit and hope to hear more from you soon again. TEACHER popped in awhile ago and then disappeared again. I guess with her teaching and all it takes everything out of her when she fainally gets home. Wish I would heaqr something from ELAINE . I sent her a few personal e-mails and haven't heard from her in some time. I aam getting somewhat worried.

    Enough of that. Hope to hear from you again soon and some others too that have hopefully just temporariy dissappeared.

    Love to awl,

  5. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Thanks for your kind words. This woman loves drama, so it is just as well that I step away from this. Don't need it.

    I've lived in this town for over 20 years, and have never had any luck making friends here. Those I have left are in the Bay Area. Perhaps there is something in the air here that makes people weird :(

    Yes, have been busy with the transcribing. SIL and I are talking about going to Salt Lake this summer to do some genealogical research. She and are are both physically challenged, so will share the driving and help each other! Should be fun.

    Not knitting anymore right now, and I stopped working at the shelter last July.


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  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    That must hv been an unnerving experience..receiving

    message that someone is going to do themselves in.

    I hope she gets the counseling she seems to be needing.

    And healing from whatever pain she is in. i mean to

    threaten to do something like that and tell someone else

    about it....!!!!

    Im sure its better for you to have healthier interactions

    than this lady who is dumping on you. And adding to

    your stress.

    Distancing from friends is somethng very familiar to lots

    of us here suffering from what seem like chronic DDs.

    They dont let you get to socialise as much as one would

    expect, somwtimes one wants just to disappear and

    be left alone and then the drifting apart seems to happen

    until you realise youre living in a shell.

    My own friends/relatives have such busy lives whether

    its activity wise or socializing. Mine is the bare minimum.

    The barest i can make it. Without actually getting thrown

    out of the community altogether.

    I just seem to have a core group of relatives and friends

    whom i try my hardest to not lose touch with. The rest

    like school friends and satellite cousins of whom are busy

    visiting each other; going on trips together - all this not for

    me. Cant keep up. Cant do it. not right now. And yes its

    painful. To be different. I try to remain positive and see

    things for what they are rather than what they should

    ideally be.

    Okay i seem to hv rambled on. Enough of that.

    Granni - i just hope Elaines fine. Rock too. And Teacher,

    like you said, she must be needing downtime after

    her school hours and her health issues.

    Rock and Teacher are such funny writers..their posts

    make me laugh out loud most of the time, no matter

    what is going on in their actual lives, they have this

    naturally funny streak in them which comes out in their

    writing. Lol.

    I hope you enjoy your choir practise. yes, it has been a while

    since you went isnt it. Oh i nearly forgot. Do you think a

    chiropractor like Julies would help your back? Just a

    thought. And when you go to the gym maybe your instructor

    could give you tips to strengthen the back.

    Im so thrilled the lights came on in morning so i got on

    immediately. heh heh. normally theyre always off until


    But i have to iron dhs clothes before he comes back from

    out of town...so

    take care

    God Bless

  7. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Thanks for your kind words. I'm so sorry that you have been through this, also. Yes, it is difficult for us to maintain friendships, or to make new ones.

    This lady has lost other friends due to her negativity and constant complaining. Getting her to talk was like trying to pull teeth. I'm letting go of this for my own well-being.

    I worked in mental health for over 30 years, and had my fill of drama queens. Can't deal with it anymore, especially in friendships.

    Hugs to You--
  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Thats what i thought at once, you've worked so long dealing with
    people like her, you surely dont need to do it in your private life
    too after retiring.

    I hope you enjoy the trip coming up with your friend.

    Its a somewhat cold day. Just did a spot of ironing. I like it
    when the lights are on early morning. i tried some EFT exeercises
    by looking up utube.

    Granni - i looked up my earlier posts and found i started the
    oil pulling around 5th Jan. But i stopped in between for a week
    when i got the stomach bug and now im practising regularly.
    here sunflower oil is expensive but i thought what the heck,
    anything if it helps me to hv better health. will just cut back
    on eating out or picking snacks up. since my skin and hair got
    much better and face glowier i feel enthusiastic about it, thinking
    abut how it must be working internally in areas i dont know about.

    Everydobby out there all our MIAs and Joan and all, thinking of
    you and sending good thoughts out to yer all!

    God Bless

  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Not to much to relate but did want to say hi and glad you are back. Glad all went well with all you gals. That must have looked really cute walking around with plastic bags and olive oil on all your heads the other day :)!!!

    It is DH's b-day tomorrow but doubt if we will be doing much of the celibratory nature. He thought that we might go out to eat but then thought better of it that he needs to get some new shoes and we will be going to our daughters in NC in about a week. Needs to save some $$$. So will stay home and do some working outside and have hamburgers on the grill in the evening. We hardly ever really celbrate birthdays but may go out to eat occasionally. Some people have lots of big parties . somehow we hardly ever seem to get to do much of that. OMG, DH turns 75 tomorrow - yikes, that's a shocker !! He shares his birthday with the Groundhog :)!!! I have another dear friend in the city whose b-day is also the same day but I haven't seen her in some time since nether of us wants to travel very much, I am sure. Before we moved, she and I were in the church choir.

    Glad you had a nice time with Kiera and visiting Amy. Hope you got some things cleaned up around here today when you get home. I know when you are gone there is always so much to do when you finally get home.

    Gonna run for now and will try and check in tomorrow, even if it is Saturday.

    Your dad is lucky. Tell him that hewill have two birthday parties so he is lucky !! How old is your dad???

    Bye for now.

  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Looking for Rock. I know he hangs out here now and then. Haven't heard anything since his post on the FMS board that he's not doing well and is having computer problems. Keeping him in my prayers. Also, keeping everyone here in my prayers as well.

    Love, Mikie
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - I don't blame you for being worried about the situation with your sil and this trucker guy and what will happen in this situation. She doesn't sound like she has much common sense. I just got on and now need to go help DH. it is his 75th b day today . Hope to get back on later but not sure if I'll get there plus have to wash my hair tonight too.

    Just having hamburgers on the grill tonight and have to go ifix them and the stuff to go with them.

    Hugz and love to all,'Granni
  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Again hv to be quick as lights hv gone out and battery low.

    Julie - what's happening. DHs dad should get a little peace n quiet
    at least now when he is in the twilight years. His daughter
    seems very self centered and you are right to worry. Only so
    much one can do, I suppose. He chose to let her come share his

    Just look at how much you do and what she is doing...throwing
    caution to the winds...

    I hope everything works out well

    Granni - how did the hamburgers turn out. Oh and Happy birthday
    to your DH. Going out and having a big celebration loses its excitement
    after a while. I think a nice dinner out also is just as nice...you must
    be looking forward to the visit to daughter too..and the little vacation.

    Mikie - we all wish Rock were here too. In fact I was searching
    for him over the The Lounge! lol.

    And hoping dear Joan too is fine.

    Today I got the bedroom curtains washed and went and
    meditated at the centre and also got my hair washed
    and colored. Yippee. I went downtown so I could get
    a cheaper rate. Also visited a nursery and chose
    some purple alyssum and pink stock to pick up when
    I can get transport to take them back.

    All take care

    God bless

  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    No one came to the door either,,,lol, all
    Of you with plastic bags on your head.

    Hope treatment works soon.

    God bless

  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    That's too funny. Well, at least, if he's able to read some posts, he knows he's not forgotten.

    I'm keeping him in my prayers.

    Love, Mikie
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    2/4/13 6:08 PM Porch addendum

    Not getting reply button so pls paste this to porch if u can Tk u

    Again operating on inverter battery.
    So will hurry.

    The lights come on at 2am and go at 6am sometimes
    They must think we are vampires

    It's a cold grey rainy morning

    First rainof year,

    Yesterday I felt a bit sick after giving healing
    To my son the day before...Very miserable
    In fact, nauseous, drained. Wonder when
    Whoever is in charge up there will decide
    I've paid enough karmic debts to go a week
    Without falling ill.

    But I healed myself enough and did EFT so I could
    Attend meditation.

    Nothing much else achieved. Just tried to

    Our new year is around the corner and lots of
    Cleaning cooking to do.

    Granni - when do you leave? Try and post.

    Julie - hope the meds did the trick. Lice on
    Keira's lil head eliminated.

    God bless

  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    The kids are not the only ones who are sick I've been down myself,
    Had a cough and then developed migraine like pains..ugh!

    Yesterday was not good, the help washed windows while I tried tidying and then hit the bed to recover from the headache.

    This morn is bit better, still coughing.

    I was horrified to learn of the directors behavior..poor little
    Keira. People should hv to undergo behavioral and personality
    Tests before they are allowed to work with children, I am
    Really mad! I think someone should talk with the director
    Otherwise she will only treat others as thoughtlessly.

    I had this problem with my sons one teacher in grade 10
    When he was having a hard time...I did take up issue
    With her but don't know if she took it out on him
    Later because he doesn't talk about those things.

    But when he was leaving school after finals and she kept
    Me waiting for his result papers even tho I was there
    Before other people, I directly asked her if there was
    Any special reason I was being made to wait and
    Then she dug out his file from where she had kept
    It but I was glad because a there was a crowd of 10th graders
    Around.and they got to see teachers don't always
    Behave in the right manner. Sson didn't hv to see her
    Again so I didn't fear for him.

    Our kids. What what we go thru for them.

    I guess Granni is away, hope she is enjoying

    I hope Gail too is well, been a bit since hearing
    From her.

    God bless

  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I post ed a long one last night and I can't find it. Maybe it went on the wrong board or maybe on the Lounge but I don't think so.

    I don't leave till Monday and will be gone 10 days.

    SW - I hope you feel better now . Sorry you have been so sick. That is no fun, I know.

    Julie - I know I posted about your Amy and Kiera situation. We had something like that, my youngest daughter and her son a year or two ago. He was suspended from day care, can you believe that. He is mildly autisic with other LD's. The new people lied and said he had done some things that we know he couldnpt have done. If anything he just gets over exuberant. He has never ever really hurt anyone. They had a takeover of the place and new people who shouldn't have even been working with children. My daughter sent in a formal complaint, I forget where and I think she did did get somewhere but not sure what happened. It was very upsetting to everyone in the family. His aunt now watches him after school. He was either 6 or 7 at the time as he is 8 now.

    Did you or Amy or Lindsey ever see any lice on Kiera or anyone. That might have been a lie just to get Kiera out of the classroom or for someother stupid reasons. Hope Linds and babies get over their colds or whatever they have.

    Sorry I can't find my old post from yesterday but I need to go get dressed.

    Missing everyone inc all those MIA.

    Love you all,
  18. loveslilacs30

    loveslilacs30 Member

    I tried for about an hr. Yesterday afternoon and I just could not get on. I asked for new passowrd and they wouldn't take it. I tried as a new member--that didn't work so i finally quit. Today befiore lunch I thought that I would try again. Same thing. I asked for new password and in a half hr. I hadn't recieved it so I went to lunch. I'm afraid after lunch I have to shut my eyes for a while. Just can not stay awake and i have even started drinking coffee for luncnh. Doesn't work. Maggie got on my lap and I kind of dozed and petted.

    I am trying to recuperate! (I am going to do what I have done for yrs., not correct typos) i did something i hve never in my whole life done (this is rather gross), spit awful stuff. The NP cam amd ordered an anti., Robotussin cough med. and the nebulizer. I didn't think that I was ever goiing to have any improvmengt! This is day 7 out of 10 and I finally see some improvement. It seems as if I haVE had "something" ever since I moved.

    My DIL now has 'it". Son seems to get it frequently---I think iut is indiana weather. It is warm today- around 50 - and then this blizzard is to arrive north of us. If you live there, prepare and keep safe.

    I have winter clothes, what i call church clothes, that I am wearing. Why keep them for good. Exceepti am what y9ou would call a messy old lady. We finally have cloth napkins back after all the bugs and i have to put mine under my chin!Embarassing. I did that at home too. I have used Stain Stick---ever used that?_for yrs. It is something you can put ion stains, etc, right after you take itr off and keep for at least a week. I have sworn by it for yrs, abd yrs, I sometimes forgot the spray on as you put it in the laundry. I read this volume yesterday but i don't remember it very well.

    Oh yes, I tried to "reply" amd it wouldn't let me! I tried to start5 a new vol. and it wouldn't let me. that's when I quit yesterday.

    Juli;--You are the busiest grandmother,mom I know. You mentioned having time for yourself. Do you everr get thaat? Try to! we don't want you collapsing fro0m exhaustion! You are such a good care taker to all of your family. But---I don't know how you do it---nights with hardlt any sleep! You take care sweetie. We don't want you to get too tired and sick.

    Oh my Julie: These met-in-the-Internet friends are scary! they caqn lie through their teeth about t hemselves. Of course, if she has met him what can yo9u sdo? His past doesn't sound too clean.When he moves out, what all will go with him? I hope she keeps all money out of this arrangement. I would hate to have it involve her dad.

    that get-away trip sounds just like what you need! No babies or little girls needing grandma for rocking, etc.

    migraines! They are awful! I had them when my periods began---about 13---and they stopped at menopause. they come on usually when you don't want them. mine would begin about 11 a.m., go all day and end up vomitting bhut t he headache wouldn't stop. Didn't even want the TV on, or anyone to walk across t he floor.! I could sleep at night and wake up, usually, feeling somewhat better. Awful things. Once in while I still get the auras that come with them.

    yes, where is Rock. he is so missed. He can bringhten eveyone;s spirits when he writes for us. Hope he isn't sick------just his computer. And Elaine, i have about forgotten about her. Where did she go? And I do so hope that she isn't ill or has had another bad "down-time". And-what was her name?--Pipi? Where did she go? Did I miss it or what? You can't help but wonder about the people that you have known so loing.

    Too bad someone couldn't have sneaked in with a camera for the glamour girls with olive oil and pastiv bags on their heads! That must have beern to funny to see. How did you get the olive oil out of your hair? Wasn't it hard?

    i sit here with a scarf drapped over my head when the heater/AC comes on. It is right by my computer chair and blows right on me. Don't like it. i really didn't aknow wh I was bringing this beg scart but glad that I did.

    You know, sometimes I think about something that I had in my home and wonder jyst where it went. I tried no to bring too much but I really could have bright a few nore treasures. But--they are probably in someone's else's home now. I don't want to think about it and I usually don't.

    I have to stop ande call D. She and SIL plan on coming down tomorrow but---the weather forcast is not good for their area. So--I'll wait and see.

    Good to finally ge3t on here. I think of your friends often. Don't ever ;want to lose you!

    Gentle Hugs,


  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    So happy to hear from you again. I know how frustrating it can be to try to get on line onth e Porch or wherever and it won't let you or me. It has been doing OK since I changed my e-mail PW and then had to change the pW I think for FB. PH has been behaving lately but I had better not speak to loudly about that.

    Yes, I do miss Rock and God only knows about the dear people who have visited out wonderful Porch and then left without a word. I hate that and is such a worry for us left behind. I know it worries me or has but certainly can't dwell on it. I wish they would have told us what is what. I know Elaine was sick and was doing somewhat better but then I lost contact after she tried to come back here and throw a party. So many were gone ane all she might have gotten frustrated. Pippi ws another that just disappeared for awhile and then came back and then left again. I do wish they would have told us something.. We don't like it when our friends have to leave but we try to understand their reasons.

    Sorry your weather isn't to warm Joan and glad you will miss the big storm and that you are starting to get better from your crud. . I think somewhere in New England is supposed to get it, I believe.

    Went shopping this morning and tried to pick up a few things for our trip on Monday. They no longer make the Bebefiber I think and so there was no Benefiber in the individual packets for travel. I use the WM or Kroger generic brand. It is a white powder that just dissolves in food or drinks. No taste, very helpful. I guess I will have to put some in some small plastic bags and put them somewhere amongst the clothes. Can't put it in carry one or they will think I am trying to make a bomb or infest passengers with anthrax or something. Flying used to be a joy now it is bit not so much joy but extra work in packing. Also might have to hide my manicuring scissors too. Glad the flight is only a few hours, better than driving for me.

    Julie - Hope you are doing OK and not getting sick. I never believed when my kids had runny nosed and coughing that it was from teething, maybe allergies though or of course colds and such.

    Spring Water - Hope you are feeling better after your tummy seige and things settling down for you between illness and family illness' and such.

    DH has a meeting tonight so I will eat leftover spaghetti probably and maybe check the boards a bit and do some more prep for packing - ugh !!! I hurt alot already and haven't even done anything yet.

    Drop a line all of you when you get the chance. Thinking of so many including all the MIA's !

    Love to everydobby,
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    You cook like I used to and I still do use good old Cream of Mushroom soup alot. Another trick that I am sure you have used is the C of M soup and also Lipton Onion soup mix along with it. It tastes so good but quite salty esp if you are used to not cooking with salt. I don't put salt in anything but almost everything has salt in it anyway and some things have much to much salt in it.

    Sounds like you will be a busy busy beaver going to Amy's and helping Kiera with her Valentines. Oh I remember that with the kids - so many Valentines to make :)!! When the gkids were all young I used to send to them but I will be gone and most are to big for them except maybe Zach who soon will be 9. It has gotten so commercial and I don't have that much money just the birthdays is enough for me and have cut down on the amount I give too now. Just can hardly afford it. This month is the 15 year old twins- can you all believe it???? Your twins will be much bigger as quick as a wink, before you know it. They never lived that close to do that kind of stuff. I only had one granddaughter and she wasn;t that close by.

    BTW, just found out from my daughter that her daughter has been homesick and wants to come home and go to college, UT, A and M or others in TX. None are that close by and she would have to room in a dorm anyway or an apartment and that should be pretty expensive, I would think. This is a young lady (19) who thought she wanted to go far away from home, God knows why, as she was doated on and given almost anything. In 3 years the twins will go and OMG that will be double trouble with paying for college. This will be very interesting.

    Hi to awl and pop in when you can.

    Julie - try and rest tonight will you.