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    Good Friday evening...I thought I would get us going again before morning. Hop back and see the last posts from Granni, Jam, and Sunflowergirl...

    I had a pretty busy day...picked up my dad at the care center and brought him out home for lunch. He seemed to have a great time, just watching Lindsey's little ones play and eat lunch.

    Red Mittens happened to be in the house, and as soon as Dad sat down, she jumped up on his lap...I was a little surprised that he didn't mind at all, just kept petting her. We didn't have cats when I lived at home, always just little house dogs.

    Dad was surprised that the leaves were turning colors and falling...said he didn't even know what time of year it was. I told him it was November 1st and yes, fall is in the air. I was relieved that he didn't mention taking his guns back "home" with him, like he did last visit. Hope that phase is over...

    I think I got plenty of groceries for our "party weekend." As long as I can keep all the kids safe and fed, I will consider it a success :p Lindsey is getting so excited...this will be her first night away from the babies since they were born.

    I did have to chuckle...she found a pretty gold clutch to carry...it includes a compartment for her cell phone. She doesn't want to be "out of touch" with her kids...just in case. I will probably send some pictures to her from time to time.

    I doubt I will have time to be on the computer for a couple days, so will just say "hi" to everyone and wish you all a great weekend.
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    Hi, Everyone,

    Julie, thanks for starting a new Porch. All y'all, there are several posts on the last Porch if you haven't read them yet. Julie, I love the "wedding saying." Every day, when I pray, I greet the new day with, "This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad." I've always loved that. Every day is a chance to start over, to mend old hurts, to do something nice for someone, and to try to live a more healthy and happy life. Old things from around a farm would fit perfectly into my d├ęcor. In fact, "Farmhouse" is a new trend in decorating. They use a lot of old harvest tables and old wood and metal implements are used for accents. Restoration Warehouse buys old wood from buildings and barns and makes furniture which looks like my antiques. Their catalog was an inspiration for a wall I did in my sitting/guest room.

    Rock, I'll step up my prayers for you and Gordon. Are there any Chinese stores near you where you can buy any kind of Chinese good luck items? Red is an exceptionally lucky color, especially when placed in the wealth sector of the bagua. Just some Chinese coins and a red candle in the wealth sector can bring financial gain. You needn't spend much to get a lot of good Chi. You can find bagua maps online. Where you enter your home is the work sector. Keep it clean and uncluttered. If anything in the entrance needs repair, do it as soon as possible. This stuff is thousands of years old and it has proven its worth. No one enters my home for the first time without stopping to exclaim how wonderful it feels inside. Best of luck to you. If I'm chatty it's because y'all are my Online Family and this is the only place I can go where we are understood. It's often the only place I go when I'm sick.

    Granni, I've already had an ultrasound of my kidneys and bladder and will have to get my kidneys x-rayed due to the stones. The cystoscopy is just a long tube inserted into the urethra, like a catheter. It has a light and the doc can see the inside of the bladder. It's not as bad as it sounds and is no more uncomfortable than being catherized. This doc is very good and doesn't leave the instrument in long. Good news is that the bladder is healthy. Yea! There is no report other than the one the doc dictates for the chart. There are a ton of pics from the ultrasound. Barb told me that Julie said she and the cats are getting along just fine. Thank God! I love them but it's a relief not to have them here, especially now when I've been so sick for so long. I love being able to keep up with everyone.

    Jam, I read about the shooting and saw film on TV of those terrified people running from the gunman. Mass shootings are a blemish on America's standing in the world and at home. Even here in our little backwater town, there is a shooting several times a week, at least, and sometimes, every day. No one hates shootings more than those of us who are legal, responsible gun owners.

    Sunflower Girl, I'm so glad there is no infection and you can keep your tooth. Prayers answered! My news was also good as the cystoscopy showed a healthy bladder. As I mentioned to Granni, it's no more uncomfortable than being catherized. The doc can look directly through the scope into the bladder itself. I was in Chitchen Itza years ago. It was supposed to be 130 degrees in the jungle. The ruins, and learning about the Mayan culture, were incredible. I also saw a sinkhole. It is believed that virgins were thrown down them as sacrifices. Probably just folklore. Your flowers sound so beautiful. I'm really anxious to get our landscaping done. We have flowerboxes on the stair landing railing. We have a decorative vine in them and usually put red geraniums in them. If we put in pink Ixora below them as bushes, we may get pink geraniums this year. Any color in the red/pink/purple spectrum is good Feng Shui at the entrance to home. I usually have a pot of red or pink geraniums just outside my front door.

    Am so glad the cystoscopy is over. It wasn't uncomfortable at all and I was relieved that my bladder isn't scarred from all the infections. Doc gave me Ampicillin to take 3 times a day for 3 days and after that, only 1 at bedtime. I'll do this until I see him in Jan. Just before I see him again, I have to get an x-ray of my kidneys due to the stones. He isn't going to do anything to treat the stones as they aren't that big, according to him. If he had to pass them, I doubt he's feel that way. He thinks infections are causing the stones. They don't bother me so I guess I can live with them if they don't get any larger and I don't get any more of them.

    I stopped at the store and got some Publix deli chicken tenders and potato wedges for lunch. I felt pretty well be the lack of sleep was making me tired. I came home, took my Rx, and went to bed after eating. Later, I woke from a deep sleep with a sore throat and aching all over. All kinds of things are going around; the girls in the doc's office have had the same flu I got earlier. I took a hot soak in Epsom Salts and went back to bed after taking some Acetaminophen for my body aches. Woke up at 4:00 to pee and took my ABX. Supposed to take it an hour before eating or 2-3 hours after eating. Once I'm only taking it at bedtime, that won't be a problem but it is now when I have to take it 3 times a day. Penicillin drugs make me feel a bit dizzy and my breathing is just a tiny bit labored. I just hope I never develop a full blown allergy to them as I can't take Cipro.

    Today at 11:00 is our decorating workshop. I'm glad I woke up feeling so much better than when I went to bed. I just hope the workshop is a good one. I'll let y'all know what I find out. Thanks again to all of you for your good wishes for the cats and for me. I keep everyone in my prayers.

    Love, Mikie
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    Saw another beautiful sunrise just now! This time of year, with the sun a little farther south than the house, I have to run outside and watch it come up over the horizon. The sky starts to light up, then the sun glides up over the treetops and pretty soon you can see the whole thing...beautiful!

    Sun and Mikie, glad you both got good results at your appointments.

    I only have a minute to "check in"...have some food prep work to do before my little helpers are here to..."help." ;) Will check in when I can...
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    Mikie: I looked up Ixora......I love them, but also killed one I had. I first fell in love with them in Hawaii so they should do good for you in your area. What's the update on Sylvester and Tweety? Did you learn some new tricks for decorating at the workshop?

    SW: Looking forward to hearing a report on your interior decorating project.

    Julie: Hope the babies don't miss Mama and Daddy too much in the early morning hours. Of course I know you're going to be getting phone calls from them to see how they're all doing. I'm also a sunrise/sunset lover.

    After my stressful day yesterday I'm hurting all over today. I can almost bet on this happening, and then after a couple days of pain comes a day or two of fatigue.
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    Hi Kids

    Happy to report that Gordon's debit card from the unemployment people finally arrived.
    He was going to go the Bank of America and see if it actually worked, but one of his sisters
    called and said she's coming over. So he'll do the test run on Monday.

    He talked to an old co worker who now works for Bank of A. She said her employer is laying
    off lots of people. Another contact told him Chase Bank is doing the same thing. We live
    in interesting times.

    Julie, I never lived where I could see the sunrise well. But one could see great sunsets from
    our Minnesota backyard. And the same was true when I lived on the beach in Ventura, Ca.
    For folks who are deprived and can't see either, I recommend those old bar lamps with the
    revolving sunset or forest fire. Wonder if they still make those. Hope Lindsey and hubby
    (is it Clinton?) have a ball at the ball.

    Mikie, you're right. The Chinese are always trying to woo good luck. The colors of red
    and gold are prominent at New Years when they give each other colorful envelopes with
    fake money. This is supposed to attract prosperity. One of the partners in our law firm
    was Chinese. When his father visited the office, he told his son that more red was needed
    in his office. So another partner spent the next year adding red to the decor. Red stapler,
    red staples, red picture frames, red filing cabinets, red wastebasket, etc. ad infinitum.

    Found some puns I hadn't seen before. Acupuncture: a jab well done. Bakers share
    recipes on a knead to know basis. Your calendar's days are numbered.

    Got the home town paper from the village where my brother the cop lives. It is
    time for the annual Old Radio Show. This year, in addition to a couple live performances,
    they will be broadcasting from the radio station in Austin, MN. Austin is the county seat
    and the biggest city in the county. Pop. is around 25,000. It is the home of Hormel
    and the Spam Museum. (Free Admission.) My brother is the head of the group. He
    also plays in the town band. If you live in a village, it's hard to avoid being involved in
    the town's activities. My sister in law teaches, and is on the Board for the library.

    Gotta go see about my nap. Hope everydobby is doing the bestus possible.
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    Hi everydobby,

    Don't have much time to post again but wanted to just pop in to see if anything of interest was happening. Tomorrow will be a busy day and late in the afternoon have to go sing for the Confirmation at church with the choir. That should be interesting with little practicing ):!!

    Julie - I am so glad that you are there for Lindsey so she can escape at least for one night with her hubby. Yes, as Rock said, I hope they have a ball at the Ball :)! I know that they will. Yes, escape does sound like an awful word but I know when you are young and busy with babies and young children it will really help her to get away and be good for her to do something fun with her husband and other adults. Have fun with those babies while you can. They grow much to fast.

    Rock - that is interesting about the SPAM museum. Never heard that much about it before. I do remember eating it though when growing up. Glad Gordon got his debit card for his unemployment.

    Mikie - Hope you are not getting something else waking up with aches and pains like you did. Hope it goes away soon. Maybe the abx will help.

    Sun - Hope you don't have a very tiring day or two or three coming up. Yes, stress is very bad on the body and can do lots of terrible things. I think that is what got me started with this mess.

    Dar - Hope you are doing OK. Miss hearing from you. I haven't been so good myself lately about posting.

    SW - Hope things are going well for you and hope that your decorating project comes out well. Please do tell us about it when you get started.

    See you all later, maybe some tomorrow or perhaps Monday. I have been bad with my exercising.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Good Morning, Everyone (Good EARLY Morning :confused:

    Ever since I got the bladder infections, I've been getting up early, about 3:30 to pee. Then, the cats came along and started yowling early. So, to make a long story longer, my body is now in the habit of getting up at obscene hours. The end of DST isn't helping. I woke at 3:30 to pee but it is actually 2:30. I can't ever get right back to sleep. I usually eat, get online, and when it's a little later, I turn on the TV and fall back asleep for a while. At night, I fall asleep before 9:00. I used to be a night person. Now, I'm all messed up and tired all the time. Whine, whine, whine!

    Decorating workshop was very nice. The store isn't the most upscale one in town but it's up there. They had all kinds of pastries and fruit. Barb and I had already eaten breakfast and didn't eat anything. Basically, it was a slide show where the decorator showed how following the rules of thumb in decorating can produce pleasing rooms. Of course, I didn't like them all but many were lovely. He had slides of what is coming for colors (just darker shades of the ones last spring) and new trends in lighting, none of which I liked. Most of the lighting is way out there or too modern for my more traditional tastes. Transitional is the big thing now. If you are too traditional, you can add a few modern touches, especially with color, to bring a fresh, updated look.

    What I did find out is that what I've been doing here in my condo is pleasing and correct use of accessories and placement of pieces. I asked the decorator whether he ever incorporates Feng Shui into his decorating since many of the rules of scale and placement are the same. He said he does and some of his clients are way into Feng Shui. He knew all about flow of good Chi in a home. Now, if I could just summons the NRG to clean, my place would have good Chi.

    Cats and Julie are doing very well. I'm so glad and so relieved. Like any good Mom, well, foster Mom, all I want is for them to be happy. Barb thinks Julie will let them outside when the mean woman is gone. I think it's a mistake but if it is, she will have to live with the consequences. If the mean woman finds out, all hell will break loose down there. Also, the cats are now content to be house cats and letting them out will only make them want to go out all the time. When Tweety doesn't get her way, she can be a real pain. She is one headstrong cat!

    Julie, today is the partial solar eclipse on the East Coast just after sunrise, about 6:30 a.m. I don't know whether we will see the effects of it if it's too cloudy. Also, to the east of me, there is a park/nature preserve with tall trees. By the time the sun tops the trees, it may all be over with. My sliders to the lanai are on the east and I can watch the progression of the sunrises from north to south and back again all year. Greeting the morning sun is something very special to me too.

    Sunflower Girl, Ixora are used all over down here so the climate must be good for them. They are dense if pruned and can be made into nice little squares or hedges. The blooms are beautiful and last a long time. I like a more natural look and Barb likes things tightly shaped so we will see. Neither of us is adamant on the subject. A lot will depend on my trimming skills because I refuse to let our so-called landscapers touch the new plantings. They are unskilled slashers. Nice guys, though. See my notes at the start of this post for updates on the decorating clinic and the cats. Thanks for your concern for them. I appreciate it.

    Rock, loved the puns. Am glad Gordon got his card. I really think if he is superstitious, just doing a few little things, like getting a red candle, will change his mood. I happen to believe these things work and this fits perfectly into Quantum Physics as well. We do have the ability to affect the outcome of things with our minds. Deepok Chopra's books are all about positive attitude and belief as is the book, "The Secret." As I mentioned above, the decorator at the workshop knew all about the positive flow of Chi in a home. It fits perfectly in with the rules of decorating. It isn't just colors; it's not blocking the flow of good Chi. I'll bet the library has books on this if you are interested.

    Always put the seat down on the toilet because water can be good or dangerous. If you leave the seat up, Feng Shui says your money can all "go down the drain." The water element is very powerful. I have palm trees just outside my windows along the swimming pool on the side of my condo. I need that separation. The pond out back has a fountain which pushes water toward my condo. That's good as it can bring good fortune to me but can also be too overpowering. That is why I have Mom's little ceramic fish with the big mouth facing the pond. It catches some of the extra Chi. It's all an exercise in balancing relaxing Chi and high-energy Chi.

    Walk around your home and see how each area makes you feel. If one area makes you feel edgy, you might need something heavy and low in that room, like a low table or sofa. If a room makes you feel sluggish, add something shiny, especially if it's circular or a bright color. These things speed up the Chi in your home. Never have a sharp corner pointing at you. Move the furniture with the sharp corner or move the seating piece. Be careful with mirrors; they can be helpful or cause too much Chi and disturb the calm. It's amazing how just being aware and making a few changes can help how one feels. It might be just the trick to help Gordon through this rough patch. good luck. Oh, and BTW, Feng Shui is really fun.

    Granni, thanks for your concern about whatever got ahold of me Fri. night. I was so sick but by yesterday, it was gone. I'm still tired from all these months of bladder infections but hope the long-term ABX will help. I have so much to do. Hope all goes well for you and the choir at the Confirmation. I remember mine but my First Communion is what sticks in my mind. It was in the Spring and Mom bought me a beautiful little white dress. I also got my own little prayer book covered in white.

    Well, Gang, I had better go check my e-mails and pay some bills. Also need to mail DD's birthday card when I take my garbage down. Mail boxes are near the dumpster area. Hope everyone has a wonderful Sun.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    I have no exciting adventures to report. The last exciting adventure I can recall was a decade or so back when we went to Tombstone. Not only was it exciting, but my health improved dramatically while we were there. And we saw wild peccaries behind the hotel. The guy running the hotel called them javelinas. I could breath so much better. And felt almost energetic. And walked in the footsteps of our pioneers and notorious and heroic icons of the Old West.

    Well, I'm too frail to ever fly again, but I'm glad I got there once. Yesterday Gordon wanted me to go with him to do errands. Couldn't do that either. Besides, I had to stick close to the badezimmer.

    Gordon's sister didn't come yesterday, but she is coming today. She and Gordon are doing
    some sort of memorial service for his mother. The other siblings are apparently not coming.

    Have to come back and post some more later.

    Hugs everydobby
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    hello all

    good lord, the posts are flying by...i enjoyed reading them all

    im too tired to write much, will wait till a bit of the rush is over...if it
    ever is!!

    yesterday, managed to make it to both lunches, the one my former boss
    of 15 years ago gave and my chinese friends. we worked together and
    she too was invited but she obviously couldnt since she was hosting her

    but even tho we came home at 5:30 pm, i crashed. nothing tires me
    more than having to go to a gathering when i dont feel like it and
    the cfs is acting up. ugh!

    my kitchen sink area has been taken apart and i couldnt use it
    yesterday and part of today. some tiles had to be removed and
    new ones fitted and as usually happens theres a glitch ...they
    couldnt get the sink basin and tap model i wanted. so i said
    id wait....made the plumber refix my old one temporarily while
    we await the new ones.

    today early morning i got sad news that my aunt in india
    had expired, she had been ill awhile. we dont celebrate for
    a year when theres been a passing in the family, so i kept
    it low key..anyway, with the only help i trusted gone home for
    a week i wasnt going to do much anyway.
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    the bit i did had me tuckered out anyway. these festivities n the work they entail is not
    for the energy challenged.

    sunflower - i will click pics when my sofas come back. i already hv pics of them before
    they went for refurbishment. i will give the url of my flickr page. i think there shud
    be some photos of them there besides pics of our customs culture here.

    mikie - i remembered about your mentioning red candles and used those colour
    candles today. in my enthusiasm i had bought three lilian too feng shui books and
    as happens sonetimes, got sidetracked n stored them in the storeroom.

    its a lil disheartening when one finds out its not possible to follow feng shui
    without tearing down walls n stuff.

    julie - happy to hear about your outing with your father. here the sunrises
    arent that spectacular, one has to go out of town a little.

    will come back later n continue...

    take care, all

    god bless
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    Hi, Kids,

    Rock, those javelinas certainly resemble our wild FL boars. They are ugly little critters and can be mean as all get out but hunters kill them to eat. AACK! They probably taste good BBQed if one doesn't know what one is eating. CO, AZ, and NM are too dry for my health. Some of us do better in a dry clime and some of us, like me, do better where it's humid. I could never live year round in Denver again. I get sick of the heat and humidity in the summer here and wish I had a nice mountain condo in CO to catch a break but winters in CO are a killer for my asthma. Air is thin, dry and polluted--worse than LA. Did Gordon's Mother die? I'm so sorry if I missed it. As sick as I've been at times lately, it's possible I knew something but can't remember it now. Again, I'm so sorry for his loss.

    Springwater, I don't know what kind of Feng Shui book you have but it's never necessary to move walls to achieve good Chi in any area. Some layouts lend themselves better to the bagua but anything can be Feng Shuied, even a coffee table or desk top. Rooms can be individually done. I've done that with my sitting/guest room. I've also tried to do my best with the entire condo. Feng Shui can be used to correct a bad layout or problem area. At first, it seemed overwhelming but as I've worked with it, I have come to realize that these things are guidelines with very few hard and fast rules. Often, our own intuition about how an area feels is the best guide to good Chi flow. Don't give up on it. I am so sorry you lost your aunt in India. In my everyday prayers, I always ask God to comfort those grieving their loved ones.

    I had coffee out on the Balcony with Barb and another friend/neighbor and her dog. He's about the best behaved dog I've ever seen. He has such a sweet little face and gives me love looks because I like to pet him. It was quite cool out and he was bouncing around like a puppy; he is an older dog. All I was doing was getting cold and starting to feel stiff and achy. Decided to make a quick run to Target for my usual good deal on paper products: Puffs for 75 cents a box and TP for only 21 cents a roll. I also got a great deal on a new razor and some blades which qualified me for the $5 gift card. I ended up with three of those cards. Also got something I just wanted. I always wear black to travel in because it makes packing so much easier and it all goes together. I found a neck scarf in bright pea green with black hangers printed on it. When it's on, one doesn't notice the hangers; it just looks like abstract black lines on green. At least, this trip, I'll be wearing something new and not just the same old, same old. It makes me happy just to look at it. I know I really want it because I didn't buy it the other day and couldn't stop thinking about it ever since.

    Just got offline buying some tickets for Barb and me to "Women of Ireland." Y'all may have seen them on PBS. They are beautiful women who wear gorgeous gowns. One plays a mean violin. There will be singing, instrumentals and, of course, Irish dancing. We also wanted to go to the Symphony for the Rachmaninoff Symphony No. 2. It's a beautiful symphony but the tickets got really pricey for decent seats and I've heard some complaints about acoustics in that hall. Guess we'll just stick with the Irish Women. I'll have to get my Rachmaninoff fix from my CD or MP3.

    I woke early, earlier than usual according to this fickle clock which has to be changed twice a year. Thomas Jefferson came up with DST back when we were an agricultural society. I think it safe for us now to pick one time, I don't care which one, and stick with it all year. Think I'm going to have to veg for the remainder of the day. Just figured out I'll need to go for our new bushes tomorrow because on Tues., they will be putting top coat on our street and we won't be able to drive on it for two days. I can unload the new bushes out front tomorrow and then go park my car on the next street. Oy! Logistics!

    Talk to y'all tomorrow. In the meantime, I send my love, hugs and prayers.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Gordon got a call from my brother in MN today. I was napping. Anyhoo, the news was
    about the radio broadcast of their theater group. I was able to listen to the broadcast from
    Austin, MN on the computer. Think of that! They did "The Life of Riley"

    That show started on radio when I was a baby and eventually moved to TV. It was broadcast
    until the year I was graduated from High School. There was also a movie. And William Bendix
    starred in all of them.

    The little theater group used an actual script. My brother said they can rent these for a minimal
    fee. Unfortunately it was a lousy script. The actors did a good job for non pros, but you can't
    make a good broadcast out of a sow's ear. They followed up with an episode of Dragnet, but
    I couldn't sit up any longer. Went to bed and slept for a couple hours.

    Mikie, I looked up Feng Shui. Read the term means wind and water. And what do they produce?
    Weather! So apparently paying attention to Feng Shui will produce good weather in your house.
    Saw a wonderful pun on a humor site. Unfortunately it needs a photo for best effect. Anyhoo,
    the photo shows a cephalopod and the caption is, "Wanna cuttle?"

    Oh yeah, Gordon's mother died 3 years ago. This was a Chinese memorial service they
    do annually except when they don't. Kinda like the guys who started Talk Like a Pirate
    Day. They did it every year except when they forgot according to Dave Barry. I don't know
    the details, but the memorial service involves food and flowers. The first year they did it at
    the Chinese Cemetery. Subsequently it is something that can be done at home.

    Really glad to hear Tweety and Sylvester are doing well. Are they close enough that you can
    visit? I bet they would love to see you.

    Wow, Springwater. Two lunches in one day. Gordon and I haven't been anywhere for a
    meal in years. About once a year we go out for Pho. He eats; I read. We used to go to his
    favorite restaurant in Chinatown a couple times a year, but we haven't done that for a long
    time either. Hope you can get your kitchen back in order without too much delay.

    What are your kids up to? Busy at school? Son still writing poems? Wasn't your daughter
    involved with dance and costumes? My poor feeble brain can't keep things straight anymore.

    How was the Confirmation service, Granni? Did you have special music? I have a vague
    recollection of confirmation. I think the kids were 12. We had special classes for a few weeks.
    I remember learning the names of the 12 disciples. Can only remember some of them now.
    Simon who was called Peter and Andrew his brother James the son of Zebedee and John
    his brother. Philip and Barthoemew, etc. ending up with Judas Iscariot.

    Can you post a pic of Lindsey in her new dress, Julie? Tell her she can get into an NFL
    (National Football League) game if they happen to drive by one. The new NFL regulations
    prohibit all purses except clutch. In other words, the world of football has put the brake on
    for anything larger. None of those tote or saddle bags.

    Remember the Mama's Family episode where Thelma had an iron in her purse? She hit
    a purse snatcher over the head with it. Straightened him out in a hurry.

    Love to Dar and Joan and SG and Windytalker and et. al.

  13. Mikie

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    Hi, Rock,

    Interesting about the annual Chinese memorial service. I'm relieved that he didn't just lose her. One never gets over losing one's mother but with everything else he has on his plate, a loss right now would be horrible. As I understand it, Chi is energy and if it is blocked, one will feel as though one's life is blocked and the home will feel sluggish and stuffy. If Chi can flow at just the right speed, life feels light and manageable. If Chi flows too fast, life will feel out of control. Placement of things in the home can slow Chi down or speed it up. Anything round speeds up Chi. Big, heavy, low furniture slows it down. The trick is to balance everything. To me, it's a very interesting subject, one which I have used in my condo and which seems to work. The other aspect of Feng Shui is use of color and objects to bring good luck, good health, etc. That is where placing something. like a red candle or Chinese coins, in the wealth sector will bring good luck with money. A good part of this is power of suggestion but, honestly, I can feel that I've achieved just the right flow of Chi in various areas of the condo. I want it to move faster in the living areas but slow down in the bedroom. BTW, the exact center of the home, or any room, is the health bagua. If you put something yellow or brown in that area, it is supposed to improve health. I wrote "Health" in brown on a small piece of yellow paper and tucked it under a yellow crystal.

    Tweety and Sylvester live right next door in the bldg. next to us. Julie is a nurse and works a lot at night so I never know when she's not sleeping. I'll catch her when I see her outside and ask to see the kids. My French neighbor calls them, Les Enfants. I don't miss them all the time because I gave them so much love and I know they have a good home with another Auntie who loves them. I still feed Simon every morning and, even though he's lanky, he looks big and strong and healthy now. He was looking a bit sickly there for a while. Some fur was gone from his tail and we don't know why. Now, he's his beautiful little chocolate Siamese self. His eyes are bright blue but I usually only see him when it's dark out. He comes by early. Barb will feed him when I'm in CO in Dec.

    GREAT pun. I had to look it up to get it. Cephalopods are also called inkfish as they can squirt ink like octopi, or is it squid? Anyway, not only did I enjoy your wonderful pun, I actually learned something this morning. As Martha says, "That's a good thing." BTW, I grew up watching "Life of Riley" on TV with William Bendix. My Mom used to crack up every time he said, "What a revoltin' development this is!" Didn't he and his neighbor work at an airplane factory in Glendale in the show? I've noticed that these average looking guys in sitcoms always have the most attractive wives who are smarter than they are. Seems a bit sexist if you ask me. Oh well, no one is asking me :)

    Can't wait to get to Home Depot to pick up our plants today. I hope they have everything we need. I will be able to walk over to the next street tomorrow to my car but I can't go out onto our street until Thurs. or late Wed. I need to be able to unload in front so it's today or I'll have to wait. Meanwhile, my cleaning in here never gets done. Oh well, I've been through this before and, eventually, it'll get done.

    Take care, everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Dear Porchies,

    In case some of you have not seen my post on the CC board about Julie's little DGD Lorraine, I will post again.

    Julie sent me a post on FB asking me to pass the word on for her that Lorraine is now in the hospital with severe bronchitis. She will stay there till her oxygen level is up to normal to satisfy the doctor. That is all I know. I hope that Lorraine will be well soon with hospital care. However, I know it can be severe especially in young ones and very old ones too, God bless them all. :(

    Haven't really had the time to really read the posts on here as well as I need to. I have been running around to the chiro. and then to some stores with DH.

    Mikie - All this talking about UTI's has started to give itself to me again ):!! I am now pushing water and taking generic OTC AZO and taking cranberry capsules. The chiro said the juice is usually not as god with so much sugar in it. Sounds like you will have fun with the plants for the condo. I hope there are others to help you plant.

    Hope everyone is doing well. I need to go do my exercises as I am so backlogged in doing them and my Denneroll. I also have other stuff on the computer to do. Will come back when I hear something about Lorraine and when I have the time to pop in. Sorry to be so bad in posting lately.

    Spring Water - Hi there sweetie , I hope to get back and read your posts. I am not forgetting about you :)!!

    Love to you AWL,
    Granni :)
  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Active Member

    Granni: I know those exercises are no fun but if they were helping a bit you just need to carve out some time for them. Check your health food store for unsweetened cranberry juice concentrate.

    Poor little Lorraine! Was this from a flu bug or a cold that went into her bronchial area? Did her parents take her or did you run her to the hospital?

    SW: Looking forward to seeing those pics. of your furniture when it comes back, all beautiful again.

    Mikie: Simon sounds very beautiful! Try to get a pic. of him thru your glass door. Wonder what happened to him that he's so skittery of people. I've also developed asthma, unheard of for me even 2 years ago, now I wheeze something awful at times. The doctor has given me an inhaler but when I read the possible side effects I'm now scared to try it since I'm prone to rapid heartbeat. About a month ago I bought a room purifier and run it at night, which reminds me I need to remove the cover and vacuum out the collection of dust. That's why my cats are forbidden in my bedroom anymore.

    It's drizzly/dreary in so. cal. I've been hit with stomach flu bug AGAIN, or maybe it just never left. I thought I was having a heart attack sat. and sun. from all the heartburn and I NEVER get that. Thank goodness I had some charcoal tablets as they've come in handy. My daughter had this strange bug last week. Was talking to about it today, she said terrible pockets of gas that she couldn't get rid of.

    Our Honda Pilot was at the repair shop today. I kept hearing a squeak when I went over a bump. Turns out it was the bushings going to the tune of $554. But the good news is that he had it finished before the 2 day time period that he said it might take.
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning Porchies,

    Granni, I will say an extra prayer for little Lorraine. There is a lot of flu going around and, after it gets through affecting the stomach, it goes to the head and, finally, the chest. That's what mine did and I thought, "Oh, no. Here comes the bronchitis." When bug go into my chest, I usually end up with severe bronchitis; however, this time, the bug up and left only to make a return appearance. Still, no bronchitis but I do know how sick it makes a person so will be sending up prayers for Lorraine. Thanks for the heads up. I am so sorry you are getting a UTI. Now that I'm on one ABX a day, mine is doing OK. Of course, I still drink water all the time. I love cranberry juice but know that there is, in fact, very little actual cranberry in it and it is sugared. It comes in diet but it's sweetened with Neutrasweet so won't drink it. I loooooove cranberry sauce, the whole berry kind, so I eat it as a side with a lot of my meals. With the whole berry, it has a lot of fibre and I can always use that too. I'm sending up a prayer for you too.

    Sunflower Girl, OMG, I'm sending up a prayer for you too. I had asthma in CO and know what that's like. If your inhaler has steroids in it, close your eyes when you use it. Some of the mist escapes and isn't good for the eyes. The docs never tell anyone about this. I found it in the fine print in the material which came with my inhaler. The Mellaleuca Trees (I know I didn't spell that correctly) just bloomed and everyone down here has allergies and problems breathing. I've been short of breath myself but have been so sedentary for four months that I've had these UTI's that it could just be Couch Potato Syndrome :) In any case, mine hasn't risen to asthma but I always have my rescue inhaler handy. Seldom have to use it but it's better to use it early on than wait til I'm wheezing. It's always dark when Simon comes and there is no way to get a pic of him from inside. The flash would scare him away for sure. He's like a little ghost in the night. He now sleeps on my chair cushion almost every night. He was sick yesterday morning and managed to put his head over the edge of my chair to vomit. There was grass in it and he didn't eat. Poor old fella. Who knows what he eats besides what I put out for him that's healthy. I'm sure he still hunts too and could have gotten ahold of a gecko past it expiration date :)

    Since I've been waking so early, I decided to set my phone alarm for 11:00 p.m. instead of 10:00 to take all my meds, including the Klonopin. I slept until 4:30 instead of 3:30 so it worked. Also, when it was DST, that would have been 5:30. Again, I wish they would leave the clocks alone. I don't care if we have EST or EDT, I just want it to stay with no springing ahead and falling back. Some of us are sensitive to change and it affects us for weeks.

    Our landscapers made quick work of removing our old bushes yesterday afternoon. It looks a bit bare and won't look filled in til the new plants grow a bit. Down here in the semi-jungle, things grow very rapidly. I plan to have coffee out on the Balcony with Barb and her houseguest and then, I'll start planting. Barb has a bad back and I don't want her doing anything. It's just a matter of dropping the new plants in the holes left by the old bushes. I don't think it'll take long. Our mornings have been so cool that I won't be dragged down by the heat. Once I get these bushes in, it will be obvious where we need a little plant or two to fill in. We may not need anything. We bought a beautiful Desert Rose plant for the Balcony. It looks so exotic and was only $7. The caudex, which is the base of the plant, is like a big bulb and they can grown in strange ways. It's perfect for our sun and is drought resistant. Once it reaches its full height, we may have to move it down in front of the bldg. The center gets half a day of sun but the stairwell atria, which we are replanting, get almost no sun.

    Barb went with me to pick out, and pick up, the plants. We found everything at Home Depot. The one here has a very professional garden dept. with people who really know plants. She helped me unload; thank God for my SUV; it was loaded. I knew there was a reason I didn't clean the carpets when I waxed it and cleaned the rest of the inside. Then, I went over to the next street to park because this morning, they are putting a sealant coat over our paving (actually two coats) and repainting all the concrete bumpers and parking stripes. They do a good job and nothing makes a neighborhood look new and clean like fresh streets. I can get to my car if I need to but have everything I need and will likely be busy planting. So, that's gonna be my day.

    I hope all y'all have a good day. Again, prayers going up for everyone and I'm sending those warm hugs we all love to get.

    Love, Mikie
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Active Member

    Hi Folks

    Things are quiet here as usual. I did manage to water the plants yesterday. Gordon went
    to the library and the market. I didn't have the energy to go with. Talked to my brother the
    big show biz producer again. He is already planning the dinner show which will be in April.
    The first order of business is to find a night that is free. That means one that does not conflict
    with a happening at one of the 3 churches, or the school, or the various organizations in town
    like 4H, Scouts, the library support group, etc.

    SG, asthma and stomach flue simultaneously are just too much. We must file a complaint.
    Hope your Honda is soon HoKay. (Cars have bushings?)

    If I were going to take cranberry juice, Granni, I'd want it in a capsule. too. That stuff just tastes nasty. I know it's supposed to be good for our innards, but even so...

    Julie, did you get a report on Cinderella and her Prince at the Ball. I wonder if there was
    a disco ball. Liberace had a grand piano with tiny mirrors glued all over it. (Well, not on
    the keys.) Hope Lorraine feels better.

    Mikie, never heard of a desert rose. Looked it up. Beautiful, but doesn't look like a regular
    rose. I guess that's because it comes from Africa and is related to the plumeria. We have
    several of those. Did your plant come with a warning? I read the sap is poisonous.

    Gentle hugs to the dear hearts and gentle people.
  18. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good Tuesday morning...wow, it's only Tuesday?! Cloudy here too, and very chilly...

    I don't even know where to start to catch up, so I'll just fill in a little about the weekend. The kids were "holding their own" when Lindsey left Saturday morning, but the way Liora was coughing, I figured I would be up most of the night with her.

    And I was...never went to bed at all, between holding her constantly and alternating between Isaiah and Lorraine. All three kids were coughing and crying, so at one point, around 2:30-3:00 am, we all went downstairs and had a snack and just rockabyed in the bigger rocker.

    About that time, Lorraine started to seem worse...if I was holding just the babies, she would say, "What about Lorraine? I'm sick too!!!" We all just sort of rocked and dozed until daylight, then I called Lindsey (who was hoping to get to "sleep in" Sunday morning after David went back to the Army post, but I knew her kids were more important...)

    She immediately left the hotel and started the 3 hour drive home, but told me some things to do for the kids while she was on the way. Den had to leave very early Sunday morning to work out of town, so I was pretty much on my own Saturday night and until Lindsey got back.

    It was easier to tag team, but I mostly held Lorraine all day and we kept monitoring her breathing. Liora was breathing rough all night Saturday, but was playing and acting fine when we "officially" started our day on Sunday. Isaiah would play too, but coughing and yucky nose.

    About 10:00 pm on Sunday, I noticed Lorraine's breathing change dramatically, so told Lindsey she ought to take her in. (Lindsey was already doing neb treatments, etc. for all the kids.)

    David got back from drill, but had to work all night Sunday night...they/we live a crazy life, lol! So, I stayed with the babies while Lindsey took Lorraine to the ER (David met them there.) Docs diagnosed the bronchitis and wanted to keep her overnight, because her oxygen levels were dropping to 78-80 and she needed to be on oxygen.

    Thank the Lord, the babies slept so good Sunday night. Isaiah from 10:30 to 8:30...only up once for a drink and to rock back to sleep. Liora almost scared me, sleeping straight through from 10:30 to 6:15. When she woke up, I took her downstairs quickly so she wouldn't wake Isaiah.

    David was exhausted from his army drill, military ball, several hours on the road and working all night...so he was able to sleep in a little bit (he was in the guest room, so I could be upstairs with the kids.

    Lindsey, of course, was in the hospital with Lorraine overnight...I went in just before noon so she could come home and tend to things for a couple hours. But one of the doctors came in and said Lorraine had been doing so well, and her oxygen was staying up, that she could go home.

    David came in to get her, and I stopped by for her meds...we were all back home by 3:00 pm yesterday. I fixed supper for all of us, then spent the rest of the evening crashed on the couch, lol!

    Slept in this morning, and now ready to start it all over again...hoping to see that the kids are doing better, but I saw on Lindsey's fb that she hadn't gotten much sleep. David is home during the day today and tomorrow, but works nights, so I will probably need to help Linds.

    It seems like we keep exchanging these bugs, and maybe we do, but so many in our area are doing the same thing. I'm glad my dad hasn't gotten anything yet, even though his roommate has been really sick...

    Sorry to just "update" and run...but I'd better go check in. Trying to catch up with laundry and be on computer at the same time :confused:
  19. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Going to see if I can post a pic or two for Rock...the kids hadn't gotten away for two years, so they really needed a break. It did get "cut short" a little bit, but still lots of fun for them...this is the frazzled mama who usually runs around in t-shirt and sweats, lol!


  20. rockgor

    rockgor Active Member

    Hi Julie

    Wow! What a marathon! You must be exhaustenizated. Thanks for the pics of the
    handsome couple. They look healthy and happy. David sure has lots of medals. Moms
    and grandmoms should get medals too. Lindsey's outfit is the epitome of elegant
    simplicity. The ruby heels are the crowning touch. Or can something be crowning
    if it's on the bottom? Ha Ha!

    Hope things are less hectic today, and the little ones feel much better.